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Intro info and scrolltext

      intro code by chris of amok
              music by deek
             logo by scrap
    charsets in this intro by chris
   copyright amok coding department

  sex and crime main program coded by
            volker of amok
       charset by omg of amok
   logo by hein design of diart
           music by jo/amok

sex'n'crime #15 brought to you by amok ! ahh, i'm so fucking tired ! there are too many exams,too much to code and too short time. this month you can't meet us in venlo,cause we have no time to drive to the meeting on a second saturday of a month (school!) ! look out for our new charwandler , cause it beats the diamond designs one(buaeh!) !! no greetinx,no statements(some guys don't like my ones....) .... quite many people participated in our graphic competition !! the winner this month is.... bizzmo of genesis project (doug roberts). press space to see his brilliant picture "day dream"  !!! volker signing off....


sex'n'crime #015                may 1990
1.........editorial and movies
2.........reactions  7............charts
3..rumours and news  8.........interview and previews  9..........contacts
5.............mixed  0...........mailbox

graphics.....................hein design
music.......................jesper olsen
print-routine v2..................volker

send your articles, rumours, news,
game-previews and votings to:


in case you know anything which might be
of interest for SEX'N'CRIME, or you're
running a conference, call these lines:

germany:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
germany:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
denmark:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
norway:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX
norway:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX


gosh... this is getting kinda hectic...
the venlo-meeting was moved to may the
12th so i got one week less to finish
this issue. i am also writing my math-
exams that day so i can't come to venlo.
neither does any other member of AMOK,
so we can not spread this issue there.
there is also a major post-strike in
germany these days so it is not even
sure if VOLKER will get the text in time
or whatever... baaarrrgghhh... fuck !
anyway... a lot of interesting things
happened the last couple of weeks, so we
hope you will enjoy reading this issue
despite all our problems... but before
we get things started i would like to
apologise to SPITFIRE for putting him
down in my interview in RELAX. actually
it was made when we both were still in
war. however, we decided to let bygones
be bygones and forget all that happened
in the past.



             * REACTIONS! *

hey, BAAL and ANTHRAX of LEGEND...
oh, well... you little motherfuckers are
playing big, eh ?! after your last issue
of PIRATES i sent a letter to you (BAAL)
and told you that the entire shit turned
out to be pure LEGEND-propaganda and
nothing else at all... you pisser knew i
was right but all you did was calling me
and play a little telephone-terror...
cool, man... cool ! you are really some
hell of a guys ! (hahaha...) you two and
NARC and DUCK DUNN of LOTUS called me
about 10 times a day and tried to put me
down... you claimed LEGEND was the no.1
in germany and you'd kill everybody...
you said SNACKY couldn't crack, GOBLIN
was a lamer, POWERPLANT was the best in
the world and you were the fastest...
oh, boy... sure, sure... haha...
you also said GENESIS (and everybody
else) was totally lame, only LEGEND was
cool and i was cheating the charts.
listen, dickheads...
1. POWERPLANT is ok and i definitely do
   not want to annoy the REAL LEGEND
   people from belgium, but POWERPLANT
   is nothing else than upper middle
   class while SNACKY is GOOD.
2. you are #1 in germany? shit you are!
3. GOBLIN is lame ? did you ever check
   your mental health ??
3. BAAL always said S'N'C used to be
   GENESIS-propaganda. i have to admit
   that S'N'C sure is propaganda...
   as i already said many times before:
   it is impossible to be objective. i
   always will favor the elite and put
   down the lamers. sorry, but i can't
   help it. but, then YOU, the big hero
   who blames other people for spreading
   propaganda, do nothing but propaganda
   for LEGEND. now, after F4CG kicked
   you out and took PIRATES away from
   you you do OBSERVER and i am sure it
   will be nothing else than ridiculous
   propaganda again.
4. you said i cheated the charts...
   in fact last venlo i was carrying a
   bag filled up with several hundereds
   of filled vote-sheets and i offered
   everyone to count all points to see
   wether i cheated or not. up to my
   knowledge we from SEX'N'CRIME are the
   showed all vote-sheets in public !!!
   later on i gave the entire bag to
   ARROGANCE of SUCCESS. so, if you
   stupid motherfuckers still believe i
   am cheating simply ask him. you may
   COSMOS !!! all of them have read the
   sheets ! from now on i will ALWAYS
   bring ALL vote-sheets to venlo.
   now, tell me again who's cheating,
   you little braindead assholes !!!
5. sure it's a big deal to write shit
   about me on the boards as i don't
   have a modem... great job, boys !!
   doesn't this show that you (BAAL)
   don't have the slightest proper
   argument against my letter ?! see,
   why not let public judge and print
   my letter in your lame OBSERVER ?
   you know all i wrote in there was
   true... and that is the only reason
   why you try to put me down instead of
   calling me and have a serious talk.
BAAL: you do not only look stupid... ARE stupid !
ANTHRAX: you know you are an asshole...
         i don't need to tell you again.
DUCK DUNN: you are nothing but a wimp !
           i love it when you cry in
           public so i'm gonna take my
           time for your humiliation...


