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facing the reality

welcome to issue 8! what happened? well 
as you all know east/west germany went  
together and founded the united germany!
i wrote that walker/paragon got busted, 
but in fact he only got busted for have 
being cheating with stamps! but if you  
only would had heard the letter, you all
would have drawn the same conclusion!   
holocaust tried a mean thing by bribeing
small groups with 'HOT' originals,in    
return they had to vote for holocaust in
the cracker charts and exory/holocaust  
in the single cracker charts! i'm 100 % 
sure about this ! he has been trying    
very hard to be someone, but he failed  
again! he used to go under the handles  
dimitri and leech too! hehas been in    
and leech/coldcut!i belive he also tried
to rebuild danecrew(not 100% about this)
then it was unicess, then after another 
fail he built up holocaust!he's probably
going to change handle and build up a   
new group! because he's banned from the 
charts in fatal news during the rest of 
1990. now a i'll give you my point of   
on the word lamer! a lamer is a person  
that recracks a game or ripps a routine 
for his demo! a lamer is also a person  
that thinks he's very cool when he in   
fact only is a beginner, and finally if 
he is falling down on his knees as fast 
as he sees an elite dude!all other cases
are beginners or loosers! give some guys
a chance, while some must be held back! 
enough about 'LAMERS'! many boards are  
starting to come up in sweden, for the  
moment i know 5 bbeing up!it's good with
many euro boards, because i think it'll 
give the scene more life, do the same in
all your countries! now some politics:  
in sweden we have a so called anus faced
goverment! it shows one side outside the
country and one inside! to the rest of  
world, sweden is just a pacifistic land!
they don't act in international affairs.
they are giving money to poor people and
fight against starvation! now to let's  
go in behind the iron courtain! inside  
the country there's only shit! the land 
is going down,we're in an economic crise
.the goverment start using things to    
register all about the citizens! the    
newest thing is that they are going to  
put an electronic device in each cars   
window! this is meant to be used as a   
check to take out the right tax for have
been using the roads in sweden!if you're
smart youu can figure out that those    
devices can be used for:documenting each
citzens daily habbits and they'll always
know where you are! this was one example
there are many more,interested then just
send me a letter! while the east goes   
for the better sweden goes for the worse
. you are free to say what you want in  
sweden,but you must take the consequence
for what you've been saying! some guy   
from eastern europe could maybe react on
this! enough about the sad world! know  
let's read the rest of the magazine!    
                          yours sincerly
post me a letter!                       

abnormal life

welcome to abnormal life ! here i'll    
take up personal problem ! first the    
problems then the reactions!            
problem nr 1:"i was watching the movie  
pretty woman with a girl that i love !  
suddenly in the middle of the film i    
falled a sleep ! i don't know if she    
noticed but after the film she was      
colder then ice ! what would you do in  
my situation ? "                        
                  euzkera/censor design 
problem nr 2:"i was shot in the head by 
a friend of mine ! they took me to the  
hospital where they looked at it.  after
a while the police came and asked what  
had happened ! i lied and said that some
local guys had shot me ! what would you 
have said to the police ? "             
answer 1 on 1:issue 6+7                 
take her to the movies once more and    
prove it for you both that you can stay 
awake! (HINT:have a good sleep before   
going and bring along your cofein pills)
                        THE LORD/DISONER
answer 2 on 1:issue 6+7.                
i would excuse myself to her! i would   
have said to her that i had had a lot to
do lately and that i had been sleeping  
very little lately!                     
                TG-ACME/BLACK ADDER TEAM
answer 1 on 2:issue 6+7.                
i would of course have lied to the cops,
but only if i would'd survived!         
                        THE LORD/DISONER
you're welcome to react on the old ones 
but here is a new one!                  
problem nr 1:"i was caught by the police
because of being in a stolen car with my
pal! we were drunk and he drove! they   
took us and questioned us! i said that i
had been hitching! i lied to maybe be   
left without trail, would you have done 
the same!"                              
                    PSYCHO/CENSOR DESIGN
react and give us your crazy events!    
         send to ABNORMAL LIFE:         
              FATAL NEWS                
the phonline is down! so don't try to   
phone me because i wont be there on the 
other side of the line!                 


