Vandalism News 4

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editorial is VANDALISM NEWS#4 and    
this is the last time you will ever     
see this outfit and the intro on front  
of it ! as next issue the almighty new  
outfit comes out !!  whoa ! shit i hear 
you say, why do this? coz simply we are 
bored shitless of this out fit and we   
will be fucked if we have to level pack 
every chapter anymore, so we decided to 
have another go at a real time loader ! 
ok PSYCHO has just about finished the   
new outfit , hey wanna know something   
we've finally managed to turn sum heads 
with this mag as i recived heaps of mail
for this edition now that must mean that
our offical spreaders are doing mega    
well thanx guyz !! ok first some credits
code:THE PSYCHO/MYSTIC                  
vandalsim logo:INSANE/MYSTIC            
mystic logo:INSANE/MYSTIC               
THE MAGAZINE:-                          
code:THE PSYCHO/MYSTIC                  
music:ATOM/THE MOB,and various others ! 
vandalism logo:COPY CAT/MYSTIC          
news logo:COPY CAT/MYSTIC               
main editor:VENGEANCE/MYSTIC            
additional help:PSYCHO/MYSTIC...........
                COPY CAT/MYSTIC.........
THE COVERPAGE:-                         
code:THE PSYCHO/MYSTIC                  
and last but not lest the spreaders and 
news suppliers of dis mag which make it 
possible to bring ya:                   
spreaders + mega news suppliers:        
and the normal people that sent were:-  
SIR MANIAC........................DUPLEX
ROCKY KID............................QCF
INGOLF....................BRAIN BREAKERS
ICE + MC.........................HOTSHOT
EIGHT BALL...........................TDU
THE WOTH...........................VIRUS
AL CAPONE........................THE MOB
DEAD END.............................???
SMOOTH CRIMINAL......................MAD
ATOM.............................THE MOB
THE REAPER...........................TAT
and thats it...                         
ok dudez for anything at all for this   
mag write to:-                          
VANDALISM NEWS                          
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
or phone XXXX on +XX(X)XX XXXXXX....    
we outta here...                        


