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             spread the word

yep - time for another chapter filled
with public statements, missing games,
missing contacts and so on, and on..

       welcome to spread the word

it seems, that the idea created in my
wacky head long time ago is rather suc-
cesfull. i get a lot of notes telling me
that swappers have got some of their con
tacts back after they had a letter in!!

well what more can i ask for???

talking about missing contacts....
the first 3 ads are from people missing
some of their contax!

hey pals!

this is fct/guilty(ex-jason/x-rated) and
there are some dudes i have lost contact

tecno/tmmb         hurricane/lithium
vengeance/success  h?e/genesis project
tda/triad          e3/rebels
orson/indigents    decane/vision

so if you are one these lazy ones please
give me a package, or a message whether
you quitted or not!

hi dudes! here is nephelim/ftm/ent!
i lost contact with following dudes.
domel/antia, dezert/charged, amc/charged
digger/atlantic, borek/extacy, carson/
sun and maybe a few more.
please recontact me. addy (if you lost)
in addy corner!

help me!
i got a letter from the postoffice con-
cerning the fact they had taken away a
cheated sending. i swa the letter. it's
as large as a disk and came from sweden.
due to thefact that my handle was on the
pack, i conclude that it was from a guy
who tried to contact me. if you (!) are
sitting out there and reading this, then
contact me again, and don't cheat!!

furthermore i still haven't heard from :

    ghoul/mechanix     yoda/fiction
    raz/camelot        vain/???
          almighty god/level 64

i'm waiting for your sending   gigabyte!

     looking for zak to your game??

        attention! a pvcf-offer!

you need musics or noise for your game?
do you like the pvcf style? then contact
following adress for ordering sounds for
your game:

send examples of your work or your con-
cepts to me!  - if it looks nice, then
my zaks are free of charge for you!
samplezaks ofcourse included
ps. new sidchip prefered!

yo pvcf why not make a tune for skyhigh?
       i would love to have one!!


genlog are looking for more members. if
you are interested then contact: quartex

           addy in addycorner


also the second ring (t.s.r) needs more
members. they need coders, composers,
crackers, gfx's and swappers. swappers
must have more than 50 contacts!!

contact awa/tsr for details


the deadline for the demo of the year is
once again moved, coz we've still only
recieved 7 parts for it.
to support it, make a part for it and
send it to zyron or depeh before june 1.

one of the top swappers has a message to
the scene - c a l y p s o -

                so be it!
            your god returns!


returns to your screen with again a
public note!

as you know i have been trading for
several years now, and gained over 225
contacts at this point!
due to this, a lot of mail arrives at
my house, and passes the watching eyes
of the so feared post-men!
now,these people are not too stupid here
and so they discovered that you are
cheating your stamps to me!

due to this fact they started to keep
the cheated packs, which causes that i
wont get the packs,and that result
again in the fact that you wont hear
from me. sounds easy or!?
a little example is that r!b/amnesia
sended me a disc with a new amnesia
production on thursday, 17th of march.
it never arrived at my house.. a week
before that he also send.. it never

a good friend of mine, styx, is having
quite an amount of contacts i have
aswell,and in his notes i discovered
that he got disx from people i was
supposed to get disx from too. there
were even notes from that person to
me. (example: jazzcat/legend)

         so do me this favour:
               DONT CHEAT
or do it at your very best.. if not,we
will loose contact, sooner or later,and
i'd like to keep contact with you all!
also please put enought stamps on the
pack, as i am not sure if the post
checks on that aswell!

i said it before several times.. please
open your eyes this time.. cant or dont
you want to see!?

at last a list of the people i havent
heared from in a too long time, so they
can be supposed to be one of those
unlucky ones from whom the disc got
"lost".. please,send again, uncheated!

abbot/digital des. axegrinder/feniks
avalanche/atl      bumboo/flash inc
betrayer/xentrix   carrion/elysium
cat/excess         chris/asphyxia
cruise/elysium     duxe/elysium
dan/ozone          dozo/accuracy
drax/crest/vib.    dr.lecter/creatures
deadbone/breeze d. d'arc/topaz beerline
dj/???             freestyle/avantgarde
falcon/accuracy    galland/cult
godfather/pandora  heat/noice
happymaker/reflex  iron/fatum
iron eagle/hitmen  jeff/camelot
jazzcat/legend     lynx/???
mr.wax/chromance   mr.giga/astral
maja/talent        master s/slash
mekong/atheist     pri/tia/oxyron
stone/talent       sandwich/paradize
scapegoat/topaz    syndrom/tia/crest
silver/trsi        tbb/talent
king/f4cg          splatterhead/??
earthquake/ant/cs  zore/elysium
xposer/rebels      tts/oxyron
tronic/ex-illusion tensai/elysium
titanic/charged    spermbird/excess

and maybe even more.. this doesn look
like just a little lost of one disc
does it!?  this is just a global list
and already it are about 50 people..


