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 Preface                         General Editor : Duke
  Feel extremmely welcome to the first edition of The Pulse.
And do we have some action for you this month. Besides the
expected 1st-release chart written by Psychobilly, and the
Global Report put together with help from both Psychobilly and
Brego of RSI who has both joined The Pulse, and will be a very
strong addition to this magazine of the future indeed.
  All in all we hope of a successfull debut, and some good
reactions from everyone, and as many contributions from each
and everyone of you each month to make this magazine as good
as possible.                   

Here's a roundup of this months contents:
[1] Preface                Written by Duke
[2] Global Report          Written by Psychobilly
[3] Monthly Releases       Written by Duke
[4] Crossfire              Written by Duke
[5] The Blackboard         Written by Duke
[6] European Football      Written by Duke

There will probably be more/less contents from next month,
so don't get used to these contents.
Next month you can expect a brand new outfit. This outfit will
have to do till then, so If any bugs should occour, then please
wait with patience till you recieve the next issue of The Pulse
in the beginning of July.
Code      : Dr.Zivago
Graphics  : Dr.Zivago
Charset   : Duke
Music     : Johannes Bjerregaard
The Pulse is a trademark of Gridpoint Developments 1993...
If you wish to contribute to The Pulse, send any of the follow-
ing : News, Reports, Statements, Address, Reactions, to:
If you want to make sure that your contribution will reach us
before next months edition, please make sure that It will reach
us within the 1st of July.

The editorial consists of the following outstanding people:
Duke of Gridpoint Developments.
Psychobilly of Red Sector Incorporated.
Brego of Red Sector Incorporated.
All the future outfits will be put together by the allmighty
Dr.Zivago of Gridpoint Developments.
Together we will bring you the soon to be #1 magazine in the 64
Before we close the preface, we in Gridpoint Developments
are searching for a mega-swapper, who is living in northern
europe. So If you are the one we need, feel free to mail us a
list of your current contacts, and we will let you know.
So, this concludes the introduction-section. If you wish to
load, just press return, and a screen will guide you to another
             DURAN DURAN and AAB rules!

Global Report

 Global Report                    General Editor : Duke
  It is pretty obvious that the 64 is taking a turn that Is far
from healthy. Apparently loyality towards different oppinions
have been looked away from, and strange things have been
spotted during the last months transfers and happenings.
  Biggest event in the scene had nothing to do with the scene
at all, but still It was news that was sure to hit the head-
lines all over the world. Antichrist married Sorceress, and
therefore he moved to New York. Both Antichrist and Sorceress
decided to quit the scene, and that closes the book on Mystic
Cavern, that will stay down for good.
Other major happenings, was the departure of Gene and Hero of
Illusion. Sources say they were either busted for using ATandT,
or just for selling heaps of software. Nontheless, they seem
gone for good, which makes It difficult for Illusion to come
back to normal standard on the boards, since they were their
main puplic relation members.
The US scene seems as good as dead. Empire who has been going
up and down for the last few years, have shown no sign of life
for quite some time. This can only mean one thing, Empire is
unofficially dead.                                       
The former sysop of Channel 0 is reported back again. But he
has no plans on putting the once super-board back on again.
Enigma took a major fall, as Chrysagon took a step further
towards the top, when joining Talent. Rockstar has also joined
Talent, who has practically been dead for a while. Also X-Tro/
Ex.Trinomic, a german mail-trader, joined up with Talent.
Propaganda is back again for Genesis Projects. GP did also
recruit a whole bunch of people, Scope/Vision, Walker/Light,
Mothley/RSI, McQuade/Device, Greenfrog/X-Rated, Fashion
Design/Device, New Sensation/Brainbombs, and D-Man.                                         
TWC/Ex.RSI joined Armageddon as a fixer. Later on he built up
Slaughter together with Instant/Ex.Armageddon (Fixer), and
finally Styx (Runner). They plan on doing demoes and fixes of
old games (eg.Hook, etc.). Their board is Digital Twilight (RSI
and Armageddon support board).
Satan and Ray/Ex.Vision joined F4cg, and later they left to
join the massive forces of Genesis Projects. (Haven't you ever
heard of the word overload?).                                      
Red Sector Inc. did also recruit some new members. Count Zero/
X-Rated (Cracker,modem), TNM (Paradox/Amiga) and finally
Posdnugs (Hacker).
Communist got a visit from the cops, but nothing was found or
taken, so now he is back and ready for Red Sector Inc.
Mr.Disk/Ex.Lazer (original supplier) and an Australian dude
called Venegeance (original supplier) both joined Success.
Alphaflight is rebuild. (No Parson is not involved this time!).
Some old members, Dr.Disk, Jack Alien and Icarus already left
for the SNES. (Ed.Who gives a fuck. Anyone who prefers the
SNES from the 64 is not worth having anyway....)
Lexi/Ex.Dualis (Hacker) joined Legend. His board is now Legend
and Epic.
In these trying times for Illusion, Zorlac/Ex.Genesis Project
joined to give them some hope for the future.
Massive Onslaught/Armageddon quit the scene.
Runesmaster/RAW was busted. This probably mean the death for
TSM is increasing their inactivity, which is no great help for
the already dead american scene.
Grim Reaper is the last member of NEI.

