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                            * Editorial *
The  RELAX  magazine  June  edition  got delivered to
you  by Bad Bytes Entertainment Software (european
division) after some personal troubles and misunder-
standings  between the editing staff have been solved
in  a way like gentleman behave not only to guarantee
the  existance of this magazine but in the wise judge-
ment  that  computer-orientated  conflicts should not
divide  friends as there are definately much more im-
portant things than a thirteen years old computer of
a  dying  generation  nor  that these things should be
taken  too  serious since it is all entertainment in our
opinion and something we have to be pleased with.

The first Relax issue ever got released in September
1989  while  the sixth isue got spread in April 1990 or
to  be  more  precise  on  April 21st, 1990. Nearly five
years  later at the X-95 (April 22nd/23rd) the ninth
issue got published as usual in a real hurry and after
some  sleepness  nights  due  to  several reasons for
our  staff.  This  issue  is  supposed  to  be something
special  as  it  is the tenth issue, ten issues spread in
six years.

It  is very usual in the magazine business today when
people  are  going  to  celebrate  a special issue with
those  very  positive critism from their close friends
in  order to show the "popularity" and the "success"
of their production. To be honest, all these reactions
look  very similar and boring in our eyes so we refu-
sed  even the idea to publish that kind of propaganda
for our magazine in here.

Many  of our readers requested to see this magazine
being  spread  all  four  weeks  in  order to receive a
monthly  journal,  a  monthly  publication like in former
times  practised  by  Sex'n  Crime,  Relax,  Magic News
some  years or The Pulse some months ago. For sure
we discussed this topic and researched how to reali-
se it but after dozens of conferences we came to the
logical  conclusion  that  there  is a lack of activity in
the  scene.  A lot of more or less well reputated sce-
ners  leave  the scene each month and the community
of  CBM 64 users decreases day by day. It is sad but
true   but necessary to collect six weeks all the hap-
penings,  the few releases (from both the legal and il-
legal  part  of  the  scene), to analyze the votesheets
and  the  charts  from  our concerence we use in the
megacharts  (=mail  charts)  in  order  to present the
maximum of quality, quantity and entertainment, things
that  might do not look to hard to perform but regar-
ding  the  situation  in the magazine market there are
only  a few ones able to hold up this standart. Our in-
tention is to release a magazine filled with scene con-
cerned  topics  only,  a  policy being high appreciated
from many guys due to the mass of positive reactions
we  got  after  our  comeback issue and after the two
previous issues we released this year.
It  is very easy to copy texts from books, to tell very
amusing erotic or mystic tales, to review books, music
CDs  or  movies  but to edit a scene related magazine
with interesting topics in an as objective way as pos-
sible  does  really  take  much  time, much more effort
and  enthusiasm  these  days  for  a critical audience
counting  blocks  instead  of  looking  out  for  quality
when  it  comes  up  to  magazines today. We accepted
the  challenge  and went a different way, not the easy
one  but  one we really enjoy to be something special
in  an  cloned  market.  This magazine won't be abused
as  a propaganda medium to be a platform for private
conflicts,  a  situation  we  are proud of, a subject we
already wrote about in the previous issue.

The  INFOTAINMENT  strategy and policy will be one of
things  that  make this magazine quite unique. A lot of
people  requested  what does it mean in general? Our
intention  is to deliver masses of INFOrmation with the
global  reports,  charts,  reports  and  reviews. While
these   chapters   already  contain  entertaining  se-
quences  in  order  to make boring facts more enjoy-
able  we  use  to  present the enterTAINMENT with the
trips back to the roots where we proudly can report
about  things we did when we were young and the CBM
64  still  was  a machine which was interesting for all
the  major  companies  and  distributors, the highlight
and  the glorious days of this machine. An interview is
supposed  to  be informative and interesting so we do
not  classify this chapter in any way as long as it fits
into the concept and it does, don't you agree?

When  people  demand  or  ask  for non-scene related
chapters we have to refuse your wish as this is not a
commercial  production  in order to sell more copies.
It  is  our  hobby, our work and our job or to be more
precise  something  we  have  to  be pleased with. It is
much  more important to follow our concept, our ideas
and our inventions in order to reach our aims and we
are getting closer and closer the more issues we are
going  to  release. When we are pleased with the issue
we  are  going  to refill our energy and we start over
to guarantee a successful follow-up.

When  ignorant  people  talk about the Relax Magazine
these  days  they still use to call it a "Pulse-beating"
Alpha  Flight  magazine.  In  fact  the idea of the Relax
was  to  continue  where The Pulse stopped with a lot
of  its former staff members but meanwhile the entire
staff  "changed"  back to the persons which were in-
volved  with  the  Relax  Magazine  in former times like
Marc  and Max who contributed from the start in 1989
up  to now and RRR who delivered news and spread it
that  time. Deff joined the staff in order to guarantee
that  the release charts become the most fair charts
in  the  scene  due  to  the  fact  that two members of
competing  cracking groups merge their skills. This is
why  we can proudly proclaim that our release charts
are the most FAIR and OBJECTIVE ones around these
days.  We  have been observing the market and found
out  that  people  do  spoil  the  rules for the release
charts  until they found out a way to rank themselves
on  the  top  spot. We can't and won't accept this kind
of  behaviour as we do believe in a fair competition, a
competition we do not fear in any way.
Furthermore it is not neccessary to mention that the
Relax was supposed to be independent from the very
beginning in 1989 and after the comeback in 1994 but
actually  it  is  going to be spread by BAD BYTES EN-
TERTAINMENT  SOFTWARE, european division, and not
by Alpha Flight. Please keep this in mind when you are
going to mention the Relax Magazine.

This new outfit got born several months ago. When we
discussed  and planned the comeback of the Relax we
have  been considering about a very special and ori-
ginal outfit using proportional upscroller as our pre-
fered  text display routine. Unfortunately all the end-
less  previous  tries  have  been  skipped  due  to the
fact  that  NTSC  computers  did  not like the routines
but these days Fuben/Oxyron presented the ultimate
version  without  using heaps of rastertime and timing
tables. PRI/TIA/Oxyron was responsible for the music
this  time  so  we are proud to present a very advan-
advanced  PAL/NTSC  outfit in order to please all the
the  masses  of  readers who judge magazines by re-
garding  the  outfit  instead  of  studying the content
what  seems  to be one of the major mistakes not only
in  our opinion but we have to quote Jeff Smart here,
a  former  Triad member, who used to say WHO CARES
in situations like this one.

Credits for this issue looks like this:
PROGRAMMING:             Skid Row/ex-Alpha Flight 1970
SOUNDTRACK:                         Arne/Alpha Flight 1970

PROGRAMMING:                                    Fuben/Oxyron
SOUNDTRACK:                                   PRI/TIA/Oxyron
BITMAP GRAPHICS:                                  RRR/Oxyron
CHARACTERSET:          Skid Row/ex-Alpha Flight 1970

Responsible editors for this issue are:
MAIN EDITOR:                          Marc/Alpha Flight 1970
MAIN EDITOR:                            Max/Alpha Flight 1970
MAIN EDITOR:                                          RRR/Oxyron
CO-EDITOR:                                     Deff/Avantgarde
CO-EDITOR:                                         Fuben/Oxyron
CO-EDITOR:                                       PRI/TIA/Oxyron
CO-EDITOR:                  Scroll/Megastyle Productions

Here  we  would  like to introduce two new co-editors
from  Oxyron, namely PRI and Fuben. Both have joined
the  Demo  Review  team which consists of Fuben, PRI
and  RRR  now  or  to  be  more precise specialists to
judge  their  special  subjects  to  come  up to a more
more professional review chapter. The same goes for
Scroll/MSP  who  will  have a look at the programming
aswell, a man we do not have to introduce in here.

Atleast the following persons cooperated in any pos-
sible  way  like  spreading our votesheet or supplying
news  and information next to spreading this publica-
Intruder/Avantgarde,  Sebaloz/Keen  Acid/Lepsi De-
velopments, Spectator/SCS & TRC, Syco/Chromance,
Morris/Shape, Shuze/Afl and many more.

Finally  there  is  a  future  for Commodore. ESCOM, a
german  computer  multi,  bought the company for ca.
US$ 10.000.000,-.  Commodore  International Ltd. ac-
tually  has active debts of around US$ 100.000.000,-
so  most  creditors are not satisfied. Nevertheless it
seems to be clear that the Commodore 64 will be pro-
duced for the eastern european market and the pro-
duction  of  the Amiga 1200/4000 will be restarted in
China.  The  future  plans are to develope a power PC
comparable with the Apple Mac.
A lot of speculations have been made thinking about a
possible  return  of  the  big software houses what is
more  than hypothetic. To be honest, actually it seems
like that the time of Commodore business (?) machines
is  definately over, for both Amiga and CBM 64, and it
is up to an every user to slow down the final death of
this machine as long as possible. It is very amusing to
see the unlimited tries of concurence magazines try-
ing  to  rule  the  ruins and to denunciate their oppo-
nents with childish phrases and slogans instead of ac
cepting  a  fair  challenge  without unfair tricks to in-
fluence  their  potential  target group, a group partly
being  grateful  for  that  kind of propaganda which is
everything  else  but not serious journalism! May it be
that  there  is  some  kind  of jealousy leading them to
react  and  to  behave  like this? The remaing CBM 64
community  should  better  encourage  each  other to
make  sure  that  there  will  some support instead of
leaving  behind  a  bunch  of frustated users who are
finally  fed up using this machine. This might be one of
the  primary  targets  of  people who can not compete
with  the  top in their blind mission and false ambitions
to become well respected even if they are not able to
recognize  that  they  are  -  and not the people they
are going to attack - the responsible for people lea-
ving  the  scene.  These  persons should wake up and
start thinking before they influence the audience with
their  dark  visions  nor  do  they  have  the  right to
reform  the  scene.  The  scene  has been running all
over  the  years  pleasing  a  lot of persons who took
part  and  it  can  not  be  to see a few unsuccessful
creatures   messing   up  with  the  system,  a  system
running  perfectly  over  ten years now. Anarchy can
not  be  a solution to keep the scene alive as anarchy
will  destroy  all  the  fine structures which made this
scene, the scene you are actually a part of, possible.
Why  is  it  that the so-called quality cracking groups
start  to  complain about first releases? Is it because
they  do  not  have the sources to get those originals
and  that  they  have  no  access to the major boards
due  to  the  fact that they do not have the possibility
a  chance to call out for "free"? Why is it that people
who  applied  for  the  elite status and never got it fi-
nally stand up and start to complain about the system
only  because they did not reach their aim? To be ho-
nest,  we  have  never heard an elite person complai-
ning  about the system! Just curious. The status elite
is  nothing  you  can  get by buying a modem or joining
a  so-called  elite or top group, it is something like an
award  you  get  from  other  persons  and not unlike
some  persons who self-titled themselves as elite. All
people  who take chart positions more enjoyable com-
pared  with  the fun they could have in this scene are
people  we can count on in the quest to keep the sce-
ne alive as they are supposed to be persons who are
going  to  release  a  lot  of  warez  to  guarantee the
steady  flood of warez for this machine and you can't
deny  the  fact  that  the warez are, next to the very
important  subject  FRIENDSHIP,  responsible  for the
existance  of  the  CBM 64 scene. We are here to re-
lease  an  interesting  magazine  because  we  like  to
spend  our  sparetime  for  something  that is a small
piece  of  the  big puzzle being a sign for everyone to
compete  with  his production to connect the family of
users with the aim to keep the scene alive. When some
notorious  people  pray  friendship  and  abuse  their
publications for personal propaganda to spread false
facts  and accusations to glorify their reputation and
productions  it  seems that they - and not their inno-
cent  targets  they  choosed  out  of  their  personal
frustration  -  are the false prophets and people who
stand  for  the  object  of their impulsive and unrelie-
able  attacks. It is definately the fun keeping us in the
scene  and the friendship towards a lot of interesting
men  and  women  worldwide,  people  we  never  would
have  learnt to know without the medium computer. As
a small summary of the previous lines we would like to
point  out that we do not want some wrecked persons
who think to own the right to destroy this scene while
complaining  about  people who used to serve for this
computer all over the years and all what we stand for.
These  people  should learn about accepting an every
person  taking part in this soap opera when they de-
mand  to  become  accepted  instead  of  arguing  and
abusing  the  word  friendship  to  reach their aim. We
actually  can  not  foretell  the  end  of  the scene, we
would  really  appreciate it to see people cooperating
or  accepting  all  the  competitors instead of working
against  them. Fingers are weak but the fist is strong.
so  people  should  unite  before  it  is  too late. To be
continued in forthcoming issues ....

