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yep! hello and welcome to mamba issue 8...this time we improved our mag by packing the textfiles (although we kept the interruptloader). mamba will be published on the game on from now on. greetinx must go to our friends in: lotus, trc, illusion, blackmail, dominators, censor design, ikari and talent, fairlight, cosmos designs, exodus, atc, nec nei, napalm, legend, oneway, extasy, genesis project, nato, reset, crest, origo, fbi crew, artline designs, full force, light, bonzai, chaos, f4cg, triad and all the forgotten ones. if you want to supply news or wanna write any articles for mamba write to: plk <censored>, 5000 koeln 1, west germany.... crazy cologne signing off............... ps mamba was released on the 23rd of june

Chapter 01 - News and Rumours
Chapter 02 - The Interview
Chapter 03 - Reports
Chapter 04 - The Charts
Chapter 05 - Hits and Flops
Chapter 06 - Announces
Chapter 07 - A Little Comic
Chapter 08 - Different Things
Chapter 09 - Besides Computing

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