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                             * EDITORIAL *
The  RELAX MAGAZINE in September '95 was brought
to  you  by PHUTURE, the follow-up of the former eu-
ropean part of Bad Bytes Entertainment Software.

Some  of  the  readers might be surprised to see this
magazine  being  released  under  a different label by
now  but  this step already has been planned several
months  ago.  The only problem was to find an original
and  fitting  name to point out our aims and quality le-
vel  in  the  most expressive way. Now the fitting name
has  been  found, we have our total independence and
can  work  on  a  more  solid and serious basis on the
game  sector  and  in  the magazine front, as Phuture
is  Phuture  and  not  only  the  european  division of
something  else anymore, so we are not any longer in
the situation to care about other men's deeds, sailing
wearing our very own colours.

Some  people  complained about a game label releasing
a  magazine  that  supports the cracking scene. Well,
the  RELAX MAGAZINE does not support the cracking
scene, it reports about the happenings in the CBM 64
scene,  and this scene contains both, illegal and legal
individuals.  There  is only one scene we all belong to,
don't  you  agree? We all share the hobby CBM 64 and
execute  it  coming  up  to our very own ideas, visions
and  dreams  to  keep it as long as possible alive, re-
gardless if the main motivation is to release demos, to
develope games or to crack them even if the last one
is something we personally do dislike.
All  people  who are working for Phuture, may it be as
software  engineer or magazine editor, are a part of
scene related groups, mainly upper class demo crews
who  prove their skills in many productions by now. It
is  a  fact that we are getting a massive support from
cracking  groups like Alpha Flight and Avantgarde as
both  groups provide a lot of information issue by is-
sue  and managed it to upgrade the magazine itself to
run on both CBM 64 computer systems, PAL and NTSC
what  is  for sure a big advantage in the seek to pre-
sent an interesting magazine to hundreds of readers
all over the world, something what is going to be sup-
ported  by  the  effort  they put in the magazine while
spreading  it on the major boards worldwide and next
to  the  service  of  their  mail traders to spread this
publication via mail.
The  scene is one of the places where we in PHUTURE
have  the  chance  to  advertise  our productions for
free  and  the  scene  is one of the places which con-
tains for sure a lot of potentional customers who are
interested  in  buying  original  software,  with  a nice
package and encluded instructions. Without the scene
we  wouldn't  be  able  to  define the actual status and
popularity  of the CBM 64 or meet the interest of our
potentional  customers  so  we  took  the  opportunity
to  use  the already for 10 years existing structures
for  our  interests.  We didn't tell the public about our
outstanding visions or ideas, we REALISE them!
Maybe  these  people  did not realise that there would
not  have  been  a successfull CBM 64 without the ef-
fort of the scene, as there have been more advanced
computers  worth  to  be bought on the market, and it
was  the situation around the Amiga and the Atari ST,
but  that  is not the point. Most of the game producing
groups, labels or people are a part of the scene, and
some  do need some support with i.e. graphics, musics
or  whatever else. Guess who offers these people the
help they do need? How you find a forum for the peo-
ple  who  are  interested  to offer their skills and for
the  people who are in the need of those skills? Yes,
it  is the scene where almost all talented CBM 64 sup-
porters  prove  their  skills,  and  that  is exactly the
reason  why  we  in  Phuture decided to take this op-
portunity and to incurage all the game producers left
on this beloved 8-bit machine, as we would like to see
some  more  advanced and cool games to come, games
people  will  surely  like  and  propably  never forget,
next to some low budget productions in order to earn
some money to finance our ambitious projects. People
who would like to contribute with their work or people
who  are  searching  for  some  support (graphics or
soundtracks)  are  always  invited  to  contact  us as
soon  as  possible,  as  there  is still a market left for
CBM 64 games all over the world.
But  as  a  small service for all of you without the ne-
cessary  background information we would like to re-
flect  your  attention to a very respected company in
Germany  who  added  regulary scene magazines onto
their programmdisks, and the company we are refer-
ing  to  is CP Verlag. There is absolute no need to in-
troduce this company as it is one of the few distribu-
tors  left supporting the CBM 64 users regulary with
games  and  tools,  their  publications  Game On, Magic
Disk and PlayTime are very familar to the 8-bit family
in  Europe.  CP  Verlag  released  regulary issues of
well known magazines such as Mamba, Magic News (la-
ter known as Scene Press) and Propaganda and paid
an  acceptable HONORAR per  issue!  This is a fact no
one  can deny! Or what about the fact that a company
started  cracking competitions, spread along with the
purchased  copy next to the fact that they do accept
calling  cards  to guarantee an earlier copy of games
and  previews,  a  special "service" used by the com-
plaining  group  just to get it to the top, something we
could for sure name as IRONY.
To  complete  this  term a lot of other companies have
discovered the scene magazines as a platform to ad-
vertise or publish information texts such as the pro-
mising company Cherry Software from Sweden just to
name one fitting example. Nevertheless you all will for
sure  remember the magazine "Sex'n Crime", the most
well known magazine ever, was edited by Amok, a game
label,  too, just to please your information thirst com-
Surely  this  magazine  could be released wearing the
name  of  a  participating group but would that be fair
against  the  other  involved  authors?  Where  is  the
sense  to  release  a  magazine  using a group's name
when  more  than  80%  of  the editors are from other
groups? Isn't it a little bit unfair against them as they
are  working  hard  to  realise their texts while other
people and groups earn the success? This can not be
a  proper  solution,  but  this  is  simply our very own
opinion about that topic, even if it is logical, objective
and worth to make people start thinking.

Friendship  is  another  term  worth  to  be discussed
these  days as it is one of the most used words in the
scene.  Unfortunately  it  seems  that the word's cor-
rect  definition  is  unknown to most persons using it.
What  does  friendship  mean?  Is  it that everyone we
define  worth  to  be  a friend has to follow blindly the
way  we decided to go, to follow our visions or refor-
mation  ideas  without  requesting  anything? Does he
have  to share in general our opinion? Has he to vote
for  us to prove our friendship? And for sure critism
is not allowed at all!
This  sounds in fact very annoying, sad but true that
the  reality  looks  like this, it is a sign of a social de-
fect  from  the  persons seeking for fame and recog-
nition in the scene! Everyone who wants to get some-
thing special what could be useful in the seek to earn
fame  is  using the word friendship to get it, promising
votes or whatever else to get it. It is very usual that
the so-called friends use to vote for eachother as it
is a proof of their friendship in their opinion. Not only
that this is nothing but hypocrisy and ofcourse mani-
pulation of the charts which should be a mirror of the
skills  and  knowledge  of groups and single persons,
but definately not a friendship table.
People  who  have been talking about friendship show
their  real  face when they do not get what they want
or if you dare to critisize them, because friendship in
their  definition means that you have to serve them in
any way, and ofcourse that you have to support them
and  their  products  in  any way. But just have a look
at them when they do not get what they want or if you
expressed  that you  do  not  like  their productions,
this  is the time where you will find out who your real
friends  are, the same people who have been preach-
ing  friendship  in the period where you have been in-
deed  very  useful  for  them  to  reach their aims, as
long  as  they  can  control or steer you coming up to
their interests.
Isn't  it  that a friendship offers the right to present
an  own  opinion,  an objective opinion which is allowed
not  to  please  the  so-called  friends?  This  society
system  is  called  DEMOCRACY,  but  what most of the
wanna-get-famous  scene  related  persons do prac-
tise  is  nothing but DICTATORSHIP and censorship or
how  would you define the fact when you are not allo-
wed  to  publish your very own opinion? Do you define
people  who  do  not  accept  your  honest  opinion as
friends?  We  don't  do  it, and we do not accept a be-
viour  like this. We dare to present our very own opi-
nion  and  do not follow the trend and the easy way to
play  the hyopcrite to get one to two more votes while
abusing  the  word  FRIENDSHIP. We directly point out
what  we  use  to think, but we try to remain objective
and  fair  working  with  facts  and not speculation or
the latest gossip. Nevertheless we found out that the
experience  to  read/listen  the truth can be painful,
but  it is definately much better than living on a repu-
tation/identity  built  up  of lies and we guess most of
you  will  figure  it  out in the real world, too, as there
does  not  exists  the chance to write a childish disk-
note  or  whatever  else to distort the facts in order
to  save  a  questionable  reputation  while asking for
the  attention  of people who do not know the facts or
can  pretend  that  the  situation  is  transparent for
them  so  they  simply  do not have another chance to
believe  you  as  they use to be your "friends" or at-
least  it is the feeling what you give them, so they are
are willing to believe you, even if the presented facts
don't  reflect the truth. When people call us arrogant
for  releasing  the truth we can live with it very well,
as  we are informed about our current strength (and
weakness)  because we've learnt to life with it, as the
standart  editor  of  this publication is in the twenties
and  has  around  six years of experience in the CBM
64 scene, so you can be sure that we have the know-
ledge  and  can  care about the content of this maga-
zine,  unlike  many  other  competitors  who prefer to
use  a  magazine  as  a  propaganda  media  to spread
their  ruthless  preaches and begging for votes while
abusing once again the word friendship. For sure you
can  call us arrogant and we accept your decision, on
the  other  hand  you  know  that  the  content of this
publication  is  reliable,  more  reliable  and  objective
than  most  can  stand  these  days,  that is the major
problem  people  have with us these days, and with o-
ther persons spreading authentic news based on re-
liable facts.
But this social problem can be found in the real world
aswell,  as  it  no  computer specific or scene related
problem.  People  are  only interested in earning fame
and  to  become  the best using all fair and unfair me-
thods  to  reach  their  aim, and when they do not get
the expected confirmation they can not handle the si-
tuation  anymore.  Sad  but  true  if an exciting hobby
can  cause  psychic  problems, be sure we feel sorry
for  the people having got this problem and hope that

they  will  find  a cure to come back to a normal beha-
Just  to finish this, even if it is drifting away from the
friendship term, another interesting thing is the very
brave  and  tough  fight  against  the countless Nazis
who  have  infected  the scene. Not that we do encou-
rage or accept NAZISM, but in fact we are missing the
opposition  here!  Where  are these dangerous misfits
in  the  scene? Name us a few! Nazism is something we
do  dislike,  but  fighting  against it in the scene is the
wrong place as here is no one left defending this cri-
minal  ideology,  so  the  Anti-Nazism-Movement  in the
scene is just another try to gain sympathy and popu-
larity,  following the trends to please the masses, who
blindly  follow  an  every trend dictated by the media,
paid  by  companies,  parties  and movements. It is not
only  that  those guys are fighting against not in here
existing  enemies like Don Quixote attacking windmills,
they  even  dare to present a Nazi free magazine but
feel  free to discriminate polish people by calling them
POLAKS. IRONY? SATIRICA? Unfortunately not! Pick it
up in your dictionary if you have any doubts!
People bring politics or religion into the scene, to bad
that  a qualified background is missing. Unfortunately
many teenager read the idelogies of the scene maga-
zine  editors  and  form their opinion using this infor-
mation  source. What source? A questionabel disk ma-
gazine  what  is supposed to report about the scene,
and  nothing  else. Some start to complain about using
the  pentagramm  (very  often  used  by i.e. Oxyron in
various  productions  on  certain  systems) by calling
people  using  it  satanists,  and satanists are said to
kill  people  in  their  rituals,  and  that is a reason to
avoid  using  this  sign.  Next  in  the row could be for
sure  the  communists  (keep  in mind how much people
were  killed  or  put  into  concentrating  camps in the
name  of  communism)  or  the  Islamism (how about the
terroritst killing in the name of allah, today and in the
past) and last but not least there is the Christemdom
(remember  the  time when people were burned or the
crusaders  invaded  other  countries  in  the name of
your  god). Is that one good reason the forbid the u-
sage  of  a pentagram, hammer and sickel, a crescent
or  last but not least the cross? Oh, we see you have
not  thought  about  your  preaches,  as  if you would
have  done  it you surely could define the system you
are using - CENSORSHIP, the first step to come back
to fashism! Well done!
What  is  next  to come? Nuclear testing, we presume,
because  there  are  no nuclear testers in the scene
aswell,  and  topics  without opponents seem to be po-
pular  to  earn  fame  and  to  gain "friendship" these
days. It could be described as the easy method to get
points to raise in the charts, but that is not our term
here,  as  friendship  should  not be taken into consi-
deration  while voting, even if 90% of all votes are the
so-called friendship or sympathy votes.
Please  do  us  a  special  favour  and think about the
previous  lines,  they  are  worth to be thought about
and will cause a lot of controversial and attention for
those  who  feel to be another innocent lamb victim of
our  unlimited arrogance, when you call it arrogant to
present the truth.