hello, hi and welcome to VANDALISM NEWS 
well the 3rd report is here, and so is  
yooooooo! ahuh? thought so? herez the   
4th issue of VANDALISM NEWS and herez   
the news and rumours section, well as i 
start this chapter i would like to      
inform you that all the news in this mag
is from you the public and if anything  
is wrong don't go blaming the VANDALISM 
STAFF unless we happen to abuse you our-
self ! ok here goes...                  
WITTY/CLIQUE joins OREGON, but after    
finding out he can join both ACCURACY   
and CLIQUE at the same time he doesn't  
know what to do ! (ED.stay with CLIQUE) 
COPY CAT joined MYSTIC                  
BAD INC/BATTERY changed his handle into 
GOTHIC (ED.what a wiked name !)         
CRUZE left IHOP and joined CREATION     
(ED.shit i was going to ask him to join 
MYSTIC !)                               
a new aussie group is going to be formed
called VIRUS.ex-members from EXCEED and 
DIMENSION are going to make it !        
another aussie group is born called:-   
T.A.B. (THE AUSSIE BATTLERS)            
MYSTIC SWEDAN is born, after the ever   
cool FLOYD asked a cool neew coder to   
join it was offical ! the members name  
is NINJA/ex-IMPACT.                     
again another new group born called:-   
DYRON australian again !                
PSYCHO got a girlfriend ! her names     
jacki !                                 
JADE TIGER ripps of the guyz in BATTERY 
now ! (ED.see payback time for when and 
how he has ripped people off !)         
THE MOB got sum new members and cracked 
there first game (it was a little old)  
but the new members are:-               
THE SLUT and THE NERD their member stat:
AL CAPONE                               
THE NERD                                
THE SLUT                                
all tasmanian !!!!                      
CASTLE is dead !                        
BREAK is born another new aussie crew ! 
BLACKOUT and WOTH are out of chrome !   
suprised i was, the reason were for lame
rumours about both the guyz ! blackout  
searches for a new crew, while THE WOTH 
maybe joining CREATION.                 
IKON VISUAL is DEAD ! the headline of da
month ! MADHACKER went to NATO, and the 
other members made a crew called AMAZON,
reason 4 treason is now under the label 
of AMAZON, the reason for this group    
splitting was a matter between NIGGA and
MADHACKER ! ( more can be said to  
avoid me getting in to trouble !)       
the paper magazine SHOCK is now on a    
diskmag ! its cool as ever !!           
ILLUSION is dead !! all the members and 
sum members from CREST, and also TALENT 
made a new group called:- ENIGMA !      
MAGIC MAN/CRAZY returned to the scene   
and also joined them ! MAMBA is now made
by ENGIMA                               
PHANTOM/QDF joined MAD                  
MAD and QCF are doing  co-op demo !!    
MAD asked MADHACKER to join but he said 
he wishes to leave the scene for a while
(ED.funny everyone else says he joined  
to the scene and is back in MAD         
-CORUM joined MAD (CODER + GRAFFIX)     
also AKIRA joined them (GRAFFIX)        
VENGEANCE/MYSTIC needs the addy of      
(ED.PLEASE HELP!!)                      
MYSTIC are making a paper mag, called:- 
3AM ENTERNAL!!                          
ASGARD got 3 new coders from a coding   
team called ECS..they are cool and you  
should see sum work from them in the    
near future !                           
VENOM and DREDD of ASGARD have stopped  
swapping for awhile maybe for ever !    
UPDATE#2 from ASGARD is finally going to
be released after a 1 year break (thats 
gotta be the longest time between issues
ever,as the guy who was coding it       
stopped for his first year at uni)      
OLORIN/ASGARD/EX-CLIQUE left the guyz in
CLIQUE australia as they were and still 
are very inactive !                     
OLORINS c64 kicked the bucket but while 
he was sick off school after getting    
food poisoning during the second last   
week of school and he was bored outta   
his brain he fixed it !)                
NSD left HITMEN to join VERDICT         
FALCON left TRC to join VERDICT         
ENFORCER left POWERS OF PAIN, renamed to
DOMINANT and joined VERDICT             
INCERIA kicked out PEACE                
SENSE will stop making SENSUAL NEWSLINE 
and AMBITION they will make a differn't 
mag instead !                           
PROWL left CHROME and joined RADIUS     
joined DEPREDATORS !                    
UNCLE X left CENTAURI and joined:-      
PARAGON !                               
joined X-RATED, TERMINATOR X changed his
handle into just:- TERMINATOR           
CURSE/ex-HITMEN joined TRC              
DEATH + SILENCE co-op spilt !           
DANNY/THE FORCE is also now in the music
crew:- SIDCHIP SRACTHERS!               
NENO left RULER and joined THE FORCE    
YEYUS left TBI and is still groupless ! 
is now RACOON                           
HARLEQUIN joined AUDIAL ARTS he is also 
still in SILICON LTD                    
AUDIAL ARTS joined FLASH INC.           
ZAR/PROXYON stopped swapping   !        
PARADIZE will release a demo at the     
SILICON LTD party !                     
BONZAI has no dutch section !!          
TEASER left CAIRO and joined:-PROXYON   
their mag is now under the PRX label!   
BIZMO/SCL has a board !                 
DNE/STASH changed his handle to BARICADE
AIRTEC did not join CENSOR, he is still 
a member of DECADE                      
the whole SOUND & VISION crew was asked 
to join DECADE, maybe they will except  
THE DOMINATORS party won't take place   
in the summer vaction but the x-mas     
holidays !                              
CLIVE/ex-HITMEN is still looking for a  
group !                                 
BRUCE left STYLE and joined ALCHOLICS   
there is a new group called:- PHOBIA,   
sum POWERS OF PAINS members are present 
in this group and they will make games  
(like tibo's tale) and cool demos       
(ED.have you seen TENDANCE, that says   
enough !)                               
sum news was printed wrong last issue:- 
TRUSE/CLIQUE joined NEC/NEI but is also 
still in CLIQUE                         
TRISONICchanged his handle and joined   
MAD but after going through sum of his  
code JAGUAR discovered more RIPPED code 
and kicked him straight away !!         
PUNK X isn't in AMAZON as the rumours   
say but has quit the scene along with   
MADHACKER !                             
kill the c64 section in australia and   
the rest of THE FORCE i got a phonecall 
last night be someone who i don't know  
telling me to print his in my mag and   
when i asked for his name (he was a he) 
he hung up ! the date was:- 7/6/91 he   
also told me i was a lame fuck,i don't  
like this type of behaviour and if this 
is you BREEZE/ANTIC your fuck'n dead !  
MR DOPEMAN joined ASGARD as a swapper   
VENOM/ASGARD quit the scene for a while 
MR DOPEMAN will take over his contax    
until he returns !!                     
MSA + AIDS (2 turkish groups) now have  
joined CLIQUE                           
MINDROSS/ex-RANGE joined CLIQUE         
MADMIX/ex-TNT didn't join ROLE or AKRAK 
he was going to join AKRAK, but then    
decided to stay in CLIQUE becoz he      
suddenly felt the friendship amoung the 
members !                               
REMIX/CLIQUE brought himself a sony     
music set (lb7-302) all hip-hop traders 
should contact him now !!               
JADETIGER is 2 people for the australian
people he is JNADETIGER and for the euro
people he was BREEZE/DIVINE STYLE but   
then he joined ANTIC so he is BREEZE of 
ANTIC now, how lame 2 people !          
the 3 new members in ASGARD are:-       
THE ANARCHIST-coder,cracker,swapper     
SKULL-swapper,original supply !         
MAD will release a new diskmagazine !   
and so is almost all the rest of the    
australian scene...                     
M.C.STYLE (ex-SCOPE/QDF) returned to the
scene as mentioned last issue and then  
he got in to a war, with SMOOTH CRIMINAL
and JAGUAR of MAD but later apologised  
all is over with now !!                 
THE MOB offered membership to 2 people  
CRESENT HAWK and DEB they both refused  
CRESENT HAWK refused coz he made a group
called CONTRA and DEB wishes to remain  
solo, i don't know why they refused coz 
THE MOB is a kick'n crew....            
OZ ROUND UP is now under the MYSTIC     
label fully as WITTY gave it up, but as 
i have no-longer anytime to do it becoz 
of this mag PRIDE/MYSTIC will be the new
editor !! the mag will also be coded by 
him !!                                  
i (VENGEANCE/MYSTIC) have had interviews
for 3 magazines:- BITMANIA,VIOLATION and
MAD'S new mag !! i'm going for a world  
record so anyone would wants to give me 
an interview get my addy for somewhere  
in this mag and send to me i will do the
interview for sure !!                   
PSYCHO got dropped by jacki, who cares  
she was a fuck'n slider anyway !        
sum members have been kicked from MYSTIC
they are:-                              
for there inactivity, warning to PATTO  
and ROTOR get off your ass or be kicked 
also !!                                 
AZTEC/TRISTAR left and joined:-CLIQUE   
MAD MIX/CLIQUE changed his handle to:-  