    hi and welcome to the reactions!    
many guys enjoyed issue 7! but many are 
allready bored on the routine! a new is 
on the way! many were bored on the nice 
graphix and the musix!the music is now  
made by slaygon/censor and graphix by   
   adolf/censor! hope you like them!    
i got one letter were it stood "send the
disks back or die"(SCORPIO TOWERS). you 
sent me the disk half a year ago. at    
that time i didn't promise send back the
disks! now i did ! now is now , then is 
then, so fuck off lamers! you proved it 
for me!                                 

news n rumours

here comes the latest news for you! hope
they come in handy! want your line open 
for fatal news? give me a call on this  
nr  XXXXXXXXXXX and ask for john! now   
let's get on with it!                   
* atg/germany joined paramount! rumours 
  say that atg/holland are pissed and   
  claims corruption to be an atg product
  . atg/germany/paramount are the ones  
  that make corruption!                 
* blue devil/atc, pudwerx/atc, the cure/
  exodus(the sysop of disintegration!)  
  and stormbringer/exodus fromed a new  
  group called RANDOM.                  
* kickback/tsm left and joined demonix! 
* rumours about richie/ils leaving the  
  scene are false! he'll give it a new  
* tsb left extasy and joined browbeat!  
* a new group is born! their name is    
  brainbombs! member status is unknown! 
  hq in frankfurt/germany !             
* the board k-mart is now brainbombs and
* danix(ex-daniax) joined class!        
* jedi(ex-legend) rebuilt his old group 
  called triumph together with peejay   
  and motley(both ex.royalty)           
* lex was kicked out of level 11 because
  of ripping an entire demo part from   
  the demo 'on a knee' coded by bob/cd! 
* horizons board , the holy grail, is up
* tracer left dynamix and joined triad! 
* sledge, tron and teerax left dynamix  
  and joined fairlight! wares aquarium  
  is now fairlights euro hq!            
* the censor party at hallowen is now   
  being prepared! it's both on amiga/c64
  .it's arranged by defjam/horizon amiga
  / censor design. for more info call:  
  XXXXXXXXXXX and ask for peter!        
* kreator/depredators joined paramount! 
* exory/holocaust recracked censors     
  version of storm lord 2 (deliverance) 
  (ed.the rumours about exory seem to   
  the truth!)                           
* cider/warrant changed his handle to   
  pimpernel and joined dynamix!he opened
  a bbs called terminal state !         
  (ed.but he might leave !)             
the news are few , but it'll be improved
til next time! don't try to get me on   
XXXXXXXXXXX anymore! i'm moving so i'll 
give you my new nr next time! still send
your news and rumours to  :             
     FATAL NEWS                         

