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Intro info and scrolltext

      intro code by chris of amok
   music by thomas mogensen of amok
             logo by scrap
    charsets in this intro by chris
   copyright amok coding department

  sex and crime main program coded by
            volker of amok
       charset by omg of amok
   logo by hein design of density
         music by jo of amok

sorry jesper for not using your new sex'n'crime music,but it needs too much can be sure that we use it in the next issue .......volker,omg and chris bringing you again the best mag around called: sex'n'crime #13 .... in some minutes the ???? party will start (you can guess which party ?!? without this statement the mag is spread better ....hehe)... i have something to say abbut the mag scene nowadays: every....really every group makes nowadays instead of demos more or less bad mags... mostly copys of sex'n'crime... they think that they can be famous for doing some shitty mags with uninteresting information.... so i have to go now ... chris of amok fucks every bad mag .... bye, wait for #14,#15,#16,#.....


sex'n'crime #013              march 1990
1.........editorial and movies
2.........reactions  7............charts
3..rumours and news  8.........interview and previews  9..........contacts
5........your voice  0...........mailbox

graphics.....................hein design
music.......................jesper olsen

send your articles, rumours, news,
game-previews and votings to:


in case you know anything which might be
of interest for SEX'N'CRIME, or you're
running a conference, call these lines:

germany:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
sweden:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX
denmark:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
norway:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX
norway:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX


hi, lunatics !
guess who's here ?!
yepp... another month passed and we in
AMOK weren't lazy at all... so, here's
another issue of SEX'N'CRIME...
and doing this magazine sure is a heap
of work, believe me that ! but we are
doing our best to entertain you...
there is nothing whatever in a fortune
merely in itself or in a man merely in
himself. it all depends on what is made
of each...



             * REACTIONS! *

hey, ZIGGY of LEGEND...
next time you little pisser write any
shit about me you better make sure you
know what you are talking about. it was
not me to write anything about you into
the mailbox. everybody could have done
that. i also didn't say you recracked
CHAMBERS OF SHAOLIN. bullshit ! why the
fuck should i say something like that ??
well, if you always attack innocent
people i sure know why you have so many
enemies. it could have been any of them
who wrote that shit about you. not me.

ha-ha-ha... you sure know how to play
a joke on someone... ha-ha-haaaaaaaa...
boy, so i'm acting like a god when i
tell you that i hate to be victim of
childish lies ? see, when MOSKWA TV was
in "war" with us he said he had many
allies and he named TRC as his best
friends. he said you in TRC hate AMOK.
well then... we don't care whatsoever...
but, how the hell should i know that
you were trying to be funny when you
said that "moskwa tv was caught by the
police and sneaky omg was responsible
for that." ?! you definitely got a sick
sense of humour ! and when i tried to
defend myself you said i was acting like
a god. thank you, asshole.
what would you say if someone would
write into his magazine:
"TRC are stealing all their routines
and then after you gave your answer
he'd even say you were acting like a
god as you don't even understand his
"funny" joke ?! if you don't want me
to "act like a god" simply don't write
more of your "funny jokes" about me,ok ?

wow ! many people invented many lies
about me... but you definitely got the
weirdest stories i've ever seen in my
life !! i was observing your ridiculous
magazine for the last couple of months
and i realized you were annoying many
other magazines and persons. you even
invented some strange stories about some
people. i didn't really care as i am not
the big bad boss. so, it didn't really
bother me until i read your stupid story
about me. SPITFIRE of ACTION invented
that i (omg) should also be ANTICHRIST.
BUT: it was also him to admit that this
was NOT TRUE !!! simply read his note
"alive now and forever" and you can
read it for yourself. in fact i got
plenty of games and previews. none of
them was ever given to any cracker.
i never got your DUOTRIS and you know
that. even if i had it, why should i
have given that to GENESIS but not all
the other previews i have ? don't you
ever try to play big again, little
pisser ! your magazine really is lame.
you got boring and old news and your
main-program is crashing all the time
due to the may bugs in it. and still it
is you to write that your magazine is
the best and MAGNETIX are the best
coders and you are the coolest etc.etc.
you are a truly lame WANNABE !


