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Reformation Issue Nine



Table of Contents				Page2
The Editor Says...				Page3
Credits & Regards				Page4
How to Reach Us...				Page5

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Table of Contents

The News Zone

 The exclusive and hot news-stuff, collected by Enduro, Sledge, 
Tabasco and Bacchus.
Sceners Favies

 Yup, Reformation got it´s own and longawaited votechart 
chapter, presented by the sceners and summed by Tabasco and 
Red Devil.
Mega Charts

 Again this original system of counting strikes back, but prepare,
an EARTHSHAKE have hit the charts this time...
The Wild Side

 Beavis and Butthead are back now, wonder who they are? If you 
feel like you´ve been weird, read on, it gets worse!!
Opinion Poll

 The long-time-ago spread opinion-poll about chapters is fin-
ished, read about the most readable magazine in the scene right 
now, based on the statistics...
The Word Zone

 Bacchus, Watchman and Harlekin tells some amazing-stories 
this time, a blockbuster!!
Interview with: Bob/Censor

 We dug under skin of the king of design, read about this weird 
guy, who could be named after Bobby/Dallas...
The Antic Saga

 Depeh gives the full Antic-story 90-94, great work Goran!
Into the InterNew part IV

 Bacchus and Watchman digs deeper into the world of InterNet.
User & FTP list of July

 The latest updated list of InterNet users and FTP sites...
Absolute Movie Zone

 The best movie-chapter ever made, don´t miss the big compo, 
sponsored by Active, the rats # 1...
The Addie-Zone

 Need some new friends, try Zodiac/Flash inc...
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

The Editor Says... [94.07.10]

 Dear Readers...

 Months have passed since the last issue, rumours have said that I
left the scene and Reformation was dead and burried, do I have to
tell you that they´re wrong? Nope, it is with big contentment I´ll 
publish the new issue of Reformation. O.K, some answers to the 
huge delay is ofcourse, that I´ve been waiting for the new outfit, 
but the army took Tron away, so this one will have to do til issue
ten I think. 

 I´ve got a lot of reactions since the last time, some of them was 
about my objectivity in the magazine, well, I won´t write own
personal articles (like the one about Crossfire), but I won´t accept
people trying to use this magazine as propaganda! I´ve also seen 
other BIG (not named) magazines, stealing my ideas, like Mega-
Charts and InterNet, how low can you go, out of your minds? Try 
to come up with atleast ONE own idea...

 A cool thing is, that this issue is all typed by me, (over 700 blocks
of text,puh) in the middle of the summer, crazy? Not, because I´m
working on a public-service-job, were I got the possibility to
have the good old C64 with me, great, the summary is: I got paid 
to do this issue, beat that!!

 Oxidy left us one month ago, and he won´t continue the Demo-
reviews as he will do an own magazine now, good luck Mikael! 
Also Lexi stopped working in the staff, nomore BBS-news either,
but this doesn´t matter, as our new magazine-policy is to keep an
extra eye on the swedish-scene (maybe the best one in the
world?), therefor an interview with Bob/Censor and the Antic-
Saga by Depeh. 

 The next issue will be out at the end of the summer (no date set 
yet), hopefully with a new menu-system and new fonts, it´s up to 
the other dudes in FairLight...

 Enjoy this pure swedish production and have in mind, that I 
typed ALL text this time, it took two weeks, puh, well I´ll end
this editorial with sending my best wishes to the fab. swedish-
footballteam in the states, beat the hell out of Rumania in the
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Credits & Regards

The Reformation Staff:

	Enduro		Main-Editor, General Publisher
	Bacchus		Co-Editor, (InterNet Expert)
	Watchman	C0-Editor, (InterNet Expert)
	Tabasco		Main-Supplier, (VoteSheet WHQ)
	Red Devil	Co-Supplier, (VoteSheet SHQ)
	Sledge		Sysop Ware´s Aquarium
	Spirou		Sysop Future Zone
	HighLander	Sysop Fishbowl

The Guest Stars:

	Surfer/Active	Movie Correspondant
	Bob/Censor	Interview
	Depeh/Antic	The Antic-Saga
	Harlekin	BlueBoxing
The Official Spreaders:

	Tabasco		Main Spreader, votesheet WHQ
	Red Devil	2nd Spreader, votesheet SHQ
	Gerwin		3rd Spreader
	Grayhawk	4th Spreader, exe

	Stash/Wrath/AFL		Executive Spreader
	Walker/G*P		Executive Spreader
	Bizarre/Trance		Executive Spreader
	Nightshade/SCS+TRC	Executive Spreader
The Reformation BBS´s:

	Ware´s Aquarium	WHQ	SWE+XX-(X)XXX-XXXXX
The Regards to the Fillers:

	Slayer/Remembers	Freddie/Atlantis
	Nephlim/Fatum/Entropy	Therion/F4CG/Elysium
	Jackel/Crape		Druid/Agony/AFL´70
	Grimlock/Acy/Extacy	Scrapper/Oxyron
	Doxx/Noice		Lemming/Panic/Fatum
	Diamond/Gothic		Robocop/Atlantis
	Trooper/Atlantis	Marc/AFL´70
	Chrissie/M 8		Clive/M 8
	The Alien/BCD		Mr.Alpha/F4CG
	Neotec/Rebels/F4CG	Maja/F4CG
	Cresh/NBN		Chaotic/Rebels
	Joker/Extacy		Digger/Atlantic/Agony
	Thunderbolt		GigaByte/No Name
	Flenny/Jam		Silver Bullet/Entropy
	Rave/Triad		Tchad/Jam
	Cat/Excess		Titanic/AFL´70
	Cruze/SCS+TRC/LTM	Spectator/Xenox/AFL´70
	Condor			Malakai/Cream/Powerage
	Sebaloz/Keen Acid	French Flair/Jam
	Joodas/Feniks/Albion	Hitman/Rebels/Charged
	Styx/AFL´70		Angel/Street Childs
	Syco/x-Sacred		Dr.Kaos/Excess/Rfx
	Lord Red/Creators
The Magazine:

	Tron		Code (Intro, Outfit, Loader)
	Red Devil	Music (Intro, Magazine)
	Creeper	Graphic (Logo)
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

How to Reach Us...







Future Zone,SWE+XX-(X)-X-XXXXXX


 or try your local-FairLight dealer...
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


THE NEWS ZONE                    [news]                                           

World News				Page2
Telegrams				Page4

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


Commodore / Samsung

 CBM International went into voluntary liquidation, meaning they
have one month to sell out the company, under the laws of
Bahamas! The time limit was recently said to be prelonged. The
rumours have that the most likely potential buyer is the Koeran
Electronic giant Samsung. Commodore demands that the
Amiga line of supported products MUST be kept intact!
Admittingly, very little has yet been made public!

 Interesting to notice is, that Samsung  has recently bought the 
rights to use a Scotish RISC processor that MIGHT indicate
the future Amigas will be RISC based.

 Also to notice is that J.Miner, one of the Amiga-inventors died 
recently. Again according to rumours, this was not caused by the 
CBM-troubles, but by a disease in the kidneys...

 They will soon release the very last issue of their legendary mag-
azine called "Gamers Guide". The reason is ofcourse the few 
cracks, but the idea of reviewing cracks will continue in Triad´s 
other mag called "Arise", which haven´t been released for monhts

 Roadrunner/x-Offence (cracker/coder) joined them some weeks

 Finally the former Censor magazine Shock will BE released 
again, but it will be under Focus-label now with TDJ as editor 
and Mirage as outfit-producer. The magazine will be a straight 
demo-based one, and not like the original one (as on SNES)

 Many rumours have said that they were dead, but according to 
their leader, Surfer, they only had some months of unactivity be-
hind! They´ll release a 1st-release at the beginning of August...

 Memberstatus: Surfer, Injun Inc, Trasher, Riddler, Artlace and 

 They released Shock issue two (on S-Nes) some weeks ago, and
will organize a staff for the 3rd issue, released mid. august.
Also a demo for C64 is planned, no releasedate is set yet, but if I 
know Bob right, the demo will compete at the G*P party this 

 Depeh is soon finished with their new demo called "Legacy 6 - 
the lost sequels", a pure Antic Production. Also a new issue of 
Explorer will be released, with co-editing by Black Priest, one of 
the inventors of this magazine you´re reading now.

 They´re working on TWO demos right now, active members are:
Crossbow, Vision, Golldrush, Xayne, Drax, Deekay and Syndrom, 
the releasedate is set to "sometime in august"...
Wrath Design

 Oxidy left us in FairLight, the reason was that he couldn´t get any
graphics for his design-demos! Oxidy was the leader of the "old" 
Wrath Design, which died when he joined FairLight. Wrath was 
rebuilt later on by Ed/x-FLT and Joe/x-Antic. The leadership in
this pure swedishgroup will be split into three parts: Ed,Joe and 
Oxidy. Other members are Stash,X-Flash,Ranger (even he an x-
FLT´er) and Natas (sysop). They´re working like hell on a mega-
demo, which looks VERY promising...
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


Genesis * Project

 In September/October they will probably arrange a party for 
the C64 sceners ONLY! That means we don´t have to bother about
the lowlife Amiga & PC dudes. The party will be held in Gothen-
burg (TCC was held there 1 year ago), and the main guy in the 
event will be Newscopy!

 Airwolf was kicked out coz of lazyness and rumours says that 
Motley, who got busted for AT & T calling sometimes ago, will 
have to pay a BIG amount of money to the Telecom or be jailed!

 Memberstatus: Newscopy, Jucke, L.A Style, Walker, Tyger, 
Snacky, Motley, Ministry, Murdock, Allanon, Twist, AntiChrist, 
Alchemist and Sorceress.

 The swedishgroup is about to re-arrange and expand a bit nowa-
days. They recently kicked Heat, Bagsy and Chrippe out because 
of lazyness. Ablaze/x-Padua joined as a graphician but left them 
and the scene one week later! Total Chaos will set up a board cal-
-led "LineNoice", a pure tool/util. board, dial +46-301-45183.

 Memberstatus: Swoffa, Devil, Mazy, Gaz, Draz, Stasi, Daxx, 
Decoder, Liket, Rat Poison, Zzap, Sandman, Joyride and Total 

 Rumours says that they´ll release a mag again, called Domination!
Editor will be Jazzcat. (but what about Vandalism News?)

 Memberstatus: Powerplant, Westbam, XXX, Doc, Fletch, Rebel,
Jazzcat, Tyree, Skater and Atmos.

 The group expanded a lot last month with taking in members 
like: Lion/x-Chaos (coder+fixer), Stake/x-Cherubus (cracker+
supplier), Lord Crusifier (cracker+supplier), Splatterhead 
(swapper) and the whole polish AFL´70 section (4 members)!

 Edge of Midnight is their new WHQ, with major hardware stuff 
connected like RAMlink and CMD HD. Call XXX-XXX-XXXX...

 Memberstatus: Mr.Wax, Jazzy D, Painkiller, Jinx, Blockbuster, 
Griff, Alex, Chum, Joyride, Odyseus, Unholy, X-Radical, Home-
boy, Will, Cop, Icarus, Therion + the ones above.

 Both Bacchus and Harlekin got married some months ago,
Bacchus is also waiting for a Jr in december this year!

More bad things was/were that:
 Oxidy left us for his old group "Wrath Design" and Lexi put down
his "Cyberdome" and opened an Amiga one. Tron joined the army 
in mid.june and that means heavy decreased coding from him (ed.
but he´s doing his best to get out of it again,hehe!) Rumours said 
that Ogami sold his C64 and left the scene, well he DID sell his 
C64... for buying a 128 with drive to replace the old C64, he and 
Harlekin will make a slideshow for some new graphics. 

 We´ve got a new board called Fishbowl in Australia, admini-
strated by a guy called Highlander. This is a board on PC, running 
something called 64NET to communicate between the C64 and the

 Memberstatus: Avalon, Bacchus, Dino, Enduro, Gerwin, Gray-
hawk, Harlekin, Lexi, Ogami, Red Devil, Rowdy, Sledge, Spirou,
Tabasco, Tron, VDK, Watchman and Highlander on trial.