 yooooo! herez the interview section    
well this time the final production of  
the magazine was rushed in order to get 
it out in time so therez no european    
or mega famous guy interviewed ! but    
instead my BEST SCENE FRIEND !! now the 
reason this interview is so short is    
becoz it was done over da phone !!      
this time i(VENGEANCE) conducted the    
interview but next time MAXELL will do  
the interviews section (at lest one of  
them !) RAVE may do the other !!!       
thats another thing i must apologise for
only 1 interview but thats all i had    
time for anyway the amount of news      
should cover that !!! ok lets start...  
V-is us                                 
V-hi and introduce yourself !           
I-hi i'm ICEMAN and i'm in TDU !        
V-how long have you been on da scene??  
I-um, since febuary 1990 but not really 
seriously until august 1990 !           
V-which groups were you in before TDU?  
I-first TAC in febuary, then BSC (brick-
head software crackers), and then TDU   
V-what is your job in TDU ?             
I-i am a coder,swapper,artist and also  
co-editor of VIOLATION (ED:TDU papermag)
V-which group would you like to be in   
if not TDU ?                            
I-i will stay in TDU as long as it lasts
but if i had to join another group for  
some reason i wuold join a group which i
was cool friends with all the members-  
(ED:wimp stop getting out of answers in 
other words he doesn't want to suck up  
and he means MYSTIC !)                  
V-are you at war with anyone ?          
or BLACKOUT but i don't consider myself 
at war with these lamers !              
V-which group do you think is the best  
in the world ??                         
I-crest coz there code is sooo coool !  
V-which group do you think is the lamest
in the world ??                         
I-virus (but i have nothing against     
these guyz !)                           
V-who are your best friends and contax  
on the scene ??                         
FERRO/WILD 57,HEGG/CHROME and all in    
TDU !                                   
V-which is your favorite composer?      
I-JADE TIGER, no bullshit ! its really: 
DRAX/VIBRANTS !!!                       
V-which is your favorite band/singer ?  
I-NWA !! (ED:kick'n man......)          
V-whats ya favorite movie ??            
I-total recall was good, and all action 
movies are cool i enjoy watching the    
fight scenes ! (ED:hoping to learn      
something huh MIKE ?)                   
V-do you have a girlfriend ?            
I-no i'm working on it ! (ED:hes really 
gay no shit spread this in all other    
cool mags,scroll texts,depack text,     
and notes across the globe, suck shit   
my friend beat this in VIOLATION !)     
V-what is your favorite song?           
I-still talking shit by easy e !!       
V-favorite food?                        
I-all junk food (ED:zitty little prick !
ha ha ha !)                             
V-favorite tv show?                     
I-fast forward !                        
V-how did ya like this interview ?      
I-bloody stupid but thanx anyway !!     
V-very fuck'n funny its the same way i  
feel about you asshole ! ha ha ha !     
ring again soo dude !                   
yo! the comments above are jokes take   
no notice of them !!!!!!!               


 and once again herez the CHARTS uh huh 
 this time we only equaled our top      
 amount of voters but there were heaps  
 more euros !! 21 voters so only 210    
 points could be allocated !!!          
 anyway to give me insperation to do    
 this i'm chilling to da beat of ....   
 no not NWA, RUN DMC, or PUBLIC EMEMY   
 but the best group in the fuck'n       
 world:- BEASTIE BOYS !! pretty fuck'n  
 cool huh ?? anyway lets continue       
 with the charts.....oh by the way...   
 thanx for voting VANDALISM in world    
 wank it dudez....                      
 CRACKER GROUPS:-                       
  1.IKARI AND TALENT   (152)            
  2.genesis project    (117)            
  3.legend              (68)            
  4.dominators          (65)            
  5.triad               (64)            
  6.action              (41)            
  7.censor              (37)            
  8.victims             (35)            
    enigma              (35)            
  9.illusion (DEAD)     (28)            
 10.hitmen   (DEAD)     (26)            
 11.fairlight           (25)            
 12.f4cg                (20)            
 13.light               (17)            
    tdu and mystic      (17)            
 only excuse for t+m heaps ozzies voted 

 DEMO GROUPS:-                          
  1.BONZAI         (145)                
  2.crest          (112)                
  3.triad           (67)                
  4.flash inc.      (65)                
  5.light           (53)                
  6.noice           (43)                
  7.horizon         (35)                
  8.genesis project (28)                
  9.censor design   (24)                
 10.megastyle inc.  (23)                
 11.tdu             (18)                
 12.ikv  (DEAD)     (16)                
    cosmos designs  (16)                
    beyond force    (16)                
    origo           (16)         designs   (15)                
 nothing to say here...                 