Rumours and News

           * RUMOURS'N'NEWS *

last month we were in venlo and we had
a bag filled up with hundreds of filled
vote-sheets that anyone may count to see
that we never cheated the charts. this
bag also included one of the two letters
from FALCO PAUL of 20CC in which HE said
he was a member of AMOK. i gave this
letter to GOTCHA of CRAZY (MAMBA) after
i showed it to about a dozen of people.


he is also planning to release a paper-
magazine, named SCANDAL.
rumours saying that MACUMBA of COSMOS is
about to join PANORAMA have yet not been
verfied. other rumours said that TWIST,
SONIX and RED left COSMOS aswell.
(the rats are leaving the sinking ship.)

SCI was kicked out of GENESIS. it seems
that STINGRAY(ex-CRAZY) has joined them.
SCRAP finally got his driving license !!
he failed six times but he succeeded the
seventh driving test !

FUSION died just as fast as they were
rebuilt. the british members (they used
to be TWILIGHT ZONE before) are said to
be in MANOWAR now. (what ?!)

the DYNAMIX and ABSTRACT co-operation
splitted up. COSMOS asked ABSTRACT for a
co-operation but ABSTRACT refused.

HOBBIT left F4CG, re-joined FAIRLIGHT,
left again and re-joined TRANSCOM.

CONTEX is definitely going downhill.
first they kicked their best coder
SCORPION, then SCRAP left and re-joined
and now ROCHA joined DOMINATORS aswell.
it seems that CYCLEBURNER is mainly on
amiga now as he won the amiga-demo-comp.
at the HORIZON party. the latest demo
from CONTEX was done by NIGEL and it
was simply miserable. FLEX asked GOBLIN
of GENESIS about building a new group
together with him, but GOBLIN of course

the lame german section of F4CG was
kicked out. the PIRATES will probably be
done by the inventors (BIG and JUMPIE)
again. (wise decision !) of course BAAL
can't live without cheating a magazine
so he will soon start his own paper-mag,
called OBSERVER. he recently joined
LEGEND which will probably soon go
downhill fast as they seem to collect
all human waste they can get their hands
on in germany... this sure will spoil
the entire group, no matter how fast the
belgium members are.

SERVANT left CONTEX aswell and joined
FAIRLIGHT. the ALCHEMIST was kicked out

HORIZON really seem to concentrate on
amiga now. MASTERMIND left them and
joined ONEWAY. RAZOR of PARAGON joined
ONEWAY aswell while TRACER quitted.

RAISTLIN of GENESIS decided to quit his
magazine ENDEMIC. DEEK will take it over
from issue #6. he and BIZZMO are already
working on a new multi-file mainprogram.

F4CG got 2 new members, namely KOEN and
LORD JOERIX. they also released a demo
(NOBODY'S PERFECT) which was quite nice
in fact. (coded by THE WIM !)

