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        about frenchflair/jam/wow

? frenchflair
! skyhigh

? yo french flair, you are the 1st dude
  from france i've ever seen interviewed
  so i decided that i/skyhigh would be
  the first one to do that!
  do feel welcomed...

  but why not get down to biznezz right
  please start with a brief introduction
  of yourself.

! hello bizzie, well you want me to give
  a small introduction ?? ok here we go:
  my name is sebastien, i'm 21 years old
  and i live in a small town, guyancourt
  (it's near paris).
  i'm still going to school (lalalalala)
  it's a technical university ... before
  that i got my "bac" in electronic.
  ok, i think it's all i've to say, i
  dont see anything else ... ah, yes,
  fuck the p.s.g, viva marseille !!

? france....  well you don't hear a lot
  about the french scene today. is there
  such a scene, or are you one of the
  only active frenchmen?
  if no then please mention a few..

! i'm sorry to tell that there's no c64
  french scene. there are only few users
  that are trying to keep there 64 alive
  (masoko/extacy, lau/mayhem, jitty/trc)
  now,all the computer freaks are on pc,
  on amiga or on consoles.

? how did you get introduced to the c64
  scene, and when did you enter?

! well, i got my 64 in 87 and i began to
  collect games. then i stopped my 64
  activities in 91 and gave my 64 to my
  sister. in late 92, i restarted my 64
  lame swap and i contacted few sceners.
  in january 93, falcon/accuracy asked
  me to join as graphixer, i said yes.

? in what groups have you been trough
  the time?

! well, only 3: accuracy, wow and jam.

? i presume you have read my chapter in
  issue #10 of this mag, concerning dou-
  ble membership.
  well you yourself is in 2 groups. do
  you think this is ok? (well i guess ya
  do, otherwise.....)

! it's true i'm still in wow and jam.
  jam is a nice group that produce a mag
  and some demos regulary. wow is a very
  very slow group. i dont have lots of
  graphix work to do then (it makes now
  3 month i'm only working for jam).

? why not give yourself 100% to only one
  group, and concentrate even more on
  doing gfx?
  (take a look on some of the greatest
  gfx'ers in the scene : electric, joe,
  earthquake, cruise and so on.. they're
  only in one group!!)

! yes, you're right, i'm now concentring
  my activities on graphics. i began to
  drop most of my swap-contacts and keep
  the more actives of them. i left wow
  few days ago coz it was to unactive.
  now i'm only in jam and i've more time
  to do some graphix. concerning the top
  graphixers, i think that only the work
  and the skill make the difference.

? how did you get your handle ?
  i presume it has got something to do
  with your country, or am i wrong??
  please tell us the story!

! it comes from rugby. english created
  the word "frenchflair" because french
  players had a spectacular way to play.

        tell us about your faves!

? what do you prefer to eat?

! french and italian food.

? and what do you like to drink?

! wine, sodas, water (sorry, no beer)

? to what music do you listen?

! mostly rock music (guns, nirvana ,etc)

? your favourite girl(s)?

! my girlfriend (lovely 'n with a brain)

? what movie was the coolest you ever

! alien i think, it's a really great one

? and your c64 favourites

     demogroup : camelot

     crackergr.: ikari (old time)

     coder     : depeh

     magazine  : revealed

     composer  : syndrom

     grafixer  : oxidy

     cover des.: zapotek

     sceneland : denmark 'n sweden equal

     demo      : dutch breeze

     game      : project firestar

? and last :
  your favourite friend(s) in the scene

! humm ... met/mayhem, masoko/extacy,
  lau/mayhem, tabasco/flt, iopop/jam,
  azzaro/wow, dash/role, blackwidow/gd
  and some others ...

? yeah a whole lot of things you liked.
  but what about things you dislike!

  is there any particulary phenomena or
  mayby dudes you do not like in the
  scene. give us the story!!

! there are things i dislike of course
  (disk stealing, ripping, etc...)
  but what can we do? it's impossible to
  stop such things, it's individual acts

? what is your plans for the future ?
  both in the scene and in private !

