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  the interview
  yes u see right! this time we offer
  you only one interview, because a guy
  called jch has send us a book about
  his life (he,he,he, just a joke).
  well i will lean on his introduction
  and let him simply go like this:

  hi! actually i got several offers
  from different mags for an interview,
  but after seeing mamba i'm convinced
  that u are the one that ought to get
  it. i hope u'r aware of the fact that
  i have been interviewed once before
  in 'lethal news no.2', anyway those
  questions they asked me there was
  standart questions for all types of
  work (a little boring) so i thought
  your questions were a little funnier!
  anyway let me get on with the inter-
  view. i hope it won't be too long for
  mamba! (eg.we love writing books,...)



  m: yo jens, tell us something about
     your person and where do you live.

  j: ok, here we go: i'm jens christian
     huus, maybe better known as jch.
     i was born 26/2-1966 and therefore
     must be 24 today and i live in
     denmark. i can't tell u my weight
     and height as i haven't measured
     it recently and sure as hell won't
     fuzz down after the rule now!
     anyway i'm quite normal looking
     actually. as i told one of my con-
     tacts a few days ago (he asked me
     the same question), i don't miss
     any legs or anything!

  m: what's your group, your task in it
     and what are your abilities?

  j: i'm a musician in vibrants (sur-
     prise, surprise!). i also did all
     the music tools we use in the
     group, like players, editors, re-
     locaters, packers and stuff like
     that. i know a great lot about the
     sid-chip if i may say so, but i
     don't think my demo coding abili-
     ties is anything to write home a-

  m: when was your group built,why,how
     and who is in?

  j: well, the group vibrants was actu-
     ally the result of a craze that
     once went around, you see every
     musician seemed to create a music
     group. in the beginning i thought
     this was not for me but then link
     the first to get my editor, sug-
     gested that we should create a
     group too, and fast! reason was
     that i was going to the pcw-show
     in england and we wanted to have
     it already by then - so, we tried
     to figure out a good name for the
     group. on the phone, link and i
     went through names like 'dudes of
     volume' and stuff like that but i
     thought most of them were either
     too silly or sounded like 'maniacs
     of noise' - in the end i came up
     with something upon 'ants', you
     know, the small thingies crawling
     around on yer shoes when u walk a-
     round in the forest!?!...
     'audio ants' was then the best
     shot until then, but somehow link
     didn't quite like it. then i came
     to think of some of the mechanics
     in a music-player like arpeggio,
     slide, pulsating and vibratio!
     suddenly i just had it! we just
     spliced together vibratio and ants
     and had - vibrants!!! later on i
     discovered that the word vibrant
     actually existed too, but that
     just makes it even better. so, in
     the beginning we were just link
     and i, and i think it was in au-
     gust '89 or somewhere. but while
     we were creating this group, drax
     had by then got my editor a long
     time ago and so had metal. they
     created a group called unitech,
     but as drax got even better and
     better we decided to let him enter
     the group - needless to say, he
     was more than willing to enter
     vibrants - so there you all have

  m: (just an interview in itself, eh?)
     anyway, you got famous! do you
     care? how was yer career and where
      id u start?

