Splash 13 ch08 Future of the Scene

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         yo scene lovers!

   yes,this  article is  decicated
to the  people who  think that c64
scene is  dying just  because that
the coming out originals lost the-
ir quality.what  is the main thing
which gives life to this scene? is
it only cracking? just go  on rea-
ding this  article which was writ-
ten by >avalanche/tpau< and think.

   scene today....and tomorrow?

   yoo dudes out there! you all a-
re a part of  this socalled scene.
you are  spending time for it,you
are participating at their parties
you are  coding,drawing,designing
for it.still you're investing al-
most  your whole free-time for it!
and then you  read such  articles

 'is the scene dying?what may the
future hold?'

   and start beginning to think a-
bout it.anyone that may think that
this statements  are not true,got
the right of  his own opinion,even
if it seems to us to be apart from
real life!

   but anyone else,that may agree
with those statements suddenly get
into a strange mood.it's not a ni-

ce feeling  to know  that someday
the whole-scene  will die.you  are
loosing almost all friends you we-
re into a real good-relationship.

            s t o p !

   this's the point where my words
shall  get to your ears.the  scene
won't be dead from one day to an-
other.it will suffer like a child
thats afraid of the future.and  be
sure there's no medicine to change
this fact.

   the scene  as  we know  it  yet
will be  dead one day!  what? you
wonder why  i used those words 'as
we know it yet?' just  because  of
the facts that are obvious.

   in former-times cracks were the
reason for building up a scene.o-
ver a long time they were the rea-
son for the dudes to get into the
scene,no matter if they were lamer
swapper or crackers.

   so the scene grow monthly.soon

there  were  other sections like:

   all over those years the cracks
remained  at their  primary place.
depending on the cracks groups we-
re rated so that soon classes like
elite and lamers have been inven-
ted.still this  is the  same today

   -orgies are not anymore relea-
sed like sand on the beach.

   -the  quality of cracks is al-
most identical.

   -the cracks lost at its value.

   you  may think that  these are
just sentences written down.but i
will proof those facts immediately

   most of the orgies are socalled
game-on  or  magic-disc  software.
then some small hitec and thalamus
products are released.

   only the last named ones got a
touch of class.the others mostly
are ones of hundred.just take a
look at a swapper's discbox over
the last two or three month.

   almost the  same  stuff,nearly
any group cracked every game with
+,even the high-standart iffl is
not anymore that poor used in ear-
lier times.

   so where is the difference bet-
ween? last,just take a serious lo-

ok at  that crap,that those groups
had cracked.nearly 80% of all got
to be called disc-waister.

   thats are possible reason why a
lot swappers don't care  if  they
receive the  same  stuff twice  or
more  times.they  do not care the
crap anyway!

   if you are now deeply depressed
and  thinking about  leaving  the
scene.don't do it! why?

   recently there  was held a  big
party  advertised party,brutal and
hurricane.lots of dudes were there
although it is told that it wasn't
that big as they had expected.

   a bunch of demos were released
including ones of crest,wrath,oxy-
ron,legend,lower level,offence.un-
til now  nothing really extraordi-
nary for the normal scene-guy.

   as always the demos got sprea-
ded a lot of,for example i got al-

most all demos twice or more times
still nothing extraordinary!

   if  you  ever had  or have  the
chance to  watch 4  or 5 of  those
demos,do it! and  compare them to

   so you see the point? not? not-
hing specially to see? not compa-
rable due to the fact that each is

   hey,you got the point! even af-

ter 3-5 years since the demo-world
exists on  c64 its  still  usually
that demos got  different designs
and  codings and its  still always
something new released.

   so what will be the end of this

   no,no advice to change into de-
mo business.but i think,the cracks
are dying first.and if people con-
tinue their work as  they did for
the  b&h party,the c64  scene will

live quiet a long time more.with
mags,demos,intros,ganes and parti-
es.but without cracks!

   but if people stop their work
because there's not almost any day
at least 4 discs with new stuff.
then the final day had come for
the whole c64-scene.


   i think it is a good article
which really narrates the current
scene.sorry,as you understand from
it,it is a little bit old one.we
got this article when we finished
the previous issue.we couldn't ma-
naged to include it so it had its
place in this issue.

   well,not much things changed.as
you see some more good demos rele-
ased  after this article had writ-
ten.but i want to talk about some

more with the effects.i agree that
our scene will survive more by the
quality-demos but i think we need
some  new effects.yes,up  to this
time we saw lots of vectors,plas-
mas,color cycle etc. but i think
some more new effects must be fo-
und.do you look  into your  screen
with admired eyes  when you see a
vector-cube  moving in the screen.
i don't think so as it is in fas-
hion and not a different effect.
but if you see a new one that you
have never see then your thoughts

will change easily.our scene will
ofcourse survive if quality demos
are released again and again.all
our hopes are for a not dying but
all-time growing scene.

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