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fuck nazism but what da hell's going on!


hi folks!
this is fct / guilty writing a short
article about the latest foreign action
here in germany, to be prcise about
the so-called 'kurden' and to be even
more precise i will relate on one single
part of these foreigners who support the
radikal party named 'pkk' ...
you might remember my first article
here in skyhigh dealing with the unac-
ceptable growing amount of nazis and so
on. today i want to comment from the
other side of view but before i'm about
to begin let me please emphasize that
i'm against all kinds of fashism or
racism. please keep that in mind when
reading the article but let's start
this right now.

well,some weeks ago,i turned on the
radio and accidentally i reached the
news but what i heard within the news
was quite shocking for me.
some supporters of the radikal kurden-
party pkk had blocked a huge highway
what was their way of demonstrating
against,as far as i know, the turkish
government which didn't want to let
them back into turkey again because
of their political attitute.
this means that they are politically
persecuted in turkey and that they,
if they return there,will be condemned
to death or however killed.
some participants of this'demonstration'
even poured over themselves with petrol
and finally set themselves to fire.
it's a pity they're dead now isn't it?
maybe some others who heard these facts
in the news thought something like:
"whow,finally something cool going on
on germany's streets!"
but false!
some dudes maybe laughed alot about
these dudes burning and placed it in
a drawer under "cool"!
but false!
i myself felt very shocked when hearing
this and in the end i was kinda angry
about these foreign pissheads with
their stupid way of demonstrating.
i have nothing agains a peaceful
demonstration but i bet they haven't
even thought about what they're doing.
they have put so many lives in danger
by blocking the highway that i gotta
puke. if i were one of the policemen
on this highway i wouldn't have estin-
guished a single one of these lunatics.
it's really a pity that not more of'em
set themselves to fire.
again i emphasize that i have nothing
against foreigners but something like
that garbage has to be send out of
but however that's what we are not able
to do as the german fundamental law
prohebits the offsending of politically
persecuted persons.
luckily the government is working to
change this for further circumstances
like the ones mentioned before.
in my opinion the demonstrants have
definetely wasted themselves in the
choice of their tactic.
anyway,what they have done is in no way
justifyable in my eyes and the only
thing they will achieve within all this
is an even stronger rising racism in

if you now condemn me as a nazi (perhaps
you will if you see me somewhere) i can
just repeat MINDCRIME / VAGABONDS who
definetely said:

bomber-jacket & white shoe-laces = nazi?

signing off ...
                            FCT / GUILTY


biz kid here with a few words.

take my words for that fct is NOT a nazi
just take a look on his article against
nazism in a previous issue of this mag.
furthermore his has already done a piece
of gfx for the anti-nazi demo. a very
cool picture with a great idea....


i must say that he has got a point. is
it really the way to show your situation
by setting yourself on fire? i doubt it!
furthermore they did put other innocent
lives on danger by demonstrating on the
highway. i know it's a great way to get
it in the headlines, but think about the
consequences if someone didn't manage to
stop the car....

well another view of the forreigner si-

         - -- --- ---- --- -- -

i know that i have said that non-scene
stuff is boring and stupid in a scenemag
but i have made an exception with this
why? -because it, in one way or another,
might influence the anti-nazi demo!!!
be sure NOT to find many boring nonscene
chapters in the future...

         - -- --- ---- --- -- -

i would like to get some reaction on diz
article. feel free to write whatever you
want to.
                                BIZ KID
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