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24-6-2007 - Message from Scout : Working on this entry!


an inside magazine produced by the weird and jolly ol' fellows of SILICON LTD.


move the joystick in port 2 in order to control the text... (up & down, man!)


coding...............: arcane
intro coding.........: the git
graphics and music...: harlequin
the big boss (editor): harlequin

the correspondence-address:

weth. wierdelsstr. 18
1107 dk amsterdam



hello civilisation...
please feel VERY welcome to our very first issue of solid matter, and guess what? it's finally here!!
well, if you are one of the many who've waited so long for this mag, then i hope this is something worth waiting for!!
first off i'll tell ya something about very own inside magazine!
SOLID MATTER (or let's just say SM for short), is a mag that does not cover any scene-news, but mostly concentrates on news inside the busy and buzzy hive of silicon ltd.
we also don't have the regular charts you'll find in other mags.
further, sm is a magazine that gives youreaders a host of opportunities to get something printed in sm,
like stories, letters, reactions, tips, addresses but to name a few...
if you want your contact-address printedin solid matter, you don't need to fill in silly vote-sheets...
just write me and if you're in time, your addy will be printed free of ANY obligations!
if you send us a story, tip or anything else interesting, your address will be printed immediately ofcourse!!
it's IMPORTANT for us to know what you think of sm, so pleeeze send us your letters and/or reactions to the address way above
here... ("the correspondence address")
i won't keep you waiting any longer, so get down and enjoy SOLID MATTER #1!!!


we'll start off with some news...
SNAPP had to pay 400 guilders for his damn telephone-bill!! hahahahihihiaaa!
the following members have left silicon ltd:
pac and cmp

there have been some "things" going on about reinier...
first of all, coolrock phoned me and told me that reinier and he would Œ…–… scl to found a musiccompany...
snapp prevented this at the last minute, and only reinier left...
the reason for reinier to leave was that he found his musics were used not often enough.
reinier now entirely quit the scene...

ÐÁÃ ÁÎÄ ÃÍÐ are gone and will probably start (or already have started) their own group...
CAP left the scene for good, and god knows what he'll do next...
yo cap! if you read this, remember that you have been our first coder (and a damn good one too!), and we hope your
future will be as bright as where-ever the road takes you... (snif...)

in addition to this, ™‹‰ joined us as a swapper, and his address is:
renkumhof 41,
1107 ja amsterdam,


so, the memberstatus in 1990/1991 looks like you can see it here:
tpm.......: coding, swapping, graphics.
the git...: coding, demoswapping.
mcd.......: coding, swapping.
harlequin.: graphics, music, swapping.
rat's.....: coding.
arcane....: coding, swapping.
gizmo.....: coding, swapping, graphics.
coolrock..: music.
trayl.....: graphics, swapping.
ratman....: graphics.
tim.......: graphics, swapping.
yoki......: swapping.
cbc.......: swapping.
2hype.....: coding, swapping.
666.......: pc-swapper, children-kicker.
snapp.....: graphics, swapping.
scout.....: coding.
claxon....: music.

we could always use some more people, but you must have a good amount of quality!!
enquiries should be sent to the editorial address above �� ...


yo! i wanna swap!

SKIZZ/„•Ž…˜ (martin andersen)
solnavej 27 (,
2860 s0borg,


come to the ruthless/silicon ltd PARTY!!
date: 22nd till the 23rd of december!!
it'll be held in utrecht/holland, but if you want some more information, call the following dude:

ÔÉÍ/silicon ltd:
(+31)(0)30-946235 and ask for tim.
he'll tell you how to get there and what to bring, pay etc etc...


disaster! help! this is ter-ri-ble!!
ALL issues (except one) of git's huge collection of Œ™‚™“ and PENTHOUSES, have been suddenly disappeared!!
this fiendish and low crime goes beyond all acceptable limits.
but... we have a suspect: ‡‰”§“ “‰“”…’!!it is believed she's the one who stole all those mags, and thus we have
reason to believe she is a pot! (female gay...)
we'll give you more info on this lowlife deed as we get it...


ÈÁÒÌÅÑÕÉÎ is now in the professional music-lable from “”…’“§ „…“‰‡Ž ‡’•, called: SONICAL DREAMS.
harly will do tunes for many games in the future, so keep your ears peeled!

