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sex'n'crime #006             august 1989
2.........reactions  7............charts
3..rumours and news  8..........contacts and previews  9.........interview
5.who gets it all ?  0...........mailbox

music..................jesper olsen/amok
articles...omg,shabby,falco paul,tj/amok

SEX'N'CRIME (c) in 1989 by GAME ON.
written and produced by AMOK.

send your articles, rumours, news,
game-previews and votings to:



remember: we are NOT swapping any kind
          of pirated software !!
          be COOL... be LEGAL...


hi, folks ! yes, i am back after 4 weeks
without my beloved computer. gosh ! how
i missed this little mashine. anyway,
here i am and i hope you'll have a good
time the next couple of minutes.
we got about 300 letters in the last
four weeks. and, many people joined
want to earn a lot of money, too, send
some us some examples of your work !
we are always looking for musicians,
screen graphicans, paper drawers,
coders and people who would like to
write articles for our many magazines.
(right, SEX'N'CRIME is not our onlyone.)
you may also contact us, if you need any
HELP (graphic, music etc.) for your own



             * REACTIONS! *

dear TMB of PULSAR.
your phonecall (together with VIRGIN)
was embarresing. ! you think you are
working for MAGNETIC DREAMS. you are
even making advertisment for that mag.
hummm... ok, but how can you make
those advertisements by saying that the
SEX'N'CRIME is shit ?! you even renamed
our mag into SEX'N'SLIME and wrote shit
about us into our mailbox. well, in fact
we got about one million readers. and
our magazine is probably the most
popular ever. but, that doesn't matter
anyway, as CHRIS of MAGNETIX (he is in
charge for the MAGNETIC DREAMS) already
apologised for your behavior. he said
you are a stupid idiot. and PULSAR has
nothing to do with the MAGNETIC DREAMS
anymore. by the way, our two magazines
will merge in the near future.
the REAL PULSAR is dead, so why don't
you stop pretending to be a great guy
even though you are only a craphead ?

dear JOHN SINCLAIR (?) and MAZE (?) of
VIRGIN... who the hell do you think you
are ?! you called me up and said it was
wrong that some from FUNTEX joined you.
i tried to explain it, but you didn't
listen, so, read this closely:
-CONTEX was only in war with FUNTEX.
-suddenly MAGIC NEWS wrote that german
 CONTEX was in war with VIRGIN, but
 SCRAP of CONTEX is the only german
 member and he told us that he does not
 even know you. the only thing he knew
 about you was, that your french (or
 belgian ?) members contacted him and he
 didn't answer because he thinks you
 are LAME.
 so, he told us about that and we wrote
 in the SEX'N'CRIME that there was no
 war going on between your two groups.
-MAGIC NEWS wrote in their next issue
 that there IS a war as FUNTEX joined
-so, you called me and denied that you
 got anything to do with FUNTEX but,
 in the same sentence you said, APOLLO
 of FUNTEX joined you. now, what am i
 supposed to believe ?! you idiot !!
-we are always conzerned with the truth.
 of course we wrote that there might
 really be a war as MAGIC NEWS said so.
 but we also wrote that FUNTEX might
 kept this as a secret as they (lame)
 might fear to get kicked out of VIRGIN
 which, as i thought at that time, was
 cool. but, i was wrong. VIRGIN is lame.
-you said our charts are unfair.
 you said, DOMINATORS, ACTION and
 GENESIS are lame and do not deserve to
 be in the charts at all !!
 gosh ! are you sick or what ?!
 ACTION is 10 times BETTER than you !!
 and, i sure know why even ACTION said
 you are lame !! if you are not pleased
 with the charts you may take influence
 by voting ! (you can also vote for
 your own group !)  anyway, you said
 DOMINATORS are lame, that's probably
 because they are not swapping with you
 (as far as i know, they don't swap with
 lamers !) and you are not getting all
 their (many) COOL cracks !
 anyway, it doesn't matter what i think
 as the people voted them on place 1
 and we are NOT cheating the votes.
 as far as i know you are in NO charts
 at all. neither in the SMASHER, IGUANA,
 do you really think they are ALL
 cheating just because they don't like
 you ?! in fact ACTION are germany's
 FASTEST and GENESIS are germany's BEST
 crackers. and you are N-O-T-H-I-N-G !
 your magazine (VIRGINIA NEWS) is
 ridiculous. i bet your magazine is
 going to be the ONLYONE were VIRGIN
 will be among the 10 best as YOU will
 CHEAT the charts for sure !!!
 has there yet ever been a special
 version (either good or fast) from
 VIRGIN ? i couldn't name even one !