  j: well, i must be, obviously as i'm
     on the top of most disc-mag charts
     all the time! i don't think this
     is quite fair though as i can
     think of at least 5 people who
     ought to be higher than me, but it
     unfortunately also depends on how
     active a person is. tim follin
     rarly releases musics in in games,
     still he should be on the top. but
     of course it sometimes makes me
     smile, i'm a human afterall! i do
     not like boasting around though, i
     always keep in mind what my limi-
     tations really are and how i can
     improve both, my music and my rou-
     tine. let me see, where did it all
     start...  yes, if i should take it
     from the absolute beginning i
     think it started when chris huels-
     beck released his sound-monitor
     for the very first time. now that
     is a long time ago! anyway, at
     that time i was very much fond of
     rob hubbard, i simply thought he
     was the best and i wished he would
     stay on the 64 for evermore. as i
     heard his music through all the
     time i more and more wanted to
     create my own music-routine. i
     dreamed of it a lot without really
     pulling myself together and when
     sound-monitor then arrived i
     thought, "yeah! here is the music-
     editor i've been waiting for!"
     - but when i saw how much time it
     took and especially how much memo-
     ry it ate i suddenly exploded and
     and thought "never!" - i became so
     angry that i sad down and coded my
     own routine. in the beginning it
     took 11 chars of rastertime(!) but
     it was only 18 blocks or something
     and that was what mattered to me
     most at that time. okay, later i
     then, through my (at that time)
     lousy contacts got in touch with
     excell who joined the group i was
     in, 'new men'. later he created
     jewels together with fletch, doc
     and gandalf and i joined them as
     well and they also used some of my
     very bad, musics i made. but what
     the heck, i had my own routine and
     was really special at that time!
     but it was first in ikari (which i
     never joined, but was still good
     friend with excell and co.) that
     my music began to improve and they
     used a lot of it in their intros
     infront of their crax. this way,
     people began to ask who this jch
     was anyway and then it just went
     in one direction... in the begin-
     ning of 1989 i then created a mu-
     sic-editor we use today, which im-
     proved my music even more as i
     never got 100 per cent used to
     composing in turbo-assembler!

  m: what do you think about cracking
     or simply the illegal scene, have
     you got any friends there?

  j: ever since the beginning of my
     musical experiments i got cracks
     floating on my table, especially
     from rooze and excell. i've always
     loved games but never the prices
     of 'em so i've really not bothered
     to much about how angry the soft-
     ware houses get over it. think a-
     bout it this way, the computer
     firms won't admit it but i know it
     is true, the success of a computer
     depends on how many crackers sup-
     port the machine.
     this is why the atari st lost to
     the amiga, because the pricetag on
     atari was low enough to blow away
     the amiga. all english mags even
     supported the atari st most in the
     beginnings but all crackers went
     to the amiga in great numbers than
     the atari. so all illegal software
     was easier to get on the amiga,
     thus, the amiga was the one people
     wanted to buy.
     dear computer firm, if you wanna
     create a successful computer then
     make sure the crackers will sup-
     port the machine 100 per cent -
     tough luck, tramiel. better luck
     next time!
     i have some friends who really
     care about cracks, like ikari and
     talent (dk) and the current group
     rooze'n magic are in, called class
     (they were in dcs before). rooze
     gives me all the 64 games i desire
     but i rarely get anything for my
     amiga - it collects dust nowadays.

  m: why aren't u illegal?

  j: oh but i am! if the police ever
     would visit my place they would be
     in for a very big shock as i have
     1900 (!) disx for my 64, collected
     since 1985. i've most games since
     then (please don't write to me for
     "super cycle" or something, i do
     not have the time to swap 'nostal-
     gic' software!). i don't think i
     have ever scratched any of the 64
     disx i've received. before i got
     into the scene at all, in 1984 or
     something i even broke loaders
     like 'novaload' and the like. i
     can still remember i wrote
     "cracked by jch" in the basic sys,
     very funny really! today i don't
     do anything illegal as i concen-
     trate on music only.

  m: do you earn money for your musix,
     or why do you give them out and to
  j: we've just recently begun compo-
     sing for games. when i got to the
     pc-show in '89 i tried to contact
     8 different software houses and
     gave them all a disc but none of
     them replied. today we're doing
     music for for private people, some
     from england and some from austria
     i did the music for a danish game
     too once, it was called 'oswald'
     and i earned a 1.5 mbyte expansion
     for my amiga doing it, but that's
     all i've got until now - but money
     really doesn't matter for me as i
     am doing it as a sort of hobby.
     drax on the other hand wants money
     bad! of course i want some money
     for it, but i can't crawl under
     anybody if i have to. if people
     ask me for music i usually reply
     that i'm too busy doing music for
     games (but that's the truth,
     really!) and just send them a big
     collection of some music we've
     done through time. perhaps one
     here and there haven't been used
     and i tell the guy to pick 'em out
     himself, judging if he really
     haven't heard it before! i also
     have a couple of unused tunes
     which i put aside if somebody real
     cool asks me for some music - now
     don't joke it please! it does hap-
     pen - i think the last time was
     in 1989 - no kidding!