  That concludes this months Global Report. We hope next
month will show some more activity than the previous ones. It's
been a while since some really good news hit the frontpages in
the 64 scene.
  If you wish to contribute with news or reports for The Pulse,
feel free to write us at the following address:
                     XXXXXXX XX
                     XXXX XXXXXXX

Monthly Releases

 Monthly Releases           General Editor : Psychobilly/RSI
Welcome to the Monthly Releases chapter written exclusively by
Psychobilly of Red Sector Inc. All available releases between
two issues of The Pulse are listed and judged here....
Due to the lack of active american fixers the importance of the
USA scene has been deducted. Therefore the rules of this chart
is kind of different to everything which has been there before.
We think this new system is much fairer and better than any-
thing else which was ever done by a magazine.
Any game which is uploaded as first to the majority of the most
important boards(The Shaolin Temple,Forplay,Purgatory,Down
By Law,Devine Ultimatum,Virtual Reality and Tunnel Of Wares).
is judged as First Release no matter if that version is fixed
or just PAL. In case a release is already fixed PAL/NTSC when
it appears first on a board the EURO-group is credited with 2
extra points which are added to the total amount of points for
that release. In case a fixed version appears after a PAL ONLY
version made by the same EURO-group, the group gains 1 extra
point. Fixed versions supplied by a different EURO-group which
appear later have no influence pointswise for that EURO-group.
Just the importgroup is credited for the fixing then.
The game is judged by the PRICE(3.0-FULLPRICE,2.0-BUDGET,
1.0-LOW BUDGET) and by the QUALITY(3.0-best,0.1-worst).
Both price and quality have the same importance.

CHROMANCE (Hungary,Germany,Sweden)
They had a quite successfull period this month. After releasing
several previews and different wares during the previous weeks
Chromance could release FLY HARDER(5.5) from Starbyte on pal.
A fixed version was supposed to be released by Armageddon but
has not appeared on the boards so far. STARCOM(4.1) from
Ghost was fixed and imported by Armageddon. Furthermore they
put out three previews:TWO TRIS(0.5),NOBBY THE AARDVARK
EPIC (DK,Germany,etc)
SALOMICA(0.2) and ACE OF HEARTS(0.3), both previews were
released by this group. Their pal version of CHEMICAL(2.3) from
Markt+Technik was imported and fixed by DWI afterwards.
The italian section provided two fullprice games,SMASH(7.2)
fixed by MASSIVE ONSLAUGHT from Idea and DRIBBLING(4.8)
from the same company.STONOPHOBE(3.1) a quite boring Tetris
clone was imported and fixed by Rude Awaking.

