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sex'n'crime #005               july 1989
2.........reactions  7............charts
3..rumours and news and previews  9.........interview
5....the beeeeeeest  0...........mailbox

CREDITS:   coding.............tonie/amok

SEX'N'CRIME is made in 1989 by AMOK
and published by GAME ON.
if ya want to be sure to get every issue
of SEX'N'CRIME, order an abonement...



well... first of all greetings to all
of you ! i hope you'll enjoy this mag !
as you might have seen,this time the
articles are NOT written by OMG !
he is gone to make some holidays and
left me alone in order to write this
issue of the sex'n'crime! well... i've
never done a mag before,so please have
mercy with me,if the mag isn't that good
as normaly ! peew ! anyway... this issue
is the first one made with a better
editor, so i hope there ain't so many
bugs in it this time !
and the BEST is... there is a print
option this time! yeah! now ya also
have a SEX'N'CRIME on paper ! hehehe...
i think it's cool !!! (eh ???)
anyway,i hope you'll enjoy it !!!

and remember...
you don't have to be ILLEGAL to be COOL!



             * REACTIONS *

yep! again some guys were angry 'bout
us, 'coz they can't bear the truth !
dear PHANTOM of PARAMOUNT. in fact we
think your group will be pretty cool
again after many incompetent members
left. anyway, never dare to challenge
us again or you will suffer for it !
we are not afraid of 16 old children
which try to harm us in any physical
or mental way. so, beware !
SCRATCHER and the other senior members
in PARAMOUNT seem to be pretty smart
and cool guys. YOU are just a ridiculous
kid. go to mummy ! we don't care if you
have been in MEN AT WORK or ALPHAFLIGHT.
maybe you  have even been the reason
why both groups are dead now !!

dear EXCELL of IKARI. we never liked you
and we never will. when will even a
SLOWBRAIN like you understand that we
are LEGAL ?! of course you have never
seen a crack from us. we are a company.
got that ? better start cheating your
rankings again instead of sticking your
nose in things which are none of your
business. by the way, the big blue char-
set in your 'payed in full'-demo was
neither done by 711 nor FIRE EAGLE but
it was made by ROGER RABBIT of GENESIS.

hey, PANINARO... if you have a good
coder, why the hell do you use those
absolute crap-intros ? or do you think
those intros are good ? if so, then you
are lamer than we thought. yes, you got
great crackers, but the  cracks you
released when we wrote that article were
very fast but bad. (too long, no or too
less trainers.) otherwise there would
have been no need for IKARI to improve
your cracks... anyway, we still respect
you as your latest cracks have been in
the good old TRI-DOS standart !
and, yes, FALCO is a great coder...
i never said that 20CC is bad. but, can
you show me any PANINARO stuff which was
done by FALCO ?

finally there has been a new MAGIC NEWS
and we are glad you people apologised.
we don't fear KOMA as NONE of those
members could ever have any influence
in our work. as we ever will report
about POSITIVE and NEGATIVE things, no
matter if anybody gets angry about that.
what a magazine are you if you fear
big peoples' wrath when you write the
truth ?! we are not in the ddr !!
we never wrote any bad news about
possible evidences. by the way, your
new magazine is full of wrong news
and some of your informants seem to be
close readers of the SEX'N'CRIME...
well, anyway... let's burry the war-axe
and work together ! let's kill all
pseudo-magazines together.

                      signed: AMOK


Rumours and News

          * RUMOURS AND NEWS *

according to TJ of SHARKS, the SHARKS
are dead and some from BEASTIE BOYS
and NETMEN formed a new group, called

BAAL of ZEB+WOT was caught by the cops.

JCH of CHANNEL 42 finally decided to
get money with his cool music. he left
C42 and is now working for a company.

and some more which were kicked out of
PARAMOUNT, the people from DRUIDS and
some others built a new group, called
DYNAMIX ! i think they could get a real
competior to the other leading groups
in germany: 711,GENESIS and ACTION.
they just released some nice wares in
standard quality! just let's see!