  m: (well sometimes it happens, i know
     it jens, he,he,he...)
     but tell me, what do u think of
     other musicians? do u think u are
     second best to anyone else?

  j: there are some real aces in the
     business, some of them have quit
     today but might return, like jo-
     hannes bjerregaard and jeroen tel.
     other fantastic composers are
     laxity, tim follin and moppe of
     system 6581. i also like chris
     huelsbeck a lot. he often uses
     some wonderful echo-sounds and his
     amiga-player sounds very smooth
     too. one thing is saying that "he
     is better than me" and "he is
     worse" and so on, but what really
     matters is does the music sound
     good, does it have a good chorus,
     is it varied enough and so on. it
     is always nice to hear that some-
     one likes your music, but what
     really makes me happy is when a
     musician, in particular a good
     musician says you've done a good
     tune there. that really warms you
     up - because you then know it
     really is good. the musician him-
     self is the most critical judge u
     can find.
  m: do u have a favorite tune from ya
     group ?

  j: well, the best link has done is a
     title and hiscore tune he made at
     the 2000 ad copy-party. they were
     really professional, they had a
     great melody both of them!
     drax is more like an assembly line
     he has produced tons of music
     through time so it is difficult
     for me to say which is best, but
     still i think i would vote for his
     'poison' he made for a maduplec
     demo once, it was very well put
     together. the best i have done was
     maybe 'push it' or 'batman'. i've
     never ever 100 per cent satisfied
     with a tune i've done though.

  m: what are your hobbies besides com-

  j: not many. i once saw a lot of vi-
     deos but movies are very samy and
     predictable these days. oh yes, i
     have an arcade machine hooked up
     to my amiga monitor and i sometime
     gamble on it - i've these print-
     cards for it: mag max, super cobra
     elevator action, burnin rubber,
     xain'd sleena, tokio and tutankham
     (drool,drool!) it hurts my monitor
     a lot though as i sometimes have
     to turn it 90 degrees in order to
     play f.ex.burnin rubber.

  m: what kind of music-style do you
     prefer? what music do u listen to?

  j: now that's a funny question, be-
     cause that is one of my biggest
     problems when composing, getting
     the style i want. i often want to
     do a,say, fast funky tune but
     might end up with a mody song. a
     fast song with a good rythm and
     chords that'll make it run cold
     down your neck is what i prefer to
     do. easier written than done! i
     did that a little in 'batman', i
     thought. as to what music i listen
     to, well almost only 64 music, as
     i have to keep track of what other
     people make. this again is the
     reason why i almost haven't got
     any real music for the cd-player.

  m: do u have enemies in the scene?

  j: no not as far as i know. somebody
     thinks my music is crap, but that
     doesn't nessecarily make them my
     enemies. it's impossible to satis-
     fy everybody, f.ex. i think the
     new acid style sounds great some-
     times, but i hate heavy metal!

  m: who are your friends then?

  j: well i know a lot actually, like
     some in buds, class, i+t, crest,
     g*p, starion, ^front, bones, 1way
     and,and,and (cough,cough!) - too

  m: is there still something you wanna

  j: yes, there are some goals i would
     very much like to get. now i have
     done everything i ever wanted in
     the demo/cracker scene, get famous
     and well known. most of you out
     there have at least heard of me,
     but if you turn to the real legal
     games-market, which real mags rule
     like 'zzap! 64' and so on, nobody
     have ever heard of me. my dream is
     not only doing music for some
     games but also to be positively
     mentioned in the mags, like tim
     follin was for ghost'n ghouls for
     example when 'zzap! 64' tested da
     game his name was on their lips
     all the time - boy that must be
     great!... (sigh!)