POWPIN and JADAWIN of TRIAD formed a new
group called CIRCLE SYSTEM together with

there were several wrong informations
in our last issue, concerning CRAZY and
their MAMBA.
according to CRAZY the information,
saying that PAT of FBI has been in CRAZY
before, is wrong. (thank you, FBI...)
also my information about MAMBA and
their future problems proved to be wrong
(thank god... i like that mag.) but, i
should also mention 1 of their incorrect
statements: according to them THOMAS
ACKERMANN has never drawn on computer
and so it's "strange" that people voted
for him in SEX'N'CRIME. well, first of
all: he DID draw many pictures on the
c-64 (check the official german paper-
magazine 64'ER... there's a review of
DIGITAL MARKETING's old demo-designer:
the screen-shot was a picture from
THOMAS ACKERMANN which, by the way was
also used in an old demo of RANTANPLAN
of CRYPT.) but THOMAS also did various
disk-covers, party-posters (check ASM,
many cartoons (in all these paper-mags
aswell.) last but not least, he was not
only in the S'N'C charts but also in
many other graphic charts. he hasn't
been very active the past couple of
months so he slowly disappeared out of
all charts (just like HOBBIT...). so,
nothing is "strange" here, right ?

TANKARD is not a member of IKARI+TALENT
but very proud of being their spreader.
(wow ! big deal !)

VIP of CREST and XAVER of TRC formed a
new graphic-label, called GUMMIBAERCHEN
FRONT (GBF) ( joke !)




and TDJ (ex-WWE) joined SCIENCE 451.

remember "MONTY ON THE RUN" ? well, this
game was released round and about five
years ago. recently LAZER was very proud
of having a "first release", called
"POWER OF JUMP". now, take a close look
at both games... and guess what...
only the name was changed ! right, LAZER
was the first... the first THIS year...
(hehehe...) actually LAZER had some
more of these dubious "first releases".
ALL of these games are re-releases of
ancient games from 1984-1988. wow !
yeah... LAZER is cool... that is even
lamer than having a LOW BUDGET-first
release !!

another little story about cracks:
TRIAD and ONEWAY had a little crack-
competition... read ONEWAY's scroller of
DAN DARE 3: they boast around to have
the fucking best version and TRIAD's
version was totally lame. well, nice
dreaming, ONEWAY... but reality looks
a bit different i am afraid...
block-size:  134       140
trainers:    7         6
hummm... but, the clue is this:
play the TRIAD version... everything is
alright... now play the ONEWAY version.
and, guess what... right it's crashing
after the first level. whenever i tried
to use the transmitter the game crashed
instead of pushing me onto the next
level. hummm... ONEWAY ?! no way !

want another story about cracks ?
here we go... GOBLIN of GENESIS was the
first in the world to release NINJA
SPIRIT. his version had 2 trainers.
a couple of days later DOMINATORS had a
crack of NINJA SPIRIT+2 aswell and
DOGFRIEND claimed that the trainers in
GOBLIN's version would only work in the
first level but not in the other levels
so everyone should scratch the GENESIS
version and only copy the DOMINATORS
version as his trainers would work in
all levels. so, i played the GENESIS
version up to the end... and guess what:
right... of course GOBLIN's trainers
worked all the way up to the last level.

and one last story about cracks...
FAIRLIGHT and TRIAD are in war with the
dudes in CENSOR so they coded a smart
anti-demo (CENSOR-LOGO destruction set)
and said CENSOR are no crackers since
no CENSOR-crack over worked 100%. all
their cracks fuck up somewhere.o. and
a bugging crack is no crack at all !
(i do agree there !) well, CENSOR of
course got mad and wrote mean things
about FAIRLIGHT oswell... in CENSOR's
crack of SONIC BOOM they wrote in a note
to BACCUo of FLT that,if he had a brain,
he would know that CENSOR cracks are
definitely never bugging. hummm... we do
not need to talk about all the previous
CENSOR-cracks... they in fact DO fuck up
without any doubt and FAIRLIGHT is right
there. but... check out the first side
of the CENSOR-spread diso (SONIC BOOM
was on the backside) and you will find
oAMMER FIST. now take a closer look at
that... and guess what... right !!
not only tho brilliant title-picture and
all the cool musics are missing but the
game fucks up afoer the first level !!!


News and Previews

         * NEWS AND PREVIEWS: *

in the last couple of months dozens of
disk-magazines were set up... just take
a look at this (incomplete) list...
sex'n'crime,scene press,immortal flash,
mamba,corruption,coococ,trash news,uzi,
chartmania,lethal news,serious,amboss,
ars puplica,pin up,outline,fatal news,
magnetic dreams,news on disk,hot shot,
atomic news,megazine,the times and more.
don't you people think that's enough by
now ?! stop it !!

