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Intro info and scrolltext

      intro code by chris of amok
              music by deek
             logo by scrap
    charsets in this intro by chris
   copyright amok coding department

  sex and crime main program coded by
            volker of amok
       charset by omg of amok
   logo by hein design of diart
           music by jo/amok

sex'n'crime#14 kicks your ass again.... improvements this time : new tune by jo , fixed printer code . make sure to join our graphic and music competition held from now on during the whole appearance-time of this mag ... the winners' result will be linked in front of the mag ... to authentic arts: omg asked us to link your promotion 'demo' in front of the mag, but it's not our fault , send a working version of your fucking code !!!

(Not in the scrolltext, but right after:) text or any relocation code... do it yourself !! wir zocken lieber aufm amiga !!


sex'n'crime #014              april 1990
1.........editorial and movies
2.........reactions  7............charts
3..rumours and news  8.........interview and previews  9..........contacts
5.............mixed  0...........mailbox

graphics.....................hein design
music.......................jesper olsen
print-routine v2..................volker

send your articles, rumours, news,
game-previews and votings to:


in case you know anything which might be
of interest for SEX'N'CRIME, or you're
running a conference, call these lines:

germany:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
sweden:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX
denmark:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
norway:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX
norway:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX


hello and welcome to the latest issue of
your favourite verbal terrorism !
boy, time is passing by so fast...
most of my friends graduated a couple of
days ago and i'm at my last year of
school now... 365 days are left until i
will leave school aswell... and then the
best time in life will be over for me...
oh, man... i'm so depressed.



             * REACTIONS! *

hey, ROY of DYNAMIX...
gosh ! you are a little lamer really !
when i talked to you about your strange
charts in coococ#12 you said you added
100 points. i couldn't believe it and
was shocked. so you tried to make the
best out of the situation and said you
had added 100 to ALL groups just to make
the charts look as if plenty of people
had voted though it was only very few.
(probably DYNAMIX-members only !) you
said it was embarresing that actually
nobody really voted for you. i agree...
your entire mag is one big embarresment.
well, i then told you to send all your
vote-sheets to me so i could have a look
at it and check wether you cheated
besides adding 100 points to 'everyone'
or not. i also told you if you were not
going to send the sheets it might have
concequences for you... you agreed,but
nothing at all reached me up to today.
(=3 months later !) and now you little,
impudent asshole want me to apologise ?!
one more thing: how come the news in all
of your latest issues looked so familiar
to me ? could it be that you have ripped
off all news from MAMBA, SCENE PRESS and
SEX'N'CRIME ?! (yes, indeed !)

dear FALCO PAUL of 20CC...
you definitely are the most bigheaded
jerk i was ever forced to know during my
computer-life. you DAMN LIAR !!!!!
1. i got a letter from you, begging for
work. you said you wanted a lot of money
but in the very next sentence you said
if we didn't want to pay for your music
you would even do it for free.
2. i replied we would not use anything
from a non-amok-member at all. so the
only way for you to make us use your
music was to join AMOK. and we told you
how AMOK works... if a coder needs music
we play music from all AMOK-musicians to
him and he can decide which one he wants
for his game.
3. you replied and totally agreed to all
points. you also TOLD me twice (in two
different letters) to print in S'N'C
that you had left PANINARO and joined
4. i did so. and, whenever somebody was
in need of a music for his game i had
played examples of all our musicians.
and, guess what... NOBODY wanted a music
from you. this is no fake, but reality.
simply check all AMOK-productions and
you will see... all music was done by
AMOK but none from you at all !
5. after a couple of months you sent a
letter to me, saying AMOK was totally
lame and you had never even thought of
joining AMOK. you offended us about a
dozen of times in this letter.
6. i was very angry and replied a letter
including previews, advertisment from
various magazines, game-tests and some
more information about our games just
to prove you were wrong when you said we
were too lame to code even a simple
game after all. i also sent YOUR LETTER
to the PIRATES so everybody could read
YOUR LETTER in which YOU told me that
you joined AMOK and i should print it in
SEX'N'CRIME. i underlined important
passages but i did not change one single
word of your letter.
7. you spread some mediocre musics
containing various scrollers all full of
boasting and blaming other people. so,
you did 'lambada' months ago ? so what ?
why the fuck do you have to annoy others
who tried their best to do that music
aswell ? in fact the version from
SOFTMASTER of UNION definitely was A LOT
better than your conversion ! and they
do not need to boast around !!
take JCH for example... he definitely is
one of THE BEST MUSICIANS EVER and a lot
better than you for sure but he does not
at all need to boast around aswell !!
but then... the best of all... you wrote
in "ed's dream" that i begged you to
join AMOK, you commanded me not to tell
anyone that you were in AMOK and again
that AMOK was lame. finally you even
claimed that i had faked your letter.
according to you i cut out words and put
them together in a new way so that new
sentences were built.
i can't believe it ! i simply can't
believe it ! how the hell can you be so
lame ? how can you write such a bullshit
into your lame crap-musics ???
your letter was on thick, yellow paper.
you wrote with a blue pen and i did not
send a copy but THIS ORIGINAL LETTER to
the PIRATES-magazine. so, everybody can
simply ask them wether i could have ever
possibly faked this letter by cutting
out anything or whatever else...
PIRATES published your original letter
in which YOU TOLD ME to write in S'N'C
that you have joined AMOK !
your mouth is a lot bigger than your
abilities to do music. better shut up
and practice a bit more !


