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 1.CHARTS         ***   5.GAMEREVIEWS   
 2.REPORTS      ******* 6.EDITORSHIP    
 3.NEWS          *****  7.E-MAIL        
 4.ADDYS        ******* 8.PARTIES       
 I.instructions   ***   M.back to menu  


    **     BEST CRACKING GROUPS         
   *  *   ++++++++++++++++++++++        
  *   R*  1.genisis+projekt{80p}        
 *   O  * 2.illusion       {77p}        
    S  N *3.dcs            {76p}        
   N  G * 4.seven eleven   {69p}        
  E  I *  5.contex         {62p}        
 C  S *   6.action         {50p}        
   E *    7.talent         {49p}        
  D *     8.rough trade    {46p}        
   *        dominators     {46p}        
  *       0.dynamix        {35p}        
 *        **********************        

           BEST SWAPPING GROUPS         
 contex   .1                            
 f4cg     .2   *                        
 illusion .3  **                        
 g+p      .4 ***                        
 action   .5*******************         
 rti      .6*******************         
 success  .7 ***                        
 sharks   .8  **                        
 dynamix  .9   *                        
 dcs      .0                            

    **     BEST  CODING  GROUPS         
   ****   ++++++++++++++++++++++        
  ******  1.blackmail      {84p}        
 ********   contex         {84p}        
    **    3.upfront        {75p}        
  C ** D  4.censor design  {67p}        
  E ** E  5.horizon        {64p}        
  N ** S  6.7dg            {47p}        
  S ** I  7.megastyle      {38p}        
  O ** G  8.double density {28p}        
  R ** N  9.x-ample        {26p}        
    **    0.trc            {23p}        
    **    **********************        

 1.MOSKVA TV/BB  ******1.J.B/MON        
 2.JERRY/TRIAD   ******2.20CC/AMOK      
 4.DUALIS        ******4.JCH/VIBRANTS   
 5.INXS/WHOOP    ******5.J.O/AMOK       

  BEST GRAPHIX   +++++++++++++++++++++++
 1.ORC/BLACKMAIL +++++                  
                 +++++  *               
 2.X-AMPLE       ++++  **               
                 +++  ******************
 3.FLEX/CONTEX   ++  **** FATAL  NEWS **
                 +++  ******************
 4.UNITRAX/SHAPE ++++  **               
                 +++++  *               
 5.SARGE/FLT     +++++                  


    a report from the shape party !!!   
 9 from censor was on the bus down to   
 norway.that was nearly 600-700 km{oh!!}
 the journey took about 10 hours.it was 
 a hard time sitting in a bus with eight
 other guys from censor{puhh!!}.the idea
 of sleeping was out of the question.the
 only thing we could think of was to get
 drunk.so,we took our beercans out and  
 started to drink!i,psycho and crt went 
 drunk after some beers!shark tried to  
 sleep but he didn't manage!after some  
 time slaygon and codex also got drunk! 

 poor guran!he had to be dry because he 
 was driving the bus!after 10 hours,we  
 finally reached the fucking place!the  
 clock was 3 in the morning so all of us
 were very tired{and some had headache!}
 we were shocked as we entered the place
 because it was a big sporthall{wow!}.  
 and there was only a couple of people  
 {sccs?} and a bunch of amiga lamers!!!!
 but we got calm when we thought about  
 the thing shape had told us!{they had  
 said to us that this party was going to
 be a success!!}.so we started to pack  

 up our things and did some other shitty
 things!when we were ready i went to the
 guys in shape !i talked a lot with them
 and i also managed to sell them some of
 my caffeine-pills!{they are forbidden  
 in norway{not in sweden!}}.they were   
 quite easy to sell out!then i returned 
 to our base!some of us went to sleep,  
 to see some films and some had to start
 coding!{i had a lot of headache{ahhh!}}
 *          friday the 13thh           *

 nothing special happened on the morning
 so we started to get worried as no one 
 came!the time just flew away!good for  
 us that we had a lot of booze with us. 
 so we started to drink!guran that was  
 behind us tried to catch up with us!!!!
 after some booze,the party turnend into
 a really cool one!after some time all  
 went out to take a ride with the bus!!!
 crt and stayed in!i can imagine guran  
 driving this bus!it must have been like
 slalom!they were lucky that the cops   
 didn't see them.because it was in the  
 middle of the day!i and crt were coding

