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yo! hello and hi here is issue#3 of our 
magazine VANDALISM NEWS, ok this mag has
certainly taken off ! i think soon we   
will make world charts if we are lucky  
oh by the way VENGEANCE/MYSTIC here,    
before i go on herez the credtis for    
this mag....                            
intro code:PSYCHO/MYSTIC................
intro logos:INSANE/MYSTIC...............
cover page:INSANE/MYSTIC................
mag coding:PSYCHO/MYSTIC................
mag logos:INSANE/MYSTIC.................
various musics:VIBRANTS.................
main editor:VENGEANCE/MYSTIC............
addition help:MAXELL/MYSTIC.............
therez the credits....                  
for the magazine send to:-              
VANDALISM NEWS                          
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
i'd now like to take the time to thank  
these guyz for there help in making this
issue possible:                         
SACRED.........................THE FORCE
AL CAPONE........................THE MOB
EIGHT BALL...........................TDU
RAZOR..........................THE FORCE
LEAD.......................SENSE DESIGNS
THE WOTH..........................CHROME
RIDDLER...................THE LOST SOULS
and thats it, now REMIX or AZTEC didn't 
send anything for the mag but they      
always do a good job of spreading it for
me so thanx guyz !                      
this issue hasn't got as much text as   
last becoz not as much news was sent,   
the charts are getting bigger and better
all the time though ! but this mag needs
more support for euros ! as we need this
spread like hell in order to make the   
charts !!  so please vote for this mag  
and spread it like hell..........       
VANDALISM NEWS                          
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
VENGEANCE in the year of insanity 1991 !


hello, hi and welcome to VANDALISM NEWS 
well the 3rd report is here, and so is  
the news and rumours section, ok if     
you have any news or rumours, send it   
to the address below, but remember if   
any news is wrong don't complain to us  
as we only print the shit:-             
VANDALISM NEWS                          
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
ok well lets hit it....                 
MYSTIC +TDU are in cracking co-op and   
have cracked many games already, see the
gamers guide9 only 1 crack but this time
there will be about 10 !                
MYSTIC gets a new member called:-       
PRIDE,he is a coder,artist and swapper! 
GHOSTBUSTER was kicked out of the mob   
so he quit the scene ! (lamer !)        
DRAGON/ex-BRUTAL joins REVENGE          
scene !                                 
STEVE/MYSTIC goes to amiga in december! 
CREATION has got a new mag coming out   
called:- FORM                           
EXTASY is dead, most of the members join
the new VICTIMS, also ALDOF and DR.COOL 
of CENSOR, and most of DYNAMIX joined   
them !                                  
DYNAMIX is dead !                       
PARAMOUNT is dead, STING,MANIAC and one 
or two more joined TALENT               
DUKE left IKARI AND TALENT to join the  
RCS and TRIX left BONZAI, RCS joined    
IKARI, and TRIX joined the danish group 
called:- CONIC                          
PARONIOD joined TRIUMWYRAT              
HRH/TRIUMWYRAT left the scene he will   
buy an amiga soon !                     
HYSTERIC gets their first board in the  
u.s.a., its called:- FUCK THA' POLICE   
april VENLO was the best in 2 years !   
TUAREG/ex-BRONX joined CLIQUE, now      
bronx is fully dead !                   
ABYSS CONECTION will release in june    
or july thier first game called:-       
BLACK PANTHER !                         
SYSTEM DESIGN is dead, ROLF changed his 
handle into CASCAY STUDIO and joined:-  
THE ABYSS CONECTION                     
JADETIGER sux sweat of cows balls ! by  
TDU may release a serious mag(can it be)
as well as WEIRD CRUD, but nothing is   
final yet the editors would be ICEMAN   
and 8-BALL !                            
TDU are coding thier '1 year demo'called
'TDU JUBILEE' ready for release in      
august !                                
GRUMP/TDU quit the scene and went to    
the land called:- LAMIGA !              
as rumours have said !                  
PLKS wont close !!                      
BLACKOUT/CHROME is fully back on the    
scene and wants about 40+ more contax ! 
M.C.STYLE is back on the scene he has   
written to old enemys and asked to be   
forgiven, he changed his handle into    
SCOPE and started a new group called:-  
QDF !                                   
PHANTOM/CHROME joined QDF !             
BONZAI might die as all the members     
seem to be joining:- CONIC              
theres a new euro group on the scene    
called:- XZESS                          
MYSTIC will release a mega demo in a    
couple of months it will be called:-    
member will do something on it !!       
CHROME joined the federation against    
JADETIGER !                             
FEDERATION STATUS:-                     
THE FORCE                               
SWEET TOOTH/MYSTIC is back on the scene,
he is a joint hq with VENGEANCE now !   
TRUSE and TRISONIC have quit CLIQUE,    
and joined NEC/NEI                      
rumour has it that TRISONIC ripped a    
IKON VISUAL scroller, and when IKV      
rang him he said isn't that the only way
to code ! but he says this is bullshit  
MENACE/ex-MYSTIC ripped it, and said    
he did everything (MENACE is now BLAZE  
of TDU)                                 
sum lame asshole in AUSTRALIA wrote sum 
people and said he was in MYSTIC, he    
wrote to STICKMAN/TDU and asked to swap 
(thanx for telling me STIGZ) now i can't
remember his name but this is MYSTIC    
to you, tell him to fuck off and DIE !  