 Recruited some new members like: Trooper/xSCS+TRC (editor 
of Metamorphosis), Darklord (coder,swapper)

 Also Dr.Doom joined them, Fortress of Doom is therefor their 

 Memberstatus: Avalanche, Backslash, Benno, Drreamlover, 
Dr.Sience, Dr.Doom, Dr.Zoom, Freddie, Hi-Top, Human, Kirby, 
Lala, Lynx, Racer, Rebel, Robocop, Scull, Snap, Trooper and 
Reformation                  (C) FairLight      

TELEGRAMS... [news]

* Rumours says that the TRSI+Dytec coop is splitted, due to the 
  AlphaFlight - Dytec war about Lemmings...

* 2000AD re-entered the scene last month, but died just some 
  days later on... (ed.don´t touch old legends please!)

* Lynx/Vibrants will start to make some music on the C64 again!

* Equinoxe is working on a mega-demo, no releasedate is set...

* Zygon/Extacy left the scene.

* The yearly party called Assembly´94 will be held for C64 owners
  this year too. Compos for gfx/msc/demo will be arranged and 
  the party will be held in Finland, somewhere!

* Cat/Excess left the scene because of studying.

* The board "The Dungeon" is no-longer a G*P one, due to their 
  lazyness. It´s a SCS+TRC coop from now on...

* Rumours says that Avantgarde and Talent are in co-op! (ed.hmm
  only for a few cracks...)

* Jeroen Tel will be interviewed by the Revealed-staff, read 
  about him in their fourth issue.

* Flash Inc. is said to be completly dead on the demo-scene,
  Zodiac, Moon and Red Star are ONLY coding games for their 
  game-label called Octabits, vote = not!

* Diamond/Gothic Design/Agony joined AFL´70 as a third group!

* Incubus/Triad have left the C64-scene once for all, he is now 
  only on the Amiga.

* The board In Living Colours, sysop Grego, is now a Motiv 8 Hq.

* Suzie-Uzi is back again, her board Intersection will stay in-
  dependant til the busted-trial is over.

* Oxyron will soon release their first demo on... the Amiga!! Al-
  though, no Oxy-member is said to quit the scene, only rumours!

* Rumours says that Jack Daniels and Deff will edit a mag called:
  "Caramba" for Avantgarde. (ed.Oh really!)

* The magazine called Miracle/Maniax won´t be released til it´ll 
  be under the Wrath Design-label..(ed.uh!)
Reformation                  (C) FairLight      


SCENERS FAVIES                 [charts]                                   

Introduction				Page2
The Vote-Chart of July			Page3
Competition				Page11

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


 Atlast, we got a vote-sheet, spreaders, and now we got brand hot
summercharts!! The 45 sheets were filled in may so this chart is 
the hottest around with many suprises...

 We must thank all the voters for voting on mainly active people/
groups, then we thank all vote-sheet spreaders, not! Hmm, try to
SPREAD the sheet from now on, all 45 sheets were spread by our
own Tabasco, weird isn´t it?? 

 Well, don´t forget to write news and articles on the backside, 
send the sheet to:





Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Top 20 Demogroups of July [legal]

(p)	(l)	(group)	(p)	(country)
1.	(-)	CAMELOT	321	(Denmark)
2.	(-)	OXYRON	303	(Germany)
3.	(-)	CENSOR	226	(Sweden)
4.	(-)	Crest	194	(Germany)
5.	(-)	Taboo	135	(Poland)
6.	(-)	Triad	121	(Sweden)
7.	(-)	Antic	118	(Sweden)
8.	(-)	Spirit	95	(Germany)
9.	(-)	Padua	75	(Germany)
10.	(-)	Topaz	73	(Finland)
11.	(-)	Focus	65	(Belgium)
12.	(-)	Elysium	60	(Poland)
13.	(-)	Charged	59	(Germany)
14.	(-)	Agony	53	(Aussie)
15.	(-)	Noice	31	(Sweden)
16.	(-)	Flash	30	(Sweden)
17.	(-)	Fatum	23	(Poland)
18.	(-)	Origo	21	(Finland)
19.	(-)	Jam	20	(Sweden)
20.	(-)	Nipson	20	(Germany)
 Active chart here, the voters have thought before voting, nice! 
Will we see BYTERAPERS next time?..
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Top 20 Crackergroups of July[illegal]

(p)	(l)	(group)		(p)	(country)
1.	(-)	AVANTGARDE	315	(Europe)
2.	(-)	SCS+TRC		262	(Europe)
3.	(-)	TALENT		203	(Europe)
4.	(-)	Chromance	155	(Europe)
5.	(-)	TRSI+DYTEC	152	(Germany)
6.	(-)	Alpha Flight	143	(Germany)
7.	(-)	Motiv 8		134	(Denmark)
8.	(-)	Triad		87	(Sweden)
9.	(-)	F4CG		71	(Europe)
10.	(-)	Excess		55	(Germany)
11.	(-)	Legend		55	(Europe)
12.	(-)	Extacy		42	(Germany)
13.	(-)	G * P		29	(Europe)
14.	(-)	Fatum		23	(Europe)
15.	(-)	Rebels		21	(Germany)
16.	(-)	Atlantis	18	(Europe)
17.	(-)	Airwolf Team	18	(Germany)
18.	(-)	Chargedd	18	(Germany)
19.	(-)	Elysium		14	(Poland)
20.	(-)	Amnesia		14	(Holland)
 Wow, Avantgarde rules, that was an unexpected move, course 
the SCS+TRC coop seems to rule in all other charts, but this 
chart is the absolute hottest one, the votesheets are filled in may,
so watch´em... 
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Top 20 Disc-Mags of July [legal]

(p)	(l)	(mag)		(p)
2.	(-) 	THE PULSE	212
3.	(-) 	JAMAICA		183
4.	(-) 	Nitro		165
5.	(-) 	SkyHigh		152
6.	(-) 	Revealed	122
7.	(-) 	Update		68
8.	(-) 	Propaganda	68
9.	(-) 	Chit Chat	37
10.	(-) 	+NetWork+	37
11.	(-) 	NewsPress	36
12.	(-) 	Miracle		35
13.	(-) 	Gamers Guide	33
14.	(-) 	Magness		31
15.	(-) 	Insider		30
16.	(-) 	Narcotic	29
17.	(-) 	The Tribune	29
18.	(-) 	Vandalism News	28
19.	(-) 	Splash		27
20.	(-) 	Extacy Land	25
 Equinoxe did well with their Ingenious Brian, but the Regina 
magazine is just five points after´em! Magness is too low and 
Splash is on it´s way out now... Miracle will be removed if we 
don´t  get a new issue soon!
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Top 20 Crackers of July [illegal]

(p)	(l)	(name/group)		(p)
1.	(-) 	JACK ALIEN/AVT		194
2.	(-) 	BURGLAR/SCS+TRC		171
4.	(-) 	Hain/F4CG		86
5.	(-) 	Count Zero/Talent	74
6.	(-) 	DerbyShire Ram/AVT	65
7.	(-) 	King Fisher/Triad	48
8.	(-) 	Chrysagon/Talent	42
9.	(-) 	Mr.Wax/Chromance	33
10.	(-) 	Crossfire/Motiv 8	30
11.	(-) 	Hok/AVT			26
12.	(-) 	Moonchild/ 		25
13.	(-) 	Darkman/Extacy		18
14.	(-) 	Supreme/AFL 1970	17
15.	(-) 	Antitrack/F4CG		17
16.	(-) 	TUC/ 			16
17.	(-) 	Centurion/ 		15
18.	(-) 	Techno/ 		15
19.	(-) 	Zar/ 			10
20.	(-) 	Snooze/ 		10
 Avantgarde crackers are going to dominate just like Legends did 
last year. Where´s the TRSI+Dytec crackers? 
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Top 20 Coders of July [legal]

(p)	(l)	(name/group)		(p)
1.	(-) 	TTS/OXYRON		260
2.	(-) 	CROSSBOW/CREST		191
3.	(-) 	SLAMMER/CAMELOT		184
4.	(-) 	Bob/Censor		96
5.	(-) 	MMS/Taboo		94
6.	(-) 	Unifier/Spirit		50
7.	(-) 	D´Arc/Topaz		49
8.	(-) 	King Fisher/Triad	40
9.	(-) 	Druid/ 			40
10.	(-) 	Axis/Oxyron		39
11.	(-) 	Brush/Elysium		38
12.	(-) 	Flamingo/Light		34
13.	(-) 	KM/Taboo		34
14.	(-) 	Glasnost/Camelot	31
15.	(-) 	Sir Art/ 		30
16.	(-) 	Maduplec/Crest		30
17.	(-) 	Swoffa/Noice		27
18.	(-) 	Depeh/Antic		26
19.	(-) 	HCL/Censor		26
20.	(-) 	Raz/Camelot		25                                                                                                     
 Zodiac/Flash (72p) is removed because of inactivity... The chart is
fair but who´s Druid on place nine? 
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Top 20 Graphicians of July [legal]

(p)	(l)	(name/group)		(p)
1.	(-) 	ELETRIC/EXTEND		223
2.	(-) 	CREEPER/ANTIC		200
3.	(-) 	JOE/WRATH DES.		157
4.	(-) 	Cruise/Elysium		117
5.	(-) 	Rob/Camelot		81
6.	(-) 	Carrion/Elysium		64
7.	(-) 	Hein/Focus		61
8.	(-) 	Fazee/Taboo		60
9.	(-) 	Dane/Triad		59
10.	(-) 	Mirage/Focus		58
11.	(-) 	ANS/Spirit		35
12.	(-) 	BizKid/Oxyron		29
13.	(-) 	Deekay/Crest 		28
14.	(-) 	Earhtquake/Antic	24
15.	(-) 	RRR/Oxyron		19
16.	(-) 	Atte/Extend		18
17.	(-) 	Kring/Camelot		17
18.	(-) 	Stone/ 			15
19.	(-) 	Roder/ 			15
20.	(-) 	Paladin/Extend		14
 Eletric won the topstruggle, the polish-graphicians are the 
future... The gfx-king Dragon/Censor wasn´t even mentioned on
the sheet, yup right, vote for active ones!!
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Top 20 Musicians of July [legal]

(p)	(l)	(name/group)	(p)
1.	(-) 	SYNDROM/CREST	209
2.	(-) 	PRI/OXYRON	179
3.	(-) 	ZYRON/ANTIC	116
4.	(-) 	Jeroen Tel/Pz	107
5.	(-) 	Shogoon/Taboo	91
6.	(-) 	Drax/Crest	88
7.	(-) 	Jeff/Camelot	82
8.	(-) 	Compod/ 	58
9.	(-) 	A-Man/AVT	38
10.	(-) 	Metal/Camelot	38
11.	(-) 	EVS/2000 CC 	29
12.	(-) 	TDM/Triad	26
13.	(-) 	Cane/Spirit	25
14.	(-) 	Yoko/Palace	25
15.	(-) 	Decoy/SCS+TRC	24
16.	(-) 	Shark/ 		24
17.	(-) 	Danko/Censor	23
18.	(-) 	Echo/Atlantis	23
19.	(-) 	Comer/ 		21
20.	(-) 	JVD/Focus	16
 Syndrom rules just like Jeroen Tel did on his glory days, Shogoon
is heading for the top now... Removed were: DOS (26), JCH (21),
Rob Hubbard (20), Guy Shavitt (19) and Swallow (16), coz they´re 
gone forever...
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Top 20 Swappers of July [legal]

(p)	(l)	(name/group)		(p)
1.	(-) 	CALYPSO/AMNESIA		105
2.	(-) 	SPLATTERHEAD/ 		72
4.	(-) 	DerbyshireRam/AVT	50
5.	(-) 	Wozio/Excess		36
6.	(-) 	Mr.Wax/Chromance	33
7.	(-) 	Spectator/ 		26
8.	(-) 	StarLight/Extacy	24
9.	(-) 	Spermbird/Excess	22
10.	(-) 	Lemming/ 		20
11.	(-) 	Razor Ramon/ 		20
12.	(-) 	Snooze/ 		18
13.	(-) 	Jerry/Triad		18
14.	(-) 	Slayer/Origo		18
15.	(-) 	Hain/F4CG		18
16.	(-) 	Gorefest/Proxyon	17
17.	(-) 	Hangman/ 		17
18.	(-) 	Leech/x-C.P		17
19.	(-) 	Titanic/Chromance	17
20.	(-) 	Styx/x-Sacred		17
 The days of megaswapping are over, left is just a big fight be-
tween all normalswappers, the chart will look different each 
issue with big rises and falls...
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Competition [Tabasco]

 In each issue from now, we´ll have a Best Handwriting compe-
tition (on the vote-sheet). Judges will be Red Devil and Tabasco, 
both in FairLight. The best man/woman will get FIVE new 
powerdiscs, donated by Tabasco.

