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hello,hi and welcome to this some what  
shit issue of VANDALISM NEWS.           
don't worry your heads about such things
as the outfit,coverpage etc as they were
rushed in order to prove BODYCOUNT will 
be active by issue 10 we will have a new
i suppose it would be time for the credz
so pull on the controller and thrive... 
tha'r goes de neighbourhood...          
...sorry to TBH/MSR who was originally  
going to do this coverpage but it wasn't
finished in time and it will be used in 
the next issue...                       
            music:JEROEN TEL            
             1x1 chars:????             
             keep going...              
         music:VARIOUS ARTISTS          
    main editor:VENGEANCE/BODYCOUNT     
keep going...                           
well there are the credits for issue 8  
of VANDALISM NEWS, remember to send all 
news,rumours,votes,reactions to...      
             VANDALISM NEWS             
            X XXXXXX XXXXXX             
           XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX            
             XXXXXXXXX XXXX             
thanx go out to all the nagging assholes
who have been telling me to bring this  
fucking thing out...                    
and now for something differn't...      
hello scooby,i hear you've been busted  
for cheating stamps? well australia post
security came around to my house with a 
search warrant to open your pack because
of glued stamps, of course i had to open
it or i would have been accused of doing
it myself (which i don't), so i thought 
i'd better shout out and tell you that  
you'll proberly have a summons for it   
landing on your door step soon.sorry    
dude,theres nothing i could of done.    
well theres the end of this chapter...  
enjoy this issue...                     

news & rumours

yup, well heres the news 'n' rumours for
this issue, this time the news might be 
a little bit old 'coz i've been of the  
scene for a while so bare with it eh??? 
send all news to :-                     
             VANDALISM NEWS             
            X XXXXXX XXXXXX             
           XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX            
             XXXXXXXXX XXXX             
...THE CURE died, all members quit the  
   scene except for PATTO who joined us 
   in BODYCOUNT.                        
...VENGEANCE and INSANE got sick of     
   being inactive and left THE FORCE    
   VENGEANCE made BODYCOUNT along with  
   MORBID/SUICIDE, later INSANE changed 
   handle to SHP and joined BODYCOUNT.  
...TONE LOC returned to the scene and   
   joined BODYCOUNT,later he left and   
   joined FURY.but RASTAN was a lamer   
   so he re-joined BODYCOUNT.           
...CAINE/HYPE also joined BODYCOUNT but 
   he is also still in HYPE.            
...MAX MIX got kicked outta ILLUSION.   
...ERRACTIC/PARALAX got done by the cops
   for piriting software, they took his 
   64 and his disks.                    
...VIOLATION the magazine by THE CURE   
   died along  with the group.          
...INCUBUS and RUSTLER of TSR both left 
   the scene and went amiga, but THE    
   LINK is still alive and is now being 
   edited by their new leader UPTONOGOOD
...WITTY and STROBE of WOW joined CRUZE 
   in LITHIUM but they are still in WOW 
...WITTY will now edit EPIC,and CRUZE   
   will edit FORM.                      
...DRUID/ROLE and MAVERICK/GAX 777 came 
   back to the scene and joined WITTY   
   in LITHIUM.                          
...MESSIAH left OFFENCE and joined MSR. 
...METRO/HYPE and SLICE/TSR both joined 
   and made the australian section of   
...ROADRUNNA/OFFENCE was doing the funny
   play-bat pics,he was downloading them
   to INCUBUS/TSR and his phonebill got 
   so high that he had to dis-connect   
   his phone.                           
...PSYCHO/THE FORCE has done a new      
   outfit for CODEMAG and it'll be out  
   quite soon.                          
...BODYCOUNT will release pearls second 
   music collection on the 6th of feb.  
...VANDALISM NEWS will change outfit    
   when it comes to issue 10.           
...PATTO and MORBID of BODYCOUNT made   
   a music co-op and for music they are 
   now known as PEARL.                  
...METAL and DRAX may leave the 64 soon.
 ..TROJAN rejoined BATTERY so there mag 
   TAINTED changed name back to WANTED. 
...ANNTHRAX/PARALLAX will probably be   
   making a comeback soon.              
...ARCADE have split up into 2 groups.  
   both of the groups are nameless.     
...BODYCOUNT will be bringing out a demo
   called ALBEDO which will be a grafix 
...ZIGGY, RAZOR and PSYCHO with a       
   hardware dude called michael have    
   formed a new group called FALSE      
   MOTION.  but, i think that colwyn is 
   still in THE FORCE                   
...PARALLAX will be bringing out their  
   new mag CLASSIC soon.                
...there was a conference on 24.1.1993  
   at about 2 in the afternoon.         
   the dudes on the conference were:    
STIGS,TBH,ROCKY KID/MSR                 
   the conference went for about 1 and  
   a half hours before we were cut off. 
...DEVOTION was kicked out of BODYCOUNT 
   for being too unactive.              
...illusion have got a new board called 
   PERGETORY. the number is:            
              +X XXX XXX XXXX           
...TRIAD have released GAMERS GUIDE #16 
  that's all the news for this issue.   

