Mamba 06 ch02 The Interview

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  the interviews:
  well, after issue 5 contained only
  one interview, we present you this
  time two cool interviews. but this
  time we interviewed only two euro-
  peans. they are:
  bod / ikari & talent
  chrysagon / x-ray

  let's go:
             m: mamba
             b: bod

  the interview was made on paper, so
  don't wonder about some strange
  answeres from bod....             (+)
  m: hello bod! could you give us some
     statements about your person ?

  b: ok, my real name is  darren 'king'
     hagan, i'm 18 good years old and
     i live in 'the best', england of
     my handle is  bod / ikari + talent

  m: could you go more in detail...

  b: ...wot should i say,... i'm 6 ft
     tall (about), 170 pounds (about),
     have dark shortish hair, i'm a

  m: how did you get your handle?

  b: please don't ask, coz i can't
     rightly remember. i've had it for
     like 4/5 years now.

  m: when was your group formed and
     how did you get in...

  b: talent was founded in summer '89.
     well i didn't join them afterwards
     but started it myself along with
     'xxx' and we've been riding the
     ever since.

  m: how many members are in right now
     and who joined afterwards?

  b: that's of course me,bod, as a
     cracker, coder, modem, mail, pr-
     man and graphics), then 'xxx' as
     a cracker and 'phantom', who isn't
     really in but just worx for us.

  m: well, you do most of the work as
     it seems, what are your special-

  b: i do a bit of everything. but i
     like being a leader.

  m: how did you became known (maybe

  b: well it was quite easy, really
     coz as soon as i started being
     active i joined hotline. that
     alone made me famous and after a
     while me an 'xxx' became the only
     active (cracking) members, then
     sledge made us mad, trying to
     push his leader shit on us. so we
     quit and that's when talent star-
     ted. the rest is history.

  m: yes we remember the time when
     hotline was in the charts... he he

  m: when did you get your first com-

  b: christmas 1984! had 4 64's since.
     first computer was a c64.

  m: now some statements. who's the
     best cracker in your opinion?

  b: me of course!? and group, ikari
     and talent.

  m: which is the best group ever?

  b: talent! (of course)

  m: what are your best friends in the

  b: i like to think i have too many
     friends, to name some bests:
     gotcha (right dario!?), all i+t-
     guyz, shark and tms (usa), a few

  m: what is your opinion about the

  b: too many lamers claiming to be
     kewl & too many socalled kewl guyz
     claiming to be no.1. we all know
     who the real no.1 is and we don't
     have to prove it.
  m: do you like demos?

  b: i just love demos, watch out for
     our new one.

  m: have you respect towards other
     crackers? what do you think?

  b: most say that they are better than
     they are really and the good ones
     are all i care for all 3/4 of'em.

  m: did u ever got in trouble with the

  b: no,never!law is quite strange in
  m: why do u use your computer for
     illegal activities?

  b: well, it beats doing nothing and
     i'm very good at any illegal
     things. people who have met me
     know wot i mean.

  m: (hu i'm scared...) so, what are
     your future plans, wanna ever quit

  b: of course,doesn't everybody? i'll
     stick it out until something
     better comes along to replace it.

  m: yep,... a girl, eh ?!.... urk

  m: what do u think about americanos?

  b: most americans are right assholes!

  m: if u could change da scene, what
     would u change ?

  b: that's a tough one. not much

  m: did you ever regret ur years of
     computing ?

  b: no, never.

  m: yo yo...

  m: are there any aims you still want
     to reach?

  b: well, i think that i've reached
     them all. maybe the only left is
     to code a game. maybe it will
     happen one day.

  m: do u want to become legal one day?

  b: maybe, but haven't really thought
     about it.

  m: ok, let's change to some different

  m: what are you doing in your spare-

  b: amiga, watch movies, listen to
     music, drink, eat, p a r t y !!!

  m: what was your biggest disappoint-
     ment of your life?

  b: can't remember.

  m: what was the greatest thing ever
     happened to you?

  b: being born. i guess wot would the
     world be without me, eh?!

  m: what's your opinion about mamba?

  b: it's great. maybe time for some
     more new graphix.

  m: ah'm well, let's see. do you want
     to send out some greets to your
     friends ?

  b: yeah! first i wanna greet you
     (dario), thanx 4 the interview and
     all graphix, i look forward to
     more. hi to all ikari and talent-
     guyz, specially just ice. all inc-
     dudez,att,sauron,gene and all my
     contax and other pals...

  m: a last word you wanna say.

  b: if you wanna be one of the best!?!
     and walk with the best, breath
     some air as the best then meet us
     thanx for the interview. i hope-
     fully would have met a loada guyz
     at the horizon party by the time
     u read this. but anyway, stay kewl
     have fun, check all our warez,
     thank god that we are here to pro-
     vide a service for you, then wish
     you woz wish us.
     (wot a bighead, right?!? i can't
     help it)! bye...
     (ed. strange last sentence..??)

   the 2nd interview was made with
   chrysagon of x-ray...

   mamba - '?'
   chrysagon - '!'

   let's start...

