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hi and welcome to the latest news from
around the globe.  this here is your
editor uptonogood/tsr reporting.

it's a rainy morning in down town aussie
land,this 5th day of august 1993,but i'm
alive and that's what counts.

we thank those that have sent some news
in,and to the others too lazy not to,we
say,pull the finger out and sent some

the news seems to be getting smaller all
the time,must be because everyone is
happy with their groups,and the scene

we at the link,print what is on your
vote sheets,and we take as much care as
possible in printing the facts.

so sit back and enjoy this section.  we
would like some reaction to the new link
format.  we are trying to please every-

all the best from the staff at the link,
you'll find our addies at the end of the
news section.
entropy will soon release a new demo,it
will probably be spread at the rotterdam

entropy are at war with amnesia.

dr will left amnesia and kicked them off
his baud "satellite" and took a new
dutch group arcoss on instead.

call the bbs satellite and other bauds
on 31-(0)1100-50655
0800-2300- 1200/75 with solar/color/
system for holland
2300-0800- 1200/2400 with c* base 3.0
for the elite members and groups.

yazoo/oxyron has left them.

bitnapper/comic pirates has left the
scene for good.  he has asked us to tell
all his contacts,please stop sending to

t.error/ex ninjutsu design/tia joined
comic pirates.

ninjutsu designs is dead now.  t.error
remains in tia,as his music label.

the leadership of comic pirates will now
be given over to flim flam dener when pj
dynamix has to join the army.

logic/tsr is now our modem trader in nsw
call him on the commodore baud called
space station phone number later.

the rogue is dead,long live mr bungle of
trs and bad karma.

syndrom/tia is now in crest as a second

don't forget to call rsi whq at forplay
on 314-481-4821.

mechanix is going to release a papermag
soon.  price: its for free,but you are
welcome to send the editors some disks,
or $2 us.

tnm/paarada (amiga) joined rsi as a card

lazyness/rsi has left the scene.

count q/x-rated joined rsi as a cracker.

icarus left rsi and joined afl 1940.
lexi/ex device and darklord/ex illusion
joined legend.

hok/legend has left the scene.

dom is onlly dogfriend,tricket,cosmo,
animal.  the rest went to the pc scene.

ikari are not back.

the new section 8 is a fake group,no
original members.

airror/device-new sensation/brainbombs
joined genesis project.
a-man/ex arcade joined legend.

chrysagon/ex enigma joined talent.

system error/rebels has changed his
handle to grize.

rebels australia would like all the
bodycount points converted to rebels,as
all that has happened is we changed our

the 1st issue of mid life crisis will be
released with this issue of the link,
don't forget to fill in vote sheets.
vibrations of doom magazine:
the second issue of this magazine is
finally out and ready for you!  printed
in english,it covers the music scene in
depth!  there are interviews,record,demo
reviews,scene reports,and other general
info.  find out about your favorite band
and read about classic records from the
early 80's,90's and today!  covers most
of the metal scene,including speed/death
thrash and black metal,also punk,hard-
alternative,and so much more.  printed
in engish,it's available now for your
computer,whether ibm,amiga or commodore
64.  to obtain the magazine just call
the following bulletin board systems.

e-pages bbs at 1-912-927-4825 or e-pages
bbs line #2 (if line 1 is busy) 1-912-

login as a new user,the file "doom txt"
is available in the ibm utilities sect
of the u/d's.  or if you don't have a
computer or you want to write to me,send
letters,band demo tapes,reviews,whatever
write to: addy next page.  all copies of
the magazines are FREE.
vibrations of doom
c/o steven cannon
1133 east 53rd street
savannah,ga,usa s1404

this information was supplied to us by
our very good friend ray busick,thanks

stan/eqx was kicked out of orgado.

orgado dreamland have released their 1st
demo called fuel.  released on the 8th
of july 1993.

genetic dreams will release the next
issue on disk and from then on it will
be released as a paper mag.

mr legal has a pc and has joined the pc

trinomic will stop making demo's,

darklord,hulk,and lexi were kicked out
of legend.

darklord has left the 64 scene and gone
over to the amiga section.

hulk has joined the red sector group.

lexi has now joined fairlight.

midlife crisis will be released with
this issue of the link,if you don't get
a copy,please me know and i will send
you one.

tsr will be releasing their first demo
in about 2 months,look out for it.

neptune/tsr will be releasing a spread
disk shortly with some of his cool tunes

orgado will release their new demo soon.

pollux is a new comer to equniox,he is a
gfx's artist.

parson is so a new comer to the above
group as a muso.

they also have 2 new swppers in the crew
called may and master 5.

indeginous brain issue #2 will be out in
about 4 weeks.

ray/rhodan has joined style as a second
group,so we can look forward to some new
wares from him,congrates ray.

well that's the news for this issue,we
hope we have kept you up to date with
all the new happenings.

please remember to print clearly on your
vote sheets.

also to our german contacts,please let
us have your new post codes,thanks.

addies are on next page.  see you next
issue fellas.
the link hq          the link hq
-----------          -----------
uptonogood/tsr       giorgio armani/tsr
david upton          daniel poon
154 the kingsway     8 bosco place
barrack heights      schofield
new south wales      new south wales
australia   2528     australia   2762

mr bungle/tsr        pacific/tsr
simon white          alex van gent
20 stanley street    de wieken 66
wainuiomata          6581 dh malden
wellington           the netherlands
new zealand
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