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                             * EDITORIAL *
R3L4X  M4G4Z1N3*  JULY  1997  edition  (issue #21),
the  magazine  for  the generation with an eye for the
FINER  details  in  the  CBM 64 scene, was brought to
you  by  PHUTURE  (Software  &  Marketing), your fa-
vourite disk-magazine releasing game label.

                       |... internal affairs ... |
Changes can sometimes be useful, chances are some-
times  necessary  and  changes  can  bring  improve-
ments and upgrades.

Starting  from  this issue there will be more chapters
like  used  to  known  from  former  editions with more
news  coverage, reports and even scene-related en-
tertainment chapters to  return  back to the original
conception  to  release  an  infotainment  magazine,  a
production  providing  more information combined with
on  a less degree entertaining sequences in form of a
satirical and sarcastic chapter.
On  the other hand infotainment does surely not mean
that  the  entertaining part has to expeed a specified
percentage  since  the  soap  opera called scene and
reports about it are for sure quite entertaining. Ne-
vertheless  some  people  lately seem to have lost the
proportional  between scene and real life, what is for
for  sure  a  serious problem when differences in the
scene  affects  the  real life of various sceners, too,
and  what  is for sure more dangerous, what will hap-
pen  when  those  psychical  time  bombs once explode
when  they  meet  their  so-called  opponents face by
face.  A  shocking  but real existing example has been
found  on ANTIDOTE's sub #1 called The Forum, posted
at  June  23rd, 1997 at 4:39 PM by WALKER/F4CG as
post #1625:

                Gained some action here. Nice ...
 Yeah, too bad that Ned didn't die in that car accident

We  truely  hope that this policy won't be copied since
NO  concurence situtation in the scene can be a good
reason  to see someone dying, atleast not for educa-
ted people knowing the term of MORALITY but not only
in  the  scene  the  morality  level  goes  rapidly down
when  people are heading for a desired goal. It should
be  taken  into consideration that computer acitivities
and  the  scene  is  supposed  to be an exciting hobby
only,  definately NOT the center of someone's life. But
it  seems for some the situation is quite different and
the scene is bringing them satisfaction and some kind
of respect they don't find in real life, otherwise a be-
haviour  can't  be undestood. We feel sorry for those
persons  and  truely hope they won't become a physi-
cal  danger for scene related or even other persons
just crossing their ways.

Having  a  look  closer  on  the votesheets and to see
certain  people  still  NOT knowing the correct defini-
tion of terms like first release or self-voting we have
decided  to  explain  it word by word so that even be-
ginners  will  understand  the correct meaning as lots
of  sceners,  even  some of those who think to be ex-
perienced  and  in  the  position to find an answer for
all questions regarding the scene, thought it is a nice
way to support group comrades by voting for them in
all  possible  cathegories.  We  would  suggest to read
the  introductions  of  the  charts chapters carefully
before  peope  start  claiming to have a genuine first
release or perform self-voting over and over again.
This  issue  exactly  10 persons have tried to manipu-
late  the  charts, starting with the next issue it will be
for  sure a pleasure to blame them for the failures in
the  public since after the extended guiding lines the-
re shouldn't be an excuse left.

We have decided to send all inactive editors and cor-
respondants  into  holidays  just to give new talents a
chance  to  participate  in  an  actual, informative and
highly  respected  magazine  production,  one of very
few still released on a regular level.

|WANTED: CO-EDITOR| As  you  have  probably found
------------------- out   already   our   good  old
friend  and co-editor PRI did NOT find the time to edit
his  part  of the demo reviews, namely judging the va-
rious soundtracks, in the previous editions. He deep-
ly  regrets not being able to perform the job any lon-
ger but his real life activities unfortunately does NOT
leave  sparetime  for  it. Actually we are looking for a
qualified and competent replacement to take over the
subject  "music  reviews"  in  order  to work as a co-
editor for Relax Magazine.
If  you  are an EXPERIENCED CBM 64 music composer
with  a GOOD education in music, if you are capable to
review  and critisize on a COMPETENT level and in the
position  to  return  the  reviews within a month after
receipt  of the productions feel free to contact us u-
sing  the  official  snail  mail  and Internet contact ad-
INTERNET and/or BOARD access is advantageous but
NOT  neccessary  if  FAST  snail mail communication is
-------------------------- our news section we
are looking out for correspondants in the areas MAIL
and  NTSC  scene.  You  should  be  capable to deliver
ACCURATE  and  COMPLETE information about certain
groups containing the latest happenings, a COMPLETE
and ACTUAL memberstatus and on default board num-
bers:)and:)homepage URLs. INTERNET and BOARD ac-
ccess  is ONLY for NTSC correspondants recommen-
ded.  For Internet applications please use the official
Internet  contact addresses, REGULAR board callers
can  leave  mail  to Marc on EDGE OF MIDNIGHT or any
other  ELITE  board like e.g. THE DUNGEON in the USA
or THE ESCAPADE in Europe.
|WANTED: SOUNDTRACKS| Music composers are wel-
---------------------    come  to  provide complete
high   quality  soundtracks  for  both  intro  and  main
part.  If  you  are  interested in composing a complete
and  EXCLUSIVE soundtrack please note the following
memory locations:
Intro: $ 1000 - $ 1FFF              Main: $ 0900 - $ 1FFF
The  main  track  should be around 4:30 mins long and
without a break when the tune restarts (LOOP).
|WANTED: COVER PAGES|    Graphic  artists  are  wel-
---------------------    come   to   draw  exclusive
Relax Magazine cover pages in the following formats:
IFLI, FLI and multicolour bitmap (Koala).
------------------------------ activities on the
mail  scene sector we are looking for people spread-
USA/AUSTRALIA on an intense basis. You should mail
trade  on  an ACTIVE basis and hold atleast 50+ con-
tacts.  Please  apply at the Relax Magazine mail head-
quarter  to  get your own copy of the Relax Magazine

  |  ... Votesheet Spreaders and News suppliers ...  |
The  PAPER  votesheets have been spread, as usual,
by our very  own ZAPOTEK, VIOLATOR and DR. SOFT,
who all are serving as AUTHORIZED mail distributors,
aswell as by RACOON.
The  DIGITAL  VOTESHEET  has  been spread by using
Motiv 8's mailing list.

The   NEWS   have  been  supplied  and  confirmed  by
BURGLAR,  DR.  SOFT, Newscopy, Curlin, MR. WAX, Skid
Row,  Jazzcat,  Metal  Maniac,  Jordan,  NATAS,  Axis,
Garth,  Viscid,  2ny,  Westbam, CBA and all others who
have supported us in any way.

             This edition's content looks like this:
GLOBAL  REPORT  is  once  again  THE host providing
for  reliable  and  independent scene news coverage.
giving  an  overview  about  the  releases made in the
previous  decade  aswell as in the entire year. BOARD
and  MAIL  CHARTS  feel  free  to present the elected
favourites of both parts in the scene. The INTERVIEW
section  is  providing  a  quite interesting travel back
in  time  together with YUP of Offence. DEMO REVIEWS
cover  this  time  productions  released by Crest and
Chromance.  SOCIETY  is  a new social critcal chapter
having  regulary  a  look  on more or less actual hap-
penings and attitudes. The PARTY RADAR presents an
invitation  to one of the major scene happenings each
year  - Assembly '97. POINT HUNTERS is an article e-
dited  to  explain  the  judgement  for released having
been  discussed hot tempered and causing lots of en-
tertaining "wars" on the boards. THE HUNT 97 intro-
duces  a  quite  interesting competition to prove your
knowledge about the scene. LOST FILES is a satirical
chapter having an homorous view on some happenings
in  the  scene. Last but not least ADVERTISEMENTS is
the  place  for those interested in all kind of addres-

                 * Credits for the July edition *
ARTWORK                     RAYDEN/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
ARTWORK                     RRR/OXYRON


Title                            Author
"Nephritis"                 Glenn Rune Gallefoss/Shape)BM
"The Quest"                 Glenn Rune Gallefoss/Shape)BM

      * How to contact the Relax Magazine staff? *
Snail mail:         XXXX XXXXXXXXX
--------            XXXXXXXXXXXX XXX. XX
                    XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Internet:             relaxmagazine^
-------               sw0484^

Boards:              EDGE OF MIDNIGHT (WHQ)
------               THE ESCAPADE       (EHQ)

        * Where to download the Relax Magazine? *
EDGE OF MIDNIGHT                       ++1/609/631-8098
THE ESCAPADE                           ++49/5341-395697

                 * RELAX (MAGAZINE) ONLINE *
Zapotek/Alpha Flight 1970              zapotek^
RRR/Oxyron                              sw0484^

          * The Relax Magazine staff consists of *

                 * Authorized Mail Distribution *
                 ZAPOTEK/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
                 VIOLATOR/ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
                           DR. SOFT/ALBION

                            * DISCLAIMER *
RELAX  MAGAZINE  does  not  take  any warranty for
text  sources  supplied  by freelancers or guest edi-
tors.  Articles,  reports  or any other submitted text
sources  must  NEITHER  represent the opinions NOR
reflect the suspension of the Relax Magazine staff.

                   * COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER *
-. The  binary CBM 64 version of the Relax Magazine
/0 is  PUBLIC  DOMAIN and may be spread FREELY a-
around  the world as long as either the Relax archive
or  the  unpacked  production itself is getting spread
AS-IS without any modifications.

This  production  must NOT be sold in any form to gain
profit without a written permission from the authors.

Any parts of the binary and the HTML version, may it
be  articles,  graphics  or  musics,  may  NOT  be used
without a written permission from the authors.

Best regards in the name of the entire staff,


                       * R3L4X M4G4Z1N3* *
                PAST TO PRESENT, 1989 - 1997

                             July 31st, 1997

Global Report

                         * GLOBAL REPORT *
Facts,  facts,  facts,  ... Welcome to THE news journal
you  can  care  about  because WE do care about the

The seek for proven information has found its end as
you  have finally found your favourite and most RELI-
ABLE HOST around  the globe in this lonely universe.
Fantasy  stories,  expections  or  own opinions about
the  latest  happenings  in  the  world we use to live in
can be found in several wrong places, this is the pla-
ce   for   getting   PURE   information,  prepared  and
collected  and  proven  by  EXPERIENCED and QUALI-
FIED  reporters,  always  hunting for the latest in the
CBM 64 scene, the place we still use to life in.

                      * ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 *
After  an intense activity level shown in the past six-
teen months Alpha Flight 1970 went into a more silent
phase  some could define as a sort of summer break.
Nevertheless  the  flight  was  involved in some of the
most hot tempered board  based  discussions since
ages.  Actually  the  demo  section  is  going  to  finish
their  second  production  this year and after Marc's
trip to Canada AFL is going to get more active relea-
sewise again, too.

With CHRYSAGON one of the best crackers of his de-
cade  returned  to make his comeback in the flight. He
has  been  a former member of well known groups like
X-RAY,  ENIGMA and TALENT. His latest scene station
was  Onslaught. LYNCHBIT has left WOW to strengthen
the  programming  and fixing sections, aswell as ZATT
who joined in as programmer only. Both, Lynchbit and
Zatt,  are  remaining in Lepsi Developments as double
members.  THE  HERETIC  has found the time for some
scene  activities  and returned into the active status
again.  He has been spotted calling the boards alrea-
dy.  Finally CHASH, who has left F4CG a while ago, re-
quested  the  membership and got taken in to support
the mail distribution.

After leaving the scene a while ago REAM has decided
to  make a comeback and returned to his former crew
Amnesia  in  order to have a re-union with his friends
and  to  avoid the first release stress. Unlike printed
elsewhere  there  have  NOT  been any problems bet-
ween  Ream  and  any current Alpha Flight pilot. MARC
has  shown interest in the PC and PSX scene and de-
cided  to  join Hitmen's Playstation section. There has
been  some  confusing  when  STYX  posted that Marc
has  left  for  Hitmen, those who used to believe in did
NOT  take  into consideration that without Marc there
wouldn't be a CBM 64 based Alpha Flight anymore. The
rumours  spreading  that  MAX  might  return  to take
over or to support the organisation are UNTRUE and
not based on facts. Meanwhile FLASH requested to be
set on the inactive list due to the fact that he intents
to  concentrate  on  his school education and doesn't
have  the  time  to support three groups on an active
basis any longer. Due to his inactivity BLAZE was mo-
ved to the inactive status, too.
RUG  RAT  has announced that EDGE OF MIDNIGHT will
be  back  when  he  finds the time to replace the cor-
rupt  monitor.  After  an  intense  test  period  the on
trial basis recruited FTP-site ACID NATURE has been
dropped due to inacceptable speed limilations.

Current Alpha Flight memberstatus looks like (= 24):
ALG, Archangel, Argos, Baldhead, Caledonian, Calypso
Chash,  Chrysagon,  Danzig,  Goldhand,  Ignorance,
Lynchbit,  Mad  Hatter,  Marc,  Ned,  Rayden, Rug Rat,
Styx,  The  Heretic,  Violator, Wizard, Xenox, Zapotek
and Zatt

Alpha Flight worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
EDGE OF MIDNIGHT  (down)             ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
THE ESCAPADE                         ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX
ANTIDOTE                             ++XX/XX-XXXXX

With  the  growing  up  American  demo scene Carcass
has found a place in the spotlight of public interest,
too.  Actually CCS is working on a multipart demo cal-
led   "Plasmatica"  and  a  trackmo  entitled  "Kiss  my
Carc-Ass II", both are supposed on PAL/NTSC.

Carcass  could  proudly  announce to have recruited
two  talented  programmers  and  graphic artists with
SURAKLIN/ex-Millenium  and TMR/Cosine who joined in
as double member. Both will participate in soon coming
CARCASS  re-joined  his  former  group, the lately by
The  Almighty  (aka  Moloch, Skyclad, ...) rebuilt Arma-
geddon,  as  double  member.  FUNGUS  has left Chro-
mance  after  a  few  weeks  only  to  team up with the

JOVAN and THOR have been kicked out for inactivity.

Current Carcass memberstatus looks like (= 9):
Aahz the Demon, Carcass, Deathangel's Shadow, Fun-
gus,  Natas, Necrophobic, Pinball Wizard, Suraklin and

Carcass worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                            * CHROMANCE *
Next  to be already since ages known activities in the
cracking  sector  now the Hungarian based group in-
creased  their  activity  level in the legal sector, too,
by providing an own demo production and an own mu-
sic  collection. Hopefully they will continue their sup-
port on this basis.

A  lot  of  fresh  blood  has  been  taken  in to become
more  competitive, starting with BINJINX, former mem-
ber  of  ESI and Motiv 8, joining as tool coder and h/p
related  affairs,  but  got  removed from the list after
just a few weeks only as he got lost somewhere in the
PC  world  instead  of  supporting the CBM 64. GARTH
has  left  Arcoss to server as mail trader and for In-
ternet purposes. Nevertheless it does NOT mean that
either  Arcoss and Mendip are dead as Gizmo/Arcoss
is  still  working  on  a  new  outfit. After leaving Ons-
laught  GALLAND  renamed  back to his former handle
MIDFIT  and  teamed  up as coder and fixer while SKID
ROW,  former Alpha Flight 1970 member, returned into
the  scene to continue his work as programmer, gra-
phic  artist,  modem  trader and fixer. With JOYRIDE a
With  JOYRIDE  a  known face returned to the Hunga-
rian posse along with the board "VIRTUAL LIGHT" be-
ing the new European headquarter for Chromance.

With  BOLEE,  WOZIO and XXL almost the complete Po-
lish  section  has  been  moved to the inactive status.
According to Mr. WAX HEAVYHEAD has been removed
for good due to inactivity while his board "Westpoint"
was  down.  Meanwhile  Westpoint is back online under
++45/7521-1519 and serving as NetPhreakers head-
quarter  "only".  Fixing talent FUNGUS has left in or-
der to team up with the fantastics.

Deviant's  bord  FINAL  GENOCIDE  went  down for the
summer  and  might be back in late August or Septem-
ber  1997. The latest gossip reports that Final Geno-
cide  is  one of the possible candidates to become the
new F4CG headquarter.

Current Chromance memberstatus looks like (= 26):
Cubehead,  Deviant,  Druid,  Garth, Jaydee, Jinx, Joy-
ride,  Lion,  Macx,  Midfit, Mr. Wax, Natas, Pete, Rough,
Scratcher,   Skid   Row,   Skud,   Sphere,  Spermbird,
Stash, Syco, Zakk and Zar

Chromance worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
BASS PLANET               ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

              * FANTASTIC 4 CRACKING GROUP *
After  a  long  period of inactivity the fantastics have
returned  to the active part of the scene, having re-
started  calling  out  on a regular basis and providing
some interesting releases aswell as a demo part from
the  former  Polish  demo group "Skylight" presented
as a game preview called "Skylight Preview".

New in the team as cracker and coder for both Play-
station  and  CBM  64  is  DMC,  former member of the
cracking  group  Genetix.  After  leaving  the  CBM 64
scene  behind  Genetix  has  been active on Amiga and
console  platforms.  SLIVER, former member of Triad,
Success  &  TRC,  Agony Design and Alpha Flight 1970
just  to name a few has joined as graphic artists. Ac-
cording  to  the  F4CG  organisation they are already
started to produce a graphic collection for him which
is  sheduled for the summer of 1997. FUNGUS has left
Chromance just after a few weeks to team up with the
fantastics  and  to  serve as NTSC fixer. Already be-
fore he joined Chromance many have speculated that
his way will lead into direction F4CG sooner or later.

ANTITRACK and INTRUDER have been moved to the in-
active  status.  Antitrack  is  rumoured to participate
in  the  comeback  of  his  former group Legend which
are  said to be back in action with lots of members of
the  old  line-up.  The  most  unexpected surprise was
for  sure  DEFF restarting his scene related activity
and  leaving  the  fantastics for Hitmen, already home
for other former Avantgarde members.

Current F4CG memberstatus looks like (= 21):
Bitman,  Derbyshire  Ram,  Devil,  DMC,  Fungus,  Goz,
Maja,  Motley,  Mr.  Alpha, Neotec, Newscopy, Playboy,
Sixx, Skinhead, Sliver, Smasher, Sneaper, Solar, Sta-
si, Walker and Zyron

F4CG worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                                * HITMEN *
Hitmen  has  successfully recruited lots of well known
profiles  to  present  an  upperclass  line-up, now the
time  seems  to  come closer when the potentional has
to be merged and converted into releases. Neverthe-
less  Hitmen  could  proudly  announce to be the first
cracking group in the Playstation scene to link an in-
tro infront of their releases.

This  decade  has been the decade of comebacks. The
show started with the in the PC and PSX scene invol-
ved  CURLIN  returned  to  the CBM 64 scene to take
care  about the organisation again. PEACEMAKER an-
nounced  in  a  phone  call that he is going to restart
his  activities  as  NTSC  fixer.  Last but not least the
biggest positive surprise was the rather unexpected
comeback  of  DEFF leaving F4CG to restart his acti-
vities in the reigns of Hitmen, contrary to F4CG's an-
nouncement  that  Deff has left the CBM 64 scene be-
hind. It was no secret that various former Avantgar-
de members did not feel too comfortable in F4CG. Time
will  tell  if after Cupid, Deff and Jack Alien more for-
mer  Avantgarde  members  will celebrate a reunion in

The  graphic  artists  BALANCE  and ZORE got kicked
out for inactivity!

In  the  last  edition we have reported about a certain
TMP  having  joined. This information was given by Ty-
ron in an IRC session and is unfortunately wrong. The
correct  handle  of  this new member is EROL who joi-
ned in from the Tempest, abbreviate TMP. We bid your

Current Hitmen memberstatus looks like (= 30):
Alchemist, Banshee, Burn, Chaotic, Cupid, Curlin, Deff
Diverse,  Erol,  Groepaz,  Hi-Lite,  Jack Alien, Jayce,
Jinx,  Kristian Rostoen, Luke, Marcus, Moonchild, Mo-
tion,  Peacemaker,  Racoon,  Rammy,  Raze, Sabotage,
Seven, Skud, Stan, Tranziie, Tyron and Vortex

Hitmen worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                               * MOTIV 8 *
Next  to  a MINOR status clean-up nothing really spe-
cial  happening  in  the Danish cracking group. People
are  still  waiting  for  the  first  results from the an-
nounced demo section. Actually there is a NOT invited
ghost in Motiv 8 spooking on the European boards.

BIRD  has  left  his second group WOW to concentrate
on  Motiv 8 only. Furthermore he founded an Internet
group  called  THE  SHADOWS,  a name being known to
CBM 64 sceners as an ancient and famous Norwegian
demo group later on merged into the reigns of PANO-

The motivated have sorted their rows and put KOSA,
LYON,  RIME  and  THE FRESH PRINCE on the inactive
status, meaning that when they return to become ac-
tive  again they will return to the official membersta-
tus again.

The composer TMG (The Magical Garfield) has left for
yet unknown reasons.

A  certain  DASH  has called some European boards,
pretending  to  belong  to the motivated ones. Cross-
fire especially pointed out that this person is defina-
tely  NOT  a  member  and  not to have any idea who it
might be.

Current Motiv 8 memberstatus looks like (= 17):
Bird, Clive, Crossfire, Eddie, Gerry, Greenfrog, Gre-
go,  Ibanez,  Iceball,  Larry,  Lyon,  Mason, Mendrake,
Merlin, Misery, Nuke and Visby

Motiv 8 worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
RAVEOLUTION                     ++XX/XXXX-XXXXXX

                            * ONSLAUGHT *
Onslaught has been quite active and well presented in
the  previous  weeks,  may it be on the boards, relea-
sewise  and even in the legal sector where Onslaught
has coded a music collection for METAL/VIBRANTS. It
got  announced as interest in the legal scene but can
be seen as PRESTIGE object, too, due to the fact that
a brand like VIBRANTS was involved in.

VENGEANCE has been put on the inactive list but just
after this took place he returned to be back in action
again.   THE   UNHOLY  is  current  working  on  some
homepage  projects  not  leaving  any time for CBM 64
activities  so he got moved to the inactive list, too, as
soon  as he finds the time to get active on the CBM 64
again  he  is  going to return into the official member-

GALLAND  has left Onslaught, but according to Jazz-
cat's,  Onslaught's  spokesman,  he  would  have  been
kicked  out  anyway  for causing disruption within the

Current Onslaught memberstatus looks like (= 26):
Bizarre,  B-Wyze,  Carlos,  Deekay, Digahole, DJ Kat,
Donar,  Doom,  Grafee, Homeboy, Insane, Jason, Jazz-
cat,  Jolz, McByte, Meff, Morbid, Moses, Mr. Brain, Ra-
mirez,  Rap,  Shocker, Sting, TBH, Trouble and Venge-

Onslaught worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DEADZONE                                    ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
SANITARIUM                                  ++XX/XXX-XXXXXX

                               * OXYRON *
After  some  months  of silence a fresh breeze of life
has  hit  the  German  demo  factory.  Next to another
Graham  solo-production  planned  to  be  released in
autumn  1997  Fuben and Axis are working on a major
title which is supposed to be released in late 1997.

AXIS  finally  returned  from his short trip to Arsenic
restart  working  in  full effect for the Amiga and CBM
64 sections of the German demo pride. His latest Ami-
ga  productions  released at The Party 1996 (#7) and
Symposium 1997 (#2) have been highly respected. Now
in  cooperation with Fuben he is currently working on
a  major  CBM  64  demo  title  using the project name
"Coma  Light  13" which is supposed to be released at
The Party 1997 in Denmark.