           'press plus'

  ? : hello chrysagon, tell us
      something about yourself!

  ! : hello. ok, my name is torsten,
      i am 20 years old and i am living
      in a town near the gdr-border
      called helmstedt, west-germany.

  ? : what are your favourite movies,
      drink/food and magazine ?

  ! : the best movies are the 3 star-
      wars films; my favourite drink
      is 'firewalker' and i like
      popcorn very much.

      some interesting magazines are
      the playboy and the penthouse.

  ? : ok, now some questions referring
      to the computer, tell us some-
      thing about your c64-career !

  ! : i founded x-ray in 1988, but, on
      the whole, i was in about twenty
      different groups like rsi,sharks
      transcom,inxs ect.

  ? : how many members are in x-ray
      and who ?

  ! : only me and slasher, but we are

      still in cooperation with succes
      which consist of 3 members.

  ? : what is your task in your group ?

  ! : cracking, spreading, making our
      magazine perestroika and a little
      bit coding, but i usually have
      no time to code.

  ? : how did you get your handle ?

  ! : i found it at a description of
      an action-film in a tv-magazine!

  ? : how did you become famous ?

  ! : hmmm, in 1987 i coded the
      'noise master' and some time
      later i made the n.m. i+ii for
      the sharks, i coded some demos
      in 1988 together with typhus for
      inxs and the sharks.
      besides, i am swapping with about
      15-20 people, most of them good

  ? : when did you get your first
      computer ?

  ! : in 1982 i got a texas-instrument

      and in the beginning of 1984 i
      got my c64.

  ? : what do you think who is the
      best group/cracker now and ever ?

  ! : in my opinion illusion and
      twilight zone(f..i.n) are very
      good and the best cracker is
      unknown of transcom!
      the best group ever is dynamic

  ? : what is your opinion about the
      current scene ?

      lame, because everybody is making
      speed cracks, the versions are
      mostly short and trained, but
      many games are crashing in a
      higher level !

  ? : what do you think about demos ?

  ! : demos are the only things which
      are interesting for me besides
      originals (cracking) !

  ? : did you ever get in troubles with
      the cops ?

  ! : yeah, in 1988, about 1 week after

      i founded x-ray, they visited me
      and took all my hardware.
      i made a deal with them : they
      kept my hardware and i didn't get
      a denunciation.

  ? : why are you using your computer
      for illegal activities ?

  ! : there is no other way ! i can
      spend only 2 hours a day with the
      computer, so i have no time to

  ? : what are your future-plans, are

      you going to quit computer ?

  ! : i never quit computer, when the
      c64 dies i go amiga, i am already
      cracking on the amiga, but i am
      in no group at the moment.

  ? : what do you think about
      americanos/euros ?

  ! : i heard that most amis aren't
      able to fix euro-games, in europe
      are more capable people !

  ? : if you could change the scene,

      what would you change ?

  ! : i would remove all shit-talkers
      and shit-talking magazines !!!

  ? : are there any aim's you still
      want to reach ?

  ! : i want to be the fastest
      (originals) and i want to code
      the best demo (hehe!)

  ? : did you ever regret your years
      of computing ?

  ! : sometimes, mostly because of the

      cops !!!

  ? : do you ever want to become legal?

  ! : no why ?

  ? : why not, maybe to earn money for
      programming !?!

  ! : no, i have no inspiration and
      ambition !

  ? : describe a lamer! (no names)

  ! : somebody who doesn't manage to

      turn the computer on or somebody
      who wants to pal-fix euro-games.

  ? : ok, do you want to send some
      greets to your friends and
      contacts ?

  ! : yes, a big hi to all in transcom
      slasher, all in success, derby
      ram, illusion, hotline, flt and
      oneway !

  ? : ok, now some last questions about
      some different things !
      what are you doing in your spare
      time ?

  ! : some drinking, sleeping, watching
      tv and so on !

  ? : what was the biggest dis-
      appointment in your life ?

  ! : when i came home and the cops
      took all my hardware away !

  ? : what was the greatest thing ?

  ! : when i bought no atari but a c64
      in 1984 !

  ? : what's you biggest wish ?

  ! : to earn enough money for a secure
      life !

  ? : what is your opinion about mamba?

  ! : hmm, i have seen only 1 issue,
      it consists of nice effects,i
      liked the views into the us-scene
      (us-interview ect.) !
      except these points, there is
      nothing special.

  ? : ok, torsten, thanks for this
      interview, do you want to add
      anything ?

  ! : hmm, no, hmm  a big hi to all
      x-ray&success members and to
      atari of rsi, good luck with your

  ? : ok, that's it ?

  ! : yeaup! that's it !!!

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