This months' content looks like this:
The  GLOBAL REPORT has, as usual, a critical look at
the  actual  happenings in the scene, which will be re-
flected  in  the charts. The RELEASE CHARTS show in
an  impressive  way who got the Play Time at first and
who  was  able  to  upload  his versions at first at the
boards worldwide. In the chapter BOARD CHARTS you
will  find  the  resonance  of  the board scene when it
comes  to  fill  digital  votesheets at either the board
Escapade  in the prepared voting booth or at Holiday
Inn  Cambodia  by leaving e-mails to Marc. Traditional
the  MAIL CHARTS reflect the votes of the Relax rea-
ders  who  dared to fill the rarely spread votesheets
and  the  charts of the in the chapter stated magazi-
nes  compiled  to become the ultimate and offical mega
charts.   This  months  INTERVIEW  with  Scroll  offers
very  interesting  answers  having a look at both, the
past  and  the present of this machine. The victims of
the  DEMO  REVIEWS  were Radio Napalm, Fantasy and
Parts.   BACK  TO  THE  ROOTS  presents  some  inte-
resting  facts  from  a time when Venlo meetings were
worth  being  visited  and  when people ran AMOK with
gas  attacks, something what seems to be very popu-
lar  in Japan these days :(. ADVERTISEMENTS is a fo-
rum  for all who have to offer or seek something that
should be ofcause scene related.

         How to contact the Relax Magazine staff?

E-mail: Holiday Inn Cambodia          ++1/xxx/xxx/xxxx
-----  Escapade                        ++xx/xxxx/xxxxxx
           (leave  your mail at Marc's accounts or at the
           accounts of other Alpha Flight members)

------- (mark 'RRR')

About  the  steady  release  of the Relax Magazine we
can  report  that  the  magazine is going to be spread
all  six weeks so you can expect the next issue at the
end of July 1995. For any further details please con-.
tact  the Relax staff or your local dealer you got this
issue  from. The past few issues have shown that it is
possible to release a magazine like this one filled with
a special standart of quality in that period.

We  hope that you will enjoy reading this magazine and
what  is more important for us that you start to think
about the content before you are going to be manipu-
lated by other sources. Our advice is to check out an
undefinated  amount  of  information  mediums  before
believing in ruthless preaches published by question-
able sources.

The  technique  that allows this text display routine is
quite  unique  and  contains  control bytes so that we
will  be always able to find our source out of "copied"
routines in the same way like the coders from Oxyron
found  their abused routines in certain similar looking
demo parts from a certain group. Try to find our own
solution or use another technique as we will publish it
in here without pardon and won't hesitate to do it like
in former times to avoid any kind of conflicts.

If  you are searching for a NTSC checker in the code
we  have  to  disappoint you the display routine itself
does  not  need  a fix. In the forthcoming issue we will
decrease  the  speed  of the "Loading" sprites in the
NTSC  format,  too,  that will be the complete NTSC fix
for the magazine. When you are filling votesheets you
should  probably  keep in mind who realised it at first
as  PAL/NTSC running routine and give a sign of re-
spect  to the coder of this outfit as he really deser-
ves it, not only in our opinion.

Best regards,


Global Report

                         * GLOBAL REPORT *
During the last few weeks we and our dear informers
were  able  to detect the few happenings and changes
in the CBM 64 scene.

We  tried  to  check  all  the  news  and rumours very
carefully  in  order to avoid printing false information
here.  If you would like to correct some details please
inform  the  editorial staff by contacting them by mail
or  e-mail.  This  month's special service is the alpha-
numerical  appearance  of the compiled major news to
offer  a  faster  access  to  the  information  of your

                     * Alpha Flight 1970 *
Afl  is always responsible for a lot of action month by
month, week by week and day by day. This group owns
a  lot  of  NTSC  chipsets, potentional single crackers
and  recruited  a  lot  of mail traders to enlarge their
engagement   for  the  mail  scene.  Some  competitors
tried  to  ruin their reputation by spreading rumours
about Afl and mainly Ream having re-cracked two ga-
mes.  These rumours have been without any basis and
the  opposite  was proven. These proofs are going to
be spread along with the Relax Magazine.

THE  EVIL ISLAND went down, actually not forced by a
lack of support and callers like other magazines sta-
ted  but caused by a traffic accident of Ancient Mari-
ner.  His  truck  got destroyed completely. His doctor
explained  that  he  should be close to normal in a few
months  and  by the end of the summer when he conti-
nues  his work out programm and using weights. After
the therapy he should be like he was before the tra-
gical crash. At the moment he is living at his mother's
house  partly  calling  out with his Amiga as his wife is
working  fulltime  so  she could not spent as much at-
tention  as  he  needs these days. When Ancient Mari-
ner  returns to his house The Evil Island will go online

The identity of Pha Q seems to be still one of the use-
less  questions  people  discuss  these  days.  Fact is
that  Pha Q was no one else but Dr. Death (Breaker),
a  member  of  the  legendary group Paramount years
ago.  The  reason  for  hiding  his identity was that he
got caught by the police years ago and to protect his
good  reputation as he did not come up to the skill le-
vel  he  used to have years ago so one of the few re-
mainig riddles left has been solved now.

Memberwise  we  detected  that  Agressor  got kicked
due  to  permanent  inactivity as he did not make any-
thing  remarkable  in  his  time he "served" the flight.
Stash  seems to be the second victim of Alpha Flight's
new  policy  to  reduce  the  memberstatus down to an
acceptable amount of members.
A  sputnik  called Disaster joined the flight to enlarge
the  fleet  with  russian power as a modem trader but
after  seeing  no advantage in Disaster's membership
he got kicked out after a few days. Disaster's reven-
ge   followed  by  uploading  two  re-releases.  Indeed
a very amusing episode of the monthly soap opera we
use to call CBM 64 scene.

Current Alpha Flight memberstatus looks like: (= 14):
Ancient Mariner, Arne, Calypso, Ignorance, Marc, Max,
Mutant X, Pol Pot, Ream, Shuze, Skinhead, Styx, Xenox
Xenox and Zapotek

Alpha Flight 1970 Worldheadquarter(s)/Board(s):
THE ESCAPADE                          +XX/XXXX-XXXXXX

                               * Atlantis *
Atlantis is one of those groups who have both, a good
legal  and illegal section. Unfortunately the legal sec-
tion did not show much during the previous months so
when  people  were  talking about Atlantis they mostly
were  refering to the illegal section, consisting of ta-
lented  crackers  and good mail traders remembering
the  masses  that there is still much action from their

Dr.  Disk  who  left  the scene some months ago finally
returned  to  the  CBM 64 scene and to Atlantis, too.
Avalanche  is  completely  back in business and works
on  the new Immortal Flash outfit, one of the promising
legal  Atl  productions.  The old News Press staff, na-
mely  the  former  Rebels  members,  will  work for the
Immortal Flash in the future.
Human  decided to team up with his mates in Hardcore
(& Onslaught).

Current Atlantis memberstatus looks like (= 34):
Aegis,  Agemixer, Artlace, Avalanche, B.A., Backslash,
Chaotic,  Dano,  Darklord,  Darkness,  Dave,  Didi, Dr.
Doom,   Dr.   Disk,  Dr.  Science,  Dr.  Who,  Dr.  Zoom,
Freddie, Gangstar, Hi-Top, Kirby, Lala, Mr. Giga, Neo-
tec,  Racer,  Ram  Jam,  Rebel,  Robocop,  SMD,  Snap,
Thirt, Troop, TUC and X-Poser

Atlantis Worldheaquarter(s)/Board(s):
FORTRESS OF DOOM                      +X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
POWER ENGINE                          +XX/XX-XXXXXX

                            * Avantgarde *
Avantgarde  is  one  of  the  best  groups these days
when  it  comes  to  the  topics  first  releases, single
crackers  the very  potentional  mail trading section.
Avt  has  probably the best reputation of all the com-
peting cracking groups these days.

Jack  Alien and Suicide already proved their skills as
worthy  competitors  for  the  european  NTSC fixers
when  they  presented some fine versions but never-
theless it seems that no one can ever replace the le-
gendary Pudwerx.
In  the  land  of  the  free  (?)  Chameleon, the former
sysop of "Divine Ultimation" which was a headquarter
for  groups like Genesis and SCS & TRC for example,
joined  to  become  a  board graphician as well as Cy-
borg who joined both groups using his board as their
worldheadquarter.  Rage,  who got booted from Hard-
core some days ago, joined in as a programmer.

Dreams  might  become  true when popular disk maga-
zines   like  "Corruption"  and  "Mamba"  merged  into
"Corramba",  a magazine edited by competent and ex-
perienced  editors who stand for quality and not only
quantity  like  certain  other magazines spread these
these days.

Current Avantgarde memberstatus looks like (= 14):
Chameleon,  Cyborg,  Decilon,  Deff,  Derbyshire Ram,
Eliminator,   Freestyle,   Intruder,   Jack  Alien,  Jack
Daniels, Rage, Suicide, Thorn and Tricom

Avantgarde Worldheadquarter(s)/Board(s):
DREAMPARK                                   +X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                             * Chromance *
Many  rumours  got spread and told that this group is
supposed to be dead but anyway, Chromance still ma-
naged  it  to  get  their  warez  spread around and to
prove  that  they  are  still  alive  they  finally pointed
out that they are far away from being dead.

Assailant,  a  former  member  of groups like Cherubs
and  Extacy,  returned to the CBM 64 scene, renamed
into  Jaydee.  A  rather unknown person called Janee
teamed  up in order to become a new original supplier
from  them  while  Skull  left  the  forces of Atlantis to
start composing for Chromance.

Alias  Medron,  a  talented artist who teamed up toge-
ther  with  His-Team Design (Accept Design) was for-
ced  to  leave  the scene caused by problems with the
school  and  his  parents.  A reliable source reported
that  he  might  return  to team up with a game label in
the near future.

Current Chromance memberstatus looks like (= 18):
AMC,  Griff,  Homeboy,  Janee, Jaydee, Jazzy D, Jinx,
Joyride,  Lion,  Mr. Wax, Rough, Rug Rat, Skull, Stake,
Syco, The Unholy, Will and X-Radical.

Chromance Worldheadquarter(s)/Board(s):
EDGE OF MIDNIGHT                        +X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
THE HIGHWAY                             +XX/XX-XXXXX

                * Fantastic 4 Cracking Group *
With  the  tradegy  around  the  death  of Scope F4CG
had a lot of sad headlines in all the magazines around.
but  it  seems  that  things  work normally again these
days  even  if  life  will  never  be the same for all the
people who used to know him personally.

It  was  very  surprising to see F4CG starting a demo
section,  something  what  seems  to  be  very popular
these  days  (see  Chromance  and  Onslaught  just to
name a few). In order to let their dreams become true
they  recruited  a lot of Noice members, namely Devil,
Total  Chaos, Got, Draz and Decoder, that means that
they  got their hands on very potentional demo crea-
tors  so  people  should  be patient for their produc-
Zirco  has left F4CG as he uses to have some spare-
time problems at the moment so he has no time left for
"computing"  at  the moment while Solar is considering
about  bulding  up  a PC-section but nothing has been
specified yet.

Current F4CG memberstatus looks like (= 23):
Bitman,  Cerebus,  Deathlok, Decoder, Devil, Draz, Fen
1,  Got, Hain, Idol, King, Maja, Morris, Motley, Mr. Alpha,
Neotec,  Newscopy,  Playboy,  Sneaper, Solar, Spark,
Total Chaos and Walker

F4CG Worldheadquarter(s)/Board(s):
DREAMPARK                                  ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX

                     * Hardcore & Onslaught *
The   cooperation   of  the  two  newcommer  cracking
groups  still  surprises the scene with all their unex-
pected actions.

At  first  Nomad teamed up with Onslaught as original
supplier  and spreader in the United States. With Jolz
and  Grize  from  Darkside  two  programmers  joined
the  legal  section called Onslaught Design. L.A. Style/
ex-GP  joined  in  as cracker. Later on Gop/Darkside
followed his former group mates and joined in, too.
More  convocations  have  been  send  to Witty/Accu-
racy, who joined in as artist as well as The Twins, who
are  said  to  be  an artist duo from the Netherlands,
next  to Jason, Doom and Baze/ex-Illusion who seems
to  enlarge  their  mail  trading  forces.  Last but not
least  with  Dodger/Dytec  a  talented cracker joined
their forces in order to guarantee some quality ver-
sion and uses to be a quite good deal for Hcon.
Vengeance  teamed  up with Megastyle Productions as
second  group  in  order to concentrate his power at
the legal scene business. He is supposed to be a mail
trader  for  the  old  norwegian legend. The Hegg left
Onslaught to concentrate on his group Bad Karma.
Balance,  who is a member of Replay and Chorus, too,
got  kicked due to lazyness according to their maga-
zine Vandalism News. Futhermore they have deleted
all  inactive  members  to  reduce  their  indeed  very
huge memberlist a little bit.
And  what  happened  in  Hardcore?  Zore,  a  former
member  of  Elysium  and  later on Palace, joined them
next  to  Human,  who  left Atlantis to become a Hard-
core  member.  Later on he renamed into Ticket. Fur-
thermore  they recruited a programmer called Carlos
while Rage got booted for several reasons.