ozzy charts

welcome to the AUSTRALIAN charts part!= 
please remember that these votes are    
almost 6 months old, so don't accuse us 
of cheating them.also please note the   
overall groups includes anything or any 
one who got points all counted into the 
one remember to send votes to the addy  
in the editiorial and don't vote 4 your 
group,yourself or its members,but you   
can vote for your productions...        
lets start...                           
          AUSTRALIAN GROUPS:-           
           1.BATTERY    (183)           
           2.THE CURE   (178)(DEAD)     
           3.TSR        (138)           
           4.hype       (134)           
           5.offence     (95)           
           6.the force   (94)           
           7.lithium     (73)           
           8.paralax     (59)           
           9.suicide     (52)(DEAD)     
          10.msr         (50)           

          AUSTRALIAN SWAPPER:-          
        1.RUSTLER/TSR      (124)(DEAD)  
        2.UPTONOGOOD/TSR   (108)        
        3.WASTED/BATTERY    (81)        
        4.deb/battery       (75)        
        5.master/tsr        (64)        
        6.erractic/paralax  (62)        
        7.8-ball/the cure   (53)(DEAD)  
        8.iceman/the cure   (44)(DEAD)  
        9.vengeance/bct     (38)        
       10.witty/wow/lithium (32)        
          AUSTRALIAN SWAPPER:-          
       11.razor/the force   (29)        
       12.deadbone/hype     (28)        
       14.shocker/battery   (24)(DEAD)  
       15.truse/clique      (17)(DEAD)  
          incubus/tsr       (17)(DEAD)  
          AUSTRALIAN CODERS:-           
      1.ICEMAN/THE CURE      (143)(DEAD)
      2.TBH/MSR              (135)      
      3.SLASH/THE CURE       (111)(DEAD)
      4.slice/triad           (75)      
      5.metro/triad           (65)      
      6.psycho/the force      (51)      
      7.slarti/battery        (29)            (28)      
        incubus/tsr           (28)(DEAD)
     10.caine/hype            (21)      

          AUSTRALIAN CODERS:-           
     11.strobe/wow/lithium    (18)      
     12.messiah/msr           (16)      
        quetzel/paralax       (16)      
keep going....                          
          AUSTRALIAN GRAFFIX:-          
       1.DEADBONE/HYPE      (205)       
       2.METRO/TRIAD        (175)       
       3.CAINE/HYPE         (103)               (57)       
       5.dan/the cure        (55)(DEAD) 
       6.shp/bodycount       (44)       
       7.gothic/battery      (43)       
       8.witty/wow/lithium   (41)       
       9.roadrunna/offence   (38)     walker/msr       (35)       

