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       searching for old c64 games

the c64 scene is dying.... or....
well ofcoz the scene isn't dying, but it
is a fact that the game-scene isn't that
productive anymore.
back in da good old times a lot of games
where made and sold/spreaded to the c64
today the game-producing industry doesnt
release so many games. further, is about
85% of the games released today, low-
budget shit games...

i sometimes wonder what the newcommers
think about games released today.i think
they, just like me, find them boring.


what about all the old classic games ??
i think most of the newcommers haven't
even seen a lot of the best old games.

think about titles like :

        impossible mission i + ii
          defender of the crown
              giana sisters
         international karate +
            cybernoid i + ii
            barbarian i + ii
              terra cresta

ever heard of'em ?? maybe not all, but
some..  most of these titles are much
better than the ones from 1993-1994.
(maybe the gfx today is better, but the
gameplay often sucks major dick!!)

and now to da point. today most swappers
just wants to spread new cracks. in my
eyes this is a big mistake...
why not build up your collection with
older quality releases, instead of the
shitty low-budget games of today???

i myself would prefer a small collection
instead of 700 disks full of shit...

furthermore i think sceners 'deserves'
to get the best...

         - -- ------------ -- -

i know atleast 2 guys who're trying to
build up a 'c64 library'. as a matter of
fact i have both represented in this

              may i present

    steve of laser -&- the collector

i will not write more for now, but let
these two gentlemen tell their own story

 the first one will be steve of laser..
   - -- --- --------------- --- -- --

ok everybody read this and wise up .....

 once upon a time there was a computer
 called the c64 (or c128 according to
 flavour) and not only that but many
 people used to have fun with this so
 called computer cracking games and
 swapping with various people .....

 many crackers have come and gone, some
 never to be heard of again but many of
 those crackers had a common goal .....

 ian of fusion (a group from 1988 to
 1989) once said it all with the
 following statement "cracking is about
 giving people the chance to own a game
 they otherwise wouldn't have" .....

 who remembers the head librarian of
 eaglesoft ????? i certainly do and when
 i went to new york and met both him and
 prowl i was truly amazed at the sheer
 quantity of games he had .....
 the head librarian had one desire and
 that was to create a "library" of c64
 software which was unrivalled by
 anyone else in existence .....

 who remembers madall ????? who also
 remembers janitor ????? both smart guys
 madall stated once "what matters in the
 end is that you've got the game and
 that it works" ..... janitor said once
 "forget speed, burn your modem, just
 create perfect cracks" .....

 however a short while ago i returned to
 the c64 scene after a brief sojourn in
 st/amiga land to find a pitiful crazy
 situation where everyone only cared
 about speed and votes in the mags .....

 now there is very little new software
 coming out and everyone seems to spend
 all their time whingeing or creating
 yet more and more demos and superfluous
 crap .....

 now with the current new games outlook
 looking bleak you may consider getting
 rid of your trusty commodore despite
 the fact that it may have given you
 many years of pleasure .....

 let's face it you're just copping out,
 who's going to show potential c64
 owners what's on offer huh ?????

 now you do have an alternative however
 remember head librarian's theory and
 dream ????? well i'm going to take it
 all a little bit further by collating
 the world's largest library of c64
 software so come one day if you want a
 game chances are i'll have it .....

 don't kid yourself you've get all the
 games there are i've got 2000 games on
 one list and yet 2000 more to go on the
 list ..... only 4000 games and by my
 best guess there should in excess of
 10000 games available !!!!!

 now many games i've got are frozen or
 simply badly cracked/crunched or non-
 trained or whatever so quite simply i
 will re-do many games and crack many of
 the frozen ones .....

 so when you get a game cracked by laser
 it may well not be a 'new ware' but it
 won't be my problem it'll be yours and
 after all if you only want new wares
 you could be doing a lot of waiting in
 the future .....

 i'm not interested in people's opinions
 on this subject i'm just voicing mine,
 because if the c64 is to live we have
 to make of what it has to offer right
 now and create a future for it that we
 can be proud of and bring new users
 into the c64 scene .....

 examples of recently cracked 'classic'
 games are heavy metal paradroid+5
 (yes +5!) and knight games levelpacked
 to only half a side !!!!!
 now you have a choice you can get in
 touch and swap both old and new games
 (i'm only sending the old ones to those
 who ask for them, so people aren't
 inundated with stuff they already have)
 or you can sit there and wait for the
 new games (sure christmas is coming but
 i don't see that many games for the c64
 on the horizon) .....

 most games on my list are far superior
 to their previous incarnation and mega
 trained etc .....

 so there's my dream .....

