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              tha biz-mix!

   yeah once again it os time for the



in the previous issue i wrote about :
double membership... actually i had ex-
pected a lot of reactions from all of
you out there concerning this...
but... it seems that you either didn't
read the chapter, or you simply don't
care..     hmmmmmmm!!!!

well what a shame... i hoped that i had
shaken up the sceners a bit,but it seems
that i was wrong....

ok! then i'll take about something else.


oh no, not again you might say!! so if
you don't like friendly guyz or friend-
ship then better skip this chapter now..

well i have written about friendship and
friendly attitudes in almost every issue
i have released of this magazine. so why
do i keep writing about it???
simply because :

     F R I E N D S H I P   R U L E S

but now i have seen something which i do
not think is a good way to keep up this
friendlyness (eh i guess that's a bizkid

recently i recieved an issue of the mag
'talk a lot' by black code design...
i loaded it up and checked out the menu.
but what the heck was that???

              'fuck offs'
        'busted 100%-reply-assez'

what the hell!!!!! - well i loaded the
first one... 'fuck offs'.
ok hold your breath for a second... the
idea of this chapter was to write what-
ever you wanted to practically whoever
you want to.. said in another way :
if there's someone you don't like, then
just write your hate letter and publish
it through 'talk a lot'... what a great

what the hell is happening in the heads
of the inventors of this chapter ???
if they want to start troubles or stupid
wars, then this is the perfect way to do

they furthermore writes that the letters
in the chapter sometimes are for fun,and
sometimes are stinking serious...  well
great. now you don't even know if the
fuck-letter written to you is serious or
'just for fun'...

              an example...

'papa q' writes a letter to me (biz kid)
saying that i'm the lamest person in the
world. i'm nothing but a low-life-ass-
i ofcoz get pissed and writes him a hate
letter, telling him that if i ever meet
him i'll beat him up...
BUT guess what, 'papa q' only wrote this
letter 'for fun'....   bogger!!!!
ha ha wasn't that funny... no ofcoz it
wasn't. this could have started a stupid
war just because of a silly letter...

i know this example is a very lame, but
i think you got the point - right!!!

what i'm trying to say is, that i think
it's a very stupid idea to encourage
people to make 'fuck-letters' via a mag.
or at all...

they have a few notes in the chapter as-
well. one of them was from one of the
editors (can't remember who!) to tts and
the syndrom!
it said something like :
i have sent our demo 'workaholic' to
both tts and syndrom, but haven't got
any reply. i'll send it again, and if i
still don't get any reply i'll write a-
nother 'fuck off' letter to you...


i usally hate people using the word lame
but i have to use it myself. this really
is lame.. if i was either tts or syndrom
i would get rather surprised by such a
note. i would think -fuck 'em- and then
improve my disk collection with another
disk. come on bcd - grow up!!!!

the other chapter 'busted 100%-....' has
the almost same wacko intention as the
first one.. though this one is seen in
other mags in a slightly changed version
the purpose is to collect the addies of
the socalled 'disk-stealers' and publish
them. the rules are simple : if a guy,
which have been contacted by atleast 2
different guys, haven't sent back in 3
months, he'll be in that list..

           helloooou - wake up

aren't you forgetting something? what if
this dude has changed his advert from :
100% reply to: not everybody will get a
reply? maybe the one who contact him has
not seen the new advert. then what???
he will still be a diskstealer!!!!
so what's the point? simple and plane :

        the system doesn't work!

i know a few mags which has tried a simi
lar chapter, but had to stop it again.
it caused to many misunderstandings, and
it simply didn't work...
so 't a l' editors, better think whether
you'll continue this chapter or not..

i think you have got a strange way of
filling your mag... sorry i don't want
to sound arrogant (i hate arrogant dudes
and attitudes!!), but i think you are
doing it all wrong. i myself do not need
these chapters, and guess a lot of dudes
will say the same...

            think about it!!!


well that's all for this time.
i will not open up my head mor for now.
be sure to catch the next issue of this
mag to see what is cooking in my crazy

see ya...

  ok i will continue the antinazi-talk

as you might know then the deadline was
set to the 1st of may. but guess what!!
i have only recieved ONE part..
maybe i should call me zyron now, coz he
has got the same problem with DOTY..

what the hell is going on dudes??
why haven't you sent the parts as pro-
mised. c'mon dudes, i need a lot more
than just a pad on my shoulder. i have
decided to push the deadline 2 months,
so you'll have no excuses now!!


tts + axis of oxyron

devil of noice             SEND YOUR
raz of camelot             NOW!!!

cruzer of camelot

yoda of fiction

betrayer of xentrix

mad of padua

vertigo of guilty

(and all others)

so i hope you will start sending in your
part(s) as soon as possible - and not
wait to the last!!!
-coz we (raz and i) will have a lot of
work to do. you know linking, timing and
so on!!  so the sooner the better!!

besides the above mentioned, there is a
lot of other sceners who have joined in!

          check out this list!

         anti-nazi demo members


noice      DEVIL        coder, org.
 ---       draz         graphics
 ---       decoder      music
 ---       doxx
oxyron     BIZ KID      graphics, org.
 ---       tts          code
 ---       axis         code
 ---       rrr          graphics
 ---       scrapper     spread
camelot    RAZ          coder, org.
 ---       cruzer       code
fiction    yoda         code
no name    gigabyte     spreader
chromance  maja         spreader
slash      poeba        cover
guilty     alchemist    code
 ---       fct          gfx/covers
 ---       kathulo      (amiga)
 ---       filth        music/covers
jam/acy..  frenchflair  gfx
padua      mad          code,gfx
xentrix    betrayer     code,gfx
taboo      acidchild    spread
vis.mind   cubehead     music
ex-acy     digahole     spread
elysium    cruise       gfx
entropy    the mistress spread
           nastiness    spread
maniax     authentic    spread
xl/acp/arc sinister     gfx/spread
c. pirates echo         music/spread
antic      incubus      spread

you see a lot of known and proud sceners
all fighting for a good cause.

and we would also like to have you on
the list.
remember that the most important thing
is to be represented, to show your/our
opinion and disrespect against nazism !!
this is what really counts!! ofcoz we
would like to see some smashing parts,
but most important is to be there!!!!!

let's show the world our disrespect for
the nazis in a nonviolent way.
we shall fight them verbally, and laugh
of them instead of violence.

       this is one way to do it!!!

why not be a part of this very important
list!!! - why not join forces!!

     what we are searching for is :

    coders   - singlecoder or groups
    musician - musiclabels or groups
    gfx'er   - gfxlabels or groups

          but all is welcome..

some technial details!

grafix - all formats     (fli,
                          sprites a.s.o)

music  - all formats      single, double
                          quadro, octa

code   - the program should make a jump
         to a specific adress when space
         is pressed. it should be pos-
         sible to change this jump.
         please send a crunched version
         aswell as a raw file, and rem-
         ember to inform us where we can
         change the jump.

              and remember

what you make in your part is all up to
you..  also the quality is not that im-
protant, what is important is to be a
part of this anti-nazi demo..

what really counts is to fight a battle
against the growing nazism..
we have to show our disrespect for this
phenomena; for this lowlife attitude!!

       send your contribution to:

         BIZ KID of OXYRON   (noe)


and remember the dead line is JULY 1ST!


     i'm waiting for contributions!!

                                BIZ KID
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