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The idea of Fatal News was born at a Horizon meeting in Huddinge/Stockholm in 1989. Infact the first issue was written in Censor Designs new "Note Editor".

The magazine itself never reached more than an average level. To be honest me as the author of it really feel ashamed of its contents today. Make your own opinion. Euzkera/Censor Design aka John/Fatal News.

Fatal News #01 October 1989
Fatal News #02 November 1989
Fatal News #03 December 1989
Fatal News #04 January 1990
Fatal News #05 1990
Fatal News #06 16 August 1990
Fatal News #07 September 1990
Fatal News #08 16 October 1990
Fatal News #09 30 November 1990
Fatal News #10 1991
Fatal News #11 1992

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