 1.create perfect cracks
 2.create the world's largest 64 library
 3.and most important enjoy !!!!!


 in case you're wondering (for those of
 half a brain) i am indeed steve who
 used to be in zenith and am back with
 an attitude .....

 if you want to trade call or write :-


 XXXXXXXXXXXX from united kingdom
 XXXXXXXXXXXX from overseas

 remember piracy is about fun and about
 friendship and i salute those cool
 pirates past and present who have gone
 out to prove worthy of that idiom .....

 ian                        (ccs,fusion)
 nik                         (bcs,ikari)
 ironfist       (laser,pe#1,zenith,boyz)
 paul               (sigma,bouncy bytes)
 phil               (sigma,bouncy bytes)
 andy+andy                     (dcs,rsi)
 tom                    (the management)
 sonny                     (danish gold)
 ixion+janitor                   (triad)
 dawsy                 (genesis project)
 frank             (electric boyz,laser)
 oahawhool                         (fbr)
 ninja+chad                        (fbr)
 head librarian              (eaglesoft)
 prowl                       (eaglesoft)
 hendy         (breaker boys,zenith,dcs)
 ric                             (laser)
 ian+mic                         (triad)
 strider+hobbit              (fairlight)
 madall+jeff smart               (triad)
 nosah                      (zenith,dcs)
 paul                      (medway boys)
 jester                          (laser)
 jj the breaker                    (ucf)
 tim+mike                        (laser)
 dom+perv                    (loftysoft)
 derbyshire ram           (dom,illusion)

 and lastly to tom+quill for starting me
 on the road to c64 piracy all those so
 many years ago when i was proud of the
 fact i had 10 originals and thought
 that was a lot !!!!! .....

 so when the games run out who you gonna
 call ????? so you see my point of view
 i hope and will probably agree it kinda
 makes sense .....

 imagine a world with new 64 games .....

 steve of laser .....

the next one will as mentioned above be

              the collector

              the collector
         (antitracks archivist)

hi friends !

this is the collector, who is the
archivist of antitrack/legend/f4cg.
the software-companies don't produce
any fantastic proggies for the c64 any
longer. i think it is logical that
there soon won't be any new software.
that's why i'm trying to get in contact
with other collectors of software all
over the world to widen my collection
to a c64-documentation.
i think it is about time to search for
new as well as for old software for our
"loved machine". i don't emphasis the
latest news.i'm also looking forward to
getting oldies which i was longing for
a long time.
i don't belong to any group. i'm the
archivist of antitracks/legend/f4cg and
with this job i've enough to do,
especially to keep our collection "up
to date".
i'm only collecting games + utls, but
no demos or mags, though i like to
spend a look on them. but that's
enough! i can't spend more time with
this kind of stuff.
i don't mind if you give my addy + list
to your+friends, who are also interested
in swapping oldies. i would even ask
you to do so !!
since i'm a passionate collector, i
prefer to swap about 3-80 discs per
time. sendings of 1-2 discs are not so
interesting as far as the time or
stamp-payment is concerned.

please send me your game-list +
utls-list as well as your wanted-list
(if you have one!?). please tell me as
well whether you have a printer or not.
i think we should swap at least once
per month.
i'm looking forward to hearing from you,
bye, bye!

        the collector (o.t.e.!)




i think it's a very good idea to create
such a library of the c64 games..
and i would advice these 2 dudes to get
in contact, and in that way help each-

finally i must tell you that the text
from steve of laser was earlier brought
in the great dutch mag MAGNESS by groove
d-signs. but it was send to me by steve
with the intention to use it in skyhigh

my last words to you will be, to think
about the past instead of denying it...
get back to a high quality. and why not
start by getting sum old classics dusted
off and played again???


   we all have a great scene-history,
           don't destroy it...

                                BIZ KID
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