Rumours and News

           * RUMOURS'N'NEWS *

UNISEX died after only a few weeks as
the members rejoined ILLUSION.

SEXTON (ex-GENESIS) joined a new group,
called ABSTRACT who are now in co-op.

some people rebuilt FUSION. their member
status is supposed to be a secret. but i
strictly doubt that they are the genuine
FUSION from the past.

according to TRICKET, DOGFRIEND did not
leave DOMINATORS and he also did not
join FUSION.

UPFRONT joined them aswell.

ILLUSION is no longer exclusive with
EXODUS but with a new us-group, called
is now a GENESIS board. WILD BILL
(sysop of LAND OF CONFUSION) was kicked
out of GENESIS. SPACIE of G*P stopped
all computer-activities. according to
him all rumours saying that he might
has joined a new group called THE CHAMPS
are complete nonsense.

joined NATO. also BUDS are back in NATO.

WARBOY was kicked out of ALPHAFLIGHT.
therefore GLENN thinks about leaving AFL
in order to join a new group together
with WARBOY. both will go on producing
their paper-magazine OUTBREAK.

the problems between AMOK and KRS#1 of
CULTURE were solved as KRS#1 stated that
it was not him who attacked us but some
lamer who abused his name.

CRAZY is back in cooperation with LOTUS.


DEPREDATORS,BONZAI and some other groups
re-released the first level of the old
HURRICANE-preview (now called TURRICAN)
and claimed to have a 100% game-crack.
CFA,HASH and BONZAI re-released the very
old LAZER SQUAD which was cracked by
LEGEND already 10 months ago.

FOX of BONZAI and BLITZ (ex-2000 AD)
formed a new graphic-label, called

THE JUDGE (ex-TROPIC) was kicked out of

the ACTUAL+LAZER co-operation splitted
as LAZER wasn't satisfied with ACTUAL.

ALEX (editor of "ARS PUBLICA") joined a
new group, called CROSS (ex-TETRAGON).
i really do not understand how they
could take this lamer... ARS PUBLICA is
one of the worst magazines i've ever
seen !!! the main-code looks quite good
since it was coded by X-AMPLE but the
text is simply lunatic... this stupid
idiot wrote things like:
-IKARI used to buy their originals from
 TRIAD. IKARI never cracked a game, but
 simply freezed everything.
-i (OMG) am a gay.
-TJ of SUCCESS tried to steal a
 mercedes-benz and almost killed the
 owner with a knife.
 and all other big groups on the c-64
 formed a new group, called ADIHASCH.
-SCRAP was laughing about TPA of X-AMPLE
 when TPA was trying to draw something
 at the RADWAR-party, but when people
 asked SCRAP to draw something he was
 scared and said he couldn't find a
 joystick although there were plenty of
 them laying around.
-ARS PUBLICA is the best disk-magazine
 ever. ("journalism at its best")
gosh !! this so called magazine is
worst PIECE OF SHIT ever !! there were
many more lies about almost everybody
having a computer... i can't print them
all since each issue of ARS PUBLICA has
two sides filled up with pure shit...
but, if you want to read all these lies
for yourself, order this heap of shit

i received a long letter from GOLDFISH
of LEGEND, strictly dementing that they
should have recracked "NO MERCY" from
anyone. he explained the entire way of
cracking it, but it's not possible to
print it in this issue due to my lack of
free memory. it will either be printed
next issue or in any paper-magazine.