VENGEANCE-hq,swapper,magazine editor    
SWEET TOOTH-hq,coder,swapper,graffix,zax
MAXELL-coder,swapper,sum graffix        
PSYCHO-coder,little swap                
INSANE-kick ass graffix !               
ROTOR-coder,sum swap !                  
AKIRA-code,sum swap,music               
FLAME-swapping,cool graffix             
PRIDE-coder,swapper,graffix,sum music!  
ok get tha' point !!!                   
MYSTIC needs more coders !!!            
DMI/OVERKILL joined the new built       
group:- ACRISE                          
GRYZOR/PAIN sold his amiga and is now   
100% on c=64 !!                         
TLS will release a demo called:-        
'DEADLINE - ONE YEAR OF TLS'            
BUZZER/TPF changed his handle to:-      
RATFINK/CLIQUE joined mad (old news)    
ORPHEUS/MYSTIC is back on the scene and 
has rejoined his old crew:- MAD         
MAD is back and it looks like kick'n !  
DEVASTATOR/CHROME is coding a mega demo 
featuring somethings never seen in oz   
before ! (cool or what?)                
RATFINK/MAD is also coding a mega demo  
which is said to go beyond australian   
limits !                                
JAGUAR is back on the scene but in no   
group because he has been in so many    
before and is coding for himself !      
(ED.huh? i thought he was back in MAD?) 
and RATFINK/MAD were going to form a    
design group. COPY CAT and SLEDGE were  
going to do the graffix, while the      
DEVASTATOR and RATFINK, were going to   
code, they all meet one friday to decide
a new, a game, the style of game,etc but
then they decided that it would be to   
hard to do, not the coding and graffix  
but finding the time to do it as they   
all swap and 3 out oft the 4 are in     
year 12 !                               
RATFINK/MAD has got a brother called:-  
ORRY who is learning to code, and he    
has now joined CHROME (ED.this guy draws
nice diskcovers !)                      
COPY CAT had a phone call from a contact
in N.S.W. (COPY CAT lives in victoria)  
his contact told him that the phone call
had been phreaked and said that it did  
not cost anything because he had        
properly phreaked the call as usual     
with phreaking he told the operator     
that he had troubles getting through.   
the following day  a lamercom (TELECOM) 
fix it man came around to look at       
COPY CAT'S phone. nothing was found to  
be wrong. COPY CATS contact had somehow 
phreaked the phone call from his own    
house.COPY CAT and his contact were     
talking for more than an hour and       
COPY CAT can't wait to see the contacts 
phone bill as he didn't realise that the
phone call wasn't at all phreaked !     
no names are mentioned, because of      
embarressment (ED.hey an hour phone call
will cost ya about 20$ nothing more     
really, as i know coz i have had a huge 
fuck'n phonebill $1000+ and the other   
night i reversed a call for STICKMAN    
of TDU and it cost around $50 for 3hours
so don't worry to much just don't make  
many more calls !)                      
RATFINK/MAD has stopped swapping !      
COPY CAT got asked to join CRAETION but 
refused, ( many people have given 
you offers you have refussed? looks     
like ya wanna get into a pretty cool    
crew? go for it dude! and thanx for     
sending me this shit load of news !)    
SPECTRE/CHROME stopped swapping !       
ANTHRAX/CHROME may have to slow down for
a while becoz he is back at work !!     
 ok well thats it for the this issue    
not as much news as last time but more  
people sent news? its funny huh??       
ok write to the following addy to       
send us news, etc:-                     
VANDALISM NEWS                          
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
and thats it, sum mega thanx must go to 
COPYCAT for sending me soooo much news  
thanx dude !! ok guyz load up another   
chapter now as this is finished !!      
VENGEANCE in the year of INSANITY 1991!!


yoooooo! welcome to the interviews for  
issue#003 of VANDALISM NEWS, this time i
got 2 interviews conducted by WITTY of  
CLIQUE, i have to give this guy mega    
thanx for getting them, as this time i  
have had no time to get interviews !    
although next time i will conduct an    
interview with DUKE/DOMINATORS, and also
proberly BUCCANEER/ex-WOT.once again    
thanx to WITTY for getting the interview
thanx dude !! the 2 interviews conducted
by WITTY are with:- ARGOS/OREGON and    
LEAD/SENSE DESIGNS, ok lets start with  
V-is us !                               
A-is ARGOS/OREGON                       
V-what is your handle??                 
A-my handle is ARGOS                    
V-how did you get this name?            
A-a long time ago than i was a member   
from a group called:-SOILDERS OF THE    
CRUSING SUN my old handle was POPULOUS  
after SCS died i became an offer to join
DIGITECH the only thing i have to do was
change my name.after some time of       
thinking about a new handle for me i    
came to the name ARGOS coz it sound     
really cool !                           
V-what is you group name?               
A-my group name is OREGON               
V-how old are you?                      