ILLUSION (Norway,UK,USA,Swiss,etc.)
This group did a very good job in the pervious month and could
release some fullprice titles lately. The first real American
game which was released this year WRATH OF THE DEMON(7.6)
from Ready Soft, a Canadian company and Empire Software. The
importing was done by Coders. Furthermore they put out two
Codemasters budgets on pal called BEE52(3.9) and
GRELL+FELLA(4.1). Also the long awaited Thalamus Europe title
NOBBY THE AARDVARK(7.9) was released by them and fixed by
Pudwerx under the Armageddon lable.
LEGEND (Belgium,UK,Germany,DK,etc)
They managed to put out MC DONALD'S LAND(4.5) from Virgin
and SLEEPWALKER(6.3) from OCEAN which was fixed and
imported by Grim Reaper under the NEI lable.
After a rather slow period RSI put out THE EXAMINATION(7.4)
from Kingsoft. This roleplaying game was translated from German
into English and imported by Armageddon.
Furthermore MEGASTARFORCE(4.3) and CIRCUIT(3.4) from
GOLDEN DISK were released by them. Later a fixed version from
Rockstar appeared on the boards supplied by Talent.EON(5.7)
a very decent X-Ample game from Kingsoft and BOMB SQUAD(5.4)
fixed by Mister President from Markt and Technik were put out.
Also a oneside preview of SWORD OF HONOUR(0.7) from Prestige
Software was delivered by them.

SUCCESS (Holland,Germany,OZ,Austria,etc)
This month they started with PRINCE OF DARKNESS PRV.(0.4)
and an australian fullprice game called BOLO(4.3) from FIRST
BLOOD. Then they released a bunch of budget games from the
German Game On disk magazine namely MOVE ON(2.6) and the
rather decent MORIBUND(3.0) coded by TWICE EFFECT.
Shortly MAZER(3.4) from Game On appeared on pal aswell which
was imported by DWI some days later.
A lame preview with the stupid name TJETNIC FIGHTER(0.2) was
put out by them aswell.
VISION (Sweden) released a crappy preview called PIZE(0.1).
The new American demo and importgroup SLAUGHTER released
two below 100% fixes of HOOK and TROLLS which were ignored.
Even a shareware game called PIPELINE RAT(1.9) reached the
boards which was cracked(?!) by COLLISION.
1.NOBBY THE AARDVARK        Thalamus Europe/UK
2.EON                       Kingsoft
3.WRATH OF THE DEMON        Ready Soft-Empire/Canada
4.FLY HARDER                Starbyte/Germany
5.THE EXAMINATION           Kingsoft/Germany

The most decent budget games are MEGA STARFORCE,
Position  Groupname                 Releases            Points
 1.(-)     REDSECTOR INC             5                   26.9
 2.(-)     ILLUSION                  4                   23.5
 3.(-)     F.FOURC.GROUP             3                   15.1
 4.(-)     SUCCESS                   4                   13.9
 5.(-)     CHROMANCE                 2                   11.5
 6.(-)     LEGEND                    2                   10.8
 7.(-)     EPIC                      1                   2.8
 8.(-)     COLLISION                 1                   1.9

Position  Groupname         Releases    Average Quality
 1.(-)     ILLUSION          4           5.875
 2.(-)     LEGEND            2           5.4
 3.(-)     REDSECTOR INC     5           5.24
 4.(-)     F.FOURC.GROUP     3           5.03
 5.(-)     CHROMANCE         2           4.8
 6.(-)     SUCCESS           4           3.325
 7.(-)     EPIC              1           2.8
 8.(-)     COLLISION         1           1.9

Position  Groupname                 Releases            Points
 1.(-)     ARMAGEDDON                3                   19.4
 2.(-)     CODERS                    1                   7.6
 3.(-)     M.ONSLAUGHT               1                   7.2
 4.(-)     NEI                       1                   6.3
 5.(-)     D.W.I                     2                   6.2
 6.(-)     MR.PRESIDENT              1                   5.4
 7.(-)     ROCKSTAR                  1                   4.3
 8.(-)     RUDEAWAKING               1                   3.1

This issue does not contain American Quality Charts due to the
lack of fixed wares at all.
10 fullprice games were released during the last weeks so the
future should not be that bad for the 64. I hope we will have
LIVERPOOL, SWORD OF HONOUR and a few more big titles listed
in the next issue of your favorite magazine - THE PULSE!
If you have any complaints to the current system used, feel
free to write us. The address can be found in preface.


 CROSSFIRE                         GENERAL EDITOR : DUKE
  I am HAPPY today. Why you may ask? Crossfire will be my res-
ponse. My answer to the 93 version of the scene. The scene has
become too weak and boring to hold the real productive freaks,
and instead we get a whole bunch of low lifes, who is not quite
what the scene needs in this critical situation.
  So to please each and everyone of you,I will dig deep into
the roots of the 64-scene. There will always be gossip and
rumours, but NEWS is what we are lacking. If you take a very
good look at what is taking place in the scene, you will find
a whole lot of irony in the happenings. If you can't see them,
then make sure you keep yourself updated with THE PULSE!                 