 The winner of issue nine is:


 Congrat´s Kenny, the disc will arrive with this issue...
Top Vote Cheaters of July                                                            

1.Hitman	6 cheats
2.Titanic	2 cheats
3.Sebalos	1 cheat
4.Funny		1 cheat

 Hmm, Hitman, get serious next time, you even worse than 
Stash ever was!!
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


MEGACHARTS of JULY       [charts]                                   
Introduction					Page2
MegaChart of July				Page3
MegaChart of July summary			Page5
Mega Single Charts				Page6
The Best Scener-Ranking				Page7
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


 Here it is, the longawaited chapter who tells you the truth
about the strongest, biggest and best groups in the scene this
summer! Last time I sampled points, the magazines were released
in February! Four month have passed, and the MegaCharts looks
like an earthshake have hit´em!!! Prepare yourself for some very 
BIG shocks, cause the charts have changed a lot, belive me!! The 
best thing is, that almost ALL inactive groups have left the chart
now, credits to the voters who wants the active ones on the
charts, please, do continue with this all, the active ones deserves 
the votes!!

 This time, only three magazines are counted, namely:

Nitro #16/Excess
SkyHigh #11/Oxyron
Earthshake #23/Bronx

 The amount of points is therfor VERY low this time, but the
charts gives you a clear and fair view of the best ones around!!
The next MegaChart will be ready at the end of this summer, will
it be as just amazing as this one?? You tell me...

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

MEGACHART of JULY [charts]

1.(7) CAMELOT (Denmark)
Total: 3170

	Demogroup		1186
	Revealed		599
	Slammer			555
	Glasnost		195
	Cruzer			78
	Raz			47
	Rob			299
	Jeff			186
	Metal			25

	* A worhty number one, TowerPower coded by Slammer and
	  a successful magazine is the reason for being on top!
	  The future is strong for the danish vikings, Revealed 
	  issue four is soon out...
2.(5) FAIRLIGHT (Sweden)
Total: 3149

	Demogroup		777
	Crackergroup		128
	Reformation		526
	Tron			513
	Ogami			664
	Red Devil		337
	Bacchus			111
	Tabasco			93

	* Legoland III, Skaaneland, Reformation, Musicollections...
	  need to say more? 
3.(2) CREST (Germany)
Total: 3101

	Demogroup		841
	Crossbow		623
	Maduplec		39
	Syndrom			918
	Drax			494
	Deek			186

	* When their demos are ready, they gonna take over like 
	  noone ever seen before, a future number one!!
4.(1) OXYRON (Germany)
Total: 2843

	Demogroup		876
	TTS			746
	Axis			56
	BizKid			65
	RRR			29
	PRI			448
	SkyHigh			623

	* The Amiga-rumours shakes the former leaders, a proof on
	  the C64 is needed, ComaLight 12??
5.(9) ANTIC (Sweden)
Total: 2020

	Demogroup		475
	Depeh			119
	Creeper			1023
	Zyron			383
	Explorer		20

	* Creeper is the main-scorer in this group, will keep their
	  positions when releasing their new demo...
6.(4) CENSOR (Sweden)
Total: 1952

	Demogroup		1007
	Bob			408
	HCL			58
	Dragon			155
	Danko			324

	* Still lives on the Spasmolythic thing, a faller...
7.(6) TRIAD (Sweden)
Total: 1851

	Demogroup		617
	Crackergroup		195
	Gamers Guide		250
	Arise			134
	King Fisher		160
	JFK			25
	Dane			225
	TDM			148
	Ca$h			97

	* Where´s the demo guys??
8.(19) TABOO (Poland)
Total: 1599

	Demogroup		518
	MMS			477
	KM			166
	Fazee			93
	Shogoon			281
	Acidchild		64

	* Crash,boom,bang! They´re in top 10 now, congratulations!!
9.(20) ELYSIUM (Poland)
Total: 1368

	Demogroup		268
	Crackergroup		18
	Brush			182
	Cruise			546
	Carrion			354

	* Another polish-success-group, the future is in their hands!
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

MEGACHART of JULY [charts]

10.(3) SCS+TRC (Europe)
Total: 1227

	Crackergroup		686
	Burglar			466
	Steve			20
	Nightshade		55

	* What a fall, don´t understand it! Where is all crackers
	  and swappers??
11.(12) FOCUS (Belgium)
Total: 1191

	Demogroup		316
	Hein Holt		387
	Mirage			230
	Sander			102
	Compyx			26
	JVD			130

	* Still cruisin´ around, but can´t live on the X-mas demo
12.(--) AVANTGARDE (Europe)
Total: 1175

	Crackergroup		332
	A-Man			307
	Jack Alien		327
	DerbyShire Ram		196
	Hok			13

	* Wow, new entry at the, but the group need 
	  spreaders badly...
13.(--) EXCESS (Europe)
Total: 1163

	Crackergroup		161
	Nitro			848
	Luka			69
	Alien P			30
	Red Rock		16
	Spermbird		39

	* Another only-known-magazine group hit the chart, just 
	  like Brutal and Clique on their glory days...
14.(16) EXTEND (Finland)
Total: 1099

	Demogroup		35
	Eletric			890
	Atte			174

	* Hmm, graphics rules here or what??
15.(--) WRATH DES. (Sweden)
Total: 841

	Demogroup		7
	Joe			777
	Oxidy			57

	* Again, graphics rule, demo coming soon?..
16.(--) REGINA (Denmark)
Total: 836

	The Pulse		826
	KBS			10

	* Just like Excess, only-mag-producing group...
17.(14) TOPAZ (Finland)
Total: 821

	Demogroup		411
	D´Arc			376
	Scapegoat		34

	* Rumbling, a demo will catch the fall...
18.(11) TALENT (Europe)
Total: 734

	Crackergroup		353
	Count Zero		249
	Bod			70
	Chrysagon		62

	* Falling down, seek for spreaders!!
19.(8) LEGEND (Europe)
Total: 676

	Crackergroup		196
	Powerplant		345
	XXX			108
	Jazzcat			27

	* 1993 best group is near the end, start cracking for 
	  God´s sake or...
20.(13) FLASH INC. (Sweden)
Total: 669

	Demogroup		255
	Zodiac			325
	Moon			89

	* Another legend reach the end, bye!
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

MEGACHART summary [charts]

	Out of the chart:		Near the chart:

	PHYZICS		(529)		SPIRIT		(585)
	TRSI		(365)		CHROMANCE	(585)
	TRANCE		(72)		PADUA		(579)

 Four new entries on the chart, no group remained on it´s former
place, the chart is hit by an earthshake!! Jeroen Tel/Phyzics fell
out after being on the chart since the start (march 93), don´t know
how he managed to stay for so long without producing anything!
Two mag-groups fell out and were immediately replaced by two 
new ones: Excess and Regina. The crackergroups have lost their
streigth on the chart, best placed were the co-op SCS+TRC at
place number 10. Have the cracker-scene lost it´s spirit??
Watch out for the polish groups, they´re the future rulers...
MEGACHART of JULY summary:                                                

(p)	(l)	(group)		(points)
---	--	--------	------
 01	07	CAMELOT		3170
 02	05	FAIRLIGHT	3149
 03	02	CREST		3101

 04	01	Oxyron		2843
 05	09	Antic		2020
 06	04	Censor		1952
 07	06	Triad		1851
 08	19	Taboo		1599
 09	20	Elysium		1368
 10	03	SCS+TRC		1227

 11	12	Focus		1191
 12	--	Avantgarde	1175
 13	--	Excess		1163
 14	16	Extend		1099
 15	--	Wrath Des	841
 16	--	Regina		826
 17	14	Topaz		821
 18	11	Talent		744
 19	08	Legend		676
 20	13	Flash Inc	669

 21	--	Equnioxe	665
 22	22	Spirit		585
 23	--	Chromance	585
 24	--	Padua		579
 25	17	Phyzics		529
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Mega Single Charts [charts]


1.	(5) 	CAMELOT		1186p.
2.	(-) 	Censor		1007p.
3.	(2) 	Oxyron		876p.
4.	(1) 	Crest		841p.
5.	(-) 	FairLight	777p.
Comments: Shake around and role...

1.	(1) 	SCS+TRC		686p.
2.	(-) 	Chromance	379p.
3.	(-) 	Alpha Flight	355p.
4.	(4) 	Talent		353p.
5.	(2) 	TRSI		345p.
Comments: The crackingscene is getting weaker and weaker...

1.	(2) 	NITRO		848p.
2.	(-) 	The Pulse	826p.
3.	(-) 	Ing.Brain	631p.
4.	(4) 	SkyHigh		623p.
5.	(-) 	Revealed	599p.
Comments: Take a good guess about the future...

1.	(1) 	TTS/OXYRON		746p.
2.	(2) 	Crossbow/Crest		623p.
3.	(-) 	Slammer/Camelot		555p.
4.	(6) 	Tron/FLT		513p.
5.	(7) 	MMS/Taboo		477p.
6.	(4) 	Bob/Censor		408p.
7.	(5) 	D´arc/Topaz		327p.
8.	(3) 	Zodiac/Flash		325p.
9.	(-) 	Glasnost/Camelot	195p.
10.	(-) 	Brush/Elysium		182p.
Comments: Slammer breathes fresh air into the chart... But isn´t
Glasnost living on Slammers fame??

1.	(1) 	BURGLAR/SCS+TRC		466p.
2.	(-) 	Hain/F4CG		433p.
2.	(2) 	Powerplant/Legend	345p.
4.	(10) 	Jack Alien/AVT		327p.
5.	(9) 	Count Zer0/Talent	249p.
6.	(-) 	Derbyshire Ram/AVT	153p.
7.	(-) 	Bacchus/FLT		111p.
8.	(7) 	Crossfire/Motiv 8	111p.
9.	(5) 	XXX/Legend		108p.
10.	(-) 	Supreme/AFL 1970	99p.
Comments: Unactive ones like Bod/Talent and Doc/Legend fell
out, the chart is looking fresh again...

1.	(2) 	CREEPER/ANTIC	1023p.
2.	(1) 	Eletric/Extend	890p.
3.	(5) 	Joe/Wrath	777p.
4.	(3) 	Ogami/FLT	664p.
5.	(6) 	Cruise/Elysium	546p.
6.	(4) 	Hein Holt/Focus	387p.
7.	(-) 	Carrion/Elysium	354p.
8.	(7) 	Rob/Camelot	299p.
9.	(9) 	Mirage/Focus	230p.
10.	(-) 	Dane/Triad	225p.
Comments: Lots of action here, this cathegory is the heaviest 
one for sure, Dragon/Censor dropped out!

1.	(2) 	SYNDROM/CREST	918p.
2.	(1) 	Jeroen Tel/Pz	529p.
3.	(5) 	Drax/Crest	494p.
4.	(4) 	PRI/Oxyron	448p.
5.	(8) 	Zyron/Antic	369p.
6.	(10) 	Red Devil/FLT	337p.
7.	(3) 	Danko/Censor	324p.
8.	(-) 	A-Man/AVT	307p.
9.	(-) 	Shogoon/Taboo	281p.
10.	(6) 	Jeff/Camelot	186p.
Comments: Finally Jeroen Tel lost the topspot to Syndrom after 
being at top for years now!! Lots of action here aswell...

