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facing the reality

hello and welcome to issue 6 of fatal   
news ! a lot has happened since issue 5 
was released ! groups have died and new 
ones have been founded ! life is getting
harder ! new laws are put in against us!
but we all just hack'n'crack much more  
than before ! i've invented some new    
things for this issue ! like:the votes  
in the charts are made by twenty well   
known guys in the scene ! this is to get
a real and a better view of the scene  !
but still i want you guys out there to  
vote for the charts because i'll be     
comparing the two different charts  !   
vote for:10 best cracking groups , 10   
best coding groups , 10 best trading    
groups , 5 best single crackers , 5 best
single coders , 5 best musicians , 5    
best graphicians , 5 best disc magasines
, best board in the states , best game  
the previous month and the best demo the
previous month ! i'll also have a great 
competition for you ! deadline will be  
set till our party in halloween      !  
but deadline for what ? here it comes : 
i want you to send me a photo of your   
girlfriends to me ! the ten most good   
looking girls will be digitized ! both  
by voice and by face ! by voice to be   
sure that your not faking ! by face to  
let the crowd vote for the c64 queen  ! 
what is it to win ? for you it's pride  
to show that your girlfriend is the most
prettiest ! for her we'll find a price  
that fits the winning one ! how can i   
participate ? just send a photo of your 
girlfriend and your own phone nr ! all  
photos will be returned so that's it !  
don't copy this brill competition , if  
you do i'll personally see to your death
! this competition is copyright fatal   
news. just send your entries to this :  
 in sweden ! write 'miss c64' on the    
side of your envelope ! remember your   
phonenr ! any questions  ? if call me on
XXXXXXXXXX and ask for john ! now i'll 
hope you enjoy this magasine !          

abnormal life

welcome to abnormal life ! here i'll    
take up personal problems ! not like in 
love and sex where all is invented !    
problem nr 1:"i was watching the movie  
pretty woman with a girl that i love !  
suddenly in the middle of the film i    
falled a sleep ! i don't know if she    
noticed but after the film she was      
colder then ice ! what would you do in  
my situation ? "                        
                  euzkera/censor design 
problem nr 2:"i was shot in the head by 
a friend of mine ! they took me to the  
hospital where they looked at it ! after
a while the police came and asked what  
had happened ! i lied and said that some
local guys had shot me ! what would you 
have said to the police ? "             
give us your way to react on this  !    
please send us your crazy life stories !
tell us about the crazy things that've  
happened in your life this summer   !   
write to :                              
         fatal news (abnormal life)     
        or call me on XXXXXXXXXXX (john)


reactions ! well the reactions i got on 
issue 5 were many ! but i will not write
them ! the reason is simple , as i got a
new routine ! this might be more in your
taste ! hope so ! i would like you to   
react on this new outfit and those new  
ideas ! want to make my day ? send me   
a lot of new ideas and reviews ! reviews
of new games,films and demoes ! send    
them to fatal news editorial,XXXXXXXXXXX
at XXXXXXXXXXX ask for john !           
fatal news helps you to be a real winner


here are the 'latest' news i could get  
hold on! i didn't have much time to get 
them but i'll hope you'll help me in the
future! the easiest way to help me is to
call me on XXXXXXXXXXX and ask for john!
so , fasten your seatbelts, here we go !
* radwar v.5 will be held from the 31th 
  of august to the 2 of september! it's 
  from friday to sunday! remeber: don't 
  bring your computers! this is a chance
  to have fun with your scene mates!    
  they'll arrange sports competitions,  
  barbecue in the evenings and a lot of 
  more. some really big profesional guys
  will appear! for example bob stevenson
  /system 3. to get an invitation send a
  allready stamped envelope to this addy
            digital marketing           
* cyberpunk of genesis projekt joined   
  the guys in illusion !                
* unifier was kicked out of censor!     
* pyle of legend joined the crazy gang !
* the war between censor and fairlight  
  is over now! they are planning to make
  a 'peace demo'.                       
* warrant got three new members! one of 
  them is called goofy!                 
* tycoon and injun inc of triad left to 
  join light once again!                
* instead triad got some new members    
  like: stanz ex dynamix. dynamic,goldie
  ,hero and king fish of rebels!        
* from the 1th of october it'll be easy 
  to get busted in sweden! due to some  
  new laws! so an advice stop putting   
  name and groupname on the envelopes!  
  this is to let us few swedes to still 
  be able to be illegal !               
i would like you guys out there to help 
me! some guys at my school don't belive 
in fatal news being read by so many     
people! so i would like all guys that   
read this issue to send me a letter     
where you write if you like this and    
that you read it! i told them that i had
over 1000 readers! so please write to me
and if you include a disk i'll send you 
a copy of issue 7 ! help me and i'll    
help you someday ! please write to me ! 
                sincerly john/fatal news

