Mamba 06 ch05 Hits and Flops

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  this month the 'hits & flops' column
  consists of 6 normal gametests and
  4 'short-tests' of low-budget games !

  these games were reviewed for you :

  operation thunderbolt
  ninja spirit
  pinball power     short-tests:
  pipe mania        blinky's scary sch.
  startrash         cash & grab
  sonic boom        fantastic soccer
                    fan. world dizzy

      operation thunderbolt - ocean

  the long awaited follower of operat.
  wolf invites to another massacre.
  your way leads through 8 level of
  killing and solving certain tasks
  given in the beginning of each level.
  every second level consists of front-
  scrolling, the other levels contain
  a normal side-scrolling.
  a two-player modus, a continue-modus
  and different ways to control your
  fighter(light gun,neos mouse...) are
  avaiable. the music sounds pretty
  good, the graphic is average. it is
  not that expected hit. valuation: 65

        ninja spirit - activision

  ninja spirit, programmed by chris
  butler, contains 7 levels. each level
  is divided into 2 sections, at the
  end of each section a monster or
  master-ninja is waiting for you.after
  the 7th level you meet the last
  warlock, he is your last opponent.
  the gameplay, the steering of your
  little fighter is very good, you can
  select between 4 different weapons.
  (sword,shurigen...) a time-limit is
  set. but the graphics and the music
  are only average, partly bad. other-
  wise the game would be a hit. v.: 59

      pinball power - mastertronic

  this game is remarkable, so i decided
  to review it here, although it is
  'only' a low-budget game.
  this flipper-simulation contains a
  very good 3d-view. it looks very
  realistic, also the sound-effects fit
  to this game.
  in the beginning you have 5 balls and
  in the game there are a lot of bonus-
  options to increase your points.
  this 3d-view and the realistic sound-
  effects arise much fun by playing.
  for that price this game is really
  great.                valuation : 84

           pipe mania - empire

  pipe mania, released in the states as
  pipe dreams some months ago is a game
  for over-subtle reasoner. you have to
  build a pipeline for a fluid coming
  through the pipes after a certain
  time is gone. as you can't select the
  pipe you want you sometimes have to
  wait for the pipe you need now. so
  you can first set a pipe which will
  be used some time later.
  after a certain amount of pipes,which
  increases after each level you can
  set an endpipe. the music and the
  graphic is nothing special.  v. : 64

        startrash - rainbow arts

  we are used to get high-quality games
  from r.a. (x-out,rock'n'roll) but
  this time they delivered a flop.
  this game reminds me of q-bert,
  released some years ago and i think
  this isn't better. you steer a little
  ball and you have to get to the top
  of a building by jumping higher and
  higher on little building stones.
  although there are some opponents the
  game is very boring. also the sounds
  by c.huelsbeck and r. vaca do not
  consist of the usual quality.
                        valuation : 34

         sonic boom - activision

  this shootemup is comparable to
  gemini wing or scramble spirits. you
  steer your aircraft through an up-
  scrolling landscape fullfilled with
  a lot of enemy-fighters. at the end
  of each level a major-enemy appears
  which is difficult to defeat.
  you can fire a 'super-shot' by
  pressing space. the game consists of
  6 levels. the graphics are average
  (as gemini wing) and the music sounds
  really bad. only fans of these seuck
  games will like it...
                       valuation : 35

   ok, here follow some short-tests
   now :

   blinky's scary school - zeppelin
   you are a little ghost called
   blinky and seek out to scare the
   lord of drumtrochie. it is your
   training to scare him before
   the graphics are good and the music
   is average. all in all it is a nice
   game for this price!
                        valuation : 70

   cash & grab - zeppelin games

   this game idea consists of a hazard-
   machine. you have to try to get
   3 same fruits in a row. you have
   many options to manipulate the
   result. the graphics are good and
   music is nice. you can anly play
   this game with the keyboard. v.: 65

   fantastic soccer - zeppelin games
   another soccer game released these
   days, this time a bad one with
   average graphics & music. the game-
   play is bad!        valuation : 19

    fantasy world dizzy - codemasters

  you steer a little egghead(spitfire?)
  with arms and foots and you have to
  try to escape from the castle.
  the music is funny and the graphics
  are nice.         valuation : 77

    ok, this is for this month.

  wait a month for the next
  interesting(?) reviews!
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