 SINGLE CRACKERS:-                      
  1.SNACKY/GENESIS PROJECT   (99)       
  2.doc/ikari and talent     (91)       
  3.bod/ikari and talent     (75)       
  4.sauron/enigma            (33)       
  5.crisp/action             (28)       
  6.jihad/action             (27)       
  7.bismarck/triad           (26)       
  8.sting/enigma             (25)       
    powerplant/legend        (25)       
  9.rockstar/victims         (18) and talent     (17)       
 11.maxell + slash/tdu + mtc (16)       
 as i said before the tdu + mtc guyz    
 made it coz of aussies!                
 WORLD CODER:-                          
 1.CROSSBOW/CREST   (110)               
 2.flamingo/light    (64)               
 3.zodiac/flash inc. (54)               
 4.walt/bonzai       (53)               
 5.kjer/horizon      (49)           (29)               
 7.lubber/padua      (24)             (19)               
 flamingo climbs, WALT also after heaps 
 of releases gets high once again....   
 wank it...                             
 WORLD SWAPPERS:-                       
 1.MORON/PARADIZE  (45)                 
 2.brego/t + r     (39)                 
 3.aslive/securtiy (26)                 
 4.remix/clique    (24)                 
 5.dmc/house       (19)                 
 6.nsd/verdict     (17)                 
   antichrist/gp   (17)                 
 7.stormlord/wow   (16)                 
 well ASLIVE should really be numero    
 uno, werez 3dk + jackdaniels/dom???    
 deathstralker should be about position 
 3, and remix position 2 !!! (my        
 personal opinion) also REAPER/TAT      
 should be here !!                      
 WORLD GRAFFIX:-                        
 1.GOTCHA/ENIGMA    (118)               
 2.bizzmo/genesis    (76)               
 3.redstar/flash inc.(63)               
 4.the sarge/flt     (37)               
 5.dragon/censor     (28)               
 6.chorus/triad      (27)               
 7.gbf/crest         (24)               
 ok DRAGON deserves higher, wherez      
 gotcha wins easy this time....         
 hey by the way BEASTIE BOYZ are still  
 ruling my stereo !!                    
 WORLD MAGAZINES:-                      
  1.MAMBA         (76)                  
  2.corruption    (60)                  
  3.rock n role   (37)                  
    gamers guide  (37)                  
  4.bild zeitung  (30)                  
  5.hotshot       (28)                  
  6.sanforized    (24)                  
  7.script        (19)                  
  8.vinews        (18)                  
  9.mega madness  (17)           style    (16)                  
    vandalism news(16)           news    (15)                  
 12.homonews      (15)                  
 VANDALISM enters coz of aussies  !!    
 SCRIPT + MEGA MADNESS desevre higher ! 
 WARNING !!!                            
 the following charts are fully         
 australian they are done so as to      
 give europeans a good look at what     
 australia is all about !! any aussies  
 who think these look cheated send me   
 money for photo copys + postage and    
 i'll return a copy of the vote sheets  
 wank the fuck'n thing....              
 OZ GROUPS:-                            
  1.TDU        (107)                    
  2.mystic      (78)                   (64)                    
  4.battery     (63)                    
  5.the force   (54)                    
  6.ikv (DEAD !)(52)                    
  7.creation    (36)                    
  8.qcf         (35)                    
  9.mad         (21)                    
 ok wherez CLIQUE, ASGUARD and AMAZON?  
 MAD should be heaps high ! THE FORCE   
 should be higher also !!               
 wank it...                             
 OZ SWAPPERS:-                          
 1.ANTHRAX/CHROME   (59)                
 2.razor/the force  (47)                
 3.blackout/???     (45)                
   vengeance/mystic (45)                
 4.shocker/battery  (39)                
 5.8-ball/tdu       (32)                
 6.slash/tdu        (27)                
 7.maxell/mystic    (25)                
 8.truse/clique     (17)                
 9.sacred/the force (16)                
 0.slimer/tdu       (15)                
   flame/mystic     (15)                
 i suggest ANTHRAX should be not even   
 on the charts (to unactive !) blackout 
 will leave em' i reckon, same with     
 SLIMER, wherez witty, TRUSE quit       
 swapping !!!                           

 OZ CODERS:-                            
 1.ICEMAN/TDU    (91)                   
 2.psycho/mystic (52)                   
 4.slash/tdu     (43)                   
 5.dan/tdu       (32)                   
   tbh/tdu       (32)                   
 6.rat/mad       (27)                   
 7.ziggy/tf      (24)                   
 8.maxell/mystic (22)                   
 9.nigga/amazon  (15)                   
 wherez jaguar and the otherz in mad,   
 rat should be lower, NIGGA should be   
 very high and same with COWLYN where   
 is he???                               
 OZ GRAFFIX:-                           
  1.INSANE/MYSTIC    (58)               
  2.dan/tdu          (50)               
  3.madhacker  (DEAD)(44)               
  4.pirinha/chrome   (38)               
  5.copy cat/mystic  (36)               
  6.sacred/the force (29)               
  7.flame/mystic     (26)               
  8.dead battery/tdu (24)               
  9.iceman/tdu       (19)               
 10.8-ball/tdu       (18)               
 11.witty/oregon     (17)               
 12.opus/virus       (16)               
 13.atmos/mystic     (15)               
 SACRED derserves much higher !! same   
 with ICEMAN, and 8-BALL                
 OZ MAGAZINES:-                         
 1.VANDALISM NEWS    (87)               
 2.weird crud        (50)               
 3.wanted            (47)               
 4.reason 4 treason  (43)               
 5.static            (33)               
 6.qcf fm            (31)               
 7.crisis            (29)               
 ok DON'T vote 4 WEIRD CRUD as TDU wish 
 it not to be in the charts, if you     
 continue voting for it, i'll ban it !  
 CRISIS should be number 2 !!!          
 WANTED is going well, QCF FM should be 
 higher ! VIOLATION should enter after  
 being released !!                      
 OZ ACTIVE GROUPS:-                     
  1.TDU       (106)                     
  2.mystic     (74)                   (66)                     
  4.the force  (56)                     
  5.battery    (47)                     
  6.creation   (31)                     
  7.mad        (23)                     
  8.ikv (DEAD) (19)                     
  9.qcf        (17)                     
 10.clique     (16)                     
 MAD should be numero uno !!            
  1.ELLE MACPHERSON   (77)        bassinger     (48)              
  3.maddonna          (41)              
  4.julia roberts     (27)              
  5.sam fox           (26)              
  6.dannii minogue    (23)              
  7.rebecka elmaloglou(21)              
  8.michelle phiefer  (19)              
  9.palua abdul       (18)              
 DANNII MINOGUE is HOT so vote 4 her!   
 thats the end....we outta here...1991! 
 4 hours later....                      