Current HC & ONS memberstatus looks like (= 41):
Baze, B-Wyze, Bizarre, Blockbuster, Carlos, Chotaire
Chrysagon, Deekay, Dodger, Doom, Gop, Grize, Heavy
head,  Hi-Lite,  Homeboy, Insane, Jason, Jayce, Jazz-
cat,  Jolz,  KBS,  L.A.  Style, Majesty, Marcus, Morbid,
Morrisey,  Nomad,  Ramirez, Rap, Raze, Shades, Shok-
ker, Sphere, Stake, The Twins, Ticket, Upbeat, Venge-
ance, Volunteer, Witty & Zore

HC & ONS Worldheadquarter(s)/Board(s):
DOWN BY LAW                               +X/XXX/XXX-XXXX
THE PIRATE ISLAND                         +XX/XXX-XXXXX
WESTPOINT                                 +XX/XXXX-XXXX

                                * Laser *
Laser seemed to the longest surviving cracking crew
around  as  they  started  in  1980  on Atari machines
and  in  1983  Steve  started Laser on the breadbox,
too, 12 years of existance on this machine.

When Steve left Laser the leadership was taken over
by  Shuze  who found out that we can not execute the
job  with  the same power and effect so he decided to
let the group die. What happened to the members?
Shuze remains in Alpha Flight 1970, JP joined Mayhem,
Khan  joined  a team called Avalon, Jupiter joined Po-
werage  and Razor Ramon joined Bronx and Lepsi but
meanwhile  Lepsi  kicked  him  out of the group and fi-
nally  Eddie  the Head's destination is still unknown to

                    * Megastyle Productions *
The  once pure norwegian group recruited some for-
eign  members  like  Vengeance,  who  joined in as se-
cond  group  and remains a part of the leading truim-
vyrat  of Onslaught, serving as swapper in the future
and  Shok'Ray, who was known as Jamiroquai/ex-Afl,
Dreamlover/ex-Atl  and  Sorcerer/ex-Talent  in  the
past, will draw graphics for Megastyle.
Price  (Frode),  their former main swapper in the late
eighties,  will return this summer together with Inzane
and  Rage.  Both  are currently involved with finishing
their  army service and promised to return after this
time.  With Cycleburner a class of its own returned to
prove his reputation as the sample master on the 64.

Current Megastyle memberstatus looks like (= 8):
Cycleburner,  Inzane,  Price,  Rage, Scroll, Shok'Ray,
Space-Roy and Vengeance

                                * Motiv 8 *
These  days people are wondering about the origin of
Compare 2, what is said to be under the Copyright of
Magna  Media  while  the company takes distance from
this game. Compare 2 is identical with Konzept, a game
from Twice Effect produced in 1992.

Nevertheless Crossfire was able to recruit some new
members like BinJinx, a former member of the all-time
legend EagleSoft Incorporated. Stone/Dytec joined in
as  swapper  and  net-surfer.  Last  but not least we
detected  a  person  called Psychopath in the status,
who was a former member of the group Bronx.
Mizar  got  busted  and  as  a  matter  of this fact his
board  Intertrade  went  down.  No  one  really  knows
what is going on so things are quite mysterious.

Current Motiv 8 memberstatus looks like (= 15):
BinJinx,  Bird,  Clive, Crossfire, Eddie, Grego, Ibanez,
Iceball,   Mason,   Merlin,   Mizar,  Natas,  Psychopath,
Stone and TG-Acme.

Motiv 8 Worldheadquarter(s)/Board(s):
INTERTRADE                    ++X/XXX/XXX-XXXX (down!)
MOUNT OLYMPUS                 ++XX/XXXX/XXXX

                                * Oxyron *
After  all  the  false  rumours  about  Oxyron's  death
they  returned  with  a  demonstration called "Parts"
and  rumours about the group slowing down their ac-
tivities are far away from being true.

Oxyron created the new outfit for the Relax Magazine
and  currently  they  are  working on a new trackmo.
PRI  returned from his pre-courses at the university
to work in full power and effect for Oxyron.
Scrapper finally made a decision and told that his fu-
ture  will  be  definately on the PC so he won't become
active  on  this  machine  anymore.  Meanwhile Peace,
who left Oxyron for Noice in the fall of the last year,
joined Oxyron on PC!

Current Oxyron memberstatus looks like (= 7):
Asmodis,  Axis,  Fuben,  Graham,  PRI,  RRR and TTS

                       * Taboo Productions *
Long  time  no see with a group filled with a lot of well
reputated  talents.  While  people  are  still waiting for
the mega-delayed "Altered States" cooperation demo
with  Elysium  Taboo  was  very active in programming
games  such  as  Orbits,  Fruitmania  or  last  but not
least the fantastic preview Zone of Darkness, a pre-
view like we use to know game intros from the Amiga.

Cruise, who left Elysium to become a member of Taboo
only,  released  a  fantastic graphics collection called
"Ritual II". Hopefully they won't forget their roots and
to produce demoes in the future, too.

Current Taboo memberstatus looks like (= 11):
Acidchild,  Comer,  Cresh,  Cruise,  Fazee,  K.M., MMS,
Sailor, Shaman, Shogoon and Wayne

         * Tristar and Red Sector Incorporated *
Last month we already had a look inside TRSI, its tra-
dition and today's situation and there was again some
movement  with  some  members  who appear and some
who disappear from their memberstatus.

At  the  X-95 we got the information that Stan, a for-
mer  member  of Equinoxe, joined while Grey Eminence
has been kicked out of the group.
According to Conan he actually has not done anything
on the CBM 64 since ages and he doesn't intend to do
anything.  He is only interested in the Super Nintendo
atleast it is what he posted directly to our request.

Current TRSI memberstatus looks like (= 7):
(Conan), Crisp, Danzig, Irata, Midfit, MWS and Stan

                    * Single News & Rumours *
* Jeroen  Tel,  former member of the legendary music
   lable  Maniacs  of Noise and the demo group Scoop,
   joined the dutch demo group Focus.

* The  SCS&TRC  and  Demonix worldheadquarter The
   Dungeon  got  formatted  for  the  second time. TD's
   sysop  Alchemist explained that he won't set TD on-
   line  again  as  long as he did not get the latest Cy-
   borg  modded  version  of  C-Base  as it uses to be
   backdoor free and prevents action like this one.

* According  to  their member Amputator Nemesis is a
   new  group  consisting  of former Pandora, Poison,
   Crossline  and  Onslaught members. Their task is to
   release a lot of first (re-)releases in the future.

   Current Nemesis memberstatus looks like (= 8):
   Amputator,  Attraction,  Imperator,  Longdrink,  Me-
   phisto, Protheus, Sky and Xentor

* Cascade is a new group born by former The Airwolf
   Team  of  the 01.08.1988 members. According to Mr.
   Lee,  who coded i.e. the VISASS assembler, they will
   mainly  develope games such as Starblast and Colo-
   nial  Trader.  Actually they are searching for a ta-
   lented composer.

   Current Cascade memberstatus looks like (= 3):
   Courage, Mr. Lee and Zeldin

* With  Mike D. Black Code Design gained a new poten-
   tial  member.  Next  to  his  coding  abilities  he  is a
   hardware  freak  who  wants  to  produce  a stereo
   SID  for  the CBM 64. If this project will meet the in-
   terest  of the majority Mike D. promised to produce
   this  hardware  upgrade  for  an  amount  below  DM
   20,-- (the price for a second SID is NOT included).
   If  you  are  interested  in  this  project just have a
   look  inside the advertisements chapter and do not
   hesitate to contact him as soon as possible.

* Cupid,  a  member  of the dutch based group Extacy
   joined Equinoxe as second group.

These  news  and  rumours  have  been  all  our staff
could  get  his  hands on, just be patient for the next
issue and for more news from the mail scene.

Best regards,


Release Charts

            The Official Release Charts for the Relax

              Performed by the Masters of Law...

                             Marc and Deff

Introducing the point-system...

  Fullprice Games       6.1  - 8.0 points
  Budget Games          4.1  -  6.0 points
  Low Budget            2.1  -  4.0 points
  PD/Shareware          1.0 -  2.0 points
  Previews              0.0 -  1.0  points
One bonus point can be reached be releasing the
wares 100% (!) Pal/Ntsc. If another group is involved
on the Pal/Ntsc version, points will be shared.

Games that got released PAL only have to be fixed
within half a year, else no points will be given.

Minus points will be given for...

Re-releases                   -7.0
No levelpacking          -0.5/-1.0
No trainer(s)            -0.5/-1.0
No translation           -1.0/-2.0
Unlike most other mags we won't give points for
tools. Those releases will get mentioned but that's it.

GAMES and such games that were done using a
GAME MAKER will be ignored.

Whenever we think somebody did something special
or something outstanding we will add one point to the
normal amount of points.
It's also possible to get one extra point for some-
thing that normally doesn't deserve any points.

The following boards have been taken in to
consideration whilst creating these charts...

Holiday Inn Cambodia                           XXX-XXX-XXXX

Dream Park                                     XXX-XXX-XXXX

Down by Law                                    XXX-XXX-XXXX

Dead Zone                                      XXX-XXX-XXXX

And here we go...

                         Accept (-7.0 points)
The re-releasers strikes back with the preview of
BOMBMAN (-7.0 pts). RSI released this preview all-
ready back in May 1993!

                       Alpha Flight (25.2 pts)
The flight started with the 100% version of CYBER-
BALL (3.6 pts) from CP Verlag. Then they released
the 100% fixed version of SPOOK (0.0 pts) no points
qill be given because it was over the 6 months limit!
After this they upped the 100% version of NUTS
(0.0) no points will be given because Gulas released
the pal version years ago. Followed by the fixed ver-
sions of BADBALLS (3.1 pts) and GEOMETRIC 2 (4.8)
then they upped a useful tool called SOFTSPRITE
EDITOR (0.0 pts),  Darkest Road 2 (0.0) no points
will be given because it was made with a Game Maker
and a little preview called CATCH IT (0.2 pts).
After months of waiting the long awaited fullprice
game SWORD OF HONOUR (7.0 pts) from Prestige
got pal released, a fixfile was necessary so -1 point.
Last but not least they released the pal version of
IKKUICHI (3.5 pts) and the fixed version of BLACK IT
(3.0 pts) a second version was necessary so -1
points, both games are from CP Verlag.

                           Atlantis (2.4 pts)
They started with two previews called STARBLAST
(0.1 pts), COLONIAL TRADER (0.3 pts) and released
in cooperation with Avantgarde the fixed version
of NONSENSE (2.0 pts), the points will be shared!

                       Avantgarde (36.4 pts)
They started with the fixed versions of FLUMMI'S
WORLD (7.0 pts) a low budget game, PRA-SE (4.6pts)
and POZITRONIC (4.5 pts) from CP Verlag. Followed
by the 100% fixed version of the Hungarian fullprice
game LONG LIFE (9.0 pts) from 512 kbyte, then they
released the 100% fixed version of THE HOUSE (3.7p)
minus 1 points because a fixfile was necessary, later
on they released the fixed version of an english low
budget game called COLOURATION (3.7 pts) and in
cooperation with Atlantis the fixed version of
NONSENSE (2.0 pts), the points will be shared. And
last but not least they uploaded the following pre-
views WALKERZ (0.7 pts), ORACLE 3 (0.2 pts) and

                           Chromance (1.3 pts)
They uploaded the fixed versions of MEMORY 2 (4.3)
and FIFTH BALL (4.0 pts) and re-released STARS
AND RINGS (-7 pts), Riff Raff released it 3 days

                            F4CG (10.9 pts)
They started with the pal versions of ABC PUZZLE
(2.1 pts), OMNIBUS (2.1 pts) and KOKO (1.6 pts),
minus 0.5 pts will be given because the graphics is
in polish! Following please find a world premier from
F4CG believe it or not they were able to fix their
first game called CASTLE (4.0 pts). Later on they
released these previews: MYSTERY (0.4 pts),
PORTAL (0.5 pts) and SOKOBAN (0.2 pts).