1.	(-) 	CA$H/TRIAD		97p.
2.	(-) 	Tabasco/FLT		93p.
3.	(-) 	Sailor/Chromance	77p.
Comments: If the swappers don´t get more votes, this chart will 
be dropped...
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

The Best Scener-Ranking [charts]

 Who is the best scener around? We got the answer:

(p)	(l)	(name/group)		(p.)	(cat.)
---	---	------------		----	-----
 01	05	CREEPER/ANTIC		1023	gfx
 02	08	SYNDROM/CREST		918	msc
 03	03	ELETRIC/EXTEND		890	gfx

 04	13	Joe/Wrath Des		777	gfx
 05	01	TTS/Oxyron		746	code
 06	06	Ogami/FLT		546	gfx
 07	02	Crossbow/Crest		623	code
 08	--	Slammer/Camelot		555	code
 09	--	Cruise/Elysium		546	gfx
 10	04	Jeroen Tel/Pz		529	msc

 11	25	Tron/FLT		513	code
 12	18	Drax/Crest		494	msc
 13	26	MMS/Taboo		477	code
 14	07	Burglar/SCS+TRC		466	crack
 15	15	PRI/Oxyron		448	msc
 16	--	Hain/F4CG		433	crack
 17	14	Bob/Censor		408	code
 18	10	Hein Holt/Focus		387	gfx
 19	30	Zyron/Antic		369	msc
 20	--	Carrion/Elysium		354	gfx

 21	09	Powerplant/Legend	345	crack
 22	--	Red Devil/FLT		337	msc
 23	--	Jack Alien/AVT		327	crack
 24	16	D´Arc/Topaz		327	code/gfx
 25	12	Zodiac/Flash Inc	325	code
 26	11	Danko/Censor		324	msc
 27	--	A-Man/AVT		307	msc
 28	--	Rob/Camelot		299	gfx
 29	--	Shogoon/Taboo		281	msc
 30	--	Count Zero/Talent	249	crack

Left:	Chrysagon/Talent (17)	Jeff/Camelot (20)
	Doc/Legend (19)		XXX/Legend (21)
	Guy Shavitt (22)	Bod/Talent (23)
	Crossfire/M8 (24)	Bizarre/Trance (27)
	King Fisher/Triad (28)	Flamingo/Light (29)
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


THE WILD SIDE                   [satirica]                                           

The Sceners...					Page3
Messed UP Badly!				Page4
H.e.r.o Saved My Life!				Page5

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

The Sceners... [B & B]

 Well, we´re a back once more, no introduction is needed, just let 
you know three things... Snakefight is not a crime and we are 
Beavis and Butthead, right lamer? Yeah right,- not you Butthead!
Hmm, what are you waiting for, read on and don´t even TRY to 
send us own funny-jolly-jokes coz we´ll just puke´em...
Overheard at KBS/Reginas house:

"Mom I want to wear a tie at the party. I´ve heard there will 
LOTS of girls!"

Overheard at Jazzcat/Legend:

"Over the years I´ve groupjumping for no reason, but now I de-
cided to first follow everyone else and jump to Talent then just a 
"small" jump to Legend...

At Tabasco/FLT:

"If you can´t beat them, join them!! I wanted to make the Fair-
Light´ers stop calling me Ketchup, so I decided to join to see if 
that changed the situation!"

At Travis/Contrast:

"All sceners have Some skill, but I wanted to be unique, so I don´t
have ANY!"

At Motley/G*P:

"Phone sex is boring! Ever tried online InterNet sex with a girl 
from South Africa? Now that´s CyberSex!"

At Revenge/x-Extacy:

"Well I named myself Revenge, well it´s time to prove what it 
means, hello my old Vic-20 again..."

At Static/Gothic Design:

"Some month after I left the scene, I spoke with a dude who was 
crying about the scene being megaboring with no laughers! So I
decided to reenter so everybody could have a good laugh about me
again, sorry guys I won´t leave now and make you all sad once
more, but I need ideas how to act more lame than ever..."

At Airwolf/G*P:

"Don´t wory, I´ll be bakk son again ven al my BIG-personal
problems is fixedd..."

At Tronic/G*P:

"Iyee begiin to loise myiee Iingliish now..."
You´re in the ARMY now...                                                           
Jerry/Triad:	I want King Fisher back from the army!
Surfer/Active:	Is Trasher out of the army??
Bacchus/FLT:	Why joined Tron the army now??
Spirou/FLT:	The army suxx, just so you know it!
Enduro/FLT:	I´m out of the fucking-army!!
Crossfire/Motive 8: I´ve lost my C64 in the army!
Count Zero:	I just love the wars...

STOP LOOKING!  TURN PAGE!!!                                                    

Messed UP Badly! [B & B]

 WOW, what a misery, the Pulse Staff have been visiting the is-
land called Bornholm for a week now, but what´s the reactions??

[Duke]	Well, first of all I think I´ve matured atleast ten years 
	now, feels like I´m abit over 15 now!! Then I´m abit
	upset on KBS who is calling me Puke all the time, maybe
	a blowjob will give him other thoughts...

[Crossfire]	Hmm, it wasn´t funny at all, it licks me why I can´t
	buy my two beers alcoholic-rate and get real cool and
	drunk, they throwed my out of the drugstore and
	were yellin ´your filthy thief!´, i didn´t know my ripps
	were THAT famous... But i got lost anyway, sniffing on
	Dukes under-panties, mmm, nice and warm!

[KBS]	Well I was near getting a laid with a nine years old girlie,
	but I blew it, like always! This time forgot to take my
	clothes off, what a clever one! But Duke promised me  to
	f-ck his Vic 20 when coming home again, yippie, maybe I´ll
	loose my virginity someday, after all, I´m a man now!

[the rest]	They just haven´t got back yet, but Duke is 
	wispering something about some fat danish ladies,
	some clue??
THE NEXT FLT-GENERATION                                                    
First Bacchus (our dear leader) got married, then suddenly Harle-
kin got stuck too! But then Bacchus came up with the idea, that 
our generation will die out sometime, but who will take over? 
Bacchus was real sad, but suddenly he heard his mothers voice 
saying ´bees and flowers Pontus, bees and flowers!" Well, now we 
just can expect a Bacchus Jr at the end of this year... Rumours 
says that Bacchus have commanded certain members to think of 
our future and Bees and...
Nono, it´s not Vagina, it´s Regina!
 On the radio you hear techno-groups like Maxx, Flexx and
Staxx, but now, this XX trend hits the scene too:

	Maniax		Maniaxx
	Psychics	Psychixx
	Lexi		Lexxi
	Antitrack	Antitraxx
	Success		Suxxess

 But the question is, what will XXX/Legend be?

Kill The 10 Rumours That Says:                                                    

	1.BlackMail will soon release a demo!
	2.Brutal Recall is going to released again!
	3.JCH is NOT dead!
	4.Aslive is planning to send out soon!
	5.Magz with most chapters rule!
	6.Motiv 8 just don´t recrack!
	7.Powerplant/Legend is a worthy #1 in charts!
	8.Gotic Design isn´t lame anymore!
	9.Ed/Wrath is going to vote for EU!
	.10.Stash/Wrath has got beat up by Liket/Noice!

Not Active? - Topazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
TuRn ThE DaMn PaGe NoW oR...                                                  

H.E.R.O Saved My Life! [B & B]

 You have reached a state of APATHY when... see someone being mugged and you don´t do anything about 
it...even though the person being mugged happens to be your wife
or girlfriend! go to Confession for the first time in six month...and you
haven´t got anything to confess! finally get to see an X-rated movie...and you fall asleep! finally get your very own pad...and you sit around, watching

...somebody swipes the Centerfold of your new copy of Playboy 
Magazine...and you don´t even notice it missing!

...there´s a program on TV you can´t stand, but you watch the 
whole thing!...and when the same show is repeated as a summer
re-run, you watch it again!

...your neighbor with the fantastic sexy body calls to tell you that 
all her fuses have blown out...and you give her the number of an 
Eletrican! watch the TV News while eating...and it doesn´t bother your 
appetite! go to an Ice Cream place that has fifty different delicious 
flavors...and you order Vanilla!
Top 10 "Conan" Movies                                                                  
1.Conan the Barbarian
2.Conan the Orthodontist
3.Conan the Really Nice Guy
4.Conan the Musical
5.Conan the ExtraTerrestrial
6.Conan the Dopey Muscle-Bound Body Builder
7.Conan the Haberdasher
8.Conan the Love Bug
9.Conan the King of Beers
10.Conan the Guy Who´ll Never Make As Much Money As Syl-
vester Stallone, but significantly More Than Lee Marvin
Top 10 Violent Songs                                                                     
1.Gory Days				Bruce Springloaded
2.I just called to Say I Slugged You	Stevie Mugger
3.Don´t Stab So Close to Me		Police Brutality
4.Slay You, Slay Me			Lionel Stichie
5.Killing Me Softly with His Bomb	Roberta Flack Jacket
6.Girls Just Wanna Have Guns		Cyndi Leper
7.Little Dead Corvette			Fingerprince
8.Twist and Shoot			The Beatings
9.One of These Fights			The Extinct Eagles
10.Blowin´ Up in the Wind		Bob Killin´

 That´s all folks, I and Butthead are going down now, but beware, 
we´ll back sooner or later...
Play some funky music, will you?                                                  


THE OPINION POLL [scene opinion]                                             

Introduction					Page2
Opinion Poll Results				Page3
New Opinion Poll				Page6

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


There have been researching in the scene for ages now, noone 
have forgotten Brutal Recalls big opinion polls, but nowadays it
seems to be "out" to make one, so it´s time to break the pattern 
once again start to give the scene the right to express it´s feeling 
for different subjects...

We will spread a special opinion poll sheet with a few questions on
concerning the scene together with our votesheet, don´t forget to
fil it in aswell and send it all to:



or leave an e-mail to me (Enduro) at one of our boards!

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Opinion Poll Results [Enduro]

One month ago, we spread several opinion-sheets concerning the 
chapters in the magazines, we recieved 32 filled back!

Here you got the list of result in percentages...

These rates were calculated by taking the amount of slashes for a
category, divide it by 32 and then multiplied by 100%...
Chapter	Usefull	Useless	Dunno
-------	------	------	-----
Editorial	  34 %	  57 %	  9 %
News             97 %	   3 %	  0 %
Vote Charts	  84 %	  13 %	  3 %
Mega Charts	  81 %	  13 %	  6 %
Interview	  44 %	  43 %	 13 %

Demo Reviews	  31 %	  47 %	 22 %
Game Reviews	  13 %	  65 %	 22 %
Tune Reviews	   9 %	  82 %	  9 %
GFX Reviews	  25 %	  47 %	 28 %
Mag Reviews	  38 %	  53 %	  9 %

Crack Reviews	  25 %	  72 %	  3 %
CD Reviews	  13 %	  74 %	 13 %
BBS Reviews	  44 %	  37 %	 19 %
Utility Reviews	   6 %	  65 %	 28 %
Cover Reviews	  31 %	  53 %	 16 %

1st Releases	  75 %	  22 %	  3 %
Music Scene	  34 %	  57 %	  9 %
Debates          56 %	  25 %	 19 %
Reactions	  31 %	  56 %	 13 %
Addies           91 %	   6 %	  3 %

Memberstatus	  13 %	  65 %	 22 %
Jokes´n´Rags	  82 %	   9 %	  9 %
Sex´n´Girls	  53 %	  31 %	 16 %
Movie Scene	  50 %	  47 %	  3 %
Network Zone	  22 %	  59 %	 19 %

Party Scene	  82 %	   9 %	  9 %
Monthly Rel.	  53 %	  38 %	  9 %
Group Story	  31 %	  41 %	 28 %
Board Scene	  53 %	  38 %	  9 %
Scene Records	  31 %	  47 %	 22 %

Amiga Scene	   3 %	  94 %	  3 %
PC Scene	  16 %	  65 %	 19 %
Digi Piccies	  54 %	  34 %	 22 %
Opinion Poll	  53 %	  22 %	 25 %
Birthdays	  41 %	  31 %	 28 %
 All in all, 35 Yes/No/Dunno questions! But instead of getting you
the normal comments, I´ve got a great idea how to finally, with
this facts, give you the view of the best magazine with the best 
chapters in the scene, turn page and read on!
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Opinion Poll Results [Enduro]

