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hello and welcome to the first edition  
of the new and cool magazine called:    
            'VANDALISM NEWS'            
this mag will hopefully kick ! and get  
famous, if it doesn't then we will have 
to keep trying ! anyway if ya wanna get 
yer addy in this mag write to me,       
(VENGEANCE/MYSTIC) and send sum news    
votes, reactions etc, heres the addy:   
VANDALISM NEWS                          
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
in this issue, we have interviewed:     
but before i dribble anymore shit i     
better thanx the groups that helped out 
for this edition of VANDALISM NEWS,     
THANX GO TO:                            
bronx, wow, extreme, chrome, ikon visual
warriors of time,the mob,guardian angels
x large, role, abyss conection/exotic,  
unicum, dimension, tdu, castle, vivid,  
and all the others that i didn't mention
ok psycho wishes to give the credits and
shit now so i will hand over to him     
until my chapters, ok later dudes...    
yeeeeaaaahhhh ! boyes, here is PSYCHO   
also in this first edition of our cool  
mag...   anyhow, before i dribble too   
much shit, i thinks i should give out   
the credits for:                        
all coding.................psycho/mystic
4x4 char-set...............insane/mystic
menu music..........drax/vibrants/bonzai
main editor.............vengeance/mystic
sorry to any dude, that was forgotten in
those very rushed credits...            
well, if you or your group want anything
at all coded, then don't hesitate to    
contact me under:                       
XX XXXXX XXXXX                          
XXX XXXXX                               
XXXXXXXX (yeah!)                        
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
well dudes, as there is still heaps of  
stuff, like compacting and text editing,
cause the temporary text editor i rigged
up, kind of stuffed up, and decided to  
randomly place the text anywhere in     
memory, i had better go...              
life's a beach...                       
and then you drown !                    


hello, hi and welcome to the news and   
rumours section, of VANDALISM NEWS,     
thanx to all the dudez that sent in news
etc, we really needed, i know there is  
a lack of news in this issue but hope-  
fully next issue more than this will    
be in here, o if you like this mag, then
sned to:                                
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
ok vip's lets kick it...                
MYSTIC-got 2 new divisons, they are     
the DENMARK and HOLLAND divisons, that  
know gives us 4 divisons cooool!        
ex high pressure, joins MYSTIC          
SWEET TOOTH/MYSTIC house gets robbed,   
they took everything except his c-64    
either this is true or hes playing      
the biggest practical joke ever !       
PSYCHO of MYSTIC thinks that janelle    
is very sexy (go for it dude)           
VENGEANCE of MYSTIC is at war with 2    
these cunts are so fuck'n lame fuck the 
cunts ! they ripp !                     
a TNT party will be held in july-august 
in dublin ireland, people from NATO,    
G*P and SPARX will be going also some   
amiga dudez will be going !             
MADMIX/TNT is set to join ROLE          
CHAOS/TNT joined SPARX and changed his  
name to AZTEC, but he is still looking  
for an elite group to join !            
MPD is dead, DEATH STRALKER, and the    
BEACH TIGER joined WOW and JOY joined   
TRANS X is dead, STAR KILLER joined     
X-LARGE, and he also joined ROLE        
THE REAPER/ex-EXTREME joined TAT, as    
a mega swapper !                        
X-RATED got sum new members:            
COWABUNGA is now a X-RATED mag, but     
issue#3 will be the last issue !        
in VENLO/APRIL there'll be a new mag    
by X-RATED !                            
TAT release a new mag called"EMANUELLE" 
PURE is dead, TERMINATOR X and GRUMP    
joined TDU then TERMINATOR X went to    
amiga for good !                        
joined BRONX !                          
WCA/TDU changed his name to PRC         
HAWKEYE/BATTERY, got busted for stamps, 
so did DEB, and MAXELL/MYSTIC !         
TDU got a new coder, he is rumoured to  
be the best coder in TDU, his name is   
DEAD BATTERY !                          
PSYCHO has just said he thinks he is    
excellent, he is a LAIR                 
ok like i said there is a lack of news  
in this issue but i better go, more     
chapters to write later dudez, and send 
yer news NOW !                          


