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        about antifan of equinoxe

 ? skyhigh
 ! antifan/equinoxe

  first of all thanx for sharing your
  personality with the rest of us.
  -but let's get started the boring way!

? please tell us your handle and group.

! hello jesper, at first thank you for
  this interview... ok, i am antifan of

? and your real name ?

! since my birth all people call me
  christian gruen...

? when were you delivered to the earth?

! it was the 8th of july in 1977!
  let me remember, it was a nice and
  sunny day, haha..

? ok that was the most important things.
  but pleaz give us a small introduction
  of yourself.
  (personal facts : height - hair colour
                    eye colour - glasses
  sparetime, other interests, job/school
  hobbies and so on!!)

! ok: i am 173 cm tall, my weight is
  60 kg, i have brown hairs and blue
  eyes (sounds like a love novel), but
  no glasses. unfortunately i have to
  spend a big part of my time in the
  school. but i also play violin (now
  over 11 years!) and this also needs
  much time (i play every day 2 hours,
  moreover i am in two orchestras and
  at last i also have to go to my
  teacher every week). at the moment
  i visit the 11th grade of the german
  gymnasium (you know, high school).
  the rest i usually spend on my compi
  or go in the town to enjoy live.

? for how long have you been into the 64
  scene. or in other words : please tell
  us when you entered the world of the
  commodore 64 - and it's scene?

! well, about '85  i got my first com-
  puter: it was a ZX81! a huge memory,
  1 kbyte, so if you filled the whole
  screen with chars, the memory was
  full!! then, 6-7 years ago, i got my
  first sixty-four (what a progess) with
  data tape. and about one year later i
  finally got one floppy, and so all
  went on: i got more and more disks
  (mainly with games which are all
  cleared today) and a printer and other
  things. 3 years ago i got the first
  scene-demos by public-domain houses
  and so i found the whole crap more
  and more interesting. finally i got
  to know another c64 fan in my school:
  mr warp/eqx! back then he was in viper
  a local demo group. i also joined them
  and in october 92 we released our 1st
  and last mega-demo: out of the dark!
  some of you might have got it. at the
  beginning of 1993 we went together
  with fantasia and renamed in equinoxe!
  but soon most of the old fts-members
  like aeg, ivan, dasheele etc. left us
  and went to smash designs, a game
  group. then, in april 1993, the first
  real eqx-production was set free:
  ingenious brain #1 !!  later, in aug.,
  we released the demo fuel, no big
  success.. afterwards more and more
  issues of the -ib- got ready and we
  just get famous with it, hehe!
  oh, too much text... anyway i joined
  "viper" in april 1992 and i sent away
  my first sendings in october with the

? in which groups have you been before?

! only in viper as said before...

? your handle antifan...
  is there a special story to it?
  please tell how you got it!

! oh no, again this question...
  well, there is no real story, but i
  often don't like what others like
  and anyhow i got the name antifan-
  stupid, eh?

? what is your memberstatus and job in
  your current group ?

! together with mr warp and stan i am
  the leader of our group. then i swap
  (very slow) and code some things.
  i wanna concentrate on coding in
  future, actually swapping is only
  a waste of time, but has no big use.
  the last member-status:

  MR FRIESE.....painter,covers,swapper
  MR WARP.........leader,coder,swapper

  tell us about your faves!

? what do you prefer to eat?

! oh, spaghetti and other italian pasta.

? and what do you like to drink?

! coke rulez (until i am impotent,ha ha)

? to what music do you listen?

! trance and hardcore techno, also
  metal like in former times, but it is
  too melodic.. (??)

? your favourite girl(s)?

! no movie stars, but nice and friendly
  ones in my environment.

? what movie was the coolest you ever

! oh, bad to say. films like terminator2
  are pretty funny, but not the best
  ones; i really like indiana jones 4 !!

? and your c64 favourites

! well, i will tell you my general fa-
  vourites, no those i print on the

     demogroup : crest, censor design

     crackergr.: rsi, ikari+talent

     coder     : crossbow, tron, morris!

     magazine  : ingenious brain, hehe!

     composer  : jeroen tel, tracker

     grafixer  : ogami, creeper

     cover des.: zapotek!!

     sceneland : all

     demo      : red storm, wonderland 8

     game      : tetris, greystorm...

? and last :
  your favourite friend(s) in the scene

! i would say they are: all guys of eqx
  i swap with, dr.kaos/excess/reflex,
  pat/paralyze, chaotic/rebels, mal/acp,
  starlight/extacy, new design/x-rated
  and all who write too long letters..

? yeah a whole lot of things you liked.
  but what about things you dislike!

  is there any particulary phenomena or
  maybe dudes you do not like in the
  scene. give us the story!!

! well, i cannot stand arrogant people,
  no one is better if he reached more
  in the scene. the elite-guys are those
  ones, who worked the most time at
  their computer and so they are often
  the biggest losers in the real life!!
  and if someone thinks that he's better
  than other sceners, he forgets that
  every newcommer cannot know all about
  the scene at once. or take the pulse
  magazine: the news are nice, and maybe
  not many other mags make it to release
  their mag every month, but they simply
  don't have a reason too be arrogant:
  the guys of regina never released some
  really kicking wares, they don't pro-
  duce demos or cracks. but many guys
  think that the main editor of the mag
  (----) is something special! weird,eh?
  and moreover the content of a usual
  scene-mag is better if it is not re-
  leased every month or even every 2,3

? what are your plans for the future ?
  both in the scene and in private !

! well, in the scene i will probably
  reduce my swapping-acitivites to code
  more stuff. so a sorry to my contacts:
  i won't get faster! and in my "real
  life" i will finish the school in 2,5
  years and then i will study and look
  for an amazing job where i can earn
  millions of dollars- sounds easy...

