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hello,hi and welcome to issue six of the
ruling? australian magazine....         
             VANDALISM NEWS             
this issue has been released under the  
force and hopefully it will remain that 
way.after going through VIOLATION 5     
today i find quite a deal of information
etc.only they hadhardly any australian  
responce,where as i had no euro responce
all this will change next issue as the  
dude known as RAZOR will be co-editor   
ashe and myself are both MEGA-SWAPPERS  
this mag will be totally back on track 4
next prove so i counted the    
votes 4 this issue yesterday and already
i've 4 votesheets  4 next issue.        
we had to skip the INTERVIEWS again this
timeas DERBYSHIRE RAM didn't have enough
time to finish the  interveiw by this   
edition,next issue though it will be    
here and RAZOR shall conduct one with   
BAZE/ILLUSION i think.                  
the NEWS and RUMOURS are full and plenty
this issue so i expect great responce to
this issue.                             
the credits for the mag go as follows:- 
CODE:RONNY/THE FORCE                    
MAIN MENU....                           
CODE :TEKTRONIX                         
ZAKS :IRONCAT/TRC                       
UPSCROLLER DISPLAYER...                 
CODE      :TEKTRONIX                    
1X1       :TEKTRONIX                    
OTHER CHAR:HEIN DESIGN                  
ZAKS      :VARIOUS ARTISTS.             
ACROSS PAGE DISPLAYER...                
CODE      :TEKTRONIX                    
1X1       :TEKTRONIX                    
OTHER CHAR:HEIN DESIGN                  
ZAKS      :VARIOUS ARTISTS              
PHOTOCOPYS :SLICE/HYPE                  
ADDITIONAL :RUSTLER/TSR                 
well thats it for the editorial 4 this  
edition just remember to send all votes 
'n' shit to...                          
             VANDALISM NEWS             
             X XXXXXX XXXXXX            
            XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX           
             XXXXXXXXX XXXX             
thanx must fly out to all of these dudez
for sending either votes or news....    
EIGHTBALL.......................THE CURE
THE HEGG........................THE CURE
PATTO...........................THE CURE
THE ROGUE..........................WRATH
MAX MIX..........................LITHIUM
and of course to the ones i forgot...   
call the vandalism news vmb at...       
            + XX (X)X XXXXXXX           
oh well see'ya next editorial...        


hello,hi and welcome to the news section
all the news printed in this section is 
what we are sent and nothing else if you
think its lies and shit....FUCK YOU.    
don't complain as its only what we are  
sent etc.                               
send  all news to...                    
             VANDALISM NEWS             
             X XXXXXX XXXXXX            
            XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX           
             XXXXXXXXX XXXX             
ok lets start....                       
reformed ILLUSION.                      
-VANDALISM NEWS will change outfit soon.
-PSYCHO may release SATANIC RITUAL 2    
-BAT joined HYPE but many people say    
that he'll get the kick soon.(ED-so says
ICEMAN/THE CURE.)                       
and ORACLE joined TSR.                  
-all of ORBITAL died so all members ie  
MASTER,UPTONOGOOD etc joined TSR.       
-RUSTLER left PULSAR and rejoined TSR.  
-HOST left PARALAX and joined TSR.      
-DANIEL/THE FORCE is in the army.       
-VINY left AIR DESIGN.                  
-all the members of PULSAR left apart   
from PEPSI, the others built OPTIMA     
which changed name a few days later     
into 'LITHIUM'.                         
-SLICE/ex-HYPE is now on the VANDALISM  
NEWS STAFF.                             
-STIGS left the scene  until december.  
METRO/ex-HYPE formed a new aussie crew  
called BREEZE and is almost finished    
his first demo.                         
-HYPE are putting together a new demo   
with all of DEADBONES old TERA art.     
-THE CURE are looking for a new swapper 
send your greetz list to a CURE member. 
-TRUSE/THE CURE rejoined CLIQUE.        
-ACD and SQUADBLAST made a new crew     
called 'WARSHIFT'.                      
-FLEX and GRAF joined  WARSHIFT.        
-SONIC is a new coder BATTERY,SOLAR is  
helping him flat out.                   
-TSR is starting a special group for    
young sceners under 14 years.this crew  
will teach coding,and anything else they
wantto get into(ED-sex? try BAT he he). 
if your intrested write to INCUBUS/TSR  
his addy is in the contax SECTION.      
-MESSIAH joined LITHIUM.                
-MAX MIX is swapping again.             
-LITHIUM should still be releasing acid 
-THE HEGG/ROTEC left and joined the     
-ROTEC lives again...                   