charts of the month

the top 14 CODING groups of the MONTH   
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.CREST            01   092  germany   
02.bonzai           02   087  denmark   
03.flash inc        08   055  sweden    
04.cosmos design    07   054  austria   
05.the voice        --   048  austria   
06.origo            03   043  finland   
==.beyond force     12   043  finland   
08.horizon          05   040  sweden    
09.blackmail        09   022  holland   
10.megastyle inc    04   019  norway    
==.panoramic design 06   019  norway    
12.light            09   018  sweden    
13.triad            --   017  norway    
==.trc+blasters     --   017  holl+spain
the top 14 CRACKING groups of the MONTH 
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.IKARI+TALENT     02   198  dk+england
02.dominators       01   173  denmark+uk
03.legend           04   171  belgium   
04.illusion+atc     05   158  norway+usa
05.genesis*projekt  03   134  germany   
06.paramount        06   085  germany   
07.extasy           08   077  finland+dk
08.crazy            06   068  germany   
09.class            11   055  denmark   
10.x-ray            --   034  germany   
==.f4cg             09   034  belg+italy
==.transcom         14   034  france    
13.nato             --   026  uk+denmark
14.action           13   023  germany   
the top 5 MAGASINES                     
mag'n'groupname    pli   PTS   country  
01.MAMBA/CRAZY      01   042  germany   
02.corruption/pmnt  03   024  germany   
03.sex'n'crime/amok 02   022  germany   
04.remark/ruthless  --   013  holland   
05.hotshot/flash    --   008  sweden    
the top 5 TRADING groups of the MONTH   
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.paramount        --   018  germany   
02.dominators       01   017  holland   
03.culture          --   016  holland   
04.legend           03   015  belgium   
05.genesis*projekt  01   012  germany   
the top 5 SINGLE CODERS of the MONTH    
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.clf/origo        --   032  finland   
02.zodiac/flash     04   028  sweden    
03.crossbow/crest   02   027  germaany  
04.rico/p.logic     --   020  sweden    
05.kjer/horizon     01   015  sweden    
the top 5 SINGLE CRACKERS of the MONTH  
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.pwp/legend       04   084  belgium   
02.jade/dominators  --   077  england   
03.snacky/g*p       02   048  germany   
04.doc/ikari        01   042  denmark   
05.rockstar/extasy  --   039  finland   
the top 5 GRAPHICIANS of the MONTH      
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.gotcha/crazy     --   025  germany   
02.h.d./di-art/bml  01   022  holland   
03.orc/di-art/bml   04   016  holland   
04.vip/crest        03   012  germany   
05.fox/bonzai       --   011  denmark   
the top 5 COMPOSERS of the MONTH        
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.jch/vibrants     02   029  denmark   
02.link/vibrants    04   027  denmark   
03.drax/vib/bonzai  01   026  denmark   
04.jeroen tel       --   007  holland   
05.laxity/vibrants  03   006  denmark   
i also checked the versions of the game 
TIME MACHINE ! here they are!           
cracked by      date   number    number 
 in date                 of        of   
  ORDER                BLOCKS   TRAINERS
01.censor       14/9    192            +
02.triad        20/9    172            +
03.light        --/-    170          +++
04.fairlight    --/-    184            +
05.class        --/-    188           ++
06.f4cg         --/-    198            +
07.bonzai       --/-    199            +
i can't promise that all the versions   
are 100% error free! send your version  
if you know it's a high quality game !  
best game of the previous month was:    
TIME MACHINE by vivid image.            
the most popular usa.bbs was:           
SECOND TO NONE/nec/nei/legend hq/       
best demo of the previous month was:    
FOURTH DIMENSION coded by the voice.    
the votes are increasing so just keep on
to it! some comments! in the coding ch.:
the HOTSHOT is the voice that came in on
the 5th place! the highest climbers are 
03.flash inc and 06.beyond force!  the  
most DECADENT groups are 10.msi and 10. 
panoramic design! in the cracker charts:
we have the HOTSHOT 10.x-ray!the highest
climber is 10.transcom.the most DECADENT
groups are 05.g*p and 08.crazy. not many
new groups in the coding+cracking charts
, in total 5 new groups! the ones that  
had to leave were:11.knickers, 13.rizing
and 14.ruthless! and in the cracking c.:
10.x-factor and 12.holocaust!           
some information about the charts:      
PLI:place last issue.                   
00.:place they have/had.                
HOTSHOT:the highest entering group!     
holocaust are banned from the charts the
rest of 1990! because of cheating!  JOHN


sorry but for this month i didn't have  
time to see any new movies!so no reviews
in this issue! instead i'll print a cool
poem by an unknown author!              
       i'm sure you can imagine         
         it's easy as can be,           
     the place is called piccadilly,    
        the people - he and she.        
    she whispered, "will it hurt me?"   
        "of course not," said he        
      "it's a very simple process.      
      just let me move this knee."      
   she said, "i'm rather frightened,    
      i've not had this before."        
    so he started to convince her       
       it would not hurt at all.        
        she finally consented,          
       tears were in her eyes.          
     "it's hurting rather badly!        
      it must be quite a size."         
    "now calm yourself, my darling,"    
       his face portrayed a grin.       
       "just open a little wider        
         so i can get it in."           
    "it's coming now," he told her.     
    "i know," she said. "it's wet."     
     she felt him pushing upward,       
    he said, "keep still, my pet."      
       suddenly it soaked her.          
      she gave a startled shout.        
    "it's coming now," he muttered,     
      "thank god we got it out!"        
   now if you've read this carefully    
      and given yourself a thrill,      
    you'll find that he's a dentist     
       with other teeth to fill.        
hope you liked the poem! next time i'll 
try to review some demoes+magazines!JOHN