welcome to the interviews for this issue
this interview has been done with remix 
of bronx after a hell of lot swapping   
between me and remix, ok V-us R-remix   
this interview conducted by vengeance of
V-hi and introduce yourself !           
R-  yoo! i'm remix/bronx with the real  
name can yalcin (infact i have 2 other  
names, it comes out kaya haken can      
yalcin) i'm 19 years old i've got brown 
eyes and hair, i live in the capital    
city of turkey i'm most known with being
a crazy fan of maddona, everybody knows 
that !                                  
V-how long have you been on the scene?  
R-i've been on the scene for exactly 1  
year and 2 months (ED-now probably more)
i brought my 64 back in 85' and played  
games on it for 4 years (lame or what?) 
and finally in december 89' i started   
swapping now i play no games at all,    
except SYSTEM 3 games !                 
V-in which group were you before BRONX? 
R-my first group was the echo crew in   
fact i was the only member of this group
becoz all the other members were so lazy
after about 10 months, we merged with   
the other 2 famous turkish groups:      
zombie boys and pet shop boys and then  
cyclotron was born ! then cyclotron     
changed our name to bronx and i'm       
currently in this group !               
V-what is your job in bronx?            
R-my main job is swapping, but i also   
edit the bronx mag "cemetery news" i    
have an ability of drawing, but i'm to  
much bored with drawing,so i don't      
draw (ED-same with me dude, its boring  
,not that i can draw !)i used to draw   
lots of logos when i was in echo crew,  
but now the painting-side of my brain   
is lazy!! i'm trying to learn sum coding
but i think i'm not intelligent enough  
to learn it, heh he....                 
V-what are your activites of bronx?     
R-well, bronx is a large group with     
members from turkey,australia,germany   
and denmark.we once were in need of     
graphixers,but now we've got lots of    
cool graphixers, so i can easily say    
nothing can stop us now ! (ED-not even  
a nuclear war??) the bronx-germany                                            
is working on a anti-saddam hussein demo
also bronx turkey will release the real 
mega demo 'black magic'. in the 4th or  
5th issuse of cemetery new will have an 
new outfit, also bronx oz is working    
hard, lots of cool guys over there (ED- 
thanx i think oz is getting fuck'n cool)
so as a result:wait for bronx warez !   
V-which group would you like to be in if
not in bronx?                           
R-i belive that the main aim in being a 
group is getting the taste of group     
working, if i weren't in bronx, or in   
genesis project lets say,then i wouldn't
get the taste and pleasure,becoz i would
be the only member of genesis project   
in turkey! bronx is my favorite group,  
and i'm really proud of it !            
V-are you at war with anyone??          
R-oh no ! wars are really silly, peace  
rulz ! (ED-yeah fuck of saddamm hussein)
V-which group is the best in the world  
according to you?                       
R-well, lots of great groups are in the 
scene but i think genesis project should
be the most successful one, they crack  
great, make mega demos, they have good  
painters and musicians, so they have    
more than what a group needs !          
V-who are your best contax????? (me?)   
R-i'm in good relations with all my     
contax, but of course there are sum     
special ones like: morris of cross,whos 
my best and coolest contact, then moron 
of paradize is a real mega swapper and  
one of my best friends, also mace/secure
darwin/prestige and waca of light are   
my best contax (ED-not me ?? sinf sinf..
boooo hooooooooo!)                      
also all bronx members, in 3 continets  
are great friends !                     
what are your favorite: composers,singer
movie,song,food and tv shows?           
R-COMPOSER-guy schvitt/scs and drax of  
SINGER-do i have to say it? everybody   
knows its madonna ! but i also like     
mariah carey,jimmy somerville,pet shop  
boys,george micheal,snap(ED-YEAAAH!)etc 
MOVIE-nowdays:ghost,gremlins 2, and all 
starwars seris (ED-great taste dude!)   
SONG-all madonna and jimmy somerville   
(communards)songs,every thing except:   
ACID and METAL !!                       
FOOD-cheese burger and milkshake (ED-   
cool food,yum yum !)                    
TV SHOW-the twilight zone (ED-kick ass!)