In  order  to  answer  the  questions  of the motive of
last month's title picture, it's source was an Amiga Iff
picture drawn by Seq/Tristar and Red Sector Inc. PL
and  it is called "Farfunda". It was converted by hand
putting two monitors next to eachother in a period of
around  three  months, for sure not doing it as a full-
time  job,  but  from  time to time when there was some
sparetime  left  to concentrate on the hard job. Com-
petent graphicians will notice the differences, caused
by  RRR's  individual  style,  but  these conversations
are  not  ment  to  be 100% conversations but more to
be  a personal version of the motive. We hope you will
will enjoy the forthcoming title graphics aswell, as the
Koala  format seems not to be so popular anymore, as
graphics  seem to be upgraded and more appreciated
using the Ifli format.
And  it is still mysterious how other magazines and its
editors  dare  to  report  about  the  inactivity of our
co-editor  PRI.  Not  only  that he qualified judges the
musics for the demo reviews, next to this he still adds
impressive  and outstanding soundtracks for the au-
dial  background  of  the magazine, just for those who
haven't  realised  it  yet. With this issue two pieces of
his  latest work got presented, and we hope to please
all  those  well  informed  persons spreading rumours
without  any background. We recognized the incompe-
tence,  we  hope  the  readers  will  notice it, too, as a
magazine  is  supposed to be an information media and
not  a  platform  for ruthless propaganda in order to
manipulate  the  masses,  readers who were prepared
to believe in what they use to read.

Some  regards  to  Shuze/Alpha Flight, PVCF/Reflex,
Intruder/Avantgarde,  BX/Origo  Dreamline  aswell as
Druid/Agony Design/Avantgarde and Syco/Chroman-
ce for their support (votesheet spreading, news, ...).

             This edition's content looks like this:
The  latest  happenings  in  the scene can be found in
GLOBAL  REPORT,  followed by all the games and pre-
views  released  on the major boards during the pre-
vious  months in the chapter RELEASE CHARTS. More
charts  offer  the  MAIL and BOARD CHAPTERS, giving
an  overview about the results of all the persons who
dared  to  fill  in votesheets or used the voting booth
installed  on  Escapade as well as the votes collected
as  private  mail on the boards worldwilde. We got our
hands on  Duke  to  INTERVIEW him, an interesting but
old  one,  held in July/August 1995. The OPEN LETTER
chapter  had  to  be  re-opened  again  as  Crossfire
sent a reaction to the previous one and as an objec-
tive and independent magazine we feel free to publish
it,  with  our  remarks about the content, and an offi-
cial  reaction  by the attacked group. In BACK TO THE
ROOTS  we  have  covered this time party conflicts of
demo  groups after all the troubles between cracking
groups in the previous editions. In the DEMO REVIEWS
we put a spotlight on Extremes and 7 years, both de-
moes  released  at the Assembly 1995. Finally there is
the  ADVERTISEMENTS  chapter, growing and growing
an every single edition.

            * Credits for the September edition *


      * How to contact the Relax Magazine staff? *
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Internet:           RRR
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          * The Relax Magazine staff consists of *
MAIN EDITOR       MARC/ALPHA Flight 1970


We  hope  to  have  met your attraction with the issue
and  look  forward to meet you again in the forthcom-
ing  editions,  released  on  November  20th, 1995 and
January 5th, 1996.

Best regards in the name of the entire staff,


                       September 30th, 1995

Global Report

                         * GLOBAL REPORT *
To support the scene with news (and rumours) should
be  the  major  function  of  a magazine, that is a good
reason  for  us  to put a lot of effort in collecting, in-
vestigating  and  proving  what  is  going in the scene
these  days, even if the activity decreases a lot with-
in  the past few months, what is indeed very sad but a
logical consequence as the scene is getting more and
more  uninteresting  to  the community of the few CBM
64 users left on the globe.

                           * Agony Design *
Agony  Design  is  one of the best polish demo groups
around, proving their skills in various demos. Lately
they have earned a lot of applause and attention with
one of the best styled and designed trackmos ever.

In  order  to  guarantee  a mass consumption of their
upcoming  warez  Agony  recruited  a  mega  swapper
called Chash.
Compod,  the  high  ranked  composer,  is  no longer a
member  of  Agony while Druid and Moog left the music
label Amorphis.
Some  of  their  members decided to share their skills
with  other  groups,  too,  so Druid joined Avantgarde
while  Roder  enlarged  the  Reflex crew, both will re-
main in Agony as their first group.

Current Agony memberstatus looks like (= 22):
Astaroth,  Chash, Comanche, Digger, Dr. Kaos, Druid,
Explorer,  Glut,  Hornet,  Inco,  Jetan,  Moog,  Morris,
Owen,   Pat,  Roder,  Sailor,  Shogoon,  Skyle,  Sliver,
Sonor and Stone

                        * Alpha Flight 1970 *
It  was  again  a  busy period for the flight, even if we
missed  the  typical  scandals  which  make  the scene
more interesting.

With  Blaze  a  new cracker and mail trader joined the
flight,  after  leaving  Xenon  for  Chromance a short
time  ago.  Next  to  Afl he will remain in Galycia as his
second group.
Marc  reduced  his activity caused by re-starting his
education  and  heading  for  a master degree. Max is
going  to  have the final exams for his job (clerk in an
industrial  company)  so both reduced their activity a
lot  during  the  past  few weeks. This does mean that
Marc  is  now  the "weekend" leader, with Styx taking
over  most of the organisation part. In October Skin-
head  has  to  join  the  german  army,  but that won't
mean too big changes as Ignorance took over the job
as main cracker when he teamed up with the flight.

The  Pirate  Island  got  formatted and won't go online
again  as  Chotaire decided to sell his bbs equipment.
At  least he has left his second group Pandora, which
is  supposed  to  die  again sooner or later. Further-
more,  caused  by  hardware  problems  (an  infernal
hardware  crash),  Holiday  Inn  Cambodia  is  actually
down.  Pol  Pot  is  working on an improved version of
C-Base,  fact  is that he won't use the Radar-modded
version again to run his BBS. Keep patient.
Positive  news  come  along  with the comeback of The
Evil Island. Ancient Mariner is finally back in business
after his accident a while ago.

Current Alpha Flight memberstatus looks like (= 17):
Ancient Mariner, Arne, Blaze, Calypso, Chotaire, Igno-
rance, Marc, Max, Murphy, Pol Pot, Ream, Shuze, Skin-
head, Spider, Styx, Xenox and Zapotek

Alpha Flight worldheadquarter(s)/board(s)
THE EVIL ISLAND                     ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
THE ESCAPADE                        

                            * Avantgarde *
Actually  Avantgarde  is  the  most  popular  cracking
group around, always releasing quality warez prepa-
red  by  qualified  crackers and spread by a remark-
able  mail  trading section. The future will show if they
can  continue  on this level with Deff having got a new
job  at  BMG/Ariola  (record  company)  and moving to
the new german capital Berlin.

Avantgarde  goes  east  with building up a polish sec-
tion  with  adding Druid, the successfull Agony coder,
as  secong  group member, and Trimone, a mysterious
new  original  supplier,  who  is supposed to be a well
known person using a second handle.
Skywolf,  a  very  talented  graphic  artist,  appeared
again  in the official Avantgarde memberstatus, hope-
fully some of his art will see the daylight soon.
The  memberstatus  got  reduced with Decilion leaving
both, the group and the CBM 64 scene.

Current Avantgarde memberstatus looks like (= 16):
Chameleon,  Cyborg, Deff, Derbyshire Ram, Druid, Eli-
minator,  Jack  Alien,  Jack  Daniels, Rage, Renegade,
Skywolf, Suicide, Thorm, Tricom, Trimone and Weasel

Avantgarde worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DREAMPARK                                  ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                            * CHROMANCE *
Chromance  seems  to be finally back in business with
a  lot  of  new members upgrading the group level and
with  a  lot  of members returning from the army ser-

At  first  we have to point out that Spider, who seems
to  have  problems  to  define  his current status and
probably  does  not himself in which group he belongs
to,  never  was  a  member  of  the Chromance posse.
Zag, one of their new mail traders and original supp-
liers, renamed into Scatman.
Fresh  blood  got  added with Techno/ex-SCS & TRC,
who  joined  in  as  cracker and mail trader. Further-
more Pete/Onslaught joined in as second group mem-
ber.  Last  but not least Motion, who got kicked out of
Noice  some  time ago, teamed up as a modem and mail
Wozio  is going to finish his army service on October,
2oth.  He will run a board called Count(r)y Jail and of
course  restart  his  swapping activities. Mr. Wax and
Jazzy  D  are  said  to  be back in full effect, too. At-
last  they  still  spread  the rumour that Edge of Mid-
night, their down WHQ, will go online again.
Some  members  decided  to leave Chromance such as
Stake  and  Homeboy,  who are now in Onslaught only,
taking along Joyride with his board Highway, too.

Current Chromance memberstatus looks like (= 21):
AMC,  Bolee,  Griff, Immortal, Janee, Jaydee, Jazzy D,
Lion,  Motion, Mr. Wax, Pete, Rough, Rug Rat, Scatman,
Skull,  Spermbird,  Syco,  Techno, The Unholy, Will and

Chromance worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
COUNTRY   JAIL                   ++XX/(X)XX-XXXXXX

                * Fantastic 4 Cracking Group *
Actually  F4CG  does  not  belongs  to the most active
cracking  groups  around  and it seems that they will
concentrate  on building a good demo section. It is for
sure  nice  to  see  that they released their magazine
Propaganda, which is released independent, more re-
gular these days.

F4CG built up a SNES section with some CBM 64 pro-
files such as Antitrack, Hobbit, Newscopy, Solar and
Stormrider with his board Tunnel of Warez, which will
be their SNES WHQ.
On  the  CBM  64 Newscopy and Motley are very busy
with  organising  Cherry Software, a company looking
very promising on the first view.
Memberwise  once  a  little change occured, with Worm
from Poland joining in on trial as a graphic artist.

Current F4CG memberstatus looks like (= 26):
Antitrack,  Aristo, Bitman, Cerebus, Cybersurfer, Cy-
borg,  Decoder,  Devil,  Draz,  Fen  1, Hain, King, Maja,
Morris, Motley, Mr. Alpha, Neotec, Newscopy, Playboy,
Smasher,  Sneaper,  Solar,  Total  Chaos,  Walker and

F4CG worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DREAMPARK                                  ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                              * Hardcore *
After  the  cooperation  with  Onslaught  broke,  both
have  to  prove that they can survive and compete as
indepedent parts. They showed some effort with some
releases aswell as in the legal scene, planning to re-
lease  a  magazine.  Unfortunately  they still have not
got an official board as worldheadquarter, not in the
States nor in Europe.

Hardcore  added  a few new members to their status,
starting  with  Creat/ex-Padua  and  Zoomo, formerly
known  as  Gordon who was a member of Success and
Origo,  both  are graphic artists. Last but not least a
certain  Dooze  teamed  up.  He  got  introduced  as a
former  Success  member,  too, something we can not
confirm yet, as this handle is unknown to most of us.
Aswell new in this team is Nebula/ex-Excess, who got
introduced as cracker, coder and composer.
More  confusing  is the situation around Human. A few
weeks  ago  Hardcore spread on the boards that Hu-
man  renamed  into  Ticket, these days other sources
claimed  that his new handle is Q-Tip, and in the latest
Hardcore status he appeared as Human again. We will
keep you updated.

Current Hardcore memberstatus looks like (= 16):
B-Wyze,  Blockbuster, Carlos, Communist, Creat, Doo-
ze,  Dr.  Disk,  Human,  Leeway, Nebula, Ramirez, Rap,
Shocker, Volunteer, Zoomo and Zore

                                * Hitmen *
The  lately  re-built  Hitmen  proved  to  be  a capable
competitor  for  the NTSC fixers, curiously they even
fixed  for  persons  they  declared  to enemies only a
few months ago.

Hitmen  increased  their  memberstatus  with Dodger,
who got known with his work for DynamicTechnologies
(Dytec), a man who joined Onslaught a few weeks ago.
It seems that Shok'Ray (ex-Sorcerer, ex-Dreamlover
etc...)  joined  in,  too,  after  being being a short time
member  of  Onslaught,  even  if  this  membership was
classified as inofficial. He teamed up as second group
member  as he will remain in Megastyle Productions as
his first group.
To improve their effort in the mail scene they allowed
Suzuki, a former member of Dytec, Equinoxe and many
other  groups,  to join on trial to serve as a mail tra-
der, but just a few days later he got send back to the
hell where we appeared from.

Current Hitmen memberstatus looks like (= 13):
Curlin,  Dodger,  Groepaz,  Hi-Lite, Jihad, Jinx, Lawn-
moverman,   Peacemaker,   Raze,  Shok'Ray,  Tranzie,
Tyron and Vortex

Hitmen worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE DUNGEON                              ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                              * Motiv 8 *
Motiv 8 is a group many persons discuss about. Their
methods  and  releases  are  partly questionable, ne-
vertheless  we  should not forget the effort they put
in the scene to keep it alive, even if many persons do
not appreciate it.

Greenfrog finally set up a WWW homepage for Motiv 8,
proudly they announced that they were the first C64
group (according to their knowledge).
Motiv  8  is  interested  to  recruit one or two decent
graphic  artists  and  a  few  mail  traders to enlarge
their forces and activity level.

