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hello and welcome to the 6th issue of mamba. we were very surprised when we saw two issues of our mag on some public-domain-shit discs from digital marketing. but what can we do... mamba is a free-soft mag. we have no rights on it. but it's shit anyway. as we are not legal we can only say that we will crack any digital marketing game that is worth it. and about your protections ... ha ha ha ha... try better, remember the demo-demon. 4 hours work, then the thing was broken.... issue 6 was brought and spread at venlo on 21. 04. 1990. the greetings to our friends in lotus,hihooo!, trc, censor designs, ikari and talent, dominators, crest, cosmos designs, cosmos, black mail, the shadows, origo dreamline, exodus, a touch of class, excalibur, alpha flight, venom, the lords, light, genesis project, illusion, transcom, fairlight, contex, napalm, legend, x-ray and success, dynamix, mdg, density, amok, manowar, titron, bonzai, wot, the force, hotline, microft and all who helped us with this issue, thanx and enjoy reading, l8r...+++

Chapter 01 - News and Rumours
Chapter 02 - The Interview
Chapter 03 - Reports
Chapter 04 - The Charts
Chapter 05 - Hits and Flops
Chapter 06 - Announces
Chapter 07 - A Little Comic
Chapter 08 - Different Things
Chapter 09 - Besides Computing

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