 yo! and herez the contax section and   
 remember you MUST vote or send NEWS    
 if you want your addy printed in here! 
 ok send your stuffs to:-               
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 c/o VENGEANCE/MYSTIC                   
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 also for a hot swap 100 percent back!  
 wank it....                            
 if you are a top ELITE and if you want 
 to swap with the majour of ACRISE,try: 
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 X-XXXX X.XXXXXXXX X                    
 also for MEGA MADNESS, and VANDALISM ! 
 swap with the swapper + spreader of    
 THE BRAIN BREAKERS:-                   
 INGOLF/BRAIN BREAKERS                  
 XXXXXXXXXXXX XX                        
 XXXX XXXXXXXX                          
 XXXXXXX !                              
 contact the mega swapper of VERDICT,   
 send a disk to:-                       
 XXXXXXX X/X XXXX                       
 XX XXXXXX XX                           
 XXXX XX XXXXXXXXX                      
 no stamp cheatiing !                   
 PHOENIX/ASGARD            100 percent  
 XXX XXXXXXX               reply,any    
 XX XXXXXXXX XXXXXX        new demos to 
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 contact the guyz in CONTRA:-           
 X.X.XXX XX          -  XX XXXXXXXX XXX 
                     -  XXXX            
 all 100 percent reply................. 
 AZTEC/CLIQUE      -no name             
 XX XXXX XXXX      -0-4 day warez       
 XXXXXXXXXXX       -original swapping   
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   -no more aussie coz  
 XXXX XXX,XXXXXXX   postage is to much  
 JOKER/CLIQUE      -ELITE ONLY !        
 XX XXXXXXXX XXXX  -only aussie coders  
 XXXXXXXXXXX       -original swapper    
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   -64 and amiga        
 XXXX XXX          -script votesheets   
 2 of the best in CLIQUE contact em'    
 ICE+MC/HOTSHOT    100 percent, cool    
 X.X.XXX XXX       swap also tapes      
 XXXXX XXXXXXXX                         
 4 hottest ELITE-TRADING try this addy  
 MYXIN/DUPLEX     -not on envelope      
 XXXXXXXXXXX      -only ELITE           
    XXXXX         -letters no chance!!! 
 X-XXXX XXXXXX    -ONLY DISK !!         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXX XXXXX X.X.X                    
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 cool BLOODY swap !                     
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX                       
 DEAD END/???                           
 XX XXXXX XXXXX                         
 XXXXXXXX X.X.                          
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 AL CAPONE/THE MOB       -for joining   
 X/X XXXXXX XXXXXXXX     -vhs trade     
 XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX    -hot swapp'n   
 XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 100 percent reply need sum more euros  
 and cool aussies !!!                   
 XX XXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXX X.X.                           
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 c64 and amiga,                         
 no stamp cheating                      
 ROCKY KID/QCF                          
 X.X XXX XXX                            
 XXXXXXXXXXX XXX                        
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 SIR MANIAC/DUPLEX ELITE=100 percent    
 X/X X/XXXXXXXX          back !!        
 XXXXX XXXXXXX XX                       
 X-XXXX XXXXXXX                         
 THE REAPER/TAT                         
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXXX XXXXXXXXX                         
 XXXX XXXXXXX                           
 THE POWER/JAM                          
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX X.XX                  
 XXXXX XXXXXXX                          
 4 letters,news,votes,for the mag       
 DEADLINE contact    -need new orri     
 WEIRD HQ             supplier,coders   
 X.XXXXXXXX           and aussie        
 XXXXXXXXXXX XX       members !         
 XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX X                    
 XXXX XXXXXXX                           
 + XX.XXXX.XXXX (XXXX) 19 to 22 hours   

 and thats it shit what alot of addys   
 the MYSTIC addys aren't printed this   
 coz of no time later...                