(ouch! that hurts!)


hey hey, whatsa matter with those guys in MEGADEATH??
are they really dead or what? have they pulled back their
rotten minds from the scene, or are theysecretly planning to throw a big š‚‰…­‚‚ on top of us?

hey megadeath!
send me a letter concerning you and what you're planning to do!!


are you tired of being fed up with all those cheap ÐÌÁÓÔÉÃ ÍÅÁÌÓ?

would you like something different instead of ƒ „ŽŒ„§“?
yes? then you should try some of the deee-licious meals presented here at GIT'S KITCHEN TIP!!
this month's recipe is ”•’Ž ’•Ž„ ‚‰”ƒˆ, a snack which owes its name to the way of making it...
the dutchmen among us know this snack as WENTELTEEFJES.

take it away git...

okay, let's start right away...
to prepare this crunchy snack, you need:
3 eggs
some milk
some butter
some slices of bread
cinnamon (kaneel)
a frying pan
a blender or mixer (whiizzz!)
and a bowl.

now, break the shells of the eggs with a hammer and put the stuff that comes out of the eggs in the bowl.
after that, you can put some milk in it,blend it until there's no more egg-slime in the mixture, and put some cinnamon on it.
now take a slice of bread and drown it in your mixture.
now, if you are a smart kid, you have already lit the fire on your stove and put the frying pan on it with some
butter in it which is supposed to be melting.
now take your slice of bread (which will be dead if it took you too long to light the fire) and put it in your pan,
and be careful for the spetters wich might come off.
now if the slice of (maybe drowned) bread is brown and crispy on one side, just turn that BITCH over and do the
other side. (”•’Ž ’•Ž„ ‚‰”ƒˆ®®® “……¿) you can do this with as much bread as you would like.
now put the shit on a plate and eat it with sugar or some other sweet shit... (i heard bitches like sweets!)
good luck and.... bon appetite!

watch out for next month's recipe.
signed: Œ… ‡‰” ƒˆ…†.

yummy, i already feel my stomach go "quaaarcchh" when i read that!

anyway, give us your reactions to this kitchen tip, we would really appreciate it! (thanx anyway!)


for elite swapping:
toldwarsstr. 7 (1h),
1073 rp amsterdam,


the git and harlequin are producing a game called TORMENTOR OF THE DEEP, which is some kind of submarine warfare sim.
you're commander aboard the "orpheus", a highly advanced nuclear sub, and you should shoot anything that moves.
(well, Œ“” anything... would be a shame for those whales!)
it's a game with elements of a shoot 'emup, an adventure and a tactical interactive movie,
so i think this is a game worth looking out for...
we're not sure when it's finished, but keep your eyes and ears open for more updates on this product...


GIZMO is in desperate need of a haircut! his hair is now so long, that he can't perform his famous ÃÁÔÃÈàÍÙàÖÏÍÉÔ-trick!
if there's anyone who can supply us witha big Œ—Ž-—…’ (black'n'decker would be prefered), please send a
letter to the address way up above...
thank you.


be sure to catch an issue of …Œ‰”… …’†’Žƒ… every venlo!
it costs only 2 guilders, and is packed with news, votes and other stuff which you would find quite interesting...!
it's made by HARLEQUIN & CURSE/ruthless.
oh yeah, it's on paper...


"file of a member"

hey, how about giving you a “””•“ of each scl-member? yeah, good idea!
but as i haven't got information on all silicon ltd guys, i'll just start off with myself...

handle..: harlequin
group...: silicon ltd.
name....: arjen bokhoven
born....: 26/06/1972 (current age: 18)
hobbies.: computing, drawing, collecting and painting fantasy miniatures, playing fantasy games, reading.
music...: hip hop, techno, synthesizer.
food....: pizza, mc donald's.
drinks..: coca cooola!
films...: the empire strikes back, aliens, raw, delirious.
books...: the hobbit, lord of the rings, stormbringer.
hating..: RACISTS, the government, conceited people.
loving..: nice, funny and smart girls.
phrase..:"be yourself and use your brain instead of your fist..."
admiring: martin luther king, tolkien, gorbatchov, richard pryor.
ambition: to glue this damn world together again and make the best of our lives...