               Hardcore & Onslaught (8.3 pts)
At the beginning the cooperation released MEGA
THRUSTABALL (2.0 pts) from Loadstar. The score
of 2.0 points consists of the fact that we gave them
for some updates as Legend released the same
game some months ago. With REMEMBER prv (0.1 pts)
prv (0.2 pts), BILBO prv (0.1 pts), SILVA POD prv
(0.6 pts) and DELUXE STRIP POKER (0.2 pts) at lot
of previews came up. THE EVIL PRINCE (5.0 pts) is
an american budget game and minus 1 point was given
caused by a necessary fix file.

                           Motiv 8 (1.7 pts)
They started with the following previews: BOUNCY
(0.1 pts), OOPS (0.1 pts) the second version, SKYT
(0.1 pts) and WONKY WORMS (0.3 pts). MINITRON
(1.1 pts) from CP Verlag didn't even deserve to be

                          Nemesis (-7.0 pts)
The new group started with a re-release called
DUCKPARK (-7.0 pts). The game got released back
in 1984!!

                         SCS+TRC (17.1 pts)
In the last issue we forgot to give an extra point
for the translation of BLACK QUIZ (1.0 pts) and
VISION prv (0.8 pts). They released MAGAZINE
(4.5 pts) fixed by Demonix for them. A mass of
previews got released starting with BASE ATTACK
(0.7 pts), THE CASTLE (0.5 pts), WATCH IT (0.3 pts),
BRAVE (0.6 pts) and the updated version of TWIN
TERRORS (0.3 pts) at the end. KACPER won't be ta-
ken into consideration as it was not translated and
due to the fact that it got released some time ago by
Talent but we won't forget to mention that the game
was updated a LITTLE bit. SHAMAN (5.0 pts) by
Inflexion Developments got fixed by them, the same
goes for LOGIC (3.4 pts).

Merged into a table it looks like:

Rank             Group                    Points
01. (01)         Avantgarde               36.4
02. (02)         Alpha Flight 1970        25.2
03. (03)         SCS+TRC                  17.1
04. (06)         F4CG                     10.9
05. (04)         Hardcore+Onslaught       8.3
06. (./.)        Atlantis                 2.4
07. (05)         Motiv 8                  1.7
08. (07)         Chromance                1.3

                           The Fixing Charts

Rank          Group                      Releases
01. (01)      Avantgarde                 7
02. (01)      Alpha Flight 1970          4
03. (./.)     Chromance                  2
    (02)      SCS+TRC                    
04. (./.)     Demonix                    1
    (./.)     F4CG                       
    (03)      Hardcore+Onslaught         

See you in the next issue!

       Yours Deff and Marc

Board Charts

                      * THE BOARD CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the  charts.  The  Relax  is  the  only  magazine so far
offering  seperate  board and mail charts in order to
show  the charts from two different worlds in the be-
loved CBM 64 scene since modem traders do not have
the time or possibility to fill votesheets.

In  order  to  guarantee  those charts we already in-
stalled  a vote booth at THE EVIL ISLAND, the RELAX
WHQ. Unfortunately is board is down at the moment so
give  the THE ESCAPADE, RELAX EHQ, a call it is defi-
nately  on  of  the  better  boards these days and of-
cause  the  board  where  you  can  enter the voting-
booth  directly  as  long as The Evil Island goes online
again.  Ofcause  we  offer the service to leave e-mail
with  your  personal  votes to Marc or Max on all elite
boards  worldwide or use the "new" media Internet to
supply  your  board  votes.  These votes will be taken
into consideration for the forthcoming issue.

                      TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        85
02.    (4)      Byterapers                    77
03.    (2)      Camelot                       72
04.    (3)      Fairlight                     65
05.    (5)      Censor Design                 59
06.    (/)      Reflex                        53
07.    (8)      Elysium                       47
08.    (6)      Triad                         32
09.    (7)      Antic                         26
10.    (9)      Focus                         14

Oxyron  is  still leading the bunch of the few left demo
creators.  Byterapers  jumped from four to two while
Reflex  is  a  new entry on position six. Agony left the
top ten and is located at eleven at the moment.

                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       TTS/Oxyron                      84
02.   (2)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers              80
03.   (3)       Slammer/Camelot                 73
04.   (5)       Brush/Elysium                   68
05.   (7)       MMS/Taboo                       57
06.   (4)       Crossbow/Crest                  55
07.   (8)       Depeh/Antic                     49
08.   (/)       Quiss/Reflex                    32
09.   (6)       Glasnost/Camelot                26
10.   (/)       Graham/Oxyron                   14

Nothing  new here at the top, too. TTS is still a step in
front  of Mr. Sex, who belongs to the new editor staff
from  The  Pulse Magazine. After releasing two of the
better demoes of this year Quiss and Graham got vo-
ted  into  the  charts.   Sat and Thunder have left the
charts, they actual locations are fourteen and eleven
just to let you know.

                   TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (1)       Avantgarde                    86
02.   (2)       Alpha Flight                  65
03.   (4)       Success & TRC                 62
04.   (5)       Chromance                     58
05.   (3)       F4CG                          54
06.   (/)       Hardcore & Onslaught          43
07.   (9)       Fairlight                     39
08.   (8)       Motiv 8                       28
09.   (6)       Talent                        25
10.   (/)       Excess                        12

Avantgarde are actually what we can call the leader
of the pack, both mail and boardwise. With the coope-
ration of Hardcore & Onslaught at six and Excess at
ten  we  can  report about two new entries here. The
group  Legend  had to leave the top ten and we would
wonder  to see them back here. Onslaught was alrea-
dy  present  here in the last issue but due to the new
situation  we have to handle them as a new entry just
to avoid that some people start to complain here.

                    TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (4)       Jack Alien/Avt                  76
02.   (1)       Burglar/Scs                     74
03.   (3)       Antitrack/F4CG                  70
04.   (7)       Skinhead/Afl                    68
05.   (6)       Bacchus/Flt                     63
06.   (5)       Kirby/Atlantis                  59
07.   (9)       Moren/Scs                       54
08.   (10)      Ignorance/Afl                   46
09.   (2)       Powerplant/Legend               36
10.   (8)       Doc/Legend                      32

Now  Jack  Alien took over the top of this top ten as-
well  so  things start to become very boring while ty-
ping  the  charts  and  comments. Skinhead  seems to
become  more  and  more  popular, the same goes for
Ignorance,  both  Afl members, who proved their qua-
lity  and  quantity not only in the past few weeks.  Ve-
terans  like Antitrack, Powerplant and Doc use to be-
long  to  the  best crackers ever but have not shown
their  skills  within the last year. No new entries here
but where should they come from?

                    TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (2)       Cruise/Taboo                    89
02.   (1)       Electric/Extend                 82
03.   (3)       Ogami/Fairlight                 76
04.   (7)       Scope/F4CG                      64
05.   (4)       RRR/Oxyron                      53
06.   (6)       Mirage/Focus                    50
07.   (7)       Carrion/Elysium                 47
08.   (5)       Rob/Camelot                     34
09.   (9)       Dragon/Censor                   28
10.   (10)      Biz Kid/Camelot                 12

After  releasing Ritual II Cruise seems to be the most
advanced  artist  around  on this machine. Scope has
been  rising from seven to four which is probably not
only  meant  as a last sign of honour and respect to-
wards  a  fine artist and scener but aswell a true ac-
knowledgement  of  his  graphical  talent  shown within
the past few months. We will miss you! There is nothing
really important left to be reported about in here.

                    TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  77
02.   (2)       Danko/Censor                    72
03.   (5)       Jeroen Tel/Focus                69
04.   (3)       EVS/20cc                        62
05.   (4)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               58
06.   (6)       Jeff/Camelot                    57
07.   (7)       Shogoon/Taboo                   44
08.   (6)       Arne/Alpha Flight               38
09.   (9)       Reyn Ouwehand                   35
10.   (/)       Red Devil/Fairlight             26

PRI  is  still  leading  the boardwise and took over the
top  mailwise,  too.  It  seems that there is nothing left
able to stop the flood of musics of this composer with
his favourite jazz-style. A-Man finally left the charts
after  being booted out of the active memberlist from
Avantgarde.  He  got  replaced  by  a person who has
been  using  the  taste of the younger generation be-
ing  fanatic techno and disco music fans so Red Devil
got a well deserved tenth position from the board vo-

                      TOP TEN FIXING GROUPS
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (1)       Alpha Flight 1970             56
02.   (3)       Avantgarde                    51
03.   (5)       Success & TRC                 45
04.   (2)       Empire                        32
05.   (4)       Demonix                       26
06.   (/)       ./.                           ./.
07.   (/)       ./.                           ./.
08.   (/)       ./.                           ./.
09.   (/)       ./.                           ./.
10.   (/)       ./.                           ./.

Europe is leading the NTSC fixer charts. Alpha Flight
was  able to defend their top position, followed by the
at  the  moment partly unstopable forces from Avant-
garde.  The  dutch cooperation of Success & The Ru-
ling  company  follows on position three. The american
competitors can be found with Empire and Demonix on
position  four  and five. In the next weeks F4CG might
enter the charts as they are working on NTSC relea-
ses, too.

                       TOP TEN SINGLE FIXER
Rank  Last      NTSC fixer                   Points
01.   (1)       Peacemaker/ex-Afl            75
02.   (3)       CBA/Trc                      67
03.   (/)       Suicide/Avt                  59
04.   (4)       Pudwerx/ex-Avt               46
05.   (2)       Booze/Empire                 41
06.   (6)       Mercenary/Empire             39
07.   (10)      Jack Alien/Avt               33
08.   (7)       Vizz/Empire                  23
09.   (9)       Count Zero/Flt Snes          20
10.   (5)       Sidekick/Demonix             15

Peacemaker  still  seems to be the most popular NTSC
fixer,  followed  by  CBA  and  a  newcommer  who  has
shown  in  an  impressive  way how "easy" it can be to
come  close  to  the  top. Well done Suicide. Jack Alien
climbed  from  ten  to  seven  while  Sidekick has been
fallen down from five to ten. Rockstar left the top ten
and  was  located  at  thirteen these days after many
years of abstinence. That's all for today.

If  you  are  not  satisfied  with  these  results do not
even  think  about  starting  to complain. Just call the
boards  and  start voting on the voting booth on your
favourite board THE ESCAPADE.
Furthermore  it  is  possible  to  vote  on  Holiday  Inn
Cambodia  or  any other elite board aswell. Just leave
an E-Mail with your personal votes to Marc/Afl and it
is  going  to  be  taken  into  consideration while cre-
ating these original board charts.

Best regards,

Marc/Afl & RRR/Oxyron

Mail Charts

                        * THE MAIL CHARTS *
Welcome  to  your  probably  most favourite chapter,
the  charts. The charts are divided into two different
sections,  the  mail  charts and the board charts. The
mail  charts  are what some people like to define mega
charts  consisting  of  the  incoming Relax votesheets
and the charts of other magazines spread during the
last weeks.

To  create  the charts you are going to read here we
took  the  following  charts of the following magazines
into   consideration  completed  by  the  votes  taking
part  as  top ten from the growing amount of incoming
Relax votesheets:

Jamaica Issue 12/Jam                         APRIL 1995
The Tribune Issue 51/Angry                   APRIL 1995
Vandalism News Issue 21/Onslaught            APRIL 1995
Metamorphosis Issue 8/Agony Design           MAY 1995
Skyhigh Issue 16/Camelot                     MAY 1995
Splash Issue 18/Accuracy                     MAY 1995

If  you disagree with the content of the following lines
we only can advice you to get your hands on all avail-
able  votesheets  and fill them to influence the charts
in the way you'd like to do it. Please do us a personal
favour  and do not manipulate the charts while voting
for  personal  friends instead of supporting persons
who might deserve the vote.

                              * Attention! *
As  the deadline for the mail charts was set on June,
8th  we  could  not  take  the  following magazines into

Chit Chat Issue 7/No Name                      MAY 1995
Contrast Issue 2/Genlog                        MAY 1995
Domination Issue 4/independent                 MAY 1995
Mendip Issue 8/Arcoss                          JUNE 1995
The Pulse Issue June/independent               JUNE 1995

But never mind, these ones will be used to create the
charts for the Relax July Edition (Issue 11) so there
nothing left to complain about.

