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You've made it to the final pages of Recollection Issue #1. Before I close this issue I must write some information that I forgot to include in the Editorial.

Firstly, thanks for being so patient! (especially Mr.Thomas (Drax) and King Snacky))

We wanted this production out a lot earlier but the wolves of time presented to me a European holiday, a newborn son and some problems that plague every new magazine - getting an outfit ready. Originally this production was scheduled for release at the X'2004 party in October 2004. Most of the articles and music were done and we really just needed to complete the outfit and intro. It ended up taking a lot longer than we planned which was due to some personal reasons for both Stryyker (code) and myself. We eventually conquered these problems by handing the outfit over to Krill who did a lot of work to get this magazine completed.

First issues are always shakey, not only with the outfit but also with the content. I remember with first magazine Domination it took a whole year to complete. Formulating the design, establishing a staff, completing the outfit, obtaining articles for existing magazine structure and the finally the execution and release. This took a year or maybe more and that was back in the early 1990s when people had more time for this hobby.

We've strived to bring you a strong first issue, that will contain timeless mixed content not based on the traditional magazine structure. Due to the 'no limit as limit' and 'no structure as structure'-style approach of this magazine, some people may not feel comfortable. Ideally, we would like a nice balance of text covering all aspects of the C64 scene. This was my goal. However, scene history is already written and as most know, the scene was heavily based on games and cracking in the first days - you will see this reflected in our articles. Don't despair demo lover as people from the demo scene also have recollections, albeit post-1986. We will continually strive to achieve this balance, however it ultimately rests in the hands of those demo sceners submitting their work to this magazine.


Are you on a C64 right now? Are you looking at a C64 emulator? Or maybe you are reading the online version?

The Recollection website was launched some months ago, the idea of the site is to create a virtual entrance for this publication, to capture those people that are not checking new C64 releases regularly. The website will host downloads for the C64 *disk* release as well as host the online version of each issue. The advantages of online versus disk are as follows:

ONLINE version
Pros: Photos, Screenshots and Download links to compliment articles.

DISK version
Pros: Real C64 SID/GFX/CODE, released four weeks earlier than online version.

The Recollection website will also feature some exclusive/rare photos of sceners from the glory days and beyond. We will also include some other special things as each issue is released, expect some nice surprises!

That's about all for this issue, we hope to break some rules, be a little adventurous and even a tad arrogant! Our mission is to preserve, inform and entertain!

Until next issue,


Fungus' guide to oldie cracking.

Disclaimer: This is NO bullshit!!!

Point A:
If you cannot make an old game conform to most of the following:

Bugfixed, code and gfx : required

Trained properly (double trainers are laaaaame!!!) : not required

NTSC/PAL fixed : required if possible.

SHORTER IN LENGTH (A quality release is always short.) : required

Complete docs : (loading instructions deleted ok, unless special instructions are included for loading/saving game/char data.

Cracked (And I mean properly!) from original from country of origin : This is important to avoid screwed up cracks! : required

Include ALL data (load pic(s)/parts, all game data) : you don't need tape loader stuff... sometimes its nice if its unique...

Your cracks should work on C64/C128, if emulators don't work, report the problem to the emulators-coders and don't alter it for a emulator!

Point B:
You should already know this stuff and you shouldn't be learning it now for the first time.

If you didn't, GO HOME!

Point C:
It is no simple task to crack a game, and do it well. So if you managed to get this far, then take my words easy. I'm completely sick of released games with 8 million double trainers and and/or cracked worse than an old release from the glory times.

C64 is a passion, not a fad or passing phase. You love it, it loves you!

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