-WRATH NZ is born, they are looking 4   
oz members also.                        
-CRITTER/WRATH joins ROTEC but is still 
in WRATH as well.                       
-over the last few weeks i've been      
wondering weather THE FORCE is going to 
die and as you see this ISSUE it isn't. 
which is a  music crew set up by none   
other than BABYFACE/CLIQUE.             
-as of next ISSUE the 2 most arragant   
sceners RAZOR and VENGEANCE will be the 
editors of this out lamerz !
-MC STYLE will be back soon....         
-ICEMAN/THE CURE doesn't belive old     
friends  when they swear they didn't    
say he was arragant.he also doesn't     
belive them about sending 2 packs(ED-   
read PAYBACK TIME for more on this).    
-BAT/HYPE made peace with SLASH/THE CURE
-SLICE/HYPE left HYPE and has gone solo 
just for a while, but hes expected to   
most probably return to HYPE.           
-WITTY/WOW is back(ED-brad if you don't 
send back i'll be annoyed??)            
-SUICIDE is reborn with 2 new sceners   
they are INTENSE(my girlfriend(ohshit)) 
and FANTASY (EX-cannibal/the mob).      
-FISH'n'CHIPS by HYPE will still be     
release hey CAINE?                      
-VANDALISM NEWS now has a vmb that you  
can leave all your news and shit on...  
the operator is SLICE and the number is:
           + XX (X) X XXXXXXX           
-POPCORN 2 is on stand by as rumour     
has it BAT ripped code for it,so that   
now means CAINE doesn't want anything   
to do with it,rumour also has it that   
BAT ripped the terminator 2 music and   
only changed a few beats.BAT is likely  
to get the boot from HYPE.              
-TRIAD will release a new demo soon.    
-SLICE will release his music player    
which he did for ATOM/PARALAX some time 
this week.                              
-MAYBE HYPE is going to die ???         
-rumour has it that OFEENCE AUSTRALIA   
will release  a demo soon.              
SLICE/ex-HYPE will now be coding the mag
the LINK by TSR.                        
-THE CURE/ex-FORCE/ex-SUICIDE quit the  
scene again...                          
-VANDALISM NEWS is now a VIP production 
-COUGAR/PROXYRON is back after a break  
but his presence in PROXYRON is yet     
joined BRUTAL.                          
-DECOY joined LITHIUM.                  
-STROMBRINGER and PLAYBOY both joined   
-BLACKMAIL died,GAAP left the scene.    
-WALT was never in STARION hes in the   
group 'VISUAL REALITY'.                 
-REYN OWEHAND/PARADIZE quit the 64 scene
but he will do musics for games still.  
-VANDALISM got a graffitti chapter.     
-PEPSI/PULSAR quit the scene,therefore  
PULSAR australia died.                  
-2 new sceners from XCESS have been     
asked to join THE CURE.                 
well thats it for news and rumours this 
time give our VMB a ring:-              
            +XX (X)X XXXXXXX            
later VENGEANCE/THE FORCE.              


 hello, and welcome to this totally     
 new chapter in VANDALISM.yes its a     
 graffiti chapter, this chapter will    
 remain in here from now on.anyway this 
 chapter will be edited by a graffiti   
 crew called 'NFR' which simply stands  
 the two dudez or bombers that will     
 edit this are OMEN and SAONZ.send all  
 your graffiti reports to SAONZ his     
 addy will follow this later on, anyway 
 i (VENGEANCE) will let SAONZ start     
 with this chapter....                  
 now, this is 'SAONZ' of nfr, and i'll  
  just give a lowdown for this chapter. 
 last year, i moved to ADELAIDE, and    
 while i was there i quickly picked up  
  adelaide's happening style.  it took  
  a whole YEAR just to learn to tag ... 
 anyway, i had tomove back to hobart    
  which has very little graffiti, so    
  i started KILLING the bus-stops and   
  shit, and have influenced many people 
  ... but hobart is full of TOYS with   
 exception of those who learnt while    
 interstate... namely 'SEC', 'DIPER',   
  'TOC', 'FONE' ... i was fast to get   
  busted, and had to spray some toilets 
  as 'punishment'... anyway, i'll share 
  some writer's words with those who    
  don't know much ....                  
 ROOFY - to tag the inner roof of a bus 
 HANGOUT - to hangout of a bus or train 
 and tag...                             
 TOY -  a shit, hopeless lame writer!   
 DOUBLE UP - to get on a bus or train   
 that you have tagged  and 'double  up' 
  on the amount of tagging- hence you   
  kill it.                              