                      TOP TEN DEMO GROUPS
Rank   Last     Group                         Points
01.    (1)      Oxyron                        65
02.    (2)      Camelot                       56
03.    (4)      Byterapers                    49
04.    (3)      Fairlight                     48
05.    (5)      Censor Design                 35
06.    (8)      Taboo                         32
07.    (7)      Antic                         27
08.    (6)      Crest                         26
09.    (/)      Reflex                        17
10.    (9)      Agony                         12

Oxyron  is  leading the charts with a confortable dis-
tance to the following groups but what else to expect
from  a  group  who  released about 20 demoes within
the  last  four  years?  Reflex  finally  entered  these
charts  and  is  one of the candidates who might move
higher  in  the next weeks because of their very well
presented   trackmos   "Access  Denied"  and  "Radio
Napalm". Crest is moving down after some years with-
out  a decent lifesign from their original members and
Triad left the charts this time.

                      TOP TEN SINGLE CODER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       TTS/Oxyron                      66
02.   (3)       Mr. Sex/Byterapers              55
03.   (2)       Slammer/Camelot                 54
04.   (4)       Crossbow/Crest                  38
05.   (6)       MMS/Taboo                       37
06.   (5)       Tron/Fairlight                  25
07.   (7)       Bob/Censor Design               22
08.   (10)      Graham/Oxyron                   20
09.   (8)       Axis/Oxyron                     19
10.   (/)       Druid/Agony Design              10

TTS  is  still  a step infront of Mr. Sex with a distance
of  some  dozen  more parts released so far. Slammer
went  down  to  three.   Curiously Crossbow is still on
four and persons like i.e. Quiss are missing here. De-
peh  has left the top ten while Druid replaced him who
is looking out for a 1750 REU expansion with 256/512
KB Ram. Nothing else matters.

                   TOP TEN CRACKING GROUPS
Rank  Last      Group                         Points
01.   (1)       Avantgarde                    70
02.   (2)       Success & TRC                 62
03.   (3)       Alpha Flight                  49
04.   (4)       Chromance                     48
05.   (5)       F4CG                          34
06.   (7)       Excess                        24
07.   (8)       Fairlight                     20
08.   (10)      Dytec (+)                     17
09.   (9)       Motiv 8                       15
10.   (/)       Hardcore & Onslaught          13

Well   top  five  remains  unchanged  with  Avantgarde
starring  as  lonely  leader  followed by the dutch co-
operation  letting  a  decent  distance  down  to Alpha
Flight,  a  group  standing under steady attacks from
their competitors. Hardcore & Onslaught entered the
charts  at ten but are supposed to go upstairs in the
next  weeks  and  months.  Talent  left the charts and
surely won't be seen here again.

                    TOP TEN SINGLE CRACKER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Jack Alien/Avt                  69
02.   (2)       Burglar/Scs                     61
03.   (3)       Hain/F4CG                       58
04.   (4)       Derbyshire Ram/Avt              29
05.   (5)       Bacchus/Flt                     25
06.   (8)       Skinhead/Afl                    23
07.   (9)       CBA/TRC                         22
08.   (6)       Mr. Wax/<C>                     19
09.   (7)       Powerplant/Legend               18
10.   (/)       Ignorance/Afl                   14
To  comment  the charts is getting boring. Jack Alien,
Burglar and Hain are leading what we like to define as
removing protections who did not support the backup
systems.  Skinhead and CBA climbed while Mr. Wax and
Powerplant  went  downstairs.  The Ignorance proved
himself  to  be  one  of  the  better competitors these
days  and  a  person  who  could  not keep his fingers
away  from  the  keyboard  even  at his wedding. Con-
gratulations  from  our  side.  A  last  salute to Count
Zero  who  seems  to  have left us for the Super Nin-
tendo scene.

                    TOP TEN GRAPHIC ARTISTS
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (2)       Electric/Extend                 64
02.   (1)       Creeper/Antic                   63
03.   (5)       Cruise/Taboo                    52
04.   (3)       Ogami/Fairlight                 50
05.   (4)       Joe/Wrath Design                48
06.   (6)       Fazee/Taboo                     39
07.   (7)       Carrion/Elysium                 17
08.   (9)       RRR/Oxyron                      15
09.   (8)       Roder/Agony                     11
10.   (/)       Biz Kid/Camelot                 7

As  it  seems Electric and Creeper do not have other
hobbies  but continously changing their positions just
to  keep the editors of this magazine busy. Cruise did
a fantastic collection and deserved all the votes ran-
king  him on three with big ambitions for taking a bet-
ter  position  in the next weeks. Rob had to leave the
charts replaced by another Camelot artist called Biz
Kid.  It  is  sad  to see Mirage and Hein not in here as
they are real artists who proved their talent all over
the years.

                    TOP TEN MUSIC COMPOSER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (2)       PRI/TIA/Oxyron                  67
02.   (1)       Syndrom/TIA/Crest               62
03.   (4)       Jeroen Tel/Focus                41
04.   (5)       Drax/Vibrants/Crest             39
05.   (3)       Jeff/Camelot                    58
06.   (10)      Compod/Agony Design             57
07.   (7)       Shogoon/Taboo                   44
08.   (6)       Zyron/Antic/TR/Swe              38
09.   (/)       Fanta/Bass/Plush                35
10.   (8)       Red Devil/Fairlight             26

Finally  the  chase  is  over. PRI, who got beaten from
Syndrom by one point in the last issue, was success-
full in collecting more votes this time. Compod got po-
pular after spreading his huge collection. Unfortuna-
tely  with  Danko one of the old CBM 64 musicians left
the  top  ten, being replaced by Fanta who made some
fine tunes within the last months.

                       TOP TEN MAIL TRADER
Rank  Last      Alias                           Points
01.   (1)       Calypso/Amn/Afl                 67
02.   (4)       Derbyshire Ram/Avt              58
03.   (2)       Intruder/Avt                    57
04.   (6)       Splatterhead/Trc                56
05.   (3)       Spermbird/Ex                    48
06.   (5)       Tabasco/Flt                     28
07.   (10)      Starlight/Xtc/Tpy               26
08.   (7)       Sebaloz/KA/Ld                   21
09.   (9)       Nightshade/Scs                  20
10.   (/)       Styx/Afl                        12

We  were  surprised to see Calypso defending his top
position  as  we  expected  to  see  Intruder  taking it
over this time. Derbyshire Ram overtook Intruder so
we  were  totally confused now. To complete the total
confusion  we have to add that Styx, who slowed down
his  swapping  activities, re-entered the charts while
Lemming,  who  seems to have been lost somewhere in
Finland  has  not  send  a lifesign since ages. Sebaloz
could be higher.

                         TOP TEN MAGAZINES
Rank  Last      Magazine                       Points
01.   (2)       Nitro                          75
02.   (1)       Skyhigh                        67
03.   (4)       Revealed                       43
04.   (7)       News Press (+)                 33
05.   (6)       Ingenious Brain (+)            31
06.   (3)       Reformation (+)                29
07.   (/)       Domination                     24
08.   (5)       Jamaica (+)                    23
09.   (9)       Vandalism News                 20
10.   (/)       Propaganda                     15

Information,  manipulation, propaganda and entertain-
ment. Everything  we  can  find  in this top ten list! On
the  top  there  seems to be a steady circulation bet-
ween  Nitro  and  Skyhigh,  both mailscene magazines.
With  Reformation,  News  Press,  Ingenious  Brain and
Jamaica we have detected four magazines here which
won't  be released anymore while Gamers Guide, which
would  have  been  the  fifth "dead" magazine, left the
charts as well as Insider. Both got replaced by either
the  Domination and the Propaganda who proved their
abilities in an impressing way over the last months. We
decided  not  to  develope  a mathematical formular to
push up Shout, a magazine built on the ashes of both,
Ingenious  Brain  and Reformation as it would be pure
speculation  to pretend that these voters would dare
to  vote for Shout aswell so we will count Shout votes
for Shout only. It is our intention to deliver facts and
not to manipulate the masses.
Furthermore  we were able to discover some satisfy-
ing  positions for the Relax magazine but please do us
a  little favour and do not describe this publication as
an Alpha Flight magazine. The editors of this magazine
are  coming  from  various groups working under the
label of Bad Bytes Entertainment Software Europe so
please  notice that the Relax magazine is a trademark
of this company.
Atleast  we  have  to  report  that The Tribune is still
very close to enter the top ten.

The  charts,  both mail and board charts, were calcu-
lated  by using the Ultravote V2.0 counter written by
Stefan  Berglind/Bad  Bytes  Entertainment Software
Europe (aka. Doxx/Noice/Swemix) and definately not
while using a cheap Pentium processor.

When you disagree with certains placements just take
a  pen  and  paper,  fill  a votesheet a return it to the
sender  to  be  a  part the jury being responsible for
the votes and ranking in here.
You  are invited to send in your votes not only on the
Relax  votesheet  but aswell on an every piece/sheet
of  paper  or  in  disknotes all being send to the snail
mail  address  of  this  publication.  The votes send by
e-mail  (board/Internet) will be merged into the board
charts  invented  by  and exclusively in the Relax ma-

Best regards,



                            * INTERVIEW *
This  time we had the pleasure to interview one of the
most admired and well known demo programmer ever,
SCROLL of Megastyle Productions, formerly known as
Megastyle Incorporated.

When  we  had  the  idea to do this interview there did
not  exist an interview with him. Meanwhile unfortuna-
tely  another  magazine  has been faster but anyway,
this  one  is  worth  being  printed  anyway and this is
available for both, PAL and NTSC readers.

* Hello Ruben, please introduce yourself as our rea-
   ders are interested in some person information.

:) Well,  I  am  Scroll  of Megastyle Productions. I am 21
   years  old,  my real name is Ruben Spaans, I am 1.82
   m  tall,  weight  91  kg,  dark  hair, blue eyes, a beer
   belly  (I  don't  even  drink  beer),  and  a  mustache
   much  like  Jens  Weissflog. My little brother think I
   look  like  Elvis,  and  some  other people said I look
   like  Hitler.  The  last  six months I have been unem-
   ployed,  but  now  I  (unfortunately) got a job. I type
   the numbers from account sheets into a PC (boring
   stuff).  In  Megastyle  I  am  the main coder. I also do
   some swapping and when I feel for it, I also compose

* Megastyle   was   one   of  the  most  admired  demo
   groups  around.  For  those  who  lately  joined the
   scene it might be rather informative to read some-
   thing  about  the  past,  present  and future of the

:) It  all started when Space-Roy and Sleepwalker left
   their  old  group,  and  together with a third person
   (Brooz)  they  founded  Megastyle  Incorporated on
   September  8th,  1988.  The  following  months  more
   members  joined  (I joined in December 1988), and in
   January   1989   we   had   our  breakthrough  with
   "Brainstorm".  As  the  years  passes,  we  started
   perfectioning our demos more and more, until there
   was  no  fun  anymore to code. After "Kalle Kloack"
   in December 1990, we couldn't finish another demo.
   We  planned  to  release "Brainstorm 4" in the sum-
   mer  of  1991,  but we couldn't cooperate the way we
   did  in 1989, so the project was dropped for a while
   That  year  (1991) we had serious plans to make ga-
   mes  on  Amiga  and  PC, so we changed our name to
   Megastyle  Productions.  Most  of the members have
   stopped  their  activity,  and  we  prepared for our
   farewell demo on the CBM 64. In September 1993 we
   finally released "Seal Of Facalor" (Digital Messiah),
   which was the result of four years of work on what
   originally  was  planned  to  be  "Brainstorm  4". We
   thought the scene on the CBM 64 was already dead
   when  the demo was finished, but anyway we spread
   it to the two or three contacts we had left. Another
   year   passed,   and   I  was  quite  bored  of  laming
   around  on the PC, so me and Space-Roy founded a
   cracking section, called "Lurid & Tricycle". We have
   cracked  old  tape games just for fun, and I started
   to  collect  software to built up a large collection. In
   January  1995 we discovered that the CBM 64 sce-
   ne  was  still  alive,  so  what  else  was it to do than
   drop the PC plans and return to the machine we all
   love  ...  Now some of the old members are back, and
   some  more  will  return.  Our memberstatus is cur-
   rently:  me  (Scroll), Space-Roy, Cycleburner, Rage
   (in  the  army),  Inzane (in the army). Price (will re-
   turn  in  July),  and  recently  Shok'Ray and Venge-
   ance  joined  us.  We are currently working on some
   new  demoes,  but  we don't know yet when they will
   be  finished,  your readers must wait atleast two or
   three months.
   We  realised  that  the CBM 64 is the machine of the
   future, as it is the only machine in the world that we
   can  call  compatible.  Developing software on Amiga
   and especially the PC is a true nightmare. Besides,
   the  scenes of the Amiga and PC are too lame (what
   is  really  the  point  in  making  demos on those ma-
   chines  instead  of CBM 64?), so we will be a CBM 64
   only  group  as  long  it is possible. In the future we
   also plan to make games in addition to the demos.

