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facing the reality

welcome to another brand new issue of   
fatal news. this is actually the 12th   
issue since i started around 1989. a lot
has changed and will apparently never   
turn out to be like it used to be. the  
staff of fatal news has increased to    
three persons. after have been doing    
eleven issues in a row, and solo, i'm   
quite tired of this. WISEGUY and        
RICHARD will take care of the charts,   
news'n'rumours, yellow pages and part   
time also abnormal life. i myself will  
keep to the traditional chapters like   
this one. remember that my task is not  
to compete with other magasines but to  
entertain all readers with interesting  
reading. well i wont deny that i enjoy  
writting in english. in matter of fact  
i'm planning to be a journalist. in this
issue you'll find a memorium, some facts
of life(this time the army.) and peoples
voice. this last one will be something  
that you'll choose, your corner to react
on one thing and another. to be honest, 
i haven't choosen what it'll contain.   
i don't know how often fatal news will  
come out as i'm still in the army and   
have two months left, and as it doesn't 
leave much time over i don't know. i'm  
not so lucky like some other people that
just had to do their military service   
for one and a half month (dr.cool?).this
is due to the goverments cut down on the
swedish defence. by the way, if you have
any personal problems then you can turn 
to me. WHY? well i'm quite good at      
solving other peoples problems. try me  
on love problems! that's the easiest one
for me. if you care to ask something    
about our beautiful country sweden, then
do it! as i don't know your interest in 
this column i'll stop now. if you enjoy 
all these then i'll increase it. but    
until i know i wont waste time on       
something that maybe is read by none.   
our adress is still: fatal news,XXX XXXX
X XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX                   
until then:                             

abnormal life

             abnormal life              
here is the part of the mag that shows  
the real nature of the guys in the      
scene! the answers for theae questions  
were collected the normal way, and we   
have also put up opinion polls on the   
board TESTURE in which people have      
voted for these. i also have some new   
questions for you to answer, as well as 
a problem for you to solve. you are     
free to write in with your own problems 
and, maybe, even get a serious answer.  
     answers to issue 10's questions    
how old are you?                        
a:14 or younger                    13%  
b:15 or 16                         13%  
c:17 years old                     17.4%
d:18 or 19                         39.2%
e:20 or older                      17.4%
what do you drink when you              
go to a copy-party?                     
a:soda (coke)                      44%  
b:beer                             11%  
c:other type of alcohol            39%  
d:other type of liquid              6%  
     answers to issue 10's questions    
what kind of music do you like?         
a:hip-hop (funk, disco, house)     32%  
b:punk                              0%  
c:heavy metal                      32%  
d:pop music                         4%  
e:oi                               14%  
f:synth                            18%  
g:other music                       9%  
what hair-color do you have?            
        NOONE HAS VOTED FOR THIS        
     these are issue 11's questions     
what haircolor do you have?             
do you have an amiga or other           
computer than your 64?                  
a:no, and i'm not going to buy one.     
b:no, but i'm going to buy one.         
c:yes, i have.                          
     these are issue 11's questions     
what are you doing in the scene?        
f:other things                          
ok... on the next page is a problem that
i know many people have.                
            solve my problem!           
my father is a dickhead! he says i'm    
sitting in front of the computer too    
much and he always gets angry at my     
phonebills, altough they are lower than 
the phonebills of some of my friends.   
he is always picking on me and telling  
me to clean up my room. and when my room
is clean, he always finds something new 
to pick on. please tell me what to do,  
if i kill him or beat him up he will    
send me to the cops.                    
i want your reactions on this! send them
to CLERIC (addy in yellow pages) or use 
the fatal news voter.           /wizeguy