Oxyron  is  currently  working on a second homepage
just  for  the purposes of the CBM 64 section. A pre-
view  version has already been made available for the

Current Oxyron 64 memberstatus looks like (= 6):
Axis, Fanta, Fuben, Graham, PRI and RRR

Oxyron worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

With  the  ruling  cooperation another cracking group
decided to get active in the legal sector, too, as good
old  BURGLAR decided to work on an oldstyle produc-
tion   with  the  interesting  project  name  "Spankerz
Heaven".  Furthermore  they  have got an own domain
name in the Internet but some negative news unfortu-
nately have been made public, too.

Finally a secret could have been solved. The long an-
nounced  secret  new  member  is  MR.  AMMO,  former
member of Triad.

With CBA one of the leading profiles has left the sce-
ne.  CBA  expressed  to  have  lost  the  interest  in a
scene  getting more and more uninteresting. His futu-
re  plans  are  going  to  Israel for a year and after-
wards to live and work in Denmark for a while. In case
the  stops the trip for any reason or after having fi-
nished  these  plans  Niels pointed out that it might be
possible  that  could  once  return  to  look up what is
going  on.  All  the  best  for  you in the future, Niels!
After  being a member of the ruling cooperation for a
few  weeks  only  THE  ALMIGHTY  got  kicked  out and
brought the old American group Armageddon back in-
to action.  The  comeback has NOT been very succes-
full until now.

COUNT  ZERO  has  got uninvited visitors, the German
police,  bringing along some logs from his Amiga warez
board  "Forplay". They deported parts of his compu-
ter  equipment (Amiga/harddisk/modem) based on the
suspect of courriering pirated software.

The  cooperation  has  now  got with "" its
own  domain  address now covering the new homepage
which is currently under production and the FTP-site
"The  Digital  Dungeon", too. Below please find the new
URLs  to  approach both services. Furthermore each
member  connected  to the Internet has got an e-mail
alias in the format <handle^>.

Current SCS&TRC memberstatus looks like (= 22):
Action Jackson, Alchemist, Allitaice, Bacillus, Burglar,
Coolhand,  Count  Zero,  Credo,  El Banditos, Funxilla,
Gazza,  Micron,  Moren, Mr. Ammo, Nightshade, Replay,
Spectator,  Splatterhead,  Stake,  Superstition, Trax
and Tristan

SCS&TRC worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE DUNGEON                              ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
MYSTICAL PARADISE                        ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX

Please find more news in GLOBAL REPORT part II.

Best regards,


Global Report 2

                       * GLOBAL REPORT II *
The news support continues. Following please find the
single news and rumours.

                * SINGLE NEWS AND RUMOURS *
* LEGEND seems to be back in action. Atleast they've
   brought back "Second To None" using the Internet,
   a  complete  new  conception combined the elements
   of a board and a homepage. Currently the system is
   tested by a predefined amount of callers. In the fu-
   ture  it  will  support  both CBM 64 and PC when all
   transfer protocols have been fixed.
   Unlike  printed  elsewhere  Westbam  explained that
   they  are  due to the complexity of Second To None
   NOT in the need of any FTP-site.
   Actually   Legend   is  negotiating  with  some  NTSC
   groups to find a worthy partner to fix the releases
   still left in their diskboxes.

   Current Legend memberstatus looks like (= 08):
   Antitrack,  Doc,  Fletch,  Goldfish, Powerplant, TDO,
   Uncle D and Westbam

* WAVEFORM/Millenium  (John  Kaiser)  died on Hodg-
   kin's disease

* The  official results from the ROLE logo competition

   Pos.     Artist               Title                Points
   01        Ant/Spiderboys     SPB-flava             45
   02        P/No Name          Slash 1               33
   03        Vip/Role           Role Pointy           28
   04        P/No Name          Slash 2               27
   05        Vip/Role           Role Pure/Multi       23
   06        Vip/Role           Role 3D               22
   07        Naphalm/Scorn      Scorn 2               19
   08        Celtic/No Name     150.No Name           15
   09        Sebaloz/Lepsi      Sebaloz/LD            12
   10        Celtic/No Name     160.No Name           11
             P/No Name          Slash 4
   11        Celtic/No Name     157.product 10         9
             Naphalm/Scorn      Scorn 3
   12        Naphalm/Scorn      Ascraues               8
             Cat/Excess         Logo2.Cat
             P/No Name          Slash 3
   13        Naphalm/Scorn      Scorn 1                7
             Cat/Excess         Logo3.Cat
   14        Cat/Excess         Logo1.Cat              5

   The jury consisted out of COMMANDER/Role, MACX/
   Chromance)No   Name,   LADY  SUNSHINE/Guardian
   Angels,  EINSTEIN/WOW,  EFFY/Guardian Angels and
   ROJ/Spiders Crew

* The  RAGE '97 party (July 04th to 06th, Budapest/
   Hungary) results are:

   + Demo Competition
   Pos.       Production               Author
   01         Nostalgia                 Coma
   02         Beyond Recovery           Singular
   03         Tokeles Masolat 2         Pofik

   + Graphic Competition
   Pos.       Production              Author
   01         Wizard                      Poison/Singular
   02         Ritual                      Splash/Therapy
   03         <unnamed>                   Arnie/Amn

   + Music Competition
   Pos.       Production               Author
   01         <unnamed>             Carlos/Breeze
   02         <unnamed>             Da Blondie/Wish

* ROLE have joined their website maintained by Low-
   life who renamed into LOW at:

* EXCESS  has  got  with  FANTASTIC  ZOOL/Civitas a
   new  trial  member  while  ALIEN  PROPHET, BEAT UP
   and MASTER S have been moved to the inactive list.

   Current Excess memberstatus looks like (= 15):
   Black  Duke,  Cat, Creb, Eco, Ecsic, Fantastic Zool,
   Firelord,  H-Bloxx,  Red  Rock,  RHX, Scorpe, Senti-
   nel, Spinball, Stormfront and Sush

   Excess worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
   COVERAGE                  ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX

* Unlike  printed  elsewhere  ANTIC  is NOT dead yet.
   According to METAL MANIAC and JORDAN the Antic
   guys  just  have joined as double members following
   their  comrades  Creeper,  Jordan  and  Probe who
   are already double members in DUAL CREW SHINING
   since ages. Nevertheless there won't be seen much
   activity  from  Antic  anymore  while DCS is going to
   release a production in a soon coming demo compe-
   tition. Furthermore the domain name
   is going to get online soon.

   Current DCS memberstatus looks like (= 06):
   Creeper,  Depeh,  Elric,  Jordan,  Metal  Maniac and

   DCS worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

* L'Trimm/ex-Talent Technologies has joined WOW but
   remained in Cyberpunx as double member

* The  lazy  bunch  in  PALACE has got a few comrade
   called  COMA  who  came from the PC group TRAUMA
   to  be  lazy  as  music  composer  in the rows of the
   still   inactive   group.  Their  once  great  FTP-site
   LOSING  CONTROL  has gone for good already quite
   a while ago.

   Current Palace memberstatus looks like (= 12):
   2ny, Ace, Artic, Coma, Delta, Flotsam, Hoffi, Kreator
   Oca, Page, Pain and Rockstar

* LAXITY  got  hold  of  their  own domain name, too. A
   homepage  is supposed to set online after the Laxi-
   ty meeting under
   Their  member  TRUSS  has  once  again stopped his
   CBM 64 activities.

   Current Laxity memberstatus looks like (= 10):
   Animalo,  Blender, Calamity, Dan Dee, Didi, Goat, Hol-
   den, KBS, Mendrake and Vague

   Laxity worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

* The  East German demo group NEOPLASIA explained
   that they are currently working on three different
   demo  projects  started by three different coders.
   One  of these productions is supposed to be relea-
   sed at The Party 1997.

   Current Neoplasia memberstatus looks like (= 05):
   Ernie, Gourment, Stoff, Toxic and Viscid

* X-TRO/ex-Talent and GREY EMINENCE/ex-TRSI are
   both  interested in restarting their scene activities
   and are looking for groups to join in. X-tro intends
   to  restart  mail  trading  on  an active and regular
   basis  aswell as modem trading, furthermore the in-
   terest  in  setting up a board is given, too. Grey E-
   minence  is  interested in restarting as modem tra-
   der, too.

That  have  been all news related to groups located in
the  western  Europe,  America  and  Australia.  Make
sure to check out the Polish news section aswell!

Best regards,


Global Report 3

                  * GLOBAL REPORT POLAND *
Facts,  facts,  facts,  ...  Welcome to the news chapter
you  can  care  about  because WE do care about the

As  promised  in  the FREESTYLE chapter of the pre-
vious  edition  we  are  going  to  keep  an  eye on the
happenings in Eastern Europe and especially Poland,
too, in order to provide a quite detailed report about
the current situation.
We  would  like to pay our respect to our correspon-
dant  DR.  SOFT  for the excellent coverage and sup-

In  order  to  keep  out  the comprehensive coverage
please submit all newsaround your group(s), member-
status, homepage URLs and e-mail address(es) to the
following address:

---      ----------------------
            XX. XXXXXXXXXX XX/XX
            XX-XXX XXXX

Voice:     ++XX/XXXXXXXX
E-mail:    gothrek^

                          * AGONY DESIGN *
It has become silent around Agony Design when Druid
started  working for a PC company, nevertheless the
group  is  still active and working on several produc-
tions  to  prove  their existance, such as "Cooltora",
Roder's new graphic collection aswell as another mu-
sic collection from Moog.

MORRIS,  who  was  a double member in F4CG, too, has
left the scene for good, Agony's mail trader DR. KAOS
aswell  left  the  scene  to  look out for new shores in
PC scene. GLUT is actually inactive. JETAN finally left
to re-join his former comrades in Albion.

Current Agony memberstatus looks like (= 13):
Astaroth,  Comanche,  Druid,  Explorer,  Glut, Hornet,
Inco, Moog, Owen, Roder, Shogoon, Skyle and Stone

                                * ALBION *
Next  to  their trackmos Albion is well known for pre-
senting the most promising "English" magazine produ-
ced  in  Poland,  "VITALITY". Actually with "Excalibur"
and  "Extermity" two trackmos from Stilgar and Kmeg
are in the pipeline, same goes for three graphic/logo
collections entitled "Primitive" (Questor), "Babilon 3"
(Jetan) and "Arte" (Lucky) aswell as further editions
of "Vitality" in both Polish and English.

JETAN,  a  talented  graphic  artist,  finally  returned
from  his  trip to Agony Design. With the music compo-
ser OLSEN another former member came back to en-
strengthen  the  group, completed by WACEK, another
talented  music  composer,  who teamed up with Coma,
too.  CRIMSON  joined  in to serve as programmer and
graphic artist.

YAP, who has produced some handy tools, has bought
a  PC and left the scene while FROYD and SPIKE, both
music  composers,  have  been removed due to inacti-

Current Albion memberstatus looks like (= 18):
Agoth,   Cosmo,   Crimson,  Dr.  Soft,  Eclipse,  Jetan,
Kerk,   Kmeg,   Kotas,  Lucky,  Magic,  Olsen,  Quamus,
Questor, Stilgar, Unlock, Wacek and Yans

Albion worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):

                                 * ARISE *
Arise  does NOT  fit into the drawer of groups seeing
their  existence  to look out of fame and charts posi-
tions,  it's  merely a group seeing the computer as an
exciting  hobby only. Planned productions are a music
collection from Wacek and a trackmo.

With  FHM  a  mail  trader  enlarged  the  forces  while
SAPPER/Fraction  joined  in as double member just to
leave  the scene later on. LUKE teamedup from Camey
double  member,  being  a  new  member in the rows of
Nipson,  too,  aswell  as  DUX/Fraction,  who both will
work as programmers.

Their  sympathic  female Norwegian mail trader STAR-
LIGHT has finally decided to leave the scene.

Current Arise memberstatus looks like (= 10):
Barman,  Bimber,  Browar,  Dux, FHM, Gorzalek, Luke,
Sensei, TSL and Wacek

                                 * FAITH *
Faith  is  still  quite  unknown  in  western  Europe as
their  productions  aren't  that  well  spread. Actually
they  are  working  on a huge trackmo using the pro-
ject name "Cry!".

A  quite  prominent  returnee  is  the music composer
PRAISER  who  came back to re-join as a double mem-
ber.  A  while  ago  he  left  all  groups announcing his
membership  to  complete the forces of the East Ger-
man  demo  group Reflex. OPHIS from Cenzure teamed
up  to  work  as  programmer  while  SAHIR of Krecki
Design and Miracles is going to serve as graphic ar-
tist for Faith in the future.

A  setback  is  that  some  members  like KAT, PENTOL
and TROLL are actually inactive.

Current Faith memberstatus looks like (= 10):
Jones, Kat, Nylu, Ophis, Pajda, Pentol, Praiser, Sahir,
Talbot and Troll

                                * FATUM *
It  has been quite a while silent around the once quite
active demo group. Nevertheless some excellent gra-
phic  tools  for MCI and IFLI graphic modes have been
introduced  a while ago. Planned to be released are a
trackmo  called  "Zero  Gravity", issue 8 of their Po-
lish  magazine "Prawda" and "Experience 4", another
music collection from Bax.

MR.  WEGI,  mainly  known  for  programming  diskdrive
routines,  returned  to  the  scene  and  rejoined  the
reigns  of  Fatum while LEMING/Scorn joined in to en-
large  the  mail  distribution.  Finally PSYCHIK has left
Kreciki Design in order to team up as cover artist.

The  well reputated and extremely skilled graphic ar-
tist  FAZEE,  a  double member in Taboo, has officially
left  the  scene  after releasing his very last graphic
collection entitled "Mindriot".

Current Fatum memberstatus looks like (= 13):
Axon,  Bax,  Gopher, Grabba, Leming, Marco, Mr. Wegi,
No True, Pablo, Psychik, Shaggy, Talbot and Wedlock

                              * FRACTION *
Fraction  is  one  of  those many Polish groups mainly
existing  of  double  and  triple members having joined
forces. A trackmo called "PATHOLOGY" is under pro-

Two music composers called MARTENS and SAGE have
joined forces to fill the gap SIGNOR has left behind by
leaving  the  scene.  SAPPER,  who  joined  Arise as a
double   member,  too,  got  recruited  to  become  the
headquarter  for  their  magazine  "Sinister" has left
the  scene,  now PASTHOR took over the organisation
for the magazine.

Both  LATIN  and PGR got kicked out of the group, the
double  member  RAZOR  RAMON/Ascraeus decided to
leave Fraction while CHASH has left F4CG to team up
with Alpha Flight 1970.

Current Fraction memberstatus looks like (= 18):
Alpha,  Chash,  Cobra,  Cucumber, Djinn, Dux, Jurgen,
Kordiakus,  Martens,  Pasthor,  Quesar,  Sage, Sarin,
Sensei, Szikers, Vampire, Vigo and Wedlock

                         * KRECIKI DESIGN *
Kreciki already released lots of collections but finally
with  the  release of an English edition of their maga-
zine  "Adwarp",  released  in both English and Polish,
the  name  Kreciki got known in western Europe, too.
Actually  Kreciki  are working on a one year celebra-
tion  trackmo,  Kordiakus' music collection called "De-
lirium  Tremens"  and Wedlock's ASCII demo entitled "I
love ASCII 3".

While WEDLOCK became the headquarter to take care
about the organisation the programmer BLACK LIGHT
has  left  the  scene,  cover painter PSYCHIK has left
for Fatum and finally graphic artist SAHIR decided to
seek his fate in Faith as triple member.

Current Kreciki memberstatus looks like (= 13):
Axon,  B. M., Baldhead, Cancer, Dee Jay, Divine, Killof,
Kordiakus, Raffi, Sahir, Sensei, Simone and Wedlock

                    * LEPSI DEVELOPMENTS *
Lepsi's  product  policy has been quantity about qua-
lity  in  their  earlier basis, but these days the quality
level  increases  continously with an every single re-
lease.  Planned  productions  are  two  trackmos  and
new  issues  of  the  magazines  "Magia"  (Polish)  and
"Design" (English).

After  some  time  of  inactivity and absense the pro-
grammer BLENDER is back in action and working on a
trackmo  production.  KATON/Scorn joined in as gra-
phic artist while LEGO/Unreal joined in as mail trader
to  support  the mail distribution of Lepsi. Finally WA-
CEK  got  recruited  to support future Lepsi produc-
tions with quality soundtracks what is for sure a wise

LYNCHBIT and ZATT joined Alpha Flight 1970 as doub-
le  members,  fullfilling  the jobs of programmers while
Lynchbit  will  support  the NTSC fixing division of the
flight, too.

Current Lepsi memberstatus looks like (= 25):
ALG,  Bax,  Blender,  Brax, Csezso, Gawain, Gregfeel,
JB,  Katon, Lego, Leo, Levi, Lynchbit, Madrom, Mr. Ba-
lon,  Nazgul,  Nemo,  Phantom, Sebaloz, S.U.C.K., Valsa-
ry, Wacek, Worm, Zatt and Zielok

                                * NIPSON *
Next  to  demo  releases  like "Burglary" and "Eiger"
Nipson  got  known  in western Europe by providing a
quite  interesting game preview called "RIGOR". Actu-
ally  they are working on a dentro to be released this

LUKE/ex-Camey,  a  programmer,  joined in as double
member  to  be  in  Arise,  too. Former member DOLPH
seems  to  have returned into the scene and claims to
be back full in action again.

The  mail  distribution  has  been  decreased  with the
Austrian MAVERICK leaving for Samar and JAKEC ta-
king a break.

Current Nipson memberstatus looks like (= 5):
Dolph, Jakec, Jepser Kyd, Luke and Rico

                                * SAMAR *
Samar  already  released some upperclass demos and
intros  aswell  as  lots  of  these days popular collec-
tions.  At  the  moment  they  are  working  on multiple
trackmos  such as "Air Power" and "Digital World", on
Nylu's  graphic collection called "Shatan", on Val-
sary's  graphic  collection  "Inverse  Display  2", on a
sample  collection called "Rigid" and last but not least
Scatee's logo collection entitled "Crusade 2".

The  mail trader MAVERICK has left Nipson to streng-
then  the  mail distribution. TTL joined in as program-
mer  and  BISCHOP  is going to serve as cover artist
in  the  future. CENTRAX got elected to be the co-or-
ganisator while SCATMAN renamed into SCATEE.

Current Samar memberstatus looks like (= 26):
Aristo, Bischop, Butt-Man, Centrax, Daf, Dune, Falcor
Glover, Goldhand, Gregfeel, Isildur, Levi, Maverick,
Mr. Fiz,  Neck, Isildur, June, Ramos, RMTL, Scarlet,
Scatee, Stinger, Timix, TTL, Valsary and Zeor

                       * STREET CHILDREN *
Street  Children  is  the  home  of some very talented
persons,  such  as WIZARD who is for sure the audial
surprise of 1997 aswell as FLASH who is an excellent
cover and singlecolour hires artist. Actually they are
working  on  "Comeback  II",  Flash's  second  graphic
collection and a trackmo which is not sheduled yet.

In  order to concentrate himself on his school educa-
tion  FLASH requested to be set on the inactive mem-
berstatus of Alpha Flight 1970 due to the fact that he
actually   did   not   find   the  time  to  support  three
groups  on  a active basis. Nevertheless he found to-
gether with MICRO a new cover group called FAC-
Street  Children's  female  mail trader COBRA has de-
creased her distribution activities lately.

Current Schn memberstatus looks like (= 12):
Archangel,   Cobra,  Everlast,  Flash,  Kitana,  Mad
Hatter,  Micro,  Noise, Oldguy, Simone, Wizard and Xe-

                                * TENGU *
After the release of "Electric Dreams" at the Sympo-
sium  1997 the name Tengu has been heard in western
Europe, too. They are currently working on a new is-
sue of their Polish magazine "Pivo".

In  order  to  expand the mail distribution CORWIN and
FANGORN were taken into the group. KILLER joined in
to support the group with music samples.

Current Tengu memberlist looks like (= 10):
Astovel, Corwin, Fangorn, Killer, Kosa, Ksin, Lydon,
Pardon, Provocator and Replay

                * SINGLE NEWS AND RUMOURS *
* AUTHORITY  is  a  new cover group built up by ALG,
   Human and Sniper.

* SLIVER has left Triad to join F4CG

* The demo group THE CODERS is dead!

That have been all news and information we were able
to  collect  for  this  edition  which  are related to the
Polish scene.

Best regards,


Release Charts

The Official Release Charts for the RELAX MAGAZINE
             Performed by the MASTER OF LAW...


                 RELEASE CHARTS RULES v 1.51
|DEFINITION| A  PREMIERE  upload of a game or pre-
------------ view  on the US boards is generally de-
fined  as  FIRST  RELEASE,  may it be a PAL, NTSC or
an already PAL/NTSC fixed 100% working production.
In  case  a  game  has been released in either PAL or
NTSC  only  the  first  PAL/NTSC fixed version will be
the official first release (see: 6 months rule).
|6 MONTHS RULE|  If  a  production  has been relea-
---------------  sed  either PAL or NTSC only the
group  presenting  a  PAL/NTSC fix within SIX months
after the first release has been made is getting FULL
points,   for  both  GAME  and  FIX (see: point system)
if  just  ONE  group  is responsible, if TWO groups are
involved the points will be shared.
|24 HOURS RULE|  In  case TWO groups upload a tit-
---------------    le on different boards THE group
having  spread  the  release  FIRST ON MOST BOARDS
taken   into   consideration   to   create  the  release
charts is receiving the points.
If a group presents their version 24 hours after the
FIRST  RELEASE  the  release is getting handled as a
re-release (see: re-release).
|RE-RELEASE| A release already first released be-
------------ fore  and  having  EXCEEDED  the 24
hours rule is called a re-release.

|POINT SYSTEM:| The  Relax  Magazine* point system
-------------- table  contains the following cathe-

Fullprice Games                 6.0 - 8.0 points
Budget Games                    4.0 - 6.0 points
Low Budget                      2.0 - 4.0 points
PD/Shareware/Freeware           1.0 - 2.0 points
Previews                        0.0 - 1.0 points

Due  to  the  fact  that  the QUALITY of games in each
cathegory VARIES the margin is ofcourse FLEXIBLE,
too, as it would be UNFAIR to rate poor and good ga-
mes with a similar amount of points.
|PAL/NTSC FIX:| ONE  bonus point can be gained by
--------------- releasing  a 100% (!) working PAL/
NTSC version. When a second group got involved with
the PAL or NTSC fix the points will be SHARED!

Games  which  were already PAL released HAVE to be
fixed  WITHIN  6  months after the official PAL release
otherwise NO points will be given for the NTSC fix.
|MINUS POINTS: | are a punishment for failures which
---------------- don't  accomplish  to  the standarts
set  for  today's cracker generation and the philoso-
phy of the Relax Magazine release charts.

Re-releases                          - 7.0 points
Re-release of a preview             -  1.0 points
NO levelpacking                     -  1.0 points
NO trainer(s)                       -  1.0 points
NO translation                      -  1.0 points

|NO POINTS| will  be  given  for the following produc-
----------- tions,  not fitting into the traditional re-
lease charts rulez.

Unlike most other magazines we WON'T give points for
tools. Those releases will get mentioned but that's all
about them.

GAMES  and such games that were done using a GAME
MAKER  aswell  as  NON-PLAYABLE  PREVIEWS will be
|BONUS POINTS:|  whenever  WE  think  somebody did
---------------  something SPECIAL or OUTSTAND-
ING  we  will  add  ONE point to the NORMAL amount of
points.  This might be a complex translation or a com-
plex translation of graphics.
SPECIAL FEATURES just benefiting a MINOR or limited
group  of  sceners, just as REU (Ram expansion unit)
users, is still worth a HALF point.

|BOARDS|  While  creating  the  Relax Magazine* re-
--------  lease  charts  the  following boards have
been taken in to consideration.