NEWS-party: 8th to 10th june 1990
to get further informations, write to:

monthly GRAPHIC and MUSIC competition:
RULES: everybody may participate with
       one or more musics or graphics.
       no particular rules what the
       graphics have to look like...
       you may use any known format.
       no rules for the music aswell.

AWARD: your work will be linked in front
       of SEX'N'CRIME and spread all
       over the world. (easy way to gain
       publicity and to enter various
       graphic- and music-charts...)



               * MIXED: *

i have a letter to your SEX'N'CRIME.
well, i see more and more disc-mags
growing up but not too many are usable.
anyway the scene looses more and more
members. so i have a big advice to all
of you so called "better" mags:
why don't you make UNITED CHARTS ? the
charts would be really more objecirely,
and there will be a chart-system, which
is accepted from ALL guys in europe !
in my opinion these "better" mags would
be: -MAMBA       -ENDEMIC
    -S'N'C       -CORRUPTION
                        ...and some more
also there would be NO possibility to
cheat any ranx. even those lamer mags
like ars publica or rumours can then
take the official EUROCHARTS then. but
the problems to be solved would be hard:
coz there are allways conflicts  between
CRAZY, G*P and ACTION. that would be a
real big win for the scene,if the charts
of the mags would be united to one big
counter-hq, foor instance somebody in
AMOK... and this guy has to send the new
EUROCHARTS then to ALL mags. that would
be great ! that was it then for the
letter !
ps: HYSTERIA+FEAR recracked LAZER's
version of BABY JACK ! just check in
memory at $8e00.
                       THE EDGE of LAZER

hi, i'm OSIRIS from ENERGY. some people
have told that ENERGY was recrackers and
lamers. we have never re-cracked (we've
only cracked one game on one month and
the original is on my disks: SEARCH OF
THE TITANIC) these people told too that
we were lamers coz one part of our first
mega-demos was ripped from TLI. i didn't
knew it and now this little ripper has
been kicked out of ENERGY by me. i don't
believe we are lamers, if you don't
believe me then look at our new mega-
demo called "TUNER". i want war neither
with SCENE PRESS nor with FAR. SCENE
PRESS said we were rippers ! i've no
fuck to do with rumours in SCENE PRESS.
i'd like to apologise to TLI for ENERGY
if i had knew it, this megademo would
never had been spreaded. such a shit
will never happen back.
                        OSIRIS of ENERGY

some words to a lamer called "2COOL":
he is a real mega-lamer. he wrote in the
last SEX'N'CRIME that he never wrote
"WARAN (now -2COOL-) of GP" or so, but
that's a stupid lie! i was swapping with
this lamer and he always wrote "WARAN of
               WAVES of ELECTRONIC MUSIC

this so called 2COOL is a bloody lamer.
this piece of shit send the original of
DRAGON NINJA to me, and he signed this
package with "MR.GERMAN (now 2COOL) of
DYNAMIX)". so, is this a lamer or what ?
hey, UNICESS... what's the matter with
you guys ? is this 2COOL typical for
your group ?!
                   ANTICHRIST of GENESIS

FRESH-party 21/22 april'90 in luzern/ch:
one could think: oh, this party can't be
good 'cause switzerland is a bad country
to make a copyparty. but on our opinion
everyone who thought this, was wrong.
the party was good organized. there were
for example: a billiard table,a pingpong
table and so on. the following groups
were present at the party:FRESH,GENESIS,
GENESIS was busy with some live-cracks,
done by the GOBLIN, while FRESH, CFA and
STINGRAY made some imports. the demo-
competition was on a high standart. the
first price was a nearly new c-64. the
results: 1.tat             4.kiss
         2.future concepts 5.lightflash
         3.the force runners
the main-room was in a disco. the disco-
lights and the cool sound let grow up a
good atmosphere. 'cause several groups
weren't finish with their demo, the
deadline was set near the end of the
party and there wasn't any time left to
show the demos to the public. above the
c-64 room, there was also a room for
amigas. on saturday there were also 50
amiga-freaks. but they disappeared on
the same evening. well, i think this
party was liked by the mayority.
                      FREESTYLE of FRESH

well, this report sounds good... but in
fact everybody i asked about this party
said it was totally lame ! KRONOS of
FUTURE CONCEPTS spread a little file
which included a party-report which in
my opinion comes a lot closer to reality
than the party-"report" above. here are
some sentences, extracted from his file:

"here is a report from the FRESH party:
...the afternoon was very boring... the
lamers were all around and started to
sucks, searching for stuff to copy. the invitation FRESH promised to
show the demos on a big screen with a
size of 2x1 meters and that everybody
present at the party could vote ! this
was only lies !! in reality the demos
were shown on a little monitor and a
jury composed by 10 guys from the party
started to judge. so here comes my
opinion of this party: it was really
LAME ! first of all FRESH promised a
huge room in which you could put about
500 people... in fact the room was so
little that only 50 people could stand
in it ! they promised a room to sleep in
...i haven't found it! where was the big
tv screen?? the food and the drinks were
too expensive for their quality. i can't
write here all the things which were not
allright: i wouldn't have enough memory!
in a summary the party was VERY LAME.
there was about 50 guys only and most of
them were lamers ! it was one of the
worst party organized in switzerland.
party-ranking: 4 out of 10"
               KRONOS of FUTURE CONCEPTS


Games and Movies

          * GAMES AND MOVIES *

HAMMER FIST is a very complex game with
excellent graphics and music. it's a bit
like good old IMPOSSIBLE MISSION though
the joystick-control is a bit messy and
the gameplay is too slow. anyway, i like
it ! rating: 80%

HARLEM NIGHTS definitely is a great
comedy. actually most critics said this
wasn't really a hit but i think MURPHY
has done a great job ! well just go and
see for yourself... (t-t-t-t-t-taxi !)
rating: 75%



               * CHARTS *

     MAJOR RULE: in case your brain
     is on vacation you better won't
     bother to vote at all !


01.    genesis        259      germany
02.    ikari+talent   257      england
03.    legend         156      belgium
04.    illusion       151      norway
05.    censor         131      sweden
06.    dominators      97      denmark
07.    crazy+lotus     89      germany
08.    action          83      germany
09.    fairlight       72      sweden
10.    paramount       61      germany
11.    success+x-ray   53      germany
12.    dynamix         44      germany
13.    alphaflight     41      sweden
14.    depredators     36      denmark
15.    f4cg            35      italy
16.    triad           34      sweden
17.    depredators     36      denmark
19.    lazer           31      austria

GENESIS once again emerged triumphant
though some kind of balance of power
might be struck among G*P and LEGEND.
IKARI+TALENT eliminated themselves as
contenders for dominance since they
established their reputation as crap-
releasing low-budget fans. CONTEX are
destined for extinction. also F4CG have
serious difficulty merely in maintaining
a foothold in the charts...

            BEST DEMO GROUPS

01.    crest          178       germany
02.    horizon        135       sweden
03.    megastyle      124       norway
04.    bones          121       denmark
05.    cosmos design  119       sweden
06.    contex         117       finland
07.    blackmail      104       holland
08.    buds            80       denmark
08.    genesis         80       england
10.    x-ample         64       norway
11.    light           60       sweden
11.    censor design   60       sweden
13.    flash           56       sweden
14.    origo           51       finland

ORIGO won the HORIZON-party-competition
with a brilliant demo, so they deserve
to be a lot higher... also check out the
mega-demo from SCS of FEAR ! it sure is
a lot better than anyone might expect...
i really liked it.

             BEST CRACKERS

01.    snacky        genesis    196
02.    antitrack     cosmos     108
03.    bod           talent      90
04.    goblin        genesis     79
05.    sauron        illusion    70
06.    syndicate     dynamix     63
07.    just ice      ikari       59
08.    injun         triad       35
09.    arrogance     success     32
10.    rockstar      fairlight   31
10.    dogfriend     dominators  31
12.    sting         paramount   30

SNACKY on place 1... did anyone expect
anything else ?! INJUN and STING showed
up. also ARROGANCE returned back into
the charts. still there is no clear
indication why people vote for any of
the IKARI+TALENT crackers.