peoples voice

           PEOPLES VOICE                
this will PROBABLY be a column for all  
readers stuff. i feel sorry to say that 
i doubt that you'll fill this up. if you
by all means should do it, then i'll    
keep it like this. otherwise i'll change
this column for some other but much     
better purpose. to be straight with you,
i must say that i don't know much about 
what's going on in the scene. one thing 
is for shore and that is that most of   
the old guys have quitted. this doesn't 
suprise me cause the scene is nearly    
dead. the ones that still belive on the 
c64 will soon get their shock. a legend 
that long survived past it's competitors
. the spectrum nor the atari reached the
limits that the c64 did. i guess that   
no computer has ever attracted so many  
youngsters like the c64. i myself       
started around 1987, but i had the c64  
allready 1984. i have always been in    
touch with the ELITE scene, i don't mean
that i've always been elite. my big     
brother used to be in an elite group    
around 1985. the group was called the   
GOONIES. this group was the one that    
turned out to be defjam on amiga. and   
this gives me the only conclusion, it   
was better before your days.            
      GO ON! hit joy!                   
i must disappoint you all that still    
belive that i'm a member of censor,     
i'm not.                                
* CALL THE TESTURE!  *                  
leave your votes for fatal news, pick   
up all new swedish wares.XXXXXXXXXXXX   

news n rumours

             HEADLINE NEWS              
* JCH/VIBRANTS quit the scene!          
* the english games mag zzap 64 is down 
  and will never be released again. this
  is a shame as it was one of the best  
  mags ever, and it has contributed a   
  lot to the 64.                        
* triad's diskmag GAMERS GUIDE will     
  never be released again. Vinews is    
  also down since curlin left the scene.
* freestyle/talent is back from the     
               other news               
* godfather joined ANTIC.               
* chris/brutal changed name into PANTHER
* static left accuracy and joined       
* thunderhawk/babygang changed name     
  into BABY.                            
* madman/tristar changed name into      
* tyree left x-ray and joined SUCCESS.  
               other news               
* the beast left hysteric and joined    
* dominators are also dead, is this the 
  real end of the c64?                  
* TRIAD and FAIRLIGHT was in a co-op,   
  but they split again after a short    
* bart (musician) and genius (coder)    
  joined COLLISION.                     
* rick left ENIGMA.                     
               other news               
* ACTION is dead.                       
* shang of antic quit the scene.        
* RANDOM is back again!                 
* x-raffity/brainbombs is still in the  
  scene, regardless of what rumours say.
* brainbombs will release a diskmag on  
  christmas day (ed. YET another mag?)  
* major-x/success quit the scene.       
               other news               
* dirty c left ANTIC.                   
* ravage left triad and he will try to  
  build up new group together with      
  dirty c.                              
* uncle-x left paragon and joined       
* maestro left depredators and joined   
* enigma are dead, rumours say that they
  intend to build up ELITE!             