anything goes

 yooooo! herez ANYTHING GOES well yet   
 another chapter of ANYTHING GOES is    
 finished and this time therez lots     
 instore if you want your MAGAZINE      
 reviewed in here just write and ask !  
 just like REMIX/CLIQUE did !! so i     
 have this issue reviewed 2 mags, and   
 SLASH/TDU has sort of reviewed another 
 funny guy you are SLASH !! the mags    
 reviewed are:-                         
 SCRIPT ISSUE SIX                       
 CODE MAG ISSUE THREE                   
 WEEKLY REVIEW                          
 and also instore in this chapter is    
 the lastest about whos the most active 
 in australia !! but first the reviews  
 lets hit it....wank you dick dude..... 
 WEEKLY REVIEW: reviewed by SLASH/TDU   
 it starts with a mega-user friendly    
 intro, it allows you to press space    
 and proceed to da mag ! then some kwel 
 shit happens.this mag kicks and is     
 easily the best mag to appear for a    
 long time (???) it reviews hot fangs   
 NCUG MEETING                           
 GIGA NARLEY SANGAS                     
 DA ECHO CHAMBER                        
 SILENCE OF THE LAMBS                   
 Z5R RADIO                              
 RAT CAT CONCRET                        
 rating:da best !                       
 11.6 out of 100000000 .                
 funny guy that SLASH ! ok now on to    
 the cool reviews of good scene warez,  
 hey at the begining i forgot to        
 mention i've also reviewed WEIRD CRUD  
 number fucking 5 !! boy this is a fun  
 chapter to write....                   
 wank it...                             
 well the intro is quite cool but we    
 are still waiting for the proper mag   
 intro still being coded so i won't     
 talk about dat !! the mag itself is    
 the best fuck'n thing i've ever seen ! 
 the code is cool nice work TUAREG its  
 heaps cool, the menu logos are by :-   
 FLINT/ex-HOTSHOT they gave him the     
 kick i think! if they did there bloody 
 mad coz he is surely one of the worlds 
 best grafficians !! nice work dude!    
 now also the logo by ELECTRIC/EXTEND   
 in the text displayer is brilliant !   
 nice work man ! but the best thing     
 about dis mag is the editing its very  
 friendly and also very cool ! the mag  
 itself is fully-joystick controlled !  
 but again i stress that the editing    
 is sooooo cooooool ! REMIX my man you  
 do a good job i think that if your     
 magazine was coded sasay as well as    
 CORRUPTION was when under the ATG      
 label that you would surely be number1 
 in the world !! nice work dude i give  
 you:- 10 out of 10                     
 now on to CODE MAG#3/THE FORCE         
 reviewed by VENGEANCE/MYSTIC:-         
 well there new outfit is better than   
 the old one for sure !! the logo by    
 SACRED is fuck'n unreal !! and the     
 menu layout is cool also !! the text   
 is well written and the music also     
 suits the mag ! only one problem with  
 this mag and thats there isn't enough  
 news therez surely heaps of codes for  
 phreaking, modems etc but nothing for  
 people that really don't have modems   
 therefore a deduction of 2 points,     
 so the mag gets:- 8 out of 10          
 well this magazine is a kick'n one !   
 the code is cool and so is everthng    
 else the jokez are bloody funny !!     
 i can't really review this good but    
 i can say dat is they wanted the mag   
 voted for it would be australias 1st   
 mag for sure !!                        
 9 out of 10                            
 well i have got not much time to       
 write about aussie being active so     
 the most actoive this month were:-     
 group:- MAD and also TDU release the   
 same !                                 
 graffician:SMOOTH CRIMINAL/MAD         
 importer:-SMOOTH CRIMINAL/MAD          
 and thats all.... see another chapeter 

coding help

hi and welcome once again to coding help
with your cool SCENE friend the PSYCHO! 
ok, on with the show...                 
this time, we only had one question for 
this section, me thinks we will have to 
scratch this chapter and bring in a new 
much cooler one... what do you think ?  
send in a reaction...                   
heres the question:                     
SLASH/TDU writes...                     
1) i've having problems coding an easy  
routine for a demo and need some help.  
the routine is a 18x23 fli, fld, dycp,  
sideborder, msd, vector, twisting,      
circular scroller.  can you help ???    
well slash, my answer to this is, if you
can't code a simple routine like this,  
how the hell were you let in TDU ???    
even vengeance can code one of these,   
and thats saying something !!!          
next question...                        
2) here are some bytes, which i've been 
having problems uncrunching, can you    
help (theres that word again-ed.) ???   
the bytes are:                          
please help                             
well slash, once again.   you have made 
an obvious mistook !    your bytes      
should have really looked like this:    
3) here's a routine that doesn't werk,  
why ?                                   
lda #$81                                
sta $0400                               
it is suppose to be a multiplexing      
sprite routine, but it doesn't seem to  
well slash, i can't believe even you    
would make such a stupid mistook as this
one !!!   it is quite obvious what is   
wrong, as most coders in oz will tell   
you...   your source code should look   
like this:                              
lda #$80                                
sta $0400                               
you lda'd the wrong number !!!   hmmmm..
some lamers will just never learn - eh??
oh well, until next issue, keep hacking!