A-my age is 21                          
V-do you have a girlfriend?             
A-not at the moment if you read this i  
will have one !                         
V-what are you favorite:-               
MAGS:mamba,corruption,brutal recall     
DRINKS:beer,coke,with bacardi,wine      
FOODS:steak,french fries all you can eat
GROUPS:crest,triad,hitmen,ikari + talent
GRAFFIX:lyte/security,bizzmo,gotcha, and
the sagre                               
MUSICIANS:vibrants,dos,audial arts      
V]if you could make a new group and     
could get anyone to join who would you  
A-if i make a new would i would ask the 
following to join:-                     
and some other cool guyz who are good at
one thing !                             
V-suppose you had you own plane and     
could go anywhere who would you see?    
A-if i had my own plane you would see me
in australia and the states!            
V-have you scene much from australian   
scene before?                           
A-of course i have seen much from the   
australian scene i can remember me that 
i have seen alot of stuff from:-        
TERA,also some stuff from OXYGEN,MYSTIC,
and IKON overall the australia
scene isn't so bad as some guyz told it!
V-how do you think the 64 scene could   
A-the scene could only improve when     
there are not so much wars in's
necessary to kick out all the shit-     
talkers and rippers from the scene i    
will tell here no names but everyone    
knows who is mean                       
V-do you have any hobbies?              
A-yes i like to go out with friends,    
reading and of course my computer!      
V-what do you like and hate about       
disk mags?                              
A-i like on the diskmags mainly the:-   
news,charts,addys, and the interview the
only thing i hate is the reactions      
because most of the guyz try to creap   
into the ass of the editor !            
V-what do you think is the best group   
ever built?                             
A-this is really difficult to answer    
because there are more than one group   
to get this my opinion there  
are these groups:-triad,genesis,hitmen, 
nec and esi                             
V-do you look up to any people on the   
A-no i look not up to any people in the 
V-do you want to throw out some hellos  
to your friends?                        
A-yeah here are some hellos to my friend
in the scene.hi and hello goes to:      
techno/compagnions,gorbi/duplex,kid the 
runner+lyte+tbn+cmi/secruity,lead and   
helter skelter/vile,duke/dominators,    
and to you WITTY,and to all members of  
V-how many contax does your group have? 
A-i don't know yet becoz i have not seen
a greetz list from butch,i have70 contax
i think that butch have the same amount 
of contax so we can say that we swap    
with 130-150 contax !                   
V-did you like this interview?          
A-yes it was really funny !             
V-any last words?                       
A-see'ya witty if i get my plane !      
ahhhhh! finally typed out all that text,
ok VENGEANCe here again we are about to 
start the second interview, yet again   
thanx to WITTY for it ! ok i had to     
remove one of the questions from both of
the interviews as it said:-have you ever
seen this mag before, you see the       
interviews where originally done for    
CRISIS ! and they may/may not of seen   
this mag, i don't know !! ok on to the  
2nd interview with LEAD/SENSE !         
V-is us !!                              
L-is LEAD/SENSE                         
V-what is your handle ?                 
L-my handle is 'LEAD'                   
V-how did you come up with this name?   
L-i got this name from SHEZ/HOUSE       
because i just entered the scene and    
needed one.i first thought of 'ZEN' but 
that wasn't original enough !           
V-what is your group name?              
L-my group name is SENSE DESIGNS        
V-how old are you?                      
L-my current age is 17 but on 18th of   
june i become 18 !                      
V-do you have a girlfriend?             
L-yes i have a girlfriend.she is called:
ginny !                                 
V-what are your favorite:-              
DISKMAG:bad news                        
CODER:shez/house design                 
DRINK:coca cola classic                 
FOOD:patat/fried chicken                
GROUP:house designs                     
POP-GROUP:pet shop boys                 
MUSIC TAPE:tdk sa-x go                  
V-if you could make a new group and     
could get anyone to join, who would you 
L-if i could make a new group i would   
only ask some sense members and house   
members to join because i like sense    
very much in the way it is now.i know   
each member personally and get along    
with them very well !                   
V-suppose you had your own plane and    
could go anywhere who would you see?    
L-if i own my own plane i should go and 
visit my contax in australia and my     
contax in new zealand, because the      
country looks like great fun to me !    
V-have you seen much from the australian
L-i have seen much from the australian  
scene because i swap with much aussies! 
V-how do you think the 64 scene could   
L-i think that the scene could be       
imporved by releasing more demos and    
less magazines,there also should be kept
more partys !                           
V-do you have any hobbys?               
L-no i don't have hobbys                
V-what do you like and hate about disk  
L-i like the intros and the news section
in mags.i hate all those lame charts    
because they (i think) are all set-up!  
V-what is the best group ever built?    
L-i think the best group ever built were
THE NEW FRONTIERS!                      
V-do you look up to anyone on the scene?
L-no !                                  
V-do you want to throw out some heelos  
to your friends?                        
L-yes, greets go to mario v.zeist       
lorrense v/d donk/percy bruning lim     
marco and michel                        
V-hopow may contax does your group have?
