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           The Subject
The subject for this issue is:

'Is acid/hous music or not ?!'

In this chapter you can read
what some of the members of our
group want to say about that.

First of all you can read my
(Mace's) opinion...

Here it is:
'It depends on the definition
for music you use, whether acid
is music or not. I think that
music is a combination of rythm,
meldoy and harmony. Acid has no
sort of melody on itself, but if
you listen to some records, you
can hear a sequence with a kind
of bass-melody. That's why I
think it is music, but only in
the widest meaning of the word.
Personally I hate acid and house
music except for a very few
number of songs. Synthesizers
are cool instruments, but you
got to use them good.'

Before you get angry, think of
it that this is my point of view
and I don't want to make you
think the same. It's just what I
think of it, but you can always
send your reactions to the addy
in the editorial.

The next in this chapter is the
one of Stratford. He likes a
different kind of music, which
will be clear to you if you've
read the following piece of

Here it comes:
'Acid is no music! The only real
music is metal!! Acid is just a
load of simple doufs, ploufs and
sloufs, there is no melody to be
found and that is what really
makes sound music. So: acid is
no music. '

'P.S. the lines above are a bit
bull, but soome parts of what I
wrote before were to be ssen in
mace's opinion, so I had to come
up with something else. Although
my inference is this: it is no
music !'

And than, finally, here is the
opinion of Trinity:

'Music is a form of expression
of a person or group. Acid/house
is an expression of certain
groups and so it is music !!
By the way: I like it !'

Any reactions on this ?! Send
them to the address, mentioned
in 'Editorial'.

...End of this chapter...
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