dear JUMPIE/F4CG. you asked why the
PIRATES was chosen to be the best
paper-magazine. we only took your
issue 1-3 into the charts. we didn't
know your issue 4 (that crap on disk)
was supposed to be a real issue.
in fact issue.5 (on paper again) was
not so good aswell. so, if we had seen
your issue 5 and the newest IGUANA
in time, the charts had been completely
different. i really hope your no.6 is
going to be better again.IGUANA is the
best mag. again. and, yes, we are a
propaganda-magazine. we do 'propaganda'
for COOL people and we will never stop
reporting about them ! but, whenever
anyone of them dares to ripp, recrack,
freeze, steal or whatever, we will be
there to write about that aswell,
no matter how big they are !!
we are no judges, we are the judgement !
(hehehe... got the point ?)


Rumours and News

          * RUMOURS AND NEWS *

MATRIX made a mega-demo, called FANTASIA
which was quite nice in fact. but, that
part with the 2x2 char-set and a hopping
amiga-ball was RIPPED from an old demo
which was, as far as i remember, coded
the lamers STEVE+WATSON (ex-FUNTEX)
joined MATRIX after getting kicked
out of DRIVE ! god must have loved the
lamers, otherwise he would not have
made so many of them ! (hehehe...)

WOLF and NAF of BABYGANG (a very good
french demo-group !) decided to leave
the c-64 scene due to a serious lack of
time and fun.

ATOMIC and BANDIT joined AMOK. so, the
ATOMIC NEWS is another AMOK-magazine.
SAVAGE will join PULSAR (haha) soon.

we talked to VAMP after he was caught
and he said, LAZER is dead without him.
MANY people (also MAGIC NEWS) said that,
but, according to LAZER all this is not
true and they still rule the top...

GALLON is dead. THE DESTROYER joined
BIONIX. now a lot of BIONIX left and
search for a new group to join.

MAGNETIX asked us to clear this once and
for all: the MAGNETIC DREAMS is not (!)
a PULSAR-magazine ! so, if you want to
order an issue, send 9.90 dm to:
JEZ of MAGNETIX - chris cemper
gaenserndorferstrasse 18
2232 deutsch-wagram - austria !
do NOT order it from PULSAR !!

DAMNED (ex-coder from 711) left.
he is now a coder in THE NEW FASHION'77.
two members of DOUBLE and one from
BYTESTAR joined TNF'77 aswell.

he is the onlyone left in BEASTIE BOYS
and even is proud of that !!
anyway, he is helping BRAIN to
organize their party in dortmund.

after KILENEMY left, QCF (australia)
is dead now. the ex-QCF members formed
a new group, called MAD. TDF/RFX co-op
might split up as some members want to
make a new group aswell.

the DOUBLE and D-VISION co-op broke up.

CONTEX and BYTERAPERS will start their
co-operation on 18.august'89.

MOPPE of ONEWAY will probably join the
MANIACS OF NOISE soon, he made the NEW
OUTRUN 2 music.
GALLEON might sell his cool packers to
OCEAN in the near future.

the ex-PARAMOUNT'ers have NOT been
kicked out. they left and joined
DYNAMIX on purpose. but, still MCA did
not apologise for recracking. lame !

SHADOW and PRINCE (both ex-CFR) tried
a comeback on the c-64 with a new group,
called ANIMUS. actually PRINCE (coder)
didn't really like to code so ANIMUS
broke up again.

the MAGIC NEWS is dead ! STAD (ruediger)
joined MAGNETIX. so the august-issue
will be the last. in the future he will
some rumours said that ACTION want to
continue the MAGIC NEWS but according to
ruediger they are not allowed to do so.