L-SENSE DESIGNS has got about 250 contax
V-did you like this interview?          
L-yes i liked it much, tanx dudes.      
V-any last words?                       
L-last words?? all dutch   
contax hope to meet in utrecht or venlo 
and greetings to all aussie contact.    
especialy to 8-ball and stickman both   
tdu !                                   
ok that ends the interviews once again, 
hope you enjoyed the chapter, load a    
differn't chapter now !! ok dudez, if   
ya wanna be interviewed, (please sum    
famous guyz) write to:-                 
VANDALISM NEWS                          
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
later dudez....                         


 yooooo! here comes da mother fucking   
 charts....yeeeaaaaaah! ok as always    
 not many voters only 19 this time but  
 i will admit that MYSTIC is getting a  
 very good name for its self i think    
 coz heaps more people are sending in!  
 so this time i brought in a 15 point   
 max, if you got 15 points your in the  
 charts WE DON'T CHEAT THE CHARTS and   
 NEVER will ! becoz MYSTIC is getting   
 high place is becoz of australians not 
 europeans ! send votes to:-            
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 lets kick it....                       
  CRACKER GROUPS:-                      
  1.IKARI AND TALENT   (160)            
  2.genesis project    (150)            
  3.legend             (106)            
  4.dominators          (90)            
  5.hitmen              (65)            
  6.illusion            (51)            
  7.bonzai              (49)            
  8.triad               (39)            
  9.censor              (31)            
 10.victims             (29)            
 11.hysteric            (25)            
 12.light               (23)                 (18)            
 14.f4cg                (16)            
    fairlight           (16)            
  DEMO GROUPS:-                         
  1.CREST          (170)                
  2.bonzai         (128)                
  3.triad           (89)                
  4.horizon         (63)                
  5.genesis project (60)                
    flash inc.      (60)                
  6.padua           (56)                
  7.censor design   (47)                
  8.megastyle inc.  (46)                
  9.light           (42)                
 10.beyond force    (35)         mail      (29)                
    origo           (29)                
 12.cosmos designs  (19)                
 13.powers of pain  (15)                
  WORLD SWAPPERS:-                      
  2.moron/paradize               (81)   
  3.slaine/house designs         (53)   
  4.remix/clique                 (46)   
  5.deathstralker/x-rated        (31)   
  6.morris/cross                 (27)   
    brego/tristar + redsector    (27)   
    snacky/genesis project       (27)   
  7.beat/topaz                   (20)   
  8.razy/ikari and talent        (16)   
    darwin/prestige              (16)   
  9.boa/role                     (15)   
 SINGLE CRACKERS:-                      
 1.SNACKY/GENESIS PROJECT  (158)        
 2.doc/ikari and talent    (110)        
 3.bod/ikari and talent     (86)        
 4.powerplant/legend        (67)        
 5.sauron/illusion          (46)        
 6.rockstar/victims         (39)        
 7.dexter/x-factor          (16)        
 8.nme/dominators           (15)        
   goblin/genesis project   (15)        
   justice/ikari and talent (15)        
   punisher/genesis project (15)        
   psychobilly/hysteric     (15)        
 SNACKY STILL NUMERO UNO !              
  WORLD CODERS:-                        
  1.CROSSBOW/CREST       (144)          
  2.kjer/horizon         (108)          
  3.zodiac/flash inc.     (61)          
  4.scroll/megastyle inc. (53)          
  5.lubber/padua          (36)          
  6.flamingo/light        (35)             (34)    project   (30)          
  9.walt/bonzai           (20)          
 10.magic man/???         (16)          
    sam/beyond force      (16)          
 CROSSBOW AS ALWAYS...                  
 WORLD GRAFFIX:-                        
 1.GOTCHA/BYTERIDERS     (114)          
 2.bizzmo/genesis project(106)          
 3.redstar/logic          (79)          
 4.scrap/genesis project  (51)          
 5.chorus/triad           (47)           (45)          
 7.the sarge/fairlight    (38)          
 8.wilson/triad           (26)          
 9.electric/extend        (15)          
 DESEVRES HIGHER !!                     
 WORLD MAGAZINES:-                      
 1.MAMBA           (84)                 
 2.corruption      (67)                 
 3.brutal recall   (45)                 
 4.rock 'n' role   (38)                 
 5.script          (33)                 
 6.bitmania        (29)                 
 7.gamers guide    (21)          style      (17)                 
 9.smooth criminal (16)                 
 MAMBA RAINS AS VICTOR...               
  AUSTRALIAN GROUPS:-                   
  2.mystic                   (128)      
  3.ikon visual              (124)                   (102)      
  5.clique                    (77)      
  6.the force                 (73)      
  7.battery                   (64)      
  8.creation                  (61)      
  9.asguard                   (29)      
 10.exceed                    (28)      
 11.mad                       (16)      
 CLIMBING !!!                           