V-& lastly did you enjoy this interview?
R-oh yes of course i did ! you aussies  
are really cool, come on and gain more  
euros contax and spread your warez      
better ! thanx for everything !!        
V-thats ok dude, nice talking to ya !   
we aussies do try to spread our stuff   
better but lots a euros consider oz lame
and don't give us a chance so any euros 
out there reading this, take me advice  
australia is cool, and don't forget it !
so we come to the second interview in   
this edition of VANDALISM this one is   
with ben/guardian angels, V is us and   
B is ben/g.a., this interview was       
conducted by vengeance/mystic ! and     
don't you forget it boyeeeeee!          
lets start:                             
V-hi and introduce yer self ?           
B-gidday, i'm ben of the guardian angels
and i'm 18 years old !                  
V-how long have you been on the scene?  
B-well, my fist time on the scene was in
1989 when i did hamlet, no, just kiddin'
i brought my c=64 in 1985, but i haven't
been in the scene for more than 2 years 
time, i think?                          
V-which groups were you in before the   
guardian angels?                        
B-i've only been in one group before    
the guardian angels, called 'absence of 
mind', since absence of mind was only a 
2 member group (mark and i) thing in    
aom didn't work out, so now i'm the     
guardian angels !                       
V-what are your jobs in guardian angels?
B-ok lets put it this way, when i do    
something in the guardian angels, i     
mostly draw, so i guess you can call me 
a grafician.                            
V-which group would you like to be in   
if not in the guardian angels?          
B-a life without the guardian angels is 
not a life at all,so i guess i'll stay  
in the guardian angels eh?              
V-are you at war with anyone?           
B-to be serious, no i'm not in war with 
anyone,but but i can assure you that    
saddam hussein is number 1 on my        
personal "dead poll" list !             
V-which group do you think are the best 
in the world?                           
B-hard question, really, since i've been
kinda, unactive for a while, there are  
a great deal of good groups, but i'm,   
not to judge em'                        
V-who do you think are the lamest in    
the world?                              
B-since i'm in no war with anyone, and  
do not want to either,i have no comments
as far as this matter in concerned.     
V-who are your best contax?             
B-well,lets see, the voice, vengeance of
mystic, druid of creation,and some other
dudes !                                 
V-what are you favorite: composers,     
singer, movie, song, food, and tv show? 
B-lets take em' in c-t order:           
-COMPOSER:my all time favorite is reyn  
ouwehand! but persons like 20cc, jeroen 
tel, and hithouse are good composers    
-FOOD:homemade meatballs with onion !   
-MOVIE:dances with the wolves was good, 
so was pretty woman, die hard 2 sucks!  
-SINGER:ever heard of julee cruise?     
she sings like an angel!(ED-a guardian  
angel?he he)(she also the singer on the 
twin peaks album)                       
-SONG:the entire album from the tv serie
the twin peaks !                        
-TV SHOW(ED-do i have to ask?)twin peaks
no doubt ! (ps.:if any of you guys out  
there in the scene haven't yet seen the 
twin peaks, then you life is worth      
nothing. its the best tv-serie ever made
david lynch & mark frost rulez!)        
V-do you have a girlfriend?             
B-pia ! shes the very best !!           
V-how did ya like the interview?        
B-yeah,great! but it still misses one   
thing:my favorite doings, so here it    
comes: bustin' iraqian arses,wacthing   
the twin"peaks, skipping school and     
last but not least, doing all kinda     
imagineable things to pia(ED-i like this
guy ! he he) no more,no less!           
ps.:agent cooper curvs coffee !         
V-thanx and later dude !                
B-bbfn vengeance !                      
V-by the way for those who don't know   
bbfn stands for bye bye for now !       
ok dudez, thats the interviews chapter  
for issue one of vandalism news, shit   
i feel proud to have completed issue 1  
wait for issue 2 it will have, even more
cool interviews, news, etc and probably 
sum new and cool chapters !             
ok chill out dudez....                  