 a bit on our parts!after a while some  
 "lamers" turned up.there was no action 
 at all!but then suddenly there was a   
 big bang!{it was tuw or daredevil/shape
 }.the reason for the bang was a chair  
 that had been destroyed!they had put a 
 chair to climb up on the scene!it was  
 at least 1m to the floor!so when he was
 trying to get down,the chair crashed!!!
 they had in total crashed 10 chairs ,  
 when the party was over!after this mess
 shape made us some cool graphics and   
 some music!trc made a cool piccy for us
 .moonray made a aliengirl for us{cool!}

 later on when the gang with the bus was
 back,we went to a swimmingpool.it were 
 only guran,adrian,psycho and i that did
 it!we started to try to drown eachother
 .so the small waves turnend into some  
 really big ones!everyone was wet.{even 
 the lame pool guard!{hehe!}}.after a   
 while they were so pissed that we were 
 nearly beeing thrown out of the place! 
 you know,elder people don't like this  
 mess!after this we were clean and very 
 dry{?}.now it was time to have a real  
 party!so we decided to go downtown .   
 so we left the party place at once!!!!!

 on the way down we drank all our fresh 
 beercans!we were lucky because we got  
 some chicks at once!guran was first on 
 attacking them!the chicks were also as 
 boozed as we were!we made some friends 
 and even some enemies!the problem came 
 when guran tried to fix another guys   
 girlfriend!it was near that they gave  
 guran a hard slagg!i,psycho and shark  
 were searching for some chicks when it 
 nearly happened.while we were searching
 for girls ,crt,codex and slaygon lamed 
 around at the party!at the end of the  
 evening we finally found two chicks!!! 

 he took them to the party place!{why?}.
 one of them was good looking and her   
 friend that looked terrible!so,i took  
 her friend!this is my biggest regret ! 
 ok,that's history now!when we entered  
 the place,they had started a food war  
 that later turned into a everything war
 ,ohh gushh!they guys that started this 
 war was the ones form abcess!later on  
 illusion turned up!so i had a nice chat
 with my best contact,garfield/illusion!
 after a nice chat i started to look for
 some action!i then noticed that there  
 were a lot of cool guys that were there

 some of the new goups that had come    
 ,etc.the only crack released was the   
 game called wicked!illusion cracked it 
 down to 162 blocks with 5+!later on we 
 cracked it down to 146 blocks but with 
 just 1+!then suddenly the party turned 
 into a real party!slaygon and codex got
 a booze supply from a friend{or fan?}..
 after a while slaygon was walking on   
 his four!codex tried to code but he did
 not succed!crt got irritated when all  
 his fans gathered behind him!suddenly i
 saw guran on his way out to puke{hmm!}.

 shape made a music-routine that only   
 takes 20 rasterlines!more mega-codings 
 :rune /shape made a 52 sprite multiplex
 dysp.he also did a part with 212 plots!
 the group abcess made a plot with 185  
 plots!contex released another brill    
 digi-demo.rumours said that hoaxers had
 ripped a routine for their demo!so they
 got a big minus for this!friday 13th   
 gave bad luck to many of us!dpl/shape  
 and many others were near to die when  
 they tried to get down from the scene! 
 the power fucked up some times so we   
 that were coding had a busy time!!!!!!!

          satuurday the 14 th          *
 this was the last day before the demo- 
 competition!so we had only one choice, 
 to code!!i and crt got really hungry   
 after some coding!so we bought a big   
 norwegian pizza!the only problem was   
 that the pizza was deepfreezed!so we   
 asked the dpl/shape for a microwave!!!!
 so he fixed one for us {thanx pal!} but
 did you have to take that bite of the  
 pizza!so we began to eat!suddenly dpl  
 took sprite and filled it with dish    
 liquid!we thought that he was crazy!!!!

 the pizza was delicious.later on the   
 day we saw slaygon and guran on their  
 way to puke!we wondered why.the reason 
 was that they had been drinking from   
 dpl's sprite!we thought it was a good  
 joke.dpl!!guran and slaygon are looking
 forward to meet you!there wasn't much  
 to do.except for crunch and code!then  
 that fucking girl turned up{ohh  noo!}.
 i couldn't get rid of her!she stayed   
 for 24 hours!{want to forget this now!}
 *        sunday the 15th              *

 no sleep this day because everyone had 
 to link their demos.the deadline was at
 5 o'clock.but they had to move it twice
 ,first to 6 o'clock and then the second
 time to 7 o'clock.the demo-competition 
 was shown in a big class-room!there    
 was only a few good demos{6-7}.after   
 they were shown,everyone went back to  
 sleep.so the results came after people 
 woke up!it was a cool party!           
              hit {+} to see results    

               the results              
      1.    censor design   'boozer'    
       2.    shape         'phoenix'    
        3.    contex      'high pr.'    
         4.    hoaxers   '????????'     
 this party was a cool one but all good 
 things must have a end!                
 i forgot my joystick so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 abcess..{send it back to mee!!}        