? the c64 scene unfortunately can't live
  forever !
  when it dies (in a lot of years!!)
  what will you then do?
  jump to the (l)amiga or pc, or simply
  quit the entire compy-scene?

! well, i think that the scene will make
  it up to the year 2000, yes! the rea-
  sons: there are even guys on the cbm-
  machines plus4, although this compi
  was stopped producing many years ago.
  and the c64 is even much more popular.
  the latest news from commodore: the
  production of the c64 will at least
  continue until the next year. first,
  if no one wanna have this computer
  anymore, the production will be stop-
  ped. and concerning computer mags:
  the 64er-magazine will at least stay 4
  some years as they still have enough
  readers to keep on printing the mag
  the next years! well, if i leave the
  c64-scene, i will probably leave the
  whole scene-world as i think there are
  also many other intersting things to
  do in life, or not?

? people often talk about a lamer.
  but what is a lamer?. please give me
  your definition !

! oh god.. well, everyone is a lamer
  who tells shit about other people and
  he is special lame if he cannot stop
  with it. some guys have hardly any
  friends in the scene anymore and they
  keep on writing and telling shit
  about others and the scene in common.

           about your contacts

? do ya have a lot of contacts ?
  (how many - name a few.)

! i think they are about 50 guys who
  still send to me. but i got very, very
  slow (most of my contacts got an ans-
  wer 4-5 months ago!). i simply don't
  have such a big interest like some
  years ago. some names of them: my best
  friends named some lines ago, then
  the syndrom/tia+crest, walker/light,
  mj/maniax, derbyshire ram/ex-avt,
  master s/excess, mike/sunrise,
  astaroth/agony, snooze, graham/oxy,
  cat/excess, unicorn/entropy/genlog,
  zimbo/liquid, nuckhead/backbone,
  titanic/charged, neccy/extacy,
  volunteer/bronx, beast/crescent
  gop/shazam, marcus/chromance and
  the rest i cannot remember, sorry..
  and you, you of course!

? do you prefer legal stuff or cracks
  from your contacts.?

! only legal, illegal is boring without
  a modem and moreover cracking is too
  lame today- there is nothing to crack,
  so why are there crackers?

? do you use cheated stamps ?

! yeppa!

? and why?

! well, i am a poor school boy and don't
  want to spend all my money for stamps!
  logical, eh? if the post catches me,
  i will stop, but probably they only
  will warn me and so: they can come,
  if they want, haha!

? magazines! some people say there's too
  many - some say there's not!!
  what do you think?

! no, i find it ok if everyone tries to
  produce a nice mag. it is too easy to
  say: don't write mags, produce demos!
  many guys who edit a mag cannot code
  and if they can code demos, they will
  do it anyway. better stop cracking to
  show that you also can do something
  else, guys! i wonder about the future:
  will the crackers in the scene crack
  demos some day? already now they CRACK
  every lame pd-game!

? they for one thing sure keep the scene
  alive, but what about demos?
  what do you think about the quality of
  the demos produced nowadays?

! oh, the demo quality was never as high
  as before! well, of course there are
  always some groups who rip 1000 routi-
  nes and make their own demos out of
  them, but most demos who get released
  are styled really good! nowadays not
  releasing anything is the main point,
  but releasing quality!

? what is your advice to all the demo -
  producing groups, concerning their
  future productions?

! keep on producing good styled demos,
  that's all!

? if you had the opportunity to build up
  a new group - which persons would you
  like to join ?

! a good question...

  coders       : oxidy,king fisher

  musicians    : pri,syndrom,fanta

  gfx'ers      : ogami,creeper,astaroth

  swappers     : 1,2 of my friends

  modemtraders : puuh, i don't kniw

  others       : some members of eqx!


? what do you say when i say :

  group      : better products possible

  coca cola  : worse than other drugs

  friendship : most important thing
               in real life

  c-64       : more than just a drug

  amiga      : just a lame game machine

  girls      : necessary and cool

  beers      : something for drunkards

  magazines  : often interesting

  groupwars  : funny to look at

  sex        : more important than
               eating+sleeping, haha

  parties    : cool

  interviews : it is funny to know that
               many guys will read this!

  and last 'skyhigh' : a cool mag,
                       getting better
  and better every issue; even two
  sides are ok as the content is good.
  i also like the way you write the
  text, but one thing could be improved:
  the text area could be enlarged a bit,
  but of course there would not be room
  for a nice logo anymore... well,
  better read the reaction in the

? yo we are getting closer to the end

  i'll hereby give you the word to say
  what's on your mind.
  the word is free !

! thank you for the interview, friend!
  i hope that you all will stay in the
  scene as long as possible; try to
  bring some other guys in the scene
  and, if you have to much to in the
  scene, don't leave it, better reduce
  your activities, ok? don't only swap,
  also do other things. if you produce
  something and it is lame, you do not
  have to release it, just try to get
  better and better by testing out
  different things! that is it!

? if there's some guys you want to greet
  or give a special message then why not
  use the opportunity right here?

! thanks...
  hi VOLUNTEER: probably you didn't get
  my last sending with the -ib 3-, eh?
  however, can you please send again?
  yo ROMULUS: i guess you never will
  read this here, but i can remember
  that you wrote in your skyhigh-inter-
  view soon to send again; but you did
  not do it yet- unfortunately i cannot
  call you...
  to ther others: sorry that i am so
  incredible slow nowadays, but if you
  send me again, you get two disks back
  later, i didn't drop anyone...

? yeah that's it..
  we reached the end of this interview.
  so i better let you of the hook for

  i'll end by thanking you for taking
  the time to help me with this.

  i hope you'll stick to this beautiful
  scene for a long time!
  have a cool time in the future.

  thanx homeboy!!

         see you somewhere else

                                BIZ KID
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