  AUSTRALIAN SWAPPERS:-                 
  1.ANTHRAX/CHROME     (68)             
  2.witty/clique       (66)             
  3.vengeance/mystic   (64)             
  4.8-ball/tdu         (46)             
  5.truse/nec/nei      (44)             
  6.maxell/mystic      (33)             
  7.iceman/tdu         (31)             
  8.razor/the force    (26)             
  9.ratfink/mad        (22)             
 10.blackout/chrome    (19)             
 11.slash/tdu          (18)             
 12.shogun/battery     (16)             
    heavyweight/chrome (16)             
    druid/creation     (16)             
 13.punk x/amazon      (15)             

  AUSTRALIAN CODERS:-                   
  1.MADHACKER/IKON VISUAL  (102)        
  2.psycho/mystic           (87)        
  3.iceman/tdu              (81)        
  4.trisconic/nec/nei       (52)        
  5.ratfink/mad             (51)        
  6.slash/tdu               (35)        
  7.devastator/chrome       (27)        
  8.tbh/tdu                 (25)        
  9.druid/creation          (19)        
 10.nigga/amazon            (18)        
 MADHACKER AGAIN WINS !                 
 AUSTRALIAN GRAFFIX:-                   
 1.MADHACKER/IKON VISUAL  (87)          
 2.insane/mystic          (73)          
 3.dan/tdu                (49)          
 4.atmos/mystic           (43)          
 5.witty/clique           (40)          
 6.iceman/tdu             (33)          
 7.pirnha/chrome          (31)          
 8.dead battery/tdu       (27)          
 9.sacred/the force       (25)          
 MADHACKER AGAIN....                    
 AUSTRALIAN MAGAZINES:-                 
 1.VANDALISM NEWS   (59)                
 2.reason 4 treason (57)                
 3.wanted           (49)                
 4.static           (48)                
 5.crisis           (42)                
 6.weird crud       (27)                
 CRISIS DESERVES HIGHER !               
  1.THE DIGTAL UNDERGROUND  (95)                   (83)        
  3.mystic                  (76)        
  4.the force               (43)        
    battery                 (43)        
  5.ikon visual             (35)        
  6.creation                (34)        
  7.asguard                 (28)        
  8.clique                  (21)        
  9.qcf                     (18)        
 10.mad                     (16)        
 TDU THE WINNERS...                     
 1.ELLE MACPHERSON    (125)      bassinger      (104)             
 3.julia roberts       (68)             
 4.maddonna            (47)             
 5.dannii miniogue     (35)             
 6.michelle phifer     (30)             
 7.baywatch girls      (29)             
   palua abdul         (29)             
 8.sam fox             (22)             
 9.rebeckha elmaloglou (15)             
 what a cool chart !!                   
  thats it for this time, please fill   
 in votesheets properly ! and herez     
 the addy:-                             
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 don't forget to vote....               


 ho ho ho, herez fuck'n VENGEANCE with  
 my favorite chapter.......CONTAX...... 
 therez no so many eupo addys this      
 time, mainly australian addys, but     
 still quite a few euros, if ya want    
 yer addy printed:-                     
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 send news or votes...                  
 lets kick it....                       
 LONE WOLF/QCF                          
 X.X. XXX XXX                           
 XXXXXXXXXXX XXX                        
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 XX XXXXXX XXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXXXX X.X.X                        
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
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anything goes

 yo, hello and hi herez another chapter 
 of ANYHTNING GOES, ok issue 3 is here  
 on your screen and once again it kicks 
 ok i review a few AUSTRALIAN magazines 
 this time i only review:-              
 REASON 4 TREASON                       
 next time i will probably review:-     
 static,code mag,and sum otherz....     
 ok lets start by reviewing REASON 4    
 TREASON, now this is my personal       
 opinion of the mag so i hope no one    
 gets fucked off reading this chapter!  
 ok wank your dick dudez...             
 REASON 4 TREASON:-                     
 editor-punk x                          
 group-ikon visual                      
 this was done on issues 3 and 4, issue 
 5 is on the way and will be done by    
 (coded) NIGGA, ok in issue 3 they used 
 just an IKON VISUAL intro, but in      
 issue 4 they coded one for the mag it- 
 self, the menu is always new, which is 
 what makes this mag so good, always    
 new news, etc, they spend alot time    
 in making this magazine so groups      
 always think IKV are in a slump !!!!!! 
 this in my opinion is one of the       
 better scene mags, it even makes some  
 european charts, (like this one hope-  
 fully will) by far this is the best    
 aussie mag but becoz of the slow       
 releasing of this sum people don't     
 think so ! they have a B.B.S. in the   
 mag itself which is a totally wiked    
 and original idea !! if i had to give  
 this mag a mark out of 10 i'd give it: 
 9.7 out of 10                          
 it kicks and thats all i can say !!!!! 
 ok on to CRISIS:-                      
 this mag has been around many groups ! 
 they include:- MYSTIC :yes we were the 
 original owners of this until TRISONIC 
 let us, BRONX:-now dead as we know,    
 but you would it would be now a CLIQUE 
 mag wrong !! its now NEC/NEI, but many 
 people think the charts are very badly 
 cheated !! i mean BRONX was at the top 
 in almost everything ! i can't say any 
 thing on this for the reasons:-i don't 
 wanna start a war, and its none of my  
 bussiness ! al i can say is when this  
 mag was a MYSTIC production,the charts 
 were not cheated !! from there on in   
 i don't know a thing though ! ok, they 
 don't have a intro for this mag they   
 always just use a group intro !!!      