 +                                     +
 + some news from the ears of CENSOR ! +
 +                                     +
 +13 HACKERS are going to be PROSECUTED 
  for DECEIT here in sweden!you know the
  AMERICAN FEVER.two of them SEEM to be 
  ex-fairlightmembers:the ALCHEMIST and 
  ZAPHOD.one of them is the BLABBERMOUTH
  ,ELRIC/AGILE.the POLICE told karl xii 
  that when ELRIC started to talk there 
  was NO WAY stopping him {how LAME!}{+}

 +DR.COOL left galaxy to JOIN his pals  
  in CENSOR DESIGN!{WELCOME,pal!!!}...  
 +PARAMOUNT has started a MAG called    
  PARANEWS.it's ONLY about themselfes!  
 +20CC is now a member of AMOK {COOL..!}
 +DRAX the musician from NATO joined    
  AMOK aswell.{how MANY do you need??}  
 +"all my time goes to find new members 
  for bob to steal"a famous QUOTATION   
  from JERRY/TRIAD.{this is HIS opinion}

 +SENTINEL left g+p to BUILD up his OWN 
  legal GROUP,called ICON ARTS.....!!!  
 +STONE of BONZAI decided to JOIN amok! 
 +CLEAR{good demo-coders}joined CONTEX!!
  against AMOK!{but he FAILED,ofcourse!}
 +THE co-trc+wwe SPLITTED up.most WWE   
  CODERS went AMIGA.sonix/wwe JOINED g*p
 +henry/CENTAURI joined g*p ASWELL!{+}  

  byterapers ON AMIGA!but HE IS GOING to
  BUY a c64 ONCE AGAIN and do a COMEBACK
  .PROBABLY he'll THEN join CENSOR!{jaa}
 +amok SERVES all purposes,THEY MAKE:   
  graphics,LOGOS and MUCH MORE!if your  
 +boozer,olle and hires LEFT G*P DUE to 
  SOME problems WITH THE POLICE.they are
  now LEGAL and are CODING cool GAMES   
  FOR the FAMOUS guys IN AMOK!!{+}      

 +moskwa tv/bb contacted wratchild/triad
  .wratchild thought,hmmm..beastie boys!
  so he decided to reply.then he called 
  jerry/triad to add bb to their great  
  greetinglist.wratchild said:i'm now   
  trading with moskwa tv/bb.jerry was so
  shocked so he had to hang up on wrath.
  5 minutes later jerry rang wratchild  
  and told him how lame mtv/bb really is
 +junior,hilux and delta are now out of 
  paragon{wonder,why?}.that means that  
  the rippers are out!they got some new 
  members:poupin,modesty and maximillian

 +tankard is now out of illusion.the    
  reason is that he lives to far away!  
 +some really strange things happened at
  the light-triad{party??} in balsta.   
  as horizon thinks we are some idiots ,
  they started to watch us all the time.
  so when we did the minimal thing they 
  nagged at us!the first sign of that   
  came when we wrote censor on the back 
  side of some signs where it stood cafe
  .we had asked a guy in light but we   
  didnt start before we had asked goblin
  .one hour later a little frightened{+}

 *child{goblin}came to us and said that 
  we weren't allowed to write censor on 
  those fuckin' signs{?????}.they had   
  expected about 400 persons to come.but
  as only a few of them showed up, they 
  had to invent things for us to pay!!!!
  {lame}-mogwai entered to the teachers 
  office. and there he took 12 copies of
  a paper where it stood"goblin is lame"
  when we saw mogwai do that , sensei   
  and euzkera tried to stop him and make
  him leave.but then goblin came up and 
  saw us. we don't know if it woz for   
  the truth on the note or mogwai taking

 *copies. well, we sure don't know!     
  they said that they would turn us in..
  turn us in for what!!?? for trying to 
  make mogwai leave? or what!!! for some
  strange reason BAGDER kicked us out!! 
  BAGDER?! why him of all fags!! he had 
  absolutely NO right to do that!!!!!!! 
  but he allways tries to be as cool as 
  possible just to show his power? ha!! 
  ha,ha,ha!!! fag power!!               
  then he said that we are not allowed  
  to come to any of their parties in the
  future...  we have better things to do
  then beeing bored at some lame hzparty