THE FORCE - ISRAEL wants to quit all
illegal work and build up a legal
software company ! they are actually
workin' on a game ! they also built up
a music company called "SIDCHIP
SCRATCHERS" yo guys !!!! good luck
for your further projects !

some ex MIRACLE members and the whole
ULTRAVOX crew rebuilt the old legend
in order to join F4CG.

rumours say that LADY BINAER joined
LAZER or DETAIL. she never left GP.

GSP & NOWAYS built up the group CENTURY.

RAZOR has been thrown out of ONEWAY !

FUNTEX were kicked out of DRIVE and
joined VIRGIN. so, they are still in
war with CONTEX but didn't dare to tell
CONTEX as they might fear to get kicked
out of VIRGIN...

TRAP (ex member of ABNORMAL) has joined

after ALABAMA splitted QUON joined
DETAIL and the rest (cool dudes !)
joined CRAZY.

an austrian group called "THE SCANNERS"
made a demo with several ripped parts!
for example there was a part of the
LEVEL 99 demo "STILL RULING" ! only the
logos were changed ! lame, lame, lame !

MIK of PULSAR joined DCS. so did STET
return to DCS aswell. he is yet
undecided. however, DCS is back to rule.
they austrian PULSAR members still seem
to play 'the big guys from PULSAR'
but they are no good at all...

LEGEND are back after 2 months of
studying in japan. they will probably
rule belgium again as they have been
very well cracking dudes in the past.


DELIGHT decided to start a drinking-
competiton. the one you can stand the
most beer will win a c-64 ! cool idea.

X-RATED changed their name into ELECT.
they also started an intro-competition
contact them for further information.
deadline for the comp. is: 31-08-89 !

NOP (ex-WEIRD SCIENCE) changed his name
into CYCLEBURNER after joining CONTEX.
after his demo "SIGN'O'TIMES"
he now coded the brilliant demo
"YOUTHQUAKE" and won the at
the 2000 AD demo-competition !

some from DANECREW changed their name
into  COLDCUT and released a first
issue of their magazine POPCORN.
if they improve their very bad main-
program they might get quite a cool
newspaper. good luck, guys !

VISION made a new magazine, called
VINEWS which doesn't contain that many
news at all and their main-program
isn't that good either. why does
everyone have to do a magazine lately ?
the more magazine will hit the scene
the less every issue will be spread.
so, it doesn't make any sence. if you
got any news to tell, send them to
or to any paper magazine !

MOVE splitted, GORDON joined OPAL and
COLIN wanted to join 2000 AD but they
didn't want him to, so he finally joined

ROY of DETAIL might organise a little
copy-party in north germany soon.

write that they will soon make a co-op
magazine with THE FORCE. might be pretty
cool to get a magazine from down under.
and here are ROCK'S australian-rakings:

 1........THE FORCE   2..........tdf/rfx
 3..............tec   4..............wot
 5.........tss 6802   6..............qcf

some more news from australia:
-THE FORCE is going to do a game for the
 company OZYSOFT !
-THE NUKEBUSTERS now also have some
 german c-64 members ! their aussie
 member PORSCHE decided to get more
 active on c-64 again, after he diss-
 liked the (l)amiga scene !
-QCF are going to form a new aussie
 group,together with some other guys in

there is a new music company born !
it's called SKYLINE TECHNICS. it con-
sists of some HORIZON members (BAGDER,
ZAGOR etc.) they just released some
pretty good sound-demos. so, watch out
folks !

and some others formed the group

TIM and FATE decided to stop but BABOONS
got a new swapper called TRI-ART.

BLACK PANTHER was kicked out of KCS as
he was extremly lame.


