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Trinity, Startford and I (Mace)
worked very hard on this mag, to
get it ready in time. Most of
the coding was done on the 2nd
and the 3rd day of 1991.


Coding & 1x2 chars : Mace
Other graphics     : Trinity
Additional Thinking: Startford
Music (Golden Axe) : M.O.N.
Scroll-chars       : Amok

Because of this first issue, I
shall explain everything.

This mag is not a mag like all
the others. It hasn't got any
charts, rumours or reviews. This
mag only contains your opinion !
Every issue has its own subject,
about which you can ive your
opinion. It doesn't matter what
subject you take, as long as it
is or was or will be treated in
one of the issues. You are also
welcome to send an idea for
another subject.

You are also free to send your
address to us, preferably with
your opinion (heard that before)
about something we treated, but
that's not necessary.

We wil place anything we can
read, with our without mentioning
your name. Only one thing...
We do not treat a subject that
has got something to do with the
screne directly, so we will not
place angry letters addressed to
a certain person that you hate.
(Unless we ask you to, when we
 discuss 'angry letters !)

Well, what can I say ?!

You can send everything to:

Opinion Magazine
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx
xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Everything you send will stay in
possession of Secure, unless you
enclose enough stamps to send it
back. (Don't forget to enclose
your address too then !)

...the end...
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