Rumours and News

          * RUMOURS AND NEWS *

RALF (editor of LOVE AND SEX) was kicked
out of ALPHAFLIGHT. he won't release any
new issue of his magazine until he has
joined a new group. MARKUS changed his
name into ACCU, left ALPHAFLIGHT and
joined ACTION. B-MAN and 2 more members

most members left SUCCESS. all subgroups
legal. TJ joined ARROGANCE. the only
members left iin SUCCESS are PYLE and
the two members of ARROGANCE (TJ and
TRAP and SONNY rebuilt BONSAI.

F4CG will probably be dead soon as they
are about to split up. IVORY joined
DEPREDATORS. JUMPIE is searching for a
new group he could join.

to some internal problems. the other
members didn't like that he released his
disk-based magazine FATAL NEWS under his
legal label FATAL DESIGN. he decided to
build up a legal software-company.

INFIX of DEPREDATORS got a new modem and
WOLFMAN was kicked out.

the german members of MANOWAR were
kicked out after they asked GENESIS and
ACTION to host a co-op party while the
dutch members of MANOWAR didn't know a
shit about that. NINJA left MANOWAR and
joined F4CG. ECS,SIR and TLB of MANOWAR
are coding a game these days. it will be
released within the next 2 months.

ORION is dead (once again...).
most members joined ATG, so the former
ORION-magazine "CORRUPTION" will now be
out under the name of ATG.

since ILLUSION didn't have any new
originals to release GENE, FIRKIN, COMIC
and HILROY left them and formed a new
group, called UNISEX. RICHIE and DEAN
left ROUGH TRADE and joined ILLUSION.
DEAN changed his name into REBEL MC.


KRS#1 and some other members of FALCON
left and founded a new group, called

the co-operation of GENESIS and CRAZY
stopped after about 2 weeks since CRAZY
wasn't releasing anything while GENESIS
had about a dozen of first-releases.
GOBLIN of GENESIS is one of the fastest
crackers around nowadays. CRAZY is as
good as dead now. STINGRAY and MARTIN
quitted the computer-scene, CYBERPUNK
joined GENESIS and DJ joined LOTUS.
only the CRAZY-members in colonge are
left but they will have big problems to
release MAMBA as STINGRAY will no longer
support them. he was the one to collect
the charts, report the news and do the
interviews. he will give all this to
SEX'N'CRIME now instead of MAMBA.

RAZOR left ONEWAY again after only a few
days and joined MEGASNAIL's new group.

STINGER of GENESIS rejoined his former
group TRANSCOM. SEXTON was kicked out of
board "LAND OF CONFUSION" left CRAZY and
joined GENESIS.

LEVEL 99 has some kind of troubles with
CREST and X-AMPLE as TLI was spreading
some lies about them.


HIC finished his military service ! he
is working on his last demo for QUALITY
as he will soon join the amiga-scene.
the QUALITY+FBI co-op. splitted up.
FBI now has a canadian modem-trader,
named CHUCK of ENTITY. he emigrated from
hungary into canada. his modem-line is
CPU (a friend of FBI who coded the fli-
designer for them a couple of weeks ago)
finally joined FBI aswell. FBI is also
planning to organize a copy-party in the

finally the first issue of SCENE PRESS
was released a couple of weeks back and
the new main-program really looks neat.
funny graphics (newsroom ?) and some
cool musics indeed.

some days ago i received 2 issues of a
magazine named ESCAPE. well, there is
only one thing to be said: this BULLSHIT
is the worst magazine i've ever seen !!
boy, it's so incredibly lame... if you
want to have a good laugh, order an

the german section of WWE was kicked out
they built up a new group called STEEL.
SONIX, TIR and RED left WWE and joined
COSMOS. MY-T-FAST changed his name into
MUMBO JUMBO and joined COSMOS aswell.
actually COSMOS seem to be in misery as
they got no originals to crack...
ANTITRACK "cracked" the 7-years old game
WAY OUT ((c) 1983 !!!)... what's next ?
i bet he's gonna release a mega-crack of
PAC MAN and a mega-version of DONKEY
KONG... hehehe...