 yooooo! here the reaction corner of    
 vandalism news, this time we had       
 quite a few reactions inly europeans   
 so it will be nice to see what they    
 think about our mag !! these are the   
 people responsable for them:-          
 ok thanx to those unlazy guyz....      
 lets start:-                           
 yo! vandalism news is a cool and quite 
 good mag and thats my reaction !!      
 thanx for that small reaction TECH but 
 how about a bit longer next time huh?  
 stay cool man !!                       
 VANDALISM NEWS is surely my favorite   
 aussie mag and it can be easily        
 seperated from lots of crap mags by    
 its outstanding quality and coolness.  
 the graphix are nice,the editor is     
 cool,the news is really hot, i even    
 learn news about CLIQUE AUSTRALIA      
 from your mag even though its my own   
 crew and i'm contact with the CLIQUE   
 OZ members ! i'm also a mag-editor     
 myself and its obvious to see that all 
 the guys who are responsible for       
 VANDALISM NEWS put lots of work in     
 what they are doing.i really like your 
 mag and i really hope that you'll keep 
 up the mega work you're doing.         
 VANDALISM NEWS is in a way 'the voice  
 of australia' to the whole world !     
 maybe the only bad side is that, you   
 have to use both joystick and keyboard 
 to control the mag, i hope you'll      
 also fix it and we'll be able to       
 choose the chapters by joystick !      
 the rest is really great, a very big   
 congratulations from TURKIYE roll      
 down to AUSTRALIA ! please don't       
 forget to send all the issues to me,   
 so that i'll (mega) spread it !        
 holy shit ! what a long reaction, well 
 REMIX thats for all your nice words    
 and comments, yes i'll agree with all  
 the points you made to ! INSANE our    
 graffician is pretty good huh? hes     
 the best in australia !! i even must   
 agree with the words:- the editor is   
 cool (he he) ok about the joystick     
 and keyboard both having to be used    
 well seeings this is the last time we  
 will ever use this outfit we didn't    
 bother to fix that,but next time the   
 mag will be fully joystick controlled! 
 we work hard to release this mag, so   
 if you say its cool as all this then   
 we have a reason to keep up this mag.  
 i just hope others feel the same !!!!  
 i won't forget to send you every issue 
 as i know and trust you'll spread      
 every issue ! you'll also be getting   
 it before everyone else in the world ! 
 ok stay cool my friend...              
 yes i like this mag and think its one  
 of the best mags in australia, but i   
 hate these asslicking reactons like:   
 the coolest mag in the world or you    
 must be superhuman if you do better  ! 
 please skip these this shit and print  
 only interesting and serious letters   
 thank you and...SUCKERS TO THE WALL !  
 hi ctb, well thanx for the nice words  
 i don't like printing shit reactions   
 like that either but if i didn't       
 people would probably get cut ! plus   
 i don't enough reactions to cut it     
 down anyway, i hope you understand     
 and enjoy this issue...                
 hi you flithy fuckers,                 
 ok i know australia is the last of the 
 world but you should improve your news 
 in issue#3 you wrote in the charts:-   
 ILLUSION (dead), HITMEN (dead,         
 REDSTAR/LOGIC(now in flash inc),       
 SES/GENESIS(ses was kicked out out!)   
 etc. i hope you know what i mean ?     
 but its no offence, coz you've news    
 we in europe really miss! your mag     
 isn't bad, all in all! its not a bad   
 oz mag. dudes, i think you can keep up 
 your work.coz i know what this is for  
 a work to manage a magazine coz i've   
 got one too,called:-                   
 MEGA MADNESS ! (missed it in your mag  
 a bit coz MEGA MADNESS is in nearly    
 every magazine in the top ten !        
 fuck GOZAR/BRONX ....                  
 hi ya mandrake, ok you'll notice this  
 time MEGA MADNESS made the charts but  
 still without to many points maybe=    
 its not spread much in australia ???   
 although i sometimes get 7-8 copys of  
 it a week when its been released !     
 about the charts well i only put those 
 there coz people were still voting for 
 them, and if people sent more to this  
 mag i would have good news !! again    
 some of those groups are in the charts 
 but no-one is anylonger voting for     
 them so you'll notice in issue 5 they  
 won't be in the charts at all !!       
 but thanx for the nice words...        
 his tiny ship was swept about the      
 lake, from star to star, riding the    
 ripples pf light and gravity as if he  
 was in a small boat travelling about   
 the whirlpool that will finally suck   
 the luckness was a place,    
 then where the stars had melted        
 together, to form a lake with creature 
 that swam in its depths,beyond space   
 and time and reason...                 
 yo! slash your fuck'n weird man...     
 expect a pack off me soon with the     
 same type of shit in you sent me !!!   
 ha ha ha... i'll ring you soon i think 
 thats the end of the reactions this    
 time don't forget to send yours into   
 me at the addy in editorial and contax 
 ok later...freaks...                   