How to do it:
Well, each chapter in the magazines will be counted as far as they
are represented in the resultlist, the chapter will be "worth" the 
percent it earns (for example: if the magazine have a newschap-
ter, it earns 94 points, also the "bad" minus points will be coun-
ted, in this case 3 points!) If there excist four interviewschapters,
only one get counted, if there excist several chapters with diff-
erent debates, only one get counted aswell, chapters which don´t 
excist in the resultlist, won´t be counted! Here we go:


Nitro/Excess (#15):
	Editorial:	+34-57
	News:		+97-3
	Charts:		+84-13
	Opinion Poll:	+53-22
	Interviews:	+44-43
	Crackrev.:	+25-72
	Demorev.:	+31-47
	Boardscene:	+53-38
	Birthdays:	+41-31
	Addies:		+91-6
	Reactions:	+31-56
	Debates:	+56-25
	Music scene:	+34-57
Total:204 (+674,-470)
Reformation/FLT (#9):
	Editorial:	+34-57
	News:		+97-3
	Charts:		+84-13
	MegaCharts:	+81-13
	Opinion Poll:	+53-22
	Jokes´n´Rags:	+82-9
	Interviews:	+44-43
	Debates:	+56-25
	Network:	+22-59
	Group Story:	+31-41
	Movie Scene:	+50-47
	Addies:	+91-6
Total:387 (+725,-338)
Pulse/Regina (June):
	Editorial:	+34-57
	News:		+97-3
	Month Rel:	+53-38
	Jokes´n´Rags:	+82-9
	Boardscene:	+53-38
	Interviews:	+44-43
	MegaCharts:	+81-13
	Demorev.:	+31-47
	Debates:	+56-25
	Network:	+22-59
	Addies:	+91-6
Total:306 (+644,-338)
Splash/Accuracy (16):
	Editorial:	+34-57
	News:		+97-3
	Reactions:	+31-56
	Charts:		+84-13
	Interviews:	+44-43
	Addies:		+91-6
	Debates:	+56-25
	Birthdays:	+41-31
	Magrev.:	+38-53
	Jokes´n´Rags:	+82-9
	Music Scene:	+34-57
Total:279 (+632,-353)
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Opinion Poll Results [Enduro]

SkyHigh/Oxyron (#12):
	Editorial:	+34-57
	News:		+97-3
	Charts:		+84-13
	Interviews:	+44-43
	Birthdays:	+41-31
	Debates:	+56-25
	Addies:		+91-6
	Reactions:	+31-56
	Magrev.:	+38-53
	Music scene:	+34-57
	MegaCharts:	+81-13
	Boardscene:	+53-38
	Party Scene:	+82-9
Total:362 (+766,-404)
Ing.Brain/Equnioxe (#4):
	Editorial:	+34-57
	News:		+97-3
	Reactions:	+31-56
	Charts:		+84-13
	Interviews:	+44-43
	Addies:		+91-6
	Debates:	+56-25
	Month Rel.:	+53-38
	CD rev.:	+13-74
	Cover rev.:	+31-53
	Digi pic.:	+54-34
Total:186 (+588,-402)
1.Reformation	387	+725-338
2.SkyHigh		362	+766-404
3.Pulse		306	+644-338
4.Splash		279	+632-353
5.Nitro		204	+674-470
6.Ing.Brain		186	+588-402
First of all, these results don´t show/give you the truth about the
best magazine around, just which magazine with the best chap-
ters (most readable). Things like quality of text and outfit, the 
amount of chapters and text, releasingtime of magazine aren´t in-
cluded in this opinion poll. Ofcourse there is a big differance be-
tween a newschapter f.ex, the 97 % of the fillers maybe just have
read the excellent newschapter in Pulse and therefor, cross for 
an yes about news. But I think all you mag-editors out there 
should look at this opinion poll carefully and do also write YOUR 
point of view on this subject! (Hey Duke, if wanna say something,
don´t hesitate, get my addie!)

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

New Opinion Poll [Enduro]

 This opinion poll will continue where the last one ended, we´ll dig
a bit further down in the magazine-subject. I´ll present the ques-
tions here, but you can also answer them by filling in the special 
opinion poll sheet, hopefully spread together with the votesheet...

The Questions:

1.Which mag is the most readable one?
	[A] The Pulse Magazine/Regina
	[B] Nitro/Excess
	[C] Splash/Accuracy
	[D] Ing.Brain/Equnioxe
	[E] SkyHigh/Oxyron
	[F] Revealed/Camelot
	[G] Reformation/FairLight
	[H] Jamaica/Jam
	[I] Arise/Triad
2.Which mag is the most original one?
	[A] The Pulse Magazine/Regina
	[B] Nitro/Excess
	[C] Splash/Accuracy
	[D] Ing.Brain/Equnioxe
	[E] SkyHigh/Oxyron
	[F] Revealed/Camelot
	[G] Reformation/FairLight
	[H] Jamaica/Jam
	[I] Arise/Triad
3.How many interviews/mag?
	[A] none
	[B] one
	[C] two
	[D] three
	[E] four
	[F] more than four
4.What about the amount of mags?
	[A] too few
	[B] normal
	[C] too many
	[D] dunno
Send your answers to us as fast as possible, we´ll publish the re-
sults in the next issue...
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


THE WORD ZONE                [debate]                                             
Introduction					Page2
When quality counts/Watchm.			Page3
The second group/Bacchus			Page4
Blueboxing/Harlekin				Page5

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


Well, this time we have a lot of text in this chapter; two hot de-
bates and the understanding of Blueboxing. The main reason for 
having this chapter is that we´d like to debate various subjects in 
the scene and therefor, give REACTIONS to the articles and write
your own articles, give us your point of view and we´ll publish it 
in the next issue, just grap a pen and write some lines to us,NOW!

Send them to:



or leave an e-mail to me (Enduro) at one of our boards!

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

When Quality Counts [Watchman]

 The C64 scene has matured over the years and now, at the
summer of its life span, the scene has become a very professional
one in many aspects. Demos like TRIANGLE´s ´Road of Excess´ are
remembered not only for the great demoparts with fantastic code
and style, but also for a great loader and nurturing of all prob-
lems the user/watcher might get when running the program. The
result is logically getting it´s fair share of credit in democharts 
and competitions. When it comes to the Cracks, the story is very 
much different.

 Speed started to become an issue way back when modem trading
took off and when the export/import business started, the hyst-
eria about speed became the main factor for crediting a crackers
work. I´m not saying that I don´t think that speed matters at all, 
but I do say that when you look at charts, many good crackers 
doesn´t get their fair credit for their good work. This issue have 
also been adressed as early as 1987 (I think) by the legendary 
Janitor/TRIAD, who also believed that quality should count. 
Persons like Injun Inc. in TRIAD agreed on this and therefor 
came up with the idea that turned into the ´Gamers Guide´ 
magazine. This magazine have tried to push for the quality aspect
of a crack. The result haven´t been a total success. Still fast 
cracks are, as far as I find by looking at charts, considered as
better ones, than the ones that are a bit older, but shorter, better
trained and with bugs fixed. This problem isn´t constrained to the
C64 either. If you look at the Amiga scene, you will find that 
speed is almost everything there.

 So what´s the problem? Well, the main idea of a crack is that 
many people as possibly shall be able to play the game, and by 
using trainers, fixes and other extras done by the cracker, enjoy 
the game as much as possible. Loads of groups release their ver-
sion of a game and everybody tries to make the best version poss-
ible, and since there are so many ways to go about when fixing a 
game, all versions are more or less different. This is the reason 
why we crack games, and why so many versions are released, be-
sides releasing loads of stuff as a group, naturally.

 The bottom line is that I believe that a group and cracker releas-
ing a first release should be awarded his fair dues, but more atte-
ntion should be given to the crackers that delivers good versions 
and often reliably. If this is combined with speed then it´s just 
even better!

 I know I´m not a very fast cracker. I don´t even crack games re-
gulary, mainly bacause I´m having too much else to do besides 
computing. I also know that I have done bad cracks too, but I 
don´t see why this should disqualify me from bringing up this 
issue. Speed isn´t the big problem, but speed instead of quality is. 
I don´t see why the same thing counts in other productions 
- quality - shouldn´t count when it comes to cracks. Both speed 
and quality can be combined, it just takes a bit harder work... and
that work should the cracker be credited for.

 I´m sure quite a few of you out there reacted when you read this,
so come on, write´em down, send them to us and we´ll publish it 
here, the next issue!

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

The Second Group [Bacchus]

Howdy Hackers!

 This time I´d like to bring up a subject: The second group thing. 
On the C64 we have for a long time stayed faithful to one group, 
but this is beginning to look like a thing of the passed. So many of
the persons I see advertising in the magazines are members of 
more than one group.


 The original group is the place where you have the best pals, and
it is shaped of people of different skills to be a complete unity. 
The group is the perfect community to work on the scene in! The
ONLY reason for being a member of a second group is that you 
cannot fulfill your wishes inside the group, which means that the
group isn´t enough balanced or not quite perfect in some respect.

 Being a member is accepting the fact that one shall deliver a 
certain amount of work on a regular basis, to stay in. The amount
depends on the person and the group, but generally this is the 
common demand. If you don´t deliver, you get kicked out... The one
being a member of more than one group, proves that he has so 
much capacity that he can do the required work for more than
one group. My principle point of view is that if someone wants to
be member of a second group, than they aren´t completly happy 
in your group. I do have some "second groups" I can understand:

 First of all let me count away the guys being in a group they pro-
duce games with. To me the original scene group would be the 
ideal unity to do such a thing in, but some of you form "game lab-
els". Most of these groups are just parts of bigger groups, and it is
wise to limit the number of participants as if it turns up to be 
money involved. Money might be hard to split if there are too 
many involved. Also, if you like to use a free-lance person of any 
skill, this type of second group is OK with me!

 Secondly I can accept the specialized second groups like TIA, 
consisting of f.ex only musicians. The musicians then have their 
original group as the first place they belong, but can then also 
share the community with "people of their own kind". This as long
as the original group cannot use all the material the guys pro-

 If you are a swapper in a smaller group, that don´t produce stuff
of their own often enough, you might want to ensure you get 
stuff from more groups to keep up the swapping. On the other 
hand, why do you have to be a member of the group, to get the 
stuff? I guess most groups are rreally happy if some friends of 
their would spread their stuff. Having the latter solution puts no 
demands on the potential spreader.

 Still this whole thing is built on one thing. You always have to 
"pay" with membership to get things done for you. We have 
"free-lance" musicians and graphicians and that works well. I 
can´t see no reason why Creeper in ANTIC and Kristian Rostoen 
in BLUESMUZ couldn´t do things they can have spread in our 
productions. The only difference is that they cannot be kicked if 
they don´t do it fast and good enough. I wouldn´t mind if our 
musicians or graphicians made some work for other groups, but I
wouldn´t want them to be members of other groups.

Although I accept certain thing here I still don´t like the pricipal 
idea of multimembership. Can you REALLY do the required work
for more than one group??