! in private, hum, very hard. i hope i
  will have my exams and have a nice job
  (it's hard nowadays).
  in the scene, less swap and more grphx
  from me. (wait and see).

? the c64 scene unfortunately can't live
  forever !
  when it dies (around year 2036!!!)
  what will you then do?
  jump to the (l)amiga or pc, or simply
  quit the entire compy-scene?

! i think the c64 scene have now 2 or 3
  cool years to live. after, i think it
  will be harder (but i wont leave). i
  already have a pc and an amiga.i think
  i'll join the pc scene, it's the best
  after the 64 one.

           about your contacts

? do ya have a lot of contacts ?
  (how many - name a few.)

! i had around 50, now around 25. bizkid
  /oxyron, bizzare/trance, tabasco/flt,
  blackwidow/gd, happymaker/reflex, met
  /mayhem, zapotek/rebels, etc ....

? do you prefer legal stuff or cracks
  from your contacts.?

! legal coz there are no cool games on
  the 64, i prefer games on amiga and pc
  i think you understand why??

? do you use cheated stamps ?

! no

? why not?

! i was caught once, i said never twice.

? magazines! some people say there's too
  many - some say there's not!!
  what do you think?

! all the warez that can keep the scene
  alive are welcome. so why not mags??
  (but only a few are good ones). if
  someone have a new idea or concept??

? they for one thing sure keep the scene
  alive, but what about demos?
  what do you think about the quality of
  the demos produced nowadays?

! i think that now,it'll be hard to find
  new code routines. the only thing that
  have to be improved is the design.
  it's the way to go.

? what is your advice to all the demo -
  producing groups, concerning their
  future productions?

! better designed demos, it's all i can

? if you had the opportunity to build up
  a new group - which persons would you
  like to join ?

! coders       : depeh, cruzer and raz

  musicians    : syndrom, pri and zyron

  gfx'ers      : electric, oxidy, ogami

  swappers     : tabasco, bizzare

  modemtraders : dont know ...

  others       : zapotek (covers)


? what do you say when i say :

  group      : jam

  coca cola  : usa

  friendship : cool

  c-64       : great

  amiga      : games

  girls      : aaaaaaaarrrrgh (anne)

  beers      : beurk

  magazines  : skyhigh??

  groupwars  : beurk (bis)

  sex        : aaaaaaaarrrrgh (anne)

  parties    : nice

  interviews : hard

  and last 'skyhigh' : nice mag

? well french flair, you have joined up
  with my anti-nazi demo movement. cool!
  well first tell us what you have done
  for the demo, and second why!!

! i've done a fli pic, i had a second 1
  ready but lost it in a drive accident
  (fucked 1541).why i joined? i feel sad
  and revolted to see that nazism still
  exist after all troubles that causes.

? do you have any words for the persons
  who haven't joined up yet?

! we need the help of everyone. we can
  all see what's happening in yugoslavia
  i'm sure that it'll happend again coz
  nazism, nationalism and intolerance're
  in my opinion the main factor of wars.
  this demo wont change anything but we
  can prove everyone we are concerned.

? yo we are getting closer to the end

  i'll hereby give you the word to say
  what's on your mind.
  the word is free !

! yes, i'd like to say the whole scene
  mags that have my addie to remove it.
  i'd like to say to all the sceners
  that i have enough contacts, so stop
  contacting me, thanx a lot.
  also a big hello to all my contacts.
  (i wont name any of them coz i'll
  surelly forget some, so ...)

? yeah that's it..
  we reached the end of this interview.
  i better let you of the hook for

  i'll end by thanking you for taking
  the time to help me with this.

  i hope you'll stick to this beautiful
  scene for a long time!
  have a cool time in the future.

  thanx homeboy!!

! bye! bye! bizzie, wish a nice time to
  all of you sceners.


yep another chapter has reached it's end
         you know what to do...

                                BIZ KID
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