Mamba 06 ch01 News and Rumours

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  this month it was difficult to
  collect many news on account of the
  scene calming down.
  so i don't write if anybody changed
  his handle or other things in this

      if you want to support us
      with your latest news then
      write to
                 mamba staff!

                            -return it-

  - wild bill left genesis and rejoined

  - excalibur seems to be almost dead;
    cavalier went ibm, x-factor, gizmo
    and robodude nearly stopped their
    due to this exc lost their boards
    highway star and gizmo's one.
    asterix is the only active member
    at the moment, he recently build
    up a bbs called artificial

  - inc got a second bbs called encore:

  - wanderer was kicked out of nec,
    because wanderer released some
    nec stuff without asking the others

  - fusion is back.
    the known members are ex-twilight
    zone, xerox and rumours say that
    lee/scg is in the group.
    rooze already was kicked out.
    fusion claims that at least one
    old fusion-member is in the group.

  - megasnail rebuilt nato. their
    members are tiger,macro nit,animal
    and 2 other danes.

  - drake of contex joined dominators
    due to some troubles with flex.

  - metal and trailblaze were kicked
    out of contex, scorpion rejoined

  - fantasy is still alive. according
    to technique(the neonazi) they
    consist of crumbsucker, radman
    and soon an old hacker will return.

  - illusion dropped exodus because
    gene is in war with xds.

  - some ex-occult members built a new
    importing group called optical.
    they are trading with illusion
    and legend, although legend will
    go back to exc when they return.

  - dogfriend got a phone-bill of
    about 1000 dollar. when his phone
    is going to be disconnected, he
    will quit computer.

  - the hackpack 2.0 from oneway has
    been released. oneway seems to be
    dead now, after most of them joined
    salezar, but also this group is
    already dead.

  - sonny, trap, fox and the black
    lords rebuilt bonzai. also their
    mag 'lethal news' will be released
    by bonzai.
    they also will release 2 demos very
    soon. also metal(contex) joined b.

  - ikari is coding a game called
    'push it'; they also will release
    a demo together with talent.

  - tape and storm of nuclear joined

  - orc and hd built a new graphics-
    group called 'diart'

  - executioner is back in full action:
    his girl-friend is in holidays
    for two weeks, in this time he will
    hack codes like crazy.

  - hobbit rejoined fairlight.

  - stanz of salezar joined dynamix,
    tracer joined dynamix as well.

  - the sphinx euro hq 'bad habbit' is
    back.  24 hrs-running on c-base pal

  - damien of opal joined genesis.

  - deff's plk is closed.
    don't write to plk 046242 in
    siegburg/w.-germany anymore.

  - croydon left dominators and joined

  - sexton left gp and built abstract
    together with axiom(switzerland).
    they are in coop. with dynamix

  - shape is making a mega-demo
    together with beyond force.

  - transcom is back with a new issue
    of 'cccp'

  - the rest of baboons,after pompom,
    steel and chris joined trc, is
    also in trc now.

  - mario laugell(x-steel/scs) and
    chris ammermueller(x-beatmachine)
    also joined trc, they are not in

  - michael kugel(x-sphere-success)
    joined authentic arts.

  - big ben joined the army, zodiac
    took over his contacts.

  - knackwerk, def and young mc joined

  - cosmos and napalm are going to
    open a bbs in the usa.

  - contex is exclusive with inc, also
    contex's demos will be fixed by

  - a new legal group called microft
    was founed. the members are
    michael wandel(programmer of
    target), markus funk(ex-mdg),
    rudi s.(ex-argon) and uwe anfang.

  - chrizz, skater and stealth (ex-
    sphinx) joined culture.

  - fate/ex-baboons joined the ruling

  - action jackson/trc has to join the
    army at the first of may.

  - alpha/tgt joined wot.

  - jity of alcoholics joined transcom.

  that was it for this month. c.u. next
                   the mamba staff!
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