JIM, XAZ and TFD of PHOENIX wanted to
join GENESIS but were turned down. so,
they wanted to join IKARI but were
rejected again. finally they built up
their own group called TWICE EFFECT.
they will also release THE TIMES under
this new name.

GENESIS got three new members...
DEEK (musician), BIZZMO (graphican) and
TDM (coder). they all live in scotland
and were members of MASTERS OF REALITY

LOTUS and DYNAMIX were in co-operation
for only a few days. STORM left NUCLEAR
and joined DYNAMIX.

MR.GERMAN (the lamer who pretended to
be a member of GENESIS, DYNAMIX and
SUCCESS but actually has not been in
any of them !) changed his name into
2COOL (better would be 2LAME) and joined
UNICESS. VICTORY was kicked out of
UNICESS while TECON (ex-STARION) joined.

one file but he has ripped SNACKY's
old iffl-routine again. still he was
boasting around to have his own iffl-
routine which was even much better than
SNACKY's routine. strange that he is
still ripping and stealing from GENESIS
then if his "own" routine is so good...


remember PARAMOUNT's anti-demos against
MANIAC ? well, MANIAC changed his name
into DIGITAL and rejoined PARAMOUNT !!
EXPERT was kicked out of PARAMOUNT and
joined MATRIX. PARAMOUNT is in war with
DEPREDATORS since their ex-member RRR
joined DEPREDATORS and didn't pay 10,-
german marks for an original he bought
with PARAMOUNT aswell...


News and Previews

         * NEWS AND PREVIEWS: *

might soon start their own professional
graphic company.

we in AMOK are working on some games
lately. KILLOZAP will be released these
days. it has great graphics and a cool
sound from JESPER OLSEN. SNACKY of G*P
will do the copy-protection.
if you dare to crack or copy any game or
utility (c) by amok we will definitely
get you into trial for sure. and we will
make you suffer. do NEVER crack an AMOK
game or you will get to know the green,
green cops a bit closer. we will also
release BALL MANIA and a katakis-styled
game called "AMOK - the game" ! watch
out for that one...


Your Voice

             * YOUR VOICE *

something weird has happened on the
"scene". a local friend of mine called
LEVINGNON (ex-RAW DEAL) has died of an
overdose cocaineo and i just want to
tell the world that drugs suck and all
users are losers.
                        THARION of EXACT

dear sirs,
during recent years a very small band of
commodore users have beeo operating in
northern suburbs of cape town. during
this timeowe have built up a vast
libraby of software covering well in
excess of 3000 titles, covering several
yearo of commodore's existance in this
oountry. although we are getting a
certain amount oo 89/90 software
filetring through it is obviously no
where near the quantity that guys in
your position are seeing. although 3 of
us are ex-british (2 of the others are
classed as non-whites) we are still
having a little difficulty in convincing
the folks out there thot we are sincere.
the whole point to this letter is to
announce the existance of the
in cape town/souoh africa and to let you
know that we are in a position to swop
software. we are looking for anything
for 64s and 1o8s new or old, there are
no special requirements as to the age
limit of software we want. if you can
see your way clear to setting up a swop
scene with us then please reply to the
above adress.
            thanking you in anticipation
                            COLYN of NCS