Current Motiv 8 memberstatus looks like (= 14):
BinJinx,  Clive,  Crossfire,  Eddie,  Greenfrog, Grego,
Ibanez, Iceball, Mason, Merlin, Mizar, Natas,  Stone and

Motiv 8 worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
IN LIVING COLOUR                        ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
HTTP: //WWW.Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.De/-Grfrog/

                              * Onslaught *
Without any doubts Onslaught, with their indeed young
history,  can  be  called  the  group  with  the highest
fluctuation.   After   the  cooperation  with  Hardcore
splitted  up  they  have  to  prove if they can compete
with the top cracking groups around.

From Chromance Onslaught recruited the sysop Joy-
ride  along  with  his  board  The Highway which will be
mainly  used  as  Onslaught  Design  HQ. Along with him
Stake  and  Homeboy  decided  to  leave Chromance in
order to work for Onslaught only.
Shok'Ray  has  been for a short time a member of the
australian based group, but this visit was declared to
be  inoffical.  Shok'Ray went to Hitmen later on. Baze,
who  was  a  former member of Illusion, got kicked out
as we did not realised what people expected from him
and nothing is as annoying as an inactive swapper.

Current Onslaught memberstatus looks like (= 26):
ASV,  Bizarre,  Cubehead,  Deekay, Doom, Gop, Grize,
Hardsequencer,  Heavyhead,  Jayce,  Jazzcat,  Jolz,
Joyride,  KBS,  L.A.  Style, Marcus, Morbid, Morrisey,
Pete,  Shades,  Sphere,  Stake,  The Last Hacker, The
Twins, Trouble and Vengeance

Onslaught worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
DOWN BY LAW                             ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
DEADZONE                                ++X/XXX-XXX-XXXX
WESTPOINT                               ++XX/XXXX-XXXX
HIGHWAY                                 ++XX/XX-XXXXX

                         * Origo Dreamline *
A  lot of rumours were cruising around a demo relea-
se  from  one of the leading demo groups a few years
ago, and it seems that it will become reality.

Currently  BX  is  working  on  new  routines  for  the
demo,  which  was supposed to be released at the As-
sembly 1995, but unfortuantely it was not finished due
to  lazyness.  Now Origo plans to release the demo at
The Tribute 1996 or at any other party.
Zardax is working on CBM 64 soundtracks again. Two
pieces  of  his latest work have been heard in Extre-
mes  from  Byterapers  and a third one won the music
competition at the Assembly.
Even  if  the  other members are not so active yet BX
and Zardax hope to push them and to see them work-
ing  for  the  demo  aswell.  In  a  few days all current
members will have internet access.

Current Origo memberstatus looks like (= 6):
BX, CLF, Destino, Mixer, Slayer and Zardax

                               * Reflex *
Reflex  is  actually  the  most  active  demo group and
seems  to be the most compact group around with ex-
perienced  programmers,  artists  and  a  well  known
composer.  Their  trackmo  MATHEMATICA,  which  was
supposed to be released at the SATURNE party which
was  cancelled  once  again, will be released later on,
probably at The Party 1995.

Roder,  who  is in fact a good graphic artist, joined in
to spread some of his art using the Reflex label while
remaining  in Agony Design as first group. Warp 8 has
left Reflex for the lately rebuilt Flash Inc.
PVCF  has  some  problems  with  his mail organisation
so he kindly ask all persons who mailed him during the
past  six  weeks to re-contact him once again. Please
avoid  to  use  the address printed in Skyhigh, as it is
definately not HIS real address.

Current Reflex memberstatus looks like (= 11):
Dr.  Kaos,  Felidae, Guru, Happymaker, Hogan, Johnny
Walker, Private Soldier, PVCF, Roder, Quiss and Zorc

              * Success & The Ruling Company *
Most  of  the  headlines around the dutch cooperation
were  based  on the board(s), and the saga continues
this issue again.

The Dungeon, worldheadquarter of SCS&TRC and Hit-
men,  is  down!  At  the moment no one is able to get in
contact  with Alchemist as both lines, voice and board
number, got disconnected. No one really knows what's
going  on.  The  same  goes for The Lost Empire, their
dutch  board  runned  by  Guzzler.  After  the  board
went  down  no  one  was able to contact Guzzler, who
has a secret telephone number.
State Of The Art went down, too, but went online again
for  a  short  time, then it went down again. Our sour-
ces  said there appeared problems with the bill and it
will go online under a new number again.
Techno,  a polish cracker and mail trader, left them in
order to join the Chromance posse.
Current SCS&TRC memberstatus looks like (= 25):
Action   Jackson,  Alchemist,  Burglar,  Cavron,  CBA,
Credo,  Dannie,  Def  Beat,  Jity, JRC, Lord Crucifier,
Micron, Moren, Mystery, Nightshade, Replay, Rebel MC
Sailor,  Sliver,  Spectator,  Splatterhead,  Titanic and

SCS&TRC worldheadquarter(s)/board(s):
THE DUNGEON (down!)                ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
STATE OF THE ART (down!)           ++XX/XXXX-XXXXX

                  * Single News and Rumours *
* Assembly 1995 Party Results
   * Demo Competition
   Pos.   Points     Group                Title
   01    3874      Byterapers             Extremes
   02    2227      Panic                  Break Through II
   03    22 12     Beyond Force           7 Years                  

   * Music Competition
   Pos.   Points      Composer           Title
   01     2224        Zardax/Origo     Martinism
   02     2016        Thor/Extend     Kirta
   03     1983        Dr. Voice/Panic   Compotune

   * Graphic Competition
   Pos.   Points      Artist                 Title
   01     2631        Mike/Byter. Inc        Dragon
   02     2628        Debris/Panic           Compopicture
   03     1636        Votka/Pullo            Animaali

* Rockstar, the well known fixer and cracker, former
   member  of  groups  like  Contex  and Talent just to
   name  a few, joined the finnish based group Palace.
   Their composer Flotsam announced to have finished
   the  army  service and is back in the scene to pro-
   vide some nice tracks again.

* Unifier  (ex-Spirit, Flash Inc, Censor) is now a mem-
   ber of the PC section of Noice.

The  above printed news were all and the most impor-
tant  ones we were able to collect and to prepare for
you.  After  observing  the  activity  of the scene for
several  months  by  now it seem that it slows down an
every  month  and the number of releases decreases

Best regards,


Release Charts

  The Official Release Charts for the Relax Magazine

              Performed by the Masters of Law...

                             Deff and Marc

Before  the start over with general explainations for
these  release charts we want to introduce our very
own point system:

Fullprice Games     6. 1   -     8.0 points
Budget Games        4. 1   -     6.0 points
Low Budget          2. 1   -     4.0 points
PD/Shareware        1.0    -     2.0 points
Previews            0.0    -     1.0 points

One bonus point can be gained by releasing a 100% (!)
working PAL/NTSC version. When a second group got
involved with the NTSC fix the points will be shared.

Games  which  were  already PAL released have to be
fixed  within  6  months  after the official PAL release
otherwise no points will be given for the NTSC fix.

Minus points will be given for...
Re-releases               -7.0
No levelpacking           -0.5/  - 1.0
No trainer(s)             -0.5/  - 1.0
No translation            -1.0/  - 2.0

Unlike  most other magazines we won't give points for
tools. Those releases will get mentioned but that's all
about them.

GAMES  and such games that were done using a GAME
MAKER will be ignored.

Whenever  we  think  somebody  did something special
or  something outstanding we will add one point to the
normal amount of points.
It  is  also  possible  to get one extra point for some-
thing that normally doesn't deserve any points.

The  following  boards have been taken in to conside-
ration whilst creating these charts...

Holiday Inn Cambodia                      XXX-XXX-XXXX
-----------------                         ------------
Dream Park                                XXX-XXX-XXXX
---------                                 ------------
Down by Law                               XXX-XXX-XXXX
----------                                -------------
Dead Zone                                 XXX-XXX-XXXX
--------                                  ------------
The Evil Island                           XXX-XXX-XXXX
------------                              ------------

And here we go...

                  * Alpha Flight 1970 (9.6 pts) *
They  started  with  the  fixed  version  of FASTBALL
(3.5    pts)    from   Loadstar.   Followed   by   DREAM
(0.2  pts)  preview,  Chromance  released the preview
at  the  same  time  so  the points will be shared. Then
they  re-released  the  preview  of SUPER PAC BALL
(-  7  pts),  Onslaught  released it some days earlier!
Last   but  not  least  they  released  a  little  preview
called  TWIN BALLS 2 (0.4 pts) and two Budget Games
MC  RAT  (6.5  pts) Pal/Ntsc fixed and ZINJ COMPLEX
(6.0 pts) from TWDLSI Software.

                     * Avantgarde (12.5 pts) *
They  released  the  following previews MORTAL DOG-
FIGHT  (0.4  pts),  REAXION (0.3 pts), CUBIC (0.3 pts)
followed  by the Ntsc fix from SILVA POD (1.0 pts) for
Hardcore,  Hardcore will get no points for it because
we gave allready pal Points in the last issue. Last but
not  least they uploaded the fixed versions of MORFIX
(3.2  pts),  DUNGEON  WARRIORS  (3.3  pts)  and NUMM
(4.0 pts).  NUMM will get one extra point because they
translated it to english!

                     * Chromance (16.2 pts) *
Their  wares  rush  started  with  a usefull tool called
GAME   EDITOR  +  CONVERTER  (0.0  pts),  then  they
uploaded  a  Hungarian Budget Game, ANGEL OF HELL
(6.1  pts),  they  will get one extra point because they
redraw  the main picture. The fixed versions of VIDEO
MANIES  (3.0  pts), two points because it is a PD Game
and  one  point  for  the  Ntsc fix, BRAIN DISEASE 2 -
THE  RETURN  (3.2  pts)  and BREAK IT (3.1 pts), TRC+
SCS  released  this  game  some  months  ago but this
version  includes the intro! And three previews called
DUNGEON  MASTER  (0.3 pts), TECHNO DREAM (0.3 p.)
and  DREAM  (0.2  pts),  AFL and Chromance released
DREAM at the same time, so the points will be shared!

         * Fantastic 4 Cracking Group (3.7 pts) *
They released these previews PLUFF (0.6 pts), LOST
(0.3  pts),  BODEGA EJNAR (0.4 pts) and a tool called
DRAZPAINT  V2  (0.0 pts). LAZERTECH (2.4 pts) from
Loadstar  and  TRENER  (0.0 pts). TRENER will get no
points becasue it is complete in Basic!

                       * Hardcore (0.6 pts) *
SILVA  POD  (0.0 pts) got fixed by Avantgarde and we
gave  the  pal points in the last issue! Followed by two
previews  MOPPEL  THE NEKROLAST (0.3 pts) and M.
TORTURE (0.3 pts).

                         * Hitmen (3.6 pts) *
They  started  with  two previews CROSS IT (0.3 pts),
THC  BROS  (0.3  pts)  and  Ntsc  fixed for Onslaught
AMNESIA  (1.0  pts)  and  the  100%  sales  version  of
SHATTERLANDS (1.0 pts) and for Trc+Scs, FUN DUEL
(1.0 pts) from CP Verlag.

                         * Motiv 8 (1.0 pts) *
They  released  PUZZLE RAGE (0.0 pts), QUIZMASTER
(0.0  pts), COLLINS (0.0 pts), CRYPTOQUAD (0.0 pts),
and  STOREHOUSE (0.0 pts) all games are from Load-
star and complete in Basic, so no points will be given!
DAMSELS  IN  DISTRESS  2  (0.0  pts)  because it is a
text  adventure  and  JIGSTAR  (1.0 pts) one point for
something special!

                       * Onslaught (9.1 pts) *
They  started  with  the  following previews GENOCIDE
(0.4  pts),  FLASHBACK (0.1 pts), CYBERWING (0.5 p.)
ICE   TEA   (0.5  pts),  SUPER  PAC  TWINS  (0.5  pts),
CRONIC THE BADGER (0.2 pts) and AMNESIA (4.0 pts)
and   the   100%   sales   version   of  SHATTERLANDS
(2.9  pts)  both  games  got  fixed  by  Peacemaker of

       * Success & The Ruling Company (4.6 pts) *
They  released  these previews of MAGICAL FORMULA
(0.8  pts), BOMBEL (0.1 pts), CELTIX (0.6 pts), LITTLE
DUCK  (0.2  pts),  PYMARID (0.2 pts) and the unplay-
able   version   of   MAYHEM   (0.1   pts).   FUN   DUEL
(2.4  pts)  from  CP  Verlag  got fixed by Peacemaker
of Hitmen

Merged in to a table it looks like this:

       The official Release-Charts September 1995
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (4)      Chromance                     16.2
02.    (1)      Avantgarde                    12.5
03.    (2)      Alpha Flight 1970             9.6
04.    (3)      Onslaught                     9.1
05.    (8)      SCS+TRC                       4.6
06.    (5)      F4CG                          3.7
07.    (/)      Hitmen                        3.6
08.    (/)      Motiv 8                       1.0
09.    (3)      Hardcore                      0.6

        The official Fixing-Charts September 1995
Rank   Last     Group                         Releases
01.    (1)      Avantgarde                    4
       (3)      Chromance                     
0.     (/)      Hitmen                        3
03.    (2)      Alpha Flight 1970             2

Thanks for their help to:  Jack Alien/Avt
                           The Ignorance/Afl

Yours sincerly,

Marc/Alpha Flight 1970

Starting with the next issue some changes will occur.
First  we  have to report about Deff leaving the staff
due to the fact that he pointed out not having enough
sparetime  left  to  continue  the job. As you probably
know he has a new job and has to move houses to the
german capital Berlin. We wish you all the best for the
The  second  thing  we  would  like to proclaim is that,
starting  from  the next issue, we thought about use-
ful  modifications in the point system. The first impro-
vement  is  that  we  will  reduced the minus points for
preview  re-releases  down  to  -1,  as 1.0 point is the
maximum score you can get for a preview, what seems
to be a more fair solution in our eyes due to the fact
of  the  mass of previews and upgraded previews re-
leased these days. We intend to do something like this
with  Budget  and Low Budget games, too, but actually
the debate has not been finished yet. For these ga-
mes you can only get a short amount of points, so it's
little  bit  confusing  to  get  minus points for a FULL-
PRIZE game, so the punishment is for sure overrated
in our opinion.
Re-Re-Releases  will be handled as normal Re-Relea-
ses and won't be punished twice any longer!