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Understanding BlueBoxing[Harlekin]

 In old switchingsystems, the central offices exchanged infor-
mation by sending tones to eachother. These tones are transmitted
in the same trunks as the one you speak on. To indicate that a 
trunk between two centrals is idle, the centrals send a 2600Hz 
signal to eachother (both directions). When a trunk is busy the 
tone will be removed. The 2600Hz is therefor known as a super-
visory signal, because it indicates the status of a trunk. Note that 
the 2600Hz signaling is "inband", within the band of frequencies 
(400 - 3400Hz) that can be transmitted over the normal tele-
phonelines. Some switching equipment uses frequencies over 
3700Hz between the centrals, and these can´t be used by us,"out-

 Now an example. You are making a call to a friend in Nigeria. 
Your local central office would recognize that this is an inter-
national call, and route your call to the central that serves inter-
national calls. From here your call is routed to the international 
central serving your friend, and from there to your friends cen-
tral office. (We suppose that the call is routed through modern 
switching equipment til it reaches Nigeria.) When you have fin-
ished talking, you normaly hang up the phone, but now you send a
2600Hz signal down the line. Your friends central office detects 
this tone and thinks this tone is orginating from the equipment in
your end, indicating that you have hung up, and the trunks once 
again is idle. Your call has now been disconnected between the 
international central, and the local central in Nigeria. When you 
stop sending the 2600Hz signal (after a second or so) the remote 
central office thinks there is another call coming in on this line. 
The remote central sends some tones to indicate that it is ready to
recieve information from the other station. This normally sounds 
like a "beep" followed by "kerchunk". Once this happends, you are
connected to the remote station, which will obey your every com-
mand. Now you "only" need to know how to simulate the signaling
used by operators and automatic toll-dialing equipment. Multi 
Frequency is the most common signaling in the networks, known 
as the CCITT #5 system. MF signaling consists of seven frequen-
cies, beginning with 700Hz and seperated by 200Hz. A combi-
nation of two out of these seven represent the digits 0 thru 9, 
plus five additional keys. Combinations as follows:

	Frequences	Domestic	International

	  700+900	     1		1
	  700+1100	     2		2
	  900+1100	     3		3
	  700+1300	     4		4
	  900+1300	     5		5
	 1100+1300	     6		6
	  700+1500	     7		7
	  900+1500	     8		8
	 1100+1500	     9		9
	 1300+1500	     0		0
	  700+1700	   ST3p		Code 11
	  900+1700	   STp		Code 12
	 1100+1700	   KP		KP 1
	 1300+1700	   ST2p		KP 2
	 1500+1700	   ST		ST

 The duration of the pulses are all 60ms, except for KP, which 
should have 100ms. There should also be a 60ms pause between 
the digits. So...How to use these special ST, KP to route our call? 
Not to difficult. A standard call could look like this:

	* Dial 020-79 56 11 (freenumber from SWE to US)

	* Wait for a call-progress indication (ring,busy etc...)

	* Send 2600Hz for about 1 sec.

	* Wait about 2 sec.

	* Send KP+806-555-1234+ST

How come you don´t get billed for these calls? As a matter of fact
you GET billed, but only to the number you first connected to (in 
this case 020-79 56 11). So when searching for new boxable 
trunks, try to find a free number to box on.
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Understanding BlueBoxing[Harlekin]

But as the telecom companies change their older systems to new-
er, there are less and less numbers that can be used for boxing. 
Nowadays there are only the old communistcountries and some in
Africa that have switchingsystems with "easy to crack" inband
signalling. The latest rumour say that Nigeria is almost bankrupt 
caused by all phreakers using the system.

 There are also major risks in BlueBoxing nowadays. If you, as 
here in Sweden, are connected to a modern Digital Central (AXE 
etc.) all calls are logged. This is not only to catch phreakers, but 
give the "normal" subscribers the service to see where they have
called. And it´s also possible the other way around, to see who has 
dialed a certain number. It could be a bit suspicius to call the 
operator in Ghana over and over again!

Beware Phreakers!

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


INTERVIEW WITH BOB/CENSOR                                                

Introduction					Page2
Interview: Bob/Censor				Page3
The Censor Story				Page5

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


 Wow, this time we present you and exclusive interview with the
swedish top-coder named BoB/Censor Design, two buckets of 
hallonsaft to you, boozer! If there is someone else who dares to 
enter the spotlight, then let us know, we´ll give you the questions
of your life,hehe.. 

Wanna be interviewed?, send a note to:



or leave an e-mail to me (Enduro) at one of our boards!

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Interview with BoB/Censor [Enduro]


[Q]	Please, give the readers some personalfacts about the
	person behind the handle Bob...

[B]	A bounced crazyness formed in one explosive energetic
	mass with a beastfull passion to all kind of beaty and art and
	love to create things that noone never done before...
	Between, my real name is Robert and I´m 22 years old!

[Q]	When did you start your career on the C64?

[B]	1986 I bought my cpu - lame playings
	1987 Started to learn the C64 a bit...
	1988 Formed a group called YANKEES (not the french! 
	yankees!), a quit lame local group, I just learned to code 
	some demos (Lame mega lame demos which we where quite
	proud of that time) L8r on I joined Agile then moi, Goblin
	and Shark founded LIGHT, after a couple of month again
	some joined TRIAD -> from TRIAD to CENSOR!
Is Bob named after BoB/Twin Peaks?                                            
[Q]	Why and when did you start to call yourself BOB?

[B]	I was seven years old I think, there were some Englishboys
	which were calling me Bob instead of Robert when I was
	on holiday in England. Bob = Robert in english and at that
	time, all the arcade games only had a three letters long high-
	score name. B-O-B, easy!

[Q]	Well, you´re a specialtype of the coderclan, the one who
	suprises us all with stunning design in every new demo, 
	where do you get all ideas from? Why design? How do you do
	to make the ideas come true?

[B]	Hmm, I have unlimited awesome ideas which I would like
	to make, but there is one problem, I don´t have much time
	to do these things, but I´ll give the ideas to the other
	CENSOR members like Swallow and Staigar which make my fan-
	tasies come true!

	Hmm, where I got my ideas from, they just grows in my mind
	and getting more and more nastier. I love to think! I can
	sometimes think of awesome crazy fantasies which seems to
	be impossible to solve, but in the end, all got it´s solution.

	Why design? A demo should be something you would like to 
	watch forever, it´s something of a very sophisticated art,
	it´s simply beatyful artistic creation, it should penetrate 
	all your feelings like your eyes for seeing very nice things
	which will higher the impression of the art (design), your
	ears for hearing lovely harmony which you could listen for-
	ever. VERY IMPORTANT! A nice demo without good music
	or sound will lower the overall impression too much! All
	these categories should/must be in balance and the FX must
	be something unexpected! It´s not just the code who makes a
	demo good, and breaking worldrecords with routines which
	people already have seen 1000 times isn´t of any importance
	an artistic creation, there´s nothing unexpected at all!
	I can´t see any pleasure doing a demo like that!
A Demo Is Pure Art To Pleasure!                                                  

[Q]	How much do the other CENSOR-members mean to you, 
	(taste that Bob!)?

[B]	CENSOR is a family, we are at private bestfriends and
	will be that for the rest of the life! Satisfied?

[Q]	Why do you only code for party-demos?

[B]	Hehe, 1-2 month before a party I do spend a lot of time
	in front of the C64, otherwise I don´t use it much! "KTH"
	takes a lot of time, poor C64, but I DO call Future Zone
	twice a month (ed.posting weird messages!!)
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Interview with BoB/Censor [Enduro]

[Q]	Why did you enter the console-scene?

[B]	The future is there, money makes the world go around!
	Well, the CENSOR-team is on the both categories, cool and
Is Al Capone BoB´s father?                                                            

[Q]	What´s your favorite:

	Book		Beta mathbook,ehh?!
	Movie		The Godfather
	Game		Bridge Racer (arcade 3D...)
	CopyParty	The Dominator&Uppfront (brilliant!)
	Porno Actress	Victoria Paris, Gunnar Johansson

	Girl		Anna-Nicole Smith ( unexpected!)
	Musicstyle	Cyberpunk (ed.Skinny Puppy,argh!)
	Drink		Coctails (hmm, hallonsaft?)
	Coder		Me,I,Bob,myself (ed.BoB=ego!)
	Scener		Censor (ed.Bob wrote it 22 times!!)

	Demo		Wonderland IX and X, Spasmolythic
	Board		Future Zone
	Sex		Censur!! (ed.some words were NO KIDS!!)
	Joke		Hahaha, that was a good one!!
	Magazine	My babes diary!

[Q]	Is there any group you´d join instead of CENSOR?

[B]	Hahahahaha, what a joke Enduro, hahahaha, we´re not just
	a hacker-group! (ed, yes you got intern orgies, cybermothers
	and free entrance to Skansen!)

[Q]	Do you want someone to re-enter the scene?

[B]	Xakk, Contex and MegaStyle!

[Q]	How´ll you describe the memory from the C64 scene 2020?

[B]	Wild livings, cool, flipped out creations, fantasyworld and
	so on (ed.not Censor,Censor x 1000??)

[Q]	Tell us about the worst thing you ever done in the scene?

[B]	Me, never do ANY bad things...
Is BoB short for Bobby/Dallas?                                                     

[Q]	Which ones are worth to mentioned as BoB´s pals?

[B]	Censor Design, PD, Euzkera, Chromance, Success (new team
	and old team) and many many more, too many!!
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

The Censor Story [Enduro]

[Q]	What´s the full CENSOR-memberstatus?

[B]	The same as C64! (ed.ehh!)

[Q]	Why dropping:	   (a)Cracking
		   	(b)Sh0ck Magazine

[B]	(a)Is there anything worth to crack on C64?
	(b)We haven´t dropped Sh0ck, it´s on S-NES!
	(c)We don´t produce so many things nowadays, not funny!
	(d)WE BOOZE! We drop booze = we drop dead!!

[Q]	What about your party-activities?

[B]	Well, there´ll be further releases with new stuff, don´t
	you worry all. Partys we will show up on (if it is cool
	enough) will be the ones in Denmark and Sweden!

[Q]	What´s your future plans?

[B]	Too many! Look out for the awesome demo from us on the 
	S-NES with 180 C64 sid-songs!! (´s released now and
	it kicks major ass!!)


[Q]	Got any real wars through the years?

[B]	HA HA HA HA, haaaah, nice!! (ed.Bob means the war be-
	tween Aaron/FLT and the CENSOR-crew some years ago, 
	CENSOR created an anti-Aaron team, namely All Against
	Aaron, AAAA...)

[Q]	Have CENSOR reach it´s top yet?

[B]	Nope, not yet...
 Well, again a big thanks to Bob for this great interview, the vic-
tim for the coming issue is still a BIG secret, hold on and wait for 

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


THE ANTIC SAGA         [groupstory]                                            

Introduction				Page2
The Antic Saga/Depeh			Page3

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


 Finally we´ve got the longawaited story from Depeh, words aren´t
enough for you, scenehero! All you others out there who find your
group worth to be mentioned in this magazine, send the story to 
us as soon as possible...



or leave a e-mail to me (Enduro) at one of our boards...
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


 Antic was formed by DEPEH,XOR,SPIROU and BOM in may 1990.
SPIROU came from ZYROX(sounds like zyron???).
DEPEH,XOR & BOM came from CICEN.We also formed a special 
mag-producing sub-group to antic called THE MOB and we 
released our first issue of the Explorer Magazine.After some 
weeks we released our first demo entirely coded by depeh and
almost entirely graphixed by depeh too.ETHIC was the first demo
from ANTIC!Later on THE MOB changed name to ANTIC.A new
DEMO , CRACKING , SWAPPER , BBS group had finaly seen the 
light. If you are somewhat good at mathematics you can figure 
out that ANTIC soon is 4 years old...

 Antic have been or is active in all the things that is possible to do
on the c64.Here´s a little presentation of all the different 
activities we have done or is doing...

 Antic is probably most known for all the demos we release.And 
our coders behind all theese have been few.Most of the code from
antic was and is performed by depeh who´s the only coder left in 
antic.JORDAN also did a few parts(aprox. one for each demo )then 
we have had coders who just coded 1 or 2 parts for us (with low 
quality...) worth mentioning can be HCL, TRASH, SKY, BAGZY, 
 Our demos have certainly maintained its high standard thanks to 
the top graphicians we have had during theese years.such as ofcoz
our best (and the worlds?) graphician CREEPER!other great gfx-
SKYWIZE, INDY & STRANGER(If i´ve forgot any then sorry.But 
i´ve lost some memberlists.)
We have only had one real musician and he is a real talent,ofcoz
it´s ZYRON that i´m talking about.Other guys who have made 1 or 
All theese ingredients have probably made us this famous and 
amongst the 10 best on the charts

Antic have also been quite active in the cracking scene but is now
STRICTLY LEGAL!Our best and most active crackers was EXALT
PROBE, SPIROU, JASON and we also managed to reach the top 20
in some crackercharts.But for about a year ago we decided that 
cracking is KILLING the scene so we dropped our illegal
activities and renamed to ANTIC PRODUCTIONS just to avoid
confusions with our ILLEGAL past.