you can put it this way,, we're in big
shit ! (real shit) because when B28 was
not already in SAIGON and when there was
still a war between LEGEND and GUARDIAN
ANGELS and also since we're a very good
friend of THE BLUE GUARD we decided to
help him against LEGEND, but one month
later, when the war was over, it turned
out that we overreacted a bit. we did
something that made GOLDFISH and ZIGGY
very angry: we misused their name...
we know we shouldn't have done that,
because it's very dirty, but it first
was ment to be a joke, but LEGEND didn't
think it was funny !!! now GOLDFISH and
ZIGGY want to kill us on the 64. they
only want to forget it when we publish
this text in your magazine. (and hurry,
please. LEGEND has a "modem" so they can
really kill everybody... (us-gulps...))
we know this letter sounds a bit lame,
but we can't help it ! sorry, but we
can't put any money in this envelope,
cause today it is sunday and the bank
is closed. anyway if our message gets
published you will hear from us again !
now here's the message:
B28/SAIGON and SHOT808/ROLE apologize to
GOLDFISH and ZIGGY of LEGEND for abusing
their name (on the phone only !) wich
was very dirty indeed and we hope the
LEGEND-squad will forget the stupid
incident, cause it started only as a
        B28 of SAIGON + SHOT 808 of ROLE


Games and Movies

          * GAMES AND VIDEOS *

SPACE HARRIER 2 is a miserable sequel of
the good ole SPACE HARRIER. boy, this
game is complete shit. bullshit. really.
bad music, bad graphic, bad 3d-effect...
everything is bad. rating: 10%

RAINBOW ISLAND is a funny jump and run
game with nice graphics. it7s the sequel
of BUBBLE BOBBLE. i didn't the first one
but i like this one. rating: 67%

HEAT WAVE is some lame american racing
game. well the game in general is very
complex and looks good at first sight.
but believe me, this sure is one of the
most stupid and boring simulations ever.
very slow and flickering 3d-effect. bad.
this doesn't deserve more than 40%

BAD TASTE is definitely the cruelest
movie ever. well this movie from new
zealand is a bit MONTHY PYTHON-styled.
while watching this i was deluged by
floods of blood. so either you have to
puke or to start laughing. i did both.
4 secret agents are investigating some
strange aliens (which look pretty funny,
really !!) it all ends up in the biggest
massacre i've ever seen in a movie.
i really love this movie... rating: 89%



               * CHARTS *

since nobody really seems to know how to
vote properly, here are the rules again:
1. do NOT vote for OWN group.
   (this rule valids for LAZER aswell !)
2. do NOT give any SYMPATHY-VOTES but
3. vote for: best cracking group
             best demo group
             best single cracker
             best single coder
             best single musician
             best single graphican
             best single swapper
4. you may vote for as many guys as
   possible. not only 3, 5 or 10 at each
   cathegory but everyone you know !!
5. give between 1 (bad) and 10 (good)
   points to each name you set up in the
   list. you can give each amount of
   points to as many people as you want.
   simply imagine the scene was divided
   into 10 classes. give 10 points to
   all those groups that you consider
   to belong to the 1.class. etc.etc.
6. all points will be totalled.
7. a group needs at least 30 points to
   appear in the charts.
8. most important rule: in case your
   brain is on vacation you better
   won't bother to vote all !!!

             CRACKER CHARTS

01.    genesis        481      germany
02.    ikari+talent   395      england
03.    dominators     359      denmark
04.    legend         264      belium
05.    censor         247      sweden
06.    illusion       223      norway
07.    success+x-ray  122      germany
08.    paramount      120      germany
09.    f4cg           116      italy
10.    nec             91      usa
11.    dynamix         84      germany
12.    rough trade     80      england
13.    dcs             75      england
14.    crazy           58      germany
14.    atc             58      usa
14.    alphaflight     58      germany
17.    action          51      germany
18.    fairlight+nato  46      sweden
19.    depredators     43      denmark
20.    nuclear         39      holland
21.    transcom        35      france
22.    derbyshire ram  32      england
23.    x-factor        30      denmark

            BEST DEMO GROUPS

01.    megastyle      158       norway
02.    bones          143       finland
03.    crest          135       germany
04.    horizon        107       sweden
04.    fairlight+nato 107       denmark
06.    cosmos design   98       austria
07.    contex          91       finland
08.    genesis         75       england
09.    density         71       holland
10.    beyond force    57       finland
11.    x-ample         53       germany
12.    origo           48       finland
13.    censor design   44       sweden
14.    level 99        43       germany
15.    atg             39       holland
16.    light           37       sweden
17.    baboons         30       germany