Best regards,

Marc/Alpha Flight

Board Charts

                      * THE BOARD CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the  charts.  The  Relax  is  the  only  magazine so far
offering  seperate  board and mail charts in order to
show  the charts from two different worlds in the be-
loved CBM 64 scene since modem traders do not have
the  time  or  possibility  to  fill votesheets, otherwise
they could be called mail traders.

One of the most asked questions is what kind of votes
will  be  taken  into consideration while counting these
charts.  The answer is very simple. At first there are
voting  booths  on THE ESCAPADE in good old Europe
and on THE EVIL ISLAND (welcome back) in the United
States of America. Furthermore  it is possible to vote
by sending e-mail to Marc/Afl at an every elite board
worldwide.  There  exists  the  opportunity to vote via
Internet,  too,  by mailing your votes to Max' or RRR's
account  and  it  will be taken into condiseration while
counting the votes.

These  board  charts  are  the fastest moving charts
due  to the fact that there is no votesheet which tra-
vels  weeks or months to reach its destination. All the
votes were made between the previous and this issue
so  this  is some kind of mirror of the activity of cer-
tain established and new groups.

Here we go.

                    * TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS *
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        97
02.    (2)      Byterapers                    92
03.    (3)      Reflex                        89
04.    (7)      Agony Design                  74
05.    (4)      Camelot                       53
06.    (5)      Fairlight                     49
07.    (6)      Censor Design                 36
08.    (10)     Focus                         32
09.    (/)      Taboo                         28
10.    (8)      Triad                         18

The  top three still remains unchanged! Oxyron, Byte-
rapers  and  Reflex  at  the  top, followed by Agony, a
group getting more and more popular after releasing
the  fantastic  designed  trackmo  called Love. New in
the  charts  is Taboo and we wonder why they did not
get  enough  points in the previous issue. Unfortuna-
tely,  maybe caused by their inactivitiy, Elysium had to
leave the top ten list.

                   * TOP TEN SINGLE CODER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (2)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers              94
02.   (1)       TTS/Oxyron                      93
03.   (3)       Slammer/Camelot                 75
04.   (6)       Quiss/Reflex                    72
05.   (7)       Graham/Oxyron                   70
06.   (4)       Brush/Elysium                   57
07.   (5)       MMS/Taboo                       52
08.   (6)       Crossbow/Crest                  44
09.   (10)      Druid/Agony Design              39
10.   (9)       Glasnost/Camelot                25
Mr.  Sex  finally managed it to overtake TTS but there
are  dark  clouds  coming  up  in  form of several ru-
mours  about  Mr. Sex's routines. Nevertheless Quiss
and  Graham are still on their up and it seems that no
one  can  stop them, except for the voters. Druid has
been  climbing,  too,  but  only a little bit slower basis.
In  fact  Axis  is missing here, watch out for his great
routines waiting to be released!

                 * TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS *
Rank  Last      Group                          Points
01.   (1)       Avantgarde                     94
02.   (2)       Alpha Flight                   87
03.   (3)       Success & TRC                  82
04.   (5)       F4CG                           72
05.   (4)       Chromance                      65
06.   (7)       Motiv 8                        54
07.   (6)       Onslaught                      39
08.   (8)       Fairlight                      37
09.   (6)       Hardcore                       30
10.   (10)      Excess                         25

Nothing  new  on  the top, Avantgarde is still the most
successfull  group  on  the  boards, followed by Alpha
Flight  and  the  dutch  cooperation of Success & The
Ruling  Company.  After  the split of the other coope-
ration  of  Hardcore  and  Onslaught both left a lot of
power  to impress the powers, actually Onslaught had
the  better  start, located on # 7, while Hardcore is on
# 9 only. Talent finally left the charts, after missing to
show a lifesign for many months.

                  * TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Jack Alien/Avt                  91
02.   (2)       Burglar/Scs                     83
03.   (3)       Ignorance/Afl                   79
04.   (4)       Antitrack/F4CG                  62
05.   (5)       Kirby/Atlantis                  55
06.   (6)       Bacchus/Fairlight               52
07.   (10)      Hain/F4CG                       39
08.   (8)       Skinhead/Afl                    25
09.   (7)       Moren/SCS                       22
10.   (9)       Powerplant/Legend               15

Hmh, it seems that the most votes are standart votes
but nevertheless there are few but rather unimpor-
tant  changes.  Jack  Alien is still on top, Powerplant
has been voted down to ten.

                 * TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS *

Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Cruise/Taboo                    89
02.   (2)       Electric/Extend                 82
03.   (3)       Ogami/Fairlight                 76
04.   (4)       RRR/Oxyron                      64
05.   (5)       Scope/F4CG                      53
06.   (6)       Mirage/Focus                    50
07.   (/)       Creeper/Antic                   47
08.   (7)       Carrion/Elysium                 34
09.   (8)       Rob/Camelot                     28
10.   (9)       Roder/Agony Design              12
Cruise  is  still  on  the  top,  defending  his  top  spot
successfully,  followed  by  Electric  and  Ogami. Last
month  we  have  pointed out that we thought Creeper
is  missing  here,  and  it  seemed to be that all board
scene  remember  to give him some more votes to join
the  top ten, a position he surely deserves as he is a
person  belonging  to  the  VIC  manipulators  on  this
system.  He  replaced Biz Kid, not much action in here
worth to be reported about.

                  * TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER *
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  95
02.   (2)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               84
03.   (3)       Danko/Censor                    72
04.   (4)       Shogoon/Taboo                   63
05.   (5)       Jeroen Tel/Focus                55
06.   (6)       Jeff/Camelot                    49
07.   (/)       PVCF/Reflex                     37
08.   (8)       Red Devil/Fairlight             35
09.   (7)       EVS/20CC                        24
10.   (9)       Reyn Ouwehand                   18

Not  much  action in here. PRI at the top, Syndrom and
Danko  at  the  following  places. Only the appearance
of  PVCF brought along some action while Arne disap-
peared. Close to the charts are Compod and Fanta.

                    * TOP TEN FIXING GROUPS *
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (2)       Avantgarde                    74
02.   (1)       Alpha Flight                  70
03.   (/)       Hitmen                        55
04.   (3)       Success & TRC                 42
05.   (/)       F4CG                          32
06.   (4)       Empire                        20
07.   (5)       Demonix                       14
08.   (/)       ./.                           ./.
09.   (/)       ./.                           ./.
10.   (/)       ./.                           ./.

Well,  well,  well.  Only  a  few  groups who were able to
gain  some  votes.  Avantgarde  took  over the crown
here,  sending  Alpha Flight back to two. Hitmen finally
entered  the charts on the three while F4CG entered
at five. The american can not compete with the euro-
pean top, but that is no secret anymore.

                     * TOP TEN SINGLE FIXER *
Rank  Last      alias                             Points
01.   (1)       Peacemaker/Hitmen                 98
02.   (3)       Suicide/AVT                       93
03.   (2)       CBA/TRC                           86
04.   (4)       Pudwerx/ex-AVT                    75
05.   (5)       Booze/Empire                      72
06.   (6)       Jack Alien/AVT                    64
07.   (9)       Ignorance/AFL                     59
08.   (8)       Vizz/Empire                       53
09.   (7)       Mercenary/Empire                  49
10.   (10)      Sidekick/Demonix                  26

Boring,  boring,  boring.  Where  are the big changes?
Come  on!  It  is  getting  boring.  Just  a  few position
changes in the midfield. Peacemaker is at the well de-
serves  pole  position,  and  there  is probably no one
able  to  give  him a challenge. Well, to be honest, when
have we seen the last fix from an american? Or if you
prefer, when do we have seen the last one after good
old Pudwerx left? You can not remember? So do we!

If  you  are  not  satisfied  with  these  results do not
even  think  about  starting  to complain. Just call the
boards  and  start voting on the voting booth on your
favourite  board THE ESCAPADE, on any other board
by  leaving  E-mail  to  Marc or on Internet by leaving
E-mail to Max or RRR!

Best regards,

Marc/Afl & RRR/Oxyron

Mail Charts

                        * THE MAIL CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the  charts. The charts are divided into two different
sections,  the  mail  charts and the board charts. The
mail  charts  are what some people like to define mega
charts  consisting  of  the  incoming Relax votesheets
and the charts of other magazines spread during the
last weeks.

To  create  the charts you are going to read here we
took  the  following  charts of the following magazines
into   consideration  completed  by  the  votes  taking
part  as  top ten from the growing amount of incoming
Relax votesheets:

Grapevine 16/The Dark Realm          JULY 1995
Propaganda 18/Independent            JULY 1995
Skyhigh 18/Camelot                   AUGUST 1995
Nitro 15/Excess                      SEPTEMBER 1995
Propaganda 19/Independent            SEPTEMBER 1995
The Tribune 53/Angry                 SEPTEMBER 1995
Vandalism News 23/Onslaught          SEPTEMBER 1995

If  you disagree with the content of the following lines
we only can advice you to get your hands on all avail-
able  votesheets  and fill them to influence the charts
in the way you'd like to do it. Please do us a personal
favour  and do not manipulate the charts while voting
for  personal  friends instead of supporting persons
who might deserve the vote.

                      TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        76
02.    (2)      Camelot                       65
03.    (3)      Byterapers                    62
04.    (9)      Reflex                        43
05.    (4)      Fairlight                     40
06.    (6)      Censor Design                 32
07.    (9)      Taboo                         29
08.    (10)     Agony Design                  25
09.    (7)      Antic                         21
10.    (5)      Crest                         13

Oxyron proved to be the worthy and well earned hol-
der of the top spot again followed by Camelot and the
finnish  Byterapers. Reflex is the highest climber and
for  sure  the  most  active and valueable demo group
in 1995. Crest lost several places.

                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (2)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers              77
02.   (1)       TTS/Oxyron                      73
03.   (3)       Slammer/Camelot                 57
04.   (7)       Graham/Oxyron                   48
05.   (4)       Crossbow/Crest                  30
06.   (5)       MMS/Taboo                       29
07.   (6)       Tron/Fairlight                  25
08.   (8)       Axis/Oxyron                     23
09.   (/)       Quiss/Reflex                    18
10.   (9)       Bob/Censor Design               15
Mr.  Sex  took  over  the  crown, but a little bit sang a
song  containing  interesting  rumours.  We  will start
further  investigation. Graham climbed to four and fi-
nally  Quiss  entered  the charts at nine, and we dare
to write that he will be located on a much better posi-
tion  next  time,  replacing KM. Close to entert the Top
Ten is for sure Druid, actually at 11.

                   TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (1)       Avantgarde                    78
02.   (2)       Success & TRC                 71
03.   (3)       F4CG                          57
04.   (5)       Alpha Flight                  55
05.   (3)       Chromance                     50
06.   (8)       Motiv 8                       27
07.   (/)       Hardcore & Onslaught          26
08.   (/)       Atlantis                      19
09.   (7)       Dytec                         12
10.   (6)       Excess                        11

It  is  rather needless to say that Avantgarde is still
leading the cracking groups, followed by Success and
The  Ruling Company on two and F4CG on three. Alpha
Flight  overtook  Chromance, who came back his loads
of  warez. Hardcore and Onslaught are new in as co-
operation,  maybe in a few months the voters will have
noticed  that  the  coop  is  over. Atlantis entered the
charts,  too,  as  a  logical consequence of their solid
work.  Fairlight  and  TRSI, which is said to be dead on
the CBM 64, left the Top Ten, probably forever.