       here is an interview with:       
 interview made by REDCUZ/censor design 
first some facts about swansong/demonix!
first group:rain of terror              
age: 17                                 
favouritemovie:the song remains the same
favourite comic: shade                  
favourite food : seafood                
favourite importinggroup(ever):fbr      
favourite importinggroup(today):exodus  
favourite crackers(ever):(us): esi      
favourite crackers(today):(us): nec     
'r/c' tell us a little about yourself ! 
'S/D' i always play on my guitarr!      
      (ED. true! hiis sister said so!)  
'r/c' how did your computercareer start?
's/d' in 85/86! i started hacking vmb'es
      for people! then in summer 87 the 
      group rain of terror was built!   
'r/c' what is your major task in demonix
'S/D' importing,when i find the time !  
'r/c' do you have any enemies?          
'S/D' parently no! but i don't know!    
'r/c' your best friends in the scene?   
'S/D' the executioner, the violator and 
      master cracker!                   
'r/c' how do you like the scene to be ? 
'S/D' more releases and codehackers!    
'r/c' how can the scene be changed?     
'S/D' more people should kick ass! and  
      more guys should start hacking !  
'r/c' what do you think of the euroscene
'S/D' it's allright! but it should be   
      less wars. each group think they  
      are the best and the others are   
'r/c' your future plans ?               
'S/D' i'll go to college and then stop  
      computing! i'll try to get a job  
      in a phone company! for the group 
      we would like to get a new code   
      hacker and then try to go for the 
      better and kick ass!              
'r/c' have you ever been busted?        
'S/D' close to. almost a year ago a     
      friend of mine found a backdoor   
      through a bank! it was like a pbx!
      i put up some alliances with it!  
      then on one alliance i called up  
      archenist! the call was registered
      and they went to his house!he gave
      them my name and they came! they  
      wanted to fine me on 12000 dollars
      but  nothing happened! it ended up
      with me explaining for them how   
      their own system worked! i had a  
      lot of luck! never call up a local
      guy on an alliance because his    
      phone nr standson the phone bill! 
'r/c' something more you want to say?   
'S/D' doesn't matter!                   
'r/c' thanx and l8ter!                  
'S/D' bye!                              
         KLICK and he was gone!         

yellow pages

   here comes the latest advertes in!   
  for the latest TRIAD wares+hot wares  
       for the latest wares             
        GLAFF/ATOMIC WASTE              
    for the latest wares and hottest    
      4-fast and nice swapping!         
          THE LORD /DISONER             
EXTASY needs a new swapper! interested? 
if, call ROCKSTAR on XXXXXXXXXXXX (juho)
   all elite groups and all 3dk's old   
      contacts because he stopped!      
         JACK DANIELS/PARAMOUNT         
       for hot and nice swapping!       
            terminal state/DYNAMIX      
2400 hrs   sysop:pimpernel/dynamix      
  a day  cosysop:sledge/fairlight       
    second to none/NEC/NEI/LEGEND HQ    
  2400 hrs   sysop:the dominant one     
    a day  cosysop:murdock              
  2400 hrs   sysop:nightwritter/atc     
    a day  cosysop:gene/illusion        
        wares aquarium/FAIRLIGHT        
2400 hrs   sysop:sledge/fairlight       
  a day  cosysop:----------------       
        give the boards a CALL!         
 for a hot and cool swapp, contact me : 
        TG-ACME/ BLACK ADDER TEAM       
              try this one :            
 want your addy in the next issue then  
    try to vote+react on this issue!    
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