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hi and welcome to another issue of the
link.  ISSUE #13 to be exact.

first we would like to thank all of you
who have supported us over the last 12
months.  we think we have improved the
standard of the magazine greatly,and it
is mainly because the readers have told
us what you have wanted.

we must be doing something right,because
there are,still a few people out there,
that want to take the mickey out of the
group and the mag.  this issue you will
find that we have changed the format
again,and will continue to change it
every now and then,so as not to bore our
readers with the same outfit.  we hope
you like this new style.

TSR has taken a very big step up in the
scene,with the death of paralax.  we now
have the services of another coder and a
cracker as well.  quetzal is his name,we
welcome him with open arms.  thanks mate

we look forward to your work over the
coming months.  we have also obtained
the services of a new chap stomper,we
welcome you to the group as well.
megazzap is now in tsr only,so we are
looking to him for some very nice gfx's.
overall we have lost a couple of members
and have gained a couple of new members.

this issue we have extended the addies
section to three because you the readers
have expressed your veiws,of having your
addies in all issues of the link.  we
now are back to bringing you some more
interviews.  over the coming months we
will be sending out interview sheets and
the link editor,so please have a go and
answer the questions and send the file
back to us.
we have introduced a new section to this
issue and it will contain a complete
list of all the 64 users club in aussie,
new zealand and one from the usa.  if
you know the addresses of any other 64
users club,please send us the address &
we will put it in this section for you.

we hope that we might be able to get a
couple of new members from this section.

we feel that if we can get this people
involved on the 64 scene,we can keep it
alive for a lot longer.  we will also be
putting all the names and addresses of
the editors of their respective mags,
this will go in the back of the addies 3
section,so you editors out there,please
send us your addy and we will make sure
it goes in.  the reason we have done it
this way is alot of people have asked
why a lot of vote sheets don't have the
editor or mags hq address on it,so they
are looking to send their vote sheets
back to you.

that's all from me,i will now hand the
keys to daniel to continue.

hello to all the dudes out there. this
is GIORGIO ARMANI again! this is the
fourth issue i have done with the link.
the last format proved to be very
popular. but still there's always room
for improvement. i suppose that's why
you see this new format.

now, this format has been tested
bugfree so far. but please give us some
reaction on it.

as UPTONOGOOD was saying about new
members, i have recently contacted by
a guy by the handle of BULLDOG who
wishes to join the scene. after several
discussion, he is now admitted into
TSR as a swapper for a start. welcome
steve! to all those steve has contacted
lately, please do give him some support.
afterall, you gotta start somewhere.

i know UPTONOGOOD has said welcome
already, but i like to say mine to
QUETZAL AND STOMPER. hello guys. welcome
to TSR.

with all these new talents, TSR is
embarking to do some nice demos for the
oz scene. now that i have got the
new outfit out of the way, i can now
spent my time doing demo instead of
worrying about the mag every bloody
month. this new outfit will stay for
at least 6 months with more improvements
add to it. see the NEW OUTFIT chapter
on a brief commentary of this outfit.

onto other matters....

thank you to all those people who
attended the TSR PARTY. we have had
great fun. and they thought it couldn't
be done...hahaha.

read the party report ok!

the TSR papermag INTERFACE was also
released at the party. 100% laserprinted
, scanned pictures of sceners and some
unreal stories. for your copy, contact
UPTONOGOOD or me! just ask nicely...
the next issue is already planned
with pictures from the party. it will
hopefully be released in one or two
months. of course it will be better
than the last. thanks goes to
ALCHEMY/TSR for all the help with the
mag. and to UPTONOGOOD for the everlast-
ing moral support. thanks thanks thanks.
well that basically sums it up for
another very good month for TSR. bcoz...

 1) we recruited more active members;
 2) release of our first papermag
 3) new outfit coded for the link;
 4) TSR PARTY went ahead successfully.

these are some of the good reasons we
can be proud of in TSR. it shows that
TSR is much more active than you may
think. but that's only the beginning!

          see ya all later......
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