* One  of the most liked standart questions is how did
   you  get  your  very  own  handle  and  groupname?
   Here we follow the trend.

:) In   early  1987  when  I  managed  to  make  a  semi-
   smooth  scrolltext,  I  was  so  proud that I invented
   the  handle "Stubbscroll". One year later I changed
   it  to  just "Scroll" and since then I have kept it. We
   found  our  groupname in a porno magazine, but I do
   not  know  the  exact  story as I wasn't a member in
   the very beginning.

* What was your personal motivation to return to this
   computer  system  after  all  the  years of absence
   and what was the exact reason for quitting the CBM
   64 scene?

:) I was really bored of working on the PC, and what I
   really wanted was to code on the CBM 64 again.
   When  I  found  out  that the CBM 64 still was there,
   with  demos, games, mags and everything, there was
   no  other  realistic  choice  for me than starting on
   the CBM 64 again. I would rather code demos on the
   CBM  64  and  have  fun than programming business
   applications  on the PC, even if there is more money
   to  earn  on  the  PC. The exact reason for quitting
   the  scene  was  that  we  became bored of making
   demos,  we  gradually  dropped  our  contacts,  and
   the commercial computer magazines (not diskmags!)
   stopped  writing  about  the  CBM  64, and software
   houses like US Gold, Ocean, etc. stopped making ga-
   mes. So we thought the machine had no future.

* If  you do not waste all your expensive sparetime in
   front  of computers, what else are you doing to en-
   joy  your  life?  Are  there other important hobbies
   for you in real life?

:) Well,  I  do  in  fact have other hobbies, like watching
   sports   on   TV,  reading  special  books,  watching
   Monty  Python  movies, solving cross words, collec-
   ting  stamps  etc.  but I barely get time for anything
   else  than computing, and computing is really what I
   want to do.

* Actually we are involved with favourites. What are
   your favourite ...

:) Demo groups:       Crest, Chorus, Oxyron, Camelot
   Single coders:     Crossbow, Mr. Cursor, Flamingo
   Cracking groups:   Eaglesoft, Avantgarde, Cascade
   Single crackers:   Anyone who takes his time to do
                                quality versions
   Graphic artists:   Hmmmm... Sparkler/Megastyle
   Music composers:   Jeroen Tel, Jch
   Swappers:          Derbyshire Ram, Calypso
   Magazines:         Sex'n'Crime, Shout

* As  we  all  know  Megastyle  was  a  100% norwegian
   team  in  the past but imagine you have the possibi-
   lity to form some kind of your personal dreamteam.
   Who are the persons you would invite to join?

:) Well,  we  are  no  longer a 100% norwegian group as
   Shok'Ray  and  Vengeance  joined,  but  anyway,  my
   dream group could look something like this:

   Demo coding:        Myself (ofcause), Crossbow
   Game coding:        Manfred Trenz
   Graphics:           a combination of Sparkler and
   Music:              Jeroen Tel
   Swapping:           Calypso
   Financing:          Bill Gates :)

* Apart  from  the  CBM 64 are there other computer
   systems  you do own? Are you there scenewise ac-
   tive aswell?

:) In addition to two CBM 64's and a C128d, I own a VIC
   20,  Amiga  1200,  CDTV and two PCs (one Pentium),
   but  the  other machines are only useful for playing
   games (atleast until the CBM 64 versions of the ga-
   mes  appear),  so  I  am  not  at  all  active on these
   other  computers.  If  I  wanted to join the scene on
   other  computers,  it would be the scene of the C65
   or Plus-4 (or maybe VIC 20).

* Lately  there  have been some interesting computer
   parties like the X-95 party in Utrecht just to name
   one of them all. What parties have you already visi-
   ted  and  which  one  was the very best in your opi-

:) In fact, I have never been at a computer party (ex-
   cept one not worth to be mentioned, where I left af-
   ter a few hours). If there will be more CBM 64 par-
   ties  here  in  Norway,  I'll attend (or maybe in Swe-
   den),  but  I  can't  afford to travel as far as to the
   Netherlands or Germany.

* As  usual  there  are good and bad times in real life
   and  in  scene life, too. Please inform us about your
   experiences  and  your point of view regarding this

:) Well, this one is touch to answer as I never experi-
   ence  anything  remarkable in real life (I sit infront
   of  the  computer  all  the time, you know), but as an
   example  of  a  bad experience, my boss at work al-
   ways  complains  on me, especially my phone usage.
   An  example of good experience is that I got the job
   at all, as my grades from the school are terrible. In
   scene  life,  it sure is great to be back, smelling the
   Dycp-air  again  (?)  and  everything. I hope we will
   see the software houses return soon!

* You  learnt  to  know  the scene at its best time and
   you can see in comparison today's situation. What is
   your  opinion about the scene today or do you pre-
   fer the good old glory days.

:) The scene is more bright than I thought it would be,
   there  is  quite  a  large amount of groups and sce-
   ners  left.  The  demos  released  keep  a very high
   standart,  unfortunately  they  are  based too much
   on  Amiga  or  PC-like  routines  and  design rather
   than  the  real  CBM  64-stuff.  On the other hand a
   lot  of  things  have  happened,  like  IFLI,  IFFL, and
   extreme mandelbrot routines. It is quite difficult for
   a group like us to compete with today's coding.

   There are pretty many games released, but most of
   them are shit (too simple concepts, unoriginal ideas,
   badly  implemented,  etc.).  Since no games are pro-
   tected  anymore, anyone who wants is able to crack
   them.  The  real  large games are only cracked by a
   few  groups,  while  everyone  seems  to  crack the
   smaller  games from CP-Verlag etc. Cracking nowa-
   days  is  almost  just a matter of linking an intro in-
   front of the game file.

   I  understand  that  the mags play a more important
   role  now  than  before,  since the normal computer
   magazines are gone (especially here in Norway, ne-
   ver  seen one since 1992), but there are really too
   many mags. People should concentrate more on ma-
   king games and demos.

   Well,  I  think we have to face the reality and accept
   the  scene  like  it is. We should be more than satis-
   fied  with how the CBM 64 has stood the test of time
   against  potentially  much  stronger computers. Of-
   cause,  the  scene today is not perfect, but even in
   1989  I  wanted  to be there before, to compete with
   groups  like  1001  Crew  and  beat Sodan in coding.
   But  then  again,  back  in 1989 there was the large
   amount  of  stupid lamers, disk stealers and wanna-
   bees. Today's scene seems to be much more friend-
   ly,  most of the sceners have been active for a long
   time,  and they have sort of "grown up". What I miss
   with  today's  scene  is  a  little  bit more demos and
   more  of  the  "real" games coming on other compu-
   ters,  like  "Civilization", "Colonization", "Warcraft"
   and all those excellent LucasArts games.

* Do  you  take  the  scene serious or do you "enjoy"
   the  time you spend infront of the machine? Is there
   something you really dislike?

:) Ofcause  I  take  the  CBM  64 scene serious, this is
   where  I'll  stay  for several years now. Even if I am
   not sitting infront of the computer, I try to think of
   cool  demo  ideas,  especially  the  boring  hours at
   work.  We  do  this because we think it is fun and we
   get  a  lot of new friedns, not to try to be number 1
   in  the  charts  of  the magazines. One thing I really
   dislike is the threat from other computers, but that
   threat is not that dangerous anymore as it was two
   or  three  years  ago,  I  think.  Many sceners have
   even  returned  to the CBM 64 recently, and I think
   more ex-sceners will return.

* We already stole a lot of your expensive sparetime.
   Is  there anything you want to share with the scene
   as a last word for this interview? Furthermore it is
   the  part  to  place  all  your  personal greetings in
   here.  Thanks  a  lot  for being patient and for ans-
   wering all the questions.

:) I  want  to  send  greetings  to my contacts: Derby-
   shire  Ram,  Walker, Zapotek, Glenn Rune Gallefoss,
   Kristian Rostoen, Lord Red, Lightside, 2ge, Bizarre,
   Sky,  Creb, Unicorn, Fli, Shocker, Fanta, Quorthon,
   Morris, you (RRR), Backslash, Vengeance, Shok'Ray,
   and  ofcause  to all other MSP members. Thanks for
   interviewing  me,  and a last word: Long live the CBM
   64 and may Microsoft go bankrupt!

* Well,  it  was  in fact a pleasure to interview you for
   the Relax Magazine. Again many thanks for the very
   detailed and comprehensive answers. We really look
   forward  for all MSP projects, both demoes and ga-
   mes, as we know that they are supposed to become
   something special.

We  really  hope  that  you have enjoyed the interview
as much as we did. Press fire in order to load and
read another chapter.

Best regards,

Back to the roots

                Back to the roots - Part III


Welcome to your favourite chapter, where we go
deeply back to the roots. Once again it is my task to
start a mystic journey back to the good old time. But
even at this time everything gleaming wasn't gold.
Thats why this times issue deals with possibly the mo-
st spectacular war,that 64-piracy can tell stories of

It was the time when the most famous magazine, Sex'n
Crime, was regular released.
Just like allready reported in last issues chapter,
the Sex'n Crime staff was notorious for acting to
their intimatest friend's advantage. Caused by the
well-known magazine there was the possibility to
achieve wrong images and illusions about certain
persons, information wich were extremely fast
spread. If such a lie once has spread, person's image
was spoiled and it took years to regain old esteem.
If chief-editor OMG once aimed at somebody, this
person could be assured, that it was for months.

That's what happened to the case of S.Y.S.
SYS, maybe one of the most famous grafic-artists
and swappers at this time, belonging to the 64-pirate
scene since 1984, who was member of successfull
scene-groups like Drive and Level 99, before he
joined the Alpha Flight team in 1988.

It is not anymore possible, to prove how the story
started, but most people were telling that it all began
with the Sex'n Crime mailbox-option. Everybody who
can remember this magazine will know this option, wich
allowed to save comments and messages on disc.
These messages could be loaded as a special chapter
in the magazine. So every swapper spreading the mag
entered his handle there, so that more handles
appeared, more often it got spread (same story like
disc-covers!). Poisonous tongues pretended, handles
at the end of this list were getting lame and lamer.

The whole shit began with SYS abusing the mailbox-
option to rag about Sex'n Crime, OMG and the staff.

Of course OMG got this information and also started
to talk bad about SYS. Soon there was no doubt
anymore, OMG disliking SYS. He started to rag about
him, by writing lies into his magazine.

SYS replied with public letters to OMG and insulted
him back.

This procedure went on for more than 6 months,
whereby the level of the discussion came closer
to the zero-point with every next attempt. Now even
the family of SYS was involved and insulted by OMG.
For example SYS was called a gay and his mother
insulted as a bitch. He reacted with massive anti-
notes and even painted anti-OMG graphics. Propably
the most famous one was the parody of the
disseminated german anti-aids slogan ("Gib Aids keine
Chance" - Don't give aids any chance), wich he
original-true copied and changed into "Gib OMG keine

Finally SYS challenged OMG for a duel in Venlo, but
OMG refused twice, by avoiding the Venlo-meeting
despite of his habit visiting every month's meeting.
SYS appraised this act as a sign of OMG's fear and
his unreliableness.

But then at the august-meeting on august, 18th in
1990, the Judgement Day finally came.

SYS perceived OMG in the party-hall and told him to
come outside in front of the entrance, to bring up for
a fair fight. But OMG again refused and tried to flee.
But he was caught by SYS at the entrance.
SYS did a fine punch, directly into OMG's scared
face. But he only reacted by bringing a can of tear-
gas to light. He set it straight into SYS's face. As a
brave fighter SYS dind't give up and tried another
chance. But OMG twice times sprayed into his face, so
that his enemy finally was helpless. After SYS sunked
onto the floor, hurt by the great amount of gas, OMG
after all made a kick into SYS's body, before he
scared of revenge, ran away as fast as possible.

Later OMG told that he just used the gas, because
SYS was in the mood to kill him. But he didn't explain
why he kicked him. Furthermore he reported it
wasn't him, who wanted to leave the place so fast, it
was Volker/Amok (coder of the Sex'n Crime) who
wanted to run away!?

This sad, but also funny story shows how far the
computer activities can go. And it also shows, that
most people starting a war don't know of the
consequences that can follow, if you mess with the
wrong persons. When I look at todays wars, it seems
to me that they are mostly started by kids, who want
to gain self-esteem in this scene. But they should
concentrate on the main things in their first-steps.
This scene is about more than just having a big mouth
with nothing behind it. Rookies go back where you
came from!