STANZ (ex-ZEROPAGE) and some other
formed a new group, called SALEZAR.
TANKARD (kicked out of ILLUSION) seems
to be a member aswell...

best joke of the month:
UNICESS claims to be "the real no.1 in
denmark, germany and belgium" after they
got some members from ATRIX-BELGIUM...
they also pretended to be the first in
the world to release "PENALTY SOCCER".


News and Previews

         * NEWS AND PREVIEWS: *

we in AMOK finished another low-budged
game called RAGE. it includes nice
graphics from OLIVER MALMS and some
radical music from JESPER OLSEN.

well, some days ago some danish people
told me that JESPER OLSEN completely
quitted the computer-scene. i haven't
been talking to JESPER for several
months and since it was him to summon
VIBRANTS into AMOK i do not at all know
what's going on at the moment... what i
do know is that JCH and LINK left AMOK.
but DRAX (alias THOMAS MOGENSEN) still
seems to be in AMOK. i never talked to
anyone in VIBRANTS before so i'd be
grateful if anyone of you could clear
this up. thank you.

since JEROEN TEL was kicked out and
NOISE seem to be only three people now:

hey, why not do a little COMPETITION ?!
we in AMOK thought about doing a little
graphic and musio competition !

RULES: everybodyomay participate with
       one or more musics or logos.
       the logo ohould read "AMOK"oand
       may be in any known format.
       (fli, hires... whatever...)
       no particular rules for the music
       just do a good one...

AWARD: your work will be linked in front
       of SEX'N'CRIME and spread all
       over the world. (easy way to gain
       publicity and to enter various
       graphic- and music-charts...)

this competition doos not have a dead-
line. we will simply chose the best work
of the month for each issue and present
it... so, go ahead and show the world
how good you areo!



               * MIXED: *

it is important to realize that S'N'C
is not - and never was - simply a
news magazine with facts and figures.
the editors have always believed in
mixing facts and judgement.
we recognized that complete neutrality
on public questions and important news
is probably as undesirable as it is
impossible.                  OMG of AMOK

meet MR.TURN UP every saturday night at
the BLUE OYSTER ! (hehehe...)
                  THE MEGASNAIL FAN CLUB

ROLE has an aussie branch. i have some
news, rumours and votes...
-the father of COLWYN of THE FORCE was
 arrested for cow anal-sex.
-a lamer called "stagewize of ice-t" is
 releasing old ACID-demos with new logos
 and text, and claiming he wrote them.
 he also changed text in FLASH WRITER
 and 2 TERA writers: he says he wrote
 them.           GRUMP of ROLE-AUSTRALIA

here's 2COOL of UNICESS!
this is now my reaction to all this
shittalkig about me ! pleez publish thiz
letter in S'N'C, so that the reader know
the true! (if you don't publish we see
that S'N'C is a shittalking mag and sum
ALPHAFLIGHT friends of mine know about
thiz letter!)
i heared from a cool pal that u wrote
that i would be a lamer and that i said
i would have been a member of GENESIS,
1.u know, that i wanted to join GP and i
had to write "spread by waran" in the
directory of the discs - had to spread!
so many people thought i would be a
member of GP! but i never said, that i
would be a member of GP! so i now say
it for all: "i was no member of GP!"
2.i already have spoken with ROY/DYNAMIX
about the rumour, that i would be a
member of DYNAMIX! before u write shit,
speak with him!!
3.that's the newest lie i've heared! i
pretended to be a member of SUCCESS??
who said thiz? it must be a very big
lamer! i wanted to join'em a half year
ago. they said no and nobody else knew,
that i wanted to join'em! i never said i
would be a member of SUCCESS! i can only
laugh about thiz!
4.u think UNICESS is lame? ha ha!
we're cooler than GENESIS! for example
our version of RAINBOW ISLAND: we had it
+3 trained, we had the shortest version
(levelpacked files!) and we used a cool
raster trainermenu!!!
now i must tell u that i quite the scene
but not because u told shit about me,but
because i think the scene of today is
totally lame !!!
so now publish thiz and i want to see no
more shittalk about me!
2COOL is 2COOL! not 2LAME! u don't know
me,so how can u write that i'm lame??!!
                        2COOL of UNICESS

"POPCORN" by UNICESS is completely lame,
because of the cracker-charts. in their
charts they put themselves at number #5,
although they are not worth being
mentioned in a top 30. besides they
claimed that their version of SPACE
HARRIER II was the only real working
UNICESS got a new member. his name is
2COOL. his job is cracker,coder and
logo-designer. but rumours say that he
is just a recracker and routine-ripper.
(MOSKWA TV's successor ?)
                    GLENN of ALPHAFLIGHT