 KILL - to excessively tag or piece.    
 TAG - a writers name (like handle)     
 BUFF - any form of cleaning up         
   graffiti ...                         
 FLOWY - i'll detail how to make one... 
    a flowy is the modification of a    
 normal artline to make it 10 mm thick! 
  first you go and buy a cheap (or rack 
  them like the best do!) ARTLINE       
  texta - PERMANENT! ... it can be      
  any artline type, but for starters    
 get a normal one that toys and bogons  
  use on bus-seats- the 1mm thick ones. 
 get the ink flowing by writing some    
  tags on paper... when fully working;  
 take the top OFF and unscrew the part  
 remaining on the marker... you will    
  see a plastic thingy, so rip that     
 out too... now SHAKE the marker and    
  hit it hard on a table so the inside  
 felt begins to slide out, let it move  
  out about no-more than a centimetre.  
  now just DENT the marker halfway so   
 when you write with it then it wont    
 push back into the marker. now put the 
  cap back on and seal it until you use 
  it... now you have 10 milimetres      
 rather than a toy 1 milimetre - other  
  WELL KNOWN tools of the trade of tags 
  poscas (8 mm, 15 mm) - paint pen      
  artline signmarkers (5,12,20,30mm)    
  solid 'paintstiks' - these appear to  
  look like crayon but are WET when     
  applied and are extremely hard to get 
  now i would REALLY like to hear from  
 writers interstate and overseas for    
  swapping flics, wildstyles or just    
  for a writer's CHAT...                
 so write to:                           
 X/XX XXXXXXXX XXXX,                    
 XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 no toys!                               
 over to 'omen' of nfr crew;            
 i'm outta here!  saonz/nfr             
 kick it dudez....                      
 yo!, herez the OMEN of NFR. this time  
 i'll just give you  a quick rundown    
 on who and what crews are up in tassie 
 the main group is now NFR, but also    
 the other maingroup in tasmania would  
 have to be P.I.C(now dead?) PIC stood  
 for  parteners in crime, that was a    
 group which came from interstate and   
 absolutely killed tasmania in the last 
 2-3 years, half there shit is still up 
 and kick'n.they influenced so many new 
 writers but not enough to make tassie  
 a decent state for graffiti.well on    
 the next page you'll find the list of  
 as many tags which are used in tassie  
 still or what ever i can remember...   
 phil,mao,ozone,cash,flame,and sum more 
 there arent many writers in tasmania   
 we would like a lot of responce and    
 stuff so we could influence more dudes 
 over here so send your stuff to SAONZ  
 oh well i'm outta here....             
 keep going...                          
 well, its VENGEANCE back here if you   
 have a graffiti story or anything you  
 wnt printed  in here you can also send 
 it to :-                               
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 ok? i'm going....                      

world charts

 hello, hi and welcome to the charts 4  
 issue six of VANDALISM NEWS.remember   
 if you think the votes are cheated,    
 then send money for photocopys+postage 
 and i'll send the sheets.anyhow, in    
 every chart there is a 15 points,so if 
 you recive 15 pointsyou qualify do ya  
 get it?? ok send votes 'n' shit to...  
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 lets kick it....                       
 CRACKING GROUPS:-                      
  1.LEGEND             (144)            
  2.DOMINATORS          (96)            
  3.TALENT              (89)            
  4.enigma              (75)            
  5.fairlight           (60)            
  6.success             (59)            
  7.triad               (54)            
  8.arcade+deadline     (53) (DEAD)     
  9.brutal              (51)            
 10.image               (39)            
 11.hysteric            (38)            
 12.x-factor            (33)            
 13.genetix             (32)            
 14.genesis project     (25)            
 15.f4cg                (24)            
 16.illusion            (21)            
 CRACKING GROUPS:                       
 17.chromance     (18)                  
 18.the force     (15)                  
 well, as always LEGEND wins, a suprise 
 with IMAGE in so high i think.ILLUSION 
 should rise next time.DOMINATORS are   
 to high they should be lower.TALENT    
 should be at number 2 in my opinion.   
 wank the stick...                      
 DEMO GROUPS:                           
  1.BLACKMAIL          (162)  (DEAD)    
  2.FAIRLIGHT          (133)            
  3.CREST              (127)            
  4.flash inc          (104)            
  5.camelot             (90)            
  6.light               (71)            
  7.faces               (28)            
    antic               (28)            
  9.x-factor            (23)            
    origo               (23)            
 11.cosmos designs      (21)            
 12.msr                 (16)            
 keep going....                         