          AUSTRALIAN GRAFFIX:-          
        11.stalker/tsr     (22)         
        12.tbh/msr         (15)         
more yet....                            
           AUSTRALIAN MUSIC:-           
      1.PEARL/BODYCOUNT     (304)       
      2.ATOM/TSR            (165)       
      3.MESSIAH/MSR          (80)       
      4.zorro/battery        (78)       
      5.caine/hype           (27)       
      6.devotion/bodycount   (21)       
comments to this chart....              
you may think the charts in the last    
section are cheated (UNTRUE) as PEARL   
of BODYCOUNT is a team between MORBID   
and PATTO.even i had seperated there    
points MORBID would of won with 168     
points and PATTO would of come third wif
136 points,now i hope this cleared up ! 
keep going....                          
         AUSTRALIAN MAGAZINES:-         
1.VIOLATION     (210)(DEAD)             
2.VANDALISM NEWS(177)                   
3.THE LINK      (165)                   
4.epic          (122)                   
5.wanted        (109)                   
6.timebomb       (36)(DEAD)             
7.codemag        (31)                   
8.grapevine      (28)(DEAD???)          
9.qcf fm         (25)                   
            OVERALL POINTS:-            
          1.TSR         (888)           
          2.CURE        (794)(DEAD)     
          3.BATTERY     (650)           
          4.bodycount   (628)           
          5.triad       (490)           
          6.hype        (340)           
          7.msr         (331)           
          8.lithium     (283)           
          9.the force   (161)           
         10.parallax    (137)           

            OVERALL POINTS:-            
          11.offence     (133)          
          12.suicide      (88)(DEAD)    
well thats the end of the australian    
charts for this issue, you might wonder 
why there wasn't any comments about the 
charts? well i've been of the scene for 
about 6 or so months and i've really no 
knowlegde of the current situation with 
who is active etc, besides the point    
theres always some asshole who'll get   
pissed off at what i write etc so fuck  
that for a game of soliders !!          
anyhow enjoy and have a dandy life...   