                    FRONTPAGE NEWS
             Everyone is in DEEP shock,
                  THOR LOOKS NORMAL
  According to Mutant-x (Ex.F4cg), he meet with Thor on a visit
to New Jersey, and before meeting with exibit a (Thor), he pic-
tured Thor to be a small, balled and fat 17 year old geek (well
didn't we all?). But, Thor (Georgie, the byyeeeeeee freak) did
infact look normal. This may come as a big surprise to most of
you, so If you plan on driving somewhere tonight, I suggest you
call a taxi, or just don't go out at all.
Comming up, a whole bunch of DID YOU KNOW, because I didn't!?! 

Did You Know,

That Triad claimed to be against Nazism and therefore joined
up with an anti-nazism group, EVENTHOUGH rather ironically
they have a NAZI-SYMBOL in their Gamers Guide logo!?!  HAIL!
  That Radar claimed to have the best looking hairstyle in his
home village FART-HERMUTT. According to VERY reliable
sources, he reached the final in a hair'on'us competition, but
were beaten in the final by Adolf Hoffenheil who was balled.
A very dissappointed Radar told the press (one journalist),
that he suspected Gene/Iceland of paying off the jury. This
remains a story untold Radar, I promise.
          More comming on - Rescue 82457247243.. Did You Know,
That according to Thor, Radar made a trip to New York with a
few of his friends. Midst walking around in the middle of New
York, a man approached them and asked them to come along with
him into a nearby alley, where he had something he wanted to
show them. In good faith, Radar and his friend (It's not plural
I forgot!) followed the man into the alley. But when they walke
into the dark alley, they were attacked by some hairy old black
men (not Gene and his norwegian orchestra). They were robbed
of all their belongings and clothes. Surprisingly this experie-
nce has not taken away his hope of a world in everlasting har-
mony and peace. So he is planning on moving to the states, to
study black hairy old men, and their way of life. I have been
told, that he plan on painting himself black, just to fit in.
Good luck with changing the world Radar, from THE PULSE!! 