 BLACKMAIL won but is dead.FAIRLIGHT    
 jumped up miles,CREST dropped from     
 1 to was very close between 2     
 and 4.CAMELOT climbed up some.MSR?     
 ha ha ha!! i  think someone is playing 
 games on votesheets very funny !! as   
 if MSR would make that position when   
 TRIAD isn't even in there, please vote 
 SINGLE CRACKERS:                       
  1.POWERPLANT/LEGEND      (115)        
  2.BOD/TALENT             (103)        
  3.DOC/LEGEND              (85)               (63)        
  5.chrysagon/enigma        (43)        
  6.dogfriend/dominators    (32)        
  7.antitrack/legend        (31)        
    sauron/illusion         (31)        
  9.nme/illusion            (30)        
 10.crossfire/image         (19)        
 11.dmc/genetix             (16)        
 12.fletch/legend           (15)        
 all from LEGEND you can see who rules  
 thischarts easy enough eh? BOD was     
 pretty high.CHRYSAGON entered this     
 time.where is all the crackers from    
 FAIRLIGHT??? oh well otherwise they    
 look fairly  cool.                     
 move that joystick...                  
 WORLD CODERS:                          
   1.CROSSBOW/CREST         (125)       
   2.ZODIAC/FLASH INC        (98)       
   3.WALT/VISUAL REALITY     (75)       
   4.flamingo/light          (73)       
   5.tron/fairlight          (68)       
   6.glasnot/camelot         (59)       
   7.alf/blackmail           (36)       
     gremlin/light           (36)       
   9.depeh/antic             (33)       
  10.tch/brutal              (27)       
  11.bx/origo                (17)       
  12.yabba/light             (16)       
     rcc/spirit              (16)       
     tts/oxyron              (16)            (15)       
 CROSSBOW wins as normal, this charts   
 looks just about right to me other     
 than than only i don't think that      
 all the people who vote 4 lots of      
 differn't people which i've never ever 
 heard of should vote that way.         
 keep going....                         
 WORLD GRAFFIX:                         
  1.OGAMIA/FAIRLIGHT        (159)       
  2.GOTCHA/COSMOS DESIGN     (90)       
  3.SARGE/FAIRLIGHT          (60)       
  4.redstar/logic            (53)       
  5.dragon/censor design     (46)       
  6.hein design/blackmail    (42)       
  7.miarge/censor            (39)       
    bizzmo/crest             (39)(DEAD) 
  9.electric/extend          (38)       
 10.paladin/collision        (26)       
 11.viny/the force           (19)       
 12.thunder/triad            (18)       
    rocket/noice             (18)       
 14.tch/brutal               (17)       
 15.gbf/crest                (16)       
    tmt/wrath designs        (16)       
 WORLD GRAFFIX:                         
 17.creeper/flash inc     (15)          
    atte/extend           (15)          
    chock/maniax          (15)          
 OGAMI takes number 1 quite conviningly 
 THE SARGE  climbed some places to take 
 the number 3 position.GOTCHA was in    
 there as always.PALADIN entered the    
 charts, and he should be heaps higher. 
 WORLD SWAPPERS:                        
  1.DEATHSTRALKER/BRUTAL     (55)       
  2.ASLIVE/FLASH INC         (47)       
  3.BAZE/ILLUSION            (45)       
  4.remix/clique             (44)       
    rcs/legend               (44)       
  6.scotch/clique            (39)       
  7.arcon/megaunit           (32)       
  8.dr j/the force           (28)       
  9.riddler/acrise           (19)       
 10.switch/trc               (18)       
 11.jack daniels/dominators  (17)       
 12.dmc/genetix              (16)       
    henry/faces              (16)       
    nightshade/success       (16)       
 as one of the main swappers in the     
 FORCE i'd say that these charts are    
 the best the have ever ASLIVE  
 only swaps with 50 contax regular now. 
 the only i think is that REMIX should  
 be a bit higher and that DERBYSHIRE    
 RAM should be in these charts.         
 keep going....                         