 hope to hear from you all again really

       your friend till the end,

              THE CALYPSO!

well i guess some of the listed dudes do
read skyhigh.. so better recontact him!!
next one is from avalanche -he's looking
    for more members to join atlantis

             YOO OUT THERE!

    once more its me, avalanche/atl,
       with a note to you all...

   i'm here for the normal stuff that
   almost any group is questing for:

            m e m b e r s !

 yes, we in <atl> still need more guys
     that are willing to follow our
         tradition and quality!
 our target is friendship, our love is

  right now <atl> consist in a active
    legal section and a more or less
         inactive illegal one.

  to improve our activity releasewise
     and scenewise overall we need:


    send a proove of your abilities
   (either codings, graphics, sounds,
   contactlists, bbslists, originals)
            to this address:


     be sure to get a fast answer!

 well, nothing to tell you now except:
enjoy your life, have fun and always...
        ...keep your thumbs up!

              out and over



hi pals!
this is fct / guilty writing and i'd
like to have the following group-intern
matters printed here:

1. we in guilty are still searching for
   some talented boys/girls to join up
   with our forces.
   especially coders & musicians are
   wanted but also graphicians are
   please notice that this is a totally
   legal group so crackers & hackers
   fuck off!
   if you are intrested then please
   contact me by sending some examples
   of your appreciated work and call
   me for further information.

   for any matters concerning the amiga
   like joining or whatsoever contact
   the guilty-amiga-section under:



2. i (fct) lost contact to some of my
   very best mates in scene. if you
   are one of the following ones please
   contact me again.

   tecmo / tmmb
   hurricane / lithium
   vengeance / success
   hje / g*p
   tda / triad
   orson / ex-indigents
   e3 / rebels
   witty / accuracy
   decane / vision
   brix / cp

3. i am searching for any version of the
   FUN-PAINT programm.
   so if anyone would be so kind and
   send it to me i'd appreciate it very
   much. disk(s) will be send back

   thanks for your attention.


  the next one is concentrated to padua


from electric to padua :

...padua sometime ago released a demo
named 'trial of strenght". i myself have
not seen it yet, but i heard that there
is my picture & one logo in it. those
graphics were made over one and a half
year ago (autumn '92) for a game named
'trial of strenght'.
anonym/padua asked me to do 'em, and he
said that 'wildstyle software' would pay
me 250,- dmk for that piccy + logo. i
made whatthey asked, and started to wait
for the money (as for a poor student, it
was a nice pocketmoney), after a few let
ters etc. etc. they (anonym) had several
times promised to pay me, BUT I NEVER
REALLY GOT THE MONEY!.. and i even had
send a bill for them. so, is it really
true that anonym is a lousy swindler and
doesn't keep his promises?
i'd liketo get an answer! (and also i'd
still like to get that 250 dmk). i have
nothing against padua or the members,
and i hope that you don't get mad 'coz
this MAY be a misunderstanding. anyway,
waiting for your answer in SKYHIGH. (and
for franky/padua i've lost yar address,
so please send it, as i still like to

        signed by (poor) electric/extend

missing sendings
- -- ------ -- -

due to the fact that a lot of my sen-
dings dissappeared the last weeks/months
it seems that i've lost contact to the
following boys'n girls:

- ramjam/acrise     - zore/ex-vision
- vengeance/shazam! - wolf/ex-vision
- cop/faces/chrom.  - tdj/focus
- clairvoyant/faces - kbs/regina
- shakesbeer/inzane - skorpion/ex-epic
- witch/lethargy    - iron/fatum

if you're still interested to trade with
me mail a sending into my direction:

rrr/oxyron/alpha flight 1970
xxxxx xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
xxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx


 - are missing some contacts?
 - need more members?
 - do you have an offer for the scene?
 - want to sell anything?
 - want your partyinvitation spreaded?

why not use skyhigh to get your advert
spread worldwide???
all you have to do, is to send a note
with your text to me (biz kid) and i'll
do the rest...

don't delay - send today..      BIZ KID
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