SKATEBALL (a preview was released some
months ago) was protected by RADWAR.
CONAN and GENERAL ZOFF wrote the copy-
protection for LEONARDO. in fact both
copy-protections weren't too good.
there sure was more to be expected from
those former no.1 crackers in germany.

TECHNOCOP was kicked out of TNF'77.

join LOGIC, but they founded it !

NOISE joined NATO. they already released
a nice little demo, called WRAXIMER 5.
(or however that has to be spelled...)

RAZOR was kicked out of ONEWAY, joined
X-RAY for 2 days, was kicked out again,
thought about founding his own group,
called CANOM (?) and finally joined
RAW DEAL. (for how long ?)

XXX and BOD (ex-crackers from HOTLINE)
founded their own group, called TALENT.

joined BRAIN. the rest from REALITY
joined MATRIX.

most from COLDCUT (ex-DANECREW) joined
his computer.

FIRE EAGLE is almost dead. ROG (modem)
stopped c-64 works and is only swapping
video now. XEROX and most of the other
danish members stopped aswell. ERIC is
mainly swapping on amiga (as a member
of SPHINX) and SOEDESOFT are making
amiga-music for 2 new SPHINX-games.
GENESIS decided to quit the co-op as
they were doing all the GP+FE-wares in
the past by their own.

not all members of X-RATED changed their
name into ELECT. actually there has been
a new cool demo which was coded by the
soon go to america for 10 months.
ELECT and DAMAGE started a co-op.
theyFare also coding a writer which is
supposed to be released by DIGITAL

CENTAURI wrote us a very long story
about the lameness of PIZZA/LEGEND. we
can't print it as it really is too long,
but PIZZA was kicked out of LEGEND
anyway and he joined FALCON now.

COLIN (ex-MOVE) left MANOWAR and joined
joined VIRGIN, left again and finally
joined OPAL. he is now in charge for
OPAL's disk-magazine: NEWS'N'CHARTS.

after having some little troubles THE
FORCE/australia and THE FORCE/israel
finally merged their groups.

some from LIBERTY and DANECREW built up
a new crew, called UNICESS.

there is a new italian group, called
ELECTRA. they already released some
heavy cracks.

some weeks ago, a few dudes from SPHINX,
ALPHAFLIGHT and CRYPT formed a new group
called SODOM.

stronger than ever the SHARKS are back !
returned to the cool dudes in SHARKS !!

SPIKE of AMOK broke his nose while
roller-skating !! tough luck... hehe...
STEFAN SIEGERT joined AMOK. he was the
winner of an 64'ER-music-competition
which was organized in 1988 by the
official company MARKT & TECHNIK.
CHRIS HUELBECK won the same competition
in 1986 with his famous SOUND-MONITOR.


News and Previews

         * NEWS AND PREVIEWS: *

PEPSI-party (more amiga than c-64)
25.august'89 - 27. august'89
in furuland/sweden
to get further informations or the
invitation (12 pages !!!) write to:

2.september'89 in recklinghausen/germany
to get an invitation, write to:

29.october'89 - 29.october'89
in paris/france

the BLASTERS party in spain was a total
disaster. nobody showed up, exept some
local lamers and some cool dudes from
CHEYENS. they came all the way down from
denmark !! hihihi...

the STARDOM/CRAZY demo-competition
         results: 1. CREST
                  2. mda
                  3. genesis
                  4. tfb
                  5. virgin

the SAVAGE party was laaaaaaaaame...
we were told that ONLY TANNER/BABOONS,
EX'TM/DEFENSE and some small people
showed up. SAVAGE didn't even want to
finish their own party-demo. so, there
was absolutely no new stuff. NOTHING.

send one of your selfmade musics to
MAGNETIX. deadline: end of august'89.

RAMBO 3........+23 excell/ikari
XYBOTS.........+25 dogfriend/dominators
LICENSE TO KILL+44 the goblin/genesis

CHAOS#1 will soon release their first
cool game, called PHANTASM-THE GAME.