euro charts

hello and welcome to this chapter which 
is the WORLD CHARTS.don't expect these  
charts to be the latest as the votes are
old,also don't expect any comments on   
them as i don't know the current going  
ons in the scene at the moment.         
but anyway lets start them....          
        WORLD CRACKING GROUPS:-         
        1.ILLUSION        (120)         
        2.LEGEND          (106)         
        3.TALENT           (85)         
        4.success          (62)         
        5.dominators       (53)         
        6.image            (50)         
        7.enigma           (48)         
        8.triad            (42)         
        9.hysteric         (39)         
       10.arcade           (33)         
        WORLD CRACKING GROUPS:-         
          11.f4cg        (32)           
          12.chromance   (31)           
          13.x-factor    (28)           
          14.unicess     (23)           
          15.fairlight   (21)           
          17.redsector   (17)           
          19.genetix     (15)           
          WORLD DEMO GROUPS:-           
        1.TRIAD           (103)         
        2.CREST            (90)         
        3.LIGHT            (69)         
        4.oxyron           (62)         
        5.camelot          (61)         
        6.offence          (59)         
        7.censor design    (53)         
        8.flash inc.       (51)         
        9.origo            (40)         
          blackmail        (40)(DEAD)   
        11.topaz beerline  (29)         
        12.horizon         (26)         
        13.antic           (25)         
        14.brutal          (23)         
        15.beyond force    (18)         
           graffity        (18)         
        17.wrath design    (16)         
           SINGLE CRACKERS:-            
        1.DOC/LEGEND       (90)         
        3.BOD/TALENT       (61)               (59)         
        5.burglar/success  (56)         
        6.crossfire/image  (51)         
        7.chyrsagon/enigma (41)         
        8.kingfisher/triad (36)         
        9.dogfriend/dom    (25)         
       10.exulans/x-factor (23)         
           tch/brutal      (23)         
        12.dmc/genetix     (20)         
        14.sauron/illusion (17)         
        15.fletch/legend   (16)         
        16.mao/hysteric    (15)         
keep going....                          
             WORLD CODERS:-             
     1.CROSSBOW/CREST        (131)      
     2.GLASNOT/CAMELOT        (80)      
     3.D'ARC/TOPAZ BEERLINE   (57)      
     4.yup/offence            (55)      
     5.zodiac/flash inc       (51)      
     6.flamingo/light         (46)      
     7.tron/fairlight         (41)      
     8.depeh/antic            (32)      
     9.maduplec/crest         (31)      
    10.tch/brutal             (27)      
          yabba/light        (27)       
       12.kingfisher/triad   (22)       
          walt/visual reality(22)       
       14.tts/oxyron         (20)       
       15.bob/censor         (19)       
       16.bx/origo           (18)       
       17.alf/blackmail      (15)       
            WORLD GRAFFIX:-             
     1.HEIN DESIGN           (128)      
     2.OGAMI/FAIRLIGHT       (123)      
     3.DRAGON/CENSOR         (101)      
     4.electric/extend        (82)      
     5.creeper/flash inc.     (47)      
     6.mirage/censor          (33)      
       ans/spirit             (33)      
     8.gotcha/logic           (32)      
     9.d'arc/topaz            (30)      
    10.tmt/wrath designs      (24)      
       11.redstar/logic      (23)       
          thunder/triad      (23)       
       13.joe/antic          (20)       
       14.pal/offence        (19)       
       15.viny/the force     (18)       
          sensei/censor      (18)       
       17.paladin/collsion   (17)       
       18.bizzmo/crest       (15)       
            WORLD SWAPPERS:-            
        1.REMIX/CLIQUE      (60)        
        2.NSD/SUCCESS       (38)        
          ASLIVE/REDSECTOR  (38)        
        4.derbyshire ram/ils(28)        
        5.rcs/legend        (23)        
        6.baze/illusion     (20)        
        7.dmc/genetix       (19)        
        8.moren/success     (18)        
          tbb/chromance     (18)        
       10.cheif/padua       (15)        
           WORLD MAGAZINES:-            
       1.SCRIPT            (162)        
       2.BRUTAL RECALL     (137)        
       3.INTERNAL           (85)        
       4.shock              (59)        
       5.bitmania           (51)        
       6.addybook           (39)        
       7.worldnews          (37)        
       8.hotshot            (33)        
       9.corruption         (32)                 (23)        
        11.splash           (21)        
        12.immortal flash   (18)        
           update           (18)        
           emmanuelle       (18)        
        15.fresh'n'sticky   (17)        
           miricle          (17)        
        17.propaganda       (16)        
        18.tele 64'         (15)        
           violation        (15)(DEAD)  
you've reached the end of  the charts   
hopefully next time they will be quite  
abit more impressive, but anyhow l8r... 