 the menu is quite cool  , although in  
 issue 2 the logos were drawn by ATMOS  
 of MYSTIC not SACRED of THE FORCE!     
 the loading time is good very fast !   
 but it would be better if the menu     
 didn't have to be reloaded, it could   
 just stay in memory ! according to the 
 guyz in TDU therez heaps os spelling   
 mistakes though !! if i had to rate    
 it out of ten:-                        
 7.2 out of 10 !                        
 now on to the magzine:-                
 ok this magazine is by BATTERY, but i  
 must say something which is pissing me 
 off, they always use the SAME fucking  
 INTRO! i'm sick of that battery intro  
 please code another fellas, it would   
 look better with an intro for the mag  
 itself !! ok other than that lets go   
 on, now i looked at the MENU its an ok 
 set up, but the logos, and the colour  
 flash going through the chapter names  
 looks shit, the bottom flash up looks  
 cool, but they need to fix the menu a  
 bit before releasing issue#2 they need 
 new graffix for this also ! cool ones! 
 now after seeing the menu i thought    
 here comes a very lame text displayer, 
 well i was wrong the text displayer is 
 ultimately coooool, apart from the     
 joystick controling is a little to     
 fast ! but other than that the layout  
 this mag has ability to kick ass in    
 the scene but first they need a new    
 menu ! note to BATTERY:-sorry guyz i'm 
 not kick'n at wr or nothing but the    
 menu needs changing as sum people will 
 load it a reset before loading a       
 chapter ! this is to give you an idea  
 how to fix it and improve it ! not to  
 gove you guyz a lame rep !, ok there   
 wasn't much text in this the first     
 issue ! but this can only improve, i   
 mean having only 3 voters is a little  
 bit small, shit i thought only 11 was  
 hardly any ! now the reason for the    
 charts being so lame i suppose is that 
 JADE TIGER got numbetr 1 swapper !!!   
 and hes a lamer !! he can't do nothing 
 and he wanks his stick all night long! 
 but after getting more voters and news 
 senders the mag will fully improve, as 
 it has mega ability !! i think that    
 this mag will be in the top 3 ozzie    
 mags sooner or later....out of 10:-    
 5.4 out of 10, (points taken off for   
 the menu !) ok well there i just       
 reviewed 3 mags, i hope you enjoyed    
 reading that !!! by now all of you     
 should know that, MYSTIC + TDU are in  
 a cracking co-op which is going well!  
 now we (both groups) need sum mega     
 original suppliers write to one of the 
 addys in the contax section if you are 
 an original supplier and would either  
 like to join us or will send us sum    
 originals !! and wanna swap !! well    
 sum people already have the wrong idea 
 that us and TDU are in full co-op,     
 wrong, we are only in a cracking co-op 
 as both groups have sum good originals 
 coming in most of the time !!! but we  
 have had a co-op by SLASH/TDU and      
 MAXELL/MYSTIC and therez is also one   
 coming out by PSYCHO/MYSTIC and ICEMAN 
 of TDU these were planned before our   
 co-op, and thats that ! the co-op      
 just happend, becoz us and TDU are     
 really good friends and this is a      
 warning to anyone that says anything   
 about either group, the group not      
 involed will also retaliate ! ok,thats 
 it for another chapter, and another    
 part of this mag bite the dust !!!     
 ANYTHING GOES is a trademark of :-     
 was made by the ideas of:-             
 later dudez....                        

coding help

yo dudes, i had a request from one of   
the many up and rising new coder on the 
aussie scene, asking how to put raster- 
colours behind a logo, and still swing  
it smoothly...                          
well dude, i will now try to explain    
the best i can, how to over come the    
problem of anti-smooth swings...        
firstly, after your interupts are all   
set, and working fine, you must do some-
thing like this...                      
.a $1000 lda $d012                      
    1003 cmp #$30                       
    1005 bne $1000                      
    1007 lda $20                        
    1009 sta $d016                      
    100c jsr raster-colours             
    100f jsr swing routine              
    1012 jmp $ea81                      
    RASTER-COLOUR ROUTINE:              
    this must be at $40 in $d012...     
    or else the logo will flicker to    
    shit, cause you're out'a rastertime!
    eg. if your line $1003 says:        
    cmp #$80                            
    then you should put your rasters at 
    about $90... ok ???                 
    you can have them closer, but you   
    will have to time it right...       
    SWING ROUTINE:                      
    all i have to say about this is that
    i assumed that you would be         
    storing the $d016 data in $20 !!!   
    so if you use a different variable, 
    dont forget to change line $1007    
    hope this has made it a bit easier  
    for you dude...                     
                         yours psycho.  