 WORLD MAGAZINES:                       
  1.BRUTAL RECALL    (224)              
  2.SCRIPT           (172)              
  3.SHOCK            (106)              
  4.corruption        (89)              
  5.bitmania          (84)              
  6.internal          (63)              
  7.hotshot           (56)              
  8.miricle           (33)              
  9.independant       (32)              
 10.addybook          (23)              
 11.splash            (20)              
 12.magascene         (19)              
 13.explorer          (18)              
 14.emmanuelle        (16)              
    mamba             (16) (DEAD)       
 yep, they look pretty fuck'n cool.     
 only in my opinion SCRIPT is the best  
 mag in the scene.MAMBA is dead stop    
 voting for it.MIRICLE by MANIAX should 
 be lots higher.other than that i think 
 that the chart is fairly right.        
 pull your stick....                    
 well thats the end of the world charts 
 as i ran outta memory to fit all the   
 australia charts they are in there own 
 chapter this time....                  
 send all votes to:-                    
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      


 hello,hi and welcome to the contax     
 part in VANDALISM NEWS this month i    
 got heaps of australian&new zealand    
 addys but hardly any euro reaction.    
 so in here you'll find a few of my     
 euro contax addys that more or less    
 if you want your addy printed then     
 send votes,news or a  reaction to:     
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 lets kick it....                       
 XXXXXX X.X.            XXXXXXX X.X.X   
 4 ELITE swapping      +XX(X)XX XXXXXX  
 and VANDALISM NEWS.            (XXXX)  
 ACD/WARSHIFT       -100% reply         
 XXXXX XXXXX        -vhs & techno tapes 
 XXXXXXXXX X        -swap or join.      
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXX                        
 XX XXXXX XXXX                          
 XXXXXXXXX X.X.X.                       
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 ph. +XX (X)XXXX XXXX                   
 UPTONOGOOD/TSR          -4 64 swapping 
 XXXXX XXXXX             -friendship    
 XXX XXX XXXXXXXX        -blank disk    
 XXXXXXX XXXXXXX  X.X.X   supplies(only 
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX           in oz).       
                         -100% reply to 
 HOST/PARALAX   -100% reply to disks.   
 X.X.XXX XXX    -cool friend            
 XXXXXXXX X.X.  -long letters           
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX -votesheet spreading    
                -for swap of warez      
                -euros welcome          
 THE HEGG/ROTEC  for:graffix+intros     
 X XXXXXXXX XXX      originals          
 XXXXXXX XXXX        joining            
 XXXXXXXXXX          the grapevine      
 XXX XXXXXXX         rap tape swapping  
 DEVIL/ROTEC        -100% reply disk.   
 XX XXXXXX XXXXXXX  -intros             
 XXXXXXX            -grapevine+joining  
 XXX XXXXXXX                            
 DEADBONE/HYPE      100% reply to disks 
 XXXXX XXXXXX       LEGAL only.         
 X.X.XXX XXX                            
 XXXXXXXXX X.X.X                        
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 for ordering graffix:-                 
 INSANE/TKT/THE FORCE                   
 X XXXXX XXXX XXXX                      
 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 for buying intros and shit:-           
 X XXXXXXX XXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXX XXXXX X.X.                     
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 also for votesheets spreading...       
 4 ordering music (not swapping):-      
 XX XXXXXX XXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXXXX XXX                          
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 for swapping:-                         
 EIGHT BALL/THE CURE                    
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXX XXX                            
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 +XX XX XXXXXX                          
 for fast and hot swapping:             
 XX XXXXXXX XXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXX XXX                           
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 also on amiga 100%reply                
 PATTO/THE CURE                         
 XX XXXXXXX XXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXX XXX                            
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 +61 49 488874  (kent).                 
 for elite swapping:-                   
 XX XXXX XXXXXX                         
 XXXXXXXXXXXX XXX                       
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 WASTED/BATTERY      -100% reply        
 XXX XXXXXXXX XXXX   -fast'n'hot        
 XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX  -cool friend       
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX      -metal trade       
 XX XXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXX XXXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 coolies with a capital c welcome.      
 X XXXX XXXXX                           
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 all euros welcome                      
 INCUBUS/TSR         -100% reply        
 XX XXXXX XXXXXX     -for 'the link'    
 XXXXXXXX X.X.X.     -joining TSR       
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX      -need coders       
 phone (XXX) XXXXXX                     
 X.X.XXX XXX                            
 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 X.X. XXX XX                            
 XXXXXXX XXX                            
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 64 + amiga 100% reply                  
 X XXXXXXX XXXXXX                       
 XXXX XXXXXXX XXX                       
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 64 100% reply                          
 MAX MIX/LITHIUM                        
 XX XXXXXXXX XXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX                  
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 100% reply                             
 c64+ibm swap                           
 modem trading                          
 LITHIUM releases                       
 EPIC votesheets to CRUZE not me !      
 X  XXXXXXXX XXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXXXXXX XXX                        
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 for  hot swap+LITHIUM warezand EPIC.   
 for top elite swapping and EUPHORIA:   
 XX  XXXXXXXXXX XXXX                    
 XX XXXXXX X.X.                         
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 well thats it load another chapter...  

