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hi and welcome to the message section of
our mag.

if you want to say hi to your contacts,
or to pass on a message to the editors
of other mags,then please send them in,
and we will gladly print them for you.

remember dudes to keep this mag alive we
need your input,so why not drop us a

see you all next issue,stay cool my very
friends,may the scene prosper for years
to come.
from awa/tsr - to calypso/topaz/amnesia

don't leave the scene terry.
from awa/tsr - to megazzap/tsr

watch out here i come!
from awa/tsr - to the link staff

happy birthday boys.
from awa/tsr - atom/ex tsr

hi andrew!  i hope to hear from you soon
and please send me some of your tunes
located from $1000!
from awa/tsr - to all euro coders

we need more coders!  come on and join
from awa/tsr - to pacific/tsr

happy birthday alex!  (a bit late)
from uptonogoood/tsr - to pacific/tsr

happy birthday my friend will call soon.
from uptonogood/tsr - kbs/nerds/nme

happy 17th kim,tried to call,but no-one
from anthrax - to jazzcat/rebels

what's the matter dude.  don't want to
swap anymore.
from anthrax - to pink panther

thanks for saying that you would call me
and then ignoring me.  also thanks for
talking behind my back.  thanks mate!
from anthrax - to bright light

how are things in geraldton?  am i not
good enough to send back to now?  send
from anthrax - to megazzap/tsr

hi greg,want to swap amiga wares?  send
soon my friend.
from anthrax - to phantom

you really are a phantom.  i have not
heard from you for months.  still going
to swap or have you given up?  call me
or send soon.
from anarchy/red sector inc - to the
guys in tsr

what's up with master?  i need a new
friend in tsr!  so contact me fast 100%
reply to all tsr members.

addy in addy section.
from matt/rebels - to all editors

rebels oz would like all bct points
converted to rebels,because we have only
changed our name.
group status for rebels
matt             - code,cracking,swap
jazzcat          - megaswap,cracking,gfx
insane           - gfx's
shades           - code
witty            - swap,gfx's,code
grize            - code
strobe           - code
morbid           - music,crack,swap,gfx
8-ball           - swap

member status for tsr
uptonogood           quetzal
giorgio armani       logic
mr bungle            master
megzzap              pacific
neptune              awa
alchemy              passion
stalker              rythme
guru                 blackbird
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