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              oxy - intern


             oxyron intern

                part ii


hmmm which guy will be here now? i think
many of the readers don't know me!
coz i left the scene about 1 year ago
and in january 1994 for 100%.
okay here is my handle: MACHINE/x-oxyron
and i don't write here to tell ya all
that i will be back in the scene.
i write here only about me coz a good
pal named 'BIZKID' ask me. i hope some
good old friends read this text to
understand me why i left the c64 scene.

okay now let's start from the beginning
to the end of my computer activities.
my handle is 'machine', my real name
is 'mike'. i'm now 21 years old and
i'm 1.90 tall. i have short dark blond
hairs, some month ago i had long hairs
but i had to cut'em for my army service
my eyes are grey-blue. i live in north
germany in a city called 'schleswig'
near the danish boundary.

my brother (SCRAPPER) and i got the c64
1987 at christmas. first we lamed around
with playing games... then 1,5 years
later we got in contact with a guy named
'thomas' today hopefully famous under
the handle 'PEACE'. these two guys start
to code, first in basic and then in
assembler. i start to paint some logos
and pics under my old handle called
'spew'. the pictures were really lame
and ugly.then we build up a group called
'the real force' we released under this
lable 1 mega demo and a 1 file demo.
the name of the mega demo called: enjoy
the silence'. maybe some of you know
the demo, but under this lable we didn't
became famous, coz i had only contax in
the pd-scene and not in the real insider
c64 scene. at this time i had never
thought that i will get in the real c64
scene. 1990-91 we tried our best to be-
come a bit famous. in the middle of the
year 1991 i saw our addy in the mag
mamba coz 'thomas' wrote a letter to the
editors of the 'mamba' with our addy.
some days later a guy contact me called
'stiff/bonzai'. but i had no stuff, so
i send him some OLD demos back...
and some days later another guy contact
me called 'bomb/x-rated'. in the note
i saw his phonenumber and called him up.
some days later we ( scrapper,peace and
me) visit him and there we got the la-
test software, it was in june 1991.
this was the time where i get active on
the c64 scene. at this time i start to
contact alot of guys on the scene but
the most didn't answer.
some weeks later we build up a new group
called 'BLAZE' after some month i was
in contact with ca.15 guys, it was not
easy to get in contact with some scener
like today, coz friendship was a
unknown and a very new word in the scene
in august'91 we drove to the nato-party
in hildesheim. it was my first computer-
party. some days later we got a
inspiration from 'bomb' to produce a
discmag. in september '91 we released
our first issue of 'addybook' on the
'bocholt-party' in bocholt. most guys
liked the first issue, but i must say
the outfit and the grafix were really
ugly. with the first issue i contact
alot of guys and the most wrote back.
now blaze got famous with the mag
'addybook' some month later we meet us
with some guys from the group 'PRINCES'.
some weeks later we organized a little
party at our homeplace. some visitors:
nyarlathotep/sunrise, bomb/stormfront,
amarok/security and all princes freaks
ofcoz. at the party we released a little
coop demo with princes and a new issue
of  addybook. some  weeks  later we
were in coop with the guys from princes
in october'91 we released a coop demo
on the bocholt party with princes.
on the 6.december'91 we visit the gloom
party with no release from our group.
in february'92 we visit the venlomeeting
to meet there some dutch members of
and it's not a joke we had also a crack
section under the 'blaze' lable. but
these guys left the scene after some
month, sad but true.
in april'92 we visit the 'light party'
in sweden. it was very crazy there coz
all famous groups were there......
some month later we in 'blaze' released
our demo 'jail trellis' it was not the
best. some weeks later i joined the
guys in 'oxyron' as second group coz
they need a megaswapper. at this time
and i had around 120 contax.
then i was with scrapper and peace
often on 'oxyron' meetings to view new
parts and to visit the crazy oxy-guys.
at this time 'addybook' was very famous
and my job were the 'reaction chapter
and the review chapter'.
1992 at christmas i become for the 1st
time really lazy, coz the most of my
contax stop on c64 and left the computer
scene. in january'93 'blaze' died and 4
guys from 'blaze' joined 'oxyron'. the
reason why 'blaze' died, was that the
dutch members left us.
1993 i left nearly the c64 scene, i was
unactive ca.6-7 month, i wrote only my
two chapters in 'addybook' and visit
'the computer crossroad' in sweden.
september 1993 i got some power back and
start again, but the most contax were
on other systems or left the scene.
at the christmas party in herning i lost
my fun on the c64 for 100% coz not that
many guys like some years before were
on the c64 system.
in january i left the scene and stopped
with my c64 activities.
we released also the last issue of
'addybook' and stop with it. now i try
to enter the 'PC' scene as gfx'er.
you will never see mee on the 'AMIGA'
coz on this scene are to many freaks and
groups, there is no future for beginners
like me. i hope to see some of you maybe
on the 'pc' system. see ya all there....

how i got my handle you maybe ask. don't
ask me i can't remember it.

    my favourites demo groups 'c64'


     my favourites demo groups 'pc'

                2.future crew

    my favourites musicians on 'c64'


    my favourites musicians on 'pc'

            1.purple motion

okay guys that should be all favourites!

    what is my job beside computer?
  today i do my 'army service' here in

what are my favourite real music-groups
fields of the nephelim, the garden of
delight, love like blood. and all kind
of rock-wave. yoo guys crossover sux
and tekkno sux like hell!!!

okay that should be all for you see ya
than maybe on 'pc'......

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