welcome to my favortie chapter...       
if ya want your addy printed here then  
send news or votes to:-                 
             VANDALISM NEWS             
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lets start...                           
        X/XX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX         
            XXXXXXXXX X.X.X.            
             XXXXXXXXX XXXX             
 for all TRIAD warez and cool swap 100% 
            8-BALL/THE CURE             
            X XXXXXX XXXXXX             
             XXXXXXX X.X.X.             
             XXXXXXXXX XXXX             
             a new friend.              
              fresh warez.              
            beer mat trade.             
            votesheet swap.             
ORION/THE CURE      -hot'n'spicy swap.  
XXXXXX.             -cool friend.       
XX XXXXXX XXXX      -violation.         
XX.XXXXXX X.X.X.    -100% reply.        
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
keep going....                          
BLADE/SYSTEM        -4 swap,gfx         
XX XXXXXXX XXXXXX   -joining system     
XXXXXXXXX,          -mag(smash).        
XXXXXXXXXX          -100% reply         
XXX XXXXXXX         -looking 4 more     
for a cool friend and hot 64 swapping:- 
            THE CAPTAIN/TSR             
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            4-the link mag.             
             4-long letters             
         4-t-shirts(euro only)          
         4-votesheet spreading          
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GOP/TSR            101% reply/disks     
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XXXXXXX X.X.X.     talking zak(64+metal)
XXXXXXXXX XXXX     friendship a must.   
MASTER/TSR         cover and stamp swap 
XX XXXXXXX XXXXXX  coolies only.        
XXXXXX XXXXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
SILVER/HITMEN        for swapping       
XXXXX XXXXXXX                           
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX   call me for a      
XXXX X.-XXXXXXX X    confernce :-       
                   +XX (X)XXXX XXXX     
call me if your running a confernce:-   
+XX XXX XXXXX (XXXX)                    
keep going....                          
CRUZE/LITHIUM         for epic          
X XXXXXXXX XXXXXX     for friendship    
XXXXXXXXXXX  X.X.X.   for joining       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
DECOY/LITHIUM         hot swap          
XX XXXXXXX XXXXXX     our mag epic      
XXXXXXX XXXX X.X.X.                     
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
the BEST can try:-                      
XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX                       
XXXX XXXX                               
lamers don't bother.                    
wild AMIGA swapping also.               
PER/CURVE         -mega swap            
'XXXXXXXX'        -hot originals        
XXXXX XXXXXXX     -joining              
XXXX XXXXXXXX X   -bitmania             
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XXXXXXX XX                              
XXXX XX XXXXXXXXX                       
XXX XXXXXXXXXXX                         
i'm looking for a new non-dutch group & 
i want more swap mates...               
'XXXXXX XXXXX #X'                       
XXXX  XXXXXXXXXX                        
seaching for talented gfx dudes which   
can draw on paper some comics,also      
seaching for australian papermags.also  
need photos form australians.           
aussie dudes who can photocop free.     
lotsa disks (??)                        
SCOOBY/FURY             -100% reply     
XXXXX                   -all FURY warez 
X XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX      -fast and hot   
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for 100% reply write to:-               
X.X.XXX XXX                             
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XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
now onto the BODYCOUNT address...       
            X XXXXXX XXXXXX             
           XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX            
             XXXXXXXXX XXXX             
or phone XXXX' (XXX) XXXXXX (oz).       
              +XX XX XXXXXX (europe).   
for odering music,swapping,gfx contact  
       together they make 'PEARL'       
for ELITE swapping....                  
           TONE LOC/BODYCOUNT           
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for swapping,graffix etc....            
             XX XXXXX XXXX              
            XXXXXXXXX X.X.X.            
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for graffix and garden snails:-         
           XX XXXXX XXXX XXXX           
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      also for VANDALISM NEWS !!!       
well you've reached the end of the      
contax chapter this time sorry its so   
small but we need much more support !   
                        VENGEANCE/BCT !!