That should be enough for today! Take care friends..
Max is gone!


Demo Reviews

                         * Demo Reviews *
Welcome  to  the  demo  reviews,  a  chapter  what got
changed  competely in order to guarantee some more
advanced reviews as we recruited specialists to give
their  statements  about  in what they used to be well
known   for,  namely  Scroll/MSP  and  Fuben/Oxyron
(coding),  PRI/Tia/Oxyron  (musics)  and RRR/Oxyron
(graphics).  Scroll did "only" the review of Parts this
time but we will see more from him here very soon.

                          * Radio Napalm *
A  really  brilliant  trackmo  entirely  coded by Quiss/
Reflex. This trackmo has everything what a cool demo
needs today: design, hard code, cool effects and fast
routines,  some  nice ideas and MUCH action. Each ef-
fect  is  just  shown  for  a  few  seconds so that you
won't  be  bored  with  an  effect  which  you propably
don't like much!
Let's  start.  The  intro features a hires logo, gravity
dots  (like  those  in  Access  Denied), a bitmapscreen
with  a  big  proportional  charset, a filled-vector in 3
colors  (like the vector in Access Denied) and a koala
picture.  Everything  fades  in  and  out  in  an almost
perfect way, only the gravity dots look a bit poor.
The next effect is sort of a voxel. It uses the popular
4x4  pixelmode  (16 colors possible) which was inven-
ted  by  Graham/Oxyron  in  Coma  Light 12. However,
the   effect  looks  pretty  cool and is quite fast in my
Next  there  is  a  vector again, like that in the intro.
It just shows another object (sort of flight). It's quite
big,  filled  and  in 3 colors, very similar to big vector
shown  in  Access  Denied.  It  is possible that it is the
same  routine  with  just  other objects. Nevertheless
the  vector  looks  pretty  nice and it's rotating quite
fast, too!
After  the  vector,  there  is  an  effect looking like a
rainfall.  It  runs  in 16 colors and uses the 4x4 pixel-
mode  again. This effect is new as we never saw it be-
fore.  Even  so, it looks a bit strange. Later on a Re-
flex logo gets combinated with the rainfall.
After that colorfull effect a big fast rotating gourand
shader   apears.  It  runs  in  the  6 colors  by  using
dithering.  This gourand shader is definetely the best
ever  made  on  CBM  64. It beats that shader in Coma
Light 12 by far.
Then  a  cool rotator comes up. It's running very fast
in  my opinion. This rotator is a bit different to all the
others. It is not a complex rotator. However again the
effect is running in the 4x4 pixelmode.
After  some  credits  a  black  screen apears (wow!).
The  next effect are chessboard-zoomers. There are
always  3  different colored chessboards, which move
in  an individual sine. As they zoom you get the feeling
of  a  neverending  voyage.   After that the next rou-
tine  fades  in.  A  fullscreen  colorplasma  touchs the
screen. Yes, Fullscreen! It looks awesome...again in 16
colors and 4x4 pixelmode.
Finally,  there  is  the end. Some text get displayed by
a  big  proportional  charset,  which  fades  away with
All  in  all  this is definetely the best demo released in
1995  so  far.  It  is very surprising to see a produc-
tion  on  this  high  standart  realised  by  one  coder
only.  If  you  did not get a copy of this demo yet I can
only advise you to get one as fast as possible as I'd
like to give a rating of 95%.

Reviewing  the  graphics  of  "Radio Napalm" is one of
the more easy jobs as there were unfortunately only
two graphics being worth to be talked about. The few
graphics  were  realised  by  Seytan/Arcoss (former
DJ Bobo) and Felidae/Reflex.
The first graphic, an hires-fli logo, was performed by
Seytan,  who  also  drew all the hires-fli graphics for
the  game  Geometric  II, also coded by Quiss. The logo
looks quite nice and all artists who ever try tried to
create  an  hires-fli  logo  know  what it is more some
kind  of  punishment  to  draw  in  that mode compared
with formats like koala bitmaps or interlace-fli.
Having  a  look  closer  the  logo  still  presents a few
weak  points  which  have  been  drawn  easily  in  the
standart  hires singlecolour mode (one ink and back-
ground  colour  per char). In general we can only add
that  this one seems to be one of the better hires-fli
goes we have seen so far as this format presents a
lot  of  frontiers  when  it  comes  up  to realise some
complex ideas.
The  second  and last graphic in this review has been
drawn  by  Felidae/Reflex, who won the inofficial gra-
phics  competition  at  The Party 1994 if I can remem-
ber  it correctly. This graphic is the title graphic and
presents  the  name  of  the  demonstration, next to a
radio  tower  and  probably the spotlights of search-
lights  like  they  have  been  used  to  locate  fighting
bombers  going  on  air  raid  in  World War two. There
are  not  any  visual  elements  on  the  screen  which
might  be  hard  to  realise  but  somehow  this  bitmap
screen  as  some  kind of magic and can be taken into
combination with the demo name.
In  "Access  denied"  I  have  for sure seen technical
more  advanced graphics but that is no reason not to
see  the  effort the artists have put into the work by
creating  these  graphics.  The graphics are nice but
nothing  that  will  be  remembered  after  being asto-
nished  by the overmatched programming and the po-
pular  techno  movement following soundtrack. My ra-
ting is 68%.

No  doubt  PVCF  has  improved quite a bit in the past
year.  As  I  have  been  a bit out of touch lately I was
rather  surprised when listening to the Techno track
he did for this demo.
It  is  definitely  one  of  the  best  in this direction of
music  today, and for good reasons: The continuously
flowing,   meditative  elements  which  are  typical  for
Techno  come  across  very  good,  there is a decent
bassline  (not  like  this  cliche-minor-second-up-ma-
jor-second-down-triole-thing), some quite innovative
effects  (thanks to ring-modulation and sync.) and of
course  a  bass  drum hammering it all constantly into
your  head.  The bassline also features a velocity-si-
mulation   modulating  the  cutoff,  unlike  the  "no re-
start"-effect  most Technotracks use. But sometimes
the  filter  frequency of even two of the three voices
is lowerd and the tune kind of dives away for a while.
Furthermore,  PVCF  sometimes adds some harmonies
as  well  as  some  short breakdowns which add to the
tension  curve  and  round  off the whole thing. All in-
struments in the tune are of quite good quality.
The  intro  is  well-timed  and  generates a misterious
atmosphere,  it  only  does  remind  me a bit of Antic's
"Lunacy  6";  well,  but  who cares, it only shows that
this  kind  of intro is very popular - some dark sphe-
rical sounds before the whole thing really starts.
At  last  I  hope  you  will  forgive  me  when I'm banally
calling  PVCF's  tune  "Techno"  as  this  maybe is not
precisely  correct? I am not so much into this kind of
music,  so I don't know the exact differences between
Techno,  House, Rave, Acid... I only know that Gabba is
very  fast  and  Trance  is  rather quiet, that under-
ground  is  okay but popular junk like 2 Unlimited, Red
Nex etc. sucks.
Anyway,  'nuff  said,  I  give PVCF a rating of well-de-
served 87%.

                    * Fantasy/Chromance *
All the code in the demo was developed by Zar/Chro-
mance  while  the  additional (demo note) got coded by
First  we  have  to  say that all parts in the demo are
fading  in  and  out  what is in our opinion very impor-
that as it shows that the programmer spent some time
for designing.
However, let's start with the intro. After starting the
intro,  a  fader with a 2x2 charset appears but these
fade  intros  are  rather  boring  as almost everyone
codes  them.  Maybe  because  it's  quite easy to code
such  an intro. Anyway, after a title-picture has been
faded  in and out, a bitmap-logo comes up (with FLD).
Then  a nice Bitmap-scroller appears with some funny
scrolltext! This scroller looks pretty cool, though it's
a very old idea as we can remember the first Bitmap-
scrollers coded in 1989...
O.K.,  let's  go on. The first part of the demo features
a moving plot tube including zooming letters. A rather
creepy  part  and  we  wondered  about Zar not using
some  more  dots. The tube consists of 6 dot-circles,
each  is moving in its individual sinus. The characters
were  just  scrolled  throughthe rings and the size is
always  proportional  to  the size of the proportional
ring. No big deal in our opinion as we presume that he
calculated the dots of the letters by mean values and
just  added  the X,Y coordinates of the actual ring or
atleast  it is what we expected after watching the not
very hard coded part.
Well,  finally the spectator reachs the end part of the
demo,  the  outro.  This  part  features  a simple AGSP
(without  copying  new  datas  into the AGSP-screen)
with  an  overlayed hires spritearea (192 pixels large
on the X-axis) including a text (with 1x1 charset).
Above  the  AGSP there is a moving sprite-logo which
fills  up the empty linecruncharea. Nothing else to say
about  this  part.  We just wonder why there is such a
broken   AGSP-movement!  A  sinus  would  look  much
The demonote is written with an 1x1 charset. Further-
more it includes 2 spritelogos in the border.
Fantasy  from  Chromance  is  a pretty nice designed
demo.  Even  so,  there is a lack of hard code and the
demo is definately too short.
But  however,  we  think  it's  cool  that  Chromance, a
group  more known for their cracking activities, gets
active  in  the  legal  scene  and  we hope to see more
surprises from them in the future. Rating: 38%.

All  the  bitmap  graphics  were drawn by Lord Red of
Creators using Zoomatic, the fantastic graphics tool
coded  by Omega Supreme, Panoramic Design. What we
like  to  express  here  is  that  it  is possible to draw
good graphics in that format, too.
The  intro  offers a fullscreen picture showing a grim
looking  warrior  holding  an  axe  in  his hands on the
left  side  and  a Fantasy logo and information text at
the  right side of the screen. The warrior looks quite
average  and the logo is, expect for the style and the
outlines,  nothing  special  at  all. The information text
displays  that this demo took part at the demo compe-
tion  of  the  X-95  party  but unfortunately the demo
was not finished in time.
The  next  part  presents  next to a logo on the top a
4x5  scroller at the buttom of the screen. The logo is
divided  into  two  parts,  probably  blocks of a wall. In
the  gap  between  these  two parts you can see some
letters  remembering  to the "ordinary" style to pre-
sent  a logo while the rest at the two blocks looks like
scratched into the wall, indeed a nice idea. At the left
side  of the screen we can see a head of a man and it
is  possible  that  he  uses  to be an indian. The man is
looking  very  interesting.  On  the  right  side  of the
screen  we  have found a huge 'X' what does not make
any  sense  due  to  our knowledge. Nevertheless it is
looking  nice  indeed. The 4x5 scrollchar looks not so
good  in  my opinion, not to say that it is ugly and that
is  the  style is not up to date anymore but what is up
to date and style has to individual in our opinion.
The  graphic  in the next part is probably the graphic
that amazed us most regarding the graphics presen-
tation.  It  shows  a well drawn demo having a whiplash
in  his  hand standing at the right side of the screen.
On  the  other  side  you  can  see a proper mirrored
copy of the demon so we praise the graphics tool with
that  well  working  mirror  function,  a function which
has  to be improved a lot in Amica Paint. Nevertheless
this graphic is what we like to see more often in the
The  endpart  contains  one (bitmap) graphic only and
it  is  the head of a rat according to Lord Red and we
guess  it  is  not  too  hard  to  confirm  this. This rat
wears an ear-ring. All in all it could be more colorfull
but this is a personal intention only.
Lord  Red is one of the few last artist left who is still
supporting  the "old-fashioned" bitmap graphics for-
mat  and  has  proven  that  it  is possible to present
some  nice graphics to give a demo some kind of glan-
ce  and  supports the demo, together with the sound-
track,  to  be a good designed and styled demonstra-
tion so we can announce 74% for his effort.