Did You Not Know,
  That former Armageddon member DEADSHOT, promised Legend
mexican drugs for games a while back. Apparently Deadshot who
is originally from Mexico, had some more fixers imported from
Mexico anyway, so he made POWERPANTS (mexican) bring some
of those LEGENDary hard'to'smoke cigarettes along with him.
Unfortunately Powerpants and Mofoe was shot running over the
border. A very confused and sad Deadshot said, My grandfather
taught me how to go the distance, but they had noone to teach
them. More of this again when something comes up. NO WAY JOSE!
  As the WEEDING ALBUM from Duran Duran is hitting the top of
the charts world-wide, Antichrist and Sorceress got married.
Unfortunately Debbie refused to marry OMG also, so he had to
stay in Germany. Happy weeding-night Oliver ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Interview time...
The Pulse meet with Parson in the "Single men of the 90's" club
in Germany, and we put together a short but very inspiring
interview with the old legend.
D : Duke
P : Parson
D : Hi there Parson, how is life treating you?
P : I'm Lame.
D : Eh.Sure, yes. Well, You've been in quite a few groups dur-
  ing your career. Which group did you enjoy being in the most?
  P : I enjoyed every group I was in. But I am a busy man, so
  many new groups to form, and so little time.
D : Eh, ehrm. How is your sex-life passing along?
P : Well, I am still together with Tina, we've been together
  now for aprox. 4 years. I'm a loyal man, hard to get.
D : I thought her name was Paula?
P : Paula? Ehrm, well, she changed her name. Ehrm. But I'm
  STILL the king of animal-sex.
D : ?? Yes, well, nice seeing you here Michael, good luck in
  the future with your many new groups. And, eh, Tina!
  Well, nice Parson is still around. But on our way out, we meet
Radar, who we had a little conversation with also.
D : Hi there Radar, nice hair.
R : Who are you? Get away from me, or I will disconnect your
  phone, and call the frozen pizza-team on you!!!
D : Calm down Hartmut, It's me, Duke!
R : Oh. Sorry about that, I've been having these nightmares
  lately, about Thor finding out, that I'm just a wanna-be
  hacker. It's hard to be a skinhead in the scene.
D : Eh, sure. Have a nice hair! Sorry, day, i mean.
  I called up a member of Dimminatiers (shit, It's been so long
that I've forgotten their name). Hmm, oh, Dominators, that's
it, and had a little chat with them about their promising fut-
ure plans.
D : So, what's the future plans of Dominators then?
M : Well, first we need another 10 members to make the squad
  complete (feel free to call 1-800-need-help), and then we
  will hit back, and start trading with Excalibur again!
D : Excalibur? They are dead!
M : Really? Well, Exodus then!
D : They are dead too I'm afraid! M : Shit, who is back then?
D : Noone.
M : Damn, just when we were ready to rule the scene, noone is
       Dominators, once to be, what they used to be!?!
          Let us have a minutes silence for The Dominators
  Meanwhile at the house of HOK/LEGEND...
"Damn you Oliver, damn you! I will have Radar Hack you, he will
hack you till you can't be hacked anymore.. DAMN YOU!"
Meanwhile at the house of THOR...
"Damn you Oliver, damn you! Debbie was already married, I
proved It. DAMN YOU!"
Meanwhile at the house of SHADOW/AVATAR...
"Damn you Thor, damn you! My name is not Indy, It is Andy. I'm
really a true American. Okay, so my passport says Indy, but
that was a typping error. DAMN YOU!"
  Meanwhile in the house of LEXI/LEGEND...
"Damn you Psychobilly, Damn you! I'm not a card-slave for
Legend. They have the highest respect for me. DAMN YOU!"
Meanwhile in the house of BOD/TALENT...
"Oh jolly, where am I?"
Meanwhile in the house of DOMINATORS...
"Damn you Dogfriend, Damn you! You go off to the army, and
leave us all stranded. DAMN YOU!"
  Meanwhile at the house of PARSON
"DAMN YOU ALL, damn you! I am lame, I am. Why won't you listen
to meeeeee ??? Damn you"
That is all for this months Crossfire. Next month we will have
more for you to read. And remmember not to take the scene
If you have a good story, or some excellent rags, feel free to
send them to our address located in Preface. Thank you in

The Blackboard

 The Blackboard                   General Editor : Duke
  Welcome to the smallest section of The Pulse this month. The
Blackboard is the section which is for reactions and addresses
for those of you outthere than needs new contacts. But, since
this is the first issue of The Pulse, It is only obvious that
we have not been able to collect addresses or reactions, so we
hope we will get this section filled by next months issue.
  Therefore we need you to send us a letter, with maybe some
positive (or even negative) words about the idea of this mag-
azine. We also want you to send us your address, so we can
print It for the joy of those that need new contacts. We do not
want you to fill out dumb voting-sheets, enough of that! 
  But, for those of you that desperately need a new contact,
feel free to try one of these two addresses:
For ELITE ONLY (Legal/Illegal/The Pulse)
Duke/Gridpoint Developments
I'm back in the scene for those of you who needs a DOM contact:
That's all we have for you this month, but next time we will
hopefully have more, depending on the response we get.