interview with                          
          by MORBID/BODYCOUNT           
q. welcome to the interview. tell us a  
   little about yourself?               
a. i'm 19 years old, i have a skin      
   disease, crooked nose, wimpy physique
   and a chip on my shoulder. (x2)      
q. how long ago did you start on the    
   scene and who started you off?       
a. i've owned my 64 since the end of    
   1987, but didn't get really into the 
   scene until march 1990. i was started
   off accidentally by the (then)       
   arrogant ROCKY KID/QCF, and i guess  
   to some degree by the other guys in  
   bsc (ie. we learnt from each other..)
q. who were some of your best contacts? 
a. the best one by far in the entire    
   history of my scene life was         
   definately ATMOS/MYSTIC. but other   
   "brillo" contacts i remember were    
   C128 GAMER, DMC/GENETIX, DEB and     
   LEAD/HOUSE... i had loads of other   
   interesting contacts as well, but i  
   can't seem to remember individuals   
   for some strange reason.. maybe it's 
   this medication?!!?                  
q. how many contacts have you got?      
a. to be completely honest... i just    
   re-contacted approximately 54 of my  
   ex-contacts who i traded with just   
   before i left the scene earlyish in  
   1992. i'm resuming swapping and the  
   like. maybe you should ask me this in
   a few month's time. (although by the 
   time this interview gets released it 
   will probably be next year already..)
q. what groups have you started or been 
a. i started BSC, then i helped start   
   TDU (The Digital Underground), then i
   helped start MSR (MainStream         
   Resistance). and thats where the fuck
   i am now, and will stay forever.     
q. tell us a little bit about when you  
   started ORBITAL? why did you do it?  
a. i started ORBITAL mainly because no  
   fucker in australia was giving any   
   new sceners a fair go. time and time 
   again these new guys would write to  
   pure shitheaded elitist dreggs,      
   (no names, but everyone knows who i'm
    referring to... esp. the new guys)  
   only to find that they had lost their
   disks for good, or that they were    
   either being completely shunned or   
   ragged off on. I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I 
shooting my mouth off about nothing.... 
so i thought it was about time someone  
did something positive instead of       
wallowing in their self-proclaimed      
popularity. i formed ORBITAL so the new 
sceners could start out properly and    
learn about the scene before they lashed
out and joined a more well-known or     
well established group. i had to kill   
ORBITAL eventually because of university
but before you all start laughing you   
should know that orbital helped put     
people into loads of other groups, as   
well as giving TSR their initial large  
memberstatus. i'd say it was a          
successful project, in that it put at   
least 15 major sceners in the scene in  
the first place. i am not gloating, i am
merely stating facts. for the people who
have asked me whether or not i will be  
re-starting ORBITAL, the answer is no, i
am far too busy at university, but i    
will still help out people if needed.   
q. why did you leave TDU?               
a. for christ's sake. must we go through
   all this shit again?? i left         
   basically because of lack of         
   communication (ie. slimer was sent   
   VIOLATION NO.3 by a victorian. this  
   was the first he knew of it!!),      
   also there was too much backstabbing,
   and i also hated the stupid cliche'd 
   ideas everyone had. so i thought FUCK
   THIS, and the rest is history...     
q. what do you think makes the PERFECT  
a. someone who DOESN'T send votesheets. 
      "     "    "     give a shit.     
      "     "    "     send too slow.   
      "     "    "     insist that you  
                       vote for them.   
      "     "    "     edit a mag.      
      "     "    "     wear sunglasses. 
      "     "   DOES love hardcore      
q. who/what are your favourite:         
BANDS: whats a fucking band? 3 guitars  
       and a drum kit? (gfaw gfaw). fuck
       that! i hate bands. especially   
       live bands. there is no such     
       thing as a HARDCORE TECHNO band. 
DRINK: cheap rot-gut muskat, tawny port,
       iced coffee and tea. (white with 
       2 sugars). BEER is a meathead    
       yobbo arsehole's drink.          
FOOD: i hate food. i hate eating. i'd   
      much prefer to be on a drip (k'yak
      k'yak), but i suppose fast junk   
      food with loads of crap in it is  
      ok. as long as it's fast, and     
      doesn't take long to eat. oily    
      rags smell nice also.             
MUSICIAN (REAL): excuse me. what is a   
      "real" musician?? is there such a 
      thing as an "unreal" musician?    
      anyway, anyone who knows a little 
about timing, and creates true HARDCORE 
TECHNO is the only musician i admire.   
guitars are boring, cliche'd and sound  
shit unless they are sampled over and   
over and hideously mutated. anyone who  
samples something really recognizable   
and exploits the fuck out of it without 
giving a fuck gets full marks from me.  
q. have you ever said that you only swap
   with the "elite" or do you think     
   that only lamers do that?            
a. yep. i remember a time when i used to
   write "elite only" next to my address
   but then i finally woke up and       
   discovered that i was ignoring the   
   most interesting people in the scene-
   the "lamers"... i think that the     
   people who write "elite only" next to
   their address are a bunch of twats.  
   they flatter themselves over a       
   fucking computer. if that doesn't    
   show their "dorkiness" adequately    
   enough, i'm not sure what does....   
q. what do you think about diskmags. are
   there too many or are they just      
a. BOTH. there are too many and most of 
   them are the fucking same anyway..   
   "dildo/bloodslammers left and joined 
    faggot inc.".. big fuckin' deal...  
   if you're going to do a mag, make it 
   DIFFERENT otherwise just fuck the    
   hell off and die!                    
   (no wonder the scene's dying!!)      
q. what other hobbies do you have       
   besides computing?                   
a. i live, breathe, love and worship    
   HARDCORE TECHNO. i adore it! if it's 
   not techno and it's not hardcore then
   STICK IT UP YOUR ARSE!!! i have a    
   radio show called NOSEBLEED, and its 
   2 hours of full on hardcore techno + 
   trance every week. i also create     
   techno (hardcore) and always listen  
   to it. this keeps me busy when i'm   
not at university. (or even when i am at
q. do you have a girl. if you do, tell  
   us about her.                        
a. without sounding like a necrophiliac,
   the only girl i have is a DEAD GIRL. 
   unfortunately i can't tell you much  
   about her because... well... uh...   
   she's DEAD.                          
q. thanks for the interview. do you have
   any last words?                      
a. yes! HARDCORE TECHNO rules!          
   especially ACID. and if you don't    
   like it... then FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!  
ps. join the world power alliance!!     