charts of the month

hi and welcome to the charts of this    
month ! the charts will look strange to 
you.the reason is simple: people stopped
voting two months ago! censor will not  
be in any charts! this month i only used
the charts of top coders and crackers ! 
help me to make this better and vote  ! 
vote for : best euro and us bbs ! best  
demo and game of the previous month  !  
top 10 cracking-,coding- and trading    
groups! 5 musicians,discmags,graphicians
,single coders,single crackers,us groups
and finally importing groups ! vote !   
today not tomorrow ! all voting people  
will be mentioned !                     
                              yours john
the top 14 coding groups of the month   
groupname          pli   pts   country  
01.horizon          --   108  sweden    
02.crest            --   098  w-germany 
03.megastyle inc    --   085  norway    
04.blackmail        --   069  holland   
05.bones            --   064  denmark   
06.buds/nato        --   042  denmark   
07.cosmos d@sign    --   039  austria   
08.trc+blasters     --   023  holand+esp
09.flash inc        --   022  sweden    
==.genesis projekt  --   022  w-germany 
11.light            --   021  sweden    
12.mdg              --   015  w-germany 
13.x-ample          --   014  w-germany 
14.panoramic        --   012  norway    
the top 14 cracking groups of the month 
groupname          pli   pts   country  
01.ikari+talent     --   182  england+dk
02.genesis*projekt  --   163  w-germany 
03.legend           --   102  belgium   
04.illusion+atc     --   093  norway+usa
05.dominators       --   074  denmark   
06.extasy           --   066  finland+dk
07.nato             --   048  england+dk
08.fairlight        --   047  sweden    
09.f4cg             --   042  belgium   
10.paramount+afl    --   041  w-germany 
11.action           --   038  w-germany 
12.triad            --   025  sweden    
13.crazy+lotus      --   020  w-germany 
14.transcom         --   014  france    


the review this time will be about a    
movie , 'phantom of the opera'      !   
the story is about a crazy composer that
sold his soul to the devil ! he tries to
help a young opera singer to be famous  
and admired. he kills everything that   
stands in her way ! this movie reminds a
lot of the 'elmstreet' movies ! it's a  
great story ,see it ! it's awesome !    
fatal rating:75%                        
                sorry for this but it's 
the first issue since march !           


here comes a interview with jerry/triad!
the interview was made over phone and   
written to english by me john !         
'j/f'=john/fatal news                   
first some facts about jerry of triad  !
first group:p'n'p studios               
age: over 40                            
favourite movies: the starwars movies   
favourite comic: calvin and hobbes      
favourite food : pizza                  
favourite demogroup(ever): the judges   
favourite demogroup(today):pretzel logic
favourite crackers(ever):fusion         
favourite crackers(today):hard to say   
'j/f' tell us a little about yourself ! 
'j/t' i'm romantic,a dreamer and i'm    
      very interested in science fiction
'j/f' how did your computercareer start?
'j/t' i bought a 128 for wordprocessing.
      but one day my son came home with 
      a lot of games! i've been trapped 
      since then!                       
'j/f' what is your major task in triad? 
'j/t' well... to keep the people on the 
      right track! when it doesn't work 
      anymore, i'll quit!               
'j/f' do you have any enemies ?         
'j/t' i don't think so. but when you are
      sincere you always get some!      
'j/f' your best friends in the scene?   
'j/t' the guys in triad & pretzel logic.
'j/f' how'd you like the scene to be ?  
'j/t' a crack must work 100%. if the    
      original is bugged one has to fix 
'j/t' it. make it short to decrease the 
      loading time. make the trainers   
      so you still can enjoy the game.  
'j/f' how can we change the scene  ?    
'j/t' by stopping to spread the original
      games to all groups around! let   
      some guys crack it! spare us from 
      all those bad versions of a game !
'j/f' some guys claim you're not the    
      real triad! what do you have to   
      say about this?                   
'j/t' we aren't the same members as     
      before. but we have support from  
'j/t' the old members. the thing that   
      happened to triad would'd happened
      even if the old members had stayed
      . the scene changed for the worse 
      for triad. we still keep the old  
      triad rules in the group!         
'j/f' what do you think about the idea  
      of the disc magasines?            
'j/t' i like them if they are easy and  
      comfortable to read. what i don't 
      like are all those crazy invented 
      rumours. it's also very funny to  
      read about yourself and your group
'j/f' how can we change to be good?     
'j/t' by getting more reactions on and  
      in your mag. try to be neutral in 
      your news and articles.           
'j/f' your future plans for triad ?     
'j/t' trying to improve to be a great   
      demo gang and get even better on  
      cracking. we'll also try to open a
      private bbs for triadmembers !    
'j/f' did you enjoy this interview?     
'j/t' yes, i really did !               
'j/f' somtehing more you'd like to say? 
'j/t' yes! stop putting handle and group
      name on the envelopes you send to 
      sweden. because it's getting      
      harder here!                      
'j/f' thank you jerry. bye              
'j/t' bye!                              
              klick !                   

yellow pages

this subject will contain advertisments!
if you want to sell something you can   
advertise it in fatal news! to have your
addy for swapping vote+react on abnormal
life! one thing is for shore all that   
write me a letter will be remembered in 
the hall of fame released on the 31th of
december! get upgraded and send a letter
every month! remember the 'miss c64'    
competition! fatal news is the mag for  
everyone! you don't have to be elite to 
read it! send your entries or what ever 
voice on XXXXXXXXXXX (john). hope to be 
your guide to the reality!              

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