European Football

 European Football                    General Editor : Duke
Welcome to the first edition of the European Football Section!
This section was made primarily to glorify the greatest sport
ever. Each month you will find this section together with the
other sections in The Pulse, so be sure to update your football
knowledge every month with us..
It is now almost a year since the european championships in
Sweden. I am sure you can all remmember who won, and what a
big event it was, especially for the winners. I have found an
article written by Mike Hammond in The European Football
Yearbook, which should give everyone a clear picture of the
event, and how this triumph effected a small country in good
old Scandinavia.                                      [+]
"If you can't join them, beat them!"
So spoke the Danish foreign minister on the eve of the Euro-
pean Championship final in a coined reference to Denmark's
'no' vote to the Maastricht treaty.
  And beat them they most certainly did, to the unbridled joy
of millions of football fans all over Europe.
  Denmark's 2- 0 victory over Germany in Gothenburg was
probably the most universally popular result in a major cham-
pionship final since Brazil beat Italy 4- 1 in the 1970 World
Cup. And in Denmark itself it brought wild street celebrations,
the like of which had not been witnessed since liberation from
the Nazis at the end of World War II. An estimated 150,000  
people took to the streets of Copenhagen to welcome the triu-
mphant players back home the day after the final, and all over
Denmark there was an intense feeling of national pride at the
thought of what their conquering heroes had achieved.
  The Danish success in Sweden was not just an average tale of
underdogs having their day. It was remarkable in so many ways.
First and foremost, of ofcource, it buried forever the myth
that no team can win a major tournament without meticulous
preparation and planning. After all, the Danish side were un-
aware that they would be even plaing in the competition until
a week before it started. Some of the team's foreign- based
stars were already setting off on holiday, wilst the home based
players were just coming to the climax of their own domestic
season, scheduled to finish just two days before the start of
the competition and, as it turned out, three days before Den-
mark's first game.
  Having seen them invited to the party at such short notice,
most people fully expected that Schmeichel, Povlsen and co.
would be there simply to make up the numbers. And that includ-
ed the Danish press corps. which had hardly had a good word
for coach Richard Moller- Nielsen ever since he took over from
Sepp Piontek in 1990. Amongst the usual criticisms of the coach
were that he selected the wrong players, that his teams played
without the style of old and that he was prone to make strange
substitutions during the course of a game. Some had even sug-
gested that in an international against Turkey a couple of
months earlier he had deliberately lost the game so that Pion-
tek, the Turkish coach, would not be sacked and restored to
his former job!
  The fact of the matter, however, wasthat Denmark had dro-
pped just three points in their eight-match qualifying campaign
as opposed to Yugoslavia's two. It was just as good a record as
those with which Holland and CIS (Russia) had qualified was
two points better than that of Group Two winners Scotland.
  Nonetheless, they were not expected to pass the first round.
At best, it was felt they might take a point or two off the
hosts Sweden. In the event, that was the only match which they
lost in the whole tournament. They began with a goalless draw
against England, secured their semi- final place with a mar-
vellous and fully-deserved victory over France, fought like
madman to see off favourites Holland in the semis and then rode
their luck and struck when it mattered to kill off the World
champions in the final.
  Every player in the squad was a hero, but two men in parti-
cular stood out for their individual performances. Peter Sch-
meichel, the goalkeeper, played the match of his life in the
Final, denying the Germans with at least three world-class
saves. And Brian Laudrup, back in the side, unlike his brother
Michael, after patching up his differences with the coach,
proved himself to be one of the finest counter- attacking
forwards in the game, tormenting and punishing any defenders
who lacked the pace or the balance to stay with him.
  It was interesting to note, however, that all six of the
goals which the team scored in the tournament came from play-
ers who had just completed the domestic season in Denmark.
Henrik Larsen, of Lyngby (now Aston Villa), scored three. Lars
Elstrup, of OB, hit the winner against France. And the Brondby
midfield pairing of John Jensen and Kim Vilfort claimed the all
important strikes in the final.
  The fact alone was probably sufficient evidence to catego-
rise the first season of the Danish Superleague as a roaring
success. But there were others too. Such as a 15 per cent imp-
rovement in attendances and an exciting finish in the season,
with the outcome of the title not being determined until the
final day.
The article from The European Football Yearbook goes further
into the danish superleague, which is not really interesting
for you at this moment. But atleast it was probably the best
written piece about the danish triumph in Sweden summer'92.
The book is available for aprox.26 pounds at the following ad-
dress:Sports Projects Limited. 188 Lightwoods Hill, Smeth-
wick, Warley, West Midlands, B67 5EH England. BUY IT!
More for you football-fanatics on the following pages...
              GLORY, GLORY, MAN' UNITED
United became champions on a sunday, and they did not even
have to win a league-match to get the title, because Aston
Villa who also claimed they would be the ones to get the title,
simply handed it over to Manchester United, by losing a sorry
match to buttom of the table Oldham. WHAT A SHAME VILLA!
For Alex Ferguson (ed.Manager of Man' United), the seven long
years are over. Ever since he took the job as manager in 1986,
the now 51-year old Alex Ferguson, has been working his butt
off to win the English Championship, which the club on Old
Trafford has been sighing for in 25 years.
But all in all, a deserved win, with a few mistakes on the way,
but we can't all be perfect!             PARTY ON/THE PULSE