The complete soundtrack was composed by Skull. Let
us see what it is like:
1st  part:  The  motive  to  be heard in the intro is re-
peated  too  often  for  my  taste, so it can get on the
listener's  nerves  later on. The delay-effect Skull a-
chieves  by  using two voices, however, suddenly falls
victim  of  the incoming rhythm and chords. This is al-
ways  a  rather inconvenient way of arranging as the
"spacy"  component  of  the lead is lost and the whole
thing  sounds  only half as good afterwards. So if you
absolutely  have  to do something like this, try to hide
it  by  e.g.  fading  out  one  of the voices or putting a
break inbetween.
Another  important  aspect  is  the control of the os-
cillation  of the volume in those double- or triple-voi-
ced  passages.  When  more  than  one voice plays the
same  category  of  instrument  (such as lead, chord,
bass,  rhythm) the resulting volume will increase quite
a  bit.  So in order to control this oscillation you have
to  reduce  the  instruments'  volume  in those passa-
ges.  You may, however, use the increased main volu-
me  as  a  means  to  underline a passage, but in most
cases this seems to happen rather unwanted.
2nd  part:  This  one contains the best instruments in
comparison  to  the  other  two tunes. After the first
refrain I realized this is supposed to be a conversion
of  that  Warren-G.-song  (forgot  it's  name, sorry),
however,  some  important  things  don't  come across
that  good:  To  simulate the rhodes piano which plays
the  chords in the original one had better chosen tri-
angle  instead  of  the  saw waveform, the bass has to
be  more percussive, also some of the chord voicings
don't  seem  fully  correct  to  me. But anyway, nice to
listen to.
3rd  part:  Skull  seems  to be fond of intros with de-
lay-effect; this is the third one out of three. The tune
has  the best structure and contains the best themes
and  melodies  of  all the three, and in the B-part also
the  chord-instruments  sound  nice.  Only  the bass-
break  in  the  middle  of the tune seems a bit clumsy.
On  the  whole  one  can  say Skull builds up his tunes
in  a  decent  and  overviewable  way. The themes and
melodies  he includes are sometimes average, someti-
mes  good,  although  he  tends  to repeat them a little
too often. The first and the third tune contain avera-
ge  instruments, in the second one their quality is so-
mewhat better. This soundtrack is worth 68%.

                         * Parts / Oxyron *
1st part: Intro
The  demo  opens  with  the  cool soundtrack from the
from  the  game  Light Force by Rob Hubbard. Initially
there  is  a  black  screen,  after  some  seconds  the
word  "somewhere..."  fades onto the screen. It fades
away,  and an Oxyron logo appears. It fades off again
and  soon  a  large  tilted  chessboard fades onto the
the  screen  in  a  cool  way. Each char of the picture
fades  in  individually and randomly until the picture is
complete.  A  single  coder  "Presents"  logo  made of
sprites  swings  over  the screen and off again. Soon
another  logo  swings  in,  this  time a Parts logo.  The
chessboard  fades  off  in an even cooler way, start-
ing from the centre of the screen, and the Parts logo
fades  just  a  short  while  later. Then a city at night
appears  at  the  lower  part  of the screen and some
text  at  the upper part of the screen, with the words
being  put on the screen in collaboration with the mu-
sic,  with  the  music,  just like the intro of Coma Light
12.  Then  the  text  disappears and a rotating vector
city  starts  its  action.  The  vector  city is quite de-
tailed,  it  even  consists  of the small lights like a city
at  night.  However, it's not too complicated so I'll give
it a rating of 70/100.
2nd part: Spherical
This  part  consists  of  a  normal  1x1  scroller at the
bottom  of  the  screen  and  after  a  while  a sphere
with some bitmap woman faces proected on it appears.
The  resolution  is  normal  multicolour, in contrary to
the  "usual"  4x4 Fli resolution used for many mathe-
matical effects. It looks very great, too!
Rating: 80/100
3rd part: Distortion
This  part stars with a normal picture in the middle of
the  screen  and  a spritle-scroller in the lower bor-
der.  The  scroller  introduces  us to one of the most
extreme  routines  I've ever seen: A fullscreen X and
Y  stretcher,  50  frames a second! Before I saw this
part,  I  didn't  even  consider this to be possible, but
remember  the slogan: Only the C64 makes it possible
(he  he).  It  seems that they've cheated a bit with the
X-stretching,   as   some   pixels   for   instance  are
stretched  three  pixels,  while the neighbouring ones
aren't  expanded  at  all.  But  heck,  this is extremely
impressive  anyway,  so  the  rating of 95/100 is well
4th part: Nowhere
This  is  the  end  part of the demo, a white logo in the
middle  of  the  screen  "The end" faces on, and after
some   seconds  it  disappears  again.  A  "snowy  TV-
screen  (you  know,  this  is  what  a TV-picture looks
like  when the antenna is disconnected) in all borders
(like  in  old  ESCOS  (Expanded Screen COnstruction
Set)) routines.
I  won't  rate  this  part as it is ofcourse meant as an
end part, not a part with extreme routines.
All  in  all,  this is a very good demo, but it's too small,
as it comprises only four parts. It's entirely coded by
Graham,  and  I  guess  he'll  take  a giant heap on the
single  coder  charts,  and  even  threaten TTS' posi-
tion.  Totally  I'll  give  80/100.  This  may  sound like a
 "low"  score,  but  taking  into  consideration  that it
constists  of  quality  parts  only,  but  as I said, it's a
bit  to  small...  If I know Oxyron right, their next demo
will  come  out  very  soon  as they keep an incredible
pace in releasing demos.

When  we  talk  about the graphics we have to keep in
mind that almost all graphics have been converted via
the  Amiga  to please the CBM 64 audience of this de-
monstration  by  Oxyron.  Ported  graphics  won't  be
and  shouldn't  be  taken  into  consideration into re-
views  as  the  rating should be a something given for
personal  performances  and  not  for the abilities of
hard- (cables) and software (converter files).
All  the  graphics  in  the  intro,  expect for the small
characterset and the Skyline bitmap at the buttom of
city zoomer screen, where created by using Image FX
on  the  Amiga 1200 by Graham. Even the chessboard
was created in this way and was definately not drawn
by RRR like a certain magazine stated in their review.
The skyline shows a city by night with lights of lamps,
a lot of houses, a moon, clouds and sky offering all
you  can  await in a graphic like this. Unfortunately it
is too small but anyway worth being watched.
The   faces  of  the  spherical  projection  were  both
converted  from  the  Amiga so there is nothing in the
part  worth  being  mentioned.  The same goes for the
Distorter  as  both  pictures  got converted, too. Ac-
cording to Graham he used these converted graphics
to prevent people starting to complain about his rou-
tine  being  cheated as standart CBM 64 graphics of-
fered always a similar structur in that routine.
The  end  part contains nothing except for a charac-
terset so there is nothing to report about.
No  rating  here  as  judging  the  own  work would be
some  kind  of  sin  in  our  opinion so we would like to
give  a small advice in here: if you dare to review gfx
just  give  ratings  for  drawn  and not for converted
graphics.  Furthermore  it  can  not be to reduce the
general  amount  of  points  when  there  are too less
graphics used in the demo. Rating XX%.

Well,  well. How is PRI supposed to review demo- music
of  his  own group, you might wonder. Firstly, because
for  whatever reason there are none of my tunes in-
cluded, and secondly, because RRR absolutely wanted
wanted me to do it. Anyway, here we go:
I  am  going  to  set  the  rating for this soundtrack in
brackets  as the tunes were neither done by any OXY
member (which can't possibly be because I am the on-
ly  composer  in my group) nor done exclusively by a-
nybody  else.  Why  should even my own group recieve
points for somebody else's work?
1st  part:  I  don't  think  there  is  much of a comment
necessary.  The  Lightforce  tune  by Rob Hubbard is
one  of  the  best and most legendary tunes ever, and
it  is  perfect for timing steps of an intro along to it's
different stages of developement.
2nd  part:  This  one  is  by  the  "Newschool"-master
Jeff.  The  instruments  are typically him, including his
characteristic  octave-bass  in  the intro. Soon after
that the tune starts grooving, and we get to hear ex-
cellent  themes,  soli,  B-part  etc.  coming  in  a  good
structure  and fine sound quality, establishing a flow-
ing  atmosphere which matches to the coding (the ro-
tating sphere).
3rd  part:  Another  legendary  one, this time by good
old JCH. Made up around the simply fat bass riff over
which  several  cool  parts alternate. Simple but inge-
The  choice  of music  is  ofcourse superb, but as no-
ne of the credits go to Oxyron in any way, the rating
can only be in brackets: (96%).

We  (Fuben, PRI, Scroll and me) hope you can live well
with these reviews. Please return to the menu now.


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1084S  monitor, ca. 300 3.5 DD disks filled with public
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XXXXXXXXXX XXX. XX. XX               - Splash & Acy warez
XXXXX XXXXX/XXXXXXX                  

                   * Shuze/Alpha Flight 1970 *

                 * Zapotek/Alpha Flight 1970 *

               * Druid/Agony Design/Amorphis *

- no ordinary swapping anymore!!!
- to order musics for your commercial productions
- Urgently wanted: 1764 REU with 256/512 KB

           * Calypso/Amnesia/Alpha Flight 1970 *
XXXXX XXXXXXXX                              - cheat carefully

                      * Dr. Science/Atlantis *
Dr. Science

                          * Freddie/Atlantis
XXXXXX XXXXXX                           - the latest Atl warez
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX                       - Immortal Flash
XXXX XXXXXXX X                          - stamp swapping

                        * Robocop/Atlantis *

                * Derbyshire Ram/Avantgarde *

                     * Intruder/Avantgarde *
XXX XXX XXX X                       - desperately wanted:
XXXXX XXXXXX                        Action Replay V6

                  * Mike D./Black Code Design *
XXXXXX XXXXXXXX                 - For friendship
XXXXXXXXXXX XX                  - C64 Hardware (repair)
XXXXX XXXXXX                    - MOD-swapping
XXXXXXX                         - Metal-Music

                        * Syco/Chromance *
XXXXX XXXXXXX                            - for <C> warez and
XXXXXXXXXX XX                            originals
XXXX XX XXXXXXXXX                        

                  * Wozio/Elysium/Chromance *
XXXXXXX XXXXX       -  Esm and <C> wares
XX. XXX X           -  Always and Astoria mag. HQ
XX-XXX XXXX X       -  Elite only!
XXXXXX              -  real hot orries
                    -  prefer fast swapping

                             * Maja/F4CG *

                       * Red Devil/Fairlight *
XXXX XXXXXXX         - for music order
XXX, XXXXXXXX        - for music stuff swap
XXX XX XXXXXXXXXX    - for PC swap
XXXXXX               - cheat carefully!

                  * Sebaloz/Keen Acid/Lepsi *
XXXXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXX             - MEGAswapping
X/X XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX            - 100% reply
XXXXXXX XX/XX                      
XX-XXX XXXXXXXX                    

                 * Frank/Lepsi Developments *
XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX                      - 100% reply

               * Scroll/Megastyle Productions *

Internet: Scroll^

- for extremely fast oldie swap with many disks
- send a list with your first letter
- put on enough stamps or DIE!
- I want EVERYTHING, so contact me if you have some
   obscure warez
- 100% reply ofcourse

                       * Amputator/Nemesis *
XXXXXX XXXX                         - 4 friendship
XXX XXXXX-XX                        - 4 IL(legal)
XXXXX XXXXXX                        - 100% reply
XXXXXXX                             - 4 Nemesis warez

   * Vengeance/Onslaught/Megastyle Productions *
XXXX'                           - Ons & MSP releases
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                 - Vandalism News
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX               - 100% reply to euros
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                  

                          * Fuben/Oxyron *

- NO ordinary swapping anymore!!!
- contact with Programmers and Composers wanted,
   here is 100% reply guaranted

                            * RRR/Oxyron *

- legal mailtrade on Amiga 1200 and CBM 64
- (game-) graphics
- CBM 64 hardware wanted!

                        * Scrapper/Oxyron *
XXXXXX XXXXXXXX             -  PC swapping on both 3.5
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX          disks or streamer tapes
XXXXX XXXXXXXXX               (Qic 80)

                           * Funny/Replay *

      * Spectator/Success & The Ruling Company *
XXXXXX XXX XXXXXXX                - Original & Tape swap

              ATTENTION! Note the new address!

    * Splatterhead/Success & The Ruling Company *

                           * Morris/Shape *
XXXXXX XXXXXXXX       - MEGAswapping!

                         * Acidchild/Taboo *
XXXXXXX XXXX           - legal swap
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX     - 4 covers, beermates, stamps
XXXXX XXXXXXX          - 4 swapping older demos+mags
XXXXXXX                - 4 acidtapes
                       - 4 friendship


                   * Sailor/Taboo/SCS & TRC *
XXXXX XXXXXXXXX                       - latest Tbo/SCS&TRC
XXXXXXXXXXXX X                          warez

                     * Stash/Wrath Designs *

 If you are interested in swapping with a girl then try
XXXXX-XXXXX XXXX                         - 100% reply

This  have  been  all addresses we have collected for
this issue and we hope that the amount will grow con-
tinously  per  issue. If you are interested in present-
ing  your advertisement here in this chapter and it is
scene  or  computer  related  do not hesitate to con-
tact  us.  Mail  and  E-mail  addresses can be found in
the editorial.

Best regards,

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