oz charts

 hello welcome to the australian charts 
 this issue i had to separate da charts 
 as i got so many votes, it looks as if 
 VANDALISM  is going to kick ass again. 
 send all votes to:-                    
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 lets start...                          
 AUSTRALIAN GROUPS:                     
  1.HYPE           (216)                
  2.BATTERY        (215)                
  3.THE CURE       (204)                
  4.lithium        (176)                
  5.msr            (136)                
  6.the force      (103)                
  7.justice         (95)  (DEAD)        
  8.tsr             (71)                
  9.suicide         (61)                     (50)                
 11.offence         (44)                
 12.paralax         (27)                
 HYPE take out number 1, with a lot of  
 resistance from BATTERY.the cure at 3  
 they may be higher but it seems they   
 are hated? lithium was pulsar oz but   
 changed name, tsr got orbitals votes   
 as all of orbital joined tsr.          
 justice died.offence in there....      
 GET GOING....                          
 AUSTRALIAN SWAPPERS:-                  
  1.WASTED/BATTERY         (112)        
  2.STIGS/MSR               (93)        
  3.SHOCKER/BATTERY         (90)        
  4.deb/???                 (84)        
  5.vengeance/the force     (77)        
  6.streethawk/lithium      (73)        
  7.8-ball/the cure         (70)        
  8.rustler/tsr             (69)        
  9.cruze/lithium           (53)        
 10.caine/hype              (50)        
 11.truse/clique            (42)        
 12.razor/the force         (37)        
 13.slice/hype              (30)        
 14.witty/wow               (28)        
 15.incubus/tsr             (26)        
 16.master/tsr              (21)        
 AUSTRALIAN SWAPPERS:-                  
    phantom/???      (21)              (17)               
 19.decoy/lithium    (15)               
 i'll let you decide on this one by     
 yourself but all i'll say is why is    
 CAINE/HYPE  so fucking low???          
 AUSTRALIAN CODERS:-                    
  1.SLASH/THE CURE         (159)        
  2.SOLAR/BATTERY          (144)        
  3.ICEMAN/THE CURE        (121)        
  4.slarti/battery         (118)        
  5.tbh/msr                (103)        
  6.psycho/tkt/the force    (65)        
  7.slice/hype              (55)        
  8.caine/hype              (54)        
  9.dan/the cure            (53)        
 10.metro/breeze designs    (46)        
 11.ziggy/the force         (38)        
 12.max mix/lithium         (35)        
 13.quetzel/paralax         (33)        
 14.strobe/wow              (32)        
 15.contra/???              (15)        
 ok,hopefully after this PSYCHO will    
 get voted again and go back to the     
 number 1 position in the charts??      
 if not then to bad, but he has almost  
 finished the new outfit for codemag.   
 slice should be higher as he is very   
 active, slash takes the cake why? well 
 i guess maxell was hungry and he did   
 not have a bannana to feed him eh?     
 (ed-just joking,iceman is supposed to  
 look like a monkey though,so i've been 
 told and i'm not teasing someone told  
 me that!).....                         
  2.DAN/THE CURE                        
  5.witty/wow                     walker/msr                       
  8.metro/breeze designs                
  9.insane/tkt/the force                
 10.patto/the cure                      
 11.iceman/the cure                     
 well after looking at INSANES new shit 
 i think maybe he'll climb, ok i'll     
 rephase the last comments i don't      
 think iceman,maxell,or slash should    
 get the bannana i forgot WITTY was our 
 national monkey of 91 with photo hey   
 dudez ??? whay is witty so high when   
 i think his graffix suck,and so do     
 many others lets wait for his new      
 releases in agony.caine should be #1   
 i'm not crawling just telling the      
 truth,deadbone is tooooo unactive...   
 AUSTRALIAN COMPOSERS:-                 
 1.BAT/HYPE              (204)          
 2.ATOM/PARALAX          (175)          
 3.PATTO/THE CURE        (172)          
 4.zorro/battery         (141)          
 5.the cure/ex-scene      (24)          
 6.olorin/acrise          (21)                 (19)          
 8.messiah/lithium        (16)          
 looks absolutly fine to me what about  
 the general public? if bat got votes   
 on his voice he'd have over 100, 000   
 and always win(he he)....              
 1.HYPE         (195)                   
 2.LITHIUM      (140)                   
 3.THE CURE     (129)                   
 4.msr          (127)                   
 5.battery      (124)                   
 6.justice       (64) (DEAD!)©          
 7.the force     (62)                   
 8.tsr           (54)                   
 9.suicide       (32)                   
 thats looks fine, only the force have  
 released alot lately....               
