Mamba 06 ch09 Besides Computing

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  besides computing
  well, mamba always used to be some-
  thing special. therefore we dropped
  the collumn 'reactions' and put the
  new collumn 'besides computing' in,
  because we think it is boring to read
  always the same words and the
  reactions always used to be nearly
  the same.
  this time we gonna inform you about
  the music scene, so let's go...

  the hip list:
  1.proffessor griff:
    pawns in the game / luke skywalker crew:
    one decade / vinyl solution

  3.jungle brothers:
    what u waitin' for / wea

  4.3rd bass:
    brooklyn queen / def jam

  5.public enemy:
   can't do nuttin' for ya man/def jam

    the roof is on fire / low spirit

    dance dance dance / blackout

    this should move ya / capitol

  9.daddy freddy
    ragga house / music of life

    the power / logic-bmg

  now we got some hot news from the
  music-scene for ya:

  - new dmc dj world champion is:
    dj david fascher, who comes from
    west germany...

  - proffessor griff, who used to be
    'minister of information' in the
    legendary public enemy has been
    kicked out, due to some trouble
    with 3rd bass (he kicked mc serch
    into his 'gas-face')...
    anyway, proffessor griff has great
    success with his new solo-album...

  - flavor flav/public enemy plans to
    release a solo-album like his old
    mate proffessor griff...

  - a new rapper is born! a fivteen
    years old jugoslavian b-boy. next
    month he will release his first two
    records (it chillin' boyeeeee!).
    his name is 'mc mate'...

  - mc lola is the next girl-rap-
    sensation. watch out, it's still

  - mantronix is gonna release a
    'greatest hit compilation'...

  - snap is the first german dance-
    production which entered the no.1
    place in the u.k., but they are not
    the first ones who have big success
    in the u.k.. the biggest german
    dance-exporter is 'dj westbam', who
    comes from west berlin...

  - soul 2 soul gonna release a new lp
    at the end may. their actual track
    is called 'dreams a dream'...

  - the belgian group 'technotronic'
    shall introduce madonna on her

  - 'kraftwerk', the group, on whose
    music the whole house-music is
    based, plans to release a new lp
    this summer...

  - coldcut plans to release a new lp
    this summer aswell. the theme shall
    be 'back to the beat'...

  - the new hip hop giants will be low
    profile and poor rightous teachers.
    watch out !!!

  thanx to mc mate for helping us to
  install this new collumn....

  this shall be enough for this issue.
  next month you have to expect an
  interview with 'public enemy'...
  we'll keep this collumn if you like
  it dear reader. so tell us your
  opinion. send to:

         bye 'till next month...

                      the mamba stuff!
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