 ahhhhh! THE REACTIONS section again,   
 again people are lazying in sending    
 reactions ! why is this???? please     
 send us reactions, it helps us to fix  
 our magazine !! so please send in      
 reactions to:-                         
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 ok wank your dick until you blow man.. 
 going jerk jerk jerk jerk....          
 probably the best mag in australia     
 monthly that is ! SACRED/THE FORCE     
 yes well other than being monthly i    
 think VANDALISM probably is the best   
 as well, as it always has heaps of     
 text (apart from first issue) and      
 the logos are cool so is the coding !  
 cool mag, cool coding+text, would have 
 to be the best and most freqent mag in 
 australia, keep up the cool work       
 from SLASH/TDU                         
 thanx slash, nice to know that but     
 what do you think of the graffix???    
 congrats on issue#2, everything was    
 better than issue#1. more text, better 
 loader, cool music everything is cool! 
 keep it up ! ICEMAN/TDU !              
 yo! give it to the ICEMAN ? the master 
 plan?? ok shit attempt at rap there,   
 yeah dude ! i'll agree with all of     
 there isn't as much text this time but 
 i hope you still enjoy da mag !! and   
 we also didn't change the NEWS logo    
 but the VANDALISM logo fuck'n kicks    
 don't ya think ??? VENGEANCE....       
 yo! MYSTICAL MINDBENDERS cooool is the 
 word and the word runs with your cool  
 new magazine, farout i thought you     
 guyz were good, but not this good !!   
 if you do any better you'd be called   
 superhuman or something from :-        
 AL CAPONE/THE MOB                      
 thanx mat, hows your group going???    
 good i hope, i here your gett'n contax 
 from having your addy in this mag !    
 well done, i know your a bog fan of    
 this mag and always send votes thanx!  
 wow, what a cool mag, really cool      
 design and code but insert a fast      
 loaderthe time is toooo long !         
 but BITMANIA RULZ signed PER/ABYSS     
 thanx dude, now you must relise that   
 per and i had a delay between packs    
 so his reaction arrived late, and the  
 loader was fixed last time, other than 
 that i'll agree BITMANIA does rule,    
 its the best mag i've every read i     
 think it should be in the charts in    
 lotsa mags !! VENGEANCE...             
 and thats it, fuck'n hell theres sum   
 lazy people out there get of your fat  
 ass and send us reactions, and while   
 your there don't forget to send news,  
 and votes as well ! ok of to write     
 the editorial and payback time.....    

payback time

ok welcome to PAYBACK TIME, ok first    
before anything else, i have done a     
report in this chapter, on who people   
think are lame and cool on the aussie   
scene, now this is what people talk     
to me about, i will not give out any    
names for this chapter on who informed  
me on this shit, so if anyone gets cut  
don't come to ask me !! ok lets start:  
well cool is a word many australians use
and pretend to be, but the fact is that 
not even half on the australian scene   
really is cool, there are many lamers,  
but there are also many cool dudez, now 
sum people may think that groups like   
EXCEED or THE MOB for example are lame  
with no working members, etc but lots   
of the members in these crews are kick  
ass ! but becoz they have no coders,    
they are a lame group ! well how come   
other australians do this, for example  
JADETIGER rips the shit outta almost    
everyone, and many becoz he thinks he   
is ultimate, well i remember a time when
he was in TGK which was an ok group but 
with no coders really ! and he then     
only swapped ! and he was very very lame
at swapp'n and now he slags off everyone
now this pisses me off, why can he do   
this, when he couldn't code, draw, or   
do tunes, he was like this and now becoz
he thinks hes alot better which he isn't
i might add ! they are lamers, hmmm.... 
the fact of the matter is that he is a  
dickhead and it doesn't matter to him   
well i think personally we should help  
those australian guyz who aren't as good
as sum of us, as we need to be a kick   
ass country, at the moment we are half  
way there and euros are sitting up and  
taking notice of our works !! only      
once before as the australian scene been
like this but then it was better and    
then there was 3 majour groups who did  
sum butt kick'n they were:-             
WOT, TERA, and THE FORCE they were all  
active then !! and had kick'n coders    
swappers, and grafficians, sum of the   
more known guyz back then were:-        
matt/tera, colwyn/tf, ziggy/tf,         
elminator/tera, deviet/wot, brady/wot,  
buccaneer/wot, hex hacker/tera,         
and sum other in the force, who i can't 
remember the names of now sum of these  
guyz are back eg.matt/tera(now ikv),    
buccaneer/wot, brady/wot, ziggy/tfm     
colwyn/tf, the main acytive guyz now are
the 2 force members, and buccaneer !    
but they aren't as good as they were    
now so its up to all australians to help
each other and become as good as we were
once before, so we can kick ass !       
IKON VISUAL have now got the ability    
to do this, and are ! they have not     
one lame member ! and all cool coders,  
they have sum x-tera members, and sum   
other new and cool dudez ! anyway i'm   
straying from the point, people in oz   
think that these people are lame for sum
JADE TIGER..............................
THE WOTH/CHROME.........................