Games and Videos

          * GAMES AND VIDEOS *

probably the best game of the month !
i usually am not a friend of circus-
games. but these two disk-sides are
fully packed with pleny of very cool
graphics. everything is animated and
quite funny to watch really ! MINDSCAPE
really did a good job here. rating: 87%

HOT ROD is a very cool racing game.
especially the intro is just great, when
those 3 cars are passing by with light-
speed... nice graphics and very good
musics from the maniacs of noise once
again. rating: 65%

X-OUT could have been the best shoot'em
up game this year but the c-64 version
isn't really that good although it has
brilliant graphics and excellent music.
the amiga-version has many different
levels but the c-64 graphics look all
alike. rating: 76%

WAR OF THE ROSES is one of my favourite
movies really. it deals with a typical
family. but slowly MICHAEL DOUGLAS and
his wife get to hate each other. as they
are divorced only one of them can keep
their comfortable house, so they start
fighting each other with incredible
weapons... (let's piss on the fish...)
finally both get killed in an accident.
rating: 78%



               * CHARTS *

     MAJOR RULE: in case your brain
     is on vacation you better won't
     bother to vote at all !


01.    genesis        317      germany
02.    ikari+talent   304      england
03.    legend         186      belgium
04.    illusion       174      norway
05.    dominators     157      denmark
06.    censor         144      sweden
07.    success+x-ray  104      germany
08.    contex          98      finland
09.    crazy+lotus     96      germany
10.    fairlight       90      sweden
11.    paramount       82      germany
11.    f4cg            82      italy
13.    action          73      germany
14.    depredators     62      denmark
15.    alphaflight     49      germany
16.    dynamix         37      germany
17.    lazer           32      austria

GENESIS and LEGEND are going strong
while IKARI+TALENT finally lost their
dominant role since they only released
low-budget games and commodore-disk-user
in the past few months.

            BEST DEMO GROUPS

01.    crest          251       germany
02.    bones          199       denmark
03.    horizon        182       sweden
04.    buds           140       denmark
05.    contex         135       finland
06.    genesis        129       england
07.    megastyle      124       norway
08.    cosmos design  118       austria
09.    censor design  117       sweden
10.    x-ample         95       germany
11.    blackmail       84       holland
12.    density         57       holland
13.    light           50       sweden
14.    beyond force    46       finland

CREST rules... BONES and HORIZON are
heading for the top while DENSITY and
MEGASTYLE dropped many places.

             BEST CRACKERS

01.    snacky        genesis    190
02.    sauron        illusion   117
03.    goblin        genesis    112
04.    bod           talent     111
05.    antitrack     cosmos     104
06.    just ice      ikari       63
07.    rockstar      contex      60
08.    dogfriend     dominators  49
09.    rocky         illusion    46
10.    syndicate     dynamix     45

SNACKY is the unbeatable no.1 of the
modern cracking age. ARROGANCE gained
only 28 points and so he didn't get into
the charts. SYNDICATE is a braindead
fashist but he should be higher anyway.
what did BOD do to deserve to be so high
in the charts ???? why did ROCKY get so
many points ?! vote for JIHAD instead !

            BEST DESIGNERS

01.    hein design   density    224
02.    orc           blackmail  140
03.    tpa           x-ample    124
04.    scrap         genesis    122
05.    robert        blackmail  115
06.    the sarge     fairlight  101
07.    art.designs   contex      97
08.    gotcha        crazy       95
09.    redstar       logic       80
10.    bizzmo        genesis     79
11.    dutch judge   trc         49
12.    fox           bonzai      43

DI-ART (HEIN DESIGN and ORC) seem to be
what people dote on ! but where's VIP ?!
BIZZMO will probably top all lists soon.

              BEST CODERS

01.    kjer          horizon    154
02.    mr.cursor     -          124
03.    scroll        megastyle   98
04.    raistlin      genesis     80
05.    cycleburner   contex      78
06.    crossbow      crest       75
07.    omega supreme panorama    49
08.    o.stiller     mdg         48
09.    bob           censor      44

KJER pushed MR.CURSOR from his first
place. MADUPLEC and FGTH ought to be in
here aswell.