The Dungeon                                      XXX-XXX-XXXX
Dead Zone                                        XXX-XXX-XXXX
The Bass Planet                                  XXX-XXX-XXXX

And here we go...

                * ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 (8.8 pts) *
The  flight  made  a  little  summer break and released
only  the  fixed versions of BLOODHAND (4.2 pts) and
MAGICAL  FORMULAR (4.6 pts). For further explaina-
tions  please  look at Laxity's listing and read the ar-
ticle "point hunters" in this edition.

                    * ARMAGEDDON (2.1 pts) *
The  Americans  have started a comeback and relea-
sed two games, HYPERCARS (0.0 pts) which was NTSC
only  so Success & TRC released a proper fixed ver-
sion. Their second strike was LAZER DUEL (2.1 pts).

                     * CHROMANCE (0.2 pts) *
The Hungarian based group only released an average
American preview called NETHER (0.2 pts).

                         * F4CG (15.6 pts) *
They released the fixed versions of MANGANOID (3.7)
and  KNOORKIE  (3.9 pts) followed by lots of previews
called  MR. ANT (0.4 pts), COLEE (0.3 pts) FROGS AND
FLIES  (0.0  pts)  and  PLASM (0.3 pts). Furthermore
they  released  the  Pal only version of ICE GUYS (6.0
pts) they have declared to be unfixable.
The  freeware  game  from MDG called RUNDES LEDER
(1.0  pts) is nothing else but an updated version of an
old  fullprice  game  from STARBYTE called STARBYTE
SUPER  SOCCER.  New  components are ingame music,
a  new  loading system and some other small improve-
ments,  so  for  the  translation a point for something
special has been given.

F4CG has received a MINUS point in the yearly relea-
se  charts  for  the  in the last issue counted preview
called  SKYLIGHT  which got proven to be a ripped old
demo part from the Polish demo group Skylight.

                         * LAXITY (1.2 pts) *
They  started with SWEEPMINER (2.1 pts), TRAZZ pre-
view  (0.1  pts).  MAP RACE (0.0 pts) and UTOPIA pre-
view  get  no  points because it is compiled basic. THE
RUN preview (- 1 pts) is a re-release, Triad released
it some months ago.
The  German  based  group  has also released a cor-
rupt  version  of  MAGICAL FORMULAR fixed by Chro-
mance  on  Deadzone  so Alpha Flight 1970 decided to
release a working and on NTSC computers 100% stab-
le  working version on the majority of the boards BE-
FORE  Laxity's  fixfile  u/l  on Deadzone hit any other
board (reference: 24h rule).

                        * MOTIV 8 (0.4 pts) *
The  Danish  cracking  group  released  AFTERLIFE 2
(0.0  pts)  and  FOUR  CORNERS  (0.0  pts). Both are
compiled  Basic  games.  Later  on the previews of IM-
(0.1  pts)  and WORDS DON'T COME EASY (0.2 pts) fol-
The  100% version of TRIC TRAC has been ignored due
to  the  fact  that the included game note was no part
of  the  final  sales  version. F4CG's version already
counted  in  the  previous edition remains the official
first release.

                    * ONSLAUGHT (20.5 pts) *
The Australian based group did start the warez rush
with  the  fixed  versions  of  GHOSTTRAP  (4.0  pts),
TROOZE  (3.7  pts),  CRAZY  BUSINESS  (3.0 pts). For
Crazy  Business  one  minus  point  must be given be-
caus e the  game intro file is corrupt. It does NOT de-
crunch  after  starting!  Next in the row has been the
Hungarian fullprice game THE CASTLE (8.0 pts) which
got  PAL/NTSC  fixed,  translated and bug fixed so an
extra  point  for  something  special have been given.
The wares rush during this period has ended with the
by  the  previews  of PENNY (0.4), ICE GUYS (1.0 pts)
ASSASIN V2 (0.4 pts).

                  * SUCCESS & TRC (12.7 pts) *
The  ruling cooperation released the fixed version of
HYPERCARS  (3.6  pts)  which  was put out unfixed by
Armageddon  before. SQUARES (3.5 pts) and REMEM-
BER  (2.2 pts), here a minus point has been given be-
cause  a  SECOND  version was necessary. BLOX (2.6
pts)  was  already  running  PAL/NTSC.  Last but not
least the previews ALERT (0.4 pts) and ASSASIN (0.4
pts) have been released.

                          * TRIAD (0.2 pts) *
AAKE 2 (0.2 pts) preview hit the boards.

Merged in to a table it looks like this:

           The official Release-Charts JULY 1997
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (6)      Onslaught                     20.5
02.    (/)      F4CG                          15.6
03.    (3)      Success & TRC                 12.7
04.    (1)      Alpha Flight 1970             8.8
05.    (/)      Armageddon                    2.1
06.    (/)      Laxity                        1.2
07.    (4)      Motiv 8                       0.4
08.    (2)      Chromance                     0.2
       (/)      Triad                         0.2

            The official Fixing-Charts JULY 1997
Rank   Last     Group                         Releases
01.    (/)      Onslaught                     4
02.    (3)      Success & TRC                 3
03.    (1)      Alpha Flight 1970             2
       (4)      F4CG                          2

Thanks for their help goes to: COUNT ZERO/SCS&TRC
                                              ULTIMATE HACKER

Yours sincerly,

Marc/Alpha Flight 1970

Yearly Releases

Feel  welcomed  to  the chapter taking care about the
releases  made  in  1996,  being  filled  with  statistics
about the first release competition in 1997.

The  following  lines  will contain ALL releases made in
1997  from ALL groups taking part in the first relea-
se  competition.  Still  it is needless to say that this is
the  only  source  covering  the  release  charts on a
REGULAR level and basis, once again we are proud to
provide  the  BEST  coverage  possible in the CBM 64

Infact  the  idea  behind  this  chapter  is not that new
but it's definately very informative and helpful for all
persons  who  are  interested  in detailed information
about  the releases in 1997 as it will contain game tit-
les,  fixing  or cooperating groups, the points and the
status  (PAL:  PAL only, PAL/NTSC: game was already
PAL/NTSC  compatible  and  FIX:  NTSC  (PAL)  fix in-
This  overview might be a useful documentation in or-
der  to avoid re-releases, only to give a short exam-
ple.  Furthermore  it  is the place to define your cur-
rent  position,  and  ofcourse the position of the con-
curence who are all heading for the crown at the end
of 1997.

The rules that this charts are following can be found
in the Release Charts chapter.

Here we go...

              * ALPHA FLIGHT 1970 (63.9 pts) *
Scortia                  0.2   pts     Pal
Brave                    4.7   pts     Fix
Remember                 3.0   pts     Fix
Reversi                  3.7   pts     Fix
Upsidedown               4.5   pts     Fix
Target                   3.8   pts     P/N
Starmerchant             3.5   pts     Fix
Vision                   4.1   pts     Fix
Merchant (w. Hitmen)     3.5   pts     Fix
Cannoncraze              3.8   pts     Pal
Fugitive                 5.0   pts     Fix
Samber                   7.0   pts     Fix
Mystery                  4.6   pts     Fix
Savage Platform Preview  0.6   pts     Pal
Bloodhand                4.2   pts     Fix
Magical Formula          4.6   pts     Fix

                     * CHROMANCE (26.4 pts) *
Picman Preview                   0.0   pts     Pal
Undoroid Preview                 0.2   pts     Pal
Interlaced Pairs                 5.0   pts     Fix
Galleon                          8.0   pts     Fix
Twin Terrors                     3.3   pts     Fix
Chronic the Badger V2            0.6   pts     Pal
Undoroid                         3.3   pts     Fix
Magic Land                       0.0   pts     P/N
Buddha                           0.0   pts     P/N
Legend of Kyril Preview          0.0   pts     Pal
Mr. Setam                        3.0   pts     Fix
Horsekiller Preview              0.0   pts     Pal
Last G                           3.0   pts     Fix
Nether Preview                   0.2   pts     Pal

                       * DISORDER (2.0 pts) *
Dump Preview                            0.0   pts     Pal
Pac It Preview                          0.0   pts     Pal
Extend                                  2.0   pts     Pal

                 * ENDLESS PIRACY (0.0 pts) *
Babylon Preview                   -  1.0   pts     Pal

                          * EXCESS (1.0 pts)
Mystic Mirrors Prv.                   0.4   pts      Pal
48 Hours Prv.                         0.6   pts      Pal
Deep Void Prv.                        0.0   pts      Pal

                         * F4CG (13.8 pts) *
Wladca                              -7.0   pts     Fix
Powertris                            3.6   pts     Fix
Skylight Preview                    -1.0   pts     Pal
Tric Trac                            2.6   pts     Fix
Manganoid                            3.7   pts     Fix
Knoorkie                             3.9   pts     Fix
Mr. Ant Preview                      0.4   pts     Pal
Colee Preview                        0.3   pts     Pal
Rundes Leder                         1.0   pts     Fix
Frogs and Flies                      0.0   pts     Pal
Ice Guys                             6.0   pts     Pal
Plasm Preview                        0.3   pts     Pal

                         * HITMEN (4.7 pts) *
James Fly Preview V2               0.7   pts     Pal
Tanks Preview                      0.5   pts     Pal
Deep Void                          0.0   pts     Pal
Merchant (w. Alpha Flight)         3.5   pts     Fix

                         * LAXITY (1.2 pts) *
Outside Preview                    0.0   pts     Pal
The Run Preview                   -1.0   pts     Pal
Map Race                           0.0   pts     P/N
Trazz Preview                      0.1   pts     Pal
Utopia Preview                     0.0   pts     Pal
Sweepminer                         2.1   pts     P/N

                        * MOTIV 8 (7.6 pts) *
Jailbreak                      3.0   pts     P/N
Ripp Off preview               0.2   pts     Pal
Gurdian                        2.0   pts     P/N
X-Tris                         2.1   pts     Fix
Afterlife 2                    0.0   pts     P/N
Immortility in Space Preview   0.1   pts     Pal
Four Courners                  0.0   pts     P/N
Micro Machines Preview         0.1   pts     Pal
Words don't come easy Prv      0.2   pts     Pal

                    * ONSLAUGHT (24.0 pts) *
Space Tracker Preview         -1.0   pts     Pal
Crazy Business Preview         0.5   pts     Pal
Shove Preview                  0.1   pts     Pal
Dominoes                       3.1   pts     Fix
Find the Pairs                 0.8   pts     Pal
Ghosttrap                      4.0   pts     Fix
Trooze                         3.7   pts     Fix
Crazy Business                 3.0   pts     Fix
Penny Preview                  0.4   pts     Pal
The Castle                     8.0   pts     Fix
Ice Guys Preview               1.0   pts     Pal
Assasin V2 Preview             0.4   pts     Pal

                  * SUCCESS & TRC (23.1 pts) *
Blood Hand Preview                   0.3   pts     Pal
Xiom                                 3.6   pts     Fix
Scortia                              3.3   pts     Fix
Monster                              3.0   pts     Fix
Grav Preview                         0.2   pts     Pal
Remember                             2.2   pts     Fix
Hypercars                            3.6   pts     Fix
Blox                                 2.6   pts     P/N
Squares                              3.5   pts     Fix
Alert Preview                        0.4   pts     Pal
Assasin Preview                      0.4   pts     Pal

                          * TRIAD (0.2 pts) *
Aake 2 Preview                        0.2 pts   Pal

Merged in to a table it looks like this:

             The official Release-Charts of 1997
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Alpha Flight 1970             63.9
02.    (2)      Chromance                     26.6
03.    (6)      Onslaught                     24.0
04.    (3)      Success & TRC                 23.1
05.    (/)      F4CG                          13.8
06.    (4)      Motiv 8                       7.6
07.    (5)      Hitmen                        4.7
08.    (7)      Disorder                      2.0
09.    (/)      Laxity                        1.2
10.    (8)      Excess                        1.0
11.    (/)      Triad                         0.2

        The official Fixing-Charts of the year 1997
Rank   Last     Group                         Releases
01.    (1)      Alpha Flight 1970             13
02.    (2)      Chromance                     6
       (3)      Success & TRC                 6
03.    (/)      Onslaught                     4
04.    (4)      F4CG                          3
05.    (4)      Motiv 8                       1

Yours sincerly,

Marc/Alpha Flight 1970

Boards Charts

                          * BOARD CHARTS *
Welcome  to  one  of  the  most  POPULAR  chapters in
scene magazines, the charts section.

RELAX  MAGAZINE  is the only scene magazine around
offering seperate charts chapters for both parts of
the  scene, mail and board scene to support the inte-
rest and to reflect the situation and culture of these
two  very  different  parts  in  the scene on the best
possible level.
|RULES| Please  make sure to read the RULES very
------- carefully before submitting your votes.

SELF-VOTING  is  NOT allowed and strictly forbidden!
This  one  and  only  rule is known since the very be-
beginning  of  public  scene charts and has been used
by almost all magazines over the years.
Nevertheless there are still some persons left think-
ing  they are clever enough to OUTWIT the system for
personal and/or group  interests to MANIPULATE the
charts  suiting  their  needs.  Enclosed  please  find a
self-explaining  list  with  GUIDING LINES to AVOID the
public notification for SELF-VOTING!

                           DON'T VOTE FOR:
* YOUR  GROUP (avoid to vote for ALL group(s) con-
   firming your membership)
* GROUP  COMRADES  (avoid  to vote for fellow group
   members  including  members  of ALL crews confir-
   ming your membership)
* GROUP  PRODUCTIONS  (avoid  to vote for any pro-
   duction of your group, including ALL crews confir-
   ming your membership)
* OTHER  PRODUCTIONS  (avoid  to  vote  for produc-
   tions  you  are  REGULARY involved in as a STEADY
   factor, such as magazine (co-) editors)

In  order  to  keep  the  charts actual please avoid to
vote  for  people  having  LEFT the scene many years
ago as we are NOT presenting ALLTIME charts yet.
Furthermore  the  charts are supposed to present a
representative   overview  about  the  BEST  in  their
very  own  subjects  and should NOT be influenced by
sympathy/friendship  votes  as we are NOT promoting
a MOST LIKED charts system.
|HOW TO SUBMIT VOTES?| Relax    Magazine   actually
---------------------- offers  a  lot  of  different
ways to submit your votes.

Regular  board  callers  have  the  chance to use the
VOTING  BOOTH installed at THE ESCAPADE, Relax Ma-
gazine EHQ, a quite comfortable and easy way to vote
for  your  favourites.  Furthermore  it  is possible to
leave mail containing your votes at Marc's account on
our headquarters EDGE OF MIDNIGHT and THE ESCA-
PADE or any other elite board worldwide.
The DIGITAL VOTESHEET, an idea already adapted by
lots  of  competitors, has been created to allow board
and  mail  scene  related voters submitted their votes
via e-mail. In case there is actually no copy of the di-
gital votesheet available you can submit your votes in
a plain e-mail, too.
Last but not least the is the ONLINE VOTER at RELAX
ONLINE, our quite popular homepage project, another
comfortable  method to submit your votes, once again
suiting the needs of mail and board scene, too.

|RELAX POINT SYSTEM| Relax  Magazine  is using the
-------------------- TRADITIONAL and APPROVED
system  awarding the #1 entry with 10 points, #2 with 9
points  down  to  #9 with 2 points and finally #10 with 1
point  to  keep a transparent and well working charts
|STATISTICS: | The  following  top ten lists have been
-------------- created using 24 vote submissions.

                   * TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS *
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (4)      Crest                         217
02.    (1)      Byterapers                    211
03.    (2)      Reflex                        199
04.    (3)      Oxyron                        195
05.    (6)      Smash Designs                 168
06.    (8)      Grafitty                      134
07.    (9)      Resource                      95
08.    (5)      Camelot                       77
09.    (7)      Profik                        63
10.    (9)      Agony Design                  34
CREST  has taken over the leadership and sent back
BYTERAPERS,  REFLEX  and OXYRON to the following
Finally  there has been some movement in the midfield
with  GRAFITTY  and  RESOURCE  benefitting  and the
castle CAMELOT seems to fall.
Near  the  charts  are  LEPSI  DEVELOPMENTS, COMA
and perhaps even TABOO.

                   * TOP TEN SINGLE CODER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers              203
02.   (2)       Graham/Oxyron                   186
03.   (4)       Crossbow/Crest                  179
04.   (3)       AEG/Smash Designs               144
05.   (8)       Clarence/Graffity               126
06.   (7)       Fuben/Oxyron                    94
07.   (6)       Profi 1/Profik                  78
08.   (5)       Quiss/Reflex 64 (PC)            55
09.   (9)       MMS/Taboo                       46
10.   (/)       Zorc/Reflex                     34
MR. SEX, GRAHAM and CROSSBOW who sent AEG back
to four are the top trio this time.
QUISS  has  lost  lots  of ground while ZORC entered
and sent TTS back to 12.
Close  to  the  top ten list are next to TTS SLAMMER
and ED.

                * TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS *
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (1)       Success & TRC                 234
02.   (2)       Alpha Flight 1970             227
03.   (3)       Chromance                     199
04.   (5)       Onslaught                     168
05.   (6)       F4CG                          152
06.   (4)       Hitmen                        134
07.   (7)       Laxity                        105
08.   (9)       Triad                         89
09.   (8)       Motiv 8                       64
10.   (/)       Amnesia                       43

The  top  three remained unchanged with THE RULING
COOPERATION,  the neverending FLIGHT and the Hun-
garians of the CHROMANCE posse.
In  the midfield the FANTASTICS and the Australians in
ONSLAUGHT  followed  the  direction  up  while HITMEN
and MOTIV 8 went into the opposite direction.
AMNESIA  entered  the  top  ten and replaced AVANT-
GARDE.   Near  the  top  ten  is  only  EXCESS,  there
seems  not  to  be another candidate to enter here in
the near future.

                  * TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (2)       Ignorance/AFL                   204
02.   (1)       Burglar/SCS                     197
03.   (4)       Moonchild/Hitmen                168
04.   (3)       Jack Alien/Hitmen               142
05.   (8)       Didi/Laxity/Nostalgia           119
06.   (5)       CBA/TRC                         102
07.   (6)       Hain/F4CG                       77
08.   (/)       Sting/Onslaught                 63
09.   (9)       Rough/Chromance                 49
10.   (/)       Skinhead/F4CG                   28
In  the  top three THE IGNORANCE and BURGLAR have
changed  places  again,  followed  by  MOONCHILD who
sent JACK ALIEN back to four.
DIDI  made a major step forward to five while CBA and
HAIN  lost  places. STING and SKINHEAD have entered
and  replaced  with  BACCHUS and ANTITRACK two le-
gendary crackers.
There are good chances for CHRYSAGON, QUORTHON
and DERBYSHIRE RAM to enter when the votes decide
to rank them a little bit better than in this edition.

                 * TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (2)       Deekay/Crest/Ons                202
02.   (3)       Cruise/Taboo                    196
03.   (1)       Electric/Extend                 174
04.   (6)       Joe/Wrath Design                152
05.   (4)       Carrion/Elysium                 138
06.   (7)       RRR/Oxyron                      113
07.   (5)       Creeper/Antic/DCS               99
08.   (9)       Roder/Agony Design              74
09.   (8)       Fazee/Taboo/Fatum               61
10.   (/)       Valsary/Samar/LD                47

The top trio has changed places once again, now with
On the places JOE did take a major step forward and
at the end VALSARY entered and OGAMI in the middle
of  nowhere,  to be more exact to #15. FAZEE's good-
bye collection "Mindriot" might bring him back into the
top five for quite a while.
Close  to enter the charts are SLIVER aswell as CU-

                  * TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (3)       Jeff/Hype/Camelot               196
02.   (2)       Mitch & Dane/Crest              192
03.   (7)       Metal/Vibrans/CML               178
04.   (10)      Zyron/F4CG/Ox. Pl.              154
05.   (1)       PVCF/Reflex 64 (PC)             129
06.   (4)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  121
07.   (5)       Syndrom/TIA/Cres                100
08.   (9)       Zardax/Hype/Origo/...           74
09.   (6)       Fanta/Bass/Oxyron               48
10.   (8)       Shogoon/Taboo/Agon              39
HYPE  seems  to  have  replaced  TIA  on the top for
quite a while, the names mainly standing for his suc-
cess  are  JEFF and MITCH & DANE on the top spots
followed by METAL of the Vibrants who came from 7.
ZYRON went from ten up to four, just on of those un-
expected  mixtures  this  time.  PVCF seems to be un-
stopable  on  the  way down while the label TIA should
become a little bit more active again.
DANKO  are  the  closest  entries to the top ten posi-

                    * TOP TEN FIXING GROUPS *
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (1)       Success & TRC                 221
02.   (2)       Alpha Flight 1970             204
03.   (3)       Hitmen                        199
04.   (5)       Onslaught                     156
05.   (4)       Chromance                     132
06.   (6)       F4CG                          107
07.   (7)       Motiv 8                       84
08.   (8)       Avantgarde                    65
09.   (9)       Carcass                       42
10.   (10)      Empire                        18
With  the  single  exception  that  in  the midfield ONS-
LAUGHT  and CHROMANCE have changed places no o-
ther movments did take place and what is more sad to
comment,  there  is  NO single ranking after 10! Where
have all the fixing groups gone?

                     * TOP TEN SINGLE FIXER *
Rank  Last      alias                             Points
01.   (1)       Peacemaker/HIT                    224
02.   (2)       Jolz/Onslaught                    218
03.   (3)       Burglar/SCS                       204
04.   (5)       Ignorance/AFL                     186
05.   (4)       Jack Alien/HIT                    163
06.   (6)       CBA/TRC                           118
07.   (9)       Fungus/CCS/F4CG                   86
08.   (7)       Jaydee/<C>                        54
09.   (10)      Natas/CCS/<C>                     46
10.   (/)       Lynchbit/AFL/LD                   27
PEACEMAKER, JOLZ and BURGLAR have been elected
to be the leading fixing profiles for this edition.
In   the  midfield  IGNORANCE  and  JACK  ALIEN  have
changed  places while the fantasitcs new recruitment
FUNGUS  is  on  the  way up. New in here is LYNCHBIT
who  is  a  possible candidate to take over the charts
by storm.
With SUICIDE leaving the top ten almost only active fi-
xers  are  left  in  the  charts.  Near  the top ten are
DANZIG  aswell  as  MIDFIT,  unlike  in  the fixing group
charts unexpected movements are possible.

Please  keep  in  mind  that the presented entries are
NOT  manipulated  by the Relax Magazine staff, do NOT
NOT  reflect  our  opinions  and  do  NOT present our
personal favourites.

Best regards,

Marc/Alpha Flight 1970

Mail Charts

                           * MAIL CHARTS *
Welcome  to  one  of  the  most  POPULAR  chapters in
scene magazines, the charts section.

RELAX  MAGAZINE  is the only scene magazine around
offering seperate charts chapters for both parts of
the  scene, mail and board scene to support the inte-
rest and to reflect the situation and culture of these
two  very  different  parts  in  the scene on the best
possible level.
|RULES| Please  make sure to read the RULES very
------- carefully before submitting your votes.

SELF-VOTING  is  NOT allowed and strictly forbidden!
This  one  and  only  rule is known since the very be-
beginning  of  public  scene charts and has been used
by almost all magazines over the years.
Nevertheless there are still some persons left think-
ing  they are clever enough to OUTWIT the system for
personal and/or group  interests to MANIPULATE the
charts  suiting  their  needs.  Enclosed  please  find a
self-explaining  list  with  GUIDING LINES to AVOID the
public notification for SELF-VOTING!

