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Finally SKYHIGH is released again. - Yes I did promise in the previous issue that Skyhigh would be released on a regular basis again. So why the hell did you have to wait almost 2 months again??? well it could be that Skyhigh should be released on a bi-monthly basis??? Nooooooooot!!!!!!

No the reason should be clear to everbody by now! Yes you guessed it. The improved outfit. Some time ago Raz of Camelot visited my girl and me for a couple of days here at our house. Ofcoz we spent some hours infront of our commies.. Well to make a long story short (if it isn't too late!!!) then we began talking about some very old ideas for an improvement of the outfit. I had talked for a very long time about having a pro- portional font upscroll instead of the 40 chars we've used so far. Actually then I asked Raz for such an upscroller almost a year ago. At that time he said it couldn't be done. Or atleast it couldn't be done so it worked properly. Well things luckily do change, and Raz had an idea how it could be done. So he started coding.

I have dreamt of beeing the first mag with this kind of upscroller for a long time, so I were shocked that my friends in Entropy (now ANGRY) also wanted to relea- se The Tribune with such a routine.. Damn now I had to work fast, coz I still wanted to be numero uno.

To Barry & Elvira :

Hi you two!! Believe me when I'm saying that I have played with the idea for more than a year. What I am trying to say is that I haven't ripped off your idea what so ever. But I know that you believe me. The problem was, that I was convinced it couldn't be done at all, untill Raz found a way to do it.. So here it is....

OK, back to the editorial. Well Raz left, and continued the coding at home. 'Unfortunately' he's studying at the university, so Skyhigh had to have 2nd priority. I know he has had a hard time at the university lately so I had to be patience and simply wait. It have not been easy, but there were nothing I could do about it

This is not meant as a lame excuse for the delay! No, it's simply to give you all an explanation why you had to wait.

Now it's interesting if other mags will start using the same kind of rutines in their mags too!! Somehow I got the feeling that SKYHIGH won't be the only one!! If everything goes as planned then The Tribune should also come out with a similar upscroller soon. And I think much more will follow in the future. So I guess we'll have to wait and see - right!!

what else has been changed in the outfit ?

Besides the proportional font upscroller we have also changed the colours slightly. I found the grey colours better-looking than $0b on $00. Sure most proportional rutines are using these colours, but what the hell. They still are the best in my opinion!!

The 'Headline' has also been changed a bit. Now the yellow 'line' is also in the border. Furthermore then we have changed the headline/zakname routine a bit. No big change, but still a nice one I think!

The ifli sprite has also been moved to a new position. Also nothing revolutionary, but simply to make the layout look better.

The last changes in the text-reading part is the con- trol system. In the previous issue you had 2 different speeds to scroll up'n'down. This time we have made it quite dif- ferent.


To use the upscroll routine you can use joystick in port 2, or the following keys :

Text up and down : joy up'n'down - crsr key up/down
Return to menu  : fire - return


Page shift  : joy left'n'right - crsr key left/r.
return to menu  : fire - return

Yep that's the changes in the reading part, but more changes has been done!

The old loader system has been replaced with an irq- loader sytem coded by GLASNOST of CAMELOT. It's de- packing while it's loading, exactly as the old one, but now its even a irq.

The tunes are no longer in memory, so they'll have to be loaded from the disk now. This shouldn't mean any- thing what so ever. On the contrary then it's possible to have an unlimited amount of tunes now...

The menu is the same as in the previous issue. Also the control is the same. Either use joystick in port 2, or the cursor-keys. Simply move the pointer over the chapter you want to load and press fire/return. The outfit ofcoz won't load a chapter which is already in memory; it'll just return to the upscroller.


I think that someone might not know this : To return to the upscroll you must move the pointer to left upper corner and press fire/return on the star, or you can simply press the '*' on the keyboard. Ok - no more about the outfit for now. I hope you'll write to me about your opinion about the improvements.

So what can SKYHIGH offer you this time ?

Yep you can read the story about me and RRR. What has happend, and how is the situation now? You can also see whether the rumours about me and Camelot are true or not. (Eventhough it's no longer rumours!!)

You'll find the information in the chapters : 'tha Biz-mix!' & (Why RRR, why?)

Dont miss the interview with the hungarian composer Taki. A member of Natural Beat. A quite good music- lable I think!

Dow Jones is back with another letter concerning the growing nazism. As you might know then he's here for the second time.

You shouldn't miss the party invitations either. Yep that's right more parties are on the way...

'Help me' is a chapter written by me. Well I think the word encouragement is better than chapter, but why not check it out yourselves.

Finally I would like to mention the extras for this time. There's no less than 4 extras this time.

Anti Nazi part by Excess

Yep the dudes in Excess also did a part for the demo, but they didn't manage to mail it in time. So I decided to bring it with this issue of Skyhigh instead. I have included a loader so it reloads Skyhigh when space is pressed. (btw all the extras are located on the flip- side !!!!)

Cracking competition by E.B.E.S.

This is nothing less than a competition for crackers. Electric Boys Entertainment Software are giving away prizes for the best crack of a certain game. Read all about it yourself. (You can't return to Skyhigh from this one!!!)

MAD Picture

Just as it says : a picture by Mad of padua. Done in i-fli and with the possibility to reload Skyhigh...


Nope this is not what it sounds like. This is the a 2 level version of the game 'Deadline' done by Phil Nicholsen, or maybe better known as : Betrayer of Spirit. Do you like this game ? Well why not buy the entire game then ??? (Here's also no return to Skyhigh!!!!)

ok that's all I'll write about the chapters, now it's up to you to do the rest.

Next time Skyhigh will be powerfull as never before! Mad of Padua will be there with his chapter. Cupid of Angry will start writing for me e aswell, and finally The Intruder of Avantgarde has accepted a place as co-editor. I have an idea what he should do, but I will not reveal it now. So all you can do is to wait....

Yep, time to end this chapter. And why not do it with some creditz !


  • Code by Raz/Camelot
  • Grafix by Biz Kid/Camelot
  • Irq-loader by Glasnost/Camelot

Music composed by

  1. 'Depressions' by Fanta/Plush/Natural Beat
  2. 'Why go away' by Rap/Jabole/Lepsi/No Name
  3. 'Partytime' by Peace/Noice

Mad pic was done by Mad/Padua (surprise!!!!) The code was also by Mad and the tune is composed by Rap/Jabole/Lepsi/No Name and is entitled : 'Strange Planet'

Yep that's all for now my friends. So all there's left to say is : See ya somewhere else!!!

                                           BIZ KID
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