                    TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Jack Alien/AVT                  79
02.   (2)       Burglar/SCS                     73
03.   (3)       Hain/F4CG                       61
04.   (4)       Derbyshire Ram/AVT              51
05.   (6)       CBA/TRC                         49
06.   (10)      Ignorance/AFL                   24
07.   (5)       Bacchus/FLT                     23
08.   (7)       Mr. Wax/<C>                     22
09.   (/)       Moonchild/FLT                   18
10.   (9)       Skinhead/AFL                    10

The  top  four  remains  unchanged with Jack Alien at
the  pole  position, followed by Burglar, Hain and Der-
byshire  Ram.  Ignorance,  who is according to his un-
believable  versions  the  number  one cracker these
days,  jumped from ten to six. With Moonchild we find a
newcommer  in the charts, mainly supported by polish
votes.  He  replaced  Powerplant,  who  finally left the
charts. Close to the charts is Crossfire at eleven.

                    TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Electric/Extend                 74
02.   (2)       Creeper/Antic                   73
03.   (4)       Joe/Wrath Design                59
04.   (3)       Cruise/Taboo                    53
05.   (5)       Ogami/Fairlight                 42
06.   (6)       Fazee/Taboo                     32
07.   (7)       RRR/Oxyron                      28
08.   (8)       Carrion/Elysium                 16
09.   (10)      Roder/Agony/Reflex              15
10.   (9)       Hein Design/Focus               12

A  very  close  finishing  in  the artists' top ten, a list
with  a  steady  change  at  the top. Electric is still at
the  top  spot,  followed  by Creeper with one point of
distance only.  Cruise is for sure too low voted, as he
is  for sure a candidate for the top position, too. No-
thing  new in here. Mirage is close to the charts at e-

                    TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  80
02.   (2)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               72
03.   (5)       Compod/Charged/....             45
04.   (/)       PVCF/Reflex                     37
05.   (3)       Jeff/Camelot/CZP                35
06.   (8)       Zyron/Antic/TR/Swe              34
07.   (9)       Fanta/Bass/Oxyron               33
08.   (10)      Red Devil/Fairlight             26
09.   (6)       Shogoon/Taboo/Agony  25         
10.   (4)       Jeroen Tel/Focus                23

PRI  is  infact  the  only  person  in this issue who has
has  reached the ultimate maximum - 80 points. There
is  for  sure  no  need  to point out that he really de-
serves  it,  as  he  is a damn brilliant musician in real
life,  too.  There  was a lot of action this time, with the
Reflex composer PVCF entering the charts at four, a
man  who uses to know using other systems to create
great  soundtracks, too. Unfortunately Drax has left
the  charts, but we have not heard too much from him
lately.  Close to the charts is, next to Drax, Danko of

                       TOP TEN MAIL TRADER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Intruder/AVT                    78
02.   (1)       Calypso/AMN/AFL                 71
03.   (5)       Derbyshire Ram/AVT              54
04.   (4)       Splatterhead/TRC                48
05.   (3)       Spermbird/<C>/EX                47
06.   (6)       Sebaloz/KA/LD                   25
07.   (/)       Syco/<C>                        19
08.   (7)       Starlight/XTC/TPY               18
09.   (/)       H-Bloxx/EX                      12
10.   (/)       Shuze/AFL                       10
Intruder  is not leading the Mail Trader charts alone,
with  Calypso moving down to two and Derbyshire Ram
raising to three. New in the charts are Syco, H-Bloxx
and Shuze, while Tabasco, Dr. Kaos and Styx left them
them.  Curiously  they  were  on the positions eight to
ten in the previous issue.

                         TOP TEN MAGAZINES
Rank  Last      Magazine                       Points
01.   (2)       Skyhigh                        69
02.   (1)       Nitro                          62
03.   (4)       Vandalism News                 52
04.   (8)       Shout!                         49
05.   (6)       Domination                     46
06.   (/)       The Tribune                    32
07.   (/)       Mendip                         29
08.   (3)       Revealed                       22
09.   (9)       Insider                        20
10.   (5)       Jamaica (+)                    15

At  the  top  Nitro  and  Skyhigh changed places while
The Tribune and Mendip entered the charts, replacing
the   "dead"   magazines   Reformation  and  Ingenious
Brain.   Close  to  the charts are Propaganda and the
Relax Magazine, both having partly high entries in the
better contributors in the magazine front.

Best regards,



                              * Interview *
On our glory quest to find a new victim for this chap-
ter we are proud to present an interesting interview
with one of the best magazine editors ever: Duke/ex-
The  next  lines will give all of you a closer look inside
Duke,  his  ideas  and  visions. Before we are going to
bore  you  with  the  introduction  text  we  just start
over ...

* Hello  Alex.  At  first  we start over with some stan-
   dart  questions.  Please  introduce yourself as our
   readers  are  interested in some personal informa-

:) Well, hi there. As most people probably know, I am an
   old  fanatic  scener,  known  as  the main editor and
   inventor  of  The Pulse. My real name is Alex Hylke,
   and  I  am  20  years old. I am still at school, but will
   probably  soon  join the army to serve my country.
   I am not all too keen on that, as I do not know where
   in Denmark I will be located, and since I am most ad-
   dicted  to  the  place  I live, I am hoping to be placed
   Computing is one of my hobbies, but in the last year
   or  so,  I  haven't  really used my computer, expect
   for  a  couple  of  days a months where I needed to
   type  in the magazine. It's become more of an exist-
   ance in my head, and an interaction topic at school
   when  I  surfe  the  internet. I spent most of my time
   hanging  out  with my friends, and following my num-
   ber  one  interest,  football.  I  am  totally  crazy on
   football,  more than I haver been on anything. I have
   now  followed  my  local  side, AaB, for about 4 sea-
   sons  -  and  last  season  we won the championship
   for the first time in the clubs 110 years old history.
   That  was  a  real  kicker,  we  partied  to  the next
   day - what a headache I had the next day.
   Besides loving football, I also love studying the me-
   dia.  I  normally  watch a couple of talkshows a day,
   Rivera  Live  and  The  Tonight Show are favourties
   of mine - both showing on NBC Super Channel. I be-
   lieve  they  have helped me in understanding how to
   do  a  magazine  myself,  not to compare a magazine
   with  a  talkshow, but there are simularities when it
   comes  to  picking  up a good issue to debate - and
   giving allround entertainment for the readers. I al-
   so  love  going  to the movies. I normally go a couple
   of  times  a month with my brother, and then we also
   like  to rent a lot of good movies, and discuss them.
   I guess I have a naive dream of once becoming a big
   movie director - but as I have said, a dream.
   There  are  so  many  things to say about me, that I
   wouldn't  know  where to begin. I am also a big belie-
   ver  in  freedom.  I  dislike Socialism, Communism and
   Nazism,  but  love Liberalism. I believe in freedom of
   speech,  I  dislike  censorship,  I dislike the govern-
   ment  trying  to  control  everything, I believe in the
   individual  instead  of the movement, etc. I am a very
   liberal  guy  as  you  can see, who loves football - I
   even  go with the other fanatic supporters to most
   of  the  away games. Therefore probably most of my
   money  goes  to  the  footy  adventure!  Ah well, I am
   not that simple a guy as you can see, but there you
   have it. :)

* Hmh,  I prefer to watch sitcoms and soap operas as
   they  reflect the situation of the scene today - be-
   ing  at  an extremly low level! But the CBM 64 scene
   exists  for  almost  twelve  years  now.  How did you
   start  your  very own career, how did you got your
   handle and what groups have been stations so far?

:) I  started  rather  late,  much later than many of my
   colleagues  may  think. I entered the scene in 1989,
   but at that time nothing but a faceless rookie eager
   to  learn.  I  had  huge respect for the elite part of
   the scene, and I tried to note down everything they
   said and did. After a couple of groups I ended up in
   a   Danish   demo  and  cracking  group  called  THE
   FREAKS.  I  was  happy  at  that time, because I was
   able  to  built up a pretty good number of contacts,
   and  my  name  was  farely  known to people around
   Europe.  After  a while I asked the DOMINATORS if I
   could  join,  but  already  having  too many members
   they  declined  my offer. But shortly after I was of-
   fered  to  join  IKARI  (at  that  time in co-operation
   with  TALENT), and so I did. My only job was working
   as a swapper, something I have always loved doing-
   but  these  days  not  enough time for (except a few
   contacts).  A  couple  of weeks later I was asked by
   DOMINATORS  to  join them, and always having admi-
   red  them  for  their image and way of working, I im-
   mediately  left  Ikari  to  join  in. This was where the
   best  days  of  my  scene-life began. I swapped with
   up  to  150  contacts  at  one point, and wares were
   floating  in  like  crazy. There were plenty of things
   to do, but all of a sudden I was given the opportuni-
   ty  of  calling out. Well, considering it I agreed to it,
   and  started doing that sideways with swapping. Af-
   ter  a while, I decided to give up my swapping to de-
   dicate all of my work to the american boards.
   I  started  making  a  name for myself, and achieved
   friendship  with  some  of the most prominent names
   names  in  the  scene.  I  was on hundreds of confe-
   rences  (back  then  there  was  atleast  one every
   day)  and called about 15 boards a day. Things were
   kind of getting out of hand I agree, but I was having
   fun,  and  it  was  nothing  like  anything  I  had ever
   tried  before.  Meanwhile  I  built  up  the well-known
   demo  group  VISUAL  REALITY with Drax and Mick,
   and  managed to bring known names into the group,
   such  as  Hawk, Ricky and Walt from Bonzai - among
   other  names  such  as FOX  from  Dominators.  But
   every  good  thing has an end, and I was busted and
   all my equipment was brought into the police-station
   It  was a funny feeling I had at that time, it's like you
   are  going  200  miles  an  hour, and all of a sudden
   you're  just  sitting down going no-where. I was told
   by  the  cops  that  I  could  be let off easy if I gave
   them  some  stuff  on  other  Dominators  members,
   especially  DOGFRIEND,  but  I told them to go ahead
   and  do what they wanted to do with me - because I
   was  not  telling  them anything. After that unfortu-
   nate  incident,  I left for the United States to visit a
   friend  of  mine,  Mutant  X.  We  had some fun, and I
   called  some  boards again at his place. A couple of
   months later I returned to Denmark, and started my
   education. About 6 months into my freshman year, I
   started  lusting  for  the 64 again. I planned doing a
   magazine,  and  simsalabim,  The  Pulse  was born. In
   the beginning it was just ment to be a small mag, no-
   thing  big or even serious. But later on it grew big-
   ger,  and  it  was released under various groups. I
   I'd  dedicated  my  new-born  scene mentality to The
   Pulse, and sore to reacht the top one day - even if
   it  took  a  hell  of  a lot of work. I worked hard, and
   one  day  it  reached  the  very top - it was number
   one  in  most  magazines, and it had a lot of very lo-
   yal readers who loved it. I had succeeded in creat-
   ing  something,  and  that  something  had  also suc-
   ceeded.  It was if I started sufficating, I didn't really
   bother anymore. My artciles were short and imcom-
   plete,  and  I  started  to  look towards other things
   instead of my computer. Finally, I decided to stop my
   activities.  At  the  time I couldn't imagine ever going
   back,  but  that's  how the C64 are to you. I someti-
   mes  compare  it  to  smoking  -  hard quitting, easy
   starting.   Anyway,  now  I  am  back,  releasing  The
   Pulse  as  independent.  I  have  considered  joining
   some  group  to  give  The  Pulse  a new home, but I
   haven't  deicded  which  offer  to  take. I have been
   given  some good ones, but I would like to get more.
   To  wrap this huge answer up, I can tell you that my
   handle comes from the game Alter Ego. I once saw a
   topic, in which a guy was called DUKE. I thought, hey
   that's  like  the  highest  royal title you can achieve
   with a normal background - and so it was written ...

* The Pulse Magazine is one of the most popular pub-
   lications  ever.  Please  tell  us something about the
   past,  present and future. What was the reason for
   the comeback?

:) The  Pulse  Magazine  is a very difficult magazine to
   run,  probably  the  most  difficult I would presume.
   This is why I have chosen to manage it the way I do-
   there is only one boss, and that boss is me. If there
   were  more  people to decide over everything, then
   we  would  have  had constant delays like other ma-
   gazines,  something I am not very keen on. My philo-
   sophy  is,  either we do it right right or we don't do
   it  at  all,  and  that  is the way I have run The Pulse
   over many editions. It was actually first released in
   1990  as  a  sort  of  lame  regular magazine, but at
   that time I was a terrible editor and naive about the
   scene.  I  managed  to put out 3 editions, and then I
   took  an  interest  on  other  things. When I started
   releasing  it  in June 1993, I started at a fresh, but
   chose the same name because of nostalgic reasons
   I  think  I  have  done alright, and I feel that the re-
   sponse  I have gotten from the majority of the sce-
   ne has been good. I see myself as a fair editor, with
   a  good  knowledge about scene life and activities. I
   have  been active within the swapping, demo, crack-
   ing,  modem  and  hacking  part of the scene, there-
   fore  making  me  a  good  General Editor. I have al-
   ways  wanted  to  work  with  a big staff, and so you
   would  always  find  qualified  editors  in The Pulse,
   specialised  in  the  areas  they  write about. I know
   that  The Pulse has had a slow comeback, but I think
   it  is just normal for a magazine of our size. We are
   still  short  of  some editors, and since the scene is
   not  the  same  as it used to be, we have had to ad-
   dapt  ourselves.  It  will  come around through, just
   give it some time. Concluding, I'd like to announce an
   important  message. Due to the fact, that the scene
   is no longer what is used to be activity-wise, I have
   decided  along  with  Crossfire,  that  The Pulse will
   now  only  be  released  every second month. We al-
   ways wanted to keep it going monthly, but the scene
   is  simply  too  slow for that. I don't want to release
   montly if it means putting out empty chapters - bet-
   ter  to  release  big than small. This means the next
   edition will reach everyone on the 1st of September
   and then on the 1st of November, etc ...