                    Diego Armando Maradona is put on ice.
  It seems as if Diego Armando Maradona has played his last
national match for Argentina against Denmark on the 24th of
february in Mar del Plata. Atleast Alfio Basile, the leader of
the national-team in Argentina, has informed that he does not
intend using the grand old star in Copa America, which will tak
place in Ecuador, beginning on the 17th of june.
  The reichtrainer made his decision after he had a little word
with Maradona's trainer, who claimed that the player is not
capeable of completing such a hard program as the one the
south-american championship is. Maradona has been going
around with an old back-unjury, which forces him into a longer
break in Sevilla. But it all seems as if his club Sevilla, will
play the last league-matches without him. The end of an king..
                 WORLD-CUP REPORT
  The summer has come, and most of the qualification groups
have already reveiled who is to be setting their sails towards
the states for the world-cup'94 event.
  Therefore we will report on all the six groups, with the
table and the latest results.
  We will continue to keep you updated every monthy with the
world-cup report, so be sure to read The Pulse every month.
 Group One                 G  W  D  L   F   A   P
 Switzerland               7  5  2  0   18  4   12
 Italy                     7  4  2  1   15  6   10
 Scotland                  7  3  2  2   10  9   8
 Portugal                  5  2  2  1   8   4   6
 Malta                     8  1  1  6   3   17  3
 Estland                   6  0  1  5   1   15  1
 Skotland - Estland    3-1
 Switzerland and Italy seems secure. Scotland still strugling,
 but seems without any hope of making It.

 Group Two                 G  W  D  L   F   A   P
 Norway                    6  5  1  0   20  3   11
 England                   7  3  3  1   16  6   9
 Holland                   6  3  2  1   17  8   8
 Poland                    5  3  2  0   8   3   8
 Turkey                    8  1  1  6   7   17  9
 SanMarino                 8  0  1  7   1   32  1
 Norway - England   2-0
 Norway has done surprisingly well, but in the stunning match
 against England, they truly proved to be the best team in the
 group. Next match for Norway will be in Holland.
 Group Three               G  W  D  L   F   A   P
 Spain                     9  5  3  1   18  2   13
 Denmark                   8  4  4  0   9   1   12
 Ireland                   7  4  3  0   12  2   11
 NorhernIreland            9  4  2  3   11  11  10
 Lithuania                 9  2  3  4   8   14  7
 Latvia                    10 0  5  5   4   17  5
 Albania                   10 1  2  7   5   20  4
 Denmark - Albania         4-0
 Lithuania - Spain         0-2
 Latvia - Northern Ireland 1-2  

 Group Four                G  W  D  L   F   A   P
 Belgium                   8  7  1  1   15  3   14
 Rumania                   7  4  1  2   21  10  9
 Tjekkoslovakia            6  2  3  1   13  7   7
 Wales                     6  3  1  2   11  8   7
 Cyprus                    8  2  1  5   8   13  5
 FaroeIsles                7  0  0  7   1   28  0
 Tjekk-slovakia - Rumania   5-2
 Belgium is secured. Close race otherwise between Rumania,
 Tjekkoslovakia and Wales. Cyprus and Faroe Isles is way out
 of the table.
 Group Five                 G  W  D  L   F   A   P
 Russia                     6  4  2  0   12  2   10
 Greece                     6  4  2  0   6   1   10
 Iceland                    6  1  2  3   4   6   4
 Hungary                    5  1  1  3   4   6   3
 Luxembourg                 5  0  1  4   1   12  1
 Iceland - Russia   1-1
 Russia and Greece has secured themselves with 10 points.
 Hungary has not played up to their usual standard, and so they
 must kiss  heir chance of qualifying goodbye.  
Group Six                  G  W  D  L   F   A   P
 Sweden                    6  5  0  1   13  3   10
 France                    6  5  0  1   11  4   10
 Bulgaria                  7  4  1  2   12  7   9
 Austria                   6  2  0  4   9   10  4
 Finland                   5  1  0  4   4   9   2
 Israel                    6  0  1  5   5   21  1

 Sweden - Israel   5-0
 That raps It up for this months European Football. Be sure to
 real more football in The Pulse, out next in the beginning of

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