                           DON'T VOTE FOR:
* YOUR  GROUP (avoid to vote for ALL group(s) con-
   firming your membership)
* GROUP  COMRADES  (avoid  to vote for fellow group
   members  including  members  of ALL crews confir-
   ming your membership)
* GROUP  PRODUCTIONS  (avoid  to vote for any pro-
   duction of your group, including ALL crews confir-
   ming your membership)
* OTHER  PRODUCTIONS  (avoid  to  vote  for produc-
   tions  you  are  REGULARY involved in as a STEADY
   factor, such as magazine (co-) editors)

In  order  to  keep  the  charts actual please avoid to
vote  for  people  having  LEFT the scene many years
ago as we are NOT presenting ALLTIME charts yet.
Furthermore  the  charts are supposed to present a
representative   overview  about  the  BEST  in  their
very  own  subjects  and should NOT be influenced by
sympathy/friendship  votes  as we are NOT promoting
a MOST LIKED charts system.
|HOW TO SUBMIT VOTES?| Relax    Magazine   actually
---------------------- offers  a  lot  of  different
ways to submit your votes.

Mail  traders  have  the  chance  the  fill  in the paper
votesheet.   Please   contact   the  official  votesheet
spreaders if you have not received a votesheet yet.
Regular  board  callers  have  the  chance to use the
VOTING  BOOTH installed at THE ESCAPADE, Relax Ma-
gazine EHQ, a quite comfortable and easy way to vote
for  your  favourites.  Furthermore  it  is possible to
leave mail containing your votes at Marc's account on
our headquarters EDGE OF MIDNIGHT and THE ESCA-
PADE or any other elite board worldwide.
The DIGITAL VOTESHEET, an idea already adapted by
lots  of  competitors, has been created to allow board
and  mail  scene  related voters submitted their votes
via e-mail. In case there is actually no copy of the di-
gital votesheet available you can submit your votes in
a plain e-mail, too.
Last but not least the is the ONLINE VOTER at RELAX
ONLINE, our quite popular homepage project, another
comfortable  method to submit your votes, once again
suiting the needs of mail and board scene, too.

|RELAX POINT SYSTEM| Relax  Magazine  is using the
-------------------- TRADITIONAL and APPROVED
system  awarding the #1 entry with 10 points, #2 with 9
points  down  to  #9 with 2 points and finally #10 with 1
point  to  keep a transparent and well working charts
|STATISTICS: | The  following  top ten lists have been
-------------- created   using  102  votesheets  and
8 magazines.

DOMINATION #8/Independent          MARCH 1997
NITRO #23/Excess                   APRIL 1997
ARACHNOPHOBIA #5/Spiders Crew      APRIL 1997
EMPATHIC #5/Nitros                 APRIL 1997
PROPAGANDA #23/Independent         JUNE 1997
THE CREST MAG #1/Independent       JULY 1997
DOMINATION #9/Independent          JULY 1997
ARACHNOPHOBIA #6/Spiders Crew      JULY 1997

Here we go...

                      TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        85
02.    (3)      Byterapers                    79
03.    (4)      Crest                         69
04.    (2)      Reflex                        67
05.    (7)      Profik                        40
05.    (9)      Smash Designs                 40
07.    (6)      Camelot                       29
08.    (5)      Agony Design                  26
09.    (/)      Wrath Designs                 12
10.    (/)      Graffity                      10
10.    (/)      Lepsi Developments            10
Once  more OXYRON managed to defend the top spot,
but  groups  like BYTERAPERS and CREST are getting
closer.  Maybe  we  will  have  a  new number one next
While groups like PROFIK and SMASH are climbing fast
in  the charts REFLEX and AGONY are tumbling down-
wards. New  groups  to  enter  are  WRATH, GRAFFITY
and  LEPSI,  thereby  kicking  groups  like TABOO and
NIPSON out of the top 10.
Groups  just  missing  the top 10 are TABOO, ALBION,

                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Mr.Sex/Byyterapers              89
02.   (2)       Graham/Oxyron                   80
03.   (4)       Crossbow/Crest                  71
04.   (3)       Quiss/Reflex                    49
05.   (7)       Fuben/Oxyron                    47
06.   (10)      AEG/Smash Designs               43
07.   (5)       Druid/Agony Design              38
08.   (6)       Mms/Taboo                       16
09.   (/)       Zorc/Reflex                     15
10.   (/)       Gremlin/Beyond Force            8
10.   (/)       Ed/Wrath Design                 8
The top two still hang on to their places while CROSS-
BOW  manages  to  take the third spot from QUISS who
went down one position.
FUBEN and AEG are climbing fast while MMS and DRUID
are  losing  places.  New  to  the charts are ZORC, ED
Just  missed  the  top  spots  have  KM, SLAMMER and

                   TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (1)       Success & TRC                 79
02.   (3)       Alpha Flight 1970             72
03.   (4)       Chromance                     58
04.   (6)       Hitmen                        55
05.   (2)       F4CG                          54
06.   (8)       Laxity                        35
07.   (7)       Onslaught                     33
08.   (9)       Triad                         25
09.   (5)       Motiv 8                       22
10.   (10)      FairLight                     8
SUCCESS  &  THE RULING COMPANY once more mana-
ged  to defend the top spot while ALPHA FLIGHT 1970
and CHROMANCE climbed one position.
The  big  tumblers  this time are F4CG who have fallen
down  three and MOTIV 8 fallen down four places. LA-
XITY,  HITMEN  and  TRIAD keep on climbing into direc-
tion  top.  ONSLAUGHT and FAIRLIGHT managed to de-
fend  their  positions  this  time  but  a  hot tip is that
ONSLAUGHT will climb upwards the next issues.
Groups  just  missing to qualify were ACTIVE, EXCESS
and SCORN.

                   TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKERS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Jack Alien/Hitmen               75
02.   (4)       Moonchild/Hitmen                71
03.   (2)       Burglar/SCS & TRC               64
04.   (3)       Ignorance/AFL                   61
05.   (7)       Didi/Laxity                     46
06.   (5)       CBA/TRC & SCS                   37
07.   (6)       Hain/F4CG                       22
08.   (9)       Derby'Ram/F4CG/AMN              13
09.   (8)       Mr.Wax/Chromance                12
10.   (/)       Quorthon/Triad                  11

Well,  there  you  have it! JACK ALIEN still managed to
hang  on  the top spot but the rocket MOONCHILD will
surely attack the top spot in the next coming issues.
BURGLAR  went  down one place but still stayed in the
top three.
Having  a  closer  look  on the rest of the charts not
that  much  happened.  The  only one who mananged to
climb  more  than  one position only is DIDI who climbed
from  seven  to  five.  New in the top ten is QUORTHON
who  thereby  putted  JAYDEE  out of the competition
for this issue.
Just missing the top ten are JAYDEE, STING, SAILOR,

                    TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Cruise/Taboo                    78
01.   (2)       Joe/Wrath Design                78
03.   (5)       RRR/Oxyron                      61
04.   (7)       Deekay/Crest/Ons                58
05.   (4)       Creeper/Dual Crew               52
06.   (3)       Electric/Extend                 45
07.   (6)       Astaroth/Agony Des              35
08.   (9)       Cupid/Padua/Hitmen              18
08.   (/)       Mike/Byterapers                 18
10.   (/)       Valsary/Samar/Lepsi             13
The  big  news  this  time is that JOE shared the first
spot  together  with  CRUISE.  Will  Joe  take  over  as
number  one  next  time?  RRR  climbed  two  places to
take over the third spot.
The  big  climber  this time is DEEKAY who managed to
climb  3  places.  ASTAROTH,  ELECTRIC and CREEPER
have fallen down! MIKE managed it to share the eighth
spot  with CUPID, also VALSARY qualified to enter the
top ten replacing CZEZSO and FAZEE.
FAZEE,  CZEZSO and SLIVER just missed to enter the
top ten this time.

                   TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSERS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  84
02.   (2)       PVCF/Reflex                     78
03.   (4)       Drax/Vibrants/Crest             66
03.   (/)       Mitch & Dane/Crest              66
05.   (10)      Jeff/Hype/Camelot               45
06.   (5)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               40
07.   (3)       Shogoon/Taboo/Agony 37          
08.   (8)       Fanta/Bass/Oxyron               28
09.   (9)       Praiser/Reflex                  19
10.   (6)       Compod/Taboo                    12

The  top  two  dou  remains  with PRI on first spot and
PVCF on second spot. DRAX gained a third place sha-
red  with  MITCH  &  DANE  who  came from nowhere to
jump directly into the top three.
The  big  tumbler  this time is SHOGOON who went from
three  to  seven.  Also COMPOD managed to drop four
places  while  JEFF  managed  to  explode from ten to
number  five.  SYNDROM  lost a place while FANTA and
PRAISER managed to defend their places.
Just  missing  the top ten are METAL, MOOG and MOR-

                      TOP TEN MAIL TRADERS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Violator/AFL/N0                 80
02.   (2)       Funxilla/SCS & TRC              72
03.   (3)       El Banditos/TRC & SCS  47       
04.   (4)       Dr.Soft/Albion                  37
05.   (5)       Spermbird/<C>/AMN               35
06.   (/)       Acidchild/Triad                 24
06.   (8)       Derby'Ram/F4CG/AMN  24          
08.   (9)       Starlight/Arise                 23
09.   (/)       Racoon/Hitmen                   22
10.   (/)       Unlock/Albion                   21
Once  again not that much happened in the top three.
VIOLATOR managed his top ranking for the third time.
The  rest  of  the  swapper's  guild like FUNXILLA, EL
BANDITOS, DR. SOFT and SPERMBIRD remained on the
same position like in the previous edition.
The  star  this  time  is ACIDCHILD who leeps from out
of nowhere to a sixth place. DERBYSHIRE RAM climbed
two  places  to  share the sixth spot, also STARLIGHT
managed   to   climb  one  place  to  eight.  New  in  the
charts  are RACOON and UNLOCK. Guys dropping out
of contention are MACX, INTRUDER and SEBALOZ.
Just  outside  the  top  10  are  MACX,  INTRUDER and

                         TOP TEN MAGAZINES
Rank  Last      Magazine                       Points
01.   (2)       Relax Magazine                 72
02.   (1)       Vandalism News                 71
03.   (5)       The Tribune                    57
04.   (4)       Nitro                          50
05.   (6)       Driven                         47
06.   (3)       Domination                     38
07.   (7)       Propaganda                     34
08.   (8)       Contrast                       31
09.   (/)       Empathic                       12
10.   (/)       Vitality                       7

The  RELAX MAGAZINE took over the top spot for the
first  time  putting  the  VANDALISM NEWS down to the
second  place.  THE TRIBUNE climbs two places to en-
ter the top three.

DOMINATION  lost three places and went down to sixth
spot. Whilst DRIVEN managed to climb on place to spot
number  five.  Magazines like NITRO, PROPAGANDA and
CONTRAST still stays on the same place as last time.
New  to the top 10 are EMPATHIC and VITALITY. Finally
putting  the now long dead SKYHIGH out of the top 10.
Since the DOMINATION and PROPAGANDA are released
more regular these days we can expect them to rise
in the next issues of the Relax Magazine.

Magazines  just missing the top ten this time are INSI-

In order to avoid misunderstandings please remember
that  ONLY  scores in other magazines have been ta-
ken  into  consideration  to compile the points for our
publication  RELAX MAGAZINE! All votes for Relax Ma-
gazine  on  Relax  Magazine votesheets have been IG-

Please  keep  in  mind  that the presented entries are
NOT  manipulated  by the Relax Magazine staff, do NOT
NOT  reflect  our  opinions  and  do  NOT present our
but voters' personal favourites.

Best regards,

Violator/Alpha Flight 1970


                             * INTERVIEW *
Welcome  to  the  interview section of the Relax Maga-
zine,  a  chapter being frequently visited by the lead-
ing  profiles  of the past and present, persons people
talk  about  and  people  who  are  interesting for the
bright mass of CBM 64 sceners.

Lately a lot of well known demo groups have sent life-
signs  to  show that they are still alive and capable to
deliver  interesting productions to a stunning scene,
Offence  is  one  of  them. For this issue we have met
with  the  programmer  YUP  the leading profile of the
group, an author being responsible for lots of excel-
lent  demo  parts  on  multiple  platforms  all  over the

Here we go.

?: Hello  Andreas!  It  is  nice  to  welcome  you  in our
interview   section   this  time,  a  highly  appreciated
section  being  known  as talkshow, too. Please intro-
duce  yourself,  regarding  the  personal  aspects of
your real life.

Thanks  Timo.  I  feel  honored  to  be  your  interview
partner  this time. My name is XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX and
I am born on February 22nd, 1997 in Nuertingen/Ger-
Most of my time I hang around in discos, dancing until
most of the people think that I am totally MAD. Besides
that  I  am still one of the most SLEEPIEST persons in
the world.

?:  Ah,  Nuertingen,  the  town  where Germany's great
talk  master  and  entertainer  HARALD SCHMIDT was
After  the  personal facts usually the computer facts
follow.  So let's follow the traditions and continue with
with  that topic here, too. How and when did you start
on this system and in the scene, how did you got your
handle and what groups have you been in all over the

In 1988 a friend of mine got a CBM 64 with 1531 (data-
sette recorder). We have played some games such as
ARTILLERY DUEL, and I knew that I was in the need of
such  a  machine,  too.  So I have bought a CBM 128 D.
In the beginning I have only played games but later on
I  have started to code and formed together with ZO-
RAN  the  duo  YUP  &  BURP. Then in the year 1989 a
friend  of  us  asked  us  to join STATIC. Later on THE
FENCE followed.  While  I  was in Offence we also made
a  fun  orientated group called NUTS (NO USUAL TAT-
TY  SUICIDERS)  which  was first a sub-group if NATO
and  later  on  TRAITORS. Behind the handles FAT RAT
stood  Yup  & Burp and Red Wiz was THE MUTANT RE-
FRIDGERATOR.  It  was just for fun and got much more
than awaited. Now Offence also exists as scene group
on the Amiga and maybe soon on the PC, too.
To  my handle YUP there is not much to say. Or let me
better say, I say very often Yup, and so it became my

?: Offence  has  been  quite  successful  in  the  demo
scene  some  years  ago  in a time when most present
sceners  were  NOT around yet. Please introduce the
history of the group to our readers.

Most  of  the  Offence  members were already my team
comrades  in Warriors Of Time. When we left WOT most
of  us  joined  Shape. But after some time Shape grew
up  memberwise  too  fast,  so  that we weren't able to
get an actual memberlist anymore and to find out who
is  in and who is not in the group. As we (Yup & Burp)
loved  to  know  EVERY  member  personally and to be
good friends with them we left Shape and founded Of-
Offence.  I was VERY GLAD at that time that our BEST
FRIENDS  from  Shape  left,  to join Offence, too. Fur-
thermore  some  members from BEYOND FORCE, BON-
ZAI,  ...  followed.  And  the  best  thing is that Offence
still exists. Not very active, but we're still alive.

?: Next  to  Offence you have been a member of teams
like  Warriors  Of  Time, Shape and Traitors. What can
you report about the time in those groups, as groups
like  Shape  and  WOT  still  have a great tradition and
history in a to the negative side developing scene?

It  was  a  GREAT  time. There was a good FRIENDSHIP
inside  the  groups.  We knew each other and we were
in  contact  by  phone  very  often, or we visited each
other.  PAL from Norway for example was at my place
for  some  weeks.  That  was  the  time  when  we made
"Slowpoke  #6".  I  also  think  that  at that time there
were  LESS  group-wars  and less flaming. Some days
ago  a  friend  of  mine  told me, that the guys on IRC-
channel #c-64 were talking shit about CYCLEBURNER
of  Megastyle.  He was around in the channel and they
told him that he should GO and that he is NO real CBM
64  fan  like they are and wrote a lot of flames. My o-
pinion about that:
                             CBM 64 fans!"
It  seems  the scene became VERY ARROGANT. That is
NOT my way!

?: Unfortunately  I  have  to  agree.  Most  of  the time
newcommers  or  people  who  have NEVER done any-
thing  valueable for the scene are trying to gain res-
pect  and  to  produce themselves with desperate at-
tacks like this one.
Offence  lately  released a demo entitled "Flexible" on
the  CBM  64,  some sort of comeback demo linked to-
gether  by  Trasher containing lots of ancient parts.
Are you still in touch with all the members, and if yes,
what  are  profiles like "Pal", "Harmony Productions"
or  "Red  Wiz",  just  to name a few, doing these days?
And what about your former "twin" called Burp?

Some  of  those  people  are still members in Offence,
like  PAL,  formerly  known as Rooster. He is working
for  a  company  as  a  painter  and  the  moment he is
drawing graphics for a demo which we will make in the
near future.
RED  WIZ unfortunately stopped all his computer acti-
vities.  From  time  to  time we phone but that has NO-
THING to do with computers anymore.
With HARMONY PRODUCTION I have lost contact at all.
He  moved  houses  and  I  don't know to which city he
left. So if you have his new address, please send it to

BURP is NOT active anymore. He has left the scene in
1991/92,  some  time  before I started with "Emotional
Breakdown".  I  mean  the demo, NOT my breakdown! :)
At the moment he is running a company where is doing
network-related things and he does some raytracing
stuff, too.
Finally  TRASHER  is  still  active  and responsible for
the lately released demo called "Flexible".

?: Lately  you  have  released  an  Amiga  demo  called
"Carpe  Noctem",  a  CBM  64  styled  demo containing
CBM  64  Koala  graphics  and  THX-soundtracks (for
non-Amiga users: THX is SID-like tracker supporting
four  audio channels. Bartman/Abyss is already wor-
king  on  a  Windows conversation for PC users) com-
composed by ARROGANCE and GEIR TJELTA. What was
the inspiration for a traditional release like this one,
as  on  most systems the trend is going into direction
4X4 chunky2planar effects?

The   main   reason  was  that  Arrogance  wanted  to
compose  and  release  some THX-modules. So we said
okay,  than  let's  do  it  all in the good old traditional
way,  starting  with  the  musics, the style and every-
thing else, too.
The  reason  for  it was that we LOVED the GOOD OLD
time.  If  I  could  travel  back  in  time I would do it for
sure!   There  was  more  PERSONALITY  in  the  demo
productions and in the scene.
'Carpe  Noctem'  is  a  hommage  to the best computer
system  in  the  world:  the CBM 64. Did you know that
my  first  demo I have coded for Warriors Of Time was
'Carpe  Noctam'?  We  did  there a little spelling error
(the a instead of the e) which we have now corrected
on the Amiga.

?: Some  time  ago you have planned an ambitious pro-
ject,  namely  the  Amiga  conversation of the platform
orientated  jump  and  run hitseller "Earthworm Jim".
What did stop that project?

It  really  is  a pity what I was unfortunately NOT allo-
wed  to  convert  the game. The developer 'Shiny' has
thought it would be GOOD idea, but much to my regret
the   publisher  said  NO.  The  Amiga-market  was too
small for them.

?:  Well,  TTS' game "Trapped", a roleplaying game with
an  excellent  DOOM-engine,  did sell that well that the
sequal  is  already  close  to  be released, what is for
sure  a sign that there is still great interest in Amiga
computer technology and software.
Now  a  PC  belongs to your computer equipment, too.
Are  there already any commercial releases planned?
It  would  be  quite  interesting  for  a  lot  of  CBM 64
sceners  having  these  days have a second and even
third  platform in their rooms, too, including hardware
slowed down by Microsoft productions.

YES,  there  is already a game I'm working on. But it'll
take  somewhere  around  2 years to finish it I think.
It's TOO EARLY to spread news about this game, but I
think  you'll  like it and when the time has come I'll tell
you more about it.

?: With  your  activity  on  several platforms you have
had  the  change  to  sneak into all major and popular
scenes these days. What are the differences between
CBM  64,  Amiga  and  PC scene, and what was/is your
personal favourite?

This  is  a  question I can answer VERY FAST: the CBM
64 rules!!!!!!!!
The  CBM  64 was my first Computer and so he'll ever
be  SOMETHING  SPECIAL.  At the time, when the Amiga
Amiga  and  especially the PC scene became bigger, it
became  very UNPERSONAL, because of the Internet!
The  big  swapper times when you have had sometimes
hundreds  of  contacts  are  OVER. You just download
it  from  a  FTP-site.  In  earlier  days it was a bit like
UNDERGROUND,  a  big  FAMILY.  Nowadays everybody
has a PC and is in the Internet. That's NOT bad, but it
is different. There is NO PERSONALITY. Also most de-
mos  nowaday  look  like  every other demo, they have
the SAME routines, the SAME style,.... Lets go back to
past (sounds like a old man).

?: More like a wise man, that's given for sure!
The  Internet  is  a  quite  popular  topic  these days.
What  do  you  think about the IRC, the WWW, FTP-sites
and  all  the  other  useful functions offered? Does it
support scene life and culture in your opinion?

Particularly answered in the last question. But I'm NO
big  fan  from  the  IRC.  Most of the time when I was in
there was only NONSENSE on the screen. Maybe I was
in a the wrong time? WWW and FTP is a GREAT thing. It
gives  the  possibility  to  spread the products VERY
FAST, cheap and easy. I like it, but I don't think that it
supports  scene  life,  because  it's  getting more UN-
PERSONALLY. But like said before I like it.

?: No, only in the a few cases the public screen action
is productive and valueable. Messaging is much better
and useful for interesting communication.
You have set up a homepage, too. This is your chance
to  introduce  it to our readers. What can we find and
expect  there,  putting the boards into the waves into
direction of your shore?

Hey,  ALL  you  people  out  there, VISIT my homepage
and INCREASE my counter.

You'll  find  ALL  my  productions for the beloved CBM
64  and  the  Amiga  here.  Maybe soon some PC stuff
will follow, too.
LAST  MINUTE NEWS: In August 1997 I'll make a MAJOR
update  for  my  homepage,  like  for  example  a  new
chapter about coding will be put online.

?: As  everything  has  to come to an end we unfortu-
nately  have  to stop here, too. Here we offer our in-
terview    partners    to   add   some   comments   and
greetings, feel free to add whatever you would like to
add here. Many thanks for being our guest.

Thanks to all my contacts I had all over the years and
also  to  all these GREAT demo-makers, who did those
fabolous  demos  in the past. Feel free to contact me,
I  am always happy about mail (ESPECIALLY from gra-
phic artists).
I  won't write a greetingslist here because it would be
by  far  TOO  LONG  and  I  think  all my FRIENDS know
they are greeted. Thanks to you, and
Thanks  to you, and much luck with your GREAT maga-
zine. Go on with your work!

?: Many  thanks! It was a pleasure to talk to you again
and to read your points of view. All the best for you,

We  truely  hope  you  enjoyed  the travel back in time
along  with  YUP  and  hope  to  meet  you again in the
next  edition  as  we  have  again organised a well re-
putated and interesting interview partner.

Best regards,


Point Hunters

Due  to  lots  of  discussions  around  mysterious and
magical   releases  made  in  the  previous  period  we
decided   to  present  a  chapter  offering  the  facts
leading  us  to  the  decisions  for certain releases in
the actual May - July 1997 release charts, decisions
which  have  been  made after requesting facts at the
addresses of certain involved persons.

With  the  release  of the game "Mystery" a lot of dis-
cussions  and  hassles  have started in the reigns of
the   board  scene,  actually  it  seems  that  a  lot  of
groups  and  people  allied  in  order to express their
aversion  against  Alpha Flight 1970, but is the critism
and  are all the insults based on acceptable facts and
justified  or  just a jealous reaction to AFL's domina-
tion  in the cracking scene and release charts of the
past two years?

