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instructions: move joystick in port 2 to
 move text up and down. press 1-0 to cho
ose a chapter. in the mailbox: press w t
o write into the mailbox and press 'f1'
to continue !   have fun !


    S E X   A N D   C R I M E   #001
1:editorial. / 2:letters.. / 3:rumours..
4:news...... / 5:mag test. / 6:games....
7:charts.... / 8:contact!. / 9:interview
credits:   coding............shabby/amok
any questions ? write to:



             L E T T E R S

well, as this is the first issue, there
are no letters. (you don't say !! ha !)
we'd really be glad if you would write
us some letters, tell us, wether you
like this magazine, or not. thanks !


      R U M O U R S  and N E W S
 from the international cracker-scene !

M A N I A C S  made a copy-party in
jan.1989 which was visited by police.
about 70 persons have been caught.

S U B  Z E R O  is dead, because all
members left the group.

I K A R I : tridos quitted on c-64
because his computer broke up. so,
he is now on amiga only.

G P +F E : most of 'across' in denmark
and germany joined them. soedesoft has
an amiga now... so, watch out, amigos !

C O N T E X : scrap systems and dps 2010
joined them. snoopy recracked s.editor.

P A R A M O U N T  probably consists of
some members from mcg, octagon and drive

S T R I K E  F O R C E  quitted. most of
them formed a new group, called 'elite'.

A C T I O N : this group consists of
xades society and some from level 99.

N E W  E D I T I O N : managemet was
caught by the police. after that they
decided to join 'beastie boys'. lame !

A R G U S : artis and his brother left
this group and formed 'might'.

S H I N I N G  8: they never really
stopped. they just got very (!) lame !

A S P H U X I A  has a new member.
his name is 'the other one' (ex-rush).

T R I A D  makes an intro-competition
right now. if you want to take part in
it, please send your intro (it must not
have been used before) to:
     - triad's intro competition

A G I L E : they seem to be some strange
dudes, because there is a pretty big
federation against them.

W A S T E : lame, lame, lame !
there is a federation against them, too.

G A S H : tim left them and joined a new
group, called 'vision'.

D C S : somehow tridos of ikari seems to
be member of dcs (on c-64) now ! maybe
tridos and nik had a little trouble.
but, we are not sure about this !

R A D W A R : after their first two
parties have been quite a success, they
decided to make a third one in summer.
it'll be 3 day-camping with barbecue.
(near a little lake)

T R O O P E R S : after their old group
(stars) broke up they decided to form
a new, legal group, called 'prosonix'.
they want to do musics etc. (just like
maniacs of noise.)

E G A  splitted up. some of them joined
'tristar', some others formed a legal
group, called 'strangers'.

R U S H W A R E : rage and parsec are
very proud to give adresses of other
crackers to the police. they said
they are working for rushware now.

H E L L C A T S : the biggest lamers of
them all, drax and darth vader, stopped.
actually, hellcats is still lame.

X -R A Y : this group probably consists
of some former inxs members (typhus)
and some others.

ps: if you know any news or rumours,
    send them to us !


      N E W S  and P R E V I E W S

- A M O K  is going to realease some
  new productions, soon...
  actionball (pling-plong final version)
  zuulball (2 player fight-for-fun-game)
  the beauty and the beast (action)
  logo-designer (guess what ?!)
  vokabel-trainer (coool !)

- '1959',the author of 'stormtrooper'
  and 'zuul' is making a new game,
  which is called: 'a'. it's a
  strategic science fiction simulation.

- if you need a cool logo for a demo or
  a game, send 5 dm and an empty disk to
  scrap of C O N T E X .

- C R A Z Y  starts a copy-party in
  uri/switzerland (22./23. april 89)

- the new adress for the V E N L O

- M A G I C  D I S K  started a new
  game-competition. the winner will
  get 5000,- dm !

- maybe genesis project and fire eagle
  will make a copy-party in netherlands.
  this time it will be better organized
  than the party in nuernberg !!

Mag Test

other C R A C K E R  M A G A Z I N E S :

in the following lines we want to give
you a little impression of all those
many cracker-magazines in the 64-scene.

name:           authors:         rating:

I G U A N A ..........dcs.......coooool!

this magazine sure is the best magazine
so far. a lot of brandnew information
about all the famous guys. but also some
satirical articles. bad graphics.

I L L E G A L ........elite.........good

quite ok, but the quality is far below
that of iguana. anyway: cool comics !

S M A S H E R ........smasher....average

very good outlay, but too many senseless
news and too many wrong informations.

N E W S ..............dave e.....baaaad!

very bad magazine. bad outlay, stupid
interviews (even with waste ! hohoho !)
they are also spreading wrong (invented)

P I R A T E S ........nfc............bad

too less information, too many things
about themselves. not very interresting.