charts of the month

since we have only recieved eight sheets
,these charts are inaccurate and we can 
only have top five or something like    
that... but don't complain to the mag   
editors about this, because it was you  
who didn't vote! i really hope you will 
vote more until the next issue...       
PLI stand for place last issue.         
           best cracking group          
  GROUPNAME           POINTS       PLI  
1 LEGEND                  32         3  
2 dominators              18         2  
3 enigma                  15       new  
4 censor design           13       new  
5 talent                  11         1  
            best coding group           
  GROUPNAME            POINTS      PLI  
1 CREST                   24         1  
2 bonzai                  21         2  
3 flash inc.              13         4  
3 censor design           13       new  
5 cosmos designs          12         5  
            best single coders          
  HANDLE              POINTS       PLI  
1 CROSSBOW/CREST          24         1  
2 zodiac/flash inc.       13         7  
3 hannes sommer/cosmos    11         4  
4 walt/bonzai              8         5  
5 glasnost/camelot         6        14  
           best single crackers         
  HANDLE              POINTS       PLI  
1 PWP/LEGEND              15         2  
2 antitrack/legend        13         6  
3 doc/legend              12         3  
4 bod/talent               5         5  
4 cruch/bonzai             5       new  
               best liquid              
  NAME                POINTS       PLI  
1 BEER                    40         2  
2 vodka                   17       new  
3 coke                    12         1  
4 tequila                  8       new  
5 bailey's                 3       new  
            best trading group          
  GROUPNAME           POINTS       PLI  
1 BRUTAL                  15       new  
2 dominators              10         3  
3 triad                    9       new  
4 chromance                6       new  
4 genesis project          6       new  
              best swapper              
  HANDLE              POINTS       PLI  
1 RCS/BRUTAL              19       new  
2 aslive/security         10       new  
3 freestyle/talent         4       new  
3 cleric/censor            4       new  
3 derby ram/dominators     4       new  
              best diskmag              
  NAME                POINTS       PLI  
1 SHOCK/CENSOR            36       new  
2 brutal recall/brutal    20       new  
3 hotshot/flash inc.      18       new  
4 bild zeitung/success    11       new  
5 mamba/enigma             7         1  
        best usa importing groups       
  GROUPNAME           POINTS       PLI  
1 NEI                     34         2  
2 empire                  22       new  
3 mirage                  12       new  
4 the shaolin monestary   11       new  
5 excalibur                6       new  
     best european importing groups     
  GROUPNAME           POINTS       PLI  
1 censor design           13       new  
2 action (dead?)          11       new  
3 legend                   9         5  
3 enigma                   9       new  
5 talent                   4         3  
              best musician             
  HANDLE              POINTS       PLI  
1 JCH/VIBRANTS (dead)     23         1  
2 danko/censor            16       new  
3 a-man/action            11       new  
3 drax/vibrants           11         2  
5 jeoren tel               8         3  
             best graphician            
  HANDLE              POINTS       PLI  
1 GOTCHA/COSMOS DES.      23         1  
2 dragon/censor           13       new  
3 ogami/fairlight          9       new  
3 mirage/censor            9       new  
5 electric/extend          7       new  
              best usa board            
  NAME/GROUP          POINTS       PLI  
1 SECOND TO NONE/LEGEND   15         1  
2 gee-spot/enigma          7       new  
2 mystic cavern/g*p        7         3  
4 the shaolin temple/tsm   5       new  
5 warez castle (down?)     4         5  
these were the charts for issue 11 of   
fatal news. if you didn't like them,    
vote. there is an electronic voter      
around, you can use it and upload the   
vote file on a board or send it to me.  
please don't send it to the addy which  
it says in the voter.           /wizeguy

facts of life

facts of life is also a new corner but  
as you se the old review logo. this will
be a rather deep corner, i'll tell you  
stories of life and things that i've    
archived through personal experiences.  
you might wonder why i've been away for 
such a long time. the question is that  
i'm doing my military service. and as no
other thing comes to my mind, i'll tell 
you a little about this unit of the     
swedish defence system. the examples i  
give on things we are supposed to do are
not things that have happened in real   
life, but things we are trained for to  
     ok let's go on then.               
         the 14th squadron              
main purposes of our training:          
* defend the swedish goverment against  
  any anti-democratic attack.           
* protect important people that visits  
  our country.                          
* be able to track up submarines and    
  foreign buissness on swedish land.    
* be able to take any psychical reverse.
this are the main tasks of the 14th     
squadron. some facts about our first    
weeks. the first day we came there, they
treated us quite nice. at 12.00 clock   
we had lunch. it was no ordinary lunch, 
it was an army lunch. a seargeant       
screaming that we had ten minutes to eat
our food. after lunch we had to run to  
pick up all our army equipment. and run 
back with the equipment (that's allmost 
50 kg's). we were stunned. two weeks    
followed with lunch and dinner together 
with cleaning on ten minutes. sleeping  
outside, not in tents. we where on our  
way to feel better the third week when  
we where allowed to sleep in tents.after
three days of normal forest life on our 
way back. we walked 20 km's with 35 kg's
on our backs (not counting the weight   
of our gun). when we returned half dead 
our captain comes out screaming that    
the russians have taken our rooms and   
that we have to flee to the woods. damn,
do you think we where angry? we had to  
run through a river and finally stayed  
in a marsch. there we had to hide from  
the russians and sleep in the wet. and  
we didn't get any dinner. the day passed
, the morning came and we where glad to 
come back and be able to sleep inside   
again. we thought that this must be the 
hardest thing we would ever do. three   
weeks later we learned that this was a  
very dumb conclusion. in the start of   
september we where going out again, gosh
the cold autum was here, with winds and 
rain. we where going to sleep in tents  
for the second time. we put up our tents
and it was time for lunch, but no food  
came. they told us that the people in   
the kitchen had messed up so we wouldn't
be able to eat anything until dinner.   
they told us we where going to train    
patrol until the dinner arrived.suddenly
they told us on the radio that dinner   
was served, we where so fucking happy.  
when we where approaching our camp over 
a field, it said booom! our captain told
us that enemy artillery was attacking us
and that we had to flee to the woods.   
those explosives really scared the shit 
out of us. we had to sit and wait in the
woods for four hours until another army 
unit came with two patrol boats. it was 
cold, think your self in a uniform      
that doesn't give you any warm feelings 
at all. our platoon had to pass a lake  
to get to swedens most important airport
. we passed it with a lot of hard work. 
we weren't allowed to make any fire so  
we FROZE like hell. at dawn we had to   
go forward again. it was my turn to have
the radio on my back, 20 kg's more.after
one hour of walk i started to talk on   
the radio. my chief grabbed the radio   
very quickly as he is the only one      
allowed to talk on the radio. when he   
grabbed the radio he heard that none was
on. i was drown to a camp to rest for   
one day, but still no food given to me. 
after freezing the shit out of me and   
going around laughing about a bike and  
not knowing what a bike was. that night 
several guys saw hallucinations. me too.
i went to a fire to warm me up a bit,   
when i turned i saw a huge wall infront 
of me, i hesitated but turned to another
direction, where i found a glass wall.  
i rubbed my eyes, and it was gone. i was
scared, i thought i had went mad. the   
officials just laughed and shiped me out
in the woods again, where i met my      
platoon mates.                          
the story continues in issue 13!    JOHN