             BEST CRACKERS

01.    snacky        genesis    218
02.    antitrack     cosmos     163
03.    sauron        illusion   146
04.    goblin        genesis    132
05.    syndicate     dynamix    115
06.    dogfriend     dominators  92
06.    rockstar      contex      92
08.    just ice      ikari       56
09.    rocky         illusion    55
10.    bod           talent      51
11.    arrogance     success     46
12.    the fleet     x-ray       39
13.    spitfire      action      33
14.    drake         contex      32

            BEST DESIGNERS

01.    hein design   density    297
02.    robert        blackmail  241
03.    the sarge     fairlight  163
04.    bizzmo        genesis    144
05.    orc           blackmail  127
05.    scrap         genesis    127
07.    tpa           x-ample    121
08.    gotcha        crazy      100
09.    artl.designs  contex      82
10.    dutch judge   trc         63
11.    redstar       logic       34
12.    goblin        light       33


01.    mr.cursor     -          204
02.    kjer          horizon    149
03.    scroll        megastyle  132
04.    o.stiller     mdg         98
05.    fgth          genesis     91
06.    crossbow      crest       85
07.    raistlin      genesis     82
08.    bob           censor      57
09.    cycleburner   contex      38
10.    omega supreme panorama    31
10.    tmf           level 99    31
11.    abs 3001      sphinx      30



             * INTERVIEW: *

well, this month we'll have an interview
with WARES KING. he's an american and
the sysop of the WARES CASTLE, one of
the best boards in the states. this
interview actually was done by STINGRAY
and it was supposed to be released in
MAMBA. but he will work for SEX'N'CRIME
instead so we got the interview now.
- = AMOK