B R A I N S T O R M eagle.....bad

very bad outlay, no comics, no sex...
no nothing !

cracking C O M I C

it is only a comic, so, no inforamtion.
but: very cool graphics, nice outlay,
some funny jokes etc.

mantronix N E W S ....mantronix......bad

this magazine is on disk. but it's quite
lame anyway. they just write boring
things about themselves. each issue has
only 8-10 pages. (lame !)

C O P Y  N E W S .....tgt............bad

nothing special really. just like the
mantronix news. (on disk and lame)

B I L D  zeitung......aeh...........oops

funny magazine really... but not that
many news about computer-scene, eh ?!


        G A M E S  (c64 and amiga)

technocop (amiga)
very cool game. a mix of 'roadblasters'
and 'impossible mission'. (i love it!!)

technocop (c64)
well... forget it ! all the fun is gone.
bad graphics, flickering sprites...

platou (amiga)
nice little strategy game.
the (very good!) c-64 version of this
game was coded by 'warriors of time' !

brainstorm (c64)
this strategy games looks very simple,
but, in fact, it is just as amazing as
tetris !

xama (c64)
this game was the winner of the last
magic disk-game competition. it is quite
nice. the last issues of magic disk
really have raised their quality !

operation firestart (c64)
this very cool game is a little bit
'impossible mission'-styled. but it's
great, anyway ! buy it !

uninvited 2 (c64)
nice adventure. but somehow it's a
little bit boring.

circus games (c64)
very cool graphics, but the game itself
is rather boring.

outrun (amiga)
wow ! great game !! one of the best
racing-games so far !

sword of sodan (amiga)
cool ! similar to "ghost'n'goblins" on
c-64. very good gameplay.

elite (amiga)
well, the coders really did a great job!
this is my favourite game on amiga so
far. best about the amiga-version: you
don't need the keyboard. you can klick
most of the options with your mouse.

robocop (c64)
cool graphics, but the game is stupid !
just run around and kill or get killed.

thunderblade (amiga)
far better than the c64 version !
it's just the same great feeling as on
the arcade-mashine !

be a nice guy and send us original-games
or previews of your own-coded games, so
we can make some little previews or
tests, ok ?  thank you !


              C H A R T S

     the world's best programmers:


australia..........wot (aussie division)

belgium................commando frontier

denmark..........................upfront design (ash+dave)

finland...............finnish gold (fcs)


hungary..........................quality (soedesoft)

norway...............prosonix (troopers)


united states..........fbr (last dragon)

 the international 'best-group'-charts:

            01. dcs (gb)
            02. ikari (gb/dk)
            03. elite (d)
            04. gp+fe (d/nl/dk)
            05. bros (nl)
            06. zenith (gb)
            07. sweden (s)
            08. dominators (dk)
            09. xades society (d)
            10. cosmos (a)

ps: if you want to vote in these charts,
give those upper groups some points.
(10 points=very good, 1 point= baaaad !)
you can also nominate 1 new group for
each of the upper chart-lists. but,
remember: do not (!) vote for yourself !


           C O N T A C T S


if you want your adress to be in the
next "sex'n'crime", just let us know.
it's all free ! some of the adresses in
this issue were given to us by scrap and


           I N T E R V I E W :

this time we will interview tnt of gp+fe

            - = omg of amok
            + = tnt of gp+fe

- how old are you ?

+ i'm 18 years.

- since when do you have a computer and
  how did you get so well known ?

+ i got a c-64 around 1984 and used to
  play a lot of those funny 1982-games
  on datasette. half a year later i got
  a floppy and started to draw pictures
  with that brandnew 'koalapainter' !
  then i got bored of doing everything
  on my own. so i asked my best friends
  'the nasty ounk' (tno) and catman
  if they would like to make a little
  group of computer-artists. both agreed
  and that was the birth of genesis.
  we did a lot of pictures for some
  big guys (fcs,triad,radwar) and they
  spreaded our name all over the world.
  maybe some of you still know my old
  (and very bad !) intro-maker 7.2 ?
  hotline spreaded it for us. gosh, we
  were proud of that !! i also had some
  very good friends who did a lot for
  us. (graig/fusion, troopers/stars,
  mws/radwar, tss/hotline, gd/tds)
  i don't know how and why... but our
  programs slowly became common
  knowledge. (hehe...)

- this groupname 'genesis * project'...
  who invented it ?

+ i did. you know, 'genesis' means
  something like 'creation' (schoepfung)
  and that was exaclty what we did.
  we created a lot of koala-pictures.
  but, we thought, only 'genesis' was
  too short. so we just invented this
  'project'. but our initials 'gp' were
  too short, because no one could keep
  that in mind. so, 'g*p' became our
  handle. the '*' was just a little
  joke. it had no sense at all.

- what are your favourites ?

+ good videos, applejuice, nice demos,
  girls, music from 'mike oldfield' and
  'sisters of mercy'. and soon: riding
  in my very own 'golf gti' !!

- what do you hate ?

+ wannabees, arrogant shitheads,
  alcohol (sorry !), prolos and
  heavy metal-music (one big mess of
  shiiiiiiiiit !!!)