SNAPP also needs a fuckin' haircut!!
his head looks like the south-american bush-bush which has just been blasted down by a nuclear holocaust!!!!
(no offence, ˆŒƒ•“”!)


- interview! -

this month's interview was done with ‡‰š/ÓÉÌÉÃÏÎ ÌÔÄ!

h = harlequin
g = gizmo

h: yo gizmo, tell us something about yourself!
g: i'm 18 years young, i have a black c64, i'm still trying to educate myself and i'm a coder from silicon!!
h: how long do you own your 64?
g: for the first three years i got one, i only played games, but i didn't own a diskdrive. then that 64 broke down.
about 3 years after that i bought a new one, and painted it black!
h: what do you think of git's TURN AROUND BITCHES?
g: well, when you're drunk, their edible. (hrmpf... git.)
h: how did you get into the scene?
g: first i was fucking around with ‚“‰ƒ together with some locals, then i met ÍÃÄ at a party and we made an
appointment, and later he started to learn me coding. i learned fast, as i can program for about a year.
later i joined ˆ”ƒ, for which i made two demoparts which were never released.
and then the git phoned me and asked me to join, so here i am!!
h: how does SEX involve in your life?
g: what kind of a stupid question is that? oh well, since they didn't make amigas with ”‰”“, i'll just stick to women.
h: okay, who do you really admire in the scene?
g: uh, ÆÌÁÍÉÎÇÏ of ÌÉÇÈÔ, because of his perfect vector-routies!
h: do you have a girlfriend?
g: i had a real relation for two years, but now i'm just fucking around.
h: fucking around?
g: well, never sticking to a girl for a longer period than one week!
h: which object do you really hate to look at?
g: CBA/TRC's mouth, especially when he's eating Ž„ laughing at the same time!
h: okay, i wanna quit this melige crap, but before i leave you, do you want to say anything?
g: all you guys, who think you're god,you're just suckheads, coz i created god!!
and remember: drank maakt meer kapot dan je lief is... (eh ÔÉÍ?)
h: okay, thanx for this piece of shit!
g: flush it through the toilet man, and goodnight!

some of you might think gizmo is a real ƒŽƒ…”‰…„ ““ˆŒ…, but the reason for gizmo being so grumpy is that
the interview was done while gizmo was in the toilet (honest!), so don't get overexcited...


harlequin, 2hype & the git (again!) are making a small game...
the game is called "stalker", and it's gonna be (yet another!) shoot'em upgame featuring sleazy graphics and hyped music...
check it out some day later...



these people use our name to release weak ‡‰ƒ­„‰ƒ‹-"cracks", release a dumb magazine which wasn't even made by themselves,
and boast around that they are number 3 in the austrian scene!!!

our reaction to these weaklings: hahaha!

dig this: hey scn/austria/germany!

change yar fucken groupname, or face the consequences!! (in other words: change your groupname, or we'll kick your fat butts!!!)...
i think one of those scn-fellows already understood what we ment when he was in the last venlo-meeting!! (RRRIIPP! eh, gizmo?)


do you feel utterly depressed?
are dark clouds obscuring the sun?
is there no more sense in life?
then, here's the answer!!
”‰ ”ˆ… “ˆ’‰Ž‹ will help you with all your problems and difficulties in life!!
tim studied psychology in kindergarten, and is now fully graduated as first-class man "with a helping hand"!
if you need ÂÒÁÉÎ ÒÅÆÒÅÓÈÍÅÎÔ, just write to:

TIM THE SˆÒIŽË/silicon ltd.
peltlaan 15
1496 ja utrecht

(also for swapping ofcourse...)


that's it!

you have come to the bitter end of the first issue of “Œ‰„ ””…’, and we hope you've enjoyed it as much as we did!
please keep those reactions and letters coming in, and maybe you'll even vote for solid matter in the big charts!

thanks to:
the git/scl for the cool intro
arcane/scl for the coding
2hype/scl for earlier versions of sm
cba/trc for eating in his unique way
the ruling company, atg and ruthless for being some of the craziest guys around..
git's refridgerator for food-supplies. and to all other people who have helped or contributed us in any kind of way!!
we thank you for reading and (hopefully)“’…„‰Ž‡ this magazine, so from me it'sbye bye, merry christmas and a fucking happy new year!!

harlequin/silicon ltd.

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