News and Previews

         * NEWS AND PREVIEWS *

there is a new PARTY,that's held every
month ! it will be just like the
VISION/SHARKS party a kind of "german
VENLO meeting"
the dates for 1989 are:
2.9. - 7.10. - 2.12. !
you need NO (!) invitation ! so...
go for it ! contact the BABOONS for
further informations!

the SAVAGE PARTY will take place in
techau/schleswig holstein/germany on
5. and 6. august ! (11.00 on saturday
till 14.00 pm on sunday!
entrance will be 4 dm! contact savage
for further informations:

for all the guys who still don't know
where those mega-cool venlo meetings
take place,here is the address again:


it takes place every third saturday
of the month from 11 till 16 'o clock !
go for it !

the australian COPY-PARTY is over now
and it seemed to be a BIG SUCESS !
30 people showed up... not so much,but
the best were there ! the pardey started
on saturday morning and ended on sunday
evening! most of the guys didn't slept
at all! (as allways...) there was also
a demo competition,but the winner isn't
choosen,yet (votes are welcomed!)
i (SHABBY) personally liked the demo
of TDF+RFX most! the other demos were
just standart and some were even really
bad ! anyway... it seemed to be a quiet
nice pardey !
thanx to the force for sending us some
facts 'bout the party and the party
demos !

land was quite cool !
some of the best finns showed up,just
ofcourse CONTEX ! (only the finnish
members were present!)
some quiet cool party demos have been
released,like DISEASE from CONTEX or

ZUULBALL was supoosed to be coded by
ALF (ex-GP member, now in AMOK)but, as
he went to amiga-scene he will now
only code  the amiga-conversion. the
c-64 will now be made by JESPER OLSEN.
we also  started a new katakis-stoled
game, called TIME FIGHTER. it will be
coded by me, SHABBY. graphics will
probably be made by OMG and THOMAS
ACKERMANN. music either by SOEDESOFT,
JESPER OLSEN or ERIC. we are not sure
yet. anyway, we always need new members.
so, if you want to earn some good money
with your graphical,  technical or
musical facilities then send us some
examples of your  work. and, who knows,
maybe  you'll be another lucky AMOK
member. you do not have to leave your
illegal group, if you don't want as
AMOK is more an AGENCY OF CODERS than
a group.


The Beeeeeeeest

          * THE BEEEEEEEEST! *

well... every computer-user thinks that
his machine is the BEST! in this chapter
i'll write down my opinion 'bout the
3 most popular home computers...
(in no special order of ranking...hehe!)


ATARI ST________________________________
well... i personally think it's a quiet
good machine (same with the 2 others!)
but here the things i disslike!
first of all i think that this troubles
with monochrome and color monitors are
not that good! you have to own both,if
ya wanna use every programm! but there-
for the monochomo-monitor has an un-
beatable good quality! the sound-chip
is not very good! (it's almost the same
than the c-64 chip as far as i know.)
but of course the c-64 can't do that
long and cool digitized musics.
but does it really show yar skills if
ya only digitize a little tune ?
anyway... the ATARI ST is a quiet good
machine for every kind of programs !
and... it's cheap !

also quite a cool machine! but just like
the on the ATARI ST most of the musics
are digitized! but you can also do some
wonderful "normal" zax on this machine!
i think that this machine has the best
sounds and grafix of this 3 computers!
but most of the games only have cool
grafix and sound and no good gameplay...
anyway... if ya love cool grafix and
sound,the AMIGA is a MUST for you !

well... at least we come to MY favourite
compy! i still like my good old
SIXTYFOUR most! it's a good,cheap and
reliable machine! you can get nearly
every kind of software for this machine!
and nearly everybody can own this compy,
'coz the price i really a joke,con-
sidering the posibilities of this com-
puter ! the sound is still one of the
best and we dont need digitized zax!
(just pump up the volume right now!)
and when you mix digitized and normal
instruments you have nearly amiga
quality ! (just check out the music from
outrun-europe or stormlord !)
now the grafix... ok... the graphics
have not that good quality like ATARI ST
and AMIGA,but i'm allways again sur-
prises what cooooool grafix are also
posible on the little C-64 !
the success of this home-computer is
unbeatable! and i personally can't be-
lieve that it will ever stop !
as long as we breath the c-64 will be
alive ! we love that little mashine !!

at least i have to say that all this
3 computers are suberb machines and
all of them deserve to be the "#1 OF