hi and welcome to MEMORIUM. to make your
confusion a bit lighter i'll explain the
significant of this chapter. this used  
to be the interview corner (you notice  
the old logo) but since LORIEN/defjam   
didn't get a special memorium, i decided
to give one for him after only have been
mentioning him.                         
* his real name was PETRUS, he was 20   
years old. he was studying computers at 
the university. he had a promising      
future, all was infront of him. petrus  
had a part time job at pizza-hut in     
stockholm (it's a pizza restaurant.).   
most people know him as a superb        
graphician on amiga. others might know  
from around 1988 when he used to paint  
graphics on the c64. he used to be in   
a demogroup called YANKEES. you might   
remember the other members like: bob,   
contring, swallow, euzkera and golem.   
lorien did the stunning graphics in all 
those yankees demos. back to his part   
time job; all jobs have partys for their
staff. currently so did pizza-hut. they 
organised one of those cruises to ALAND 
, and our friend decided to go with them
. he was happy, one week earlier he had 
turned twenty years old. your life is   
in it's starting gear. the second night 
on this cruise, petrus disappeared! they
looked for him but couldn't find him.   
at 5.00 am they found his body on the   
harbour. his body temperature was very  
low when they found him. he was dead.   
thoughts go around that he was brutally 
murdered, thrown of the boat. others    
belive that he jumped. i belive he was  
murdered as he was filled with joy of   
life and would never waste it on a very 
meaningless jump.                       
when you lose a friend you notice how   
close you live to the edge of death. but
as i'm a beliver i prefer to think that 
he still has it good but in heaven. i   
didn't know him so well, but still we   
had been friends for over 4 years. i    
belive that the lost was even deeper for
bob/censor who was his class mate for   
over 3 years. as a cause of this, i     
learned to know his twin brother, and   
it's like he is in him aswell. sometimes
you say loriens name by misstake and    
belive that he is there. as an end to   
this, let your friends go before all    
other things, they are more important   
than all the girls you met. they will   
always be until you met the women you'll
this was a dedication to LORIEN,        
petrus rest in peace, and hopefully you 
succeeded to come to the right place.   

yellow pages

               yellow pages             
NOTE: you will not get your addy here   
      unlesss you have contributed to   
      the mag.                          
board advertisments:                    
TESTURE-censor hq   ATTRACTION-censor hq
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1200/2400 baud                          
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               contact us:              
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these were all the addys for this time. 
keep sending in to us and we'll print   
your addy here!                         
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