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welcome to reaction, this is giorgio
armani/tsr on the keyz writing up
our reader's responses to the link.

nice outfit, nice gfx, keep up the good

GA: thank you for you support mate.
    good luck with lithium! nice seeing
    you at our tsr party. had great
    times didn't we?
nice mag, perhaps some new music next
time? cool and interesting, keep up
the good work.

GA: no probs dude! we have some new
    tunes coming up. but don't forget
    we have the load your own music
    option too. for your enjoyment!

    a very big thanks to you for
    spreading our votesheet. thanks
    for the good work to you too.

cool oz and nz mag! maybe the best(?)

GA: not a doubt that we are. have a
    look at this nice outfit than read
    the NEW OUTFIT chapter and see why.
    anyway, thanks for your kindness.

issue 10 was too much like the irq
loader to sepulture 2/death. also some
name mistakes ie the hegg/fury! i've
never been in fury!

GA: mmmmmm, sorry for the group mistake.
    no worries, we'll take care of that
    right away. as for what you said
    about sepulture 2. i immediately
    grab myself a copy! i personally
    don't think it's the same. bcoz i
    think megazzap did a better job in
    the graphics.

    maybe you mean the city view, but
    just becoz someone drawn a city
    doesn't mean no one else should. i
    can see the grapewine is similar to
    some mag too? anyway look closer &
    you should see why they are not
    "too much like" as what you said!
from: AWA/TSR
top mag, lots of text, cool intros,
excellent, superb blablabla...
the hand is too slow, too much flash
text, what you are changing page, there
is a megaflash, please fix that. thanks
for a cool oz mag which entered the
charts in europe.

GA: thanks dude. this new format will
    answer your problem. not many flash,
    not megaflash, no slowhand (eric
    clapton...hehehe). i guarantee you
    will like it. give us another
    reaction please!!!
i think it is one of the best oz mags.
it is much better than the old outfit.
maybe some more effects that can be
improved. the style of mag is cool but
intro isn't! try to make atmosperic
intro if possible. keep on doing this
nice and good readable mag!

GA: thanks my friend. i hope you can
    appreciate the new format just as
    well. the intro by roadrunna wasn't
    that bad, was it? anyway it's the
    mag that counts. afterall a mag is
    not a demo (i wish it was - ed).
cool mag although the idea of being able
to vote for yourself might not be so
good as swelled head sceners may vote
themselves no. 1. apart from that keep
up the good work.

GA: you got it wrong simon. tsr members
    are not allowed to vote for
    themselves, their group, their mag,
    or others in the the group. majority
    of the votes (80%) come from europe.
    so no swelled scener can vote
    themselves. but if that swelled
    scener can persuade the world to
vote for him, then that swelled scener
may deserve to be voted. besides, if
you don't do good in the scene, no
matter how swelled scener you may be,
you won't get voted. it takes time,
effort, and skill to be among the top
simon. please understand that. voters
generally be convinced of ones ability
to give the vote. i mean you don't see
inactive and unpopular sceners topping
the chart, do you? and it doesn't
matter how swelled the scener. is that
fairly clear? anyway thanks for the
concern and the kind comment! by the
way, congratulation for 3rd in music
at our TSR party. keep up the cool
tune. see ya later.

OK DUDES, that's all from reaction
this month. please send yours to your
nearest tsr contact. all reactions will
be answered and published in upcoming

p.s. how about reaction on INTERFACE #1
(our papermag)?

bye bye guys...
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