here is a chapter that (i reckon) nobody
will read, but i had to fill a chapter. 
         this of course is the:         
               MAG REVIEW               
    and this issue, i will review my    
        favourite europeon mag:         
               SCRIPT #14               
            so, let's start!            
after about a 6 month break, the editor 
of script has made a very impressive    
return. here are some of the reasons why
- over 2000 blocks of unpacked text     
- over 400 votesheets                   
- the magazine takes a FULL disk        
now, let's start reviewing the mag      
 it starts out with textlines saying the
things like "over 2000 blocks of text"  
and then after that, there's an         
explosion and a script coverpic         
OUTFIT - MAIN MENU                      
it starts out with just an 80 column    
scroller (i think it's 80 columns) and  
then a script logo come on and the menu 
comes up. when you select the chapter   
there's an irq loader showing the main  
menu while it's loading. when it's      
finished, the menu goes down and the    
script logo fades off.                  
OUTFIT - TEXT SHOWER                    
this is just the same as most of the    
other issues except for new graphics    
and a new charset. it is still nice     
though. the good thing about it is that 
you can use the keyboard as well as the 
joystick. when you're finished reading  
the text, it goes straight back to the  
main menu (like most mags do).          
INTRO:      code: 6.0/10                
           music: 7.5/10 (suits intro)  
        graphics: 9.7/10                
            idea: 8.4/10                
         OVERALL: 7.9/10                
OUTFIT:     code: 9.0/10                
           music: 8.0/10                
        graphics: 9.5/10                
    userfriendly: 9.9/10                
         OVERALL: 9.1/10                
  script #14 overall gets a rating of   
             8.5 of out 10              
that's it for this issue. later!        


this will be a new chapter called       
TRIVIA. i must credit VIOLATION for the 
idea. so send all your trivia to:       
             VANDALISM NEWS             
           XX XXXXXX XXXXXX,            
            XXXXXXXXX, XXXX             
            XXX - XXXXXXXXX             
since this is the first time, we        
haven't got much trivia. so here we go. 
- REMIX/CLIQUE edits a out-of-scene c64 
  and amiga (?) magazine                
- MORBID/BODYCOUNT is challenging       
  CAINE/HYPE to a drumming competition  
  CAINE + DEADBONE/HYPE are working on  
  a game.                               
- JEREON TEL's brother plays guitar     
- JEREON TEL is coming over to australia
  some time this year (hopefully)       
- REMIX/CLIQUE might be appearing on the
  tv in ankara.                         
- WEIRD CRUD has made history for being 
  the longest running diskmag (diskmag?)
  in australia. sorry to the guys in    
  THE LINK. you just missed out.        
  well, that's it. as i said, there is  
not a lot 'coz this is only some of the 
  stuff i could think about. just send  
 some stuff you've heard to me and i'll 
put it in. we don't want any war-causing
pieces of trivia, and if you send it in,
           i will not use it.           