 hi and welcome, VENGEANCE here becoz   
 we only had 11 people vote this month  
 there can only be a maxuim of 110      
 points for the winner, but becoz sum   
 people only vote for a few things you  
 must UNDERSTAND that sum groups and    
 people lost votes they could of had,   
 ok i'll start the charts now, but      
 send all yer votes to:                 
          VANDALISM NEWS                
          X XXXXXX XXXXXX               
          XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX             
          XXXXXXXXX XXXX                
 ok dudez wiggle the dickstick !        


 the CONTAX section, this issue only    
 people who gave me (VENGEANCE) news,   
 rumours, or voted ! plus all the addys 
 of the MYSTIC members, that i know !   
 ok for getting your addy in here send: 
 news+rumours, or votes to :            
           VANDALISM NEWS               
           X XXXXXX XXXXXX              
           XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX            
           XXXXXXXXX XXXX               
 ok now we better start to kick along,  
 so dudez hit it....                    

anything goes

 chapter i think? its called:           
 ANYTHING GOES! and its cooooooool !    
 in this chapter many things will go on 
 and it will NEVER have the same type   
 of thing in it UNLESS it is very very  
 important, this time to kick it off    
 in the first issue i (VENGEANCE) have  
 done sum group status on MYSTIC, maybe 
 next issue i will review sum groups    
 but soon time will tell, ok lets start 
 with what the future holds for MYSTIC  
 ok MYSTIC are going to change the      
 outfit of this mag, in the 5th issue   
 it should be bigger and better, it     
 just depends on all the responce we    
 get from the readers, and if they vote 
 for this mag, soon maybe we will enter 

coding help

 which is called: CODING HELP, of       
 course this issue nobody asked for     
 help, but if you want to have a        
 question answered about code then      
 send in to ROTOR and ask him for the   
 answer it will be answered in the next 
 issue by either him, or PSYCHO anyway  
 herez the addy:                        
    X.X.         or  XX XXXXX XXXXX     
 XXXX XXX            XXXXXXXXX XXXX     
 later: VENGEANCE/MYSTIC!               

our opinion

fuck-yeah, home-boys! mad-boy INSANE OF 
MYSTIC here to intro this chapter which 
features our opinions on:               
FUCKING ANYTHING!                       
so let's kick this shit off with my     
opinion on the AUSTRALIAN SCENE!        
FUCK'N KICKS!                           
ok, i think i'll let VENGEANCE talk now 
yooooo! VENGEANCE here, yes heres my    
fuck'n opinion on THE MOB, on a scale   
of 1-10 they don't make it ! ther're to 
lame, i think they should quit the scene
before they even release anything coz   
they just fucking shit pig shit...      
go PSYCHO:-                             
well, cause its so fuck'n close to      
midnight, i've only got one oppions at  
the mo... and that is sleep !   but oh  
no, we have to watch videos now, so i   
think i'll just grab a quick bit of     
sleep and dream about janelle...        
... no such luck, insane has just       
returned wit the video...  so my opinion
is fuck em !     i still gotta finish   
packing the mag, and then we gotta wire 
up 3 drive, and do some serious copying!
so i'm out'a here...                    

payback time

yeeeeaaaaahhh !  and welcome to this    
cool new chapter called PAYBACK TIME !  
this is the chapter, where you the      
pubic (!) can really abuse the shit     
out'a other crews and guys....          
we thought we would keep this stuff in  
its own chapter, cause otherwise some   
guys would complain about how sexist we 
are...   so now if you don't like this  
kind of abuse, then you don't have to   
load the chapter - do you ???           
anyhow, on with the show...             
first up we in mystic would like to     
abuse the shit out of THE MOB !         
you lame mother fuckerz !     hey man,  
what's the fuck'n idea of trying to take
over the ruling of tassy !?!?           
tassy's ours for the keeping, and if    
you wanna dominate, then you are gonna  
have to war for it...    we don't take  
lightly to people trying to steal our   
home turf !                             
hey CANNIBAL and GHOSTBUSTER, whats the 
idea of abusing my friend VENGEANCE ??? 
you guys had better watch it, next time 
you are walking through the mall...  you
might just be one of the next to get    
mugged !                                
now on to a very delicate matter, that  
has been the talking point of a few     
anonymous mags, like BAD NEWS...        
AUSTRALIA IS NOT LAME !                 
i can only think of one person in oz,   
that would agree with you... and that is
TRISONIC/BRONX (he he nathan !)         
australia is one of the coolest places  
in the world, and most people know it ! 
australia is really starting to pick up 
in the world of computer piracy, and    
this mag is only more proof...          
anyhow, australia is forming an alliance
to kill any crew that thinks australia  
is lame, so if you wish to join write to
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXX                           
XXXXXXXXX !                             
now for someone else that needs to be   
put in their place...  DEBRA STRONG !   
you stupid spud...   hey isn't it funny 
how you come in a powdered form...      
deb instant mash potato...              
ha ha !                                 
sorry for that lame shit above guys, but
it was just a lame personal joke...     
ha ha - you suck jill !                 
oh well, cause none of the other guys   
in the room wanna have a say, i will    
wrap the text... press space and read   
another chapter of this cool mag...     


 the last chapter of this ass kick'n    
 magazine well heres 2 of the 3 addys   
 i promissed, but i still can't find    
 boerans ! but here are THE CURE and    
 MAXELLS addresses:                     
 XX XXX XXX         +XXXXXXXXX XXX   +  
 XXXXX X.X.         +XXXXXXXXX XXXX  +  
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX     ++++++++++++++++++  
 there you have it ! ok next issue      
 there will be 2 more interviews        
 at this stage probably with :          

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