 AUSTRALIAN MAGAZINES:-                 
 1.VIOLATION/the cure                   
 2.VANDALISM NEWS/the force             
 6.the link/tsr                         
 7.codemag/the force                    
 every still loves violation, but maybe 
 next time VANDALISM will be back real  
 high?? tainted should be higher and    
 when was the last epic? years ago,i'll 
 say there stiill looking for the next  
 the next chart charts is made up of    
 all the points from all of the charts  
 you've just seen to make the one, if   
 you don't make it in group charts your 
 group can't make it here.YOU DON'T     
 get points from your...                
 lets have it...                        
  1.THE CURE     (1374)                 
  2.BATTERY      (1243)                 
  3.HYPE         (1135)                 
  4.lithium       (890)                 
  5.the force     (690)                 
  6.msr           (537)                 
  7.tsr           (355)                     (288)                 
  9.justice       (159)  (DEAD!)        
 10.suicide        (93)                 
 11.paralax        (60)                 
 12.offence        (44)                 
 well thats all the australian charts   
 i hope your happy with your position.  
 don't forget to send in your votes...  
 and in other mags vote for VANDALISM   
 so it may once again kick sum ass...   
 later guyz....                         


 hello, and welcome to the interviews   
 chapter this we had no time    
 and only 1 reaction this time, i had   
 to get a really quick interview so i   
 got one from BAT/ of next issue 
 RAZOR will be doing the interviews so  
 once again the elite will only be done 
 i think he intends on an interview wif 
 BAZE/ILLUSION and some other dudes, i  
 know DERBYSHIRE RAMS interview which i 
 conducted shoul be in here as well...  
 anyhow heres the interview with bat,   
 please not it was conducted before we  
 heard the rumours about him ripping &  
 shit if we had know before hand we     
 wouldn't of interviewed him, so excuse 
 V-VANDALISM NEWS                       
 V-hello, well firstly introduce your-  
 self to all the readers out there:     
 B-hi my name is BAT of HYPE,i'm 14     
 years old i live in edgeworth newsouth 
 wales and i've got blond hair and blue 
 eyes(ed-sorry bat i'm not gay so don't 
 tell me what you look like he he).     
 V-do you relise that your open to alot 
 of teasing and verbal abuse in this    
 V-do you mind?                         
 V-how long have you been in the scene? 
 B-about 1 year and 8 months i think.   
  (ed-to fuck'n long....he he).         
 V-who in the scene to you really hate? 
 B-a biglist here(ed-yeah real big?)    
   ICEMAN and MAXELL/THE CURE           
   VENGEANCE/THE FORCE (he he).         
 V-and who do you respect in the scene? 
 B-vengeance,psycho,and insane/force    
   stigs and tbh/msr                    
   deadbone and caine/hype              
 V-what are your jobs in HYPE?          
 B-well i'm a composer so i compose,    
 (ed-nah you shit and wank yourself!)   
  i'm also a minour coder,i crack and   
  i do some graffix(ed-all of which you 
  are fucking lame at!! he he he he).   
 V-who are your favorite friends and    
   shit in the scene?                   
 B-almost all of the scene!!            
   (ed-i'd think again if i were you at 
    the moment your not really liked!)  
 V-what groups have you been in?        
   vertue,the legendary aussie crew...  
    'MYSTIC'(ed-yep the  one that was   
   going when i wasn't in the scene).   
   ,msr,suicide and now hype,i'm also   
   in a music design label called...    
   MUSICAL SCANDAL with sum elites such 
   as BABYFACE/CLIQUE.                  
 V-if you could form a crew with anyone 
   at all who would you ask to join and 
 B-well for music:-                     
   guy shavitt.(ed-to bad we have him). 
   jereon tel.                          
   for graffix:-                        
   hein design.                         
 for  coding:-                          
 for cracking:                          
 derbyshire ram                         
 and finnally for swapping:-            
 remix,nsd,baze and you vengeance(ed-   
 stop crawling.!)                       
 V-what old legendary groups would you  
   like to see rebuilt?                 
   beastie boys                         
   dymanic duo                          
 V-what aussie groups would you bring   
   ikon visual                          
   warriors of time                     
   mystic(yet again!)                   
 V-any last words?                      
 B-keep the 64 scene alive, and fuck    
 all the backstabbing assholes who ragg 
 and tell lies about me !!              
 well thats it i'm outta here...        