               * GAMES *

r.s. is a realy cool game! i think one
of the best this month ! it's the same
idea like in "SUPER SPRINT"! a racing
simulator in the good old style!
but the track isn't only one screen,like
in "SUPER SPRINT" no! it's a big,soft
scrolled track ! the grafix are good
standard,the title sound with digi-drums
is quiet cool ! i really like the
"PORSCHE" in the title screen! the game-
play is very good,the joystick controll
is easy and logical! there are some
nice special fx,like a train,that
crosses your way,or a highway ! i really
like this game ! there is also a
three-player option (big fun!!!)
at all it is a quiet cool game,that's
allways worth to be played again!
my rating for it: 83 %

well... i am really sorry to say this,
but the title-picture and the title-
music is the only thing i liked in this
game... it's a standard SHOOT-EM-UP,
like they are well known... (extra wea-
pons,left to right scrolling,loadsa
alliens,etc...) there are some nice
grafix in the levels,but also they are
not world-ruling! i won't say that this
game is bad,but i personally think,that
ya don't need to buy this,if ya just
have another SHOOT-EM-UP at home...
only shoot-em-up freax should buy this.
my rating: 55 %


yeuch... another SHOOT-EM-UP ! and
again nothing special ! the nice music
in the game was made by MANIACS OF
MOISE and it's (like allways) good!
the "in-game" grafix look quiet nice,
but it's a bit boring,'coz the grafix
that scroll out of the screen on the
left side,comes into the screen on the
right side again! a bit boring...
at all this game is very easy coded,
everyone who has a bit knowledge in
coding can do this... nevertheless
the game looks quiet nice (well painted
but it's the same style like every
SHOOT 'EM UP. (extra weapons,aliens,
"mega-alliens" on end of levels...)
acording to "dinner for one" i would
say: se saeme prueshijius as evey yea!
      (should be spelled drunken...)
my rating for this game: 50 %



              * CHARTS *

1.......................MANIACS OF NOISE
2.................20th century composers
3...................jesper olsen of amok
4.....................soedesoft of gp+fe
5......................jch of channel 42

2...........youthquake digi mix / contex
3......................phobia title/ ???

1...................DOMINATORS / denmark
2..........................dcs / england
3.....................paninaro / england / germany
5..........................711 / germany
6......................hotline / holland
7.......................action / germany
8......................dynamix / germany
9..................rough trade / england
10....................transcom / france

1.................XENON +25 / DOMINATORS
2.............ringside 120% / dominators
3..............vendetta +15 / genesis+fe
(yeah ! dominators rule this month !)

1......sophisticated 3 / bml+inorix+20cc
2...............brainstorm 3 / megastyle
3.................wasted years / shadows
4....................thanatic / thanatos
5.......................disease / contex
6....................suitable / raw deal
7....................youthquake / contex
8......................einstein / cosmos
9.....................wraxirmer 5 / nato
10...................underground / gp+fe

if YOU want to vote for the next issue
of the SEX'N'CRIME send your votings to



             * CONTACTS *



            * INTERVIEW *

this time with TIM of BABOONS !
well... first of all i've to say,that
OMG gave me (SHABBY) a paper, with the
interview on it !   but... this paper
is a MIRACLE to me ! there are only the
answers on it,not the questions !!!
aaaaaahhhhrg ! but i hope that i found
the right questions to those answers!
so... sorry tim, if the interview isn't
o.k. in all points ! anyway... here it
is!                            -


s:hello tim !
t:hi !
s:well... how old are you ?
t:i'm now 17 years old !
s:tell us something about your computer-
  carrier !
t:o.k.! 4 years ago i got my first com-
  puter (c 64) and soon i saw that it's
  fun to be a bit ILLEGAL ! the first
  group i joined was CRACK & CO !
  after that i joined some more,like:
  VISION,SHARKS and finally i built up
  BABOONS together with FATE & TANNER !
s:pweh ! quiet many groups ! what was
  your first crack ?
t:it was skate or die ! i cracked it,
  when i was in CRACK & CO !
s:well... who are your idols on the 64 ?
t:my idol in coding is MR.CURSOR, i
  really like his cool routines! the
  best graphican in my opinion is HPH !
s:and who,do you think,are the biggest
  lamers ?
s:what do ya think 'bout the computer-
  scene,nowadays ?
t:there are too many lamers and rippers!
  most of the old legends are gone...
  but there are also some cool groups
  nowadays !
s:which computer-mag do ya like best ?
t:the BEST mag on disk is the
s:oh... thanx a lot ! well... what are
  your favourite movies and sounds ?
t:i love to watch monty phyton movies !
  my favourites in music are: toten
s:what's your political position ?
t:i'm conservative ! (republican!)
  i use to say:"tuerken raus!"
s:peew... hard words...
  are you also active on the amiga ?
t:no ! i have one,but i'm not very
  active on this machine,at all.
s:yo ! thanx for this interview ! keep
  cool ! good bye !
t:oh... thank you ! c.u. !