* For  sure  we all remember the controversials bet-
   ween  The Tribune and The Pulse. It would be rather
   interesting  to  read  your  point  of view about the
   conflict.  How  did  it  started? What was the reason
   for  that  kind  of massive hate between the editors
   of two competitors in the magazine front?

:) My  point  of  view is quite simple. The Tribune wrote
   lies  and false accusations about me and The Pulse,
   and  because  of  that, I chose to let my reaction be
   heard.  I  am  normally  a  very tolerant person, but
   when  my honour is offended, and lies are published
   about  me  -  especially by a person who has achie-
   ved  absolutely  nothing,  I  get  ANGRY. I think most
   people  know what kind of person Nastiness, Inc. is.
   If  he  can  rise  in  the  charts by burning someone
   else, he will do it. And so he did!

* If  you do not waste all of your expensive sparetime
   infront  of  computers,  what  else  are you doing to
   enjoy your life, are there other important hobbies?

:) Well, wasting my time on the C64 is a slight oversta-
   tement.  I  spent  about 3 days on it doing The Pulse
   and  spreading it, and that's for every editions re-
   leased. I have disks coming in, that I normally do not
   open  before I begin my work on The Pulse, because
   I  have  put  my  C64  away  to make room for other
   things.  The  C64  does  not  have a part in my daily
   life  anymore,  it's  more  of a phase thing, and then
   ofcourse   something   I   enjoy  debating  over  the
   phone and at school when I surfe the internet. Well,
   I  guess  I  already  told  everyone  about  my other
   hobbies  previously in this interview, that's the pri-
   ce when you don't do live interviews :) ha ha.

* That  was  a  direct  hit. As we are actually involved
   with favourites, what are your favourite ......

:)                   actual            all time
                     -----             ------
   Demo groups       Byterapers        Crest
   Single coder      Mr. Sex           Crossbow
   Cracking groups   Avantgarde        Dominators
   Single cracker    Burglar           Powerplant
   Artist            Mirage            Mirage
   Composer          Shark             Reyn Ouwehand
   Swapper           People who reply fast with hot
   Magazines         Honk my horn

* If  you would ever have the chance to recruit a so-
   called  dream  team,  who  would  you  take  into the
   group and why?

:) You  sure  found  some  hard  questions for me this
   time  dude,  argh.  Okay,  I  will  and  list some names
   here.  If  I  were to built a dream team, it would work
   as   both  a  cracking,  demo  and  a  modem  group.
   Therefore the members would probably be:
   Crackers    Dogfriend, Powerplant, Rockstar
   Swappers    Idol/F4CG & KBS/Onslaught. Danish
               people prefered, yeah.
   Coders      Mr. Sex, Crossbow and TDJ for a lazy
   Artists     Mirage, Sander, Hein Design
   Phreakers   Gene, Thor, Shadow and myself
   Lazy people Animaland Cosmo (ex. Dominators)
   Fixer       X-Factor/ex. Excalibur
   Hacker      Blackheart/ex. Excalibur
   Sysop       Sorceress

   But I am not sure we would rule, especially in this
   days and age. Most of the above (except a few) are
   very lazy today or out of the scene for a long time
   Oh well, there you go ...

* On  the  one  hand  the  previous  one  is for sure a
   standart  question, but it still can be interesting as
   the  people  you  choose  can  reflect some of your
   motivations to be in the scene but to explain it here
   and now would waste too much time.
   Apart  from  the  CBM 64 are there other computer
   systems  you do own? Are you there scenewise ac-
   tive aswell?

:) Well,  I  have an Amiga, but that's only to assist me in
   my  work  for  The Pulse. I normally use my Amiga to
   write  articles  and  stuff  -  it's more comfortable.
   That's  also  it though, no other scene for me. When
   the C64 eats dirt, then so do I, erhm.

* Parties  do  usually attract a lot of people who take
   part  in  the  scene.  Have  you visited some parties
   so  far  and  what  is your honest opinion about the
   forthcoming parties?

:) Well, I don't really feel like visiting parties in the fu-
   ture,  there simply is not enough C64 people for me
   to want to go there. In the past, I visited the Dexion
   party  (DK)  back  in 1990, the Horizon party (SWE)
   back in 1991, the Bonzai party (DK) back in 1991 and
   finally  the  Camelot party (DK) back in 1993. Unless
   some  major  party  turns  up  near me in Denmark,
   with  a lot of people saying they wanna go - then do
   not  expect  me  at  the next party. I just don't have
   the time or lust anymore.

* As  usual  there  are good and bad times in real life
   and  in  scene life, too. Please inform us about your
   experiences  and  your point of view regarding this

:) Hey, that's life dude. It's one big rollercoaster, just
   make  sure you don't throw up on the way. No, don't
   take  anything  too  seriously,  and  certainly  don't
   put  your  faith  in  crummy  religions  or  life  after
   death and things like that. When the missing link was
   found,  we  had  the  proof  that  mankind originates
   from  the ape - so take it easy, and enjoy the ride.
   What  can  I  say,  life  is life, whether it's using on a
   computer  or  in  a  big  forest.  I  would  personally
   rather  work  on a computer, than walk around on a
   big  field  with  a  bunch of cows. Who are anyone to
   say what real life quality is? I hate people who want
   to dictate other people's lifes, they are nothing but
   a   bunch   of  semi-communists.  Therefore  I  urge
   everyone  to  take  care  of  yourselves,  and  stop
   pointing  fingers  at  others - putting them down or
   running  their  lifes,  just  give  it to your own some
   meaning.  Do  it  to  me (and other liberals), and you
   will learn.

* And  even  liberalism  is not the solution for all pro-
   blems.   You  learned  to know the scene at its best
   days  and  you  can see in comparion today's situa-
   tion. What is your opinion about the scene today?

:) Sure I miss the old days, but they were diffent days
   It  was cool to call out all night, talking to all kind of
   different people from all over the globe. It was fas-
   cinating,  and  gave  a sort of weird sense of power
   that  is  quite  difficult  to  explain. I was young then
   too,  naive  on  the  major subjects of life as well as
   political  aspects of life. Well, what I dislike the most
   in  today's  scene,  is the disrespect a lot of people
   have for the things released. People think they can
   enter  the  scene,  and start punching the elite and
   established  names  in  the  scene,  when  infact  we
   were  the ones who founded it - and made it what it
   The  newcomers  are what has made it is today, and
   for  that  I  am sorry. Most productive and talented
   people have left the scene, some of us (naive as we
   are) still stick around in hope that things will chan-
   ge,  that  we  will  get the old competition back - but
   we  need  the  respect first, then we can talk about
   new  wares.  That's my opinion anyway, but fortuna-
   tely  I have some experience in the scene to back it
   up with!

* That  was  a  brilliant  answer  and  an  answer that
   might  cause a lot of controversial debates. We can
   only agree.
   Do you take the scene serious or do you only enjoy
   the  time you spend infront of the machine? Is there
   something you really dislike?

:) I  take the scene as serious as it needs to be taken
   When  there  is  a  crisis situation, then you need to
   take   it  serious.  Especially  when  you  are  doing
   something as influencial as a magazine. When you're
   as dedicated to the scene as I am, and have loved it
   for  a  long  time,  then  you  want  to work towards
   seeing it better and grow. This can not be achieved
   by  taking  everything  as  if  it  was  pure  fun  and
   laughter.  But  I  don't need that too much anyway, I
   like to work seriously, I can use the practise. Pret-
   ty  soon  I  will be working at some job, where I need
   to  be  serious  some  8-10 hours a day, and then I
   can't  go  around  taking  life as a joke. Well, sure I
   could,  but  then I would fail, and then the joke would
   be  on  me.  But anyway, the scene needs a good mix
   of both I think, serious fun is what I prefer. I mean,
   how can you work for days on a magazine, and then
   simply  say  it's  just for fun? I don't think so. I love
   doing a magazine, because I love debating and I also
   love information. It really is as simple as that.

* We already stole a lot of your expensive sparetime.
   Is  there  anything  left  you  want to share with the
   scene  as  a last word for this interview? Further-
   more  it  is  the  part  to place your personal gree-
   tings in here. Thanks a lot for being patient and for
   answering all the questions.

:) Yes,  I  would  like  to  add  that The Pulse is now no
   longer a monthly released magazine, but only relea-
   sed  every  second  month. This means you can look
   out  for  the  next  edition on the 1st of September.
   Thanks  to  a  wonderful  staff of sceners and good
   friends,  and  to  all  those  who have supported me
   though  everything  -  you  all  know who you are. I
   could  name  hundreds,  so give yourselves a hello.
   Bye bye, it was fun ...

Well,  fortunately  Duke  did not name his hundreds of
greetings  in  here  are the memory is running closer
and  closer  to  its end. I hope you enjoyed this inter-
view  as  much  as  I did while typing it into the editor.
Originally this interview was planned to be released in
the  August  Edition but sometimes things do not work
in the way they were planned.

Best regards,


Back to the roots

                        * Back to the roots *
Due  to  the  fact  that  Max  is once again not able to
present some old tales in here it is once again my job
to  entertain  the  few  ones  who  dare  to  read  this
As you surely remeber last issue Max was in vacation
so  there  was  no  chance for him writing his article,
this time his final exams for the job as clerk in an in-
dustrial  company  take  most of his sparetime as he's
currently  preparing  everything to pass the tests (I
did  it  with 78%, two weeks of serious preparing, Max
will reduce his activity for three months!!!).

Okay, back in the previous editions we have been re-
porting about the troubles, quarrels and wars at the
small  Venlo meetings, putting cracking groups and its
members  in the light of wary and aggressive creatu-
res  messing  up with everyone. For sure most of you
won't  believe that there were troubles between demo
groups, too, which caused a lot of attention in former

At  the Ikari/Zargon party 1989 in Denmark probably
the  biggest  scandal  ever  in  the  history  filled  the
headlines of the not existing disk magazines. What   the
hell  happened  there?  I think Ikari is a group, or at-
least the name itself, very familar to most of you as it
was  one  of  the few legends left. Unfortunately some
lamers  abused  the name with building up a fake Ikari
but that really does not matters here.
Ikari  was  originally  an English based group with na-
mes  like  Nik,  Just-Ice or Tri-Dos well known around
the globe, and with the danish section (former Jewels
members)  such  as Fletch, Doc and Excel, names that
really do need no introduction.
At  the  party  Ikari and Zargon held ofcourse a demo
competition,  with  high quality contributions from e.g.
Horizon  and  many  other  upper class demo groups.
Ikari  presented  an  average  demo.  And guess what
happened?  A  jury  had  to judge about the contribu-
tions  and  this  jury  consisted  only  mainly Ikari and
their  friends.  The  winner of the competition was of-
course  Ikari,  and  most  of  the  other  participating
groups  were quite upset with the decision. As a mat-
ter  of  this  fact  a  lot  of people joined a federation
against  Ikari,  and  federations became quite popular
later  on  as  a  lot  of these federations got found. It
was  quite natural, as most of these conflicts doesn't
least  too  long,  that these calmed down a few months
later. Later on, next to the activities for Ikari, Excel
and  Jch have produced a few demoes using the label
DANISH  DESIGN.  Before Ikari finally died they were a
long  time  in cooperation with Talent, another English
top  act,  former  by  the former Hotline members Bod
and XXX. When Ikari died, Doc, Fletch and Excel joined
the  belgian  based  group  Legend while Just Ice left
for F4CG if I remember correctly.

