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         rrr says / 64 vs amiga

 - -- --- -------------------- --- -- -
direct style copy - first blood / part 2
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after reading "the pulse march" i get
more and more the feeling that the gfx
review of coma light 11 in "the pulse
february" is personal attack against me.

he based his entire argumentation on the
"bonus" logo that was no part of "coma
light 11"! it was only enclosed for my
very own contacts to show them that i'm
not only swapping but still painting and
that was a reason for this graphic re-
viewer of the pulse to attack me.
he said that i've copied the "elite"
charset idea from "dutch breeze/bml" but
that isn't true at all. i've got the
idea when i was reading old magazines
and found an "elite" advertisement page
in "zzap 64", maybe black mail had a si-
milar source. without any doubts bml has
done it some years earlier (1,5 years).
you're attacking this policy you have to
rag about all graphicians in the scene
that convert graphics from fantasy or
airbrush artists like e.x. boris vallejo
got that point?
do you remember the picture showing some
mermaids painted from oxidy for "the
party iii"? carrion painted a similar
one (a by far much better one). and the
source is once again boris vallejo.
about this pictures i haven't found
style copy critism. strange!

it would be nice if you would judge all
artists on an equal way not depending on
their sources (the eastern scene deser-
ves much more attention as there are
many great talents).

i still have to apology for using the 16
from commodore given colours on this
machine, blackmail has used them infront
of me in their graphics.

best regards,
                 /alpha flight 1970

- -- ------------------------------ -- -
        about tribune #44/entropy
- -- ------------------------------ -- -

well, some minutes ago i've read a mag
called tribune released by a group cal-
led entropy.
after loading in the chapter "mag re-
views" i've found a skyhigh #10 review.
i can't agree with the written lines so
i think it's time to correct some of the
statements of nastiness inc.:

1) there's was a bugged version spread
   by biz-kid. two days later the 100%
   got spread by scrapper and me.

2) you're the only person so far that
   informed us about the lack of quality
   concerned the text. many people saw
   the mag rising and becoming more in-
   teresting due to the different abili-
   ties of the different editors.

3) the demo part and the interlace gfx
   made the "monsterhigh" to one of the
   best issues released so far (regar-
   ding the subject outfit).

4) my article about diskmags is my very
   own opinion. everything was based on
   facts and was confirmed by red rock,
   the main editor of nitro.
   you've been remarking some points i
   marked in my article and you've pro-
   ved it. i've edited my part of the
   news chapter in early january as the
   magazine was intended to be spread
   around middle/late february i.e.:
   in most mags you've found the rumour
   that derby ram has joined avantgarde
   but he definately hadn't entered the
   group that time. fact is that he joi-
   ned avt some weeks later.

5) it's 100% your point when you're tal-
   king about pri's partyreport. it was
   used twice - in addybook and in sky-
   high - but a partyreport about one
   and the same party edited by one and
   the same person won't look very dif-
   ferent either. anyway pri can't re-
   turn to the addybook as this magazine
   won't be released anymore.

after correcting or explaining all those
points i'd like to help you with some
intentions after observing our magazine:

1) news: trsi is not dead! actual mem-
   berstatus looks like this (a-z):
   scat-the brain-the breaker.
         who's stone impression? his
   handle is stone and impression was
   his former group.
         atlantis is definately not dead
   as immortal flash will be released
   soon and avalanche is working on a
   graphic collection.

2) magazine: the pulse contains both -
   board and mail scene. please check
   this out more carefully while having
   a look at the news and the addresses
   published there!
             the link is dead! the main
   editor and tsr organiser uptonogood
   left the scene for the amiga.
             euphoria, the noice mag,
   contains interesting articles for
   artists and composer, not only for
             addybook is dead. scrapper
   has joined the skyhigh staff due to
   this reason.

   furthermore i can't agree with your
   statement that the link was the best
   australian magazine. without any
   doubts it was vandalism news as it
   was supported by european top groups
   like rsi, scs and oxyron for example.
   it was partly better then all those
   european magazines (single exception:
   the pulse).