Phreaking & Modemscene:
Some of our members have spent their sparetime calling boards  
and some still do.We have had a number of great boards sume
time ago but nowadays the callers have got fewer and so all our 
boards are down.Our first board was THE FUTURE ZONE which 
was put up by spirou(who later joined triad,light and now
Fairlight).This base is one of the most known board in scandinavia
Other boards have been WAREZ STATION by EXALT and 
THE SUBWAY by JORDAN which was going pretty well.We have
also had a board in the states and it was called
SILICON CHAOS.Other boards that more or less was opened at
some occations was THE DECADENCE(Beachtiger was co-sysop 
but since I haven´t heard anything from him for a year then i
presume this he left the scene) - THE GOLDEN GNOME
(MR Walker(Aint that the Phantom???)) - WONDERLAND(Flood)
Our most known Phreakerz during theese years have been :         
Creeper(People thought that he had a big mouth on the boards 
when he wasn´t that famous) XOR (He is still active calling the few
boards in Sweden around and he has always been calling around 
as long as he has been in the scene.) TURN PAGE! -->-->-->-->
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


 We have also had (and have) some very active swappers, worht 
mentioning can be Incubus, Beachtiger, Stormlord, Zyron, Star, 
Exalt, Dirty C, Xor and so on. Ofcourse other members have also 
been swapping a bit, but not with more than 20-30 contacts.

Party Activities:
 Since Antic was born we have always showed up on ALL major 
parties atleast in Sweden and Denmark. Our most faithful party-
freaks have been: Creeper, Depeh, Zyron, Exalt, Incubus, Star, 
Jordan, Probe, Xor. We try to release our demos on party coz it´s
very nice to actually experience other people´s reaction about our
It´s also gives you a special feeling to see all the great demos on a 
big screen with super HIFI-Stereos attached to it!

 Our only so called WAR was after the LUNDSBRUNN party
arranged by a group consisting of farmers only - J.A.M - The 
population of LUNDSBRUNN(Jams hometown) is below 1500
Farmers(haha).But anyway after this LAME party jam started to
accuse Creeper(when he was in FLASH)the he had stolen lots of
disks from TJOST(Geos and stuff he said).And we thought - Who
the fuck are they to ACCUSE creeper when they had no fucking
proof what so ever? A little war was started and everybody wrote
shit about JAM in the Swedish boards .And even on partys we
made the life a living hell for them.LIGHT,ANTIC,FLASH and
FAIRLIGHT was againts their lameasses.But anyway later on we
just quit coz we felt sorry for the poor farmer-kids-on-the-JAM
(F.K.O.T.J) so we dropped the whole shit...
War is lame...Friendship Rulez...

Antic Memberlist 14/6 1994:                                                         

Code,Graphics,Swap,Lead  Real Name:Goeran Johansson
Born in the year of 1975 - Lives in Skoevde/Sweden
Graphics,Code  Real Name:Kim Nordstroem
Born in the year of 1975 - Lives in Sundbyberg/Sweden
Music,Swap,Code  Real Name:Johan Aastrand
Born in the year of 1973 - Lives in Karlsborg/Sweden
Organizer,Explorer  Real Name:Daniel Faernstroem
Born in the year of 1975 - Lives in Sundsvall/Sweden
Swap  Real Name:Robin Forsberg
Born in the year of 1974 - Lives in Soederhamn/Sweden
Graphics,Swap  Real Name:Daniel Sczedansky
Born in the year of 197? - Lives in Chemnitz/Germany
Explorer,Sysop  Real Name:Gerald Weissenstein
Born in the year of 1974 - Lives in Hoheneich/Austria
Swap,Explorer  Real Name:Jonas Kjellin
Born in the year of 1974 - Lives in Linkoeping/Sweden
Graphics,Swap  Real Name:Oerjan Larsson
Born in the year of 1971 - Lives in Karlsborg/Sweden
MegaSwap Real Name:David Van Dromme
Born in the year of 1975 - Lives in Rijmenam/Belgium
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


Demos made by Antic Production:                                                 
Ethic				Juli 1990
Athmosphere			August 1990
Lunacy 1			October 1990
Lunacy 2			December 1990
Up The Limits			March 1991(Easter HZ party)
Lunacy 3			May 1991
Up The Limits 2			July 1991(Our one year demo)

Lunacy 4			September 1991
Beyond Imagination		November/December 1991
Lunacy 5			March 1992(Easter Light party)
Lunacy 7			May 1993(Light party)
Beyond Imagination 2		January 1994(Camelot X-mas party)
Lunacy 6 (The lost Sequel)	July/August 1994

and Hopefully more productions will come...
We are still lookking for kewl members,so if you think you are
good enough then contact Depeh:


If their is sume demo that you dont have then contact Zyron 
send $2 or 20 skr or 2 disks for copying cost to:


Ok,time to go out in the world and live your life...
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


INTO THE INTERNET PART IV                                                  

Introduction				Page2
FidoNet					Page3
Internet Access in Sweden		Page5
What is FSP?				Page6

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


 The interest for InterNet has grown very fast, and now, the cha-
pter has been splitted into two parts, one with various articles by
Watchman and Bacchus, and one with the latest updated user and
FTP sites list. We hope you´ll enjoy this chapter, and please, do
send own articles, notes or reactions to us, try:





Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

FidoNet [Bacchus]

Howdy hackers!

 The thing we have discussed so far is the InterNet, which is a 
global network between universities and specially connected sit-
es. Mind that this net is run on their own cabels and in real time. 
You can chat in real time with your pals worldwide, if you have a
normal InterNet account. What I intended to discuss is the other 
networks like FidoNet, AmigaNet, SexNet and lots of others.

 The other ones are private ones in hierarcic organization. On the
top level you have hosts, followed by hubs and nodes. Nodes are 
the normal boards you can call much like any other board you 
run. The main difference is that the mail from the node floats up-
wards in the organization as well as it spreads downwards. This 
way, a post you make, spreads around the globe in a few days. 
These boards do not have an on-line connection with their super-
ior, but they call a few times a day (that is very mush up to the 
sysop I guess) to leave and collect mail in compressed "packages". 
Your node sysop decides what areas to subscribe to from the hubs
he fetches data from. So there is no need to get ALL the data 
written worldwide. For a normal node the telephone costs are not
that high, as the compressed packages only takes a few minutes to
pass on and fetch, but still the system is built on systems calling 
from the bottom sharing the data. Only the hosts have to share 
the data cross country.

 FidoNet is the biggest independent system, created in 1984 by Tom
Jennings and along with John Madwil he constructed a mailing 
system. The system was named after Tom´s dog, Fido. The number
of connected BBS:es are estimated to 27000, with an uncountable 
number of areas. Most of them are local ones, echoed in only the 
religion or the country, but some are international ones, with 
which you can reach the world!

 The Fido adress is interpreted this way:


 The first 2 (before the colon) is the ZoneNumber, in this case Eu-
rope. The next part is the net number, where 20 is Sweden and 
the succeeding 1 means it´s Stockholm. The 411 in the example is 
the nodenumber. The node in this case is the board ANet in 

 There is also another optional sublevel called poins:


 Here the node number is succeeded by a point (hence the name)
and a pointnumber, in this case my pointnumber; 71! A point is a
"slave board" to a node. In this releationship the node is called 
"boss". As often as you like you can ask the point to call the boss 
and fetch new mail. Then you have a mailtosser, i.e a program 
that depacks the packages and lets you reply them and everything
off-line, saving you a good deal of phonebill-money. It then packs
the text for you in the format your boss wants them, and then 
you exchange the texts for the new ones the next time you call. It
is very much like a highly complex off-line reader.

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

FidoNet [Bacchus]

A lot of boards have several networks that they are connected to.
ANet, for example features both AmigaNet and BadNet as well as
Fido. Through BadNet I can also access InterNet, as it features a 
gateway to InterNet. I´d like to clear out some of the mess Mason/
MOTIV 8 made trying to explain this in PULSE-march issue:

 A gateway is here some kind of interface between the two 
systems. They don´t have the same data packages and so on, so 
these are converted and then able to pass messages transparently
to and from the two system. As you well understand, there is no 
possibility to do the features of InterNet, but the ability to mail 
most students worldwide is just something special!

 To mail from Fido to InterNet you just adress the post to the 
gateway. I send my letters to "InterNet Gateway" at 92:901/1.0. 
This is the process in the host system that understands that the 
post is intended for the InterNet, as there is no physical user with
this name. You can name the errand anything you like, just if you
keep in mind that the letter text itself must start with the words
"to:" followed by the E-mail adress you wish to mail; f.ex "To:
Grendel[]" if you want to mail the old stud Grendel 
of Byterapers.

I hope this clears the mess in The Pulse Magazine!

To mail me and my point, do pass letters to:

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Internet Access in Sweden[Watchman]

 InterNet access in Sweden is primarily gained in much the same 
way as in all other countries, (except Senegal I guess). The easiest
and cheapest way is if you attend a school that have a connection 
to some sort of network with gateways to larger networks. Two 
such networks in Sweden are SWENET and NORDUNET, the lat-
ter connect schools in Scandinavia. Since these networks have 
bridges to InterNet, you can usually send and receive e-mail from
persons and services on InterNet. If your school have a real hook-
up then it´s even easier, you just continue to the next step, to get
an account.

 If you are a student at a highschool that have access like above, 
the most students can get an account simply by asking the sysop. 
If you are going to an University and are taking Computer related
courses you usually get an account automatically. If you don´t take
such courses you might be able to get an account anyway. Talk to 
your councellor and tell him/her that you believe it will help you
broaden your views by getting in contact with other students, or
something else that sounds like a good reason. This will hopefully
do the trick.

 But what if you DON´T attend a school, or a school without an 
access? Well, in most larger cities there are BBS bases that you 
can gain access to the beloved network. This is not a free solu-
tion, but could cut your telebill anyway. I´m certain that there 
are direct access numbers to InterNet like the ones in Germany I
wrote about in the last issue. 

 One access in Sweden and most other counties are COMPU-
SERVE. This very large network has become a network that sits 
on the bigger InterNet too, and you can get all services normally 
available on InterNet via Compuserve too... and Compuserve have
some to offer too! It´s expensive but if you are a user of it al-
ready, then don´t hesitate to use InterNet too.

 Here´s two boards in the area of Stockholm that gives the user 
access to InterNet via gateways:

SITENUMBER:		08-59 14 00 72
USERMODES:		Terminal, Point
GATEWAYS:		Fidonet,BadNet,AmigaNet
BAUDRATES:		300-16800
CHARGE:			Free

SITENAME:		Prime Time
SITENUMBER:		08-25 00 29
USERMODES:		Terminal, Point
GATEWAYS:		Fidonet m.m.
CHARGE:			Free

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

What is FSP? [Watchman]

 FSP is a program that lets you send and receive files at to and
from specific directories. This means that you can access a certain
file that belongs to a user somewhere in network. This is used for
transfer of files that, for some reason, isn´t very popular to have
available at a public FTP site. Fsp is also used when the site can´t 
deliver the power needed to sustain the bandwidth that FTP 
needs. The fsp address is made up of two figures: the IP address 
and the PORT number. You access the directory by issuing the fsp
<IP address><PORT number> command. Most systmes doesn´t 
have the fsp program available as a command and you will there-
for get a copy of the program from an ftp site or so. The address 
to an fsp site might be hard to get and are treated a bit like call-
ing card numbers. One reason for this is that some of these sites 
carry commersial stuff and when the sysop finds out, the site is 
shut down, so a site might not last very long. Enough about that, 
let´s perform a fsp session instead!

jota21:/u2/d91/jsn/ftp>fsp 5300

Comment:	 This is the command call with the IP number and
	 PORT address. has older revision than expected
8. Shell command failed: No such file or directory

Comment:	This is a standard ERROR message that you get when 
	accessing an FSP site, funny isn´t it?

total 260

drwxrrwwrwx		2 nobody	5632 Mar 17	16:16 Bunny
drwxrrwwrwx		2 nobody	512 Nov 30	14:17 Bunsi.t.Sun
drwxrrwwrwx		2 nobody	2048 Mar 9	14:41 Paulina
drwxrrwwrwx		2 nobody	512 Mar 9	14:41 Savanna

Comment:	Here are the directories in standard UNIX fashion,
	the ´d´ means directory.

fsp>cd savanna
	owner:no	delete:no	add:no
	mkdir:no	read:yes

Comment:	O.k we change directory to the ´savanna´ directory.

total 365

-rw-rw-rw-		1 nobody	65171 Aug 2	1993 Savanna2.jpeg
-rw-rw-rw-		1 nobody	43427 Aug 2	1993 Savanna1.jpg
-rw-rw-rw-		1 nobody	38205 Aug 2	1993 Savanna2.jpg
-rw-rw-rw-		1 nobody	60998 Aug 2	1993 Savanna3.jpg
-rw-rw-rw-		1 nobody	57866 Aug 2	1993 Savanna4.jpg
-rw-rw-rw-		1 nobody	40059 Aug 2	1993 Savanna5.jpg

Comment:	This is the contens of the directory ´savanna´.
	As you might notice it contains several jpeg pictures.

fsp>get savanna 2.jpg

Comment	Let´s get the picture ´savanna2.jpg´.

downloading ´savanna2.jpg´ (38205 bytes)
done 38205 bytes in 20.6 seconds (1.81K/sec)
cummulative round trip time = 491.6 msec; 47/100 packets (47 %)
current round trip time = 480.8 msec; 47/100 packets (47 %)

Comment:	The file is transmitted to our home directory. 
	The ´#´ sign just shows that the transfer is in progress


Comment:	We end the session.