  m: you make musix,so do u like people
     using them in any kind of demos?

  j: not at all. i make music for the
     crowd! actually i've made my rou-
     tine very easy to rip, it runs
     like rob hubbards, very straight
     forward really. but of course it's
     funnier to hear it in cool demos,
     wouldn't u say so too?

  m: well yep, ahm would you join a
     company, that offers u a job and
     would u leave the scene???

  j: well as i said two questions be-
     fore there isn't much more i can
     reach in the demo- and cracker-
     scene. if a software house did it
     i would think twice though, i'm
     actually a veeeery lazy man, i do
     not think i could forefil their
     deadlines if they offered me a job
     but it sure would be tempting and
     it could hurt to try, could it!?!

  m: what r ur favorite demos?

  j: world record breaking demos begin
     to bore my pants off - i would
     like to see some more design demos
     like blackmail's 'sophisticated 3'
     that was really nice, especially
     the graphix. i've always enjoyed
     mr.cursors demos too. the best de-
     mo crew there has ever been was
     upfrunt. when they existed it was
     in with these record breaking de-
     mos and they made it fun to look
     at. now everyone tries to be like
     upfront, break a new record with
     4857 sprites or something.

  m: hey, what about a girlfriend? is
     there someone in yer life?

  j: no. i would like to try it, but i
     think i'm too shy! honestly, i
     don't think there is any woman on
     earth who could stand my temper!

  m: if u could change the scene,would
     you change anything?
  j: i wish rob hubbard and martin gal-
     way would return. i know this will
     never happen but it sure would be
     great. no, seriously da 64 should
     get of it's dying tendencies. get
     more software houses interrested,
     more quality games done. it's im-
     possible, forget it,64 is doomed..

  m: have you ever been a member of the

  j: that sure is a strange question!
     why do you ask? no,when they were
     alive i was not very welknown.even
     though we lived in the same city i
     never got to know any of them at
     all. i even remember a scene at
     dexion's party once.i then thought
     it was too stupid that we, papil-
     lons and i, didn't knew eachother
     although we were living in da same
     city - so, when i met 'lenhart' a-
     lone in a class-room, i tried to
     introduce myself: "hi i'm jens -
     i've noticed that we live in the
     same town (etc)" - "so what?!",he
     answered, went out and slammed the
     nope, i never knew the papillons!

  m: by the way, what groups were your
     forme ones and the former groups
     of the other vibrant-members?
  j: phew, that was a tough one! okay
     as far as i can remember i started
     in new men and then it went along
     like this: galaxy,2000 ad,jewels,
     wizax,dominators,channel 42,pro-
     bably some more too. i don't know
     if link has been in any other crew
     than cheyens, but anyway he still
     is. drax has been in nato and this
     music group unitech. today drax is
     only in vibrants. link is in both,
     vibrants and cheyens. i'm only in
     vibrants too.

  m: have you ever joined parties? what
     do you think about parties?

  j: yes, i've been at quite a few da-
     nish parties. i love copyparties,
     you meet a lot of interresting
     people and get a nice talk with em
     demo-competitions are great too,
     the thing with people clapping and
     whisteling together at good and
     lousy demos is just a cool feeling
     the last one i visited was hz's!

  m: who is the best cracking-group?

  j: well,here i think i've to say i+t!
     (sorry rooze,i can't help it),most
     because of doc.there is no protec-
     tion he can't break, i'm sure!

  m: well thank you jens,(sorry i drop-
     ped the last 3 questions because
     they were not much of interrest
     and i only have this page left!)
     a las word u wanna say...?

  j: i would like to list all three mem
     bers addresses. if you have desire
     in contacting us,then write to:

 jch/vibrants link/vibrants drax/vibr.
 ...thanx for the interview...
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