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            different things
 yep reader! at the beginning i wanna
 correct some things, which were
 printed in several mags. let's beginn
 with our mag called 'mamba':
 omg wrote in his sex'n'crime that we
 will have big problems by producing
 'mamba', because the swiss members
 left. i can only laugh about this
 stupid statement, because mamba always
 was mainly produced (that means coded
 and printed) by the german members.
 the only things the swiss members were
 responsible for were the charts and
 the interviews.
                             press plus
 all (!) the other articles and the
 comic was and will be done by the
 german crazy members. and as everyone
 can see, we are still able to produce
 mamba with the usual quality. by that
 way, omg said that stingray will work
 for sex'n'crime now... i just can say:
 'buuuuullllshit maaaaaaan!', because
 we asked stingray and he told us, that
 this is not true. another thing is,
 that omg wrote that 'pat of crazy'
 joined fbi-crew. hmmm, we never heard
 anything of this person and he never
 was in crazy. strange eh???
 yet another thing was, that omg wrote,
 that 'lotus'was in cooperation with...
                             press plus
 dynamix. once again i just say
 'bullshit!!!', because crazy is the
 only group lotus is/was in cooperation the end let me send a message
 to omg: hey oliver! i think we used to
 be good friends some time ago, but it
 seems as you don't like crazy very
 much nowadays. why? did we fool ya or
 something like that? maybe we can get
 in touch again and my impression is
 wrong. i hope to hear from you. and
 stop writing these strange things
 about us. o.k.?
                       frank / crazy

 now something decidated to the authors
 of 'cocooc': hey, you guys wrote, that
 'mamba' was given to amok. who told
 you such a shit (maybe 'bildzeitung')?
 we don't want to attack you, but this
 'joke' really was a little bit strange
 and we wanna tell you, that 'mamba'
 was crazy and will forever be crazy.
 if crazy dies, mamba will probably die
 too. keep this in your mind guys.

                        frank / crazy

 scene press / action
 in the last two issues mamba and crazy
 got slagged down. you have read the
 story in mamba issue 5 already.
 but the most funny thing was we are
 getting afraid of 'scene press'!!??
 i can't figure out what was ment by
 this... so, dear spitfire, tell us
 what on earth can make a group afraid
 of your magazine? ok, you improved
 much, the title-picture got nice, but
 that's about it! the other graphics
 are bullshit.did you try out yourself?
 anyway, we think you cannot compare
 magazines. in other businesses, mags
 aren't ranked in charts, so why should
 we get afraid of anything even if we
 loose standart. our task is to inform
 the scene and not as you like to say
 to slag on it!!! critizism is always
 to use most fairly but not untrue!!!
 so you have to prove what you say.
 for example you slagged on crazy by
 saying, lotus supplies crazy and after
 the end of the cooperation crazy will
 die soon,(hahahahaha!) funny, as we
 did all the cracks till now and lotus
 supplied the coop with 2 originals and
 one crack.
 you wrote lotus was in cooperation
 with a total unknown group,(ulk,ulk)
 where do you hear such a shit???
 (look coococ), crazy+lotus never with
 someone other...
 last example and most funny again:
 your slogan, 'action,germany's no.1',
 fool, everybody else, except you.
 we have seen action-crax, the worst
 thing in germany ever spread!!!!!!!!
 try quality, coz you have none!!!
 quantity can't last without quality.
 nothing more to say...

               the whole crazy crew !

  did you know...

  ...that magic man of crazy 'leaves'
     the scene in a period of about 2
     we0ks regulearly and comes back
     after a few hours or a day???

  ...that the swiss axiom (ex bb) is
     back in abstract?

  ...that nemesis coded 2 weeks on a
     new game (similar to the one be-
     fore) and gained again about 7000
     german marks for it??

  did you know...

  ...that psycho of censor designs only
     cracks at the weekends, because
     he joined the army some time ago?

  ...that mr. cursor writes his pro-
     tections sometimes on a special-
     built computer from insert coin?

  ...that stingray (ex crazy) is still
     calling the us-boards daily al-
     though he promised to leave the

  ...that i+t don't come to venlo april
     but promised several times???
  did you know...

  ...that genesis project has three of
     america's elite boards:
     disc shoppe   nec crazy gp
     warez castle  gp crazy
     wild warez    exodus gp (newest)

  ...that the first lotus guy calles
     oversea? watch out for steve/lotus
     on the boards...

  ...that you can't figure out who is
     the real legend in germany as
     there are to much groups you could
     count at: section 8,yeti,bb,elite,
     dynamic duo,radwar,shining 8...
  did you know...

  ...that we in crazy can offer you
     real hot interviews from the
     music-scene as we have connections
     to network press,lowspirit recor-
     dings,emi,cbs etc because we know
     a deejay who is very keen on it?
     watch out for our next issues...

  ...that weasel of crazy wears some
     commodore-sneekers? (strange,eh).

  ...that thomas ackermann of amok has
     never drawn on c64 but is always
     in the charts of sex'n'crime???

  did you know...

  ...that pudwerx of atc has a private
  secret board where only the elite is
  present on? the name is 'the forum'.

  ...that the programmer of target,
  michael wandel got no money for his
  game from the software company
  graunitz. and graunitz sold the game
  to a very cheap price after the whole
  trouble with spitfire's crack.

  ...that atg is coding a game with
  very nice graphix like cybernoid and
  we think, after seeing a preview
  that it will beat cybernoid 1 & 2...
  did you know...

  ...already that the legendary
  freiherr von gravenreuth probably
  should have introduced a special
  software-police, stuffed with modems
  and some different computers, trying
  to catch some more people in future
  after they gained some more know-
  ledge about the scene...
  we heard that from some freax, but
  would like to know if this rumour is
  perhaps you know something about it,
  so you could write to the mamba-

  did you know...

  ...that derbyshire ram is only one
  person and already 51 years old,
  married and has two children???

  ...that goblin lives in france and
  not in london and does his cracks in
  a hotel-room???

  ...that karate kid of dominators is
  called to be the number one video-
  swapper of the scene???

  ...that the german tv-company wdr has
  called out for a demo-competition in
  the tv-show highscore? good prices!
  did you know...

  ...that hannes sommer of cosmos de-
     signs has learned to code on ami-
     ga in three weeks better than a
     quite well coder who stood longer
     in the amiga-scene for some years?

  ...that magic man of crazy was called
     to be the best coder on the plus 4
     and changed to c64 one year ago,
     to prove one of the best again.
     wait for our demo: 'that's design'

  ...that everything has an end, only
     the sausage got two???!

  the credits for this issue...
  are going to:

  editors: action jackson / trc
           gotcha         / crazy
           frank          / crazy
           tycoon         / crazy
           mc mate
           deff           / crazy

  music:   reyn ovehand   / scoop

  comic:   # don martin
           converted by gotcha


  intro by magicman      / crazy
  mamba main by eusebius / crazy


  frank                  / crazy
  gotcha                 / crazy

  if you wanna be mentioned here, you
  just have to send us reports, which
  have a quite acceptable length from
  any party you are at or you give...
  please send readable announces!!!!!

  once again the mamba-adress and the
  chart-voting rules:----------------


  best cracking groups, give points
  from 0 to 10 points (10 should be
  your favorite).
  best demo groups, same as crackers.
  best graphicans, top 5
  best musicians,  top 5
  best coders,     top 5
  best crackers,   top 5
  best demos of the month, as much you
  get to know...
  send news, reports, alcohol, too.
  write to:


  mamba staff...
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