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mr bungle of tsr and (bad karma) back
again,with this months kiwi section.

i already wrote a long chapter,and sent
it off to uptonogood,but the bloody post
office lost it.  you can't live with'em
and you can't swap without'em.

anyway,i thought this time i'd just do a
review from something over here in new
zealand,not that there's been much to
review lately.  i'll find something,but
first some small news items,as you might
know by now,i've changed my handle from
the rogue to mr bungle,but you may not
know,thaat i've changed the name of my
papermag (formerly vendetta) to midlife
crisis.  you can get your free copy of
the latest issue,just by writing to me.
(see addy section)

anyway,first off i'll review a disk i
received from nighthawk/lithium,recently

you might not have heard,that there is a
new group (if you can call it that) in
new zealand,called anna (from guess work
i think the name of gch/anna's girl,back
in england where he comes from (why
doesn't he go back).  on the disk i got
from nighthawk (who also happens to be
in anna) were 2 disk editions of their
papermag hot margarine,and a small demo
called #england#,as well as a few short
notes etc,etc.

the mags themselves are ok,nice graphix,
and music,etc (the menu looks familiar
from somewhere tho)but the text content
is utter drivel,and i think it's meant
to be that way,90% f's and 10% s's,if
you know what i mean.

the demo #england# looks like it has
been made with some sort of demo-making
program,the graphix are quite good,but
that's about all.  once again the scroll
content is just mindless trollop.  it
ends with an advertisent for the paper-
mag hot margarine,which is basically the
high point of the whole thing (nh's gfx
look cool here).

i know this stuff isn't supposed to be
taken seriously,and (they say) it's all
done in fun,but when you go slagging
people off and just spouting off bull-
shit,it gets tiresome.  gch you might
not give a fuck,but i'm sure nighthawk
you ought to be careful,fucking around
like that,you are one of the top kiwi
sceners,but if you guys keep this up you
might not be admired as much.

these are only my personal views on the
topic,but i do know of a couple of guys
who feel the same as i do.

why not just keep that kind of stuff for
the papermag (which i did enjoy reading)
and not let it get mixed up with your
scene life.

anyway enough bullshit from me,i've got
to pack this and send it off,otherwise
you won't be reading this right now.


mr bungle-tsr-bk

midlife crisis #3 will be out real soon.
now sit back and enjoy the new zealand

you will find some surprises.  thanks to
all those people who took the time to
vote.  we would like to see more people
take the time to vote for us as well.
 1. SYSTEM    104  congradulations to
 2. BAD KARMA  89  the boys of system,
 3. FURY       70  good to see new blood

 4. tsr        70  as you can see,we are
 5. lithium    53  in 4th place instead
 6. rebels      6  3rd place.  so to all
 7. hi-jinx     1  those who say we are

cheating the charts,well kiss our bums,
because,if were cheating we would have
put ourselves up into 3rd spot.  so wake
up australia,and look after your own mag
 1. MR BUNGLE    85   7. titanium  12
 2. BLADE        79   8. hurricane 11
 3. THE HEGG     72   9. epik       8
                     10. martin     6
 4. steigar      33  11. slug       4
 5. nighthawk    26  12. lucifier   2
 6. tyrant       20  13. wal        1

please note the name changes,the rogue
has gone to mr bungle,and midrimon is
now steigar.  good to see the gap is
getting smaller.  can anyone can tell us
if the has been any other changes?
 1. THE HEGG  116   5. mr bungle   6
 2. STEIGAR   106   6. tyrant      4
 3. HURRICANE  39   7. whiteknight 2
                    8. quark       1
 4. genesis     9   9. wal         1

the hegg has romped it in again this
month.  will be interesting to see how
long he can hold it,now that steigar has
made a return to the scene.

 1. THE HEGG    91   5. steigar    32
 2. MR BUNGLE   83   6. axe        23
 3. BLADE       66   7. titanium   12
                     8. epik        5
 4. nighthawk   38   9. wal         5

a change in the leaders this issue,with
the hegg taking top spot.

watch yourselves boys the others are on
the way.
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