             BEST MUSICIANS

01.    jch           vibrants   274
02.    c.deenen      m.o.n.     131
03.    t.mogensen    vibrants   128
04.    jesper olsen  amok       106
05.    e.v.santen    20cc       100
06.    reyn ouwehand m.o.n.      93
07.    moz(ic)art    shape       87
08.    j.bjerregaard -           85
09.    deek          genesis     54
10.    link          vibrants    50
11.    m.schneider   x-ample     42

oh, boy !! again JCH is miles ahead...
VIBRANTS reign supreme !

            BEST SWAPPERS

01.    antichrist    genesis     67

nobody else managed to acquire more than
30 points.



             * INTERVIEW: *

last weekend we once again had one of
our notorious meetings... i came home
after having lunch at my granny's place
and guess what: JIHAD and ACCU of ACTION
were standing in front of my door...
after an obligatory greeting-ceremony we
decided to pick up SCRAP at his place.
later on we had a little chat and i did
a little interview with JIHAD.

- = AMOK

-hi, marc ! tell us bit about yourself !
+there actually is not much to tell...
 anyway i'm 19 years old, about 1.85 m
 tall and i got my first computer back
 in 1984. i used to play "fighting
 warrior" after having almost solved it
 i lost my last life... i run mad and
 crashed my computer. so, i bought my
 second c-64 which broke down aswell...
 (this time i was innocent !)
 finally i got my last c-64 in 1985 and
 i am using it ever since. after i had
 started cracking my first tape games i
 had a short period of learning a bit
 about coding. suddenly i realized that
 there were some kind of teams or groups
 on computer and i discovered the scene.
 i meet markus (ACCU) and he made me
 join VISION where he was already. i
 coded various things and even did two
 cracks ("gilbert" and "rick dangerous")
 until i meet SPITFIRE. he needed a
 driver... and so i joined ACTION with
 ACCU. my first crack for ACTION was
 "maze mania".
-what is your job in ACTION ?
+well, only cracking in fact... but i
 happened to code some intros which did
 never get finished anyway...
-what was your hardest crack ever ?
+nothing was really hard to crack yet,
 but X-OUT took me the longest time.
-what do you do besides computing ?
+i quitted school a year ago. right now
 there is nothing really to do... but i
 will have to start my "civil service"
 next month. however, if i do not sit in
 front of my computer i simply drive
 around a bit and visit stupid people...
 (hi, omg ! hehehe...)
-any three things you'd like to take on
 a lonely island ? (you know that kind
 of questions, don't you ?!)
+hummm... karina, my c-64 and a decent
 original supplier...
-tell us a bit about your favourites !
+movie: naked gun
 music: sisters of mercy
 food: grilled steak (and a girl's tit)
 country: germany (i'm not a fashist !)
 game: matchpoint
 coder: maduplec
 graphican: diart,scrap and plug 1.
 musician: vibrants
 crackers: mr.lee, snacky and antitrack
-do you have any idols ?
+none at all... people are taking their
 computers too serious...
-is there anyone in the scene you would
 really like to meet someday ?
+yes, maduplec and cycleburner.
-how many members does ACTION have ?
+only five: spitfire,hok,gadget,accu and
 me, but we got a legal section aswell.
-who is the biggest lamer ever ?
+exiter of dualis
-is there anyone you really hate ?
+no, not really but i do hate CRAZY's
 lame behaviour towards ACTION. maybe
 they have a quarrel with SPITFIRE but
 they offended all members of ACTION in
 their attacks.
-well that's about it. thank you.
+any time...



              * CONTACTS *


hummm... it seems you reached the end of
this issue. hope you enjoyed it. thanks
to all of you for your help. please do
spread this again. thank you !

some last words from volker:

as you might recognized there are some
little bugs in the text.these bugs(wrong
charakters...) are caused by my action
replay fucking up all the time while
installing the text into my main proggy.

the second thing is that i improved the
PRINTROUTINE.the old one wasn't working
with ALL PRINTERS(eg. my one !?!) and
the print menu fucked up after printing
and getting back to the 4-options menu!

that's all for this issue....

                 THE END


amok sux like sex'n'slime ...

         yeah baby, amok sux !!!
the most people think it , but i say it!


come on omg ! stop this shit mag !!!

       sig.(only) the S.Y.S./AFL'70


ps : OMG is really a gay ,just ask
     SCRAP !!! hehehe

to omg :

      die shithead ,die ...

sig.:  === = = ===
       =   = = =
       === === ===    of afl'70
         =  =    =
       ===  =  ===

D64 MD5: 5a5fbb5c2b47715e8fb272dfcaa89b76

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