AMOK will probably make the music for
at least 2 games from FUTURE VISION

if you need a nice logo (15,-dm) or
a background graphic for your own
game (100,-dm) write to:

THE FORCE/israel started coding a game,
called ZODIAC CHALLENGE which will
probably contain 20 exiting levels !


Who Gets It All?

         * WHO GETS IT ALL ?? *

AS most of you probably know, there are
a lot of MUSIC"COMPANIES" around at this
moment, all hoping to earn MONEY and get
FAMOUS at the same time... UNFORTUNATLY
the real situation is not like that at
all !! SOME of the groups got the FAME,
but the money has gone to the MANIACS
OF NOISE ! ocasionly, FAME and LORDS OF
SONICS get a GERMAN contract, but
nothing to speak off !!
the thing is, if you want to make a
living by doing music, you really got
to take A HELL OF A LOT of orders!!
BUT how comes M.O.N gets all the ORDERS?
first off all, MON started 1 year before
all the others even FORMED their group!
at the same time, ROB HUBBARD quit the
buiss, and there grow a great need for
quality tunes. a need, which JEROEN TEL
was perfectly able to forfill!!
AFTER big succes with a new STYLE of
music (SCOUT, CYBERNOID, etc.), they got
enourmous popular and all the company
signed them up. offcourse JT was the man
responisble for their enourmous success!

YOU could say JT made what MON is today!

about 1 year ago, some new music groups
were formed, but the tunes were very
poor and the sound-quality was SHIT. so
the COMPANYS stayed "loyal" to MON!
BUT since MON will probaly move and
concetrate on doing VIDEO-MUSIC, NEW
CHANCES arise for the music groups!

SO, who is going to GET IT ALL? only
time will tell...



               * GAMES! *

LEONARDO is a cool game with nice little
graphics and music. i really enjoyed
playing it. so, STARBYTE sure did a fine
piece of coding which is worth the bit
of money. rating: 85%

NEW ZEALAND STORY looks pretty mutch
like GIANA SISTERS. average backgrounds,
average sprites and average (bad) music.
to play this you must not be older than
5 years... rating: 35%

released by CAPCOM. a lame music but
excellent graphics made me love this
game. if you don't buy this game you'll
miss something. rating: 90%

VIGILANTE is a karate-game. the c-64
version is pretty lame, so, if you want
to play it, play it on the amiga !!
the c-64 has bad sprite-collisions,
lame graphics and a stupid music.
rating: 40%

XYBOTS is a 3-d arcade-action game.
but, the graphics are too slow to be
cool. so, don't waste your money...
rating: 20%



               * CHARTS *

             BEST CRACKERS:

01. ................DOMINATORS (denmark)
02. ................hotline    (holland)
03. ................dcs        (england)
04. ................paninaro   (england)
05. ................action     (germany)
06. ................genesis    (germany)
07. ................cosmos     (austria)
08. ................711        (germany)
09. ................f4cg       (italy+b)
10. ................dynamix    (germany)

so, good intros, fast releases or a good
reputation (IKARI !) are only of minor
interest. please remember that if you
vote in here. but, we can also make a
list for the fastest releases etc. in
the future. anyway... PLEASE VOTE !!
the more votes we got, the more
objective it will be.
THE RULES: give between 0-10 points
(10 is best) for as many groups
as you want and name the BEST-CRACKED
game you have seen. you may also vote
for yourself, but be FAIR !

               BEST CRACKS

    the complete (!) 100% game (2 sides)
    was packed into 4 files +11 trainers
    complete game packed into 3 files
    +8 trainers and a joystick-control
    yes, ONEWAY and GENESIS are equal
    on 3. place...
ONEWAY version:
complete game is 244 blocks long.
(21 loader, 222 game, 1 hi-score)
7 trainers, 3 codes given and a fastload
handicap: after watching the intro you
have to reload the whole 222 blocks.
GENESIS version:
complete game is 244 blocks long.
(172 intro+game, 71 final, 1 high-score)
7 trainers, 19 codes given.
after watching the intro you can press
space to play the game.
ZIZYPHUS and SNACKY proved to be REAL
cracking-aces !