payback time

yooooooo! herez VENGEANCE with payback  
time, ok JADETIGER or BREEZE what ever  
you wanna be called, you wanted me to   
prove when you abused those people ok   
herez a list of shit and when and where 
you abused them...                      
THE CURE/THE FORCE:-                    
remember YA KID K? well jade in a       
personal letter to me while i was in    
OXYGEN you wrote after i had written    
this to you....we got 2 other new and   
cool members they are THE CURE(ya kid k)
and sum other dickweed how is lame,     
you say that these      
members are cool, somehow i don't       
belive you send up there works or i     
can't ! arrogant barsted ! you are jade!
why don't you belive anyone, that wasn't
where you abused him though, it was none
of your bussiness to do this,in a letter
to colin, why would DEEK wanna write to 
you anyway,you won't get a reply ! now  
that was after THE CURE asking for a    
DEEK/GENESIS addy, why wouldn't he get  
a reply is he lame?? NO! your jealous   
you didn't have the addy did you ? or   
did you??? one never can tell what a    
lamer is up to ! now you may of thought 
that this was none abusive at the time  
but in fact it looks like THE CURE is   
so lame he wouldn't get a reply, why    
would he not though JADE? he got a reply
from POLONUS/PADUA and he doesn't reply 
to swappers, he sent him voice tracker, 
this was the newest version ! which i   
didn't get until months later and still 
no many people have this it wasn't      
supposed to be spread as POLONUS was    
going to sell it !!                     
RAZOR/THE FORCE:-                       
now this i am unclear about, all i have 
heard is you wrote a letter to ANTHRAX  
and said how did RAZOR get in THE FORCE 
in a manour which made it look like you 
thought he was very lame and letting    
everyone know it ! i'll agree with you  
that you can have your own opinion !    
but keep it to your fuck'n self !!!     
RAZOR is a very cool guy and the truth  
is he could kick the shit outta you in  
swapping and graffix, man he could even 
kick mine or maybe even TRUSE'S ass in  
swapping !! he just hardly swapps with  
any australians so noone votes for him! 
no need to write this one as you admited
to this one in your last note, (i think)
anyway he was the other one with the    
YA KID K/OXYGEN thing !                 
well you all know about this so no need 
for anymore on me !!                    
ALL OF TDU:-                            
by the way BREEZE or JADE TIGER, when   
you fuck with TDU you fuck with MYSTIC  
and when you fuck with MYSTIC you fuck  
with TDU get the point, you slagged on  
them something shocking ! you had no    
right to do this at all, your right     
TRISONIC is none of my bussiness but i  
think TDU are becoz we are in co-op !   
so fuck you !! that note was so abusive 
i don't think jacki macdonald could even
smile through that one !!               
well in a way with the charts shit you  
wrote !                                 
how can you accuse someone of ripping   
befor double checking?? get your facts  
straight before shotting your mouth off!
ICEMAN says they wouldn't of ripped it  
and i belive him !!                     
well in a letter to STEVE you ripped him
off according to ICEMAN, thats sorta    
keeping your opinion to yourself, but   
not quite i bet you can't keep your     
mouth shut without telling anyone       
anything to give someone a lame rep !!! 
but if ya don't maybe i'll shut it for  
you am i kind or what???                
in stooths letter.....                  
and in letters to me fuckhead !         
well JADETIGER/BREEZE/ANTIC,i'm not lame
as you say,your the person who is 2 guyz
and also a big big lamer so fuck you... 
VENGEANCE/MYSTIC !                      
ok to another story sent to us by OLORIN
of ASGUARD, well firstly a message to   
OLORIN, sorry my pack hasn't yet arrived
but i've had no time,no money and no    
insperation ! soo it may arrive if i    
feel like but i am swpping with you so  
don't think you won't get a reply !!    
well one day i was short of stuff to    
send to europe so i went to DREDD/ASG   
place as he had got a pack from a new   
guy calling himself 'BLACKOUT'. at this 
stage i did not know BLACKOUT.o.k. after
getting home from DREDD'S i am on my c64
and read a note by BLACKOUT called:-    
LIFE IS MUDDED, and what the hell do    
i find but this cheeky little lamer is  
going to drop me and huey as contax.this
would have been fine except i had never 
got a pack,letter or phonecall from him 
asking to swap.he also had on his list  
of dropped contax alot of cool dudes    
from IKARI and TALENT (sum don't even   
swap) so this little lamer is using the 
names of sum very elite people who are  
good swappers to get himself   
goes like read the note from 
BLACKOUT and you see all the really cool
guys that he has dropped so therefore he
must be very very cool if these guyz are
gettng dropped.                         
the bad part is that others who read    
this letter see that these guys on the  
list must not be good swappers and      
therefore are destoryed because no-one  
will write to them.this was 3 months ago
and there is still no apology from      
BLACKOUT thats it...                    
i know many will support my action, i   
hate wars but it looks like this one can
not be avoided.                         
he will ruin the reputations of the guyz
on the list(by the way check it out to  
see if you are on it !)if you support   
the actions against BLACKOUT then write 
to me and we will force him to apoligise
or die !!                               
many guyz all ready support this action 
even chrome member ANTHRAX has told     
VENOM that BLACKOUT will be booted from 
CHROME if he does not apoligise(ED.this 
has already been done !)                
if you wanna join then catch my addy in 
the contax section ok i'm outta here..  
ok now on to another one of these funny 
but weird reports from one of my        
parteners in crime:- SLASH/TDU          
ok lets hit it....                      
we are here today because the time has  
come to take action ! there are 2 lamers
that need punching in the head and      
kickin' in the shins.these fuckheads    
are d.christian & w.crossley !          
huh told you it was weird ! the 2 guyz  
he abused wrote a science book or some  
shit like that !                        
another point....                       
yoooo! whats up ! stop spreading shit   
that you are in MYSTIC coz you aren't   
and never will be you have either been  
bullshiting everyone and trying to get  
a name for yourself like that or been   
ask to join by someone other than the   
MYSTIC members ! so fuck off !!!!       
if you are bullshiting fix the facts    
if you aren't  write to me (VENGEANCE)  
and explain !                           
and that brings payback time to end     
once again at lest people are sending to
me now !! later....                     


 well it the last time you'll ever see  
 this magazine in this outfit again but 
 don't get upset coz the new outfit     
 kicks the ass of this one !! for sure  
 hey i was supposed to say hello from   
 SLASH/TDU in the editorial but i did   
 forget so hello from slash/tdu ! and   
 then he wanted me to say good bye here 
 so goodbye from SLASH/TDU hows that    
 damien?? by the way the rumours about  
 GRUMP/TDU getting sexually assaulted   
 and then dumped off a cliff in the     
 back streets of sydney is true !! so   
 GRUMP r.i.p. it was nice knowing this  
 guy and so i hope therez a heaven oh   
 i heard his last words were BREEZE of  
 ANTIC is a lamer and thats dead-set !  
 hey ICEMAN there its written !!!       
 ok remember to send all stuffs to the  
 kick'n MYSTIC and to vote 4 this mag,  
 our demos, our crew, our members, and  
 also our tdu + mystic cracking co-op   
 which has lasted quite a long time !!  
 you should expect some cracks by me    
 and psycho on this disk not if not     
 than we didn't have time....           
 big thanx once again to these guyz     
 for all there mega help:-              
 aslive/security,mandrake/acrise, and   
 the otherz....                         
 chill out............................. 

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