Alpha  Flight  1970 has released a lot of SALES VER-
SIONS  from  games  that have been already released
before,  may  it  only  be documentary or introduction
files  being  added  by the distributor what have been
the  only  detectable changes to the previously crak-
ked  versions. Marc has purchased the authentic and
complete sales versions directly from the distributor
instead  of spreading incomplete pre-versions, and in
case  the  sales  version  varies  from the previously
spread  version  a  so-called  100% version is nothing
else  but the logical consequence, a normal behaviour
shown  by  ALL cracking groups over the years, un-
like  other  sources  may report these days, and NOT
only by Alpha Flight 1970. For
For  sure it can be either boring and annoying to see
a  group  presenting from the distributor slightly up-
dated  releases,  that  is a fact nobody can deny, ne-
vertheless  the  group presented a complete and ac-
tual  version next to the fact that this group suppor-
ted  the  game  market  with  BUYING originals, what is
for  sure  worth  to  be  mentioned  these days where
everyone complains about the decreasing commercial
market  while  nobody  is  willing  to  pay  for (quality)

If  people prejudice the policy of releasing COMPLETE
games why don't they prejudice the policy of pre-re-
leasing  incomplete  versions?  Why are people relea-
sing pre-versions? What is the correct definition for
it? Point hunting?

Furthermore  Alpha  Flight 1970 has released lots of
so-called  100%  versions  of  previously spread cor-
rupt  releases,  too.  Lately  it  sounds like they have
released   100%   versions  when  they  have  found  a
flickering pixel but if people have a closer look at the
100%  and  the  corrupt  versions  people will find out
that  it  were NOT small and pointless but HEAVY bugs
that  made playing and finishing the games impossible,
just  like  non-working  end-sequences or missing le-
vels corrupting the gameplay. It's just curious to see
that ONLY Alpha Flight is getting blamed for releasing
100%  versions  while  groups like SCS & TRC ("Xiom")
and  other  groups  with  skilled and competent crak-
kers did it all over the years, too, without drifting in-
to  the  spotlight  of  critism,  and even Onslaught has
released 100% versions already, such as e.g. "Bugaro
Bugaro Ralley".
It is no secret that in most cases the objectivity ends
starting with the own territory, so lots of groups be-
ing  disappointed  about their failures are starting to
ignore them and prefer to attack the opponents as it
is the more comfortable and satisfying solution. Asto-
nishing  is  that  a  group like F4CG trying to hunt for
points  by presenting a in their opinion better trans-
lated  version  of  the  game "Battle Of Thurn" or re-
leasing  demo  parts  as  previews  ("Skylight  Prv.")
seems  to  feel  quite  comfortable in the position of a
public  prosecutor. Why don't these groups test their
versions carefully before releasing them? Just to be
faster than the concurence? What is the correct de-
nition for it? Point hunting?

As far as it concerns the release "Mystery" made by
Alpha  Flight  1970  it  seems like that this mysterious
bug  only appears on the computers of persons com-
plaining  about  AFL's  release  policy and being inte-
rested  in  taking  over  the  position  of  the  leading
cracking  group,  to  be  more  precise  mainly  on the
computers  of  Chromance, F4CG and Onslaught mem-
bers only.  Some  people  claimed the NTSC fix spoiled
the  game  play  on  PAL,  a  combination  of flickering
rasterbars  and  slowed  down music. That a NTSC fix
spoils  the  gameplay  on PAL computers is almost im-
possible since the routine identifies the specific com-
puter  type  and  in  case PAL is getting detected the
NTSC  fix  won't  be  executed.  While  requesting  the
facts  at  the  addresses  of persons named as refe-
rence  for  the game bugging on PAL even more mys-
terious  answers  followed,  just like that the bug ap-
pears  on  NTSC  only or that the game works but the
chance  to  rag  against  Alpha  Flight  has been quite
attractive.  Until now NO logical and clear proof could
have  been  brought in clearly explaining that the AFL
version does not work.

Actually three independent release charts have been
released,  two  magazines  released  by magazine edi-
tors  involved  in  the  campaign  against AFL and one
magazine released by an objective staff.
Propaganda   23  has  continously  condemned  Alpha
Flight  for  releasing  a  corrupt  version  while their
release charts clearly state that the game is working
FINE, a curiousity which could make the objective and
interested  reader  stun. In The Crest #1 Alpha Flight
got  the  points for a WORKING release, too, being the
ONLY  totally  independent resource offering release
charts.  Finally  Domination #9 has not given points to
Alpha  Flight,  claiming  that  the  game  does not work
with  Jazzcat  being  the initiator of the campaign and
his  group-mate  Donar  being  responsible for crack
and  fix  of  the  Urine's  "Mystery"  version.  It won't
surprise  the masses when Onslaught starts complai-
ning  about  Relax  Magazine's  inobjectivity giving the
points to AFL as many editors are current or former
members  of that group, nevertheless Relax Magazine
has  listened  to  almost  all involved persons and re-
quested  proofs  from  crackers  and  fixers  to  get
professional  bug  reports  in order to find an objec-
tive solution.
In  case  OUR  release charts are inobjective, what is
the definition for the other release charts having gi-
ven the points to AFL, too.

"Magical  Formular" has been another release making
the  people  start  complaining about AFL once again.
Laxity  and Chromance released a bugging version of
"Magical  Formular"  on  Deadzone  and  Alpha  Flight
1970  has released a working version on the majority
of  the  major US boards while Laxity and Chromance
released a fixfile, once again on Deadzone only.
According  to  the  traditional  release  charts  rules
(reference:  24h rule) has the group spreading their
version  on  the  majority  of  the  major boards to be
taken  into  consideration  to  create  release charts
the  official first-release, and in this case it was AFL.
In  order  to clear the status of the NTSC release we
have  asked Ultimate Hacker in an IRC session, who is
named  in  the  Domination  release  charts as a refe-
rence, for a short comment on it:

[Ult-Hack(Bowes1^]:   The   AFL
version  is  better  in my opinion, the Chromance ver-
sion  flickers  on NTSC on 3 different levels, including
one  level  which  flickers  VERY badly. On a different
note  there  is  a  bug in the original which flickers on
NTSC and PAL when you kill the real big enemies...
There  was  a  fixfile done but that was for a PAL bug
not  the  NTSC flickering. However both version were
very  nicely  done,  <C>  had  the  better crack. If you
want it to run on a NTSC machine get the AFL version

The case is quite clear not only that AFL placed their
version  on  the  MAJORITY of the boards to be taken
into  consideration  for  board  release  charts, so if
people  take  the 24h rule into consideration there is
no doubt that the flighters must get the points, not to
forget  about the playability which seems to be higher
in AFL's fix, too, what seems to be the most important
arguement  when it comes around NTSC fixing, atleast
in our definition.

Many  thanks  for  their help and sharing their infor-
mation  to find these solutions for the Relax Magazine
release   charts  must  go  to  Burglar,  Count  Zero,
Jazzcat, Marc, Mr. Wax, Skinhead, The Ignorance and
Ultimate Hacker.

Best regards,



                               * SOCIETY *
The  demo scene is in the eyes of many demo sceners
the  part  keeping  the  CBM  64  scene  ship  into the
winds,  raising  the  sails  to  explore  new  shores. In
many  eyes  is the positive pole, contrary to the per-
manently  negative seen cracking part. But is the CBM
64  demo scene still worth to be proud of? Is it truely
the  part  of  the  scene keeping it alive and competi-
tive, and what is more important, would there still be a
scene without cracking groups?

In  the  beginning  there  were the cracking groups in
their  endless  battle versus commercialism, providing
the  scene with an infinitive flood of software. It were
the  cracking  groups introducing intro screens, this
source   was  coming  up  with  music  ripps  and  title
screens combined with scrollers to present the first
demos. All ways to handle the distribution of software
in  the scene were initiated or made popular by crak-
king groups, starting with swapping, boards and later
on  FTP-sites. Evenso the magazine hype was started
by  cracking groups, too, may it be paper or disk ma-
Many  people  seem  to  have forgotten that it was the
cracking  scene  having  built  up  the structures and
popularity  level  of the system, providing the scene a
past  it still can be proud of, a pride without a CBM 64
scene  today  would  NOT exist anymore. The history,
the  background,  the  traditions,  all  what  made this
computer  system and its scene once so popular seem
to be forgotten these days.

These  days parts of the demo scene, especially new-
commers  having  entered the scene in the past three
years,  are  having  doubts  about  the  sense  of the
cracking   scene,  doubts  which  are  in  some  cases
justified.  Having  a  closer  look  into the demo scene
there  is  no  doubt  that  it is no perfect place these
days,  too,  facts  which  seem  to be ignored by many
demo sceners.

The demo scene generally presents their productions
on  huge  parties, most groups concentrate their po-
wer  to contribute at one major party only. What does
it  mean  for the scene? There are in western Europe
just  The Party, Assembly, the X-series and since two
years  the Symposium, in eastern Europe there is the
Scenest  and perhaps the North Party to provide the
scene  with  releases.  Between  those  parties there
are  a  few  releases only, mainly demos which did NOT
qualify to compete at the competitions. The number of
enthusiastic  demo  sceners  presenting  their demos
not  on  parties  is  in  fact  too low to keep an active
scene   alive.   A   computer  scene  exists  based  on
people  releasing  software, a scene can't exist with-
out releases.
No one can deny the fact that between parties either
the  meanwhile  quite  rare  magazine  productions as
well  as  the  efforts  of  the cracking scene keep the
scene  alive and busy. A sleeping scene might wake up
at  parties,  but  between  those  events  without  any
kind  of  activity  more people than most might expect
would  leave  the  scene, looking for more active plat-
forms,  just  like  PC, consoles and even the quite po-
pular Amiga scene.

Let's  have a closer look at parties and their compe-
titions to uncover what is going on there. Let's start
with  the  demo  contributions.  Former  active  Reflex
member  Quiss  has  become  the  victim  of the global
scene  press  criticising his release strategy. Relea-
ses  like  "Radio Napalm" released under Reflex (win-
ner of X-95 demo competition) and "Centric Preview"
under  Cyance  (winner  of  Sym96 demo competition)
got  brandmarked  to  consist  out  of recycled parts
only.  More  interesting were the contributions to the
Convention  96  in  Berlin where Reflex ("Access De-
nied  II",  The  Party V) and Fuse ("Respect, 1995) in-
troduced  the  term "re-release" to the disappointed
demo  scene  by entering the competition with already
shown and released productions.
Another new fashion seems to be competiting with un-
finished releases, releases which won't be spread af-
ter  the  competition.  Unfinished preview versions of
demo/trackmo  productions have already won compe-
titions,  still  3  months  later no 100% release version
followed.  Wouldn't  it  be  more  useful  if the rules on
ALL  parties  would be quite similar, making sure that
all contributions are going to be released at the par-
ty  place?  A future party with lots of competition en-
tries but no releases is not science fiction anymore.

But the single competitions are a place to find myste-
ries  and  paranormal  activity,  too. In former days it
was a paragraph of the rules that those artists have
to visit the party personally, these days it seems NOT
to  be  required  anymore.
Furthermore   there  are  people  getting  not  known
skills at parties, skills and knowledge being lost right
after  the  party again. Those persons are contribu-
ting  for  one  of  their group members and friends in
the  hope  to receive one of the rare and low prizes.
Isn't it what we exactly call CHEATING? Isn't it UNFAIR
against   other  contributing  people  who  visited  the
party?  No,  definately  not  in  the demo scene, not in
the so-called friendship scene.
This  is  NOT  meant as a reproach to either the con-
tributors or party organisers as there is the strong
belief  left  that  both parties intended to do the best
for  the  quality  and quantity of the competitions, ne-
vertheless  the  question  comes  up if an Internet or
home  competition  wouldn't  be  a better solution? In-
stead  of meeting at a party all could visit an Internet
cafe  and submit their contributions, so nobody needs
to  be  present  at the party place as the final result
would remain the same.

Quite  interesting  is a movement of not so skilled and
advanced  coders presenting animation replayers in-
stead  of  coming up with excellent routines. For sure
animated  and PRECALCULATED effects can run much
faster  and SIMULATE hardware and routine power to
stun  the PC audience, unfortunately it is turning out
to  become  just  an  own goal. Coders and mathemati-
cally  talented  persons  have no problems to find out
the   differences  between  realtime  and  precalcula-
tions.  While  raising the popularity and respect level
in  the  reign  of the newcommers the total opposite in
reign  of  experts follows. People playing with the fire
must  be  able  to  stand  the  heat.  Nevertheless the
target  group  filling  in  the  countless  votesheets is
stunned,   so   some   unexpected  charts  movements
follow.  Exactly  the  same  situation  can  be found on
parties were sceners from an every platform are in-
vited  to  vote,  once  again  lots  of victims for those
CHARLATANS  have  been  found, people who are NOT
predestinated  to  give  a  qualified rating to the pro-
ductions.  Real  coders presenting realtime routines,
running  perhaps  with  just  75%  of  the  speed from
precalculated  or  animated equivalents don't receive
the  respect  they  really  deserve, as the effect has
been  shown  "faster"  already,  unfortunately not on
the same basis.

Design.  What  is  CBM  64  demo  design?  An absolute
answer  can  NOT  be  given  here, but an answer how
the  current demo design looks like. One or two tech-
no  tracks, multiple Boris Vallejo pictures in FLI/IFLI
format  and  4X4,  8X4 or even 8X8 vector donut ef-
fects,  linked  together  with  more or less compatible
IRQ-loading  systems. This trackmo style COPIED from
Amiga/PC  is  what many newcommers use to define as
original  CBM  64  demo style, people surely not being
NOT in the position to classify this topic. At The Party
VI  for  the  first  time  a strange phenomenon appea-
red. Multiple demo entries were presenting similar ef-
fects in almost the same sequence, taking out the mu-
sics  and  graphics  it will be rather impossible to de-
fine  who  was  responsible  for what routine. Yes, in-
deed,  they were exchangeable, like TDJ explained al-
ready a while ago.
Lately  an  interesting  question  came up. "Who is in-
terested  in  the  fiftieth  realtime  bob-record?" has
been  asked. The reply is simple and effective, too, by
answering  while requesting "Who is interested to see
the  fiftieth  copy of a vector donut in 8X8?" this can
become  an infinitive discussion. To be honest, both is
boring!  Innovation  and  creativity is what people are
looking  for,  definately  NOT  for fakes, animations or
lame  copies  of effects already seen dozens of times

It's  a fact that styles, techniques and fashions deve-
lope  over the years, regardless if those effects are
positive  or  negative.  The demo scene does not make
an exception here. Lately lots of people never having
done  anything  valueable  for  the demo industry and
certain  newcommers  felt  free to report about demo
design  guiding lines or even dared to define what's a
CBM  64  demo  and  what's NO CBM 64 demo. It's quite
interesting   to   notice   that  trackmos  with  techno
tracks,  4X4  chunky  2 planar routine based effects
and IFLI graphics seem to be elements for the typical
demo  role model these days. Design outclasses tech-
nical  power,  good  looking animations and fakes seem
to  be more welcome than realtime effects which can't
be  as  fast  as  those  animations/fakes  due  to  the
hardware limitations of the CBM 64.
On the one hand there are the hardliners refering to
the the traditions of CBM 64 demo making, these days
reflected  by the quite popular productions of Crest,
Graffity  and  Oxyron  (Graham),  on  the  other  hand
there  are there are the ones refering to the refor-
mers   and  the  first  production  of  its  kind,  "Coma
Light  12"  by Oxyron, presenting a trackmo-like con-
ception,  4X4  routines and techno-influenced sound-
tracks.  Groups like Byterapers (Mr. Sex) and Reflex
(Quiss)  have  copied  and  improved  the  on  the 4X4
routine  based  effects  all  over the years, combined
with  the  typical  trackmo  style elements. Next to the
4X4  routine  itself  it's  still  quite  impressive to see
most  groups re-coding effects presented by Oxyron
three   years  ago,  it's  more  an  understatement  to
pretend  that  about  60%  of  all effects shown in to-
day's  "new  generation/school" demos have been in-
troduced and first released by Oxyron.

Old-school   demo   parts  consisted  out  of  a  logo,
scrolltext and the effect, combined with the notorious
"press  space  to  leave"  function  loading  the  next
part  afterwards.  New-school trackmos show the ef-
fects  for  a short, predefined time limit only, in a time
you can't study the routine and its class too exactly,
timed   to   techno  music  and  weird  loader  systems
which  often  don't  work  on all different disk drives.
Crest  lately  combined  old-school  demo  effects and
design  with  the these days so popular trackmo con-
cept,  the  result was one of the most stunning relea-
ses  made  in  1997,  a  good compromise pleasing old-
and new-school demo fans in the same way.
But  what  is  the  perfect way to create a demo? Un-
fortunately  there is none! Unfortunately? NO! Fortu-
nately is for sure more fitting here. In case all people
would  share  the  same  taste  our planet in the real
world  and  our scene would be boring, so the variety
ios  a  good  method to suit the different needs of all
target  groups.  But  what  is left from the variety? Is
there still a variety? Yes, but only the group and de-
mo  names  are  the only detectable variety, just have
a  look  back  at  THE  PARTY  VI and its CBM 64 demo
contributions. Similar to the presentation of the demo
competition at The Party many people not visiting this
scene gathering leeched the archive(s) from FTP-si-
tes  or  homepages  and  dared  to watch them all in a
row,  one  entry  after  the  other.  Some hours later
back  in  the  Internet,  discussing the contributions,
the  effects  and  the  general  quality  it was hard to
tell  what  effect  from  what  demo has been the most
impressive  one.  The  difficulty  was  simply that most
demos  were  looking very similar if you have a closer
look  at  the  presentation, and, what was indeed more
stunning,  the appearance of the effects has been al-
most  similar.  When  people  have  a  look back at The
Party  IV,  the  only SERIOUS party contribution being
quite  different  and  spoiling  into  the  brains  is the
Graffity  demo,  and that is sad but true, just one out
of  about ten releases! The special features of all the
different  demos  MADE  the  contributions once inte-
resting  and  worth  to  be  remembered,  in  the past
there  have  been always two, three or even four re-
markable  productions at the major events, but taking
a  look  at  the  party  contributions in 1996 and 1997
makes  it  quite  clear,  this seems to be history. Ano-
ther  nice  feature  to be added to the endless list of
traditions  and  former  events  worth  to  be remem-
bered,  one  of the already too much things reflecting
the  true reflecting the true spirit of the scene, once
again it's just the remembrance left.
It  is  rather  pointless  to discuss about the perfect
demo  style  as  there  is  NONE! It is just a matter of
personal  taste,  as taste is different from each indi-
vidual  person  to  the  next,  so  there  are  NO good
arguments  or  facts to CREATE opinions! Atleast this
is  the  ONLY  promising  aspect  left  here, something
what people should keep in mind.

Activity  is a quite important factor, too. The frontier
between  an  active  and  an inactive person/group is
VERY  thin  and  quite  HARD  to  define, nevertheless
some  people  without an overview about what is going
on  feel  free to comment the issue and show their in-
competence  in  an  impressive  way.  Why  is  it that a
group  having  released  ONE  demo in the past twelve
months  is  MORE active than a group having released
TWO  demos  in the same period? While commenting the
activity  level  the range shouldn't be shrinked to the
past  few  weeks  and  what is more important, quality
should   always  outclass  quantity.  For  sure  active
supporters  of the scene should be taken into consi-
deration  while  filling  those  various votesheets, ne-
vertheless people should always keep in mind that the
charts  are  NOT  meant  to celebrate the most active
scene  members,  that idea could be taken into consi-
deration  for  a new charts topic, it is merely to pre-
sent the most skilled and ADVANCED ones beyond the
active  scene  population.  Other  sources expand the
range and celebrate productions and efforts made in
1995  in  1996  awards, what is for sure NOT the ulti-
mate  solution,  too.  Wouldn't it be more clever to re-
search  before adding unqualified comments like this?
Performed by some, perfected by others?!?
May  magazine  editors  define  the  activity  range of
scene  related  persons, groups or productions? La-
tely  there  has come a magazine explaining that gra-
phic  artists have to draw fullscreen pictures only to
qualify  for  top  ten  chart  entries. What is the next
step?  Only  coders  supporting  or  ignoring the 4X4
chunky2planar  based  routines  are allowed to enter
the  programmer's  top  ten  or that music composers
have  to compose techno tracks to enter the charts?
Wasn't  it  the  variety  that makes the scene so inte-
resting  as  it  used  to  be some years ago? Isn't it a
DEGRADE  to put people into different drawers? Pro-
grammers  could  be  taken  into  demo, game and tool
coder  drawers,  tool coders into graphic, music, disk
and  misc  tool  coders,  game coders into adventure,
shoot'em  up,  jump'n  run  and puzzle game coders or
demo  coders  into 4X4 and classical demo effect co-
ders just to name A FEW of all possible combinations.
More  examples  could  be  created  and given for the
reigns  of  graphic  artists,  music  composers,  demo
groups,  cracking  groups  and magazines, too, where
the  variety  of  different  styles  and  formats  could
easily  bring an every scene related person, produc-
tion and group into one top ten list to please anyone.
Those  top  ten  lists could easily fill complete disk si-
des  in  case  people  feel qualified and in the mood to
fill  votebooks  instead  of simple votesheets. Would it
make  the  scene  more  transparent and better? Su-
rely  NOT,  but  some  people  would feel better to find
themselves  in  one  of  those  top  ten lists, too. When
will  people  recognize that NO chart position can re-
place  the  FUN  and ENTHUSIASM needed to be active
and  creative  when even newcommer productions are
containing  annoying  messages  where  they  DEMAND
votes  to  climb  the  charts  ladder? Charts, charts,
charts!  Is that all what people DESIRE these days? Is
it the FATE of the friendship scene?

