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             yo ho everybody

  welcome to the 11th issue of skyhigh

time for another edition in the good old
style.. just as promised in issue #10.

talking about issue #10 - monsteredition
some of you have problaly recieved a ver
sion of skyhigh 10 which didn't work !!
after you had loaded a new chapter and
returned to the reading-part it got
you couldn't use the up'n'down scrolling
all that worked was the fire button and
return...  (sounds familiar???)
the menu worked allright, and even if ya
loaded another chapter it didn't work..
well after i had sent out 50 sendings i
saw the bug.. damn what could i do?? the
post has already been there so i couldnt
hold back my sendings - shit!!
i called raz (which was ill at the time)
he located the error over the phone..
even when he was ill, and he had no c64
infront of him he guided me over the
phone. i don't know much about coding,
but i do know how a monitor works, so he
told me what to look for, and what to
correct..  (pretty cool eh!!!!)
i managed to stop scrapper and rrr, and
to hold back their version.
the next day i finished the 100% version
and spreaded it...

hopefully you also got the working 100%
version..  if not then contact me, and i
will mail it to you..  if you still have
the not working version then you should
replace one of the files. the working
file is also on this disk.. but read the
note called '100% WORKIN FILE'...

another way to avoid the bug is this :
after ya have read a chapter just scroll
a few lines up before pressing fire or
return. now there will be no errors, and
the mag works...

i'm very sorry about this bug, but i did
not see it, untill it was to late..
hopefully it will never happen again..
once again  - s o r r y ....


      ok let's change the subject.

in last issue rrr did a chapter over the
cruncher/packer review by cat/excess..
this entire thing took place in NITRO 14
rrr ended his chapter by saying that: we
should disqualify NITRO as a seriuos mag

that was a hard one (not a hard on!!!)
some excess members might not like what
they saw... and i can't blame 'em!
but, i recieved a letter from cat/excess
himself.he wrote that rrr was absolutely
right and he wasn't angry at all...
later on i got a sending from my good
friend redrock/excess. he made a small
reaction (take a look, in the reaction-
chapter!!) concerning the entire thing.
well i called him up the same day as i
got the sending. we talked a bit, and i
realized that he wasn't angry either.
but he was a bit dissapointed about the
chapter. but he certainly wasn't looking
for any stupid group-war, or shit like
that.. as a matter of fact it was a very
pleasant chat we had. (right dennis!)
so everything is setteled and there will
not be any war or anti-notes. we solved
it, once again, in peace....

the conlusion of all this is:
rrr stepped over the line by disqualify-
ing nitro. his chapter was very good,
and he was absolutely right about com-
paring cruncher and packers is not such
a good idea. and that should be it.

now you (not excess but the readers) can
take this as an apology, or simply for
what it is; an explanation.. one thing
is sure, i know that nitro will soon re-
lease issue #16 (or maybe it's out by


ok now i'll encourage all you composers
out there to make a exclusive tune for
this magazine.

i'm pretty sure that everybody has rea-
lized that it's my idea, only to use
exclusive tunes in skyhigh. what is it,
4 or 5 issues now???

this time these 3 composers has made me
a tune:

      'artificial' by peace/oxyron

  'just can't get enough' by jvd/focus

    'castle camelot' by jeff/czp&cml

           T H A N X  P A L S

BUT! i'm always looking for more tunes.
and i would love to recieve a tune from
from these guys.

               oliver klee
               bluez music

            and a lot others.

and ofcoz from the guys who have done a
tune or more already..............

if you are interested then all you have
to do is to follow these simple rules.

           loc. $1000 - $1fff
               init $1000
               jsr  $1003
         single or double player

         and then mail 'em to :

            BIZ KID OF OXYRON



       ok what about issue #11 ??

this time we have improved quite a few


   you kept complaining about the slow
   loader; well here ya get a faster one


   the line will automatically adjust
   itself. meaning that it'll never stop
   in the middle of a line...


   the time used for up'n'down fade-fx
   is shortened. (so you don't have to
   wait so long!!)


   now you don't have to click on the
   star (*) in the upper left corner, to
   get back to the text reading part.
   just press the star-key (*) on the
   keyboard and you'll return...

furthermore there's some small changes
in the colours and so on, but why not
check it out yourself...

we have decided, that you should not be
able to change the zaks from the text-
reading shouldn't be necessesary
now, after the upspeeded fade-routines!!

if you've further ideas for improvements
then please let us know and we'll take a
look at it.....
we already have plans for new stuff, so
just wait and see!!!!


finally we have implemented 'raz-man'
we have heard a lot of nize words about
this little fellow, but the fanatic game
freax demanded a trained version!!!!

guess what! it did have a built in cheat
mode.... so we decided to bring it again

        to enter the cheat-mode :

in the menu press (arrow-left + 1 + 2)
at the same time. now the ghosts starts
moving around.
in the game press cbm (i think) to skip
the level...


   yep that's it for this editorial..
now i would suggest you to leave, and
check out the rest...

                e n j o y

                                BIZ KID
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