CRESENT HAWK............................
and sum other well i know why they      
think JADE TIGER is lame and thats becoz
of his bigheaded attitude ! but why is  
they are both good swappers, people say 
that THE WOTH is lame becoz of being    
friends with JADETIGER, and becoz in    
all his first letters he called people  
sons of bitchs? and BLACKOUT is lame    
becoz they think he hasn't got all the  
contax he say he does !! i swap with    
both these guyz and i don't give a shit 
what anyone says they are cool and i    
personally don't think there lame !!!   
both of there warez are always fresh    
and they both send like megafast they   
may not be as good as sum i swap with   
but the other i swap with are people    
with heaps cool contax etc !!           
cresent hawk, contra and swift i don't  
know shit about all i know is that they 
both sent me letters asking to swap i   
sent swift wrote again and said he'd    
send soon but never did, and contra     
i sent a disk up to and he never replied
after that ! now about TRISONIC well    
the reason for this is that people      
think he hates australia ! i read the   
scroll text on TURBO 2 and i thought    
the same thing until i read the scroll  
text on the intro to CRISIS 2 and then  
i knew what he was coming at he wants   
australia to become very good but the   
only way he can see us at the moment is 
lame becoz no one is doing anything !!  
another reason for this is people say   
he ripps code, (see news + rumours)     
now i've been told by sum people that   
sum assholes think that me and PSYCHO   
are lame, now there was a rumour that   
PSYCHO ripped code, and that was utter  
crap !! and for me all i know is people 
were saying behind my back MYSTIC will  
die now that VENGEANCE is hq ! well that
was wrong in its own right i built MTC  
up even better ! with heaps of new and  
mainly cool members i also let sum dudez
join who sum might call lamers, but     
these guyz have ability ! anyway fuck   
you if you think that mr.VENGEANCE is   
lame !! i don't think i am !!!!!!!!!    
anyway if you haven't got the point by  
now theres something wrong !! so come   
on support australia don't fuck us off! 
ok now on to something a little differnt
an abuse letter to my friend JADE TIGER 
that fuck'n lamer !!!!!                 
ok lets get this party moven'           
hey warren you were a good buddy before 
just bcecause i rang you from sydney    
international airport just before i left
for europe to tell you to get an amiga  
or to be dropped gives you any reason to
be pissed off, just because i now live  
in europe doesn't mean i'm a dickweed,  
you are just jealous well unfortunally  
i will be back in australia until the   
start of the european school year       
(september) then i will probably go off 
the 64. also since you seem to know     
so much cool german i was going to      
write you a message in german but becoz 
this is an oz mag, english is the go !  
i bet you can't also speak croation,    
mecedonian and albanium can you? i'm    
also pretty good at chilitiza (thats    
the writing all the russians and other  
commo countrys use !). well i have not  
left the scene and expect a knock on yer
front door from me during these school  
holidays(australian) while i am here    
i won't to really get someone outta the 
way and your asking for it a hell of a  
lot. either send a personal apology to  
my australian home addy before the end  
of june or i kill you (literally) before
the end of july when i move back to     
europe, croatia to be pricise.well thats
all for now lamer !                     
signed: ROTOR/MYSTIC                    
note ROTOR may not move to europe now   
so contact him for hot swapp'n !!!!!    
ok thats it for this issue please send  
sum shit to this chapter or it may die! 
ok send to:-                            
VANDALISM NEWS                          
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
later dudez....                         


 well once again its the end, oh its    
 very sad i must say,its like the worst 
 thing thats like ever gone wrong to me 
 (fuck i like ED GRIMLY !) ok not to    
 fear VENGEANCE is here with sum good   
 news, we will be back next issue, with 
 sum mega hot shit, next time we will   
 BUCCANEER/WOT -if he agrees !!         
 ASLIVE/SECURITY -if he agrees !!       
 and also next time, there will be more 
 news + rumours, addys, reactions and   
 hopefully more voters !!!              
 this mag as now really picked up i     
 think soon, the world charts will      
 have a place for us, if you like this  
 magazine VOTE FOR IT !! we need you to 
 do this as me,psycho and insane work   
 very hard on getting this finished,    
 so we can get to the charts but we     
 never do ! why?? alot love this mag,   
 but why don't they vote 4 it !!not     
 to mention all the hard workers like:- 
 look what they do for the group !!     
 we do have a few lazy members at the   
 mo' but they will get their but into   
 gear pretty SOON i'm sure of that,     
 maybe a word to them from either me or 
 STOOTH wouldn't go a stray !!! you may 
 ask, what has PRIDE done?? heaps of    
 well herez your answer:-               
 A LOGO DISPLAY                         
 heaps of LOGOS                         
 A SUM DEMO PARTS for our new demo !!   
 alot more than what sum have done !!   
 anyway the 3rd report is over and time 
 to begin again a new issue, working    
 again ! fuck man, i hate this life,    
 it revoles around, school,scene, and   
 everything else i never get a chance   
 to stop and rest or bludge you may say 
 that is how come so oftem lately my    
 packs have been slow !!                
 anyway time to go, don't forget to     
 write to me at:-                       
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 also for a kick'n swp, and send us     
 originals please! only if you have     
 them, hey speaking of the charts and   
 stuff, if you swap with us please      
 fuck'n greet us ! shit that piss me    
 of, we swap with at least 170 groups,  
 and were lucky if 27 of them greet us! 
 ok l8r jadetiger h8r.....              
                    VENGEANCE/MYSTIC 91 

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