Very  entertaining  and amusing for the objective au-
dience  was  for  sure  the conflict between Light and
Horizon  and the one and Censor Design on the other
side,  the  swedish  top  demo  groups  that time along
with Triad.
It  all  started  at the Light/Horizon party in Sweden,
were  the guys from Censor Design appeared to have
a  party, and not only an ordinary and boring compu-
ter  convention. It is still a miracle why the consum of
alcohol  is  on  the scandinavic parties is stricly for-
bidden,  to  be  more precise inside the party hall. It's
very  annoying  to  forbid  it  inside the room to avoid
troubles,  but  on  the  other  side  to  allow  drunken
people,  who  drank their alcohol outside, to enter the
party place.
This  party,  like  many  other  computer  parties, was
held in an school, and this school got devided into two
areas,  one area for the party guests and one where
the entry was forbidden.
In  their  party mood the tough guys from Censor en-
tered  the  teachers  office  and  the wildest rumours
where  cruising  the  scene  of  what  they did in that
room.  Some  said  the  have abused the copier units,
others reported that they abused the telephone, and
people  who  were not present heard the wildest sto-
ries,  but  what  exactly  happened was never cleared
officially.  Fact  is  that the Censor posse was kicked
from the party and a lot of hassle started, caused by
the  party.  A  lot  of  magazines got abused for their
different  versions  of  the  story,  many  notes were

written  by  both  parties. Finally things were cleared
up  by Euzkera who apologized himself and his groups
deeds  directly at Goblin/Light and Horizon, so things
were finally cleared even if a lot of uninformed maga-
zine  editors  still  pushed up the story. The book got
closed  by Goblin sending out a letter to reliable mags
such  as  LETHAL  NEWS  (edited by Trap and Sonny,
both  former  members of Bonzai, The Ruling Company
and  Success  just  to name a few of them all) and of-
course  MAMBA  who  printed  the  last  words  of this

Parties  were  and  will  ever be a place causing con-
flicts  due  to  the fact that many different individuals
meet  together  and  unfortunately  some do not know
how  to  behave  and  some others have problems with
the childish rules from the organisers. The latest ex-
ample  was ofcourse Airwolf being caught while steal-
ing  equipment.  But  infact it is what makes parties so
interesting  and  we would miss a lot in a boring scene
without any action.

It  is  quite  unsure if Max will return this year to edit
this  chapter,  but I truely hope to see him being back
along  with the January edition, to be more precise in
issue 14.

Best regards,


Demo Reviews

                           * Demo Reviews *
This  time  Scroll,  Fuben,  PRI  and RRR had a critical
look  on some releases from the Assembly 1995, to be
more precise the contributions voted on position one
and  three,  namely Extremes from Byterapers and 7
Years  from  Beyond  Force, both ancient and finnish
This  time  you  will  detect  some changes in the text-
style, based on an idea by PRI. In the previous issues
we  uses  to  present  the reviews as one big report,
this time the frontier between the parts Coding, Gra-
phic  and Music are more visible with always present-
ing  headlines showing who is currently reviewing. It's
an  experiment,  so we would like to receive reactions
about the way you would like to read the reviews. But
just continue reading, the content and the competen-
ce remains on the same high level.

Let's start over ...

In 1994 the Byterapers returned to the CBM 64 demo
scene  like  the  legendary  phoenix  from  the ashes,
proving  activity  with  the triple release of the World
Of  Code  and a converted (ported) picture show. Ex-
tremes is their first release in 1995, needless to say
that it won the Assemby demo competition this year.

                      Fuben about the coding:
This demo was mainly coded by Mr.Sex and additionally
by Mr.Dick (colorplama & endsequence).

The  trackmo  starts  with  a multi-screen logo, which
wanks  slowly  through the screen. Additionally there
are  some sprites overlayed showing the introduction
text.  Later  a filled "X" starts rotating (basic vector
rotation)    with    a   lower   resoloution.   Finally   an
"eXtremes"-logo  appears made up by the vector "X".
All fades out with FLD.
Next   effect   coming   up   is   some   kind  of  moving
spherical  over  a  texture,  all running in 4x4-mode.
This  effect  is  quite old on Amiga, but I'm not sure of
having seen it ever before on C64. However, it does
not look bad, evenso a quite trivial thing.
Then,  there  is  a  rotator  like that in Radio Napalm/
Reflex  using  the  same  texture as before. The prin-
ciple  of this rotator is the same like in Radio Napalm.
Next is another Amiga-classic...A rotator over a scal-
map. Looks quite interesting.
While  loading  there  is a logo shown, which fades out
later. A picture comes up then, containing a distorter
in  its  centre.  This  distorter  is  different to that in
Oxyron's  Parts.  Each  line  is distorted with another
sine.  So, it makes the effect looking better, even with
the 4x4-mode used here again, and it is not using the
full screen.
Next  is  a  fullscreen  colorplasma  (40x25)  with two
different colors in each char, also using dithering.
This  is  the  same  in Camelot's "Produkthaendler kom
her"  coded  by  Cruzer  (which I personally prefer).
It  isn't running that fast, but as a matter of fact that
there  is  a processing  loader  besides,  it's  a  quite
remarkable speed!
After  an  IFLI-picture by Mike, some gouraud objects
come up in a quite poor resoloution: 8x8 pixels! Even-
so these vectors are quite fast. Beside of the vector
rotations there are also shodow effects (last screen
fading   away)  and  a  fullscreen-colorcycling-effect
ORed  to  the  videoram.  This  part  doesn't look that
great,  but  thinking  about  all  the  3 effects done in
that speed...quite nice part!
Finally there is the endsequence build up by an inter-
lace picture and a boardersprite-upscroller.

I  would  like  to  mention  the  very cool loadersystem
used  in this trackmo. It transferes 2-bit at the same
time and has a rather high speed. Very cool loader!

So,  all  in  all  there  isn't much to say. A more design
oriented  demo  than  a  hardcode  oriented. Evenso,
there  weren't  any new inventions. Most effects came
from  the Amiga or other CBM 64 demos. I'm surprised
by the trackmo system. Quite fast loading and depack
times combined with much action. Rating: 84%

                      RRR about the graphics:
While   watching  the  graphics  from  the  Byterapers
trackmo  Extremes  I  have  seen  some  kind  of first
night,  hand  made  graphics,  drawn  by Mike/Bytera-
pers and Jale/Jeskola.

In  the  intro  part  there  is a huge Byterapers logo,
drawn  about several screens in Koala bitmap. Indeed
it  looks  quite  nice but surely with some more effort
it  could  have been better, followed by another Koala
bitmap  logo  Extremes,  which  looks  quite  nice, too.
The  next graphic is another Byterapers bitmap logo,
again  a  nice  piece  of art. Sort kind of dragons who
surround  an  effect  are  the graphics I have found,
again  in Koala bitmap format and nice drawn. The up-
coming  IFLI  picture is for sure the best piece of art
presented  in  this  demo,  and it competed in the gra-
phics  competition  of  the Assembly 1995 (for the re-
sults  please  read  the  Global  Report).  It  is an ex-
cellent  motive  and  a fitting colour palette got used,
showing a dragon and a girl and some icebergs. All in
all  it  is  very detailed, both one mountain still looks a
little bit unfinished in my eyes.
The  end  picture  (IFLI  again)  shows  a  long-haired
person  with a turned cross on the forehand. Beyond
the  face  is a small, interesting Byterapers logo, no-
thing special at all.

To  be  honest, I really was surprised to see graphics
which seem not to be ported down from the Amiga, and
I  have to admit that both, Mike and Jale, did a fine job
with  their  graphics.  Especially  Mike improved a lot,
taking some of his older work as a standart. Because
of that, I dare to rate the graphic at 82%.

                    PRI about the soundtrack:
Once  again  good  old  Zardax has given a sign of life
by doing the soundtrack for this demo.

He  is  one  of  the  few composers whose tunes so to
speak posess a certain aura or charisma, which pro-
bably  is also one of the reasons why his work always
found attention although he - just like his groupmates
in Origo - never were too active.
The  soundtrack  falls  in two parts, one main and one
end  tune.  And  I  mean  it  when  I say that no demo is
better timed to the music than this one, and that in no
demo  the  different  passages  of  one track suit the
different  demo-parts  better.  It  should serve as an
example  for  many  other people who don't spare this
aspect  of  designing demoes much attention, whereas
with  only a little more flexibility and co-operation be-
tween   coders  and  musicians  much  better  results
could be achieved.
In  the middle of the demo, the tune kind of dives away
to  a  lower volume, and the pulsating bass fits excel-
lent  to  the  pulsation  of  the  colours in the plasma,
while  the  sus-chords  always  function as the linking
element  between all the different parts. A new melody
kind  of sneaks in, the bass-line's activity increases,
and  suddenly  everything  rises  up to a new peak to
powerfully   underline   the   following  vectors,  after
which  the  tune  falls  back  into the groove from the
Furthermore,   also   the   pauses   or  periods  when
building up a new screen were taken into special con-
sideration  by  putting  in appropriate breaks. A neat
idea  is also that "Lo-fi" intro, which is realised more
consequently  in the end tune: The mid frequencies a-
re overstressed while both high and low are radically
cut  off, so the listener gets the impression of listen-
ing  to  this  through  an old radio. But you could also
think  of  it  as a simulation of a sampled groove which
starts  off  e.g.  many  Hip  Hop  tunes, before the fat
bass and drums come in.
This   end   tune  features  a  beautiful  melody  which
nicely calms down in the middle just to take up the the
theme  once more. It generates a relaxed atmosphere
in  which  the demo-watcher leans back and thinks a-
bout all the routines and pictures he just got to see.
By  the  way,  the  intro  reminds  me a bit of one tune
used in Origo's "Tour de Force" years ago.

The  quality  of  the  instruments  used in this sound-
track  is,  like  we  are  used to know it from Zardax,
very good. For my taste only one of the bass sounds
in  the  main tune is a bit too fat for the exact recog-
nition  of  the  notes.  A pity that we only very seldom
get  to  hear  tunes  by  Zardax  - but it seems like in
this case less can be more. Rating: 91%

                    * 7 years/Beyond Force *
Beyond  Force  is a real veteran of the CBM 64 demo
scene,  inventing  or  presenting  routines on an high
technical  level  starting in the 1980's. In the past few
years  they  slowed down their activity a little bit, like
almost  all  major  demo  groups,  and  released  their
productions  at  the  Assembly  parties in Finland, the
country they use to life in.

                      Scroll about the coding:
This  demo  opens  with  a  cool  Prosonix-tune  and a
3-colour  Beyond  logo,  followed by a interlaced text
telling  you  who  coded  it.  After  some  seconds, the
credits  appear.  The  text  consists  of  1-pixel dots,
which  "explodes"  in  the  middle,  sending  the  pixels
up  and  away...  A  similar effect was used in their old
demo  "Anal  Intruder" (1990-91) in the last part, only
a   precalculated  version.  Then  the  IRQ-loader  (by
TNT)  starts  working. On my C64 with a weak 1541 the
interrupt  went  amok,  the  music  played  four  times
faster   while   the   loading   text  got  displayed  and
removed  many  times.  It  worked  fine  on  my C128D,
however.  Well,  as  I  said,  text  is displayed while the
next part loads.

The   next   part   consists   of  some  texturemapped
vectors  in  4x4  FLI  resolution. First a flat square,
then  a  cube...  Then the loader works again, this time
a  doom  clone  with  the  same  texture... I have yet to
see   a   doom-clone   better  than  Light's,  everyone
uses   those   strange   textures   rather  than  real
wall  textures  etc.  And  why make these effects only
in demos? I'd rather play a game with those routines..

After   the   doom  clone,  the  next  part  comes.  The
"Bobtwister".   First,  a  blue  rotating  star  appears
at  the  lower  part  of  the  screen.  Then  some light
blue   bobs  (there  are  quite  many)  fall  down  from
the  top  of  the  screen.  Bouncing  on  the  star and
then  bouncing  up,  off  the  screen.  This  is  a  very
good-looking   and  cool  effect  indeed!  This  routine
repeats  itself 2-3 times with different formations.

Then  the  loader starts to work again, this time some
Gouraud   vectors,   still  in  4x4  resolution.  First  a
cube,  then  a  long  "pole".  Then  those  two  objects
are  mixed  (!)...  I  know  this  is  quite heavy, but why
do  it  at  all  when  it  isn't updated more than 3 times
per frame?

Then  it  starts  to load again, this time it's the end of
the  demo...  A  full-screen  bitmap  picture consisting
of  a  Beyond  Force  logo  with some candles at each
side  of  the  logo, with some spider web included, with
an  upscroller  on  the  top...  By the way, this picture
has been used before, in A.O.S. 2 or something...

This  is  a relatively short demo. As we are told in the
last  part's  scroller, this demo was coded in 3 weeks
sometimes  in  July.  By  the  way, the entire demo was
coded  by  Gremlin,  except  from  the  IRQ-loader  by
TNT.  The  demo  files  aren't  even levelpacked... Well,
this  is  demo  is  far  from what they are capable of.
I  know  that  this  is  a kind of hastework demo. Some
parts  are  quite  good  and  some  less  good, but the
few parts take up far too much disk space...
So I give this demo 50% for the code.

                      RRR about the graphics:
All  the  graphics  presented  in Beyond Force's demo
called  "7  Years"  have  been  drawn  by  Napalm and

At  first  I  have  seen  the classical 4 coloured (incl.
background)  Beyond  logo, which is still nice to watch
in  form  and filling. Last but not least there is the le-
dendary bitmap logo, presenting the name of the demo
group  in  form of rines assisted by candles and some
web too improve the feelings of the Middle Ages.

Unfortunately both graphics have been used in seve-
ral former Beyond Force productions so they are al-
ready well known and too often presented to stun the
audience,  even  if both graphics were at a high stan-
dart  when  they  were  drawn some years ago. Hope-
fully  Beyond  Force  will  managed it to present some
new graphics in their forthcoming production. Rating:

                    PRI about the soundtrack:
The musics for this demo were composed by Prosonix
(music label of Panoramic Designs) and Danko.

