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          Your Opinion

This chapter contains all the
opinions that we received from
you. Take it easy, we could
hardly count them. Two less and
there wouldn't even be any to

We received two opinion !!

Okay, okay, this is just the
first issue. (But I really sent
sheets to five contacts !)

Well, the two opinions that we
received where those from Remix
of Bronx and Moron of Paradize.
We thank you very mucht, Remix
and Moron !!!!

Well, readers, send you opinion
to us as fast as you can.

Okay, on the following page you
can read what remix wrote to us.
Read it, judge it and send your
reactions to the address in
                   Remix wrote:
'Acid is of course a type of
music, but I don't like it, to
say the truth. For example, you
can't whistle the melody of an
acid song, while walking along
the street. A good music should
have a melody and some good
lyrics, and acid doesn't have
this. I'd prefer beat or disco,
because they've got good beats
and lyrics and I can sing my
favourite song whenever I want.
Acid is so meaningless, it's
just for jumping in discos etc.
I don't like it ! Madonna #1 !!'

The other opinion that reached
us, was the one of Moron.

To the question 'is acid/house
music or note ?' he answered:

'Of courcse it is! Anyone who has
any doubts about that, can eat
shit and die!'

Quite clear, don't you think ?!

This is all! You can always
send your opinion !!!

...The end of this chapter...
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