While  complaining  about the cracking scene the acti-
vity  level and the DAILY scene life should not be for-
gotten,  too. There is a permanent member fluctuation
in  the  reigns  of  the cracking groups but there are
only  a  few  changes in the reigns of demo groups. In
case  the  cracking  scene  disappears  the  rest will
follow sooner or later, too.
The  original  meaning of scene magazines was delive-
ring news and information, not spreading personal or
group  propaganda or even creating opinions for the
readers.  News  journals  have  kept  the  magazine's
content  up  to  date  and  interesting,  providing  the
impression  that  there  is atleast some movement and
life  left  in  the  scene. Surely articles are highly ap-
preciated,  too,  but  on  the  other  hand  once there
will come a point of no return when all interesting and
important topics have been covered and the final en-
joyment  will be missing. Many magazines will disappear
due  to  the  fact that they are of NO NEED anymore,
some  because  of  the fact that members of cracking
groups  belong  to the staff, the few out-of-date mail
magazines  won't  be able to fill the HUGE gap left be-
hind.  Surely  the  mail magazines won't disappear and
will  SUIT  the  needs  of their fellow readers, but will
they  be  able  to ATTRACT readers using to know the
quality shown by the board scene related market lea-
ders?  It  should  be  always kept in mind that the VA-
RIETY makes the scene interesting, monopoles usually
stop  the desired progress which increases the qua-
lity of all participating contributors.
Without  the  board magazines as media many mail tra-
ders or mail scene related persons are going to lose
fast  and  actual information sources, important com-
munication  structures  and  finally the identification,
as without information the scene will be an anonymous
and  uninteresting place to be. The would NOT benefit
the interest of the legal groups. Sure, then there are
still  boards  and  the  Internet  left,  but  without  the
cracking  scene boards will definately lose their sta-
tus  and  place  in  the  scene,  without  the  cracking
scene  the callers will decrease by atleast 92%. In the
Internet  the legal groups have missed to built up own
structures  yet,  starting  with  ftp-sites  and mailing
lists,  all IMPORTANT addresses are currently hosted
by  cracking groups only. Internet access is western
Europe  still  can  be  an  expensive hobby, containing
costs  for telecommunication and providers, ofcourse
it  still  an  important  factor avoiding people to enter
this  field  to  get  information,  as  calling  cards  and
hacking  belong  to  the  illegal sector legal groups do
NOT  even dare to accept. Once again it would not be-
nefit the interests of demo groups.
What is left now? After having cleared the market the
scen  life  will  more  and  more become boring with an
every  day  passing,  more  and more people will leave
the  scene  by heading for more interesting and living
scene.  The  spirit  and  the  fire  can't  be hold up by
watching  old demos day in day out, it can't be hold by
by  the promise that in four months at a big party two
or  three  demos  might be released. This is definately
not  what  we'd  like  to see as the future for the CBM
64  scene,  unfortunately many new faces in the demo
scene  are  looking for a future like this by attacking
the  cracking  scene  continously. NO computer scene
can  kept  alive  by  a demo scene only! Why do people
declare  the  CBM  64  and  its scene to be dead? Be-
cause  the  MAJOR  software houses have stopped to
produce  MAJOR titles based on the fact that the ma-
chine  has  NO future in the commercial sense! Why do
many  persons  declare the Amiga and its scene to be
dead?   Because  many  software  houses  decreased
their  amount  of  MAJOR titles for this system due to
the  uncertain  situation  all over the years! Why is it
that  on  all  MAJOR scene platforms, in chronological
order  CBM  64,  Amiga and PC scene, originated from
the   boom  of  the  software  industry  and  cracking
groups creating the structures of a scene? Why is it
that  platforms  with  only  a few demo sceners left do
NOT  belong  to  the  MAJOR  platforms  (Atari ST and
Plus  4)?  It  is not hard to guess that the majority of
those  demo  scene  revolutionaries  NEVER  thought
about it.

Please load "Society II" to continue reading.

Best regards,


Society 2

                             * SOCIETY II *
Surely  the  cracking  scene  is definately not what it
used  to be years ago, that is a fact nobody can deny.
There  are many people looking for fast fame discre-
diting  the  cracking  scene and its members aswell as
the  term  "elite",  a  title  being proudly worn all over
the  years  by  leading  and  legendary groups. Every
person  prefers  a  different  definition  to the terms
"elite",  "lame"  or  "cool"  just  to name a few of them
all,  this  personal freedom seems to have caused the
problems   with  the  term  "elite"  these  days.  Unlike
some might believe in being an owner of a functionable
modem,  being  a  member  of a top (cracking) crew or
freshmen  taking the charts by storm does NOT auto-
matically make an elite scener.
Fact  is  that  the  behaviour  of  some wanna-be elite
members   lowered   the  general  reputation  of  elite
sceners  but  that should not mean it is turning to the
negative,  dark  side of the scene just because a few
average  men  and  some  newcommers,  never  having
done  anything  valueable  for  the  scene  and  never
were  worthy to take the final step of scene hierachy,
jealously  claim  that  these  days elite is nothing else
but  another definition for lame. It is no surprise that
members   of   the   "legal"  scene  are  interested  in
changing  the  hierachy and the unwritten laws as the
system  working  well  over  the  years does not suits
their  interests.  Not  in  real  life  nor  in  the  scene
people  start  at  the  top  of  the hierachy. It's a long
and  hard  way  starting  as  a traineee upgrading all
over the years to reach the desired status, unfortu-
nately  the majority now thinks a revolution can bring
them  faster  to  the  top.  It is really sad to see some
people  destroying  the  structures and disregarding
laws  and  having built up to guarantee that scene life
worked  well for about 14 years already. The question
is  what is more important, the well working system or
rebellious  individual?  Anarchy  destroys  more  than
most might take into consideration.

When  people discuss about the sense of the cracking
scene  it  is  no  secret  that  most  of  today's single
cracker entries never removed a protection or have
been  forced  to  remove  a  protection with the first
release  pressure.  Nevertheless some are still doing
brilliant  job  with  jewel versions or other useful en-
hancements like REU support.
People   continously   complain   about  the  tricks  of
cracking  groups  to  get  their hands on original and
previews before those productions have been sold to
companies.  To  be  honest,  those  men are just doing
their  job by supporting their group. It's nothing per-
sonal,  it's  just  business,  that should not be forgot-
ten.  No, this is no cruel sarcasm, and if the game au-
thors  would  follow  the  scene  press and especially
check out the advertisements chapter more carefully
it  wouldn't  be  a problem to see the differences bet-
ween  a  contact  letter  and  serious offer sent by a
genuine  company or just a promising try from a mem-
ber  of  a cracking group. It's no secret that one can
order  information  material or chan check things out
at several addresses before sending a complete or a
preview production to a suspicious address. CLEVER
scene  related  game authors should be aware of this
Today it's a fashion to be a member of multiple groups,
so  it  might  happen  that  members  of game labels or
game   producing  groups  are  members  in  cracking
groups,  too.  In  case  the  author  spreads the game
within the group or to some so-called friends it might
happen  that  the  game  can  get  into  the  hands  of
crackers,  too, even if the author's group member or
friend is not getting credited for providing the game.
When  the  author  does not know what is going on his
own  group/label  he  can't  blame the cracking scene
for  the  disaster! Especially newcommers looking for
fast  fame and respect or people who want to impress
the  upperclass cracking groups are providing those
insider  releases,  looking  for  new  "friends"  and  a
better  reputation  in  the  reigns  of  the established
scene.  But  that  kind  of problem was brought in with
the   multiple  memberships  being  introduced  to  the
scene in the past three to four years.
Selling  games  by  mail  order  on royalty basis is the
usual  way  of  distributing games these days. The in-
come  is surely NOT very attractive when it has to be
shared  with  the  distributor  and  the  involved per-
sons,  too.  But is there really a need for such a dis-
distributor?  Definately  NOT!  It  should  NOT  be  too
hard  to submit previews or copies of the full game to
the  few  existing  commercial magazines or the fanzi-
nes  which  will  be rather happy to support game au-
thors  by  giving  rather good reviews attracting po-
tentional  customers.  Another important problem with
those  distributors  is  that they have the freedom to
change  the  prize  for  the  game, leading to the fact
that  the  income can vary from what has been promi-
sed.  If  you  want to believe in what most distributors
promise  the  CBM  64 market must still be rather at-
tractive, on the other hand they can't even grant you
a  guaranted  income covering atleast the sum of e.g.
100  sold  copies?  Companies  like  Cherry  Software
have published income tables providing information up
to  10.000 sold copies what looks for sure quite pro-
mising, so where is the problem to work with a system
benefiting  the  authors,  too? Authors should be cle-
ver  enough not getting trapped by suspicious offers
which  seem  to  be  unrealistic in today's commercial
sector as it is no secret that an attractive market is
getting covered by major companies.
The  time  has come not to blame others for personal
mistakes,  the  time  has  come to accept that only the
author  is  responsible  for  previously  spread game
backups  or  previews  as no one else expect for the
developing team normally needs a copy. In some cases
the  authors  even  put  their  unsold  productions on
spread  disks  and  did  wonder that cracking groups
released  it.  No need to argue anymore. There is one
secure method to prevent previously spread copies.
Send  in  your  productions  to  companies  with a fine
reputation,  you  can  be  sure  that  you  will receive
your  money in advance and that you won't get ripped
off.  Proven  to be reliable companies are CSW Verlag
(Go64!), Magna Media (64'er) and Loadstar.

Surely  the  reputation  of  cracking  groups  and  its
members in the rows of the legal population is not the
best,  but what about the attitudes of the demo scene
and its members? There aren't any big differences!
No  doubt, it is not a question of facts and arguments
to  convince  persons  changing their opinion, never-
theless  these days it is quite interesting to see many
groups  after two or three successful demo releases
celebrating themselves as the best ever happening to
the  scene and genuine alltime leaders not having any
concurence  left  in  the  scene,  a  phenomenon to be
found  extremely  often  within  the  rows of cracking
groups and mail traders, too. There are lots of exam-
ples  proving  that  taking  the  charts by storm is no
problem  these days, what is not the question of skills
and  knowledge  anymore  but the missing concurence
and activity level.
In  the  opinion  of most newcommers the charts posi-
tion  is  more  important  than scene affliation when it
comes  up  to define the skills and knowledge level. No
points in any charts can compile the experience made
over the years.
Mail  traders  are a quite good example here. What do
mail  trader  charts  express?  Their  skill level, their
knowledge,  their  activity  in  votesheet spreading or
their  popularity  level?  Many  mail traders made it to
be  top  by  spreading tons of votesheets, after rea-
ching  the  top  they usually feel to be something spe-
cial  and  decrease  their activity level when they find
out  that the effort is not worth the result, especially
in  these  days  with  the  rare amount of new warez.
Does   this   charts  entry  define  the  status  in  the
scene?  Is  an actual mega swapper a better swapper
than a former mega swapper who decreased his acti-
vity level and the number of contacts? Does the high-
er  entry  in the charts now mean he really is better?
Definately NOT!
Here  it  is quite interesting to see who generally fills
in  the  votesheets  as  in  nine of ten cases unknown
newcommers  fill  them,  giving  their votes to support
their  friends  or they simply copy charts which have
been   seen  elsewhere.  Polish  people  unfortunately
have the affliction to support fellow-countrymen only,
so  if  those charts would be taken too serious there
would  be  NO  scene life outside Poland. People gene-
rally  spreading votesheets can be aware of the fact
that  in  nine  of  ten  filled  and  returned votesheets
their  handle  and  their  group  will appear for sure!
When  a  person  or a groups belongs to the circle of
established   entries   nobody  really  needs  to  care
about  votesheets spreading anymore, as a quite high
numberof votes follows automatically and can be seen
as a part of the scene evolution, a matter of the fact
the  mail  charts  almost  need half a year to react on
actual happenings and changes.
Due  to  the fact that charts can be influenced in any
way  (self-voting,  friendship  votes, ...) it is not a se-
cure  barometer  to  define  the  actual  status in the
scene  but it is for sure a good way to define the po-
pularity level and the acceptance within the scene.

It  seems  that  no  one  of the legal part of the scene
has  already  found  out that the demo scene is bene-
fitting  from  the  work  of cracking groups, too. Many
useful tools making the scene job more easy for pro-
grammers,  graphic artists, composers and even mail
traders  were  originally  distributed  by  companies,
especially to be found on German programm disks like
Input  64,  64'er,  Magic  Disk and Game On have been
cracked and released by cracking groups, not to talk
about any improvements or translations or are there
any  freaks out there just working with original soft-
ware they have paid for? Furthermore there are the
rare games being offered and sold these days aswell
the combined magazine and programm disk packages,
who  are the potentional customers? Some non-scene
related  persons and crackers aswell as members of
cracking  groups,  supporting  that  original  to  their
group  in  the  hope  to get a release, and just on the
third level in a quite weak percentage members of le-
gal  teams!  But what went wrong here that those who
want  to  keep the spirit of the CBM 64 scene alive do
do  not support the commercial aspect of the compu-
ter system at all? When a good game is getting relea-
sed  just  have  a  look  into  the  disk  boxes of legal
sceners,  it  is  not  too  hard  to imagine what can be
found  in  there!  Correct,  it is NOT the original but a
crack. Why does the legal scene not support its fellow
members?  An  every  sold  copy could convince game
authors  to  continue  and  creating another piece of
software for this machine! People continously demand
high  quality  games  and  complain  about the general
shown quality these days, on the other hand they are
not willing to pay for the delivered quality, so what do
those  people  expect? Not even enthusiastic authors
will create games when the income does not cover the
costs  for  its  development,  that's  a fact ALL scene
related  persons  should  be aware of. The more easy
and  comfortable way is to blame cracking groups for
the  situation and waiting for someone else to get ac-
tive here by changing the current situation.
Instead  of  waiting for a change or complaining about
the   situation   people  should  better  getting  active
themselves.  There are many ways for active persons
to  improve  the  situation step by step, but remaining
passive  and complaining can not be the ultimate solu-
tion,  not  in  the  scene  and  not  in  the  commercial

Everyone  is  talking  about  a friendship scene these
days  with  friendship  to  be  the  engine  keeping the
scene  activities alive but the days presenting a fair,
respectful  competition  seem  to  have been gone for
good.  Actually  the scene consists of wanna-be num-
ber  one groups and individuals with the only interest
in  ruling  the ruins of the CBM 64 scene, respect to-
wards  more  advanced competitors is gone, as these
competitors  already  archieved the DESIRED position
in  the  charts and status in the scene. Never before
the  scene  has been the immense number of mobbing,
lies  to  save  questionable reputations of groups and
persons,  brainless and jealous attacks against com-
petitors  without  any  background just to reflect the
spotlight  away  from  own failures and incompetence.
Friendship  does  not  mean  that  the friends have to
come  up  with  compliments and positive critism all the
time,  a genuine friendship should allow controversial
discussions  without  declaring war later on or to re-
move  members  from  the  memberstatus  for causing
disruption   and   disorder   within   the   group.   If  a
so-called  friendship  does  not  stand  the  truth and
different opinions where else to find internal and ex-
ternal  credibility  or  honesty? No, a genuine friend-
ship  should  be  something  completely  different than
filling  the  friends', groups' and productions' name on
the  top  of  the  votesheet subjects or supplying the
so-called  friends  with originals or whateveer else is
benefitting him.
The  term  "friendship"  is  very  often  abused these
days,  the  correct  definition  for  the  scene  should
better  be  community of interests instead of friend-
ship scene.

Each  part  of the scene was its advantages and dis-
advantages,  both  the demo and the cracking scene.
Nevertheless  no  one  can  deny  the  fact that BOTH
parts are benefitting from each other, so the discus-
sion  about  the  right  of existence in any part of the
scene  is worthless as it was and still is the symbiosis
that  designs  the  variety in the scene to be an inte-
resting  place  to  be,  a  place having lost most of its
very  own  magic  all  over  the  years.  Isn't it a quite
good  example  of  racism?  Isn't  it the CBM 64 scene
having  made demos against racism? Isn't it especially
the  "liberal"  and "open-minded" demo scene claiming
to  be  against  racism? Why is that part of the scene
practising racism in this case?

What  is  the current status? The scene still claims to
be  a  friendship  scene  but  can't  afford  to miss an
every  single  chance to corrupt potentional competi-
tors.  The  scene  discussed  about  the  sense  of its
single   parts  and  does  not  recognize  that  it  will
destroy itself with unforced trench wars much faster
than  some  might expect. Sure, if there are five per-
sons  left in the scene it still can be defined as scene
but  will  that  remain the scene built up and kept alive
all  over  the  years?  Is  it that important for certain
individuals  and  groups  in  various  fields to rule the
ruins  and  to  destroy  the remaining strcutrues for
fast  fame,  a  questionable  fame  in  an  almost  dead

Farewell,  oh  scene,  we  have  had a nice time, a long
time  before  almost  all  of today's rulers have known
about  the  existance  of  this beautiful place and un-
derground  ressort,  unfortunately  that  time is long
gone for good!

Best regards,


Party Radar

                          * PARTY RADAR *
                        A S S E M B L Y ' 9 7
     Helsinki Fair Center, 8th - 10th of August 1997

1. Opening words
To state the obvious, you are reading the official AS-
SEMBLY '97 party invitation info file. Some facts pre-
sented  in  this  information file might change prior to
the  party  and the best way of keeping informed is to
regularly check out web site at

2. Facts
2.1 Where and When
Date & Time
The  party  will  start  at  10.00 (am) on Friday 8th of
August  and  end at 20.00 on Sunday 10th of August.
Check  out the preliminary schedule for more detailed
info.  Helsinki  Fair  Center (the  place). For the third
consecutive time the party is held in the largest con-
ference centrum in Finland - the Helsinki Fair Center
So  there  will enough room for everybody - if you've
some  special  requirements  contact  us  prior to the
event.  We  wouldn't  like  a tent in the girls WC, but we
might  actually  feel good about it in the corner of the
party area.
This  year  the  hall  is  different  from  the  previous
years,  so  the  door  used  for loading and unloading
during  Friday  morning  and Sunday afternoon is not
used  this  year.  The new door is located around the
corner (about 100 meters away).

Some facts about the hall
- the  address:  Rautatielaisenkatu  3  in  Pasila  (the
   name of the part of the city)
- how to get there:
1. Take  any  local  train from the central Helsinki rail
way  station  (in Finnish: "Rautatieasema", in German:
"Hauptbahnhof", in swahili... well who cares)
2. Get out at Pasila
3. Look  around  until you see a -giant- red block of
buildings. head there.
4. Join the party.

2.2. Getting there
Getting there by air
Flying  to  Helsinki  is  easy, but it ain't cheap. Finnair
(,  Lufthansa  (   and
SAS  (  fly  regularly  to  Helsinki and with
luck  you might find a plane that takes you to Helsinki
early on Friday morning.
If/when  you arrive at the Helsinki Airport (Helsenki-
Vantaa) there are three options to take:
1. take  a  cab (fast but expensive) (costs about 100-
150 FIM)
2. take a group taxi (yellow line). a bit more unexpen-
sive (about 60-100 FIM)
3. take  a  bus  to  the  center  of Helsinki. The buses
leave regularly approx. 30 minutes apart.

Getting there by sea
A  short  cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki always (!)
results  in  definite  fun.  A  lot  of good looking girls,
great  weather and luxirious ships guarantee a lot of
good   time.   Check   out  Viking  Line  and  Silja  Line

When you arrive in the harbour you can either
1) walk  to  the  central  railway  station  (not advised
with a lot of hardware)
2) take the tram to the central railway station
3) take  a  cab  to  the  Helsinki  Fair  Center  (costs
about 60-100 FIM)

Getting there by car
If you are coming by car you should find the trip easy
once  you  get  inside  Finlands  borders.  Head  on to
Helsinki,  the  capital. Once you are in Helsinki, do not
drive  to  actual  center, but find your way to Pasila.
Check  out  the  maps  for  central Helsinki and Pasila
more  details. There is plenty of parking space at the
Helsinki Fair Center.

General about Helsinki
You   can   find   more   info   about  Helsinki  City  at (maps, tourist info, etc.).
(maps, tourist info etc).
Local  area  bus  tickets in Finland vary from around
$2  to  $4  US. The taxi is of course more expensive.
For example to take a normal taxi from the airport to
the  party  place will cost one person around $30-40
US.  But  if  you  take  the Airport Taxi, it will be a lot
lot cheaper (about half the price).

2.3 Party features
Audio and video
The  main hall will once again feature a (too) powerful
sound  system.  We  will have (wow) stereo output and
kicking  base  at  10 000 watts of pure sound power.
And  naturally  we  will give out free earplugs. The big
screen  is  over  8 meters wide and and supports the
640  x  480  resolution.  Definitely the way to see the

The  kick  ass  network  is  once again at ASSEMBLY.
Provided  by  Telecom Finland we have over 30 mega-
bytes/sec  ATM  cable  and  a reliable local area net-
work.  Voting and party information will be done in the
party intranet.
We  will also provide extremely good service to people
not  able  to come to ASM. Using Telecom Finlands Me-
diaLab  technology  we will able to send streaming au-
dio & video from all competitions (!), party events, re-
ports, interviews and gallups.
In  addition  to the cool webTV we will also have a four
person reporter team working on a ASM eZINE publi-
shed  at  the  website.  So  you can expect very good
coverage of all events.

The  party  area  this  year is a little bit bigger hall in
the  different part of the Helsinki Fair Center than in
previous  years.  The hall is the B4 hall (if that means
anything  to  anybody  =)). We got about 4500 square
meters  of party area with 1500 computer places. The
sleeping  hall is situated in a near by computer scien-
ce   institute  (ATK-instituutti)  for  perfect  sleeping
peace.  No  noise,  no hassle. Remember to bring your
own  sleeping  bag.  The main party area doesn't have
windows  so the video screens will look absolutely fa-
bulous at the competitions.

The  party place is the biggest fair centre in Finland.
It will feature 24h food service (yes, we have Coke!),
24h  security  personnel,  24h  professional  electri-
cian,  24h luggage preservation service and cleaning
personnel. Also 24h help desk with friendly personell
will be available to help you out with any problems you
might  encounter.  Plenty of toilets and some showers
will  be  available.  Cool  party t-shirts will be sold for
low prices. FREE earplugs!

We  got  the  biggest parking lot in Helsinki City =). We
don't  yet know the Fair Center's policy towards par-
king but we presume that parking will be free or cost
cost only 20-40 FIM for the duration of the event.

3. Competitions
The  organizers reserve the right to make any chan-
ges  to  the  competition  rules,  and  to disqualify any
entry  if  it  is  not suitable to attend the competitions
for some reason. So don't include any explicit sexual,
racist  or  disturbing material. Atleast one of the au-
thors  of  a competiting product has to be present at
the  party  place  in order to attend the competitions
and  to  receive  possible prizes. In solo competitions
music,  graphics,  4kb) the author has to be present.
In  the  Java  demo  compo,  you don't need to be pre-
sent  to  enter the compo. Read more details the Java
demo  compo  rules.  Only contributions delivered be-
fore the deadline will participate in the competitions.
A  jury composed of known scene people (maybe even
you!)  will select an amount of 15 entries in each com-
petition  to  the  finals (to be shown on the big screen
to  the audience). There will be different people in the
PC and Amiga jurys.
"Maximum  running length" below is only the amount of
time  we  will show a particular piece of art on the big
screen.  The  demos/intros  will  have  to run without
ANY  user  interaction  once started (although there
can be a setup screen). The filenames of the produc-
tions  have  to  comply  with  the ISO-9660 standard.
This means that the only characters allowed in filena-
mes  are  "A-Z" and "0-9". The maximum length of the
filename  is  8+3 characters as in MS-DOS standard.
The  productions MUST NOT save any files (for exam-
ple configuration files) on the harddisk or the disk. In
the music, graphics, raytracing and 4kb intro compe-
titions  only  one  of  the  authors  (if there are more
than  one) can be the official author of the competing
piece  of  art. For example, if two coders work on the
same 4kb intro, only one of them can receive the pri-
ze  and  his name in the party results. After all, these
three  competitions are meant to be solo competitions
The authors have to have all copyrights to their pro-
duction.  If  you are dumb enough to rip graphics from
Quake  we  won't  be  dumb  enough  to  show it on the
screen.  All  entries will be distributed immediately af-
ter ASSEMBLY. If you wish to release a bugfixed ver-
sion,  submit  that  to the info crew before the end of
the  party.  All entries will be included on the Erave 3
CD-ROM, which will be released approx. one month af-
ter the party.

We  will  use the same projector as in ASSEMBLY '96.
This  means  that we have to load a special driver be-
fore showing anything on the screen. This driver en-
ables the video convertor to work correctly.
Unfortunately  it  has  the side effect of slowing down
demos  using a specific timing routine. To counter this
the  driver will be available from our web site as soon
as  possible  so  you can test your demo or intro with
that  driver  to see if it affects your code. In ASM '96
only couple of demos suffered from the timing problem
but it is better to be safe than sorry. We don't know
yet  how  the  driver  will  influence  Windows Direct-X
demos.  But  it  is  safe  to  assume that if your timing
code  has problems with it in DOS it will most probably
continue  behaving  badly  also in Windows. You should
note  that  the picture produced by a video projector
is not as good as a monitor picture. The video projec
tor  does not show pale colors well and in some cases
can  even lose them completely. Also the contrast can
be different. These are common problems will all video
problems with all video projectors and simply can't be
corrected.  Please  try to understand these restric-
tions. If you have any questions about the rules, con-
tact ASSEMBLY Organizing.