-hold on, i gotta find the questions !
 damn i can't find'em. but i think i'll
 ask you some things i can remember.
 ready ? give us your name and some
 personal things !
+i'm john and i kick ass !
 my age is 15 and i'm in to club music
 and i kick ass as always !!
-oh, well... we know that ! haha...
 how tall are you ?
+6 feet.
-and you live in new york !
+yup ! and i'm the ultimate guido !
 (italian boy !)
-italian ?
+no... like joel, but joel is only half
 italian. i'm fully italian and kickin.
-ok, then your favourite drinks, movies,
 songs, girls etc. ?!
+drink: beer (hehe...)
 game : defender of the crown
 movie: hummm... let's see...
        nightmare on elmstreet !
 songs: mostly from club singerts that
        not too many people know...
        johnny and tka...
 girls: italian girls with nice baccala
        (pussy) hehehe...
-now to some other things ! since when
 have you been in the scene ?
+well, i started calling out in the
 summer of '87 with 300 baud.
 (like most of the pirates of that time)
-how did you become so well-known
 (maybe even famous ?! haha...) tell me
 when and in which groups you used to
 be ?
+well, in order to become well known you
 must to get on the major boards (at
 that time groos place, wild wares,
 wares galore) and you must try your
 best with getting the newest stuff or
 try to look for someone to help out...
 i got some help from PATHFINDER/ESI
 when he was around.... he gave me like
 2000 credits to deal as much as i want
 and i got on other boards after this
 happened... at first i started out with
 some local group (everyone knows how
 they start out) and then i moved along
 and went to IMPACT (which  at one time
 was a decent group) but then i dropped
 this group and called MAGNETIC's bbs
 (DESTROY) and posted if any decent
 group wanted a hq... and so i got mail
 from EXCELL of IKARI. so he asked if i
 wanted to become IKARI HQ... i agreed.
 but then because of HOTLINE having the
 and IKARI hq. ...and so i became hq for
 many good euro-groups: CHANNEL 42, DCS,
 HOTLINE... these are just some...
-and now ?
+and now i'm hq for the best euro-group
 GENESIS and CRAZY which will be the
 best duo on this 8 bit computer !!
-and... you used to be EXODUS HQ for
 some dats can you tell me what has
 happened ?
+most of the EXODUS members wanted me in
 EXODUS exept one member which most of
 you know whom he is by now...
-and now you are groupless and you do
 only run one of the best us boards !
 what do you think about other boards ?
 which one do you like ? which one is
 the best ?
+well there is not that many good boards
 like there was one time but the best is
 WILD WARES... and that is my favourite
 of course !
-what do you think about the us-scene ?
+well, the scene right now is too slow
 and it's getting a bit boring...
 (esp.american) there aren't as many
 good pirates as there was at one time.
 of course most of them are amiga now...
-what do you think of the euro-scene ?
+the euro-scene looks a bit quicker
 than here in the states...
 there still are a great amount of good
 european groups left in the scene...
 but of course many of the other greats
 have left.
-when i read the user-list of your board
 i can see that there are sooo many
 europeans ! can you explain why ?
 is this the board all euros call ?
+yes, it's the euro hotspot... and most
 of these euros call because i have been
 hq for so many good euro groups...
-anscribe a lamer ! (no names !)
+a lamer in my book is one that expects
 everything done for him... and a person
 that doesn't phreak or one who posts
 messages that make no sense !
-about phreaking... did you ever have
 troubles for using codes ?
+in fact, yes... i got a visit from MCI
 in the winter of '88... and it was some
 '800 dial-up i was using.
-which system do you prefer right now ?
+well, i prefer to use XXXX and XXXX
 (when i get them)... and that's about
 it. allnets are the saftest things
 around (XXXX).
-hummm... did you ever had calls from
 AT&T or AT&T-owners that your board is
 called very often (always ?) with
 illegal AT&T cards ?
+believe it or not, no... i probably got
 calls on the bbs-line for this but of
 course they hear a carrier... but i got
 calls from co's: us sprint...
-oh... well, how did you get your handle
 and from where did you get the name
 for your bbs ?
+i got my handle after one hour of
 thinking up one ! so i made my handle
 original... not something from a comic
 book etc. the same with the bbs name.
-who are your best friends ?
+quite a few... most of the people who
 are on my bbs, EXECUTIONER, OVERMIND,
 ROBODUDE, MANTRONIX and there are a lot
-what about euros ? you only mentioned
 americans. does that mean you prefer
 americans ?
+nope, some euro-friends: all of CRAZY,
 some gruys from IKARI and most of the
 other europeans on my board.
-which group is the best ?
+right now my favourite group is EXODUS.
 EXCALIBUR looks like they have a bright
 future ahead. my favourite group of all
 time is probably RAD !
-and the euros ?
+probably IKARI and FUSION of course !
-what do you think about demos ?
+well, some demos are cool sometimes,
 but sometimes they are just a waste of
 disk space.
-which disk-magazine do you prefer ?
+haha... MAMBA of course...
 CHAOS CHRONICLES is an ok mag...
-and which non-computer paper-magazine ?
+hummm... welp... PENTHOUSE (haha...)
-haha... what's the greatest thing that
 ever happened to you ?
+when i got my c-64 and when i got laid
 the first time. welp... the biggest
 dissappointment in my computer-life
 probably the EXODUS decision.
-i understand... and in your life ?
+...when i got the visit from MCI !
-ok, that's it... thanks !
+you're welcome !



              * CONTACTS *


ok, that's it... thanks to everybody who
made this issue possible. thank you all!

                 THE END


              MAILBOX V3.0

-amok was in venlo in march !!!
-hey jesper ! sorry for not using ya new
 tune but it takes too much rastertime!
-hey dudez! i fixed the word-hunter! now
 it won't fuck up anymore !(just try
 'rating' in one of the former issues!
                    signed: volker/amok!

D64 MD5: 891852349223237886835cbc169c4d66

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