anything goes

welcome to ANYTHING GOES this time it   
won't be long its just to tell everyone 
about the coverpage competition that we 
are going to hold.                      
you see, in the past it has been a great
deal for us to prove our worth in a     
coverpage by INSANE,and the coverpage   
that we used each time was by the group 
that released that issue, now we are    
holding a coverpage competiton for any- 
body at all,anywhere in the world to    
draw a full picture in fli or koala     
format, and this will run until issue#10
there won't be in any prizes but the    
best coverpages will be used on the     
mag, and at the end of comp.the ones    
that remain will be all put in a huge   
graffix show which will be a chapter    
in the mag so everybody in the scene    
can see them.                           
here are the rules...                   
anyone at all can enter.                
any amount of coverpages can be sent.   
the coverpages must be exclusive to     
vandalism and not pre-released pics,    
or to be released before the end of the 
and thats basically it...               
there ya go send them to the normal     
address, sorry i can't write anymore    
but  i've been at this with packing da  
mag,linking it and writing text since   
6:45 pm and its now 2:10 am i must      
catch sum z's...                        

payback time

yo! ho!                                 
alrighty its the  VENGEANCE of THE FORCE
here i've just read through VIOLATION5  
and i read VIEWPOINT.                   
and guess what? i'mthe unmentionedperson
that jumped on the band wagon! well FUCK
you micheal if you weren't to belive me 
on the phone as i said beforeon the     
phone that night i told SHOCKER that    
apperntly you had gone heaps arragant   
also talking to STIGS uyou would find   
you fuckhead at the begining when i     
returned i said i would not take any can also ask SLICE about that 
only to slice i also said apperntly.    
so don't get shitty with me i have gutz 
looser it must be you that has no gutz  
if you can't mention my name in your mag
sure later on i'd said some comments    
about  THE CURE in general in a joking  
fashion like, for example....           
that dude is thinks he is heaps good... 
VENGEANCE:yep like the cure hey? he he  
and if you heard that bullshit was abuse
then fuck off because you,maxell and    
other in the times of TDU payed me out  
really badly sometimes  i never gave a  
fuck then because i basically thought   
you were still ok.if you can remember   
myself and yourself were very good mates
before  but now i don't think so,not    
after twice you think i've done another 
fucked up thing, nah mate if you could  
not belive me then,well i don't really  
give a shit.why don't you learn how ya  
friends  really are before you go around
abuse them and make me feel    
sick.if youthink that  i'm a scared     
little swapper then think again as i    
would of abused youto your face if i    
wanted  a war or to ragg you    
should know that as well because in     
every other war i've had i've done so   
and if you don't belive that maybe we   
should  just cut the friendship right   
now and forget about evreything and then
you just consider that and see but if   
you do that i want all the 7  disk and  
the $2.50 youowe me for paying your     
postage and for those disks i sent you. 
i wish not for a war as i'm sick of them
but as i relise  that your probably most
cut about this already i'll stop and let
or more or  less  give you the chance to
ring me and sort this out otherwise all 
over pal....                            
VENGEANCE/THE FORCE.                    


 well you've reached the end of this    
 edition of VANDALISM NEWS next issue   
 there will be heaps and heaps better.  
 as psycho will continue to update this 
 old outfit and there will be more than 
 10 chapters.also RAZOR will step into  
 the editing role with myself and we    
 will kick sum mother fucking   
 more thing that will improve next      
 issue is the coverpage compition will  
 start and it will of course look heaps 
 nice.more  votesheets will be spread   
 next time as well, we aim for about    
 50-100 votesheets and then we will     
 see what australian magazine will kick 
 sum ass....                            
 i must now pay my respects to the      
 following guyz for helping me to       
 get this issue out...                  
 firstly to psycho, without him this    
 outfit wouldn't have been ready !!     
 and the rest...                        
 razor/tf(for naggin me about it!)      
 witty/wow(for the votesheet)           
 slice/???(for spreading the sheet)     
 rustler/tsr(the same as slice).        
 patto/the cure(for the music although  
 we  couldn't use it this time!!)       
 and any others i missed finnally my    
 greetz fly out to the following groups 
 legacy      vagabonds     rotec        
 wow         extend        tat          
 spirit      success       honour       
 clique      msr           topaz        
 paralax     elite         paradize     
 the cure    zenith        x-factor     
 faces       triad         hysteric     
 xzess       illusion      image        
 lithium     dominators    promise      
 battery     flash inc     hitmen       
 brutal      abary         laser inc    
 rush            curve                  
 rebels          empire                 
 sunrise         legend                 
 enigma          visual reality         
 intruders       starion                
 trinomic        camelot                
 chromance       vision                 
 hype            x-rated                
 breeze designs                         
 fairlight       and the rest...        
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