 *we packed our stuff, and just drove   
  away from that lame shit 'party?'     
  and all of us in CENSOR can garantee  
  that we had much more fun outside the 
  party than we had inside! inside there
  were just fags like BAGDER and GOBLIN 
  but outside there were a lot of chicks
  and in opposite to our friends BAGDER 
  and GOBLIN we get turned on by chicks!
  who ^^^^^^ doesn't???  even goblins   
  girlfriend thinks he is weird!!!      
  SHE is a very niiiiccceee person!!!!! 
  FUCK YOU GOBLIN!! you don't deserve   
  her!!!!  to jenny: LEAVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!

  *we in CENSOR wants to thank the      
   balsta girls for their company!!!    
   and their boyfriends for the strikes!
   old triad, dont worry!! we will take 
   your place in boozing and bein'party 
   animals, and SWEDENS #1!!! CENSOR!!! 
   thanx to:petra, anna, jenny, anne,   
            linda and madelene....      


 **           **+ OMG/AMOK-XXXXXXXXX X +
 * *  ADDYS  * *+   XXXX XXXXXX/XXX    +
 *  *       *  *++++++++++++++++++++++++
 *   *     *   *+ ODIN/S451-XXXXXXXX.XX+
 *    *   *    *+ XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX/XXX +
 * MORE***NEXT *++++++++++++++++++++++++
 ***************+   XXXX XXXXXXX/XX    +
 + FATAL  NEWS +++++++++++++++++++++++++


 ***                                 ***
    ***       game  reviews       ***   
       ***                     ***      
          ***               ***         
             ***         ***            
                ***   ***               
 no game reviews this time ! so if you  
 are interested you can write one for us
              fatal news                
               XXX XXXX                 
            XXXXX XXXXXXXX              


 *                                     *
 *            EDITORIALSHIP            *
 *                                     *
 *editor:euzkera/censor design         *
 +coding by:psycho/censor design       +
 *graphix by:taito/censor design       *
 +music by:lords of sonics             +


 *        *    FATAL  NEWS    *        *
 * E-MAIL *      XXXXXXX      * E-MAIL *
 *        *  XXXXX XXXXXXXX   *        *
 **********      XXXXXX       **********
    {+}   +++++++++++++++++++++   {+}   
 ++++++++++     REACTIONS     ++++++++++
 +                                     +
 +  the REACTIONS we have got on this  +
 +   mag are only POSITIVE REACTIONS   +
 +  but we hope that MORE groups will  +
 + VOTE in our charts. so now you know +
 + take a pen and WRITE to our adress! +

    how to MAKE this MAG much BETTER!   
 *FIRST of all i think YOU ALL should   
  complain and COME with improvements!  
 *i ALSO think that you all should VOTE 
  in the CHARTS!{atleast the ones that  
  SWAP with us in CENSOR{come on ,GUYZ!}
 *DO YOU want this MAG DIRECTLY from us?
 *to LEAVE votes or NEWS OVER phone,call
  +XXXXXXXXXX{JOHN}{conferances TO!}.{+}

  here i'll THANK the groups that have  
  SUPPLIED us with NEWS and cool votes!!
 +for NEWS:omg/amok,wrathchild/triad,   
 +for VOTES:amok,triad,illusion,2000ad, 
  fenix and lazer                       
 +the COOL report from the shape-party  
  in norway by bob/censor               


  ****        COMING PARTIES            
  ****    ****     for more info call us
      ****    ****     in censor design!
  ****    ****    ****                  
      ****    ****    ****              
  ****    ****    ****                  
      ****    ****                      
  ****    ****    this is a must for all
      ****    party-animals!            
  ther'll be a party on 5-7 january in  
  arboga sweden!arranged by phenomena'n'
  censor.so it's both for amiga and c64!


 +*           INSTRUCTIONS!           *+
  ++*                               *++ 
   ++         INSTRUCTIONS!         ++  
     ++*                         *++    
      ++      INSTRUCTIONS!      ++     
 +++++++ it's quite easy to look +++++++
 + in this mag! you choose between the +
 + subjects by pressing 1-8,i and m .  +
 + to toggle pages in subjekt you can  +
 + press - and + ! enjoy the mag , ok! +

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