3.1 Voting information
We will use a WWW based voting system. You will recei-
ve a badge stating your user number and a password
This  combination will enable you to vote on our Intra-
net  server.  You  can  vote  for the five best in each
categories. The production placed in your vote in the
first  place  will receive 5 points, the second 4 points
and so on.

3.2 Jury information
Before you can give your opinion, a jury composed of
known  scene  people  will  qualify the products to the
finals.  The members of the jury will give points from 1
to 10 for each product and the average of the points
will be its final score.
15 best scoring products will qualify to finals. If there
is  more  than  one  product that qualified as 15th the
jury will commonly decide which one of them will quali-

The  name  of  any  file has to comply to the ISO-9960
standard (i.e. NO special or "SuP3r k3wl" characters
are  allowed).  The  maximum  length of the file name is
8+3  characters. The production must NOT save any-
thing  on the harddisk/disk. If you are having trouble
adding  Sound  Blaster  support  to your production,
check out the Midas sound system.

Competition machines DEMO, 64k INTRO & 4k INTRO:
Pentium  133  MHz  with 16 MB of RAM, MS-DOS 7.0, the
competition  machine  will be booted up with HIMEM and
EMM386,  so  make  sure  your productions runs with
them,  2 MB PCI SVGA graphics card (a S3 964 acce-
lerated  card),  Gravis  UltraSound  with  1  MB of on-
board memory and/or Sound Blaster AWE 32 with 1MB
of onboard memory, 550 kb of free base memory, hi-
ghest allowed screen resolution is 640 X 480.
All  productions  have to support 256 color mode but
can also use any high color use ( we will use the best
possible mode when showing the productions)

Pentium 133 MHz with 16 MB of RAM & 20 MB of swap,
Windows 95, Direct X 3.0, Matrox Millenium with 4 MB
of onboard memory

GENERAL RULES (demo, 64k & 4k intro)
The user has to be able to exit at any time by press-
ing ESC. PC demos and intro have to check for sound
card enviroments variables. If found they must be u-
sed! The formats of the enviromental variables are:
GUS ULTRASND=220,1,1,11,7 (address, dma, dma, gus
irq, sb irq)
SB BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 T1 (a=address, i=irq, d=dma)
If  the  enviromental  variables  are  found, your pro-
duction  has  to  use them and should not show the u-
sual  setup  screen. This will eliminate a great deal of
hassle during the competitions and it will also be user
friendly  (wow..).  The  DOS4GW.EXE  is  located in the
path,  so  you  don't  have to include it with your pro-
duction.  If  you  use  SVGA  modes, be sure that your
production  uses  the  standard  VESA modes. We will
use UNIVBE for the VESA compability.

The  user has to be able to exit at any time by press-
ing ESC. You have to use Windows 95 sound interface
to   actually   play   the  music,  so  no  direct  fiddling
around  with the hardware. We will run Windows in 640
X  480  X 24 bit mode. The production will be shown in
We  will  run  Windows in 640 x 480 x 24 bit mode. The
fullscreen  mode  but  a  windowed  mode  support is a
definite bonus!

Maximum  size  in  executable  form is 6144 kb (6 MB).
Maximum showing time is 8 minutes, the demo itself can
be  longer.  Maximum base memory requirement is 550
kb. 100% VGA register level compatible graphic modes
and  SVGA  modes  up  to 640*480 are accepted. You
are  free  to  use  any number of colors but the demo
has to work also with only 256 colors. Pure animation
files  are  not  accepted. Also executables only inclu-
ding  an  animation  and an animation player will not be
accepted,  this is not an animation competition. Gravis
Ultrasound (512kb) and SB PRO/SB 16 support requi-
red. The demo has to have also a "no sound" option.

Maximum  size  in  executable form is 4096 kb (4 MB).
Maximum showing time is 5 minutes, the demo itself can
be longer. The demo has to run ona machine with 16MB
of  physical memory and 20MB of swap space, but can
use all memory available in larger machines. The demo
must use and comply to Direct X 3.0.
The music system must support and use either Direct
Sound  or the standard Win32 audio functions, direct
hardware access it not allowed. We will use a well est-
ablished sound card for sound output (SB Awe 32, SB
Awe  64  or  some other). Make sure that your sound
routines  support also wave table cards with only 512
kb on board memory.
The  maximum screen size of the is 640 x 480. You're
free  to  use  up  to  24  bit colors but the demo must
work  also  in 256 color mode. You can support other
screen  modes  too,  but  the production will be run in
640  X  480  resolution  in  24 bit color mode. We will
display all demos in full screen mode. A windowed ver-
sion  is definitely a bonus. Pure animation files aren't
accepted.  Also  executables  only including an anima-
mation  and  an animation player will not be accepted,
this is not an animation competition

Maximum size in executable form is 64 KB (65536 by-
tes). Maximum showing time is 5 minutes. Maximum base
memory requirement is 550 kb. 100% VGA register le-
vel  compatible  graphics  modes  and  SVGA modes up
to 640 X 480 are accepted. You are free to use any
number  of colors but the demo has to work also with
demo has to work also with only 256 colors. Pure ani
mation files are not accepted. On the release version
Gravis  Ultrasound  (1024kb) and SB PRO/SB 16 sup-
port required. This version can be over 65536 bytes
long.  Also a no sound option is required. On the com-
petition version either Gravis Ultrasound or SB PRO/
SB 16 support required
In  PC  64kb intro competition 2 versions of the intro
can be submitted. The competing version which is un-
der 65536 bytes long and supports either GUS or SB
and  the release version which supports both. Relea-
se  version can be over 65536 bytes long. Competing
64kb intros cannot be in any case longer than 65536
bytes.  Both  release  and  competition version has to
submitted to the organizers before the deadline.

Maximum size in executable form in 4096 bytes. Maxi-
mum  showing  time is 3 minutes. Maximum base memory
requirement  is  550  kb.  NO MUSIC or other sound is
(because  this is a coders competition, not musicians)
Only 100% VGA register level compatible graphics mo-
des are accepted (no SVGA/VESA). Only one intro by
one  coder.  You  must  submit  two versions: a compo
version  and  a  release  version.  The compo version
may not display the name of the author or his group.

As  the  competition  machine  we  will use: A1200, 2mb
chip  memory, 8 mb fast memory, 68030 at 50 Mhz. We
are still considering a Blizzard 68060 turbocard for
the  machine and a possibility to use some 24 bit gra-
phics  card.  If  you  have  opinions about this, please
send us comments.
The  user has to be able to exit at any time by press-
ing  the  left mouse button. The name of the file has to
comply  to  the  ISO-9660 standart (i.e. NO special or
"SuP3r  k3wl"  characters  are allowed9. The maximum
characters  are  allowed).  The maximum length of the
file  names  is  8+3  characters. The production must
NOT save anything on the harddisk/disk.

Maximum  size  in  executable  form is 6144 kb (6 MB).
Must  be  harddisk installable. Maximum running length
is 8 minutes, the demo itself can be longer.

Maximum size in executable form is 64 kb (65536 by-
tes). Maximum showing time is 5 minutes.

The  name of the files have to comply to the ISO-9660
=  no  special  characters  are  allowed!  The maximum
length  of  the  file  names is 8 + 3 (the MS-DOS stan-
dard  file  format).  We will display the patterns of the
tune  on the screen while playing it. We will not display
We  will  not  display  the  name  of  the  author on the
screen  while  playing it. Make sure your tune doesn't
contain hints about the identity of the author or we'll
forced to display something like "tune 2" as the title.

Maximum  amount  of  channels  is 32. Maximum size of
the song is 1024 kb in a playable format (including all
samples,  pattern  data, etc.). Maximum running length
is 3 minutes. We will accept:
- FastTracker 2 modules (.XM) with up to 32 channels
- ScreamTracker  3  modules  (.S3M)  with  up  to 32
- Basic  Protracker  modules (.MOD) with 4 channels,
   also  extended  PT-like formats with up to 32 chan-
   nels are supported

All  songs  will  be played with PC compatible player u-
sing  a  1MB  Gravis UltraSound. One one song by one

Maximum size is 880kb (=one Amiga disk). Maximum a-
mount  of  channels  is 4. Maximum running lenght is 3
Maximum  running length is 3 minutes. All songs will be
played  with  the  Amiga ProTracker (not renamed, no
powerpacked). Only one song by one musician. The fi-
les  have  to  comply  to  the ISO-9660 standard = no
special  characters  are allowed! The maximum length
of the file names in 8+3.

The  maximum  running  length is 2 minutes. The frame
rate  of  the  animation has to be 15 pics/sec. Anima-
tion format will be AVI (Intel Indeo) with sound track.

Please continue reading in Party Radar II.

Party Radar 2

                         * PARTY RADAR II *
The  sound  track  should  be 22 kHz, 8 bit. The maxi-
mum  resolution  is  320 X 200. The animation must be
delivered  on  a  CD-ROM  or  an  Iomega ZIP drive. No
hard disks or floppy disks.

The  maximum  resolution  allowed  is  640  X 480. The
maximum  amount  of  simultaneous onscreen colors is
24  bit.  The  palette is the standart 24 bit true color
palette.  Pictures  drawn with Amiga will be shown with
Amiga  Brilliance  (no  executables!).  Pictures  drawn
with PC will be shown with CSHOW (or some other good
picture  viewer).  PC  pictures will have to be in TGA,
LBM  or  IFF  format.  Scanned, ripped and raytraced
pictures will be disqualified. We will have jury of esta-
blished  graphicians  disqualifying copied pictures. Do
NOT  copy  original  work  of  art.  You must submit at
least  three  versions of the unfinished pictures that
show  the process of creating the picture. In addition
you  must  submit  a version of the final picture which
doesn't have your signature on it (which will be shown
on  the  big  screen). Only one picture by one graphic

The  maximum resolution allowed in 640X480. The ma-
ximum  amount  of simultaneous onscreen colors is 24
bit.  The  palette is the standart 24 bit true color pa-
lette.  Pictures  will  be  shown  on  PC with true color
palette. Pictures have to be in JPG or TARGA format.
We  will have jury of established graphicians disquali-
fing  copied  pictures.  Do  NOT  copy original work of
You  must  submit  atleast three versions of the unfi-
nished  picture  that show that the process of creat-
ing  the picture. In addition, you must submit a version
of  the  final  picture  which doesn't have your signa-
ture on it (which will be shown on the big screen). On-
ly one picture by one graphics artist.

3.18  Commodore 64 general rules
As the competition machine we will use:
- a standard C64
- original 1541 floppy drive
- Action Replay MK6 cartridge

Please note that this is preliminary info on the compo
machine.  Only  one contribution from each group/ar-
tist  is  accepted for each competition series. Contri-
butions  must  be  100%  finished before the deadline,
because  we  will  copy  and  spread all of them at the
party. This is just to avoid final versions being relea-
sed  months  or possibly even years after the party.
The  deadlines  aren't  too  flexible  so  please deliver
your  contributions  in time (read: EARLY ENOUGH) to
avoid hassle. Your contribution disks won't be retur-
ned  (doing  so would cause an enormous hassle, just
use your imagination and guess why!).
imagination and guess why!).

Each demo will be shown for a maximum of 15 minutes.
Coding  your  demos  in  such a manner that pressing
space is not required is highly recommended. If, how-
ever,  your demo should require any user interaction
we  want a person from the contributing group to run
the  demo.  After all, there's no way we could possibly
know  which  effects the coder would like to be shown
a bit longer than the others...
At least one person must be present from the contri-
buting group (If it's not a group release (which is ex-
tremely  unlikely),  then  the  coder  must  be present

The  picture  must  be an executable file. ALL graphic
formats  are accepted. Only the picture must be seen
on  the  screen;  no scrollers or other moving things
are  allowed. Background musics are acceptable (not
recommended  though)  but  during the competition no
one  will  hear it, as the audio equipment will be turned
off.  Please  try  to give your picture some (sensible)
name  to  avoid  too many "unnamed" pictures compe-
ting. The artist must be present at the party.

3.21 C64 music compo
The  tune must be an executable file. Only your imagi-
nation's  the  limit;   samples are of course accepted.
Each tune will be played for max. 3 minutes (this does
not  mean  you'd  have  to  cut the tune at 3:00 sharp
though!  Even  if  your  tune won't be played for more
than three minutes at the party, people will play it lon
ger  at home). Please try to give your tune some (sen
sible)  name  to avoid too many "unnamed" tunes com-
peting. The artist must be present at the party.

3.22 Java demo compo
The maximum size of the production (including all gra-
phics,  sound  files,  class  files,  HTML files) is 100 kb
(unpacked).  Maximum  showing  time  is 5 minutes (the
demo itself can be longer). The demo has to be an ap-
plet. Maximum applet size is 320 x 200 pixels. The ap-
plet  will  be  run  inside  Netscape  Navigator  (exact
version  will  be  announced later). You must supply a
HTML  page  and  the  necessary  files in which to run
the  applet.  The HTML pages maximum width is 600 pi-
xels, max height is 400 pixels and it must use only le-
gal  Netscape  palette  colors.  You  may not open any
network  connections from the applet (the compo ma-
chine won't be connected to Internet). You may not o-
pen  new  browser/applet  windows. The applet has to
run  on  the HTML page you supply. The java code has
to  comply  to  the API version 1.0.2 (official release).
You  may  not  use  JAR/ZIP  archives.  There can be
only  one  actual  applet (= you can have only one ap-
plet  tag  in  your HTML code), but it can use several
class  files.  The  max.  sampling  frequency  of  sound
samples is 11 kHz. You don't need to be present at the
party  place  to  take  part in the Java demo competi-
tion.  The competition will be international. All produc-
tions  that  are  submitted  in  before hand have to be
uploaded  to  a ASSEMBLY  Organizings  ftp-site (an-
nounced  later). Last date for uploading a production
will be 4.8.1997 at 00:00 am More details will be publi-
shed later at

The  productions  can be anything from computer ge-
generated  animations,  demos  on  ancient  or  exotic
computers  to plain video art. The only requirement is
that  the  productions are cool. Maximum showing time
is  5  minutes,  the  production  itself  can  be  longer
(thank  you  guys from the last years wild compo =)).
The production has to be delivered on a SVHS or VHS
cassette  (European  PAL  format). The cassette will
not be returned. No copyrighted material or material
that  violates  Finnish  or international laws is allowed
in the production.

4. Prizes
The  total  value  of all the prizes in US dollars will be
over  US$  23.000  (not  including software). The ac-
tual prizes may be software, hardware or pure cash.
This  depends  on  our sponsors. The following list in-
cludes  only  the preliminary list of the prizes (the fi-
nal  lists  will  be  published  at  the party place). Also
keep  in mind that the money exchange rates also af-
fect this list (at the time of writing of this file one US
was 5.1 Finnish marks). All damages to the Fair cent-
re, other surroundings and other damages caused by
party  visitors  will  be REDUCED from the prizes be-
fore any prizes are paid. This is because of previous
trouble with people breaking up places, furniture and
spraying  the  walls and thus causing damage of many
thousand  dollars.  All  prizes will be paid at the party
place. We will try to give cash prizes in the PC and A-
miga  demo competitions. The prizes in the other com-
petitions  may  be more or less various hardware and
software.  All  the  cash  prizes  will be paid in Finnish

PC competition prize values (in US dollars)
     demo    win'95    64k intro    4k intro
1.   2750    1000         1000           500
2.   1250     500          500           250
3.    750     250          250           250
4.    500
5.    250

Amiga competition prize values (in US dollars)
     demo    64k intro
1.    1750    1000
2.    750     500
3.    500     250

Music competition prize values (in US dollars)
     multich    4 ch
1.   500        500
2.   250        250
3.   150        150

Graphics competition prize values (in US dollars)
     Animation    Graphics    Raytrace
1.    1000            500            500
2.    500             250            250
3.    250             150            150

C64 competition prize values (in US dollars)
     demo    graphics     music
1.     400        200         200
2.     150        100         100
3.      50         50          50

Java & wild compo  prize values (in US dollars)
     Java demo     Wild
1.     500             500
2.     250             250
3.     150             150

5. Tickets
We  have  lowered the ticket prize! This year there is
only one ticket (NO computer place reservation fee),
and the prize is 220 fim (apprx. 45 USD) The compu-
ter  place  reservations  can  only be made by buying
tickets  in  advance from ASSEMBLY Organizing. We'll
not have any "one-day" tickets. The sale of reserva-
tion tickets will end at 4th of August.

5.1 Buying in advance
You  can  buy  your  advance  ticket  from ASSEMBLY
Organizing.  Groups  that  want  to get the group dis-
count  and  computerplace  reservations  have  to be
bought  in  advance from Assembly Organizing. If your
group buys 10 or more tickets at the same time you'll
receive the 10% group discount from the ticket prizes
To order a ticket you have to pay directly to the ac-
account of ASSEMBLY Organizing (see contact info).
Make sure, when you pay directly to the account that
Assembly  Organizing doesn't get any additional costs
and the amount of money covers the costs of the or-
dered  ticket.  Also  make sure that we get the infor-
mation  who  has  sent  the  money  and  where we can
send  the  tickets.  After  making  the payment, please
please   make   an   official   order   at  our  WWW-site
Groups  in  Finland  can  order  their tickets directly
from our WWW-site
The  tickets will be shipped as COD ("postiennakko").
Please allow 20 FIM for postage costs.
If you buy your ticket in advance you have the possi-
bility to use group discount of 10%. You have the pos-
sibility  for  group  discount  if  you  buy more than 10
tickets  at a time. Also the table reservation is possi-
ble  only by buying reservation ticket. You don't have
to  reserve  table  for  yourself,  but the best places
near  the  videoprojector  screen  go  to  the reser-
vers.  The earlier you reserve your place the better
place you get.
We  will  organize  special door in the first day of As-
sembly  '97 where you can get your computer in most
most conviniently.

5.2 At the partyplace
Tickets  will  be  sold  at the party place for the same
fee  of  220 FIM. All computer place reservations tik-
kets have to be bought in advance. There is no group
discount when you buy tickets from the door.

6. Party network
All  participants  will  be  offered a chance to join the
party  network. The purpose of this network is to al-
low  the  users  to  surf  the  web, use the IRC, telnet
(ssh),  MediaNet  and the NetRadio. The official infor-
tionsite during the event will be,
which  will  tell  you  what  services  are available and
what software and which drivers are required.
The NetInfo will be open 24h/day at the event to help
you in case you run into problems.

What you will need:
Ethernet  Adapter Card with either a Twisted Pair or
Coaxial interface: Cable (about 5-10m), either twisted
pair  or  coaxial. For twisted pair (10BaseT, UTP) you
will need RJ-45 connectors. For coaxial cable (10Ba-
se2,  thinnet)  you will need BNC-connectros and a T-
Software:  The  supported  protocols are TCP/IP and
IPX Drivers: TCP/IP Stack, Ethernet adapter drivers
(can  be  found  at the sites listed below.) Drivers for
Ethernet Adapter Cards:Allied Telesyn, 3COM, D-Link
Metropoli files
How to connect to the network
Having  found  your  place at the party place you will
need  to connect to the network. If the cabletype you
are using is Twisted Pair, plug one end of the cable in
the adapter card and the other in the hub that you'll
find at your table. It is strongly recommended to use
twisted pair, since it caused less problems than coa-
xial cable.
If you are using coaxial cable, start by making sure
there  are  one  or  two cables connected to your T-
connector.  In  case  of  only one, you will need to at-
tach  a  terminator  to  the unused end of the T-con-
nector.  Then  plug  the  T-connector  in the adapter
card  and the BNC-connectors (or one BNC-connec-
tor  and  one  terminator)  to  your T-connector. The
coaxial  cable should be a 50 ohm cable - RG58C/U is
a good cable type.
If possible do not use homemade cables since they of-
ten cause problems. Cables will be sold at the event.
The  IP-adresses  will be distributed using DHCP (Dy-
namic  Host  Configuration  Protocol).  When you come
up  on  the  network for the first time you will need to
issue  a  broadcast  that  will seek the DCHP server,
which when found will respond by giving you an IP-ad-
dress  and  other  information  needed (subnet mask,
DNS-server,  default  gateway  etc).  If  your machine
supports DHCP it will automatically do this for you, o-
therwise  you  can  get  your  IP-address  etc  at the
NetInfo  during  the  event.  Operating  systems  that
support DHCP directly are Windows95 and WindowsNT
It  is  forbidden  to  use  the  network for distributing
material  that  is  under  copyright  or is illegal in any
If  you  wish  to maintain a server of your own, please
contact  the NetCrew at netcrew^ in

7. Preliminary schedule
FRIDAY, 8th of August
10.00 ASSEMBLY doors open - the party may begin!
13.00 Sign-up for out door compos begins (not yet
15.00 Outdoor compos (not yet confirmed)
19.00 C64 competition deadline - all C64 contributions
must be entered
22.00 Deadline for all competitions
23.00 C64 competitions start

SATURDAY, 9th of August
12.00 4 channel music competition
13.00 Graphics competition
13.30 32 channel music competition
15.00 PC 4k intro competition
16.00 Amiga 64k intro competition
17.30 PC 64k intro competition
20.00 Java demo competition
21.30 Win'95 demo competition
23.30 Wild competition

SUNDAY, 10th of August
09.00 Amiga demo competition
11.30 Animation competition
12.30 PC demo competition
15.00 Vote counting
16.00 Announcement of winners and prize ceremony
20.00 Doors close - ASM'97 is over!

8. Disclaimer
We  don't  take any responsibility on the safety of the
equipment  people  bring  to  the party place. We sug-
gest  you  take an insurance for your equipment from
some   insurance  company.  And  remember,  you  can
store  your  equipment  by using the luggage preser-
vation  service  which  will  be  available  at the party
party place.
If  you have ANY suggestions or ideas about anything
written  in  this text file, don't hesitate to contact us!
While  you  are visiting Finland you have to follow Fin-
nish laws. If you break laws at the Fair Centre we will
call  the  police to take care of you. You will also have
to answer for anything you break at the party place.
All  damages  to  the  fair centre, other surroundings
and  other  damages  will  be  reduced  from the total
prize money.


9. Contact info
You  can  reach  us  by  many means according to the
following list:

Voice:            ASSEMBLY Org.   +XXX-X-XXXX XXXX
Fax:              ASSEMBLY Org.   +XXX-X-XXXX XXXX
E-mail:           assembly^
iRC:               #asm97
Normal mail:   ASSEMBLY Organizing
                  c/o Oy Eworks Finland Ab
                  XXXXXXXXXXX XX
                  XXXXX XXXXXXXX

Bank account for international money transfers:
                    Oy Eworks Finland Ab
                  Handelsbanken XXXXXX-XXXXXXX

                  Swift code: HANDFIHH

Please  include your address with the payment, where
you  want the tickets to be sent. Also make sure that
there are no additional expenses for the receiver of
the payment.

Best regards,


The Hunt 97

                         T H E   H U N T   9 7
Welcome  to  the first ever Commodore 64 scene sca-
venger  hunt, brought to you by Digital Excess, Fair-
Light,  Relax  Magazine  and  the  coordinators of the
highly acclaimed High Voltage SID collection.

This  is  YOUR  chance  to  prove  that  you KNOW the
scene   and  aren't  one  of  so  many  imposters  and
wanna-bes who claim to be the scene nowadays.