            BEST DESIGNERS

01.    hein design   density    138
02.    orc           blackmail  110
03.    robert        blackmail   97
04.    bizzmo        genesis     96
05.    scrap         genesis     79
06.    the sarge     fairlight   72
07.    tpa           x-ample     64
08.    redstar       logic       60
09.    art.designs   contex      59
10.    gotcha        crazy       53
11.    vip           crest       43
12.    fox           bonzai      33

i think BIZZMO is the best artist on the
c-64 ! check out his graphics and you
will agree. what did ARTLINE DESIGNS do
to deserve their place ?? VIP reentered.

              BEST CODERS

01.    kjer          horizon     86
02.    mr.cursor     -           58
03.    o.stiller     mdg         43
04.    crossbow      crest       41
05.    hannes sommer cosmos d.   30
05.    raistlin      genesis     30
05.    scroll        megastyle   30

again KJER is on place 1 while MADUPLEC
still did not get enough points.

             BEST MUSICIANS

01.    jch           vibrants   193
02.    e.v.santen    20cc       123
03.    c.deenen      m.o.n.      88
04.    t.mogensen    vibrants    78
05.    m.schneider   x-ample     67
06.    jesper olsen  amok        59
07.    deek          genesis     56
08.    link          vibrants    50
09.    moz(ic)art    shape       49
10.    j.bjerregaard -           47
11.    reyn ouwehand m.o.n.      46

still JCH on place 1. does anyone of you
ever really listen to VIBRANTS music ?!?
i did. actually i think LINK is the best
of them.

            BEST SWAPPERS

01.    antichrist    genesis     34

it seems to be impossible to set up real
swapper-charts as nobody else but him
gets more than 30 points.

many people still don't know nothing
about the "famous" dudes... (don't you
read SEX'N'CRIME or what ?! hehe...)
anyway... you should realize that these
persons are the same...
reyn ouwehand      = mag magix/m.o.n.
thomas mogensen    = drax/vibrants
ivo herzeg         = mr.cursor
markus schneider   = lords of sonics
jesper olsen       = technic/genesis
flex+apollyon      = artline designs
hein design+orc    = di-art



             * INTERVIEW: *

well, i had a little chat with STING of
PARAMOUNT a couple of days ago...

- = AMOK

-hi tommy, tell me a bit about yourself.
+i was born on 23.7.72 so i am 17 years
 old now. i got my computer in 1982 and
 i was a member of MCG these days. later
 on i joined PARAMOUNT where i remained.
 i got 3 c-64 computers, a 2400 baud
 modem and a floppy of course.
-favourites ?
+food: pommes and chips
 drink: coke
 movie: any kind of action films.
 music: all in the pop-charts.
 demo-groups: MEGASTYLE and the BONES.
 magazines: SEX'N'CRIME,MAMBA and
            IMMORTAL FLASH.
 musicians: all in VIBRANTS.
 graphicans: HEIN DESIGN and SCRATCHER
-who are your best friends ?
+all in PARAMOUNT and DIRK of WOT.
-do you have any enemies ?
+yes, the german LEGEND lamers.
-what's your job in PARAMOUNT ?
+actually i am the only cracker, the
 modemtrader and each of us in PARAMOUNT
 has about 20 contacts so i am also a
-who are the best cracking-groups world-
 wide right now ?
+GENESIS, no doubt. but also belgium
 LEGEND is very good. DOMINATORS and
 ILLUSION of course, too.
-anything else to say ?
+no, not really.
-alright then... bye !
+bye ! thank you !



              * CONTACTS *


                THE END


              MAILBOX V3.0

-hey, SYS of ALPHAFLIGHT you sick little
 motherfucker ! so, has your mother been
 sucking your tiny crippled dick again
 lately ? or was that old bitch busy on
 the streets again ? i heart her price
 was going down as nobody wanted to
 spend more than 20,- dm for her dirty
 old cunt ?! anyway...
                 ...keep lame, asshole !

D64 MD5: b8fc1a9a2e48958e0748f72594fdda32

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