               BEST DEMOS

01. NEW GOLD DREAM................LOGIC
    superb graphics and cool coding.
02. ONE YEAR......................CREST
    the best demo they ever made !!
    coooool logos and great high-tech.
03. SPLASHER TWO..................RIFFS
    funny effects, nice graphics !



              * CONTACTS *

we are glad that so many of you like to
use this option. anyway, we really don't
want to handle these masses of adresses
for FREE anymore. so, from now on you
MUST vote in the charts to 'pay' us for
releasing your adress ! ok ? great...



             * INTERVIEW! *

sorry, i've lost the interview-papers
from BAAL/ZEB+WOT. but, it wasn't too
interesting anymore as he was c-ught.
anyway... we interviewed JOZZ from
MANIACS OF NOISE instead and we-think,
he is a very interesting person !

   o = OMG (amok)

o: how old are you ?
j: i'm 19 years of age. (18.04.1970)
o: in which groups have you been and
   since when are you a member of the
j: first i was in TRITON TECHNOLOGY but
   i did nothing for them. then i joined
   UPFRONT. i left them when i joined
   MANIACS OF NOISE in october'88.
o: for which games and companies have
   you been doing music yet ?
j: my very first game-music was:
   THE VIKINGS-intro tune in DAVID
   WHITTAKER's routine i believe... was TIGER MISSION which was
   from KELE LINE aswell.
   jerks don't pay !!) ZOOM/DISCOVERY
   SOFTWARE, STORMLORD (the worst disco-
   crap i've ever done !!! the intro-
   tune with those samples was made by
   JEROEN TEL. i also made the musics
   for NIGHTDAWN (i hate it !),
   FRUITBANK and some boxing-game,
   but i can't remember the name.
o: what do you think about other
   musicians like 20CC,JESPER OLSEN,
j: i'm a good friend of JCH and i think
   i could learn a lot of him. (the guy
   writes 10 pieces a day !!)
   i do know JESPER OLSEN as well and we
   often exchange ideas for routines and
   the like. i could learn a lot of him
   aswell (the guy writes 10 music-
   routines a day !!!) 20CC don't say
   anything about me so i won't mention
   them either ! who is FAME ??
   all in all... speaking music only
   (and not the coding) i don't believe
   anyone on the c-64 can teach me
   anything. the only guys that i
   respect are: MR.GALWAY, ROB HUBBARD,
   the guy who wrote the BIONIC COMMANDO
   music and to a certain degree: FRED
   GRAY... naaah, don't write him on the
   list !
o: what is your job in M.O.N. ?
j: i was offered to use CD's player but
   i prefered my own so, after writing
   NIGHT DAWN with ugly sounds in it
   (the player which now takes 15 scan-
   lines), CD asked me to write a new
   one with better sounds - i didn't
    really care about "sound" at that
   time - so, i did - and that's what
   i am using now. i also wrote the
   player for the amiga myself.
o: how do you get to make a music for a
   game ? does CHARLES DEENEN get the
   contract and then decided which one
   of you should do the music ?
j: yes. CD calls me or writes when i've
   finished a job and tells me the next
   one and its deadline.the payment-rate
   comes afterwards.
o: what was your best or worst
   experience in your life ?
j: best: UPFRONT copy-party
   worst: broken c-64.
   (none of the above answers are true,
   but, i bet it is what you wanted me
   to write !)
o: hehehe... anyway, when did you get
   your first computer ? how many comps
   do you have by now ? when did you
   start making music ?
j: 1983, c-64 - c64 - st - amiga
   (i also have written a music-player
   for the c-16, believe it or not !)
   i'm planning to do a routine for the
   amstrad now that i have borrowed it
   from a friend... if i can find it
   under the carpet of dust...
   i started on c-64 music late 1985.
o: how mutch money do you usually earn
   for a music ?
j: around _200 - _400.
o: rumours say that MANIACS OF NOISE
   will leave the c-64 to make VIDEO-
   will YOU leave c-64 aswell ??
   (johannes told us a little "secret"