You can always type ´help´ within the fsp system to get a list of 
the commands available and a description of to use´em!



USER & FTP LISTS (july)  [internet]                                            

Introduction					Page 2
The List of Users				Page 3
FTP sites for C-64				Page 4

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


 Here you got the latest upgraded list´s of Internet users and FTP 
sites containing software and programs specific to the C64 and 128
computers. We will try to keep this list as current and accurate 
as possible, so that it can be useful resource for users of the 

 PLEASE cooperate and send E-mail to us with any corrections 
and  updates. If a site has closed or no longer carries CBM soft-
ware, let us know and it´ll be deleated. If you uncover a site not 
listen, it´ll be added on the next list.

Send all info regarding changes/additions/corrections to:




or leave an E-mail on our boards...
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

The List of Users/July [Watchman]

Number of users: 70 (6 new)
(*) - new user on list
(+) - last time on list
[] - replace with an alfa-zero sign

Euro Scene Cracking/Demo Groups:

Tonyc[]			Chief/Padua
Poing[]			Ano/Padua
Schuetz[]	Antitrack/F4CG
Jsitone[]			Mercenary/Extend
T93047[]			D´Arc/Topaz

Anvil[]		Anvil/Topaz
Patrics[]			Trax/TRC
Unix4[]			CBA/TRC
Hazor[]			Hazor/Beyond Force
Mheiskan[]		Solomon/Beyond Force

Matronka[]		Sage/Beyond Force
Vanhanen[]		Boss/Beyond Force
Icverhoe[]			Mirage/Focus
V922530[]			TDJ/Focus
Db129[]			Joe/Maniax

Stiang[]		Mr.Fantasy/Maniax
Pontus Berg[]		Bacchus/FLT
Adrian-t[]			The Alchemist/FLT
Watchman[]			Watchman/FLT
Magnus.Nyman[]		Harlekin/FLT (*)

P4tb18[]			Tron/FLT (*)
Gardner[]		Highlander/FLT (*)
Ecvamero[]			Burglar/Success
D3daniel[]		Matrix/Zone45
Larshaug[]			Challenger/Offence

Evens[]			Cycleburner/Megastyle
Rune[]			Rune/x-Hoaxers
Goldt[]	Cruncher/Trance
Tunkelo[]			Rockstar/Talent
Tonyv[]			Motley/G*P

Pasi.venalainen[]			BX/Origo
Trpeki[]				Destino/Origo
Greyrat[]		Greyrat/Lower Level
Olegr[]			Sauron/x-Illusion
Michels[]		Jesus/Silicon
t44[]				Mason/Motiv 8 (*)
US Scene groups:

Wolfgang[]			Wolfgang/Second Dimension
Evelynh[]			The Shadow/HWA
Massive[]		M.O/x-Legend
Mcbride[]			The Wiz/Expose/Style
Akersse[]		Elwix/Style

St92kgmr[]		Wraith/RPG
U081s105[]		Fubar/RPG
Daver[]				Pol POT/Holiday Inn C. BBS
Af666[]		Intruder/Empire
Gpage[]			Rundy/x-POD

Mhillmer[]	Rad Man/TSM
Grizzly[]			Moloch/Armageddon
Icebrkr[]			IceBreaker/Armageddon/BDS
Utukuri[]		Blackice/Eclipse
Aussie mates:

S9332166[]		Stomper/TSR
Dppoon[]		Giorgio Armani/TSR
C9326542[]		Neptune/TSR
Greg.harper[]	Logic/TSR
C9349375[]			Z/The Force
Phillips[]			Christopher Jam
Some useful euro C-64 dudes:

Msmakela[]		Marko Makela (HW dude)
Capessd[]			Sean Capes (Game Writer)
Some useful US dudes:

Rknop[]		R.Knop (FTP site)
Duck[]		Craig Taylor (C-Hacking)
Lueck[]	Coolhand
Cliff[]			Cliff, Author Cuckuu Egg
Waveform[]			64 dudez (BDS)
-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->TURN PAGE!!!
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

The List of FTP´s/July [Bacchus]

Dudes who have left the C64-scene:

Olle[]			Orlorin/Dominators
D89-ovj[]			Euzkera/Censor
T910529[]			BlackHole/Blasters+TRC
Scroprion[]			Scorpion/Contex
Ssa[]uwasa[]fi					TMB/Extasy

President[]			Bill Clinton (*)
ADMCB[]					Carl Bildt (*)
FTP sites with C-64 stuff:                                                             

FTP				number			last updated
---				-------			---------			(		4 feb 1994			(		4 sep 1993		(		18 feb 1994		(		18 jan 1994	(		27 sep 1993			(		21 dec 1993		(	3 sep 1993						18 dec 1993		(		18 feb 1994	(	7 oct 1992		(		9 feb 1994		(		8 sep 1993			(		12 sep 1993		(		28 dec 1993		(		3 jan 1994			(		28 dec 1993			(		22 mar 1993			(		31 aug 1993			(		1 aug 1993		(		11 nov 1993		(		30 jun 1993			(		28 dec 1993			(		6 sep 1993		(		31 jan 1994			(		6 sep 1993
 For FTP sites where you will find C64 and/or Vic-20 emulators 
that run on Amiga, and/or IBMPC, Atari-ST, or  Unix/X, please
see The CBM Emulation FAQ maintained by Peter Weighill -
(stuce[] and posted yo the newsgroup, comp.
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


Absolute Movie Zone              [movies]                                         
Introduction				Page2
Movies in Summer			Page3
The Summer List				Page4
New James Bond				Page5
Competition				Page6
Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            


Welcome to,one of the very few worth to read,the moviechapter!
Most text is supported by Surfer/ACTIVE, two 75´es to you pal, 
and the Bond-Text is from United International Pictures V.I.P 
letters! (ed.hmm, I´m into a register there I think, don´t know
why?!) If you have some super-ideas or cool contacts in the movie
scene, why don´t send us a letter, this chapter is even better than
the movie-magazine Frontpage/SCS+TRC I think, cool!!

Send stuff to:



or leave an e-mail to me (Enduro) at one of our boards!

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Movies in Summer [Surfer]

 This is Surfer of the not dead at all group ACTIVE. I´m here to 
give you some hints about what to waste your money and time on
this summer, that is besides cheap beer and women. As a lot of
you know I work at a American film company, so I get to see ALL
the latest movies one to three month before the U.S release. That
means, video pirates.. kneel!

 This summer is pretty alright, when it comes to films, could have
been some more action movies though, and less comedys. But who
am I to complain? The BIG action movie this summer is Speed 
with Kenau Reeves, Sandra Bullock and Dennis Hopper as a mad
bomber. It knocked Flintstones off the first position on the U.S 
chart and made about 38 million dollars in three weeks, which is 
pretty alright. It´s estimated to make over 100 millions...

 The Flintstones, the hugh family adventure, is doing extremly 
well, opened with 30 millions dollars on ONE weekend, but what´s
expect with Spielberg. Halle Berry is just too sexy for my C64!?

 Eddie Murphy is back with Beverly Hills Cop III, and with him 
you´ll find the usual guys plus the majorly homosexual Serge from
the first movie. The guy playing Serge got 375.000 dollars for one 
days work on the set. 

 Jack Nicolson is supposed to frieghten Micelle Phieffer in Wolf, 
but the movie is more drama than scary. It´s very simular to Dra-
cula, but worse.

 The western genere is back and you can find lotta-westerns this 
year, unfortunately noone of´em is any major entertainment 
success. Although Tombstone, that´s already went up in Europe, 
made a lot of money.

 Mel Gibson is back with Maverick, a western-action-comedy 
with alot of cardplaying. This movie is pretty enjoyable, I still 
think so even though my date on the opening premiere ditched 

 Creator of Dragons Lair and Space Ace, Don Bluth, is back on the
movies eith a children story, for small girls (a pederast dream loc-
ation), called Thumbelina. I haven´t seen this one and I suppose I 
ain´t gonna do it either.
 I could judge this movies, but I won´t coz I hate when people re-
view stuff (ed.S-Nes and so on??), the so called taste is so dif-
ferent. Especially on movies that is. Still I recomend Speed, it´s a 
darn good action all the time and it´s also Sandra Bullock...

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

The Summer List [Enduro]

Maverick				[action/comedy]
Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster				1.july
Bad Girls				[action]
Drew Barrymore m.m					8.july
Guarding Tess				[drama]
Shirley MacL., Nich Cage				july
Naked Gun 33 1/3			[comedy]
Leslie Nielsen, A-N Smith				22.july
Stockholm Maraton			[thriller]
Goesta Ekman m.m.					1.aug
Natural Born Killers			[thriller]
Juliette Lewis m.m					august
Wolf					[thriller]
Jach Nicolson m.m					august
Speed					[action]
Kenau Reves m.m						august
The Client				[thriller]
Tommy Lee Jones m.m					mid.aug
The Flintstones				[comedy]
John Goodman m.m					19.aug
I Love Trouble				[drama]
Julia Roberts,Nick Nolte				26.aug
Beverly Hills Cop 3			[action]
Eddie Murphy m.m					3.sept
Brandon + Kelly = Very True!!!                                                      

New James Bond [Enduro]

My name is Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan

 Pierce Brosnan is the new James Bond. This was told under big 
secrecy, the 8 of June. He´ll be the role as Ian Flemmings 007 in 
the 17th Bondmovie "Goldeneye"! Pierce Brosnan is from Country
Meath on Irland and maybe most known to the public from the 
serie "Remmington Steele". Last time he was on movie, he was 
playing Robin Williams rival in Welcome Mrs.Doubtfire, but he 
has also acted in movies like The Fourth Protocol and Love 

 Goldeneye will be played in our new political-climate, were 
former enemies been best friends and old mates become deadly
enemies... The play start in october this year and the team will re-
cord the movie both in the new Russia and on the Caarabean
Islands. Producers are Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Brocoli. 
Barbara Brocoli is the daughter to the legend Albert R. "Cubby" 
Brocoli was says following about the new Bond:

- "Pierce Brosnan is a acter I loved for a long time. He´ll be an 
excellent Bond!"

 The premiere of Goldeneye is set to the summer´95!

Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            

Competition [Surfer]

 Wanna be a proud owner of SPEED T-Shirts and Caps???

 Then just read the following simple question and write the an-
swer on the vote-sheet or an a paper and send it to us before the
15th of AUGUST!!


  The Baywatch-babe ERICA ELENIAK been in two number one
US-chart movies, which?

1.Beverly HillBillies
  Under Siege

2.Under Siege
  Demolition Man

  Beach Bunnies
 All prizes are donated by ACTIVE (Surfer) and don´t forget, we 
want your answer before the 15th of August this year!!


Reformation                  (C) FairLight                                            
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