payback time

welcome to PAYBACK TIME.i really want to
kick this chapter out, but as always i  
have something to write in it.this sucks
everytime i quit the scene someone rags 
me last time it was DNA and now its his 
SIDEKICK ...CRUZEY BOY ! anyhow as i do 
not want anymore wars as i've had more  
than TONE LOC ! i'll break this to cruze
very gently...                          
CRUZE firstly i know you haven't got the
guts to say stuff to my face after i've 
heard this shit from 4-5 people who wish
to remain nameless at this stage.anyway 
if you don't keep that trap shut your   
really going to land yourself in mass   
shit, last time we sorted all that shit 
out over vmb but this time you just go  
off and do it again, what am i supposed 
to think ? exactly what i am you must   
deep down wanna war with me huh? lets   
put it this way if you do tell me now   
coz i'm sick and tried of this stupid must have a huge ego   
if you think i've still be ragging you  
look i'm sick of the entire subject i   
almost had a war with TYREE/ARCADE once 
coz he thought i was black boxing him,  
which was bullshit i haven't got the    
ability to make a black box program and 
anyway i've never had why the    
hell am i supposed to be scared of you  
and why the fuck are you backstabbing   
me, all i hear from people now days is  
CRUZE said oooohhh! VENGEANCE has still 
got shit up his ass and when he comes   
to nsw i'm going to kick his head in!   
(hmmm...we will see about that...).     
i thought when we sorted that shit out  
it was  absolutely under the bridge.i   
gather you didn't,at this stage all i'm 
going to do is say i don't want a war   
with you or anyone but if you wanna go  
at it fine with me...but don't expect   
to bring your friends into it because   
i have alot of suprises up my sleve with
friends just ask...DEVOTION...or ring   
TRISECT/ex-TRIAD,and just see what he   
does to ya.although if this is a big    
misunderstanding i can understand and we
can work is out, anyhow i'll leave it at
that... and now onto....                
...yo! RASTAN/FURY man you've fucked up 
lamer ! you've been pranking everyone in
AUSTRALIA you've been bagging out on    
BODYCOUNT and its members and i really  
don't like that, now that i find out    
that you've fucked luke around like an  
orange on silly cunt the thing 
that pisses me the most is you are worse
than dwaynes early efforts at code, so  
fuck off and die ! MORBID isn't lame you
are you ragging little barstard i gather
i'll start getting pranks again but it  
doesn't worry me as i've already put    
down the majourity of your vmbs and once
i get mine up and running again you'll  
see your life go down the tube.get a    
life lamie !! i'm sure your a girl as   
that sexy little voice  of yours just   
turns us all on man when i hear your    
voice i look at my dog and it cums all  
on the floor,but when i see your warez  
the oppisite happens i go to the toliet 
and barf my guts up...fuck off you idiot
or i'll fuck you off with help from the 
rest of the australian scene...including
STIGS,WITTY,and anyone else that i know 
for sure that have got prankcalls.shit  
why do i always start the ball rolling  
with assholes people don't like...just  
fuck off and die young and get a life...
well thats the end  of this chapter,i   
hope i can get rid of this chapter as i 
think it degrades VANDALISM...          


well here you are at the end of the 8th 
issue of VANDALISM NEWS, glad you could 
make it.anyhow next issue we will have  
another new outfit cool or what? after  
seeing all that BODYCOUNT has released  
lately i'd say we are australias most   
active group.                           
ok now i'll send thanx to all those that
helped with this issue....              
thanx go to...                          
all of BODYCOUNT.                       
slash,8-ball,orion,iceman/the cure      
thanx people...                         
remember send everything for VANDALISM  
             VANDALISM NEWS             
            X XXXXXX XXXXXX             
           XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX            
             XXXXXXXXX XXXX             

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