next interview will probably concern
BAAL of ZEB + WOT !!! a great dude !


peew ! thanx god ! at least i managed to
finish this issue in time !
well... again we have to end the text
here. i hope that you all liked this
issue a bit,just even if it isn't the
best issue ! ya know... it was my first
(and hopefully last) try,to do this !
next issue will be made by omg again !
we have to say thanx to the following
people for their kind help:
oneway,contex,detail,the force/israel,
share,gp+fe,elect,the force/australia,
kcs,crypt and everyone else !! thank
you a lot ! without you this issue
would not have been possible as i know
nothing about making a magazine.

good bye and many greetings from the
whole amok-staff. have a nice summer !

maybe we will meet you in venlo or
any copy-party in the radius of 300 km.
anyway... we love you all !

              - the end -


              MAILBOX V3.0

-this is the second time we release
 #005 as some nerds have spread a
 version which was not finished yet.
 sorry. anyway... this is the real
 sex'n'crime #005 !!
 TRAP left DOMINATORS and joined a new
 group, called BONSAI. SONY and LUXOR
 from 2000 AD and STONE of ABNORMAL
 joined them aswell. DRAKE and ROCHA
 left 2000 AD and joined VIRGIN.
 in the christmas-holidays there will
 be a big party in denmark, arranged by
 the cool dudes from UPFRONT, CONTEX,
 BONSAI and TRILOGY (amiga). the room
 is big enough for about 800 people.
 after christmas another party will be
 arranged by DOMINATORS.
 room-capacity: 10.000 people !!!
-not DELIGHT but DETAIL will arrange
 the cool beer-drinking-competition.
-thanks to PANINARO for putting us on
 the conference. also many thanks to
 others for the nice chat. keep cool !
-SHARKS said that some LAMERS from
 CRITTERS are in DYNAMIX aswell...
-SHARKS are not (!) dead. but SHARE
 is running low right now...
-MAGIC NEWS: are you stupid or what ?
 we slagged DUST's lame (!) paper-
 magazine. not (!) the disk-magazine.
 why do you people in MAGIC NEWS always
 accuse us of things we didn't do ?!
 you seem to know nothing...
 joined QUALITY. they are also coding
 a tron-styled game for hewson now.
-FBI-CREW kicked some inactive members.
 the only c-64 coder from SORELL joined
 them. cool people over there !
-F4CG and DYNAMIX both claim to have
 the best VIGILANTE-crack. but, it seems
 that the DYNAMIX version is better.
-MAGIC DISK will seen be released with
 a new main-code, done by MR.CURSOR.


             ATTENTION !

i (shabby) had to do the sex'n'crime on
my own as omg was on holiday for 4 weeks
so he couldn't do it. well, some lame
turds now started spreading s'n'c
although i wanted to wait until omg
came back. the charts were voted by
about 50 people (to the amok plk.) but
there have also been a lot of people
sending their votings to omg's
private adress. we now also took them
into the rankings which changed the
actual ranking-list a little bit.
we also discussed about a few points
which were changed in the end. some
news were added and a war-declaration
to magic news was removed as they
apologised. anyway, the first s'n'c #005
was not 100% ! this is the real one !!
please spread this instead and scratch
the old version. thank you !
ps:hey, drive ! your last few cracks
   were cool ! go on like that !

D64 MD5: af7cc6772859ce312fb14edf17e2b6b8

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