- what are wannabees ?!?!?

+ rog of gp+fe invented this word.
  and i think, it really is coool !
  i think, lamers are only people with
  old stuff. so, ash+dave,scoop etc.
  are lame. but this does not mean they
  are bad. they just don't care about
  new cracks. right ?
  losers are the opposite. they are
  awfull coders but they try to be fast
  swappers because that's their only
  chance to be 'famous'.
  wannabees are either lamers or losers,
  buw they pretend to be cool. so, if
  you ask them, how old are your newest
  wares they always answer 'between
  1-3 days', even though their newest
  game is 2 weeks old ! pah ! i hate
  that !! or, they think they are cool
  coders, but their routines are either
  ripped or very bad. (yes, mcg... i am
  talking about you !!)

- in how many groups have you been
  before, and how long ?

+ i told you, g*p was my first group.
  in december 1988 we decided to unite
  with those nice dudes from fire eagle.
  (hey, rog,eric and laydock: i just
  love you guys !!)

- a while ago there have been a lot
  anti-demos against you. why ?

+ yes, exact, tws and hellcats did a
  anti-demo against me.
  exact: i almost took their best (and
  only) coders into g*p. i didn't,
  because fill was a good friend of
  mine. but, he went mad and decided to
  do a war against g*p to get famous !
  (now you know, how exact came up !)
  tws: they promised never to leave g*p.
  but, oneday they did leave g*p. i
  wasn't that sad about it, 'coz only
  mathew of tws ever did anything for
  g*p. the rest of tws never did
  anything. i told this to mathew.
  he missunderstood it and got angry.
  but he left tws, because he noticed,
  that i was right. he formed a new
  group, called 'viper designs'.
  hellcats: they were ex-g*p members,
  too. but they re-cracked (!) a few
  games. so we imideatly decided to
  kick them out. now they are angry.
  that's all !

- what do you think about the future of
  the c-64 and the amiga ?

+ i'm not sure. i hope c-64 will last
  for another 1 or 2 years. i bought
  an amiga a few months ago. so, if the
  c-64 is ever gonna die, i will move
  over to amiga. i will never leave
  genesis. but we thought about making
  a new big group:  pulsar, fire eagle
  and genesis project. maybe we will
  call the new group 'holocaust'. but,
  there is nothing (!) sure yet.

- have you ever been caught by police ?

+ yes, they visited me a while ago.
  of course i was shocked, they didn't
  find too mutch, 'coz i am mainly
  legal after all.

- what kind of a person are you ?

+ i'm neither a popper nor a punk.
  i wear a normal outfit, but i think
  black ! i love new wave and acid.
  i try to be friendly to everyone, but
  people i do not like very soon know
  it, because i don't treat them too
  well. (right, hellcats ?)

- what do you do the rest of your life ?

+ well, i'm ZAX4l going to school.
  maybe iam going to study on the
  university in aachen. or i'll become
  a computer-specialist on tv.
  (doing the special effects and all
  that kind of stuff... great job !)
  i am also reading a lot of books.
  my fave author is 'stephen king'.
  his way to write simply is
  briiiiiiiillliiiant !!!!

- do you have a girl-friend ?

+ a stedy one ? no. (sniff !!)
  i'm too busy, you know ?!

- ok, i think that's it so far.
  thank you !

+ you are welcome !

next issue we will interview:
                scrap system of contex !
if you have any cool ideas for great
characters to be interviewed, give us a
hint ! thank you !


actually you are now at the end of this
little magazine. we hope you liked it
at least a little bit. if you have any
ideas what to change or improve...
write a letter ! give us a call or use
your jungle-drums !

in the next issue you will read some
interresting things about 'fashions' in
the 64-scene. of course again a lot of
contact adresses and rumours about your
computer-heros !

thanks for aditional help to:

scrap of contex
wolfman of xandor
rog of genesis + fire eagle
tnt of genesis + fire eagle
1959 of weird scientists
freddy of genesis + fire eagle
federation against waste
and everyone else !

                 E N D


           M A I L B O X  v1.0

-in here you can write you latest news
 or anything else you want other people
 to know. after that the whole magazine
 will be saved again, including your (!)
 message ! (cool, eh ?!)
 please make a '-' where your message
 starts so the other people know what
 you wrote !
 remember: make sure there is enough
 space on the disk because the magazine
 will be saved unpacked (!). that's
 around 170 blocks ! you may erase this
 instruction-text, but please do not
 change other peoples' words, ok ?
 thank you !
-yohooowwww !! it's me, tnt of gp+fe !
 yes, i'm still alive... i'm just too
 lazy to swap ! byyyyyyeeeeee !!!
-antichrist was here!! and i say:
 how up do high knee!  (hohoho!!!!)
 blubber blubber blargh...
-haehhhh ???
-wie haeh ???
-na haeh !
-ach so !

D64 MD5: 12845c5090b48c7941e731926fa7d248

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