3) adresses ('wanted' in your magazine):
   since july,1st 1993 germany has got a
   new post code system. the new system
   looks like this that an every city/
   village has a 5 digits long code, not
   only 4 digits long like most of your
   german adverts (i.e. anarchy, benno).

issue #44 of tribune sounds amazing. but
i've never seen an issue infront of 1993
a little bit curious as i'm more than 5
years addicted to the cmb 64 scene.
another point for you is that i forgot
to mention that "tribune" is released an
every month, too. i don't get this mag
that regular.
congratulations for your journalistic
abilities. the only problem might be the
way of using your talent. instead of
editing some new, interesting articles
only reviews and rankings can be found
there. try to improve this.

while talking about improvements i'd
like to present my results here, comple-
tely independent from your review about
our magazine:

               code:  35%
               gfx :  34%
               sfx :  73%
               text:  57%

comment: sports reports didn't fit into
         scene magazines.

best regards,

                 /alpha flight 1970

                              april 1994

- -- ------------------------------ -- -
 cbm 64 vs amiga - an endless conflict?
- -- ------------------------------ -- -

first there was a computer called pet,
later on a volkscomputer followed. the
name of this homecomputer was vc 20, a
machine dedicated for everyone to be
used at home (homecomputer). then commo-
dore decided to update the vc 20 and
released a machine that we can call a
"living legend". no other computer manuĀ£
facturer can dream of the mass of sold
units and the endless software titles
being released in former times. the
machine we're refering to is your belo-
ved cbm 64. later on commodore released
another machine - the amiga. the amiga
shocked with stunning graphic and sound
facilities and the amiga got more and
more interesting for software companies
as the new market was growing up. the
cbm 64 got more and more forgotten. a
prophecy of many amiga users and ex-cbm
64 sceners was that the 64-scene will
die in 1991, then in 1992, later on in
1993 and nowadays we can see on our ca-
lenders the following four numbers: 1994
due to the masses of cbm 64 freaks lea-
ving the scene for the amiga and due to
the in many freak's opinion unpersonal
amiga system "kickstart" a kind of con-
curence or maybe "war" came up. the cbm
64 is for many amiga freaks maybe only
some sort of pocket calculator but after
working on this machine some have found
out that the cbm 64 is more then just a
cheap toy.
after reading the "sledgehammer 12/e"
released by "absolute!" on amiga i'd
like to present you the major topics of
the article (for all those non amiga

     amiga - a 16-bit commodore 64?
     - -- -------------------- -- -

the commodore 64 and the amiga have more
in common than just their manufacturers.
the designers of the amiga have used the
cbm 64 as basis to create this 16-bit

processor arrangements:
- -- ------------- -- -

the cbm 64 uses one main processor (1mhz
6502 chip) with custom graphic and sound
chips (vic and sid). the amiga uses also
one main processor (7,14 mhz motorola
68000) and two custom graphic and sound

various graphic modes:
- -- ------------ -- -

the most advanced graphic modes are on
the cbm 64 the so-called interlace fli
mode and the amiga calls their best gra-
phic mode ham. both graphic formats use
bitmapped display.

sprite facilities:
- -- -------- -- -

the sprite facilities of both machines
are quite similar. both have basicly 8
sprites available to be used.

further graphic options:
- -- -------------- -- -

a cbm 64 programmer has the option to
use udg (user defined graphics) which
are not operated via the graphic chip, a
sequal on the amiga is called bob. this
is an object created by the processor/

border facilities:
- -- -------- -- -

by careful programming on the cbm 64 it
is possible to remove the border and to
allow using graphics there, on the amiga
this possibility is called overscan.

basic dialects:
- -- ----- -- -

both machines have very worse "built-in"
basic dialects called basic v2 (cbm 64)
and amiga basic (not on amiga 1200 as it
is not compatible to this new machine,
(the amiga basic has to be loaded via
workbench disk while the cbm 64 is ready
to be programmed when you switch on the
power key).

marketing strategies:
- -- ----------- -- -

commodore has made some real serious ad-
vertising for both commodore homecompu-
ter. both were originally marked as bu-
siness machines. denying their ability
to produce high quality games. what word
processor needs 8 multiplexed sprites
and the best 8/16 bit sound chip in
their class?

this text was based, like said before,
on an article in "sledgehammer 12/e" and
updated later on, there are some exam-
ples following by printing the names of
machines that lost the competition ver-
sus the cbm 64 but that's not that inte-
resting for this article in my opinion.

what's the intention of this article? i
want to see your constructive reactions
about a possible co-existence of both
systems or any other reaction about this
subject is wanted, too.

i'm a user of both systems, please find
my intention about this subject in the
"skyhigh #12" coz i don't want to in-
fluence anyone with my opinion.

with kindly regards,

                         /alpha flight

                              april 1994
                              march 1994

 -  -- --- ------------------ --- --  -

if you have any comments or reactions to
the texts above, then please send them
directly to me (rrr) and NOT to biz kid!



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