   we are not allowed to print it, but,
   don't ask me, why !? the editor)
   maybe i'll stop writing music and go
   to the music consercatory
   (or whatever you call the school of
   music) of jazz since jazz music is
   the only style of music that i really
   care of.
o: what are you doing in your freetime ?
   do you have special hobbies or a
   girl-friend ? what's your favourite
   music, movie or food ?
j: i like to play the piano, talk to
   strange guys on the phone, cook
   dinner and look after my apartment.
   i don't have a girlfriend. and i dont
   watch movies too often. my fave music
   has got to be YELLOW JACKETS or
   ART TATUM. (you never heart of them!)
   my fave food ? arrgh... i just ate !
o: are you playing in a real band ? are
   you making music besides your comp ?
j: my keyboard is too heavy to use for
   playing in a "real" band(kawai m8000)
   since i don't have a car. (and if i
   did, i would not have been able to
   buy the m8000 !!) i do some
   sequencing music with d.r.t.'s
   sequencer and an u-110. mostly jazz.
   only for fun but maybe soon for a
   local radio station. (still only for
   the fun of it.)
o: what do you think about SEX'N'CRIME ?
   do you know any other magazines ?
   what do you think about them ?
j: SEX'N'CRIME is ok but a little hard
   to read. a print-option would be a
   great help. SMASHER is ok. (rating
   STORMLORD 10/10 in audio although i'd
   have rated it 3/10 maximum !) they
   are going to interview me next so get
   that one folks, if you wanna read
   this again ! i know no other mags.
   well, ILLEGAL was a bit boring, but
   it's a long time since i've seen the
   last. ZZAP is great fun !!
o: do you have special friends or
   enemies in the c-64 scene ?
j: no.
o: what do you think about FUTURE
j: FUTURE COMPOSER: i never tried it but
   the music in it is TERRIBLE. i guess
   it must be the composer's fault !!
   i never heard of RO-MUZAK and i
   do't care.
o: if you could choose a place,
   where would you like to live ?
j: in new york ! mainly because that
   there are no insects in big towns !
   naah... it's the jazz centre in the
   world !
o: if you had to live on a lonly island
   for the rest of your life, which 3
   things would you take with you ?!
j: a piano, my radio and a plane depart
   to new york every 30 minutes !
o: what is your biggest desire ?
   do yoou have a life-time wish ?
j: lifetime wish: someone would stop
   asking all those stupid questions !
o: hehehe... ok, but just let me get rid
   of my last question... what is your
   real occupation ? are you still going
   too school or are you a M.O.N.-
   fulltime composer, or, maybe you are
   unemplyed... or, whatever ?!
j: i draw maps of the country for
   living !!!
o: yeuchhh ! well, ok, thank you very
   mutch for this !
j: i hope you can use my answers ! now,
   don't manipulate with any of my
   answers ! yours, JOZZ...


yepp... that's it...
you reached the end again !
REMEMBER: whenever you find some wrong
information in here, write us at once.
of course you can also send us fuckings,
but maybe you should prove a little more
brain and tell us about our mistakes so
we can correct them. how should we ever
improve our magazine if some stupid guys
start hating us instead of helping us ?
(hey, COSMOS does this sound familiar to
you ?!  hehe... you know, it's easy to
criticize, but it's HARD to improve !)
THANKS for additional HELP to:
maniacs of noise,transcom,genesis,dcs,
magnetix,powerzone,the force and you.


              MAILBOX V3.0

-guess what... riiiiiiiight...
 again there are bugs in the scroll...
 again i feel like an idiot (i probably
 really am !) anyway, we got a lot of
 great inspirations from you for a new,
 better main-program. so, watch out...
 maybe we will release the next
 SEX'N'CRIME with the final (best)
 main-editor. (no bugs, honest !)

D64 MD5: ad9e2c161f68d83de1f66f2f36d7f3c9

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