The  Hunt  consists  of  40  questions  and tasks, for
each  fullfilled task or right answer you'll be awarded
with  points,  naturally  the  one  with  the most points

Deadline  is  September  26th,  1997.  Send your ans-
wers   and   resources   to  hunt^,  but
please  note  the  following:  if  you know of an FTP or
WEB  site  you  got  a special demo or game from that
we  ask  for,  please  send  the  complete  URL  of the
same  demo  so  that  we simply can check the URL in-
Of  course  make  sure to include a contact address,
your  handle  and  group  with  your answers so that
the fame of winning goes to the right guy.

We'll  keep  you  informed about the progress and the
standings on our webpage at

Have fun....

- 01 -
Provide photos of the following people
      a) Charles Deenen
      b) Jonathan Dunn
      c) Fred Gray
      d) Jeroen Kimmel
      e) Mitch/ESI
      f) Jeroen Tel & Charles Deenen on ONE(!) photo

- 02 -
Who wrote the book "Mapping the C64"?

- 03 -
The  game  "Bamboo"  was never finished because the
programmer  could  not  keep  the  VSP from trashing
the  memory.  He'd  been  very  famous for a scrolling
platform  game  he  did  before  that. What's his name?
Provide a version of the game.

- 04 -
What  is the real name of the programmer of FunPaint

- 05 -
The  copy-protection  "Timex  System"  was  invented
and  programmed  by  a  German  cracker.  What's his
real name and what was his group?

- 06 -
Who  invented  FLD,  what  is  the  programmers  real
name,  what does FLD stand for and in what demo was
it first shown? When was the demo released?

- 07 -
Deejay  of  the original United Artists later program-
med  a  lot  of  games  with a well-known German demo
and  game group. What is his real name and what's the
name of the group?

- 08 -
What  graphic  artist  became  well-known for his C64
conversations  of  several heavy metal group LP co-

- 09 -
Before  he  joined  Maniacs  of  Noise Reyn Ouwehand
was  a  member  of another NL group. What group and
what was his handle in that time?

- 10 -
Before he joined 711 Sebastian Broghammer program-
med  legendary  demo-,  intro-  and lettermakers with
the  group  he  was  in  before. What was that group's
name? Provide one of these programms?

- 11 -
What  group  was the infamous Excell in before he joi-
ned Ikari?

- 12 -
The  group  Network  did  make  a  huge impact on the
scene,  as  one  of  the  tools of their production was
the  thing  to  have  but  was  rather  hard  to  get at
first.  What was the name of the tool, and who was the

- 13 -
Some  people  in the C64 scene join and leave groups
like  other  people  change  their  underwear.  Name a
scener that was in all of the groups listed below.
      a) Alpha Flight 1970, Avantgarde, F4CG
      b) Genesis Project, Amok, Vibrants
      c) Trans-X, Science 451, Beastie Boys
      d) Vision, Action, Hitmen
      e) Weird Science, Contex, Megastyle

- 14 -
What   well-known   German  cracker  group  emerged
from the ashes of the Xades Society?

- 15 -
The  late  Strike Force was in permanent cooperation
with  another  group.  Name  the  group  and  all of its

- 16 -
Every group has its abbreviation to put it in the file-
name  of  their  releases or just to have short short
way  to  show  their  affiliation. Name the groups that
belong  to  the  following abbreviations. One was even
used by two groups, name both.
      a) FIG
      b) FS
      c) RWE
      d) SCS
      e) TLC
      f) TLI
      g) UCF
      h) WWE
      i) YF
      j) ZEN

- 17 -
With  1989  came  the  time  of the disk magazines, lots
of  poeple  saw on "easy" way to have regular relea-
ses  and so a lot of mags flooded the scene. Name the
groups  that  STARTED  the  following  disk  mags and
provide the first issues.
      a) Cocoon
      b) Endemic
      c) Exploding
      d) Magic News/Scene Press
      e) Mamba
      f) Magnetic Dreams
      g) Propaganda
      h) Sex'n'Crime
      i)  The Times
      j)  Vinews

- 18 -
One  magazine  once  reported  that  Jeroen  Tel  had
been  kicked  out  of  Maniacs  of Noise. Name the mag
and issue.

- 19 -
The  guy  who  invented  "System 4" also did a famous
paper mag. Name the mag and the guy.

- 20 -
What  group  did  the  Digital  Jukebox series and how
many have been done?

- 21 -
A  group,  which  was  also  responsible  for a famous
graphic programm, released a REU demo on the Ikari/
Zargon  party.  What  is  the  name  of  the  demo  and
group? Provide the demo.

- 22 -
Reluctant  of  finding  new  names  for their demos at
some  time  people  started to do demo series with the
same  name,  just changing an index number. Name the
groups  that  did  the following demo series. How many
parts  have  been  released  of each series? Provide
the last demo of each series.

- 23 -
With  differences  between  groups  and antisympathy
for  some  guys  a  special  form  of  demos  came into
existance,   the   so-called  anti-demos.  Provide  the
      a) "Eat me Raw (Shits of ESI)" (against ESI)
      b) "Shut your moutn" (against Steve/Zenith)
      c) "Greco's Nightmare" (against Greco/Zenobits)
      d) "Censor Logo destruct" (against Censor)
      e) "Die Hard Agile" (against Agile)

- 24 -
A  game released in 1997 featured a title picture that
was  ripped  from  a  1992  Digital Excess game. Name
both games.

- 25 -
Which   German   cracking   group   released   "legal"
cracks  of  some  Magic Bytes games for it's members
and close friends?

- 26 -
The  game  "Summix" was released by only one group.
What group and for what reason?

- 27 -
FairLight  released  3  versions  of a certain karate
game,   the   final  one  was  done  by  The  Alchemist.
mist. Name the game and provide the last version.

- 28 -
The  original  of  the game "Rocket Ranger" contained
a  personal  message  from  the  production  crew  to
Mitch/ESI. What was the message in it's entirety?

- 29 -
Provide  a  text adventure game with the objective of
having  sexual intercourse with a female mentioned in
the  title.  (6 points for frozen, 9 points for unfrozen

- 30 -
One  of the most popular BBS's in the USA in 1988/89
was the board Warez Galore. Provide it's number.

- 31 -
Why  is  the  soundtrack  of the game "Spy vs. Spy II"
missing in HVSC?

- 32 -
Who composed the loader tune of the game "Myth"?

- 33 -
Provide   any  SID  tune  done  by  Thomas  Detert  of
X-Ample that is not in HVSC yet.

- 34 -
The   sound   composers   nowadays   well-known   as
F.A.M.E.  originally  were part of another group. What
was that group's name and what does the abreviation
F.A.M.E. stand for?

- 35 -
Charles  Deenen  of  Maniacs  Of  Noise contacted the
Finish police in 1989. What was the reason?

- 36 -
Rob  Hubbard  was  such  a  big  well known composer
that his name appeared in nearly every game in which
he  made  the  music  for.  In  one  game, however, Rob
Hubbard  used  an alias since he didn't want to be as-
sociated  with  the  game. Name the game and the alias

- 37 -
At   Ikari/Zargon   Party  in  Slagelse  a  lot  of  demo
groups got angry. Why?

- 38 -
Ikari/Zargon  party was "visited" by the police, which
caused lots of distress and people trying to eat their
disks :-),  although this was not the reason they came
but a disease that had been discovered. What disease
and who was the guy causing all that trouble?

- 39 -
What was so special about the 1st place demo at Raw-
head/Bros/Suppliers party in 1989 and what was the
programmers new handle when he joined Contex some
time later?

- 40 -
Years  ago  a German group started a cult party se-
ries in Heinsberg/Germany. What was the party called
and when was the first one held.

Much fun while solving the questions/tasks on behalf
on THE HUNT 97 staff,

(aka Seven/Hitmen)

Demo Reviews

                          * DEMO REVIEWS *
The  demo  season  seems  to  have gone into the well
deserved summer break. With the RAGE '97 in Hunga-
ry  and  WIRED  '97  in  Belgium two parties have been
hold  not providing enough releases to be counted as
true  days  of  the  season. ASSEMBLY 1997 seems to
be  the  only  possible  candidate capable to quality to
become  an  official  demo  season day in the next few

It  is  quite  interesting  to  observe  that the release
strategy  of some groups seems to have changed into
direction  back  to  the  roots  and  to present demos
NOT  on  (major)  parties  only.  The  ancient  Swedish
group   ACTIVE  remembered  the  meanwhile  of  their
group's  name  and  presented a quite promising pre-
view of their planned trackmo release entitled JAZZ-
GOSSEN.  It  would  be  nice to see them enlarging the
activity  on  this field and to support the legal sector
with  further demo releases. CHROMANCE did come up
with  another  demo  release  called  DUMPSTER  while
CREST released the sequal to KRESTAGE. Please find
expanded  reviews  later  on  in  this  chapter. FOCUS
has  sent with YESTERDAYS a lifesign, too, containing
a  quite interesting seight on the demo scene. Instead
of  preaching  only it would be by far more entertain-
ing  and  impressive  to  see The Dark Judge bringing
his style closer to the scene with some more stunning
Focus productions, atleast it would be more effective
and  for sure an outstanding gift for the fans of old-
style demonstrations. The guys in LAXITY have hold a
meeting  and  presented  with  FICKEN F"R NE MARK a
traditional  partyscroll production, nothing more, no-
thing  less.  MEGASTYLE  PRODUCTIONS  struck  back
with "AAAARGH!", a fine singlefile demo production for
fans  of  oldstyle demos, giving the hope that MSP will
intensify  their  efforts  into  the  demo  scene again.
Seeing  other old groups getting active again OFFEN-
CE could not wait to releae "FLEXIBLE", a production
consisting  out of old but unreleased demo parts. This
production  let hope for further Offence demo relea-
ses on this computer system. TABOO did spread after
almost  three  years  of delay their constributions to
the  planned  Elysium  and Taboo cooperation release
ALTERED  STATES 50%. The shown effects are similar
to  the  ones  seen on the YEARS AGO illegally spread
preview  disk  containing  routines,  effects  and art-
work  from  Taboo.  What  a pity that the final version
never got released back in time. THERAPY came along
with the release version of their trackmo CASTLE OF
DREAMIN',  a  production having competed in the demo
competition of the Scenest 1997 party.

At  the  RAGE  '97  in Hungary two serious demo pro-
ductions  have  been  released.  COMA, who have been
quite  active  lately,  has  won  the comptetition with a
demo  entitled NOSTALGIA and tried to fade away from
the 4X4 chunky2planar hype. SINGULAR has released
a  dentro  called  BEYOND RECOVERY and got ranked
on the second spot.

Three  demos  have been released at the WIRED '97 in
Belgium.  SMASH  DESIGNS  once again won a competi-
tion  of  a  party  where  they  were in the organising
staff, the trackmo shown is the sequal to TRIAGE and
following  the  popular  conception  -  trackmo  - 4X4
chunky2planar  effects - techno music. WOW did come
up  with  a  dentro  called FULL MOON and got ranked
second.  Third in the competition is an EXCESS relea-
se  called SHIZO, a production completely looking just
like another AEG release if you have a look closer on
the routines and the artwork.

Unfortunately  FUBEN was NOT able to deliver his re-
views  right in time to the twice exceeded deadline, so
this  time  there won't be any demo reviews in the CBM
64 version.
Visitors  of  RELAX ONLINE will find the complete edi-
tion  including  COMPLETE demo reviews five days af-
ter the initial release on THE DIGITAL DUNGEON.

Best regards,


Lost Files

                         * THE LOST FILES *
It  is  no  secret  that  Relax  Magazine  has built up a
secret  police  and  a unique network of countless in-
formers  reporting  about the last TRENDS, HAPPEN-

No  doubt  that  all those secret agents have already
infiltrated  group/magazine  headquarters  and  have
installed  monitors  for telephones and backdoors for
Internet and board accounts. There is no step a sce-
ne  related person can do without surveillance of Re-
lax Magazine agents.

Some  protocols and files of the "Relax Archive" have
found  the way out of the secret headquarter, provi-
ding  the  scene with stunning and unbelievable infor-
mation, facts which should NOT have been made public
yet.  Therefore  countless agents are hunting for the
stolen documents in order to prevent non-authorized
usage. Always remember, the truth is out there!

WALKER  has found a SMART way to revolutionize andt
REPLACE  what  people  use  to  call  "ragging  on the
boards" these days.
"It's  quite  simple"  he  starts explaining, "people who
are  against  us  may  DIE  in traffic accidents, people
who are realistic and think we are average only have
to  LOOSE  atleast an arm or leg in a traffic accident
and  people  who  behave  friendly  may survive with a
bad  coldness  to  make  sure  that  F4CG will rule the
board, Internet and the mail scene!".

Downunder  JAZZCAT  seems  starting  to accept and
adapt this conception. "I could invite the complete Re-
lax  staff  for a boat tour on the Great Barrier reef,
maybe  ALL  will become fishfood for the sharks over
there,"  he  starts  thinking,  "that  will  decrease the
number  of  competitors in the magazine and cracking
scene  with  just a single accident. That's what I call a
perfect  crime!". DIGAHOLE, Jazzcat's marionette and
faithful  butler,  more and more starts liking the idea,
as  it's  more  effective than ragging against RRR in a
private  sub  at Deadzone or on channel #c-64 in the
IRC  when he is NOT around. "He did NOT pay respect
for  me  clearly  stating  that I have copied most news
from either the Relax and AFL homepages so he must
die! As he does not adore me and Onslaught he surely
is  the  biggest asshole on this planet!" have been the
latest  thoughts  directly  recorded from an internal
Onslaught conference.

Games  named  'Mystery' seem to be scene mysteries.
A  completely shocked Alpha Flight 1970 calls the Re-
lax  Magazine  bureau  "Hey RRR, did you read the la-
test  Propaganda?". "Yes, I did, why?". "I have NEVER
posted  it!".  "Wait  a  moment, I'll check it out. 'Again I
was  caused  to  make  mistakes  due  to crapcode by
F4CG.'  what  sounds  MYSTERIOUS.  When you claim in
the public that the game works why do you admit offi-
cially  that  YOU made mistakes AGAIN?". "You see, I'd
NEVER  do  it!". "Furthermore, why did YOU made mis-
takes  again?  Did  YOU crack the game?". "Even that
stunned  me as IGNORANCE cracked it, NOT me!". "Hmh
what really made me wonder is that the discotheque is
calling you! YOU haven't been in a disco since... ahh ...
that  must  have  been  ...  before .... ". "1994! It was in
Bochum  in  a  disco  called 'Prater'." explained Marc.
"Yes,  I  remember,  along with Max and me." confirmed
RRR  and continued "too bad that NOBODY could come
along  with  a  buffer in order to prove the existance
of  it!".  Marc replied "something what does NOT exist
can't  be brought along! And the best is that I was in-
sulted  to be drunken while typing it!". "Ha ha ha, that
is the proof for the fake, compared with you I am with
my  one  bottle  of beer per week an alcoholic," said a
still confused RRR "I really don't know what to believe
in anymore!".

"For  sure  Alpha  Flight  1970's  version of MYSTERY
does  not  work on my computer!" explains MR. WAX as
an  instructor  for  a  CBM  64 scene rookie course.
"Why?"  has been a question out of the course. "Why?
Wait a minute....." said Mr. Wax before taking his handy
and  calling up Jazzcat. "Jazzcat, why does MYSTERY
cracked  by  AFL  does  not  work?".  "The  NTSC  fix
overwrites  parts  of  the  code  on PAL!" said Jazz-
cat  and Mr. Wax closed the communication "Thank you
very  much!  I'll  restart  to  lecture. Bye!". "Dear au-
dience,"   he   continued,   "the  NTSC  fix  overwrites
parts  of  the code on PAL and spoils the gameplay!".
Someone  from  the  audience  requested "So on what
system the bug appears now, PAL or NTSC?". Mr. Wax
started to smile and answered "Hey, the bug appears
on NTSC!" in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Meanwhile   in   a  lonely  telephone  booth  located  in
Braunschweig/Germany   a   disappointed   SKINHEAD
philosophizes  about  the  sense  of  ragging.  "I have
been editing some of the longest rags ever written on
a  CBM  64,  and  what happened? A one-liner claiming
that  a  game  does  NOT  work  properly  is  my MOST
successful  rag ever, and what really makes me stun,
the FIRST people do believe in. Life is so unfair!".

Somewhere  in  an  editor's  office  of a Polish written
magazine which could NOT be identified due to techni-
cal  problems.  "Is  it  possible  that the scene outside
Poland  does  NOT  understand our native language?"
asks the editor-in-chief his co-editor. "Yes, this can
be true",  he  replied. "So attacking famous and esta-
blished  sceners is NOT that brave and cool as we al-
ways  thought?".  "Unfortunately not, I presume!". "No
big  deal, Polish has to become the dominating langua-
ge  in  the scene! Who cares about the origin, who ca-
res about the rest of the world, only the Polish scene
made  this  all  possible.  Vote  Polish, release Polish!"
have  been  the  last words transmitted by our Polish
informer,  before getting blamed for speaking English
and being deported to a concentration camp.

"In  case  we  spread  a  new  set  of Propaganda and
F4CG  lighters,  especially  in  Poland as people there
can't  vote  (quote  from Propaganda 23, charts sec-
tion),  will that bring us to the desired top positions in
all single, group and production charts" asked an eu-
phorical  ZYRON  an  about the current charts situa-
tion  disappointed  WALKER,  who replied "I wish both,
voters  and  concurence,  would  die in a traffic acci-
dent!" just to end the initiated discussion.

"Free-thinking  and  intelligent  journalism  is the new
Propaganda  conception." reports NEWSCOPY to SO-
LAR.  "We  are free to think that F4CG is the domina-
ting  group on all systems in past, present and future
and  is  it  for  sure  very  intelligent to put a DANISH
coder called PERFF/No Name into the DUTCH all-star
team of the Propagand 23 charts section,  isn't  it?".
Jazzcat,  joining  the conference, starts smiling "And
therefore  I made ANTITRACK to be an old Belgian Le-
gend  member,  because  I  am  free-thinking, too, who
cares that he is Austrian?" while commenting Domina-
tion #9.

"No,  nobody taught me how to use modems and calling
out", posted JAZZCAT, who is rumoured having intro-
duced  the  board scene to the CBM 64 community, "it
was definately NOT Max who told me how to use CCGMS
and  modems,  it  WAS  me  who  taught  it  to  AFL and
everyone  else  back in the eighties..." before the line
broke down and a system crash resetted all settings
Since that time in the northern part of Gelsenkirchen
strange phonecalls appear from time to time "Hey Max
dude,  it's  Jazz....  erhm, someone from Australia, can
you  please  re-send  me  the  settings  you  gave  me
three  years  ago  when  I  started  calling  out?" and
"What does ATD mean? Why doesn't it work correctly?
What  to  do now?" has filled his answering machine by
far  too  often  so  that  Max  immediately changed his
phone  number. Nevertheless he did not believe in the
skills  of  Net*Phreakers  who  have  hacked  into the
Telekom  resources  and spread several secret num-
bers,  incl.  Max's, in Germany's renowned news maga-
zine "Der Spiegel".  "So after two days of silence the
telephone  terror  continued" reported a rather dis-
appointed Max, who is willing to close his line for good

Somewhere  around the frontier between Europe and
Asia  DIGAHOLE  is  calling  Jazzcat  in Tasmania "Hey
David,  in case  I  will  rag against AFL, RRR and Relax
Magazine  on the boards will I get two cards per post
as  you  promised  me  a  while ago?". "Yes, ofcurse."
answered   David.  "And  when  I  will  edit  a  complete
chapter  attacking  RRR  with  fantasy insults and of-
fences?  Will  I  get  five  cards for it?" offered Mert.
"Calm down! Edit that article, but I can only grant you
two  cards  for  it  as I have to support all people at-
tacking  AFL  at  the  moment, otherwise they will stop
their   effort  and  supporting  us,"  explained David,
"and  you know what it means, they'll restart laughing
about  us!"  continued David, "Therefore you only can
receive  a  few  cards  only."  Later on The Escapade
Digahole  continued his desperate attacks "... Bah, my
chapter  was  by  far  BETTER  than his... I am turkish
elite!  ...".  RRR  commented  the  issue  "Turkish elite?
Yes, I guess we have turkish elite in Germany, too. We
are  respectfull calling them '2 Big Macs, Pommes Fri-
tes  and  a  Coke.  What? DM 7,95? Here are 8,-- DM.
The rest is for you! Don't give it out at once.'".

During his Interrail tour across Europe from one mu-
sic  festival  to  the  next  CBA  decided to visit MAX's
place.  "Hey RRR, come along and join us to the trip to
Buer.". "I have a terrible headache!" replied RRR. La-
ter  on having met at Max's place with a single expec-
tion  they  started  to empty some bottles. CBA decla-
red  "Vodka  and apple juice tastes awful!", Max found
out  "Vodka  with  orange  juice  tastes much better!"
while RRR added  "I have a terrible headache!". Chan-
ging  places to the pub "M. Peyer's" the boozing con-
test  continued. "My beer tastes fine!" explained Max,
CBA  seemed  to like his vodka orange while RRR com-
plained  "My  Alka  Seltzer*  tastes bad! :(". Changing
locations  once  again  to  the world famous and Relax
Magazine's   favourite  discotheque  "Hugo"  Max  re-
started  the  communication  when  three lovely ladies
approached  their  table  "I  haven't  had  sex with my
girl-friend  since  Niels joined my house.". Niels found
out  "I  haven't had a shower since a week when I was
in  Berlin.  Flies  do  like  me!"  and Max stated "yeah,
Berlin   is   a  lovely  COUNTRY!"  RRR  woke  up  from
dreaming of those lovely ladies and requested "ehrm,
Berlin  is  a country? I will note it down to publish it in
Relax  Magazine!".  CBA  completed  "when  Berlin is a
country,  what  passport  do  I need to enter Gelsen-
kirchen?   And   what  language  do  you  guys  speak
here?  In case you tell me you can print my story ex-
clusively in Relax Magazine!". To be continued...

"To  be  or not to be, that is here the question. Am I a
fake  or  has RRR cracked 'Powertris' and called out
using  my  handle?"  has been requested by CHRYSA-
GON  after many sleepless nights because some WELL
informed claimed he is a fake only.

Finally  in  Gothenburg/Sweden  NEWSCOPY and WAL-
KER  discuss  the future strategy for F4CG's CBM 64
section.  "Killing  ALL  our  opponents  is surely more
effective instead of hoping them to die in traffic acci-
dents",  explains  a  confident  Walker and continues,
"after  having  cleared  the  scene  according  to our
interests will we receive a similar status like on PSX,
PC,  SNES  and MAC, and if yes, is the status WE think
to  have  received or is it the status we gained in the
opinion  of  EXPERIENCED  SCENERS  on  other  plat-
forms?"  now  again in a more depressed mood. News-
copy  replies  "It  is  as  usual,  we  define our status
ourselves, so we will always be the leading force, not
depending  on  releases  and  activity." to see Walker
smiling again.

SATIRE?!  SARCASM?! PARODY?! Even if it looks like a
NEWS  CHAPTER  in  concurence  publications  this  is
just  a  SATIRICAL  chapter,  offering humorous com-
ments on more or less actual scene happenings. Or is
more truth in here than most might expect?
Afterall  it's  just HUMOR and if you can't have a good
laugh  here  we  can't help you anyway. Whoever feels
offended may keep that mind.

      The lost files - the perfect view on the scene

Best regards,



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To  see  your advertisement in this chapter you HAVE
to  fill  one  of  our  VOTESHEETS,  to use our VOTING
BOOTH or our ONLINE VOTER.  Your advertisement
can be found in the binary version and on RELAX ON-
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In case too much advertisements have approached us
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