The   first   tune   was  done  by  Prosonix.  A  catchy
rhythmical  intro,  followed  by  melody  and harmonies
generating a dramatic atmosphere. On the whole quite
ok,  but  I  would  have  used  the bass drum less fre-
quently.  The  hardrestart  doesn't  work, either. The
worst  thing  is  that the tune fades out and restarts
again  during  the demo - a little more timing I actually
would have expected.
The  second one by Danko gives you the real  vintage
feeling.  The  lead  sounds a bit weird, but the rest of
the  instruments  you would expect to be by Rob Hub-
bard or other Musicians of the eighties. Only an ave-
rage tune, though.

I'm  afraid  this  soundtrack  is  not  worth  more than

By  the  way,  we  are still searching for qualified and
competent  composers and graphic artists to enlarge
our review team. If you are able to present an objec-
tive  and competent review, if you have an acceptable
English  and  are  able  to work with deadlines, do not
hesitate  to  contact  us using the snail mail or e-mail
addresses  along with some example reviews to prove
your skills.

We hope to meet you in November here again, so best
regards from your favourite reviewers team,

Scroll/Megastyle Productions

Open Letter

                           * OPEN LETTER *
Originally  it  did  not  come up to our interest in pre-
senting  this chapter regulary but caused by the re-
action to the content of the previous one we agreed
to publish this chapter again, probably over and over
again in the following editions.
Due  to  the  fact  that  we  are on objective magazine
here is the reply from Crossfire, submitted via Inter-
net,  presenting  his point of view, a letter be descri-
bed as a reaction to the Relax Magazine.

                         Reply to Alpha Flight
                  written by Crossfire/Motiv 8
           (concerning an open letter in Relax # 11)

Dear Alpha Flight ..
..  reading  the  last  edition  of Relax, it annoys me to
see  your torment over what was written in The Pulse
-  were  I am a psyciatrist. I would probably be calling
you paranoid, cause it seems as though you think I am
out  to  get you, but this VERY much is NOT the case!
All I did was simply to gather all I possible could about
the incident, and at the time my part was written I had
seen  NO reply of ANY shape or form from the ALPHA
FLIGHT-tribe.  I  have  NOW,  and  did  about  two days
after  it was too late. As you will have realized by now
we  have  heard  the points from both sides but as my
part  was  written,  no AFL-members  had  given their
point of view although I asked SEVERAL of your mem-
bers,  so HOW do you expect me to go flawness? Bear
in  mind,  it happened in the END of the month, so I had
about  one  or two days to finish my job in order still
to  hold  my given deadline. About Ream being respon-
sible  I can only conclude from the fact that all three,
call  them scandals if you will, going on at the time was
incidents  that  implicated  him (that being the allegted
Misfortune  and  Nuts  re-cracks,  and  the Bad Balls
"rip".).  As  you  state  yourselves,  a good journalist
collects  as  much evidence as possible, but when half
of the part speaks eagerly and the other part mere-
ly  gives  the  classic  "No  comments", then WHAT are
you  gonna  do,  except  for doing your best to give a
point  of  view  on  the matter? THAT is what I did, NO-
THING else! About the investigation-part, there really
isn't  ANYTHING  to  discuss. The picture that Mayhem
released  and the picture on the game-screen of Bad
Balls  is  DEFINATELY the same - Anyone denying this
GOT to be a basket-case!!! As for the part of you not
replying,  I  believe  I  already  gave  my  part  to that
above,  but  to  summun  up  - at the written time I had
seen  NO sign of even INTEREST to reply on the lights
on  Alpha  Flight - like stated aswell, I saw a note only
two DAYS after I had done my part, but all of us wor-
king  for  magazines  knows  only TOO well how impor-
tant  deadlines  are,  RIGHT? To end it off - YES, I DO
expect to receive informations - either Duke or I do,
how  else  do  you  expect  us  to be able to make fair
judgements? To me it seems you contradict yourself -
you  reply,  but  you  don't  want people to READ your
reply. I don't know if you can see where it went wrong
for  yourself?  In  any  case,  this  letter  was written
just  to  give  a  second  point  of view of Marc's very
harsh  words  in  the  last edition - nothing to get all
exited  about, actually!!! Finally, I wanna make it totally
clear  that  I  stand  100% neutral in this matter, since
that  is  the  way a DECENT journalist has to be - not
talking any  sides, but simply to tell the story the way
it looks to him at the time he writes his text. .. WHICH

While  I  am  at this, I feel I gotta give a comment to the
last  editions  release-charts  - Now, it is not that we
got  out  with no points although we had 4 or 5 relea-
ses cause I couldn't care less, but what really caught
me  eye  was  the  editors  words  about  us  creating
scandals  releasing  stuff  none  else would bother to
touch.  First of all, let me quote what a member of At-
lantis  wrote  in a post on one of the Alpha Flight HQ's
only  about 2 weeks ago "We should forget budget la-
bels,  and  start  appriciating  every single game that
gets  released  in the scene today!", and YES, here I
agree.  Besides, dear Alpha Flight, HOW can YOU com-
plain  when  YOU, yourselves, released that "Colonial
Trader"-thing?  You  didn't  see me complaining then,
did you? In ANY case , these games the editors clai-
med was made with an adventure maker which was ap-
parently  the  reason why it didn't deserve point only
proves how LITTLE the editors of the release-charts
in  Relax  bother to examine their sources. Those two
games  were  in  fact  NOT  made with editors, any non
reluctant  creature  would  be able to see that! ... but
ANYWAY,  done  is done, I hold no grotch, but it makes
me wonder seing the editors like THAT complain about

With  all respect, improve!!! .. you want US to, but may-
be  we  all  need  to  shape  up?!  Maybe,  all  in  all, we
should gibe THAT throught some consideration!

Crossfire/MOTIV 8, August 24th 1995.
Dear Crossfire,

just  to  avoid any kind of misunderstandings we have
to  point  out  that MARC was only responsible for the
the reaction towards Bizarre, being a part of the VN
staff. The content of his reaction was indeed well ob-
served and presented.
The  part  towards Crossfire and The Pulse Magazine
was  edited  by  Styx/Afl, who is in fact no part of the
RELAX  magazine  staff  and  he  does  not  have  any
journalistic  ambitions  to become a part of the staff,
so  we  do  not  get  the  point  about  you complaining
about  the journalistic skills of certain staff members
nor do we accept statements like this one which seem
to be wrong in any way.
Styx  was  responsible for the notes to clear up cer-
tain  matters, too, so he took his chance to present a
reply  on what he read in The Pulse to a brighter au-
dience, in the name of Alpha Flight but not in the name
of  any  Relax staff members. So remarks refering to
staff members of this magazine reflect the discussion
away from the topic! We know about dividing personal
and  business  affairs,  therefore  we are able to an-
nounce  releasing  a  magazine that can be defined as
objective as possible in OUR opinion.
The  release  charts  are being edited by two compe-
tent   persons   who   belong   since   many  years  to
groups  counting to the most important ones around.
Next  to their knowledge they receive a massive sup-
port  from  two  of the best crackers these days who
check out the releases carefully byte by byte, namely
Jack   Alien/Avantgarde   and   The  Ignorance/Alpha
Flight.  When  four  independent  persons come to the
same  conclusion  it  seems  that they use to have the
RIGHT  solution.  As  we  have  two  editors  who  care
about  the topic Release Charts we guess this is pro-
viding  very  OBJECTIVE  release  charts, apart from
the  fact that there will be always some persons com-
plain when they are not satisfied.
It  could  be quite informative to check out the issues
of  The  Pulse  magazine  when Crossfire "edited" the
release charts, almost the entire cracking scene ex-
cept  Motiv  8 (curiously # 1) was complaining about it,
only in order to refresh the facts.

RRR/Oxyron, on behalf of the RELAX MAGAZINE staff



With  this  reaction  we in ALPHA FLIGHT want to show
the   people  of  the  c64  scene,  and  CROSSFIRE  in
particular,  once  and for all, our point of view on the
News Journal of last issue's Pulse Magazine.

Let  there  be  no  doubt  of  whatsoever, we in Alpha
Flight   have  no  intention  to  start  a  war  with  the
editors of the Pulse Magazine. The only thing we want
is  a  rectification  in the next issue, because we feel
injustice  has  been  done to us. With this second note
we  will  try  to show the readers there should indeed
be  a  rectification  or  atleast  a  confirmation of the
injustice done.

Crossfire  claims  in  his  reply,  quote:  (...)  but when
half  of  the  part speaks eagerly and the other part
merely gives the classic "no comment", then what are
you  gonna  do,  except  for doing your best to give a
point of view on the matter. That is what I did. Nothing
else. (...), unquote.

Good  to  see  this  confirmed  by  Crossfire.  He only
gave  HIS  point  of  view,  or a subjective news 'fact'
if you prefer.
One  of  the  basic rules in journalism: When reporting
news   always   be   OBJECTIVE.   Never   show  YOUR
opinion to the public.
Just a minor mistake there from Crossfire.

You   also   claim   to   have   asked  "several  of  our
members".  Fact  is  you  didn't ask ANY AFL member
in charge, not Marc, not Max, not me (Styx).
Another  basic  rule  in  journalism: Hear BOTH sides,
check  and double check. If you only hear one source
you might end up printing untrue things.
And in this case Crossfire did print the wrong 'news'=
Just   a   minor   mistake   again  from  our  would  be
Now  for  another  one,  quote:  (...)  Yes,  I do expect
to  receive  informations  -  either  Duke  or I do, how
else   do   you  expect  us  to  be  able  to  make  FAIR
judgements? (...), unquote.

So  you  actually  ADMIT  the  so-called  news  written
about us not to be fair. You say it yourself!
Just a minor one here too, Crossfire.

He  also  wrote  that  "we  don't  want  people to read
our  reply".  That's  a  lame  utterance,  and you know
it.  First  of  all,  what's  the  use  of writing a reply if
no  one  will  get  to  read  it.  Second,  we spread the
note(s)   all   over  the  board-  and  mailscene,  even
before  the  edition in question got released. So don't
go   tell   we   don't   want  the  notes  to  be  spread.
That's just being stupid and ignorant.

I can only come up with these conclusions:

1. You    have    absolutely   NO   idea   what   real-life
journalism   is   about;  You  break  every  basic  rule
there  is.  Your  so-called  News  Journal  is  nothing
but    a   chapter   in   which   you   write   your   OWN
interpretation  of things happening in the c64 scene.
I  suggest  you  therefore  name  it  from  now on, for
example:  'Crossfire's  View  on  Things',  or 'Meet the
Tabloids'.  I'm  sure  you  can  com e up with something
nice.  The  News  Journal  chapter has no journalistic
value   of   whatsoever,  and  that's  something  which
disappoints me, because I always thought of The Pulse
as   the  one  magazine,  that  actually  tried  best  to
become what they said they wanted to become.

2.  The  reaction you wrote is a contradict itself. You
try  to  plead  innocent,  but  in the end of your story
you indirectly admit having been wrong about the way
you gathered the 'news'.
You  say  we  don't want anyone to read the notes we
write,  while  infact  we  spread them worldwide. Could
it  be  that  you just did not pay attention to what was
going on in the mail- and boardscene?

You  also  claim to have spoken, one way or another,
to  several Alpha Flight members about the situation,
but  all  they  could  come  up with was "no comment".
Fact  is  you  never  have  even TRIED to get in touch
with   the   organization,  while  every  scener  knows
atleast  ONE  guy  in  AFL  who  could inform him more
on the subject.
And   you   try  to  blame  my  of  being  a  contradict
myself??? Well, think again!

This  pretty  much  sums  up  the  things  I  wanted  to
say.  I  don't  want  to  react  on the critics Crossfire
wrote  about  the  releasecharts.  I  leave that to the
two  very  competent  editors  of  the releasecharts,
Marc  and  Deff.  Although I must say RRR has made it
already pretty clear.

I  hope  the  other  editors of The Pulse Magazine will
encourage  Crossfire  to  improve his skills to a more
professional  level.  We  in  Alpha  Flight  hope to have
given the first encouragement.

Before  everyone  starts  accusing the wrong people
of writing this text, let me just say that it was written
on  the  29th  of  September  1995  as  a  reaction to
Crossfire's  open  letter  by  me, STYX/AFL. With this
reaction  I  represent  ALL Alpha Flight members, and
in  particular  REAM/AFL,  who has been the victim of
some  wild  accusations.  So  any comments about this
text  should  be  pointed  to  the  WHOLE  Alpha Flight
crew.  We will not tolerate any attacks on one member
only.  Mess  with  one, and mess with the family, as the
saying goes..

Now,  comments  (I  just  have  this  feeling of Deja-Vu
that  there  will  be some) can be send to the AFL or-
organization,  or  you  can  leave  mail  on our boards
nation wide.
Finally   I   would  like  to  thank  the  Relax  staff  for
printing this article.



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When the amount of addresses is growing in the same
way like during the past few days we feel free to re-
move  the  supporting  text  and  to print the address
only  in  order  to  save memory as we do not feel like
releasing  many  adress chapters to fill up the maga-
zine  and  to impress the readers with a huge amount
of text.

Best regards,


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